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Vol. 3, Issue 11 March 23, 2012

about CORNWALL PEOPLE for CORNWALL PEOPLE by CORNWALL PEOPLE The Church on Sydney, the newest downtown hot spot in Cornwall, has recently opened it's doors to the community. Founded by Brock Frost, a local real estate investor and entrepreneur, and Karine Parthenais, Founder and Director of SheConnex, The Church on Sydney aims to help others follow in the same direction as it's creators. "The dynamics of Cornwall are changing, and so are the people," says Frost, "and local entrepreneurs and business people need a space and venue to share their ideas." The Church, as most members call it for short, offers all the functionalities of an office, but at a small fraction of the price. Services include WI-FI, fax, scan and print services, coffee/tea, board room access, desks, tables, kitchenette, mailbox, business consultations and numerous opportunities for networking and advertising. Access to The Church is available through a variety of memberships, ranging from full-time users all the way down to daily drop-ins. The Church is also available in the evenings and weekends for private events, presentations, gatherings and parties.

Opening Special

UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR ONLY $39/MONTH!! To the first 50 members For more information about memberships and services, please visit the website at or call (613) 932-2665.

"It's more than an incredible space, "claims Parthenais. "What adds value to The Church is the people who are engaged." Existing members come from all walks of life, including full-time business people looking for permanent work space, others just looking to socialize and network, and everything else in between. According to Frost, The Church can literally offer something for everyone, regardless of their age or profession. The Church is located at 130 Sydney Street with ample parking in the back for its members. Day/office hours are 9-6pm Monday to Friday and 10-4pm Saturday. Private events are available after 6pm in the evenings and all day Sunday.

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Choice Seeker’s Awards Cornwall Coming to 2012 June 22nd

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COFFEE GRINDS by Jason Setnyk

Community in Gloom! The City of Cornwall falls from 90th to 167th place in MoneySense rankings of Canadian cities. The spin doctors are going to be hard pressed to find a band-aid big enough to put on this gaping wound. Cornwall has an employment problems, sure new jobs in the industrial park might be coming, but job losses in telemarketing are real and immediate, and nothing can sugar coat that. I hope this is the dark before the dawn. I believe in this City, and in many of our politicians, entrepreneurs and business leaders, artists, workers, and citizens. I know we have the work ethic to succeed, but what we need now is vision, investment, and growth. The next municipal election is about two and a half years away, and I suspect there will be some major changes around the council table. Some key issues I will be talking about in 2014 will be economic diversification and education, ethics and transparency, and finishing the work on the Culture Plan – all necessary to move our City forward. Post Human Resources Boondoggle – New Creative ways to waste your municipal tax dollars! Has City Hall really hired a lawyer to read our local media? This sounds ridiculous, but could there really be a lawyer reading my column right now on the tax payers coin? I thought City Hall had wasted enough of our tax dollars on the Human Resources Boondoggle. If the figures are correct, 1.4 million dollars represents a lot of our money paying for this mess! Talking about wasting our tax dollars, did CAO Paul Fitzpatrick really call Public Works when his car got stuck? If my mother-in-law needs a tow, should she call City Hall instead of a tow-truck company?

Dear Seeker Chicks Letter to the Editor: Lynch says gambling a poor way to balance the budget I am disappointed by the recent announcement by Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan that the Ontario Government plans to expand gambling in Ontario as a way to balance the budget. The plans include two new casinos, greater access to slot machines, and government-backed Internet gambling. This is not the responsible way to grow Ontario’s economy and to raise more revenue. The McGuinty Government is trying to balance the province’s books on the backs of problem gamblers and their families and the poor who are desperate to make ends meet. This greater access to gambling will increase gambling addiction and the associated mental health and social problems such as anxiety, depression, personal debt, bankruptcy, family breakdown, and high rates of suicide. The best way to create good jobs is to provide tax credits to businesses that create new jobs, to create value added jobs in the resource sector, and to invest in infrastructure. We also need a balanced approach to balancing the budget. Rather than making reckless cuts to essential public services and betting on gambling, the McGuinty Government should restore the corporate tax rate to the 2010 level, ensure that the rich one per cent pay their fair share of taxes, reduce its reliance on high priced consultants, and cap public sector CEO salaries. Encouraging more Ontarians to gamble their money away is no way to create good jobs and to balance the budget. We don’t need a slot machine economy that preys on the vulnerable. Yours truly, Brian Lynch.

Media Heavyweight challenges City Councillor to a boxing match! CFN honcho and shock rock journalist Jamie Gilcig has challenged Cornwall City Councillor David "BBQ your wiener" Murphy to a charity boxing match. I think raising money for charity is great, and I think this match would have a lot of entertainment value, however, has it really come to this? Jamie feels like he has been bullied, David feels like he has been bullied, and now the two are tentatively going to have a fight. Media and government get into fisticuffs every now and then, but this feels different. I image these two in their youth having a school yard brawl. Their friends circle the combatants, the thirst for a physical altercation dripping off their lips, they chant FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! But I got to thinking, maybe there is a less violent way of releasing these aggression's. Instead of a boxing match, maybe they could have a food fight instead! It could be a battle royal with multiple participants. Maybe Reg could bring some organic coffee beans, and Keitha could bring some locally grown tomatoes and squash. But in all seriousness, Jamie has done some successful bear baiting, and David has bit right into it. At a time when the City is probably seeking legal advice concerning a controversial web poll, a City Councillor having a physical altercation with this guy is the last thing City Hall needs. Thrift Shop promotion fails to build good rapport with this customer! A local thrift store that will go unnamed has a promotion happening right now. For every $5 you spend you get a stamp, and after you receive 15 stamps you get 30% off your next purchase. I like thrift shops, it is good for the environment and there are a lot of gems at very affordable prices, especially if you have the patients and tenacity to shop frequently. On Wednesday I had nine stamps on my card, and my purchase came up to $29.35. I was only $0.65 away from filling up my card, but instead of giving me the six stamps I needed to get 30% off of my next purchase, they rounded down $4.35 and gave me five stamps instead. A week before that, I was only about $0.20 away from the nearest $5, and once again, they rounded down. It is a small thing, and there are much more important issues in the world, like war, poverty, genocide, and the list goes on, however small things like this are still very annoying. A promotion that should make people feel good about shopping there, now makes me feel a little peeved. It won’t be good customer rapport that brings me back to that store, but I will continue shopping there for affordable quality items.




