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Vol. 2, Issue 46

Dec. 2, 2011


Kevin Jude MacDonald

Kevin was born in 1963, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He was raised as a dairy farmer and farmed until 18 years of age. He then attended St. Lawrence College at the Cornwall Campus. Kevin graduated, in 1982, with a diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design with a Certificate in Photography. Later Kevin went to Sheridan College, in Oakville. and received a certificate in Modeling & Related Careers. He graduated top of his class and was scouted by International Top Model Agency from Toronto. In 1987, Kevin modeled in Milan, Italy than moved to Paris, France and worked as a male model for eight years in Europe. He worked for fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Paco Robanne and Hermes as Runway Model. He also modeled for fashion magazines such as Vogue and G.Q. In the 1990’s, he moved to New York City to model for the Ford Model Agency. While in New York City, Kevin began studying Tai Chi Chuan with Grand Master William C.C. Chen for three years and also studied Shaolin with Sifu Tai for 3 years. In 1998, Kevin moved back to Cornwall, Ontario. Here, he began teaching Tai Chi Chuan for seniors citizens at St Lawrence College for the Encore Senior Program for three semesters. Next Kevin taught Tai Chi Chuan at the Sat Nam Yoga Centre in Cornwall and participated in various demonstrations and interviews with Cogeco, Foundation of the Parade of Nations, Café Connectionz. Kevin is also a fine artist. If people are interested to take Tai Chi Chuan classes or purchase his paintings, he can be reached at 613-932-5242.


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LAST WEEKS Crossword Solution

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in Carson’s Cupboard

its Annual YEAR-IN-REVIEW Meeting presents

It's December, which means it's time once again for the ever-popular Team Cornwall annual Yearin-Review meeting. The meeting will be held on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 7:00 am, at Galaxy Cinemas on Second Street East. The highlight of the meeting will be a presentation by Mark Boileau, Manager of Cornwall Economic Development. Mr. Boileau will review the economic activity in the City that has occurred over the past 12 months. This year's presentation marks the 13th straight year that the City's Economic Development Department has delivered its report. "It is always important to pause and recognize the hard work of so many of our corporate citizens," said Mark Boileau. "2011 has turned out to be a record year in several ways, with significant activity across the industrial, commercial and residential sectors." Mayor Bob Kilger is expected to welcome a number of out-of-town guests to the meeting. "Cornwall's success is turning heads in boardrooms across Canada," said Mayor Kilger. "There are a number of people from other parts of Canada and the USA who will be visiting Cornwall and taking this opportunity to get a closer look at what is happening here." TEAM CORNWALL ACHIEVEMENTS Along with the presentation from Cornwall Economic Development, Team Cornwall will also be highlighting its members' efforts and accomplishments over the past year. "Team Cornwall works to support Cornwall Economic Development and its efforts to attract new investment to Cornwall," said Gilles Latour, Chair of Team Cornwall. "We always look forward to this meeting as a way of seeing exactly how we are doing and to hopefully get a glimpse of what is down the road." OPEN TO ALL The meeting is open to all – regardless of Team Cornwall membership. A light breakfast will be served at 7am, followed by the regular meeting. Local band The Shiners will entertain the early morning crowd with songs from their newly released album, Not Alone. RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Tickets for the Team Cornwall Year-In-Review meeting are $10 each and they can be purchased through Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism at 613-938-4748. People are strongly encouraged to pick up their tickets in advance as the event typically sells out. ABOUT TEAM CORNWALL Team Cornwall is a group of businesspeople who have banded together to promote Cornwall to their business contacts around the world. Working closely with Cornwall Economic Development, the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations, Team Cornwall members help spread the word about the considerable advantages of living and doing business in our hometown. ABOUT CORNWALL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Cornwall Economic Development is the City department responsible for marketing the City and is the primary contact point for people and businesses looking to invest in Cornwall. More information about Cornwall can be found at

This cupboard is full of junk and also some useful things. Mostly piles of paper stacked, just shoved in any old place with messages from friends, or people that just drop in to say "hello". They know that this is the place to leave reminders or messages for me to follow up. One of those slips of paper was a reminder and it said --- remember a little happiness.

Now to get to explain that message, I would first like to say that Cornwall is a great city for walking. If you live downtown or close to the downtown, you can find all kinds of interesting things to look at, and stores that are one of kind in the downtown area. I like walking Pitt St. in the morning when it is quiet and I can take my time to browse. There's a wee store on the west side of street very near to First street that is just chock full of treasures. It’s the kind of store that you want to take the time to explore, for it has products for both men and women. It’s a store, that if your’e looking for a gift, or something to give a friend, neighbour up the road, or tradesperson, there is sure to be something, and what I like best, it doesn't drain your pocket book. When you enter the store on the right side and left side are treasures, your eyes hit, a riot of colour. The left side has candles and ornaments for the tree, while the right side has colourful accessories for outerwear. Now travel slowly, further into the store and you find jewellery unique enough for the wearer to receive compliments at any party. The men in your life are not left out either. There are products for cleansing, and local people make many. Also for your stomach, food such as cookies, chocolate drinks, and fondues and all the. Trimmings. There is a special selection of clothing for the discerning woman, and at the back of the store you can find a card to go with your gift for that someone special. “The little happiness” is really all about this wee store that has perhaps the right little gift for that someone special that you wish to say thank you to. The sign above the door of this store -- says it all. There is no need to explain further, I think. ”LIFE’S LITTLE PLEASURES.” P.S. Enjoy, browse, be happy.

More information about the meeting and Team Cornwall can be found on the Team Cornwall website at

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THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 3)


COFFEE GRINDS by Jason Setnyk

What did the Mayor know, and when did he know it? Does anyone recall Bob Kilger being interviewed by CJOH just prior to the Fall 2010 municipal election? Wasn’t Kilger asked about the Shay case, and didn’t the Mayor say he knew nothing about it and he would need to ask CAO Paul Fitzpatrick about it? I find it shocking the Mayor knew nothing about this case just prior to the election! According to the Standard Freeholder, "The provincial ministry laid the charge of "doing anything in retaliation for another person making a disclosure to an inspector" against the city and Menagh on Jan. 15, 2010, under the Homes for the Aged and Rest Homes Act." Was the Mayor playing politics before the Municipal Election or was he truly ignorant of a serious case dating back to January of that year? When did Patsy Fitzpatrick tell the mayor about this case? I think we as voters and tax payers deserve to know the real answers. Also in regards to the Shay case, I believe those in City management responsible for retaliating against the whistle blower should pay the legal bills and the fine, and not us the taxpayers.

