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Portugalsharesitscuisine withtheWestEnd… anditissodelicious!

Still basking in the afterglow of a succulent, carnivore-pleasing dinner, I am trying to find sufficient euphemisms to describe NDG’s Grillades Portugaises (6710 SaintJacques, just west of Cavendish, Tel: 514-484-0025). I’m not necessarily an aficionado of that culture’s food… in fact, I’ve only eaten it several times and sardines usually played a starring role. A couple of months ago, veteran diner and Seeker columnist Sol Boxenbaum and I were talking and he broke into a spontaneous rave about the place. “The food is unbelievable,” he raged. “My favourite dish is the baby back ribs, but their chicken… ohhhhh, their chicken…” He trailed off and I swear I heard saliva cascading down his chin. I contacted the establishment and, not long after, they became advertisers. Now that I have finally devoured their cuisine, I am very, very proud to have them on board. And after sitting down to talk to young owner Bianca Bozsodi, I am also a bit amazed. You see, despite her inherent mix of several cultures, including Romanian, Portuguese is not at all part of her heritage. “Why did I open a Portuguese restaurant?” she repeated my question. “Let’s just say that my husband and I fell madly in love with the cuisine and I wanted to share it with others, including people who had never tried it before.”

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Briefly Bram * Briefly Bram *

My broken car and the city’s responsibility to buy me a new one Okay, I am at a boiling point and I’ve got to release some steam. Due primarily to road conditions you probably don’t find in many developing nations, my car is finished. It’s a 2001 Grand Prix that I purchased in 2003 with 80,000 clicks on the meter… not a lot for a sweet little 3.8 V6 engine. It’s been a terrific ride, the second-longest I have ever owned a car, but now everything is breaking down… structurally, not mechanically. Tie rod ends, table bushings… according to my automobile maintenance manager, Raffi, the car is unsafe to drive. And what do YOU think caused the problem? If you drive on this city’s roads, you know the answer. I sat up front in the cab of an 18-wheeler for three hours a few years ago, driving what was essentially a shabby side road from Sudbury to Sault Sainte-Marie and it was hellish, all right, as the driver and I pitched back and forth like the crew of the starship Enterprise dodging a meteor swarm.  Well, if you drive almost any roadway in this city – including the speed bump-infested roads of some West End communities, or down almost any street in NDG, it’s no wonder our cars are disintegrating before their time. Who’s paying for this? Our politicians? Not on your life. We are and it’s shocking how this convenient law preventing people from suing the city for shoddy roads is working for them just beautifully. I can’t stand it. I have asked this before, but maybe the right people aren’t reading my little rag: Can we not mount a class action suit and hold the city legally responsible for  the millions of dollars we are spending collectively to repair our cars? Any lawyers out there? Anyone know a good lawyer? Step up, be counted, and I will use this paper to help spread the word. That’s a promise you can count on.

Then I spoke with a nurse at the Montreal Neurological Institute – years ago - who told me doctors there were CERTAIN that cell phones were in large part responsible for the large number of brain tumours seen in patients today. And in Israel, which boasts one of the highest per capita rates of cell phone use, an incredibly large part of the population inevitably comes down with cancer of the parotid gland, generally benign (non- malignant). No shock there, so when I heard the World Health Organization’s recent warning that cell phones are now believed to have a role to play in causing cancer, I was not at all shocked. What I AM shocked about is the role that so many professionals appear to be playing in this cover up, insisting that cancer is not caused by these “harmless” gadgets. The best advice is not to trust anyone and keep those damned phones away from your heads… use an earpiece! And, yes, that includes those idiots who still use their cell phones instead of their Blue Tooth earpieces while driving.

Are we really on the verge of a zombie apocalypse? Finally, I totally LOVE the latest campaign by the Centre for Disease Control in the U.S., teaching us how to prepare for serious pandemics and such by using zombies as an analogy. Really, I can just imagine what THAT particular brainstorming (get it, “brain”-storming?) session was like, as they sat around a large table passing a bottle of fine scotch to one another and smoking weed. To experience what I am talking about, go to and have fun with it.