My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are my coffee grinds. Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author, photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, and a community volunteer sitting on numerous boards and committees.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 3)

The only place in Cornwall to rent Games & Movies



was held SUNDAY - March 4 @ The Cornwall Civic Complex

Janet (Tickle Your Fancy) and Julia and Mai-Liis (The Seeker Chicks) would like to thank our Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sara Murphy for organizing the Arts and Culture part of the show, our Prize Donators and Volunteers , Bob Sloan for our sound system and Variety 104.5 for helping us promote this event. We also thank all you ladies & gents for coming out to support the first annual I Am Woman Show and hope that you had a Super Sunday with us!

Together you helped us raise $8,000 for SASS for women and we were proud to present Melissa Hatch from SASS with a cheque this week.

Pictured here: Left to right - Front Row - I AM WOMAN Event Organizers Julia Lucio, Janet St. Pierre, Melissa Hatch, SASS and Event Organizer Mai-Liis Renaud. In the back are Event Sponsors Daryl Adams, Corus Entertainment, Candace Zimmer, Vitalglow and Logan, Corus Entertainment.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 4)


CDPA Committee Members – L to R Bob & Ada Sloan, Alex & Tyler McPhee, Cindy Brunelle, and Tracy Collins

CDPA - visits I AM WOMAN It’s been almost three years since the Cornwall Dog Park Association was formed, and our team is still here working hard to make the dream of a free Public Off Leash Park come true. The CDPA participated in the first annual I AM WOMAN SHOW, and committee executive Alex McPhee was pleased with the turnout at her booth. “It was a great chance to inform the public of the progress of our efforts, and many people were asking where is the park so they could go and visit.”

Pictured from left to right: Nancy Goodwin, Andre Therriault, Audrey Lavictoire and Oren Cole, Pastor/Corps Leader - The Salvation Army Missing from the Team: Shelley Brunet, Stephanie Andre and Paul MacLean

Just a minute folks, this entire process takes time as learned from our friends in Morrisburg, who boast one of the best dog parks in the region. Did you know that it took 7 ½ years for Morrisburg to find a location, fundraise and build their park? Weather you have a dog or not, we feel it’s worth the visit just to see how well it functions and enhances their waterfront. After several visits and speaking with many dog owners there, you can see how it is fast becoming the hub it was meant to be, where not only their dogs gain proper socialization, but the owners too! What a fantastic use of space, where it appeals to so many users from young to old, tourists, travelers, and persons of special needs, and access is safe and available evenings and all year around.

The Salvation Army Helps Again

For this reason the committee has approached the Cornwall Water Front Committee to consider a portion of Lamoureux Park. It’s the least we could do to properly represent the average dog owner in Cornwall, says CDPA Chair Bob Sloan. In the meantime, a special CDPA event is in the early planning stages, so stay tuned to learn more in the upcoming weeks.

Photo by Mai-Liis The Salvation Army in Cornwall has partnered with the Canada Revenue Agency to help people of this area complete their income tax and benefit returns. “We want to help people in our community so we have provided the venue for volunteers to set up temporary offices in our facility” says Pastor Oren Cole, the Executive Director of The Salvation Army’s ministry unit in Cornwall. “We feel this is an important community service to individuals who have low incomes and simple tax situations.” The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides accreditation of the volunteers and ensures they have the proper training. The program does not, however, complete tax and benefit returns for deceased persons, bankrupt individuals, or individuals who report capital gains or losses, employment expenses or business or rental income and expenses. Volunteer Andre Therriault is heading up the program and has personally completed 180 returns and the total to date is more than 400. “Andre has a superb work ethic and a real passion for the job – he’s a joy to work with” Cole says. Andre has 6 volunteers working with him so there is a minimal delay in getting the work completed – and it’s all electronically filed resulting in prompt refunds because the CRA receives the information immediately. The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) started doing the first returns on March 5th and will continue until April 30th. To book an appointment, call The Salvation Army, Cornwall, at 613932-7515 extension 8. About The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and everyday in 400 communities across Canada and more than 120 countries around the world. In addition to being a centre for Evangelical worship, The Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families - often tending to the basic necessities of life, provides shelter for homeless people and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of their lives to an addiction. When you give to The Salvation Army, you are investing in the future of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 5)


kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

March break ushered in beautiful weather and the early signs of spring. As the sun shines and the birds chirp, it prepares us for new beginnings. Peering out the open window, I can see the remnants of what was left behind of the winter. I haven’t put away the shovels and the scraper just yet, we may have another bout of snow, but for now, we can enjoy the warm breeze, the sound of children playing outside, the motorcycles zipping by and the sounds of spring. It is also a great time to assess what needs to be done. Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon in my garage, gathering the recycling, moving boxes back to the loft and packing all the giveaway items and everything stuffed in the garage during the cold months. There is something about those first rays of sun, as I peel off the many layers of winter comfort clothes; it is time to start the renewal process. The renovation list is growing and I am sorting through the clutter, and determining what stays and what goes.

Sometimes you do things without realizing people really notice...until you stop. Yes, I was jolted last week to see an email from a good friend titled "Are You Still Alive?" I was busy at the time and when I saw the title, I had to laugh; I guess I wasn't as active this month as I usually am. My friend called me as she said she would in her email and asked me "What's wrong?" Well, really there isn't anything wrong, I'm just a bit quieter than usual I guess. I have been reflecting on the future, thinking about the past and preparing for big changes in 6 months when Brad leaves for College. She told me, that I was so great at cheering others and trying to be encouraging and motivating, that she thought I may need her. We were both busy that day, but she called me later and we talked for 3 hours. It was nice to catch up. She knew my son was away visiting one of the colleges that accepted him, and then on a spring break vacation with his best friend and his family. She was worried about me. She's not the only one who called last week; but really, some ME time is not a bad thing. I went out for a nice dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We caught up on things, I heard all about her latest trip and we vowed we will make more time for these kinds of outings. More people are out and about, walking dogs, accompanying their children to parks, firing up the barbecues, planning for spring renovations and just enjoying the great weather. When Brad returned, he decided which school he will attend; and Loyalist College Animation program is his choice. There are only a few schools in Ontario that offer the Animation program, and after serious consideration; Belleville it is. He’s already submitted his application for residence and met some of his future classmates, everything was looking good. Unfortunately a cold flu turned into a 6 day fever experience when he returned. In his feverish state, living off of popsicles and soup, my maternal instinct kicked in to overdrive. After a second trip to see a doctor, Brad finally is starting to see some relief. Instead of celebrating his birthday with cake and goodies, I greeted him in the morning with his prescription. Birthday wishes will be sent over the phone or via the Internet, instead of in person. He was so disappointed that he will not be at school for his actual birthday, but he needs to recover. So we may have to delay the festivities, but at least he knows he’s loved. Now that Brad is on the road to recovery, we can get back to planning for the fall. The unknown location is now determined for him, he is looking forward to his new adventure, and I prepare to head down the 401 South more frequently. Brad isn’t the only one making changes, my niece Monika who graduated from nursing last spring, accepted a position at Kingston General Hospital, and as she posted, will only be an hour from Brad. Spring is here. Time to reflect on the changes we want. Enjoy the beautiful weather and prepare for new beginnings; whether they are sprucing up your home, a renewed wardrobe, a n improved health regime or a new address.