Canada under Stephen Harper plans to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol! Perhaps that makes sense for Harper, because this is the same government that tried to green-wash the dirty truth about Alberta's tar sands, when Canada had the audacity to hide a 20% increase in annual pollution from Alberta's tar sand industry in a 2009 report to the United Nations. The tar sands industry accounts for 6.5% of Canada's annual green house gas emissions. Crude Oil from tar sands will create more carbon emissions than conventional oil. A report from the Guardian in the UK this week says environmentalist are concerned new oil routes from Alberta's tar sands being loaded onto supertankers for Asia could lead to a catastrophe. However Harper is not concerned, Harper has friends in the Oil Industry, and he supports a particular ideology. Instead of critically studying the science behind global warming, he has instead appointed climate skeptics to various government groups to try and undermine the issue of global warming. Jobs for Skeptics! In 2009 the government of Stephen Harper appointed two climate skeptics with connections to the oil industry on important federal scientific bodies. Mark Mullins, Executive Director of the Fraser Institute was installed on the board of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada which funds university research on climate change. The Fraser Institute had received $120,000 in funding from ExxonMobil to try and discredit the climate change issue. One of Harper's close friends is climate change denier John Weissenberger. He was appointed to the board of the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Weissenberger was Harper's former campaign manager, and he worked as a geologist for Husky Oil, and he is an open skeptic about global warming. Canada's environmental record at the United Nations is becoming disgraceful! The Harper government unilaterally stonewalled efforts to list chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous chemical at a United Nations conference in Switzerland. For over 100 years scientific evidence has shown the dangers of asbestos as a potent carcinogen and cause of cancer. However a new asbestos mine in Quebec would export 5 million pounds of the dangerous substance to Asia, so of course out of economic interests, Canada under Harper has derailed a global effort to ban the dangerous substance. Harper has an agenda, and he planned to pull Canada out of the Kyoto Protocal a long time ago. Canada is becoming a disgrace to the international community, but this is the government we voted for, and in Canada 39% is a majority.

My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are my coffee grinds. Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author, photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, and a community volunteer sitting on numerous boards and committees.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 4)


Across 1. Inundated 6. Offensive 10. Beloved 11. Lie in wait 12. Expunge 13. Parisian airport 14. Marsh plant 17. Winged 20. Lack of difficulty 21. Maori club 22. Chicken stew 24. Cyphers

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Down 1. Painkiller 2. Was attired in 3. Chopping tool 4. Fodder holder 5. Sand clock 6. Strange 7. Honey insect 8. Website address 9. When it's clear, it's blue 14. Game official (abbrev.) 15. Hearing organ 16. 20s style of design 17. Basilica area 18. Consumed food 19. Regret 23. A public promotion

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1,200 Sq. Ft., all brick, - fully finished up & down built in 2006 - 2 Living rooms, (one with gas fireplace) 2 washrooms - 5 bedrooms, double garage and double paved driveway, - extra large lot & fenced in yard. Desirable area - - $219,900 call NADA KOVINICH, Sales Rep. (613) 330-1719 J. CORNETT REAL ESTATE, BROKERAGE


Financially Speaking with Brian Seguin

Weathering Market Conditions Quickest Route Isn't Always Best We all want our investments to go up, and preferably immediately. But we believe patience is an important attribute of a long-term investor, and our research supports this. In fact, studies show that most people who constantly buy and sell have historically had lower returns over time.*

Have you ever seen a WHITE SPARROW ? story by JoAnna Gadbois

The most noticeable short-term investment risk is volatility, or the variations in investment value. If you sell out or vary from your plan, your investments won’t have the potential to grow. And then you may find yourself facing other risks. One common risk for long-term investors is having too much in short-term investments or cash, especially with today’s low interest rates.

I started my day , as usual with my cup of tea and looked out my front window towards the sparrows that normally come and enjoyed the bird seed which I put out daily.

There are many paths to successfully making money. Some strategies get you to your financial goals faster – if they work. But, like driving on ice, they could result in disaster. Other strategies are like driving cautiously with snow tires. Know how you’ll react to market volatility, so that you don’t have to change your overall strategy when hazards arise.

I suddenly marvelled at the sight of one sparrow which appeared to be very pure white but with a light yellow beak. I certainly had never seen this little fellow before. I went about my weekly Saturday routine - groceries.

Don’t Predict. Prepare. Since road conditions are difficult to anticipate, many savvy drivers prepare for hazardous conditions. In much the same way, long-term investment success relies on preparation: selecting a strategy taking you through good and bad highways.

Upon returning, I notice my little white bird friend was still there. I pointed out to my better half and said " Check out this bird, I think it's a white sparrow." We then googled the phrase " white sparrow " and found out that he is quite a find.

Quality Helps You Stay on Track Owning a diversified portfolio of quality investments can give you greater confidence that your investments can rebound when stocks have dropped and headlines are bleak.

This is especially important for many investors who rely on their portfolios for income and tend to be more concerned about short-term drops in portfolio values.

Road Conditions Change Quickly Successful investors don’t make money on every investment. In fact, success doesn’t mean making money each year, and few investments perform well all the time. While this may seem obvious, consider your reaction to your last portfolio statement. Were you unhappy if investments dropped in value? And while it doesn't guarantee a profit or protection from loss, owning a well-diversified portfolio means you’ll typically own investments performing differently over time – the main goal of diversification. It’s not always a smooth road. When road conditions test your resolve, remember your goals and why you’re investing. A long-term approach based on time-tested investment principles can help you achieve your financial objectives. Edward Jones, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

local Edward Jones advisor, BRIAN SEGUIN (613) 932-6161 89 Tollgate Road West, Unit 2 , Cornwall, ON K6J 5L5

Why the “PLUS”? ‘Cause we are more than just a pawn shop! We buy, sell and trade antiques, fine china, gold, collectibles, as well as CDs, VCRs, movies, video games & musical equipment. Just about anything of value!

