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Vol. 2, Issue 40 October 21, 2011

E C N E L L E C X E Y E K C O H f rnwall o o C S in L ) E A H D O ROLE MOARIO HOCKEY ACADEMY ( of Hockey,


OHA Director e th ), le d id (on his left). (m lt u e ll ra e a c S s a s L e v s Y e Gil his right) and n In this photo: (o d r a p p e h S L players Ray H N r e m r fo h wit Article on page 5.

... AND WHO SAYS NOTHING HAPPENS IN CORNWALL !!! check out our Weekly Community Event Seeker Section . . . Centre of the paper A HEARTFELT APOLOGY AND RETRACTION FOR HEART OF THE FAMILY CHILDCARE Last week we printed an article entitled "When Caring Gets You In Trouble" that made unverified allegations about Cornwall's Heart of the Family childcare facility. We wish to offer our heartfelt apology to those who run the facility. We are making a complete and unqualified retraction of what we printed in the story.

HEART OF THE FAMILY is a fully licensed, non-profit agency built on the premise of serving families. It recognizes the needs of our community in a changing economy by offering service to families 24 hours a day, and accommodates both infants and children. It's located in a newly renovated, secure facility offering a large outdoor playground, a gymnasium, and large well-lit classrooms with lots of activities to engage the child's imagination and creativity. For more information see Again, our most sincere apologies from the publishers of the Local Seeker.

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SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS MEETINGS are the 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of each month at 6:30pm. St. Lawrence Intermediate School on 1450 2nd street east, in the library. Info: Brad Leclair (613)543-3831- (613)330-1488 or Claudette Pilon (613)937-0226.

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THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 2)

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Cornwall and the surrounding Agricultural Community BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

In Lamoureux Park FALL HOURS The Cornwall Community Museum

is now open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Admission is free, info. 613 936-0842

The photographs and postcards are from the collection of more than 10,000 images at the Cornwall Community Museum. If you are interested in learning more about our history, the museum has a wide selection old and modern local histories for sale, .

As the administrative centre for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, Cornwall served as an important market for the surrounding agricultural community. Until the end of World War II, the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board was the region's most important employer, reaching into all corner's of the three counties. Along with being the home of the McIntosh Apple, eastern Ontario grew numerous crops including - barley, corn, oats, peas, potatoes and wheat. The forests were full of white, red and yellow pine trees, hemlock spruce, tamaracks, white cedars, swamp elms (used in the manufacture of staves), white ash (used to make oars), and hickory (for fence posts). Maple trees which produced maple syrup were abundant, along with birds-eye maple used by local cabinet makers. Beech and birch also provided wood for furniture along with firewood. Ornamental trees and shrubs included the flowering dogwood, wild plum, cherry, staghorn sumac, huckleberry (used for winter preserves), cranberry, raspberry, hops and wild strawberry.

Barn raising, pre World War 1, Newington.

A pre World War I farm scene

A COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS by Veteran Standard Freeholder Photographer Marcel Quenneville is on display at the Cornwall Community Museum till the end of June Come on down and discover the many hidden treasures at the museum! Bringing in the hay, August 1979.

Cheese Factory, Newington, 1933.

Maple sugar hut, Newington, 1903.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 3)

Cairn and plaque commemorating the introduction of Holstein Friesian cattle to Ontario, Bird Sanctuary, Dundas County. The plaque reads: "In 1881 Michael Cook, who operated a prosperous 200 acre farm here, imported the first Holstein Frieisen cattle into Ontario. His action was part of a movement among progressive farmers to find a productive breed of cattle capable of supporting the province's rapidly developing dairy industry which increasingly focused on cheese production. Following his initial importation of two bulls and ten cows, Cook continued to import Holstein cattle from the U.S. and the Netherlands and to distribute these cattle throughout the province. They quickly established a high reputation among Ontario farmers and by 1886 their popularity in the industry was assured when the Dairymen's Association of Eastern Ontario recognized the Holstein as the leading milk producing breed.


Coffee Grinds by Jason Setnyk

Critical Thinking! The origins of critical thinking can be traced back to the Socratic method of inquiry. It is the intellectual discipline of asking higher order questions and making inferences based on sound premises, and then making logical deductions. It is also the process of skillfully conceptualizing, analyzing, and evaluating information from texts, personal experiences, observations, and reflections. Critical thinking is a vital skill to have at University. It is useful in many academic disciplines including English and History. I was fortunate enough to have high school teachers that noticed my intellectual interests in literature, history, media studies, social justice, and thinking outside the box. During projects and independent studies I had several books recommended to me by teachers to read. These books taught me alternative paradigms and perspectives for reading, interpreting, and studying literature, history, mass media, the economy, political science, and social studies. I would like to share with you three books and three authors that I found especially influential, enlightening, and insightful when I was studying and learning in high school. I would like to introduce you to the works of Noam Chomsky, Marshall McLuhan, and Howard Zinn.