Sssshh..... Don’t tell our competitors - but the Local Seeker is G ROWI NG

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! ! This is a special opportunity to meet a fully Bilingual Born Gypsy Shaman-Natural Healer and Medium receiving messages from above, in a state of trance. She will answer all your questions. Also as a Claivoyant, she will use Tarot, Runes, Crystal Ball and Palmistry, according to your needs and choices. Come a long with a friend or family member. CD is included plus a gift for you. Aura Cleansing is available, it erases the fatigue and negativity all around you. This is an experience to have at least once in life time.

Friday 23th at 4pm to 10pm Saturday 24th at 11am to 10pm Sunday 25th at 11am to 6pm ! Cornwall Complex Civic Center 100 Water Street East Cornwall (Ontario) K6H 6G4

Follow Kris Ward’s Blog at: www:

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 6)


This article will be an eye opener for many people, a time for many to face the facts and an opportunity to change their lives for the best.

WHAT CAUSE CLUTTER • Emotional avoidance: afraid that you’ll lose the memories of someone from your past if you get rid of a physical object of his/hers. • Physical exhaustion or limitation: you've been injured and cannot pick up objects as easily as you once could. Mental exhaustion because of a work or a social situation. • Lack of time: you are working too many hours or traveling too often to keep your home well maintained. • Feeling overwhelmed: there is so much stuff in your home that you don’t know where to begin organizing and/or cleaning. • Laziness: you just do not want to take care of things right now • Compulsive shopping: you are buying more than you can use and need to make yourself feel better. • Procrastination: you want your clutter to disappear but would rather sit and watch television instead of deal with it. HOW CLUTTER AFFECTS YOU You may actually fondly believe your clutter to be an asset. It is only when you start clearing it out that you will realize how much better you feel without it. Clutter can make you feel tired and lethargic, keep you in the past, affect your body weight, confuse you, affect the way people treat you , make you feel ashamed because you have reached the stage where your home is so cluttered and such a mess that you are ashamed to invite people over and positively panic if anyone turns up unannounced. You can live in lonely isolation with your junk, but wouldn’t you prefer to have a good clear-out, repair your self-esteem, and regenerate your social life with confidence?



How Clutter affects you and may eventually lead to HOARDING.

What is a hoarder? Someone who has an excessive collection of items and I do not mean a collector since I am a collector myself. A hoarder is unable to get rid of items even though they are useless, because doing so will cause anxiety. The result is a cramped living condition where a home becomes filled to its capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter. Some hoarders also collect animals, keeping dozens of pets in unsanitary conditions. However hoarders, often don't see it as a problem, making treatment challenging; but intensive treatment can help people who hoard understand their compulsions and live a safer, more enjoyable life. This behaviour can be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder which is a distinct mental health problem.

CAN’T REMEMBER ...where you put this or that? Then let Marie Morrell

MARIE WILL conduct a FREE consultation to determine your organizing needs, set rates and

appointments for organizing sessions. Understanding the feelings that come with disorganization, embarrassment, guilt and stress all contributing to the "out of control" state that many people experience in today's hectic world, Marie helps her client's overcome these feelings through her friendly, yet systematic and non judgemental approach. you will soon be on your way to a more

ORGANIZED HOME, OFFICE & LIFE! and you will stay organized. • improve your health and relationships, • relieve your stress, and • increase abundance in your personal and financial life. Marie is an expert in the field of organizing with over 25 years experience ... Call her TODAY - you will be glad you did! 613-936-6873 or e-mail

Society. There are unmaintained pets quarters, audible evidence of rodents, and an infestation of fleas. Hallways and stairs are constricted, and one bedroom or bathroom is unusable due to clutter. Hazardous substances such as broken glass or spilled chemicals are present. The house has not been cleaned and there is dirty laundry throughout the house.

Level IV - The house has structural damage, mold and mildew. Four animals exceed Humane Society limits; there is animal waste and evidence of wild animals such as squirrels, inside the house, as well as an infestation of fleas and lice. The occupants are unable to use the bedrooms, and are sleeping on the couch or floor. There are hazardous materials and flammable material in the living area. No clean dishes can be found, and there is rotting food in the kitchen.

There are five levels of hoarding based on the condition of the home: the number of pets and how well they are being cared for, the presence of pests such as rodents or insects, whether or not the rooms of the residence are usable, the accessibility of doors, hallways and staircases, sanitation and cleanliness of the residence.

Level V -The house is basically unliveable. There is structural damage, no water, power or sewer, standing water, and excessive hazardous materials being stored. Obvious rodent and insect infestations are present, the bathroom and kitchen are unusable, the occupant is not sleeping in the house, and there is human waste and rotten food present.

Level I - Minor evidence of pet accidents, a slight presence of insects or rodents,

Fortunately, helpful professional organizers and mental health professionals can help. Hiring a professional organizer is worth it and a lot cheaper that you may think.

some clutter.

Level II - One of the home exits/stairway is blocked, one major appliance has not worked for more than six months; there is pet odor and pet waste, limited care of animals, and moderate evidence of insects and rodents. The use of more than two of the rooms is prevented by clutter. There is little evidence of house cleaning activity. Food preparation surfaces are soiled, garbage cans overflowing, and there are noticeable odors.