The Indians believe it's a " Wish Bird". The Russians believe that you only see this bird every 150 years. Posts by others said they often don't see this bird a second time. With that in mind, I immediately made sure the bird feeder was full for the next morning ( I don't normally get out of bed early) I have been very thankful to see my little " Wish Bird" return everyday. I have sent out wishes to and from all of my friends. A girlfriend asked if my little friend was still around? I replied " Yes". She in return said " Because you haven't made the right " Wish ". With that in mind I started re-think my future wishes . You should know that my little happy bird is still in sight .

The Seeker Chicks love good news stories like this one and we look forward to our readers sending these to us. Also we have some beautiful poems for you on page 15. Please keep sending these in to: they add to “Your Weekly Dose of Good News”




Winmar Cornwall


3300 Second Street East Cornwall I Ontario I K6H 6J8 613-932-0200

COME SEE OUR HUGE COLLECTION of Gold Jewellery, Swarovski and Pinwheel Crystal, Royal Doulton and Hummels at incredibly low prices!

THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 5)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763

It has been said that the odds of raising capital to begin a business is similar to the odds of getting struck by lightning while standing on the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny day. Many entrepreneurs have difficulty accessing financing to begin their business, or do not feel comfortable starting out with a loan. A strategy called “bootstrapping” has much more appeal. “Bootstrapping” consists of a common sense approach to building a business by spending as frugally as possible at the launch, and using the business’ assets and your own personal assets to fund the early stages. Experts say that a significant majority of start-ups (75% to 85%) use some form of bootstrapping to help finance their business. With planning, bootstrapping will be only one stage in the development of your business. A business starting out by using this method typically has relatively low upfront capital requirements, has a short sales cycle, short or immediate payment terms on sales, and longer payable terms for stock or other expenses. Word of mouth advertising will normally effectively generate sales.

Typical methods of starting your business by “bootstrapping”are to start out part-time and either share office space or establish a space within your home. Many successful “bootstrapping” start-ups purchase used, inexpensive equipment, use personal credit cards or lines of credit for the business, and invest a lot of “sweat equity” into the business by handling all tasks themselves, until the business can afford to hire additional staff.

FROM The Sizzle Coach ... Janet St.Pierre

FROM THE DESK of Candy Pollard

“Bootstrapping” To Start Your Business

Holiday Joy Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is a magical time of year, so much to do, in so little time, before we know it, Christmas Day will arrive. We want the day to be perfect in everyway, the perfect gifts ready to wrap, the house has been decorated inside and out, our tree in our favourite room for all to see, food planning and baking is underway, the smell of fresh baked goodies fill the house with an aroma that lifts our spirits and tickles our noses, scented holiday candles flicker and glow, our favourite Christmas tunes rock the house. The spirit of Christmas goes beyond our immediate family; it reaches out to those around us in our communities those less fortunate and those who may be alone over the holiday season. We become more giving to people we don’t know, and it brings us joy to do this for those in need, and for those receiving our gifts of kindness, it brings them much joy knowing they live in a community that is so giving and caring. I am so proud to be a part of this community, we are giving and we should be very proud that we as a community join together to make a difference in other peoples lives. On this note I have to share with you, an event that is coming to Cornwall March 4th, 2012, it is Cornwall’s First Annual I AM WOMAN Conference and Trade Show. Over the past several months, The Local Seeker Newspaper and The Sizzle Coach (that’s me) have been planning for this event, to bring to our community and surrounding areas. It has given us much joy and laughter, working on this event which will consist of booths and speakers representing local business women. Topics of interest will be for women of all ages and lifestyles.

To succeed at “bootstrapping”, it is imperative to develop and execute a plan, and to re-set goals regularly. This strategy often yields slower growth for a business due to the “low-cash diet.” Entrepreneurs can find it difficult and frustrating, and it takes discipline to ensure that the business keeps sufficient cash flow, particularly in tough economic times. Eventually though, you may find it easier to raise capital once your business has further developed and has a sales track record. With no outside debt or equity investment, the clean capitalization structure may appeal to potential investors and/or loan agencies.

What does this event have to do with Holiday Joy you ask? All net proceeds from this event are being donated to SASS for women, Sexual Assault Support Services. We are so excited, we are jumping with JOY!! Not only is Cornwall and surrounding area going to have a fantastic event to look forward to in February, SASS for women will receive funds for programs and other projects, which will allow them to give back to our community, now that Cornwall is something to smile about.

This method does not suit the faint-hearted, as it involves some risktaking on the part of the entrepreneur. It is, however, a method that has started many successful businesses, and is one to be considered.

Until next time, may the JOY of the holiday season be with you and your family.

Candy Pollard, Business Consultant Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre 100 Water Street East, Suite 104 P.O. Box 877, Cornwall, ON K6H 5T9 Direct Line 613-933-0074

I am The Sizzle Coach; I am here to assist you with The Journey to SelfDiscovery. You are worth it! And only you can change it! Are you hesitant or curious? Do you want clarity in your life? Do you want to make positive changes in your life? Do you want to discover who you are? Have more questions? Call Janet today.

EXTRA! EXTRA! FILMMAKERS OPPORTUNITY! This is an official call to all you amateur, intermediate and advanced filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, etc… to join us on the evening of December 15th at the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery to share your short films with an audience and those of like mind and creative intent.

613-360-7933 and start your Journey!!!

Inspite of the bad weather Minute Auto Wash and the community stepped up and raised $400.00 for the 2011 United Way Campaign. Left to right is Peggy Haramis, campaign chair and Ron Kuipers, Owner of Minute Auto Wash.

The objective is for the group to meet monthly to share their works in progress, give constructive feedback (both verbal and written) in a friendly and open atmosphere. This is a unique opportunity to refine and develop your film making skills and also give something rare and beautiful to the community. If you are interested in participating please send me an email to register your film(s) for the event. Thank you for your continued support for the arts. That’s a wrap! Amanda Marini-Rohde. 613-938-7387

THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 6)


I’m Natalie Carroll, I’m 12 years old, and I’m writing an article for kids called Chat with Nat. There are new articles every week and they are always packed with tons of cool stuff that hopefully everyone, including you, will enjoy!