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass

Media written by (Edward S. Herman) and Noam Chomsky! Chomsky deconstructs bias in Corporate Media, and shows us how media outlets are primarily businesses, and therefore they disseminate information in such a way that is good for their own business and profits, but not necessarily good for ethical and fair journalism. Editorials and even the news itself can be unfairly slanted in favour of rightwing politicians/governments and large corporations who are sometimes the sponsors of Corporate Media with paid advertisements. Large corporations can control the media's message by threatening to withdraw advertisements dollars if they broadcast unfavourable news and information. We can easily study bias in Fox News or in Sun Media Newspapers, however there are numerous other examples of bias in just about all news. CBC, which is a crown corporation in Canada has often slanted their news in favour of the Liberals when they were in power, perhaps because the public purse pays for the CBC budget. It is no wonder a Conservative government would want to cut the budget of a national public radio and television network that does not serve their best interest. Publicly owned media, unlike their private counterparts, are not usually biased towards right-wing governments and major corporations. Therefore it may be in Harper's best interest to dismantle the CBC as much as he possibly can to ensure Corporate media has a strong hold, and that the message that primarily gets out is one that is favourable to him and his government.

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man written by Marshall McLuhan! This book is not written in a linear way, so at first it is difficult to follow. But this text is important for media studies and cultural studies. McLuhan coined the term, the medium is the message, and his writings reshaped media studies. Instead of focusing on the content, according to McLuhan, we should instead focus on the medium. A medium is an extension of ourselves. According to McLuhan, the content of the medium blinds us to the character of the medium. How we interact with television or the Internet for example is far more important than the content itself. While focused on media we lack perspective, and only be stepping away can we understand the medium and its impact on our culture. McLuhan predicted the global village and the Internet. I think McLuhan would have found the phenomenon of Facebook fascinating, and in many ways he predicted something like this would happen. Social media websites have become an extension of who we are as a people. Technology and how we interact with it has changed our culture. Many facets of our life and identity have become intertwined in the cyber world. Only when we step back and study the medium can we truly appreciate the ways in which our culture has changed because of the Internet and social media. A People's History of the United States written by Howard Zinn!

perspective of common people rather than the political and economic elite. In fact he was very critical of the elite. His version of history empowered everyday people, by telling their narratives, actions, and accomplishments. He told the story of real people who fought and struggled against slavery and racism, labour organizers who fought for the rights of workers including to have safe working conditions, and other groups and people whose stories have been marginalized in the history books. His book addresses the enslavement of Africans, the servitude of poor British people in the colonies, slave rebellions, class struggles, the Haymarket riot, Emma Goldman, W.E.B Du Bois, the Jim Crow laws, COINTELPRO, the Native American rights movement, counterculture, and the Watergate scandal amongst many other things. Whether you agree with Zinn or not, he did make history exciting by telling it from a different perspective. Seeing things from different perspectives is essential to critical thinking.

Knowledge is power! As a young man of 17 years old these books by Chomsky, McLuhan, and Zinn excited me, and they gave me hope and optimism. The ideas and perspectives in these books made me passionate about learning, and they taught me to be a better critical thinker. They presented new frameworks to analyze texts and to analyze the world around me. In history I had studied the brutal dictator's of the twentieth century. I studied carefully the words Stalin and Hitler, and I learned just how important critical thinking and ideas are if we want to make this world a better and more fair place. Joseph Stalin once said, "Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas." Adolf Hitler once said, "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think". Critical thinking and ideas are the greatest weapon against tyranny, inequality, fear, anger, ignorance, and hopelessness. 'Scientia potentia est' is the Latin maxim for knowledge is power. Critical thinking and good ideas can change the world, knowledge really is power, and I will never forget that.

My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are my Coffee Grinds! Jason Setnyk is a local school teacher, journalist, artist, and community volunteer. Setnyk runs the Cornwall Underground blog, and is the founder and host of Cornwall's Rock for Charity and Rock the Vote.


Looking Forward To Seeing You All! at the Cornwall Civic Complex

Howard Zinn re-wrote the books by examining history through the

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 4)

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Role models of hockey excellence Cover Story

at The Ontario Hockey Academy Article and photos (including cover photo) by: Jason Setnyk The Ontario Hockey Academy is a high performance academic-athletic private preparatory school located in Cornwall, Ontario. It is dedicated to providing boys (Prep, Major Midget AAA, Minor Midget) and girls (Intermediate AA, Midget AA) with the very best in academics along with elite hockey. The school, which is starting its fourth year, has approximately 120 students enrolled, including international students. The young hockey players who attend the Academy have many role models to look up to! In the photo above, Giles Lascelle (middle), who is the OHA Director of Hockey, is standing in front of the Ontario Hockey Academy with former NHL players Ray Sheppard (to his right) and Yves Sarault (to his left). Lascelle played college hockey at Concorida University in Canada and he played professionally in Olofstrom, Sweden. All four of Lascelle's children play hockey, and his oldest daughter Kayla is an NCAA Women's Hockey Champion playing for Norwich University. Ray Sheppard who played for six different NHL teams including the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers was the Director of Hockey Operations at the Ontario Hockey Academy in 2009-2010. Sheppard has returned to Cornwall to become the Assistance Coach of the Jr. A Cornwall Colts, and he will spend time working with the Boys Program at OHA. Yves Sarault has played over a hundred NHL games, and has played for six different NHL teams including the Montreal Canadians and the Ottawa Senators. Sarault was a star player in the AHL and the QMJHL. He is the Head Coach of the Midget Major White Team at OHA. Sheppard, Sarault, and Lascelle are roles models of excellence and dedication to the game of hockey, and an inspiration to the young players that attend the Ontario Hockey Academy.