Level III - Clutter is seen outside the house, there are at least two nonfunctioning appliances, unsafe use of extension cords, and slight structural damage to the house. One to three pets exceeds the limits set by the Humane

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 7)

Marie Morrell Professional Organizer Owner of “A Work Easy Solution” 613-936-6873 What is a Professional Organizer? It is a person who empowers clients to maintain lasting organizing and storage solutions tailored to their needs for their home, office or small office.

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763


It's time to refocus and reenergize! Has anyone else been feeling like the past couple of months have just flown by? I’m having hard time believing were in March! Believe me, I’m not complaining; I’m actually thrilled! March to me means peep toe heels weather, lighter clothing, COLOURS and of course the beginning of spring. The countdown is officially on: Only 12 weeks before summer, which leaves us with that feeling once again: It’s time to refocus and reenergize! Life can get a little crazy sometimes. Who am I kidding; life is crazy most of the time. But, it’s important as women to take some time for ourselves; to get our ducks in a row before the storm hits full force. It’s so easy to put everyone else’s needs before ours, because it’s in our nature to be giving and nurturing to those in need. Unfortunately, when we as women burn ourselves out, everything around us seems to fall apart, which brings you right back to square one. After doing this many times, I’ve realized if I don’t take care of me, or take the time for the things that I love and need to do, I might drive everyone around me crazy. Actually, I do drive everyone around me crazy when I don’t get some me time and I’m not ashamed to admit it! There are a few things that I personally like to do, to shift my energy and refocus myself. This helps me remember what really matters in life. Here are my Top 5 tips to refocus and reenergize your fabulous selves: YOUR FOOD: So winter has pretty much come and gone, and some women tend to often turn to high carb foods during the colder months, because they tend to bring comfort. Well, it’s time to put colour on your plate! Leafy greens, colourful veggies, bright and vibrant fruit, homemade dressings and of course some marinated meats for the BBQ. I’m a firm believer that ‘you are what you eat’ and with that being said, as women, when the nice weather hits we tend to think “time to diet, it’s almost bikini season”. Don’t fret, high protein, lots of veggies and low sugar fruit are keys to feeling and being healthier! YOUR WORKOUT: Get outside! Incorporate walks, jogs, and even yoga in the park to your existing gym routine. Exercise is good for you, don’t be scared of it. As little as 40 minutes, three times a week can make a significant difference in your attitude, emotions and of course your energy levels. So get out there and enjoy some vitamin D, as Dr MJ said; it’s one of the most important vitamins and everyone should be taking it! YOUR COLOURS: I love wearing black: Yes, I said it! It’s classy, sexy and can make you feel very feminine. As much as I love neutrals for my closet, when the nice weather hits, bring on the colour! Colours have the ability to make you feel positive emotions, especially when you wear them and you might not even notice it. Don’t be afraid of colour; it’s inviting and warm, especially with a sun kiss tan! YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Hustle and bustle! As women, we tend to think we could get so much more done with a few more hours in a day. Honestly, I truly believe that if you take a simple hour to take time for you every day, you’ll have so much more energy to do the things that need to be done. First step, change your surroundings by simply getting out of the house. Take a drive to a local coffee shop and enjoy a nice cup of java while reading a good book (leave the laptop at home). Buy yourself some flowers, visit family and friends or hit up a patio and get some musical therapy by checking out a local concert or live band. It truly is the little things that can change your perspectives and reenergize you! FAMILY AND FRIENDS: It’s simple: Enjoy the company of your loved ones! After all, they truly love you for you! Remember: t’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. Ladies, don’t forget to make time for YOU – make that choice; it’s certainly a right that we earn every single day. Stay fabulous, V.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 8)



... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!


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SHOP Learn tips & tricks on taking great photographs with your digital camera.

TUESDAY, MARCH 27 LE MARDI 27 MARS CPL BOARD OF DIRECTORS' MEETING 4:30 pm in the library's boardroom. Directors, staff and Friends as well as the public are welcome to attend. WAKE UP THE GARDEN AND WATCH IT GROW with Diane Lunan @ 7:00 pm Reading room, first floor THIS PROGRAM IS FULL.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 LE MERCREDI 28 MARS BRIDGE CLUB - 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 PM Open to all interested in friendly challenges CHESS FOR ADULTS WITH CLIFFORD LABRE 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. - YAC services area


SCIENCE SPEAKERS SERIES with the St.Lawrence River Institute GUEST SPEAKER: KAREN PAQUETTE, Fisheries Technician South Nation Conservation Authority 7:00 PM 45 Second Street E. TEL: 613-932.4796

SATURDAY, MARCH 24 LE SAMEDI 24 MARS YOGA YOUTH WITH SHIRLEY WARNER & KEVIN O'ROURKE - 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Ongoing program - A great activity for kids DROP IN FAMILY STORYTIME - For children and their parents - Spend time with your family at the public library. 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. R.E.A.D. with Dogs - 11:00 am to 12 noon A Pawsitive experience for all. Offered with the help of St.John Ambulance. CHECK MATES WITH AU DIAPASON 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 29 LE JEUDI 29 MARS CORNWALL SCRABBLE CORNWALL Weekly fun @ 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Free to everyone YOUTH MENTOR PROGRAM 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm MOVIES @ CPL - MISS POTTER Audience:G Based on the life of Beatrix Potter, author of the beloved children's classic "THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT", Miss Potter is about an extraordinary but sheltered writer (Zellweger), her struggle for love, happiness and success and whose passionate romance with her publisher would change her life forever. 6:30 PM (REPEAT FRIDAY @ 2)

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 9) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 10) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 11) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 for more events in the area

MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening?