There is something about connecting or reconnecting with people who knew you in your formative years, that is undeniably important. Call it nostalgia, call it true friendship and call it part of life; but some of the people who know us best, are those that knew us before we grew up. The time rooted in teenage angst or young adulthood wonder, is a special time. There is a natural curiosity about the past and that instinct to relive the glory days. Social media has been a haven to reconnect. A quick scan through my list shows that approximately 20% of my Facebook friends are from my high school days. I love hearing from past classmates and friends. It is great to find out how they are, if they have kids, what career paths they have taken, did they fulfill their dreams and how did their lives turn out. They support your accomplishments, send condolences, and messages of encouragement. I always enjoy hearing from them. A friend I lost touch with years ago contacted me. She married after school and I did not know her new name. She found me and I was so pleased to see her again after trying to find out where she was.

I had an unofficial reunion with some of my closest friends from high school. We try to keep in touch and occasionally gather and catch up. It was nice to see them all again and without any major occurrence such as a wedding, birth or funeral. We got together to reminisce and find out what is happening in their lives now. Some are still in the area, while others live several hours away and in one case, in another country. I left feeling good about seeing them again. They are all happy, well-adjusted, and although life throws them curves, they stay motivated and positive. We toasted those that couldn't be there and a special toast to the one who passed on recently. It is too bad that more couldn't have joined us, and after posting about it, I could tell that there were many others that would have liked to have been there.

CHRISTMAS COUNT DOWN Christmas time is drawing near and it’s so exciting, only 4 more weeks. I’ll keep you posted on all things Christmas!!!

Chat with Nat by Natalie Carroll

kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

The Ties That Bind

SCHOOL The book fair has arrived!!! Twice a year my school has a book fair and it’s always full of great books and cool school supplies. I can’t wait to get some stuff from the scholastic book fair!

SPORTS Calling all sports players!!! Want to get some cool gear for whatever sport it is you play? Well a new store called Sports Check has arrived in Cornwall, along with Michael’s, Winners, and Pet Smart. Sports Check has sports clothes, shoes, and apparel.

ENTERTAINMENT A new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Just came out on November 15th and I got it!!! It’s called Cabin Fever and it was really good . . . Greg is in big trouble and the authorities are closing in. A blizzard hits just in time, but could anything be worse than being stuck inside with his family . . . read the book to find out!!!

IT'S YOU Now it's your turn! Send me in drawings, photos, stories, and anything else you want to send me and be a big part of my column and remember to include your first and last name. Thanks! Email me at ,check out my website and stay tuned for the next edition of Chat with Nat!

I also was involved with the recent Alumni Day at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall. I witnessed the awe in their eyes as they discovered the many changes at our school, and how they immediately started to think back to what it was like when they were there. Some have returned after graduation, some have children or siblings at the school and others had not been back since they attended. It was an awesome opportunity to update records, and help find the missing alumni, and revisit old stomping grounds. I am surprised how many of my friends' children have become friends with my son. They met in their teen years and have formed friendships separate and apart from my connection to their parent(s). At parent teacher interview, which is a little reunion of its own, I saw several of my former classmates/friends and we were discussing this. I guess there is a similarity of personalities in us and our kids have gravitated toward each other without our influence. As I walk through the corridors of the College, I wonder do they realize how important this time is in their lives? Not only are they receiving a higher education, but they are forming lasting ties. It's not all about the past, it is cathartic to find out where they are now, and what they are doing. Life does not always turn out the way we expect it. Careers veer in different directions, relationships fall apart, financial situations fluctuate, family dynamics change and people move and change cities. Someone may be looking for you. If you haven't, update your alumni records, reach out to former classmates and let them know how you are doing, you never know it could result in a career contact, some new opportunities or the connecting piece that is missing in your life. Follow Kris Ward’s blog at www:

THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 7)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough hrs in a day to do everything you NEED to do? It always makes me wonder when people say to me “I don’t have time for that” or “At the end of day, I’m SO tired”. In a world where were so consumed in what we NEED to do every day, we forget that taking at least 1 HOUR each and every day, promotes balance in every aspect of our lives and allows us to re focus. This balance I speak of is no secret to most of you, and it’s also no secret that to maintain a healthy lifestyle seems to be a challenge for the major part of the society we live in. When I speak of “Healthy Lifestyle” I don’t just mean eating well and finding time for physical activity every day, although it is two of the most important ingredients in the mix, It also means spending time with family and friends, practicing a hobby that you love or merely enjoying what I like to call “ME” time. Your mind and body will thank you! With the holiday season in full spin, it’s a perfect time to put the every day hustle and bustle aside and enjoy the festivities going on around you. Take the time to enjoy your loved ones, to share laughter and joy with each other, and most of all, practice the gift of GIVING.

JennFit by Jennifer Christoff


Take Time

JennFit HEALTHY TIP: HOMEMADE HORSERADISH COUGH SYRUP When you feel a sore throat coming on, raid your pantry instead of your medicine cabinet to prepare an allnatural cough remedy that really works. The mixture: Add a dash of grated organic horseradish to a quarter cup of honey. Allow it to sit for a few hours then use as a cough syrup. Why it works: “Horseradish promotes perspiration, making it useful in the treatment of fever.” “When mixed with honey, it can be an effective remedy for hoarseness and cough from colds and flu.” Horseradish also stimulates appetite and promotes digestion. However, just a small amount does the trick. Eating large amounts may cause stomach upset.acids.


Take time out of your day to do ONE thing for you, only ONE.

2 cups cooked short grain organic brown rice 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (grated) 1/2 tsp organic oregano (chopped fresh) sea salt and fresh ground pepper 1 organic egg (beaten) 1/2 cup gluten-free all purpose flour 1/4 cup organic olive oil 3 tblsp organic butter Chopped organic parsley and additional butter for garnish

“Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.”


Taking the time, V.

In a bowl combine the brown rice, cheese, oregano, egg, salt and pepper. Mix well and form rice mixture into 2 inch round cakes. Place rice cakes on parchment paper on a tray and refrigerate for approximately 30 minutes allowing it to firm.