For God’s sake, people, there comes a time when you just have to put your two cents in and make a difference. We are allowing the City of Montreal to get away with murder, effectively. They may just be cars, but to many who own them, they’re an important, often-essential member of the family. Really, when was the last time you road your cat or dog to work? The Lawsuit Watch starts now. E-mail me at and let’s assemble our legal dream team.

Cell phone scammers exposed So cell phones do no harm? For years, we have been subjected to studies from all over telling us there is no link between cell phone use and cancer. Whenever I heard this, I remembered the first time I ever used one, in 1994. Remember those early ones, foot-long rectangles with a plastic antenna jutting from the top?

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Every time I used this monstrosity, at about the five minute mark, the ear section got super hot to the point that my ear was burning. And THAT is not going to bathe my brain in some sort of EM field? Since then, the phones have gotten smaller, but I always wondered whether having a battery-operated device pressing against the side of my head could be safe. 

The Local Seeker, West End Montreal Edition Volume 2, Number 12, June 10 2011 Founded by Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud 2010 Published by Local Seeker Media Group, Cornwall, Ontario The Local Seeker does not accept responsibility for errors, misprints or inaccuracies published within. The opinions and statements of our columnists are not to be presumed as the statements and opinions of The Local Seeker. Managing Editor: Bram Eisenthal



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“Sea of Grey” at casinos and bars as seniors discover legal gambling: Government recycles pension cheques

Do you need small renovation, painting and cleaning services?

Once upon a time, before governments discovered how much money could be made from it, gambling was considered illegal and immoral, something that intelligent, responsible people just didn’t do. In fact, if they gambled at all, men played cards with their friends while women played Bingo. It was a social pastime.

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5580 Cote de Liesse - Montreal - H4P 1A9 Corner Devonshire Everything in Electronics, components and much more We are a leading North America-wide reseller, but our store is located right here in Montreal. Everything available at wholesale price OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

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Last Call with Sol - Sol Boxenbaum

Renovations of any kind?

Today, almost everyone is gambling in one way or another. What is more, the gender barrier has been broken. Women, both young and old, not only go to casinos but also into bars unescorted, behaviour that was once considered scandalous. Since gambling (an immoral vice) was replaced with gaming (a great source of revenue for governments) certain segments of the population are being targeted by the gaming industry as easy prey. One of these groups is Senior Citizens. We are being programmed and desensitized by the massive advertising campaigns of the “gaming industry.” Walk into any venue where slot machines are present and you are likely to notice a "sea of grey." Across the country, casinos are sending buses to retirement homes, often for free, to fill up the stools in front of slot machines. They are offering Seniors free buffets and free play as they lead innocent victims into a potentially deadly addiction. Particularly at risk are those who are widowed and alone. As is commonplace among problem gamblers, the addiction is not really about money. Seniors seek an escape from loneliness, boredom and physical pains, and subconsciously they are willing to pay for this privilege. One need only observe the clientele at a lottery booth or a corner store to see how many dollars our Seniors are wasting on various scratch tickets. The odds of winning a major prize are extremely minimal and, although the themes of the different games change, the odds never do. The two perennially popular games among scratch tickets are Bingo and Crosswords. Even spokespeople for LotoQuebec admit that many people don’t play them to win money. They play them to pass the time. While, as a gambling critic, I neither endorse nor oppose social gambling, I feel very strongly that education and awareness programs need to be available. I am not saying that all seniors should quit gambling. I am, however, recommending that people learn to recognize the signs that may warn them that there is a problem developing for themselves or someone they know. Here are some tips on preventing gambling problems: Never gamble when you are ill, tired or depressed. Always set a prior limit on your losses. Don’t chase your losses. Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Set a limit on the amount of time you intend to gamble. Don’t gamble alone. Learn more about gambling (i.e. - the odds of winning). It’s closing time. If you or someone you know has a problem, or if you would simply like to comment on this article, please contact: Sol Boxenbaum (CEO) VIVA CONSULTING (514) 486-6226                                 