616 Pitt St. Cornwall 613-936-9898

MONDAY Pool Night - Free Pool TUESDAY Cheap Night - $2.75/Beer & Rail

WEDNESDAY Wing Night Wings & Tall Boy $7.99 or 40¢ each THURSDAY Jukebox Night Free Music


It’s always a good time when you come to Lola’s

FRIDAY MARCH 23RD Amigos in Cornwall. Woodworks Open Mic @ Krazy FRIDAY MARCH 23RD rnwall. Jason & Andre @ La Maison in Co SATURDAY MARCH 24TH Helix @ La Maison in Cornwall. SATURDAY MARCH 24TH rnwall. Joel Sauve @ Krazy Amigos in Co SATURDAY MARCH 24TH itworth, and Marc Brandon Roderick, Sandra Wh Muir with Noureddine Ismag ge in Morrisburg. @ The St. Lawrence Acoustic Sta

FRIDAY MARCH 30TH Mark Sultan and Raw Raw Riot La Maison in Cornwall SATURDAY MARCH 31ST igos in Cornwall. Jason "Smitty" Smith @ Krazy Am

A good time was had St. Paddy’s Day with Seaway DJ Bob Sloan at The Blue Anchor

SATURDAY MARCH 31ST n in Cornwall. Playing with Diana @ La Maiso SATURDAY MARCH 31ST H MAYHEM CWA Wrestling presents - MARC @ Murphy’s Inn in Cornwall.

SPOTLIGHT on this PAGE - Call Mai-Liis at 613-932-1875 THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 12)

Looking forward to Good Friday!



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"8=4 0 2>>:84 A744B E8B7 ?0@27<4=B BA? 58=4 A0;B 1445 5>@ 0 @40; B0AB4 38554@4=24 20AA4@>;4 C=B8; B74 2011064 0=3 6;0<?=<?.A2 ?23?642?.A<? 3<? 3BAB?2 @A6? 3?62@ ?0?4@ BA? 6@>C=3 =CB<46 (74@@G &;CA G>C :=>E E74@4 B74 1445 8A B74 @824 0@4 B4=34@ $ %. '2?C2 6; @<B= /<D9@ .;1 $- B74 0;E0GA 1CGA >C@ 10:8=6 ?>E34@ 0=3 # $*A8=6 0= 4;42B@82 <8F4@#140B 2><8=6 5@>< 0=3 G>C 0@4 466 E78B4A E8B7 B74 2@40< >5 B0@B0@ 6@>C=3 =CB<46 5>@ B74 D4@G 14AB AC??>@B8=6 0 ;>20; 50@<4@ C=B8; B74G 5>@< AB855 ?40:A (4B B78A @4AC;BA (< 0A834 :.825>@ A56@=>E 6;A< . :.6; 0<B?@2 16@5 )@2 A52E4;; @A6? E8B7 3?F @.B02 .;1 .11 #8F 0 E>>34= A?>>= 056082; @5?6:= A< 6AAB8@ $&B>64B74@ 63 C242A.?6.; .11 3>C67 A<3B .;1 0.@52D@ 3 F<B = 0 <? ;0@64 1>E; B74 )74 E8;; 14 AB82:G .112>=34=A43 056082; <? ?.D @5?6:=D0=8;;0 0<:/6;20=3 A52: D6A5 <3 A52>5@A6? 3?F @.B02 <8;: >D4@A/@= B74 1>E; 3>C67 E8B7 0 B40 .@ .2>2>=CB :.?6;.12 11 A52 :.?6;.A21 056082;B>E4; <? @5?6:= .A A52 /246;;6;4 0=3 ?;024 B74 1>E; >5 <3 3>C67 4=B;GA<42A52? 5>;3 8= B74 AB855;G @A6? 3?F6;4 D6A5 A52 140B4= @5.99<A 466 <;6<; 8=46;42? 4.?9605>@ .;1>=4 056967>C@ B> 2>>; B74 5@8364 812 Pitt St. Unit 6 - 613-936-1998 FEATURED ITEMS FOR THIS WEEK A;867B;G # E78B4A & #(' FEATURED WEEK ( ' #( '" ITEMS # & THIS$#!*A4 36;29F 0 AB08=;4AA AB44; A2>>? B74 3>C67 >CB B782: >= 0 0B= 05<==21 @5.99<A@ <? =B?=92'>;; <;6<; CONVERTED only $ .79!"/LB. %$+ ') PARBOILED & ' % " RICE ' %$". >@ CA4 A?>>=A B> 3@>? B74 '$' ) )! $#!! & # -$)&$+# $((! ;867B;G 5;>C@43 1>0@3 CB 8=B> A< 09<C2@ <3 3?2@5 4.?960 :6;021 <? 36;29F 05<==21 "% GOOD "". 'STORMONT ( LEAN " LEAN $GROUND '%*$ BEEF %$". "/LB. GROUND ONLY POUND LOCAL LOCALLY-RAISED BEEF only$4.99/ $4.99 <020@>>= 10BB4@ >=B> B74 ?0@27<4=B !$ !!- & ' #' $#!! ,4 A4;; 3>=CB6;A< 2CBB4@A <? A5B:/ @6G21 =6202@ <3 4.9.;4.9 <?3>=CBA 3?2@5 46;42? @96021 A56; $ " " ! % %$*) %$". " RUBBED GREEK (OREGANO $1.43/ 100 GRAMS ANGEL-FLAKE COCONUT $3.99 ' # $&' $ ONLY * ONLY &- "$# -/LB. ;8=43 2>>:84 A744B (?024 B74< 01>CB #4;B 01>CB B7@44 ?>C=3A >5 :.A05@A608 =6202@ ( $ %'( ) % + '. #%$ . "* ( '. '% * )( , !) ' &&%$ ) (' B> 0;;>E 5>@ 0=G A?@4038=6 )4=34@5;0:4 ;0@305696 8= G>C@ 344? 5@G4@ SENIORS PURE GROUND BLACK PEPPER ONLY $0 .99/ GRAMS A< 0?0@B @:.99 3?2@5 05696 @96021 $& A< A@= ?21 39.82@ (No100 Dairy Products) GET 10% OFF EVERY MONDAY 3C@8=6 10:8=6 5 G>C E8A7 G>C 20=

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 13) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354



Naturally Delicious ... with the Health Nut

W h a t beautiful S p r i n g weather we are having. This March Break we were really spoiled with awesome, beautiful days. You know that warmer weather is around the corner when you start seeing motorcycles and convertibles on the streets….awesome!! I noticed quite a few people outdoors doing some yard work, walking, biking etc…..this is a great way to get your body moving and get some much needed natural vitamin D. Nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, it is such a comforting feeling. I especially love seeing young families strolling around with their new little bundles of joy. Everyone is now returning from their winter break trips from down South, all having a beautiful golden glow and just feeling rejuvenated and re-energized to get through another year… This is a great time of year to start thinking of changing your lifestyle to a better, healthier one. We sometimes get off track with life, meetings, commitments…very hard to find time for ourselves. Spring is often the time for new beginnings, new plans…time to turn a new leaf…. I have recently asked participants that have attended my cooking seminars to write a testimonial of their experience and how this has helped improve and change their lives for the better… here is another amazing story…enjoy!!