A special message to all the fabulous woman out there:

Take time for you. It’s that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. We tend to forget that we are human and have things that we WANT to do, things that we sometimes put aside for the benefit of others. Our caring and nurturing tendencies usually always takes over for the needs of others, and we often forget our OWN. As woman we wear so many hats: friend, mother, aunt, grand-mother, god mother etc... Which means its no surprise that we are capable of adapting, but remember, the most important hat that you wear is being YOU.

Remove rice cakes from the refrigerator and pour flour onto a shallow bowl. Dip each rice cake into the flour. Dust off any excess. Heat oil and butter in a heavy cast iron skillet. Fry rice cakes in batches. Do not crowd. Cook each side approximately 4 minutes or until brown, turning only once. Remove from pan and garnish with thinly sliced butter and chopped parsley. Serve with organic field greens and grilled chicken breasts or grilled fish. Enjoy!

JennFit Workout:

SIDE TO SIDE AB CRUNCH WITH MEDICINE BALL Keeping your abs tight, lean your body from your waist up over to one side as pictured above. Come back to the middle and lean over to opposite side. Do 30 repetitions.

Standing hip width apart, holding a medicine ball over your head.

Visit f or more healthy recipes, workouts, and tips, or call 613.932.4766 to inquire about JennFit Personal Training.

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COMMUNITY EVENT SEEKER ... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!! our weekly pages of events n’ more...


For the week of December 5th - 11 th MONDAY















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Agape Center Holiday Hope Special

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Upper Canada School Board Meeting of 23.11.11

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45 Second Street E. TEL: 613-932.4796

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 YOGA YOUTH 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CHECK TOURNAMENT WITH AU DIAPASON 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.




T hurs day, Decem ber 8 th 7 : 3 0 pm

MOVIES @ CPL presents "THE HELP" - 6:30 p.m. Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon. Starring Emma Stone as Skeeter, Academy Award nominated Viola Davis as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny— three very different, extraordinar y women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project that breaks societal rules and puts them all at risk. MATURE THEME Rated PG REPEAT ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 AT 2:00 P.M.

AUTHOR VISIT - 6:30 p.m. THOM RACINE OF CORNWALL Discussion of his new book CONSTABLE DAVEY: A FUTURE LOST Seats are limited reserve your spot by calling 613-932-4796. DOOR PRIZE.

CORNWALL SCRABBLE (Ages 16 & up) 1:00 PM-3:30 PM.

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itizens Club C r io n e S y a w a e S venth St. East le E @ t e e tr S y u 1010 G 613-932-4969

1 1 0 2 R E B DECEM




1 Friday


3/4 2 1 9:30 9:00 Exercise Choral 9:00 Upwords k Group 10:00 Nordic Wal Practice 10:00 Line Dancing 1:00 1:00 Skat/500 Canasta 1:00 Mahjongg 1:00 Darts 10/11 9 8 7 ise 1:00 Bunco 6 rcise 9:00 Exerc xe E e 00 or 1: C 00 9: 5 (Sunday) Exercise 9:00 Upwords 00 9: k al k W al ta c as di W c or an di N C k 9:00 Nor k 9:00 10:00 Nordic Wal 10:00 Nordic Wal e ng is ci rc an xe D E e 0 in L :0 0 10 :0 ng 10 10:00 Line Danci 11:45 Lunch rabble Sc 00 1: 1:00 Cribbage 1:00 Skat/500 50/50 Draw its W tds ni or K pw 00 U 1: 00 1: 1:00 Mahjongg 1:00 Quilting hist W 00 1: 1:00 Darts 1:00 Euchre 17/18 16 15 14 9:00 Exercise 13 e is e Exerc or C 1:00 00 9: 12 rcise Upwords xe 00 E 9: 00 9: k al W ta c 9:00 Nordi 9:00 Exercise dic Walk Canas or hi N C 0 ai T :0 0 10 :0 10 0 Exercise 9:00 Nordic Walk ordic Walk 10:0 N 0 10:00 Line Dancing :0 10 ng le ci bb an ra D e Sc in 00 L 0 1: :0 10 1:00 Skat/500 11:45 Tourtiere 1:00 Knit-Wits 1:00 Cribbage 1:00 Mahjongg Lunch st ds hi or W pw 00 U 1: 00 1: 5:00 Christmas 50/50 Draw Dinner Party 1:00 Quilting 24/25 23 e hr 22 1:00 Euc 21 ise CLOSED 20 rcise 9:00 Exerc xe E e or C 1:00 00 9: 19 ds or e is pw rc U 9:00 9:00 Exe Canasta 9:00 Nordic Walk 9:00 Exercise hi C 0 Nordic Walk ai T :0 0 10 :0 10 e is k rc al 10:00 Exe 9:00 Nordic W 10:00 Line Dancing :00 Nordic Walk 10 ng le ci bb an ra D e Sc in 1:00 10:00 L 1:00 Skat/500 NO LUNCH its W e tni ag K bb ri 00 C 1: 00 1: 1:00 Mahjongg 11:45 Euchre st hi W 00 1: 1:00 Upwords ty Christmas Par 50/50 Draw 1:00 Quilting 31 30 29 1:00 Euchre 28 27 26 New Year’s OSED L C CLOSED Line Dance LOSED C D Party CLOSE CLOSED 8:00 pm


py Love Melanie’s Pup Grooming

omer fessional Gro ing or Certified Pro iss Sc - Styling -

ng Bathing - Clippi ents ils - Flea Treatm Na re Ear Ca d More ! An ... os po Specialty Sham iams Melanie Will 3-935-4603 61 t en tm in By Appo Medium Breeds d an l al Sm Specializing in ve lo spuppy www.melanie


613 930-2427

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The other evening I hosted a small gathering of lady artists where the wine and food was plentiful as was the laughter. We spent a great deal of time telling stories and being silly. At one point in the evening after one of us had told a story about something particularly silly they had done, causing us to roll on the floor (literally) laughing; some one said “isn’t it great being an Artist, we get to do crazy and get away with it”. This comment started me thinking about what the Artistic Archetype looks like and why for the most part it is the way everyone should be. So I compiled a list of why it is so great being an Artist to help me through the trying times.