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Portugal shares its cuisine with the West End… and it is so delicious! (continued from cover)

Cover Stor y

Bianca’s background includes photography classes at Dawson, law classes at Universite de Montreal and further education in business management at Lasalle College. She also worked at bars, restaurants and other businesses. Then she met her future husband, who literally swept her off her feet. “I was at the U. de M. when we met and that was that,” Bianca recalled. “But I never forgot how much I loved the hectic environment of the service industry and I dreamt of doing that on my own terms.” On June 17, Grillades Portugaises will be open two years and it appears it’s aging quite nicely, thank you. “It has certainly been a challenge, starting with finding the ideal spot,” Bianca admits. “We had no interest in setting up in a residential neighborhood, mainly because there are so many regulations dealing with zoning and such. There had to be parking and we have plenty of that… we have great neighbours, as well.” The main problem is that the restaurant is easy to miss. Just drive past Loblaws on your left and turn left into the small industrial park not too far down the road. Grillades Portugaises is on the right about mid-way down. The restaurant is modern and sparkling clean if you wish to dine there, but they also do a lot of take-out and delivery business. “Now that summer has finally arrived, we receive many requests from regulars to prepare our meats for them to grill later,” Bianca says. “If you wish to let our chefs cook for you, however, you are very welcome.” She told me that everything is purchased and prepared fresh – nothing is ever frozen – and that besides being nourishing, almost everything on the menu is good for you. I wondered if that included a classic Portuguese dessert, Pasteis de Nata, small circular croissant dough delights filled with custard and heavenly when heated and served with whipped cream (the breads and desserts here are lovingly supplied by east-end bakery and patisserie Notre Maison). Or baby back ribs that are certainly Sol-approved, but fatty enough to wonder. All I can say is that you can’t go wrong with the Portuguese-styled chicken, which is suitable for those on diets, as far as I can tell, if you resist the urge to eat the whole chicken. “The chicken is a staple here, but you need to order at least one hour in advance,” Bianca warned. “To preserve its freshness, we only marinate our chicken just before spicing it, adding our secret sauce (they’ll kill me if I reveal what it is) and cooking it on charcoal.” Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Another menu item that requires a bit of a delay is the Loup de Mer (or Wolf of the Sea), which must be ordered 24 hours before serving, for the same basic reason. Gotta wolf that down someday. What’s also really nice for a neighborhood restaurant is that it’s licensed and that includes a spectacular Portuguese wine, Capataz. That… and the fact that you can sample the culture’s culinary treats in smaller portions if you wish. A tapas, or tasting, portion of the menu is also presented year-round, providing an opportunity to eat less if you aren’t starved… and wash it down with some wonderful wine.

Fun with Words

In conclusion, as someone who has just done so, I can confidently say that experiencing Grillades Portugaises is a refreshing, idyllic start to a wonderful summer.

Our Parent Franchise, the Local Seeker in Cornwall, Ontario, is holding its Fundraiser for Breast Cancer and Local Seeker one year Anniversary awards on June 29th at the Cornwall Golf and Country Club. Tickets are $55. Entertainement provided by Seaway DJ and Montreal Speaker/entertainer Wendy Farha. Call 613935-8101 for details or to buy tickets. It’s the event of the summer!


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Whole Grain Roll by Caryn Roll