“My acupuncturist had suggested to me that I go on a caffeine, sugar and alcohol free diet in an attempt to alleviate menopause symptoms. Just when I was thinking that my diet was going to be really boring and bland, I had the good fortune to meet Sylvie at the “Pamper me and trunk sale” held at Marlin’s Orchard in support of M.S. Before actually meeting Sylvie, I got to taste her organic and sugar free food. Her organic zucchini brownies and Berry Crumble were to die for! I soon discovered that not only could I buy her delicious food, but I could take cooking seminars where she would share her recipes with the masses. My expectations were that I would come away with a few recipes that would keep me going on my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I got much more than I bargained for! Sylvie runs a jam packed seminar full of cooking tips, where to find ingredients and gadgets, and what to look for when choosing fresh organic fruits, vegetables and products. Throughout the seminar, Sylvie shares her story and vision for living a healthy lifestyle. Her positive attitude and enthusiastic approach makes choosing a healthy lifestyle a realistic and attainable goal. Since going to her part 1 (cellulite reducing and weight maintenance recipes) workshop I have become more conscientious about what I buy and eat. I am now going regularly to the gym and have dropped the weight I wanted to lose. Most importantly I am encouraged to learn more about making better choices for myself and my family. If anyone can inspire you to make a lifestyle change its Sylvie Thibert. I can’t wait to take her part 2 (snacks, main meals and desserts recipes) in April! Hope to see you there!” Sandi LeGallais Thanks to Sandi for so willingly accepting to write this testimonial…she is definitely on the right track and such an inspiration to so many around her as well…it was great that she was able to live this seminar with her daughter from University…..nice mom and daughter quality time together…. For more information please check out my official website at (use the contact link on the main page) or email me at or call me at 613-931-3119 and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. I have some spaces available for my part 1 cooking seminar (cellulite reducing and weight maintenance recipes) on Saturday April 28th from 1 to 4 pm…. In health…. Sylvie Thibert The Health Nut

THE LOCAL SEEKER (March 23 - pg. 14) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

JOB TIPS with John

EMPLOYMENT SEEKER The Job Fair I’ll get back to discussing résumés next week. While it’s fresh in my memory I want to talk about Job Fairs. Earlier this week I attended perhaps the best and most professionally organized and run job fair I have been invited to as an employer; from both a hiring organization’s perspective and from the viewpoint of a job seeker due to the quality and number of companies and agencies in attendance.

On Monday, the Akwesasne Employment Resource Center held its second annual International Job Fair aimed at job seekers in Ontario and New York State. Invited was a wide range of employers from both sides of the border, representing a large number of industries. From the Correctional Service of Canada and Foreign Affairs to the Mohawk Akwesasne Casino and the Bank of Montreal there was something for everyone. There were even resources onsite to help job seekers with interview tips and résumé printing. Each attendee was provided with a welcome package that included a job seeker handbook that listed the companies in attendance as well as a Résumé and Interview Preparation guide. All in all it was a fantastic event and I look forward to being invited back next year. Looking at what the Resource Center organized and how the event was marketed I realized that each job seeking attendee was given a wealth of information and resources to help them. Taking from this event, here are a few things you might want to consider when next attending a Job Fair. The Resource Center created a web page detailing the event and the companies that would be participating. A lot of events do. This is a fabulous tool for research and preparation. If an event does not have a listing of which companies will be in attendance; call the organizer and ask. Knowing in advance who you want to target will let you more efficiently organize your preparation and how you want to spend the day of the event. You’ll be able to come up with some great questions, fine tune your résumé for companies you are specifically interested in and plan your day so you can spend sufficient time at the booths of the employers you really want to talk to. Call or email ahead. If the event’s web page gives the names of who will be representing each company and their contact details, drop them an email saying you are looking forward to seeing them and ask if they would mind spending a few minutes with you. This will definitely show you are interested. As mentioned above knowing who will be there will allow you to target your résumé. You might even want to have a couple of versions of your résumé aimed at specific employers highlighting the skill sets and experience you have relevant to their particular fields. The job seekers that stood at out the most on Monday were those that clearly came prepared and gave the impression they were serious about finding a job. They came armed with copies of résumés and in some cases reference letters. Many were indeed dressed to impress. Definitely dress for the job you want. At the very least business casual (with more of a lean towards business) will serve you well. Be prepared for an on the spot interview. This will be the first time prospective employers are meeting you and they will make up their minds very quickly whether or not you will be a good ‘fit’ for their organization. In short, be prepared. Do your research, learn about the organizations in attendance and determine who you want to talk to. If you want to go a little further, send thank you emails afterwards to the company representatives you met (be sure to get their business cards) and attach another copy of your résumé. Stay fresh in their minds. Job Fairs offer great experience. If you don’t land the job you are looking for (or even if you are currently employed) you will gain valuable interview experience and you’ll stay current on what employers are looking for. Sign up for as many as you can. Be sure to attend next year’s

Akwesasne International Job Fair. If this year’s event is anything to go by, 2013’s will be one you don’t want to miss.

Quick Bio John has been involved in recruiting in the Cornwall and SD&G area for the past several years having interviewed, selected and onboarded hundreds of employees for some of the area’s biggest companies. He has lived and worked as far afield as the UK and Hong Kong in a variety of fields. Before becoming a Branch Manager for Drake International he was in private practice as an Inward Investment Economic Development consultant in Montreal after having lived an exciting period as a Canadian Forces Intelligence Officer. With a Masters degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University he is a firm believer in the value of education and dedicates much of his time helping develop and coach new employees to assist them in achieving their professional and personal goals. He can be reached via email at or you can follow his Twitter feed: @johnaparsons

The Cancer society needs volunteers to help us with our

ANNUAL DAFFODIL CAMPAIGN. If you can spare 2-3 hours of your time between Thursday March 29 and Sun. April 1st or on April 7, 14 or 15, please contact Lois at 613-932-1283 or Students who need to complete their 40 hours of community service are welcome. Locations will be in Cornwall or Alexandria. We are also looking for adults, who would like to assist with our door to door campaign for the month of April. Please call if you can be of service.