Seeker Chicks Julia and Mai-Liis with “Lightning” Tony Luis holding the Welterweight Championship Belt

You Are Invited to drop-in at an OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2011 anytime between 12 noon and 4:00 pm Champs Eastside Boxing Club 223 Jarvis Street, Cornwall Meet “Lightning” Tony Luis on his home turf See his Championship Belt, get an autograph, have lunch, the Benson BBQ will be on hand to help support the work of Cornwall’s little club with a big heart. *Please note: Parking is limited and in a residential neighborhood, some walking may be required. club phone: 613-938-3281 / event inquiries: 613-360-5944

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 5)



The Cornwall Wesleyan Church was founded in tent meetings in 1930. In 1933 the congregation constructed a church on Third Street which was used up until 1996 for the people to meet in. They then spend the next three years meeting at the Ramada Inn. Eventually 1999 God saw way for this body of believers to purchase the old Pentecostal Church at 507 Pitt St and it has been home for the Wesleyan church for these past 12 years. The facility has served this congregation well but as this body of believers in Jesus Christ continued to grow, God implemented new plans and on June 26th 2011, the Cornwall Wesleyan Church purchased the former Horizon Joanisse School 780 Sydney St as their future home. Situated next to Farm Boy on 3 acres of land. It is our desire as a congregation that this facility will be a blessing to us as well as the community. Future plans include a community room for meetings, rentable gym facility, and establishment of a Creation Exhibit. Community Garden, and eventually an emergency shelter for fire victims providing lodging for emergency situations such as house fires, allowing families several weeks to get back on their feet and find alternate accommodations. We are still under renovations but plan to move into the facility by the end of November. Our dedication Service is scheduled for Jan 8th2012. Our congregation is still worshiping at 507 Pitt St Sunday’s 10:30am.

Smile Seekers!

Cornwall Wesleyan Church Present Location 507 Pitt St. Cornwall, On K6J 3R4 ph 613 936 9166 New location soon: 780 Sydney St.


- And people born between 1980 and 2011 are called

- People born before 1946 were called

and WHY DO WE CALL THE LAST GROUP GENERATION Y? Because their favourite questions are ...

Generation Y

The Silent generation.

Y should I get a job? Y should I leave home and find my own place? Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours? Y should I clean my room? Y should I wash and iron my own clothes? Y should I buy any food?

- People born between 1946 and 1959 are called

The Baby Boomers. - People born between 1960 and 1979 are called

Generation X.

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613 930-2427

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 6)

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Exhale forcefully at the top of the movement when you do abdominal crunches. It forces your abs to work harder.

224 Pitt Street - 613-933-2333 Why the “PLUS”? pawn shop! ‘Cause we are more than just a china, We buy, sell and trade antiques, fine VCRs, gold, collectibles, as well as CDs, ent. ipm equ l movies, video games & musica Just about anything of value!


Black & White Sesame Crusted Salmon This nutritious tapas-style appetizer is a delicious start to any meal. It can be served with toasted organic sourdough baguette or fresh organic vegetables.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: • 2 skinless organic salmon fillets • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil • Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste • 1 1/2 tablespoons white sesame seeds • 1 1/2 tablespoons black sesame seeds • 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chives (optional garnish) • 2 teaspoons organic coconut oil (for cooking) DIRECTIONS: 1) With rounded side up, season salmon with salt and pepper blend. 2) Mix sesame seeds and place on a small flat plate. Drizzle a few drops of sesame oil on each salmon filet and rub to coat the surface of the fish. Place salmon rounded side down in the sesame seeds and press gently to adhere. Remove salmon filets to a clean plate or waxed paper until ready to cook. Discard any leftover sesame seeds from the plate, as they have touched raw fish and cannot be saved. 3) Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat with about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. When hot, place salmon filets sesame side down. Cook until sesame seeds are golden and a crust has formed. Gently turn the salmon over and turn heat to low. Cook salmon just a few minutes longer. It will be firm to the touch but until still a little translucent in the center. Timing will depend on the thickness of your filets, but it doesn’t take long. My 1≤ thick filets were done in about 7 minutes. Place salmon on top of asparagus and drizzle lightly with about a tablespoon of maple syrup. Enjoy!

JennFit Workout: JennFit Leg Exercise:

CTION of Gold Jewellery, COME SEE OUR HUGE COLLE Royal Doulton and Hummels Swarovski and Pinwheel Crystal, at incredibly low prices!