We get to behave strangely: Most of you cannot get away with strange even odd behavior but when people know you are an artist they actually expect it. This is great because whether you are extroverted or introverted it’s alright. I get a kick out of my husband explaining away some of my eccentric habits to people as “She’s an Artist you know” and they nod knowingly, as if that would explain it.

We get to dress strangely: Remember when you were a kid and you played dress up with your parent’s clothes or stuff you found in the boxes in the basement. When you’re an Artist that day never ends. It doesn’t matter how weird you dress or what colours you put together. People think it’s strange but wonderful and other artists wish they did it first.

We get to speak our mind, even if it isn’t the popular opinion: Along with the looking, behaving and dressing strangely we get to be controversial. As a matter of fact we, the Artistic souls, are the ones who pioneered progressive thinking. We accepted race, colour and sexual orientation of individuals as a normal part of life before anyone else did. This is because Artists come in all shapes, sizes and colours so why wouldn’t we accept them as they are.

We see the world through different eyes: We feel deeper; love passionately; hurt deeply; play harder; laugh louder and never stop seeing the hidden shapes in the clouds. We hear a distant drum and the voice of the muse calling us; we give up comfort, security and money to follow that voice. We then attempt to translate that message into a form that all can see, hear and share.

The best thing about being an Artist is…. We get to play all day at the thing we love to do the most. Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Teacher and President of L’association Focus Art Association for more events in the area

The Best thing about being an Artist

MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening?

ART SEEKERS by Sandra Taylor Hedges


FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND - Wrestling CWA presents “Christmas Collision” @ Murphy’s Inn - 7pm FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND Assistance Review Community Discussion on the Social Centre in Cornwall @ Seaway Valley Community Health FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND nwall. Jason and Andre @ La Maison in Cor FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND gatangs in Cornwall. Dave Regnier Comedy Show @ Ran SATURDAY DECEMBER 3RD Ben Henriques Quartet in Morrisburg. @ the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage SATURDAY DECEMBER 3RD all. Maximum 80 @ La Maison in Cornw SATURDAY DECEMBER 3RD nwall. Jason & Andre @ Rangatangs in Cor TUESDAY DECEMBER 6TH by Thom Racine Book Launch of "Constable Davey" @ Casa Paolo Restaurant in Cornwall. FRIDAY DECEMBER 9TH Inn in Cornwall. Bryden Avenue at more @ Murphy's THURSDAY DECEMBER 15TH Cornwall Regional Local Filmmakers Screening @ The Art Gallery in Cornwall.


NEW MONTH New Artwork in the Seaway Windows

by the Amazing Ms. Jane Macmillan Drop by 29nd St. E., Cornwall, ON Artwork is viewable 24/7 during the month of December.

ALL RECREATIONAL SWIMS AT THE AQUATIC CENTRE will be cancelled on December 2nd (starting at 2 pm), December 3rd and December 4th due to the Sea Lions Invitational Swim Meet. Regular Aquatic Centre programming will resume on December 5th.

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SHIFTING FORWARD with Amanda Marini-Rohde

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Dark Blue Skies... Is anyone feeling a little low on energy lately? It is no secret that this time of year tends to take a toll on our sense of vitality and aliveness as the days shorten, the sunlight diminishes and the temperature drops. Yet, our responsibilities and daily routines still remain and in response our immune systems struggle to stay strong, and also our mood. I can definitely empathize with those who are affected by seasonal disorder and find it something to contend with myself. However, there are strategies out there for you to access, and make the most of. Perhaps it is time to try something new in this time of adjustment to the season. It never fails for me when I get moving, my mood elevates and well life is just better. We often forget the limitless joy the expression of the body can give and settle into bad habits, old routines and mindsets. It could be a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly routine that hinders your ability to grow and experience life with true honesty and joy. Now, I will not lie and say that I always feel like dancing, or that once I start dancing I feel joy. Dance is a language that can express sorrow, anger, surprise and many more emotions. However, to allow oneself to access those feelings and bring them out through movement can be a challenge for many reasons. But, I must say if you dance anyways you just might find something out about yourself, and maybe even others if you stick with it and do what you can to find satisfaction in what you are doing and where you are in the world...right now. The other day I did not feel like dancing. In fact, it was a cold, wet, dark, intrusive day and well I was feeling quite guarded and tense. But, who can I expect to be, but anyone else but me. It took about ten minutes into the class and then the energy just became succinct. The whole room of bodies shifted together in one unified energy. And, the real beauty was everyone was moving in their own way and in their own timing. It was a room full of moving souls and well I just think it doesn’t get any better than that. Everyone in the class has something to give to the overall good of what is being created at that moment. At the end of the day I love movement and if I surrender myself to just being there and in the moment and allow the dance to take over something incredible happens...healing. We can transcend who we consider ourselves to be through movement, we can connect with others through movement and we become something bigger than just me or you when we move together.

WHO ARE YOU Is it true your laughter and sense of humour are contagious? WHO ARE YOU? By reacting to change can you adjust and accept the views of others? WHO ARE YOU? Does your demeanor create a better environment for others around you? WHO ARE YOU? When a friend is hurting emotionally do you offer a helping hand? WHO ARE YOU? Are you a giving person who commands little in return? WHO ARE YOU? Can you willingly accept responsibility for your behavior? WHO ARE YOU? Do you share items of great value with others? WHO ARE YOU? Your balanced life style is the ideal recipe for success? WHO ARE YOU? Are you the character er’re looking for? WHO ARE YOU?

You Who Dance I am blessed by mad sightings of you, minstrel art monks tinsel wrapped and naked hearted I see you and you are mine, bereft homebound angels of love embodied and glowing in grief or hilarity I am blessed by mad sightings on Mondays or Thursdays or any day, at dancers who kneel down instantly in front of mercy and pray with abandon sharing our relentless need for help among the ruins then with a sly glance poke at the seriousness with a humour that heals oh you who dance! You dance and dance with me into the wrinkles of time and non-time I praise you and love you and receive you as my greatest gift. Joy in these days to come.