“If I eat too much, I feel like a bloated pig.” The title for this article came from the last line of our esteemed editor’s email to me this week. It made me laugh.  But the truth is, that is what you should feel like if you eat too much.  It seems that Mr. Eisenthal, who has been known to struggle with his weight, has finally figured things out.  There really is no secret to this weight loss thing.  If you think I know something that you don’t know, you would be mistaken.  It’s very simple.  Eat smaller portions and move more.  That’s it.  If you are overweight and all you do is reduce your intake from what you normally eat, then guess what happens? You lose weight.  Add some physical activity to the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for weight management.  As you know, the simplicity of this is quite challenging for most people.  Doing nothing has its benefits.  Doing nothing is easier than putting effort into meal planning and exercising.  Doing nothing is relaxing and comfortable but it also leads to feelings of inadequacy and weight gain. Make a list of the benefits of doing nothing and a list of the disadvantages of this status quo.  Follow up with a list of the benefits of making a lifestyle change and the disadvantages of doing so.  Compare these lists and see if you are ready to make some changes. You are ready when you are ready and not before that.  Just like a toddler who is toilet training (incidentally, my 3-year old is not yet ready). If you are ready, there is no better time of year to embark on a healthy lifestyle path than right now. The weather is perfect for walking and before you know it all the lush fresh Quebec produce will be at your fingertips.  To achieve portion control, serve your meals on salad plates instead of the usual meal plates.  A deck of cards is the visual for protein, both of your hands cupped together for vegetables and your fist works for the starch.  Remember to snack!  I recommend a fruit and an ounce of cheese or ¾ cup of yogurt at least two times per day.  This type of snack is better than a Starbuck’s special or the ubiquitous granola bar.  Before you know it, you will start to notice that your clothes fit better!  If Bram can do it, you can do it! (ED. NOTE: And I, a onetime body-building freak who is not nearly as active anymore, am indeed doing it, albeit more slowly than in the past. I figure a pound or two less every week and by the Fall, I should be right where I want to be. Can’t wait for the shapely new me. I also wish to note that I, unlike Caryn’s 3-year old, am fully toilet trained.)

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Spotlight on Sports by Paul Graif

Gary Carter: Never another one like him We all grow up one day. For many of us it’s when we have to pay our first bill or take responsibility for our new family. For Gary Carter, that moment came a couple of weeks ago when he learned that he had four small malignant tumours in his brain. At 57, he was “The kid” no more. The hero that so many of us in Montreal grew up with was suddenly fighting for his life. As I first heard the news, I was struck with a sense of “how could this be?” Gary Carter was my hero growing up. He’s the main reason why I wear number 8 when I play sports to this day. Carter’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre were the reasons I loved him as a little kid. I was 5years old when he first started patrolling right field at the old Jarry Park, before he was switched to his Hall of Fame position, catcher. ken Dryden put it best. I was part of a media scrum around him when he had his number 29 retired by the Montreal Canadiens a few years ago. He was asked if he believed all the people who called him one of the greatest goalies of all time. His response had me nodding my head in agreement in the middle of the scrum. He said he didn’t believe he was anywhere close to the greatest, just that he was called that by so many people who were 8, 9, 10, 11 years old when they watched him in his prime. And, that as people, we form our lifelong attachments at that age. I was reminded of those sage words when I heard about Carter. He embodied what the Expos and Montreal were all about in the 1970s and early ‘80s, passion, hard work and fun. His smile was contagious. It’s hardly a surprise that Carter was the emotional leader of the Expos at that time.

Lest auld aquaintance be forgot We wish The Kid well I remember meeting him when I was a little kid. It was at the Juvenile Diabetes Bike-a-Thon. He was so engaging, seemingly had all the time in the world to talk baseball with a wide-eyed 8 year old who peppered him with questions about playing catcher. But Carter, whom I now realize had others waiting for him, stayed and talked with me for several minutes. It’s something I will never forget. It’s part of what I loathe about growing up. My heroes are getting old. And as a result I am being forced to face my own mortality. Montreal Expos All Star, Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter with wife Sandy and young son, in 1979 at a Canadian Heart Foundation Skate-a-thon. In forefront is Josh, the son of Jeff Rimer, then CFCF radio’s sports director (Photo: Bram Eisenthal)


JUNE 10 (pg. 6)


Bells WeddingBells Wedding

You’ll Laugh Till You Die… OY!

Yes, Chabad of NDG and Loyola Campus is throwing it’s third annual laugh fest so funny, SO mishugah it will have your shpilkas ejecting wildly from your body! Featuring TV sensation Orny Adams, Ryan Wilner, Ari Teman and more.

Jewish Comedy Fest 2011 Date: Thursday, June 16, 7:30 p.m.