FROM THE DESK of Candy Pollard

Jennfit by Jennifer Christoff


The Importance of Images and Words As you are developing and/or designing anything for your business, you should place a lot of importance on the images and words that you use. Whether it be your logo, tag line, slogan, advertisements or brochures, each should work together to create and promote the “brand” you choose for your business. Ultimately, you want potential customers to remember your business, call you for information and purchase an item or service from you. The images and words that you use in your logo and other promotional material will define your business, can create immediate company recognition and can sometimes instill a feeling of confidence or of rejection. The images you use, whether they be photos, drawings, icons, etc., should be of good quality and should suggest to the viewer the idea that you wish to express. Logo’s can become very recognizable – think about the Nike swoosh, the Olympic rings or the 3 colour pepsi icon. These logos have evolved over the years and no longer feature the company name, yet we all recognize them as soon as we see them. Remember that this image will be identified with your business for quite some time and poor quality will reflect on it.

The wording that you use for tag lines, slogans or advertisements is of equal importance. Some of the best marketing tag lines will remain in our memory for many years. We immediately know that “just do it” belongs to Nike, or that “you deserve a break today” is McDonald’s – take some time and effort to create a great one for your own business. It may not make national awareness, but you may be able to capture your local market with a great slogan. Work towards a great marriage between your company name and the images and words that you use in promoting it. They will survive through the growth of your business, the good times and the tough times – you can mature together and grow as time goes by, creating a great reputation and possible even a legacy for future generations.

Candy Pollard, Business Consultant Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre 100 Water Street East, Suite 104 P.O. Box 877, Cornwall, ON K6H 5T9 Direct Line 613-933-0074 -

Stability Ball Abduction Lift Kneeling on one knee and leaning against a stability ball, with the other leg extended, slowly lift extended leg until it is parallel with your hips. Slowly lower and repeat 15 times. Then switch legs. Visit for more healthy recipes, workouts, and tips, or call 613.932.4766 to inquire about JennFit Personal Training.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 7)


On Friday., October 7th, Jack Notman, owner of Notman Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Cornwall and Kimly Thivierge, Public Relations, Children’s Aid Society of S.D.&G (seen in the photo on the right) cruised around in a 1971 purple convertible Barracuda visiting over 40 partners and over 25 schools across Cornwall and S.D&G. who participated in the purple ribbon campaign against child abuse. They had a beautiful day driving to 14 locations in the city to promote the CAS community dress purple day . . . and the car was a big hit!!

GERRY the picker-upper? Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach, visited Cornwall this week as part of the week-long BizFest. He did such a great job at positively impacting the crowd that in turn, the Crowd picked HIM up! Shown here, members of Team Cornwall lifting up Gerry Visca.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW: Ryan Seale - Jtec Distribution Inc., Joey Gault - Webtech, Michael Galvin - Computersense, Vanessa Regnier, Nada Kovinich - J. Cornett Real Estate, FRONT ROW: Denis Lapierre - Talent Scout, Angela Hudson - After Dark, Janet St. Pierre Amsterdam Products, Mai-Liis Renaud - Mai-Liis The Graphic Designer & The Local Seeker, Lezlie Strasser - Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce, Julie Donkers - Cornwall Economic Development, Candy Pollard - Small Business Enterprise Centre, Angela Besner - BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada), Julia Lucio - Versacore Tech Designs & The Local Seeker - and being picked up Gerry Visca.

Team Cornwall is a group of over 300 business and community leaders that act as goodwill ambassadors for the City of Cornwall. -

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 8)

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COMMUNITY EVENT SEEKER ... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!


For the week of October 24th - 30th MONDAY

















Seeds of Hope Community Clips

News headlines, weather and community events 4:00pm

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The Source The Source Kinsmen TV Bingo The Source Road Signs Art Current Notre Dame 50th Anniversary

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Cornwall Tonight TVC Halloween Spooktacular

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TVC Today TVC Today

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Saturday, November 5th 12 noon to 6 pm

MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening?

our weekly 4 pages of events n’ more...

FRIDAY OCTOBER 21ST all. Vaguebonds @ La Maison in Cornw SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND Empire @ La Maison in Cornwall. SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND nwall. Klezatory @ Aultsville Theatre in Cor FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH h Trench Town Oddities Halloween Bas @ Rangatangs in Cornwall. FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH nwall. Coming of Age @ La Maison in Cor SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Grub in Cornwall. Playing with Diana @ Lola's Pub and SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH all Maximum 80 @ La Maison in Cornw SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Inn in Cornwall. Pride Halloween Party @ Murphy's

Call us at 613-935-3763 to ask about our Halloween Special ads so that you can let people know where to have a SPOOKTACULAR TIME next Saturday!!! THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 9)


CWA - King of the Ring 2 - wrestling at Murphy’s Inn, 917 Second St. W. - 7pm Tickets $15 at the door. - $12 in advance.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 10)

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THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 11)


THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 21 - pg. 12)

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Read, Learn & Grow by the Cornwall Public Library - 45 Second Street E. Cornwall tel: 613-932.4796 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 STORYTIME (Ages 3 to 5 yrs old) - 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Stories, fingerplays, songs, and crafts.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 SAMEDI 22 OCTOBRE DROP IN FAMILY STORYTIME 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (for parents and their children) Stories, games, everything for a fun filled Saturday. No registration necessary.