-- Cynthia Wynton Henry

acher Workshops Te & t en d u St s st o H Fit2Dance dary School n co Se ce n re w La . St at

usion of (SLSS) experienced an inf ol ho Sc ary nd co Se ce en ation company visited The students at St. Lawr ronto-based dance educ To a , ce an 2D Fit en wh een GROOVE to all dance today p called Groovin’ KIDS/T ho rks wo e nc da a nt se the school to pre students. 45 minutes of dance Each grade was given tor ance Creative Direc training from Fit2D to y nit rtu po had the op Michelle Hillier. Students ing lud inc dancing styles learn about a variety of , wood, Latin, African hip hop, jazz, Bolly ing, disco and more. contemporary, house, sw e,” u look like or sound lik “No one cares what yo it!” wn “O . de 10 students Hillier told a group of gra McEwen found his inner Grade 10 student Jamie us dance moves. groove learning the vario said. “At first I thought, “I think it’s really cool,” he ss,’ but it’s actually fun. ‘oh, it’s another dance cla with what you’re doing. You’ve got to be random spontaneous is fun,” he “(I’ve learned that) being added. a workshop for teachers After school, Hillier led . dance into their lessons about how to integrate

Art Murphy, Nov. 2004

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SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Rock for Charity raises $490 for Cornwall's Winterfest Article and Photos by Jason Setnyk Does Cornwall have talent? For those who went to La Maison on Friday November 25th, the answer is yes! Rodney Rivette, Joel Sauve, Sara Murphy, Joel Ouellette, and Chuck Leclair played stellar sets. Rodney Rivette who headlined the show is a former Chair and one of the founding members of Cornwall's Winterfest. Also in attendance that night, the current Chair of Winterfest Jason Mitchell and Carnaval mascot Poppy the Peguin. Rock for Charity host Jason Setnyk is also the ViceChair of Winterfest. The show raised $490 for the Winter Carnaval. To date Rock for Charity has raised over $7500 for local charities and non-profit groups.

Artist & Author Joan Levy Earle Mann to Donate Book to CCVS Author’s Shelf & offer Writing Workshop Artist and author Joan Levy Earle Mann visited Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School (CCVS) yesterday to offer a workshop called “Birth of a Book,” to the Writer’s Craft class, as well as to donate her book Jack’s Farm to the Author’s Shelf in the Battista Library. Levy Earle Mann talked to students about how she has dealt with the struggle of rejection slips, as well as the perseverance required to take a manuscript from the first blank page to the final proofs. She encouraged students to follow their dreams. She’s a firm believer in writing about one's daily trek. She also believes that her writing helped her thrive and perhaps survive. In her school years, she lived in three provinces and attended fifteen schools. Her father was a master at opening new stores and the family went along. Jack’s Farm recounts the story of her late husband, Jack Earle, a CCVS graduate, and his trials and tribulations to revive an area farm and farmhouse. This is Levy Earle Mann’s tenth book. She is currently working on a new book about Kyte's Stationers store, a 100-year-old Pitt Street treasure. The Battista Library Author’s Shelf was established at the 200th CCVS Anniversary Celebration to display the works of CCVS graduates or community members. A former Cornwallite now living in Toronto, Levy Earle Mann works as Associate Editor of The Messenger magazine. Also, Levy Earle Mann is mostly a self-taught artist, but received several years of guidance from former CCVS art teacher Grace MacLeod.

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“About The House”

Mr Joe, I have a fancy metal ceiling in the kitchen of my Victorian home. I would like to add a matching or similar ceiling in my dining room as well. Is it expensive, difficult or even possible? I have seen reproduction plastic panels but they don’t have the same detail as the original. Can you help me? Love your article, Mary.

Hi Mary, thank you for your question and your kind words. Embossed tin ceilings add an elegant look to any room, especially in stately old homes with high ceilings. Even newer contemporary homes can be embellished with dozens of different patterns of pressed metal tiles. So to answer your question, yes, it is possible. And chances are you will be able to match exactly the pattern that you currently have in your kitchen because most companies still emboss on presses that are a hundred years old so the dies that pressed your tiles are probably still in use today. My best advice is to peruse the internet and compare prices and styles. You will find something you like and the prices are very reasonable. You should be able to buy the material for a 10 by 15 dining room for about 900 bucks. As far as ease of installation, if you can swing a hammer and read a measuring tape you should be able to handle the installation yourself, but if you have an irregular room or a complex pattern you may want to hire this one out as it can be a costly error if you make a wrong cut. Good luck with your project, make it beautiful, Yours truly, Joe Joe, I've spent the last few weeks preparing my draughty old house for winter. I've shrink wrapped all the windows, caulked around all the window frames and added weather stripping where needed. Is there anything else I should be doing to prepare for winter because it seems no matter what I do every fall my house still seems chilly, like the wind blows right through it. I welcome any information you have on this subject, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work, Philip. Thank you Philip, I don’t know if you have take care of it already, but the first thing you should take care of when it comes to heat loss in your home is the attic. If the attic isn’t as tight

as it could be, then heat loss through the top of your house propagates draught infiltration throughout your home starting from the basement going all the way up to the point where the heat loss begins. Massive heat loss through the attic creates a chimney effect in your home. The warm air exiting through the top creates a vacuum in the bottom. This vacuum draws in outside air through every pore in the walls of your house creating the draughts you feel creeping across the floors and down the stairs. The average home has the equivalent of a garbage can sized hole worth of tiny gaps that allow cold air in. And in older homes this can be up to ten times greater because with old building techniques and materials and cheap heating fuel back in the day this was acceptable. Nowadays this type of loss is seen as unacceptable so homeowners do everything in their power to prevent these losses. My best advice is to is to mitigate the losses by doing two things: eliminate the chimney effect and pressure balance your home. Reduce the heat lost by insulating the upper portion of your home because as I have said before, nearly 90% of heat loss is through the roof in poorly insulated homes, you have options, explore them. And pressure balance your home by reducing the amount of extractor fans (ie bathroom exhausts, kitchen exhausts, basement ventilators). Because by extracting the air from your house, these fans draw a vacuum on your home sucking in unconditioned air through all the tiny holes. Install an HRV to remove the stale air as these units intake the same amount of air they remove and scavenge the heat that would otherwise be lost. Weather stripping is fine and caulking is ok but these traditional quick fixes don’t go very far to address the root of the problem. Most of the real air leaks you can’t see so deal with them with science - physics is on your side. Thanks for your contribution Philip. I would like to wish a merry christmas and a happy holiday season to all my customers past, customers present, and customers yet to be. All the best to you, your family and friends. And thank you to everyone who contributed this week. Thank you to everyone for your contributions this week. If I didn't answer your question, keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. You can email your questions to: For additional information about me and what is going on in your community, please visit our website: And remember, Whatever you do, do it well, because a job well done stays well done forever.