“TRI-COUNTY LITERACY COUNCIL welcomes you to an Information Session on “ Preparing your Child for Literacy Success” by retired teacher Frances Odair on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 1:30 pm. For more info: call Tri-County Literacy at 613-932-7161 or email:”

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ART SEEKERS by Sandra Taylor Hedges

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Believe in your Dreams Part 3 Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it. (from the Matrix) The above quote has always been a favorite of mine and I use it regularly with my daughter when she asks me for advice mostly for the obvious reason, we can give you all the advice and wisdom the world holds but you still have to do the real work. In the case of Believing in your Dreams and knowing what you want for your life it may be as simple as walking through the door or as complicated as finding the door first. Once you have a firm idea of what you want, what your dream looks like and you have put it out to the Universe through meditation or prayer it is now time to keep your eyes wide open. You don’t want to be like the old joke about the guy waiting for rescue while the flood waters rise, turning away boat after boat saying God will save me. When he arrives in Heaven he is a little miffed with God and complains “Why didn’t you save me?” To which God replies “I sent three boats”. We often forget that the mystery of the “How it will Happen” often is disguised with a strange or unusual opportunity that you can take or leave. It isn’t until we take it and show up for the moment do we find another opportunity which leads to another and another until you realize “Wow if I hadn’t done that then none of this would have happened”. Sometimes opportunities arise only after you do a little ground work. If you want to sell your music you may have to approach 100 possible music companies before you get an opportunity to even make your pitch. I spent many years in sales and it didn’t matter what you are selling the law of averages is that it will take X number of calls to get an opportunity and X number of opportunities to get a sale. This doesn’t change when we are selling ourselves and our art. Once you have tested your ability to attract to you the people and opportunities you will need to get things going you will become better at spotting those that come your way to help your career. Soon you will be amazed at the ease at which you are attracting what you need into your life. The important thing to remember is this – you and only you can recognize and take advantage of the doors that open before you. You are the only one who can stand up and walk through that door toward the opportunities that are waiting. Not me, nor your friends or even your Mother can want it more than you do, you must be willing to do the hard work.

Celebrating 25 Years of Beautiful Music Cornwall Concert Series is delighted to present WOLAK/DONNELLY DUO, the third concert in the 2011-2012 Season. Subscribers and followers of the Cornwall Concert Series will note that this indicates a change in the order of the last two concerts, but no change in programme. The clarinet and piano duo of Kornel Wolak and Chris Donnelly will be performing the music of Gershwin, Mozart, Brahms, Bach, Rossini, and Oscar Peterson, among other composers, on Saturday, March 24 at Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall. Kornel Wolak, clarinettist, was born in Poland into a musical family. He began his musical education in his native land, and in 2001 he became scholarship student at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, followed by advanced orchestral studies under Joaquin Valdepenas at the Glenn Gould School of Music in Toronto. He has been highly praised for his glorious tone, precise technical control, and musical imagination both in classical and cross-over repertoire, and hailed for his playing by European and Canadian critics alike. John Terauds of the Toronto Star says, “his control and a smooth, elegant expressivity are what make Wolak shine.” His credits include performances all over the world with orchestras and smaller ensembles. Pianist Chris Donnelly is one of the most captivating and versatile artists on the international music scene. Growing up in Toronto, Chris was trained simultaneously as a classical pianist and a jazz pianist. His repertoire is an eclectic mix of jazz, classical, ragtime, stride, gospel, as well as music from other genre-bending composers such as Egberto Gismonti from Brazil and Nikolai Kapustin from Russia. Chris is also an accomplished composer and improviser in his own right. In September 2008 he released his Juno-nominated, debut album with Alma Records called ‘Solo,’ featuring a blend of original material and arrangements of jazz standards. This also earned him nominations for ‘Best Recording of the Year’ and ‘Best Keyboardist of the Year’ from the 2009 National Jazz Awards. Cornwall and area audiences are eagerly anticipating an evening of exciting and inspiring music when these two gifted musicians combine forces for the first time on the stage of Aultsville Theatre. Concert time is 8 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door Saturday, March 24, 2012 ($25.). Box office opens at 7:30 p.m. Individual tickets are available in advance at Cornwall & Seaway Valley Tourism, 11 Water St. W., Cornwall, ON, (613) 938-4748 The 25th anniversary season concludes with Jeunesses Musicales’ production of Carmen, Saturday, April 28, 2012.

For additional information contact Virginia Winn (613) 528-4379 or Mike Pearson (613) 933-0293

The good news is the more you want it and the harder you work, the easier it will become until suddenly, you are there! Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Teacher and President of L’association Focus Art Association Cat Scratches - Studio Blog

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JennFit by Jennifer Christoff

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JennFit HEALTHY TIP: What you focus on expands, So focus on what you want!


• 2 large boneless skinless • organic chicken breasts •1 cup chopped organic onion • 1/4 cup chopped organic red bell pepper • 1 tsp organic olive oil • big pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper • 2 small cans of white beans (drained and rinsed) • 2 cups organic chicken stock • 1 Tbs ground organic cumin • 1 tsp organic garlic, minced • 1 tsp dried organic oregano • 1/4 tsp dried ground jalapeno (optional)

Directions: In a large sauce pan with a lid, saute the onion, bell pepper, salt and olive oil until onion is opaque. Chop the chicken into 1 inch sized cubes. Add the chicken to the pan and cook until a light golden color. Add remaining ingredients, cover and cook on medium low for about half an hour or until the beans are cooked to your liking. Taste and correct seasonings if needed.

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Garnish with shredded organic extra old white cheddar cheese, diced red bell pepper, and sliced green onions. Makes 2 big delicious bowls. Enjoy!

JennFit Exercise: Basic Plyometric Push Up To perform this push up, position yourself in starting position of regular push up. Keep your back straight, place your palms flat on the floor and rest your lower body on your toes. Now, lower your body and push your body off the floor with explosive force such that your hands are off the floor in the air. Get back to starting position by landing safely on your palms.

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“ About The House”

Joe, I have a finished basement but would like to remove a couple of walls. How do I know if a wall is load bearing. I don’t want to do any damage to my house so I want to make sure that I don’t take out anything important. Thank you for your advice, I enjoy reading your column each week. Sincerely, Joe

Dear Joe, Thank you for your support and I appreciated loyal readers like yourself.