MERCREDI, 26 OCTOBRE TRANSITION CORNWALL+ 14 h à 16 h 30 Présentation du documentaire : Solutions locales pour un désordre global Un documentaire français, d’environ 2 heures, qui s'attaque au problèmes d'un système agricole global perverti par une volonté de croissance irraisonnée. Documentaire suivi de discussion.

R.E.A.D. WITH DOGS 11:00 a.m. – 12 noon A “Pawsitive” experience for all. Offered with the help of St. John Ambulance. CHECK MATES WITH AU DIAPASON 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 ALL THINGS FOOD" presented by Dana Kiddle 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 LUNDI 24 OCTOBRE TIME FOR TWOS 10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. - (2 yrs old and their parent or caregiver) Great stories, songs, rhymes, and crafts for 2 year olds. (12 spots availab le) HOMEWORK HELPERS 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (AGES 6 TO 11 YRS) NEED HOMEWORK HELP? LET US HELP YOU! WE’LL EVEN PROVIDE A SNACK! BABY TALES 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 (Ages 0 to 1 yr) WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 (Ages 1 to 2 yrs) IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE EASTERN ONTARIO HEALTH UNIT (EOHU ). Introduce your baby to books, words and songs. You’ll both have fun.

SCIENCE & NATURE SPEAKER SERIES - St.Lawrence River Institute DR. TOM LANGEN - 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. WHY DID THE TURTLE CROSS THE ROAD? And What Can We Do to Make it Safer for Her? Adult Friendly Bridge Club - 6:15 PM-8:15 PM. Adult Tri-County Chess Club - 6:15 PM-8:15 PM.

27 OCTOBRE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27 JEUDI les 0 à 2 ans ) - 10 h à 10 h 45 LES BAMBINS À LA BIBLIO ( pour ez votre é de l’est de l’Ontario ( BSEO ). Initi En partenariat avec le Bureau de sant . ique mus bébé à la lecture, aux livres et à la Vous vous amuserez tous les deux. ans ) - 10 h à 10 h 45 L’HEURE DU CONTE ( pour les 3 à 5 Le 6 octobre au 24 novembre Salle de programmation 3 s, des jeux de doigts et des bricos. oire Des hist n to 2:00 p.m. BROWN BAG BOOK CLUB - 12 noo up) - 1:00 PM-3:30 PM. CORNWALL SCRABBLE (Ages 16 & yrs) - 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. TWEEN BOOK CLUB (Ages 8 to 12 ll read books, and create a blog. You like reading? So do we! We’ 30 CINÉMA FRANCO À LA BIBLIO - 18h le vendredi, 28 oct. 14 h) CINÉMA FRANCO À LA BIBLIO - (et ines Frisson des Coll




Winmar Cornwall 3300 Second Street East Cornwall I Ontario I K6H 6J8 613-932-0200

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ART SEEKERS by Sandra Taylor Hedges

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS The trouble with Realism There comes a moment in every artist life when they stand at the crossroads of Realism and Expressionism and must decide which one they will take to make a name for themselves. There may be a similar process for the other disciplines as well for example the author choosing between Murder Mysteries and Fantasy stories; Dancers choosing between Ballet and Interpretive dance and Musicians with Classical and Heavy Metal. For the purpose of this article I will use the Painters references only because it is what I am most familiar with.

Moon Runners Dancer Raoul Wilke Offers Student Workshops at St. Lawrence Secondary School Moon Runners Dancer Raoul Wilke spent the day at St. Lawrence Secondary School (SLSS) last Friday to offer student

Generally speaking the life of a visual Artists starts when they are a child and they start to draw and people around them notice that their work is a little better than the average kid in the room. From about age 7 thru 18 the focus for these budding Artists is to draw more and more realistically. Encouraged by everyone the goal becomes to draw better than Da Vinci. The more real it looks the better you are, right? After all this is the Holy Grail of being a famous Artist one day, isn’t it? One day around the age of 20 or 50 the Artist has an “AH HA” moment when they look at their work and say “Yes, this looks like that house or that tree but so does that Artist’s painting and that one and that one. How can I make it look like my idea of that house or tree?” When this moment happens you are standing at the crossroads. The time has come when you need to choose conformity or interpretive expression of your art. If you decide to choose the later the struggle really begins.

