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Packrat Organization 101 with Marie Morrell

Most people neglect private spaces in their homes, thinking since nobody will ever see them, it doesn't really matter whether or not they are neat and organized. Your master bedroom should be your peaceful heaven, the place where you unwind, relax and rejuvenate. It is the first thing you see when you wake up every morning. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you open your eyes to clutter, you will start your day feeling overwhelmed. Opening your eyes to organization will motivate you.

Sept # 1. Declutter Your goal is to get as much stuff out of your way as possible. If you are undecided about an item, move it out of the room and give yourself one day to decide what to do with it. Quickly grab anything belonging in another room and relocate it to the appropriate room. If an item is no longer used, wanted, or needed, dispose of it (trash, donate, recycle or sell). Be ruthless going through your closet and dresser drawers. If you have not worn something in six months (at least one season), discard it. Go through your closet and dresser drawers every season.

Sept # 2. Cleaning process Now that your room is decluttered, give it a thorough cleaning.

Vacuum your mattress. Wash the mattress cover, sheets, and pillows, and remake your bed. Wash your bedspread, or take it to the cleaner as needed. Bring all of the dirty laundry to the laundry room. Keep doing the laundry until everything has been washed, dried, folded, or ironed, and put away. To save time, fold and put away your laundry as soon as the dryer cycle finishes and you’ll minimize or eliminate the need to iron. Take window curtains down and throw them in the dryer to remove dust, then wash or take to them to the cleaner as appropriate. Wash the windows and blinds. Wash the overhead light fixture and ceiling fan blades. Vacuum using the crevice attachment to get into the corners and along the walls. Use the extension attachment to clear dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. Dust all surfaces - headboard, footboard, pictures, and wall hangings. Using a product like "Swiffer" to remove dust does miracles. Always put your dirty clothes in the hamper basket before going to bed. Always hang/put away (clothes and jewellery) right after you’ve finished wearing them instead of leaving them lying around.

Sept # 3. Keep your room organized If you have children, make a new household rule that absolutely no toys are allowed in the master bedroom. Establish that this is your space, and stand your ground. Take the time to make your bed every morning. It takes less than three minutes for a king-size bed. Open your window blinds every morning and let the sunshine in. Sunshine makes a room look nice, clean, and helps the room feel warm and cozy. Wash your bed sheets at least once a week. If you experience night sweats or hot flashes, it may be best to change the bed more frequently. Try not to eat or drink in bed, chancing spills or crumbs that may attract bugs or disrupt comfortable sleeping. People with allergies should change their bed linen as often as possible. Dust mites and other allergens collect on bed linen and

can aggravate allergies, causing runny noses, stuffed sinuses, and other problems lasting all day long. In fact, some people with severe allergies are forced to change bed linens each day to prevent allergic reactions. It's usually best to own at least three sets of bed linens. You will sleep better when your sheets are freshly washed. If you have a laundry hamper in your bedroom, keep it under control. If you read or do projects in bed, use your nightstand drawer or keep a small storage bin tucked under your bed to store your current project materials. Vacuum and dust thoroughly at least once a week. If you find you are gradually starting to slip and your master bedroom begins to look cluttered again, simply repeat step # 1 and # 2.

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