If you are unsure a wall is carrying any structural load then you have already done the right thing: don’t touch it until you’re sure. How to find out requires a bit of knowledge, a bit of exploration and a bit of common sense. Once you know what to look for and understand the way buildings are constructed you can easily identify most load bearing structures, be they walls, posts or other structural members. In your circumstance, this is probably the easiest one to do. Basements, generally, are wide open spaces when the house is constructed. One main beam runs down the centre, dividing the house in two lengthways, carrying the load of the main floor and all loads carried by the main floor. Since this main beam runs from foundation wall to foundation wall, its span is usually supported at two or three points, depending on the length of the house, by jackposts or piers which stand on concrete footings poured at the same depth as the foundation footings. These are what hold the house up. So a safe generalization can be made of most houses: any wall which runs the length of the house roughly down the center, though not load bearing itself, will typically conceal two or more jackposts. Typically basement walls are built around jackposts so you may find the wall you want to remove was built around a solid object which cannot be moved. One way to know for sure is to do some exploratory drywall removal. By cutting a band of gyproc eight inches wide by the length of the wall, you will reveal all the mechanical and structural features which are concealed inside the wall. Once you know, then you can go about planning which walls to remove and which must stay and where concessions can be made to leave part of a wall and remove some.

LIVE AUCTION The Silent Auction runs for 2 weeks, and on Thursday March 29th at 6:00pm it becomes a Live Auction. Come in and check out a great selection of collector items (Retro items, antiques, jewelry, glassware, collectible cards etc) We have up to 40 items for every auction It is a fun, enjoyable experience. We have something for everyone!

All proceeds from our Thrift Store and Auction go to help support services offered at Agapè the Agapè Centre 40 Fifth Street W. Cornwall


Another way to go about exploring without doing any visible damage to the wall is with a flexible inspection camera. Essentially arthroscopic diagnostics for houses, these cool little gadgets can sneak in through a hole the size of your finger and see everything inside the wall cavity. Simply pop off a baseboard the length of the wall in question, with your stud sensor identify the location of every stud in that section of wall, drill a ¾” hole between every stud where the baseboard will conceal them once reinstalled, and inspect each space side to side and up. You can rent one of these babies at your local rental location. I hope this has been enlightening for you. If you find yourself still unsure or have further questions, contact your favourite contractor. They should be more than happy to give you a moment of their time and help you figure out the important information you are looking for and maybe make suggestions that will help you chart a course toward a successful renovation. Best of luck Joe and thanks for reading, Joe And thank you to everyone who contributed this week. If I didn't answer your question, keep on thank you to everyone who contributed this week . If I didn't answer your question, keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. It’s FREE to submit a question and you can email them to: or Text them to 613-551-5932. For additional information about me and what’s going on in your community, please visit our website: And remember, Whatever you do, do it well, because a job well done stays well done forever.

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in Carson’s Cupboard

Travelling with Carson in Australia -

Melbourne – Countryside “Blue, green and mist” – Cath, laughingly wrote that on sticky paper, left on the door of the cupboard, and on her way out, called and said, --Read the note! Yes, I must tell you about the adventures outside of Melbourne, so here they are---------------

I’m Julia the Web Designer

and I’m Mai-Liis the Graphic Designer

Now if you wanted to travel further a field out into the countryside you might like to take a day tour on the Great Ocean Road. I highly recommend this tour. You will drive along a twisting curving road by the ocean. You will see seals, koala’s, London bridge, and the twelve apostles – these are stone columns standing in the sea, but there are only seven now, and part of London bridge is broken, due to the continuous bashing from the waves. The scenery is breath taking. The sea is royal blue and green in some places with rolling white caps. The day I went was very chilly and windy, with a fine mist of rain late in the afternoon. This is why you need to have warm sweaters and gloves, for the cold goes right through you.

Scattered around Melbourne, are townships and suburbs that form what Aussie’s call the playground. St. Kilda was once a fashionable seaside resort. Now it is a suburb and is favoured place to go. Many buildings have been restored and renovated, and boats of all sizes are moored in the harbour and around the pier. Acland Street is famous for its eateries, cake shops and delicatessens. If you want to stay slim don’t go. The food is delicious! You can sit and eat or just buy a yummy and walk and eat. Further south, the suburb of Brighton is famous for its lovely beach fringed with multicoloured bathing boxes. These looked like fish huts I had seen on the river back home. Each are a different colour, and some with the flag painted on them. A passer by told me, that you buy these huts, and they cost thousands of dollars. Thirty-odd kilometres east of Melbourne lie Dandenong Ranges, a green haven from city life. This mountain is an old volcanic peak. This forest has deep gullies, and huge trees, such as the mountain ash, that seems to touch the heavens. They are so tall. These ranges are famous in this region for their gardens, plant nurseries, art galleries and antique stores. You could take a ride on an old steam engine from Belgrave to Emerald Lake. It is a great way to see the forest, and not walk your legs off. About an hours drive from Melbourne at the Healesville Sanctuary in the Upper Yarra Valley is a place for protective wildlife. You can see Koalas, Wallabies, Red Kangaroos, Platypuses and birds of prey. This Sanctuary cares for orphaned or injured animals, many of which are returned to the wild.

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Other places to see would be Philips Island. You can see Penguins, and perhaps the Penguin Parade, when after sunset, the adults waddle ashore to feed their hatchlings. OPALS – everyone wants one. I never knew there were so many different patterns and colours. The opal has been mined in the outback of Australia since 1880s.Today Australia produces more than 95% of the world’s opals. There is the Black Opal, Light Opal, Crystal Opal, and Boulder Opal. The factors to determine the value are brilliance of colour, patterns of colours, which increase value. The red orange colours are the most highly prized. A blue green brilliant stone will usually be more valuable than a dull red stone. Shape – Oval, Pear, and other regularly shaped stones bring a higher price than irregular shaped stones. Marks such as cracks reduce value.

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So there you have it, a fly by view of Australia and area.


Good luck to you if you have one or are getting one. Opals are very expensive jewels.

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Local Seeker - Volume 3 - Issue 11  
Local Seeker - Volume 3 - Issue 11  

Local Seeker - Volume 3 - Issue 11