The trouble with realism is that the work of those that do it really well all looks alike, Robert Bateman, Ken Danby and many more look similar at first glance because they have rendered the subject so close to realism that you may mistake it for a photo. Is this wrong? Of course not, if that is your goal, but if you want to take the other road to a more individual interpretation of the subject then the other choice is Expressionism and it is a road just as difficult, but for different reasons. The other problem with realism is that it sells so well. The average purchaser will be attracted to the lovely still life of flowers and confused by the abstract painting of the same subject. The layman will look at an abstracted painting and believe this person really can’t paint because they didn’t make it look real and buy the realistic one. This can be discouraging for a fledgling expressionist painter. The good news is with the right gallery and cliental the abstract painting done well will sell for 10 times the price of the realistic painting because unique has value. An original Robert Bateman will sell for between $40,000 and $60,000 where a lithograph of a Picasso with start there. In the Ottawa and Toronto area paintings in galleries selling modern expressionism art start at about $10,000.00 for an original. Galleries selling traditional realism start at $1,000.00. If you find yourself standing on the crossroads the most important question to ask yourself is this, if money were not a factor what style of painting, dancing, writing or music satisfies my soul more; this one or that? That is the real and only way to make the choice. In closing I will leave you with the thoughts of Picasso “When you see what you express through photography, you realize all the things that can no longer be the objectives of painting. Why should an artist persist in treating subjects that can be established so clearly with the lens of a camera?” (Pablo Picasso) Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Teacher and President of L’association Focus Art Association

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workshops throughout the day in the school’s new dance studio.

From 8:00 a.m. – 2:10 p.m., the Toronto dancer taught students from all grades hip hop-style dance moves and choreography. Wilke used the song “Mop Head” by edIT – a song without lyrics – to teach students that even the simplest of movements can have a huge impact. “I like introducing people to new stuff,” Wilke said. “I want to give them a better understanding of the music and the beat, not just the words of the song. “I also want them to realize that they can make the impossible possible,” he added. “I want people to feel like they can move in their own way.” The Moon Runners are a dance troupe from Toronto who have won several dance competitions, and have been featured on MuchMusic. Wilke teaches dance full-time to kids and adults. Many students in teacher Gisele Paquette’s grades 10 and 11 dance class had fun and learned a lot taking Wilke’s workshop. “It was awesome,” said grade 11 student Wyatt Boileau. “It was cool to learn something new and he was a great teacher.” “He makes it look so easy,” said Umer Mahmood, grade 11. “It’s not as easy as it looks. It’s amazing how every move makes a huge difference.”

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SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS The Cornwall Concert Series begins a new season this Saturday, October 22, 2011 with a concert by the remarkable ensemble Kleztory. Kleztory first entertained Cornwall audiences in June of 2007 and made many converts to the joy of klezmer music.

Kleztory has played a wide variety of venues throughout Canada, the United States, Belgium, Romania and China. However the band credits their cohesion, their spirit and their signature sound to the experience they garnered while busking in the streets. Klezmer is the traditional music of nomadic Jewish musicians who traveled throughout Eastern Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These musicians took inspiration from the popular music of the day and integrated their own unique voice, born from a history that was rich and too often tragic. Similar to the music they perform, Kleztory is a rich mosaic of cultures (Russian, Canadian, Quebecois and French), musical training (academic and self taught) and musical tastes (classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, country and folk). Combining their talents, these five musicians perform with an emotion and a virtuosity that is the true spirit of klezmer. Through the use of innovative arrangements that are respectful of the original compositions, Kleztory has forged a unique, yet still authentic musical path. These musicians showcase the peppiness and the poignancy of klezmer music while bringing the true spirit of klezmer to life with energy and humour. In 2007, their album "Nomade" won an Opus Prize for the best jazz /world music album in Québec. Their emotionally charged show is guaranteed to appeal to all ages and bring happiness to the Cornwall audience this weekend. Show time is 8 p.m. at Aultsville Theatre on Cornwall and tickets are available at the door for $25. Those wishing to purchase the complete series may do so also on Saturday and enjoy considerable savings.

Kleztory’s roots go back to 1997, when Quebec guitarist Alain Legault founded Les Gitans Sédentaires with bassist Mark Peetsma. In 2000, this fine-tuned rhythm section was joined by the classically trained clarinetist, Airat Ichmouratov, and became known as Simha. In early 2002, with the addition of violinist Elvira Misbakhova and accordionist Henri Oppenheim, Kleztory became a traditional klezmer ensemble and is one of the most dynamic klezmer ensembles in Canada today.

The second concert will be on Saturday, November 12 and features bass baritone Marcus Nance whose most recent role has been in Jesus Christ Superstar at Stratford. On Saturday, March 24, 2012 Jeunesses Musicales will be presenting the wonderful opera Carmen, and on Saturday, April 28, 2012 the final concert will be Wolak Donnelly Duo, presenting a wide range of music for clarinet and piano.

The ME FIRST Book launch

The ME FIRST Playbook imparts a series of ‘serious ME FIRST messages’ in a conversational way. It is fully illustrated by Tracy-Lynn‘s intuitive art and contributions from Cleo, the retreat cat. “Basically, the book reflects how we teach ME FIRST during our retreats and workshops,” Healey commented. Other contributors to the ME FIRST Playbook are Candice Nixon of Melting Pot Studio, graphic design and Wendy Grant and her team at Cornwall City Press, printing. Healey emphasized that this is once again a SD&G team who produced this product. “We have amazing talent locally, everything we need to produce a quality product and I am very proud of this”, Healey added.