Place: Oscar Peterson Hall, Concordia University (NDG’s Loyola Campus), 7141 Sherbrooke West

Boomers and Beyond

For tickets, visit Facebook:

New hope for patients living with lung cancer

A Taste of the Caribbean FestivalYou are invited to what promises to be the biggest Caribbean Food Festival in Canada. Join us, along with host Nicole Jones from CTV, for this year's TOTC 2011"Caribbean Vacation" held at the beautiful Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal on Saturday June 18th, 2011. Taste, listen and see the Caribbean without leaving the city! Caribbean

With over 20 Caribbean countries being represented at this year's TOTC and Montreal's best Caribbean restaurants, you will be lovin' all this Caribbean "cook food"! Island Rums and drinks will also be available for those who wish to feel that freshness of the Caribbean.

(ARA) - Lung cancer is the deadliest of all cancers - claiming more lives each year than breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined. Lung cancer is often difficult to detect in early stages, and even then, it can quickly spread to other areas of the body. Unfortunately, there are no widely accepted screening methods for early stage lung cancer, such as mammograms for breast cancer, and the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test for prostate cancer. The disease lags far behind other cancers in both awareness and research funding, and partly due to its connection with smoking, there can be a stigma attached. Today, the percentage of people who smoke is the lowest since World War I. And people are living longer with lung cancer. However, still less than 15 percent of those with later stage disease survive five years. Compare that to breast cancer, which has a 93 percent survival rate when diagnosed early, and prostate cancer, which has a nearly 100 percent five-year survival rate when diagnosed at early stages. "But there is hope for lung cancer patients," said Richard Gaynor, M.D., vice president of oncology product development and medical affairs at Eli Lilly and Company. "For the first time in decades, positive news is peppering the landscape. More people are recognizing the symptoms that can lead to an earlier diagnosis persistent coughing or chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing or hoarseness, coughing up blood, recurring pneumonia or bronchitis, and loss of appetite." Clinical advances mean newer medicines and unique drug combinations are now available. Some patients have the option to start a maintenance therapy immediately following their first-line treatments to try to maintain a positive response, instead of stopping treatment and waiting until the disease progresses to treat it again. And a greater understanding of lung cancer genetic variations and tumor types allows physicians to provide patients with the right drug for their specific type of lung cancer. "We've made great strides with lung cancer, thanks to the tireless work of advocates, researchers, physicians and many others. But we have a long road ahead," adds Gaynor. "Finding innovative solutions for treating this tough disease must remain a top priority for all of us in the health care industry."


JUNE 10 (pg. 7)


Music & Entertainment Live performances by Montreal's own celebrity DJ Jojo Flores, singers Ashley King, Kiralina and Stallz, Dance Caribe Folk Performing Co. of Toronto, Renno Byer & the Soleil Tropical Steel Band, Caribbean Thunderbolts & Jab Jab Orchestras DJ 610 and more! Other entertainment such as Fashion Show, Golf, Silent Auction and Charity Casino will be front and center this TOTC 2011. M/C: Nicole Jones " I am honored to be the host for this year's 12th Annual TOTC Festival. Hope to see you there!" Location Marché Bonsecours 350 St. Paul East Old Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1H2 Tickets General Admission $50 VIP $125 Children $17 *Tickets available online For tickets and information, please visit:


Mamma Mia: An electronic revolution! By Bram D. Eisenthal

Tinkering is, at its most basic, a process that marries play and inquiry.”

Arduino's mother IC chip, the A000048

Introducing you to Italy’s ARDUINO


am hardly a tech maven when it comes to electronics, but I am experienced at selling components and I know a hot thing when I see one. For the past month or so, my associate, an electronics technician for over 40 years, has been raving to me about a recent technology coming to us by way of Italy, where it was co-founded by Massimo Banzi and others. Banzi always tinkered as a child, with anything he came across and then took apart, and this developed within him a curiosity and eventually a passion for building circuits and ways to make them spark into life. Meet the electronics field’s Dr. Frankenstein. Used for programming in a more simplified manner than anything previously in existence, Arduino is, in the words of Banzi himself, “an open source physical computing platform based on a simple input/output (I/O) board and a development environment that implements the Processing language (”