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CORNWALL’S PAST by Ian Bowering

From Orphanage, to Post Office, to Library. Cornwall's first orphanage was two frame homes on Mulberry Street and was operated by the Sisters of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. The home's population grew from three children to 26 in eight months, and to accommodate the growth the orphanage moved to the Greenwood House on York St. Still too small it was evident larger quarters were needed. Mary McMartin, the widow of the late MP and gold mine owner John McMartin, answered the need when she donated about $90,000 in maintenance money and deeded her home Highland Manor, on the present site of today's library. McMartin was able to build his home from the riches he earned from what would become Timmin's Hollinger gold mine, one of the richest gold mines in Canadian history. A multimillionaire, McMartin moved back to Cornwall in 1903 and purchased Big Rory McLennan's home which he enlarged and named Highland Manor. He ran for the federal Liberals for Glengarry-Stormont and was elected, even though he moved to Montreal where he died. As the house was no longer needed, it was turned into the Nazareth Orphanage in 1919. Mrs. McMartin bequeathed the home "As a memorial to her late husband," and the house was officially opened by Bishop W.A. Macdonell. The bishop said that Mrs. McMartin's charitable generosity was in keeping with the tradition of early Christians, "who gave all for the support of the infant Jesus Christ." The home provided housing for children under 12 for the diocese of Alexandria with "the ladies of the town" organizing The Nazareth Orphanage Society, to raise funds to buy clothes to supplement the province's allowance of two cents per day for each child. The facility was destroyed by fire on May 4, 1950. Over the years the orphanage cared for 2,300 children. The building was razed and in May 1953, Transport Minister Lionel Chevrier, laid the cornerstone for the post office/federal building that operated on this site until 1995. On Feb. 15, 1997 the retrofitted post office opened as Cornwall's new public library to "rave" reviews of the more than 25,000 people who flocked to see it. A number far greater than the infinitely more expense Benson Centre attracted at its official opening, demonstrating that Cornwall is not "just a hockey town."

National Recognition for Chamber’s Executive Manager The Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce’ Executive Manager has just been awarded national recognition by the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada (CCEC) In 2011, the CCEC introduced its Milestone Service Program to recognize chamber staff who had reached various milestones in their careers. During its recent annual conference in St. John’s Newfoundland, the Cornwall Chamber’s Lezlie Strasser was recognized for more 23 years of continual leadership as its Executive Manager.

Highland Manor, became The Nazareth Orphanage. It was located on the present site of the Cornwall Public Library.

“I am both flattered and honoured to be recognized in such a way by the CCEC,” states a clearly pleased Strasser. “Having dedicated so many years to a business organization I so strongly believe in, it is gratifying to be recognized in such a manner.” Strasser assumed the Cornwall Chamber’s Executive Managers role in 1988 and since then, has transformed the organization into a leading advocate for the City’s business community. From barely 250 members in the late 1980's, today’s Chamber boasts a membership roster of close to 700. “Supported by this significant number of area firms, we’ve been able to present an influential voice at all three levels of government,“ continues Strasser. “As a result, the Chamber has played a role in the economic growth of the entire community.” One of Ontario’s oldest business organizations, the Chamber celebrates over 121 years of service to the business community. Notable among its achievements has been Heart of the City, an initiative that has seen millions invested in the City’s urban core. It also partnered with Cornwall Economic Development in the creation of the City’s award winning Team Cornwall and it was instrumental in the establishment of both the Image Enhancement Committee and Clean Air Cornwall.

A 1960's view of the Post Office, in operation from 1953 to 1995. Now the Cornwall Public Library.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (December 2 - pg. 19)

Chamber President, Rick Shaver expressed his best wishes at the CCEC announcement. “As the voice of our business community, I’m pleased our Executive Manager has been recognized by the CCEC and proud of what she has achieved over the past 23 years.”

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CCVS Students - Visit The Cave

Students from CCVS visited Caveman Strong last week (Nov. 22) to challenge themselves on a more physical level. The group of roughly 20 students come from the Living and Learning classes as well as the Alternative Learning program. They went through basic squat mechanics, proper pushup technique and were introduced to the prowler which is a weighted sled. Teacher Michelle Gauthier says ` as a teacher it was great to see the students completely and totally engaged in what they were doing. They were not only learning but also having fun while doing so. Having them go to Caveman Strong means a lot the students' teachers as a gym membership is not something that many of our students could ever afford on their own. It made me very happy to see my students having so much fun and challenging themselves, on so many levels. Gauthier says the kids were able to visit Caveman Strong thanks in part to the generosity and funding from Denis Thibeault and The Eastern Ontario Training Board. Gauthier adds school Principal, Robert Currier, has also been incredibly supportive of this initiative. The group is expected to visit the gym every couple of weeks. Caveman Strong owner Tyler Touchette says `having the students in a learning the benefits of fitness at a young age will help as they get older. As the kids become stronger, their self-confidence grows as well and increases their involvement at school and socially`. For more information on how your school can get involved visit or call 613.933.1240.

I’m Julia the Web Designer

and I’m Mai-Liis the Graphic Designer

The holidays are finally here . . . The season is all about being with loved ones but it's the food that brings us together. Come and mingle all the way and enjoy a gorgeous Greek or Mexican buffet or regal yourself to our selected holiday table d'hote menu complete with a scrumptious dessert. While you concentrate on the inviting and the pampering let KATERINAS prepare for you all you need to make your celebration simple, delicious and memorable. From a selection of nibbles to salads, dips, platters to homemade Greek pastries and more. Don't forget our GIFT CERTIFICATES and holiday baskets are a great giving idea. We'll see you there!!!! 1195 2nd st. West (2 min west of Benson Centre) 613 932-9324

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Local Seeker Issue 46 cornwall ontario  

Local Seeker Issue 46 cornwall ontario

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