Co-authors Betty and Jim Healey, along w i t h illustrator Tr a c y - L y n n launched their latest book, The ME F I R S T Playbook, On October 16th at the Cornwall Public Library. Although titled a ‘playbook’, author Betty Healey stressed that the book is intended for an adult audience. “As adults, we have forgotten to play so we avoided calling this a workbook. Self-discovery is a serious and significant journey and it can be fun. When we were creating this, we wanted to encourage readers to relax and enjoy themselves”.

ARTWORK & PRINTING specializing in Custom Wedding Invitations

The ME FIRST Playbook is available from roadSIGNS,, or .

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FROM The Sizzle Coach ... Janet St.Pierre

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS CHANGE How do you deal with change? How do you make changes in your own life? Do you make changes in your life? If the small changes are difficult, no wonder the unexpected bigger picture changes are so hard for us to embrace and accept. When you want to change something in your life, ask yourself what is the worst possible thing that could happen if I change this? How many of you want to change your hair colour, but you are afraid to? Is it because you cannot make a decision on the colour you would like to change or is it the fear of what will it look like if I dye my hair a different colour….change? Do you say to yourself I really want a new hair style, and when you get to your stylist, you CHANGE your mind? What about painting a room in your house, so many people I know want to do some painting to freshen up their home, and yet, they are stuck…stuck on what colour should I paint? So the decision to change to look of the room gets put on hold until a paint colour decision is made, leaving the paint samples taped on a wall to look at as we remain stuck with our decision to change. How many times do you say to yourself I would like to try that restaurant, as you drive by? The next time you eat out you find yourself going to the same restaurant? Do you order the same dish at that restaurant? Have you thought about changing where you sit in a room or in a meeting, but you gravitate to the same comfort zone? All of these are simple changes we could make in our life if we would ask ourselves the one simple question…What is the worst thing that could happen if I change these things? In any of these simple changes we can make, you will either love it or hate it, either way; all can be done with little or no risk. If you hate the colour or style of your hair it is not permanent, you can go back to your familiar colour if you so desire and your hair will grow back, why not make that change? What is the worst thing that can happen when you finally select one colour for that room you so much want painted? You will either be satisfied with your choice, or you will spend a few dollars and a bit of your time and repaint. Something tells me you will love it. Next time you go out to eat, go to that restaurant you are curious about, you may discover a fantastic new place to add to your eating out experiences. If you leave feeling like you didn’t like it…well it has only cost you the price of a meal, a small price to pay in order to discover something new. Changing up the seating arrangements, not only will you be looking at the room differently, so will someone else that has to change seats, all because you took the first step. You may even see things differently in the meeting when you change your seat. Letting go, and getting out of our comfort zone initiates change in our lives. What are you willing to change in your life? I am The Sizzle Coach; I am here to assist you with The Journey to Self-Discovery. You are worth it! And only you can change it! Are you hesitant or curious? Do you want clarity in your life? Do you want to make positive changes in your life? Do you want to discover who you are? Have more questions?

Call Janet today. 613-360-7933 and start your Journey!!!

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RETREATS REJUVENATE !!! On Sunday October 16th Coaches Janet St-Pierre (The Sizzle Coach) and Sue McConville (Sue McConville and Associates) facilitated “Transitions” a One-Day Retreat about Change, held at The Guest House-Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario. Seeker Chick Mai-Liis attended and thoroughly enjoyed the day of Self Discovery, Relaxing, Good Food and Great Company as seen in the photos above!

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SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Long story short by Noella Cotnam of SignIt Signs - pictured on the left

.... Mid July Denis Carr (Councillor) from Heart of the City and Keitha Fisher (local idea diva) called on me to help them come up with a creative way to add some well needed colour to the Dominion Place site at the corner of Pitt and Second. We brainstormed and came up with an idea that I could make happen with the help of a group of sign/walldog friends who come to my shop the first weekend in October every year to play and share our fine crafts. I designed a mural/fence structure and set about coming up with a plan to make it all happen. Materials, food, lodging, and all other project logistics were ironed out and it all became real over a very long weekend from sept 29 to october 1st at the Bob Turner. Installation is underway...and I hope that the fence will be in place by the end of this month. Cornwall girl's peewee hockey team helping out with 'board painting' Saturday oct 24th.

Below: rolling the background colour on the boards

approx 310 boards - 10" wide x 7' high 10" boards being trimmed to 7' and all knots being 'shellacked'

Below: Elaine Wallis... friend, sign maker, walldog and artist form Niagara Falls

Angela Youngs (Ground Soap) helping with panel assembly (Graham Greer, John Greer and Keitha Fisher and Jean Louis Rochette also spent monday the 26th squaring and screwing these 26 panels together)

A spattering of artists, from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Columbia, Connecticut, Quebec, and some local talent to boot!

6 years old Otsi Rakehte Benedict in the foreground , to Bill Ridell (New Jersey) 82 years old!