Getting Started with Arduino (O’Reilly’s The Make: Projects series, copyright 2009, $12.99), to develop stand-alone interactive projects or it can be connected to software on your computer, such as Flash, Processing, VVVV or Max/MSP. If you have any electronics acumen whatsoever (or even if you have none, but possess a serious desire to tinker), you can easily assemble these boards yourself or purchase them pre-assembled. He tells us that the open source IDE (Interactive Development Environment) can be downloaded free of charge from How does Arduino differ from other platforms on the market today, you ask? First, it’s a multiplatform environment and can run on Macintosh, Windows and Linux. Second, it’s based on the simple Processing programming IDE,

In lay-usage, Arduino was born to teach Interactive Design, a design discipline that puts prototyping at the centre of its methodology.” Banzi also tells us that “Interactive Design is the design of any interactive experience. Created in an educational ATMega328 Microcontroller environment (Banzi is also a school teacher), Arduino is the ultimate tool with which students a development environment used by artists and can learn and it is already generating a huge buzz designers. in the scholastic field. What, however, does it portend for you and me? Lots of good things, apparently: “It creates meaningful relationships between us (humans) and objects… and is a good way to explore the creation of beautiful – and maybe even controversial – experiences between us and technology.” Arduino can be used, Banzi tells us in his book


From what I’m told, Arduino takes a “Programming for Dummies” concept and places it onto components anyone can combine with software to create something. Like most computer geeks, Banzi loved to tinker with things as a child and well into adulthood, disassembling objects like old electronic toys and reassembling them to take on different characteristics. He started utilizing the concepts of “Patching,” building complex systems by connecting together simple

JUNE 10 (pg. 8)

devices (the way musicians have used Robert Moog’s synthesizer by patching together independent modules) and “Circuit bending,” in which you creatively short circuit the electronics in toys to create new musical devices and sound generators. This is to be done with low-voltage electronics only, lest you short your own circuits! Third, you can program Arduino using a USB cable rather than a serial cable, which is essential in a modern world that no longer uses serial technology. Arduino is also THE least money-grabbing programming product out there today. The designers are not selfish robbers who seek to become rich and famous through your money, but they actually want to help humankind. As mentioned earlier, they have made the open-source hardware and software free: You can download your circuit diagram, buy the components and create your own projects, without paying the creators a penny. The Arduino chips and boards are available at very reasonable prices from shops like Abra Electronics in Montreal (514-731-0117, 5580 Cote de Liesse, corner Devonshire), and you can check for them online at There is also a wealth of Arduino users for you to learn from, if you so desire. One such group based in Montreal, Foulab (, puts on a weekly open house at 999 du College, Suite 33B. Foulab, a non-profit organization started in 2008 by a group of 10, is a “hackspace”… go to to learn about the term. “Arduino is a nice way for people to get started in electronics and programming,” says member Rupert Brooks, who suggests you watch a documentary on the subject at American wiz gal Ladyada (Limor Fried) – not to be confused with Lady Gaga, who, it’s doubtful, is technical beyond her classical piano playing and ability to choose the most bizarre shoes – is on the cover of WIRED magazine, touting the miraculous discovery that is Arduino. Ladyada is something of a phenom herself to hackers everywhere. You can find her on-line at


Business Banter

Pools, backyards and children can mix, with Baby Guard fences With all the tragedies that have taken place across Montreal during summertime pool season, it was a wonder that some concerned entrepreneur never came up with a way to protect our young children from the inherent dangers of residential swimming pools. Well, it has finally happened. Montrealers Olivier Massabuau and Rick Friedlander conceived Montreal Baby Guard Services as a way of contributing something essential to home safety. Through a mix of aesthetic design and prudent functionality, the pair has created beautiful enclosures that surround pools and contribute to both safety and peace of mind.