Marta from Columbia... graphic designer, silk artist and professional Spanish voice-over

The making of the Community Mural Continued on next page

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kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

The Soundtrack of My Life When life skips a beat and it veers off course, you can panic, or embrace the new view and enjoy the ride. This year has been fraught with changes of all sorts, one of the things that helps keep me going is music. I love music of all kinds. I have been an avid music collector as long as I can remember. In fact one of my first purchases as a paper carrier was Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”. I still have the 45. I was lucky I had an older sister who loved music too and between the two of us, we amassed quite a collection. I come from a musically inclined family. My dad is a huge Elvis fan and mom was into the Beatles. It was a good upbringing filled with music. I still have cassette tapes of us singing. Some are a bit off-key, but we had fun. I was in the French school choir and an English folk group in my youth. Music inspired me and got me through life’s heartaches, which were plenty. Music moves you and inspires you and can capture a moment. I still collect music and thanks to the late great Steve Jobs and the Apple company’s invention of the Ipod, my dream of having a jukebox to store my collection has come true, and it is portable! One of my favourite things to do, it set it on random and see what plays. My list has every genre, most decades and shows my eclectic taste in music.

Music has a special power of transforming you to another time, another place. My former co-workers used to tease me years ago, saying they could tell what mood I was in by the songs I played, and they were right. I can’t do housework, without some tunes. It is necessary to get me started and keep me going. I wake up each morning to my Ipod alarm clock which is on random and can be quite jolting. When I listen to music I can’t help but think back to either someone or something or get that jolt to proceed with goals. There are songs I hear which remind me of my high school friends, my family, key moments in my life, getting my heart-broken the first time, the second time, the third…you get the picture. It takes you back, it moves you forward, it gives you the initiative to kick some ##!! and take chances, cry a little and live a lot. There is a country song by Trisha Yearwood called “The Song Remembers When” and how true it is. Sometimes it seems music speaks to me. I don’t just listen, I pay attention to the lyrics. When I was younger, I’d try to decipher the words, and write them out, or buy the lyric books. My sister Lisa was an accomplished guitarist and

flautist (flute player). She could often figure out the notes and melodies. I still remember working on gymnastic routines and roller skating routines and the music I selected, which was beautiful and powerful. It was like I was flying and felt so alive and at peace. I also remember dancing with my high school friends. We had a blast growing up in the 80′s when videos were just released. I can still picture them. We lost one of them over a year and a half ago and when we all gathered to say our final goodbyes, in my mind I could still see us all at 16 and 17 years old, singing and dancing and laughing. That is how I will remember him best. I still recall driving to work the day after it happened and My Immortal from Evanescence was playing and I pulled over and cried for the loss of my friend, for his children, his mom and all the loved ones he left behind. When I listen to music I can’t help but remember certain key people in my life. I once wanted to be a DJ and thanks to a radio contest a few years back I had an opportunity to co-host a local morning show for a day with a guy that has the same name as me. It was the Big Kris and Little Kris show. It was a really great experience. I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll sprinkled with bits of every genre. ITunes can not figure out what to recommend to me, I’m all over the map, musically speaking. I really enjoy going to concerts and I am working on a list of all the concerts and performances I have seen. When I was young my parents took me and my sister to concerts at the Exhibitions. It was great and I saw some amazing acts. In the last two years I have been lucky to see many other concerts and they show my range of musical interests. In addition to a strong local pool of talent, I have also seen: Billy Joel and Elton John collaboration, Lady Antebellum (before all the awards and they were amazing), Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Michael bubble, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, Our Lady Peace, Chantal Kreviazuk, Doc Walker, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Hedley and Kenny Chesney; twice. It leaves an impact to see the artists perform live. Yes, music is a reminder of people I’ve met, friends, family, chances lost, mistakes made and future opportunities. There are inspirational songs, love songs, dance songs, done me wrong songs, unbreak my heart songs, I don’t care anymore songs, I am over it songs and every emotion you can think of. Movies and shows are strengthened by their soundtracks. Sometimes listening to my Ipod it is like I am listening to the soundtrack of my life. I always said that when it is over, I want them to play Garth Brooks “The Dance”. Why? “Because I could have missed the pain, but I’d a had to miss the Dance” and I love to dance! Follow Kris Ward’s blog at www:

The making of the Community Mural Continued.

Bill Ridell (83) laying out a sing on one of the shopfronts Ben Benedict

Local artist Tracy-Lynn Chisholm

Russell Kelly (Toronto) hand lettering Local artist Candice Nixon

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HOUSE FOR SALE 1,200 Sq. Ft., all brick, fully finished up and down - built in 2006. 2 Living rooms, (one with gas fireplace), 2 washrooms, 5 bedrooms, double garage and double paved driveway, extra large lot and fenced in yard. Desirable area - 282 Valerie Elizabeth Court. - $229,900 call NADA KOVINICH, Sales Rep. J. CORNETT REAL ESTATE, BROKERAGE (613) 330-1719

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