6710 St Jacques, Montreal, Qc, H4B 1V8

Baby Guard fences are the safest, most affordable products for home use and can be fitted to any pool size. They are available in all colours and installable on virtually every surface, including brick pavers, cement, tile, wood and acrylic. They are also removable in mere moments, if necessary, should you decide to host a backyard party with short notice. Massabuau and Friedlander have come up with some important safety tips, for readers with pools, whether they have children or not. Remember, many neighbourhood pools are unknowingly accessible to the kids next door: While effective barriers and locks are necessary preventive measures, remember that a swimming pool fence should NEVER be used as a replacement for parental supervision. keep a close watch on your children at all times even when the fence is up. All doors and gates leading to the pool area should have locks and alarms that are out of the reach of small children. When having a party, assign a lifeguard to constantly watch the pool. Baby Guard Pool Fences should never be substituted for adult supervision. Install motion alarms to sound when a child enters the pool area. Install a Baby Guard Fence around the swimming pool. Make sure all access is blocked off. Never assume a child won't go out a door. Doors are made for access, so make sure they are locked.  Some parents feel because their child has had swimming lessons he/she is safe. Never leave a child unattended around water. There is no such thing as "drown proof." If the child is missing, check the swimming pool first. Every second counts! Never leave furniture or equipment around your child safety fence. Child and ingenious and might push a large toy or a chair up to the fence and climb over. Instruct babysitters about potential hazards to young children in and around swimming pools and the need for constant supervision. keep all doors and windows leading to the pool area secure to prevent access to small children. Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. Never use a pool with its pool cover partially in place, since children may become entrapped under it. Remove steps to above ground pools when not in use. keep a telephone poolside to avoid leaving children unattended while you answer a telephone elsewhere. It takes seconds for a child to drown. There is only ONE emergency number to call to report a drowning or accident: 9-1-1. Do not waste precious moments calling anyone else. Learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Courses are available through your municipality or through the Canadian Red Cross and are very inexpensive and not very time-consuming. keep rescue equipment by the pool. Guard, Baby reach To




JUNE 10 (pg. 9)



"The best Portuguese chicken around." Sol Boxenbaum Last Call with Sol


To our readers I have known Dan Grodinsky most of his life. The son of Maureen and the late

William (Billy) Grodinsky, an accomplished and highly respected lawyer who worked with the indigenous aboriginal peoples of Northern Quebec, and nephew to one of my oldest friends, Marla Grodinsky, I have watched Daniel grow to manhood along with his brothers Michael and Robert. He and his brothers have become men his father would be proud of… I know I am. The following open letter was penned by Dan regarding his upcoming endurance race, in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Quebec. My late father, Mike, also died long ago of a sudden heart attack. Daniel’s efforts in this area are important to me and, hence, I share his cause with you all. Go get ‘em, Daniel! I won’t invite you to “Break a leg.” Bram Eisenthal Managing Editor The Local Seeker West End Montreal Edition Dear All, As some of you may know, I've recently taken up adventure endurance races as a hobby. My next challenge is coming June 24 in Pittsfield, Vermont, in the form of a 24-hour event called the "Death Race." The race involves trail running, hiking, biking, digging, wood-chopping, mudcrawling, swimming, crawling under barbed wires, carrying numerous heavy objects, and a variety of other mental challenges. For example, last year contestants  had to carry a five pound Greek dictionary  with them in order to translate various clues, to help figure out their next task. All of this is done over hilly terrain, without rest. The race is  optimistically scheduled for 24-hours, but last year's winner finished in about 30 hours. Two years ago, the co-winners included a US Navy Seal and a British Royal Marine. In short, it sounds like torture to most people, but I seem to enjoy the challenge. If you like, you can find more information at the  comically-named website, The New York Times video  on the site  is also  pretty amusing. I'll be running the race in memory of my father, who passed away of a heart attack before his time. Similarly, I imagine many of you have lost your own loved ones to heart disease. A donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation  of Quebec will help fight against heart disease by advancing their research and reducing the numbers of people that have to say goodbye to their friends and family before their time.

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Please click on the attached link and donate whatever you can. I will ensure that you receive a tax receipt from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Quebec. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Dan Grodinsky


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