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Vol. 4 Issue 35 September 13, 2013


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Article by Mai-Liis Renaud, Photos by Sheldon Grant



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for 5 questions with Father and Daughter team “Chef in a Bun owners Courtney and Yves Menard seen above.

Check out the SEEKERS KEEPERS CENTRE SECTION for all next weeks community events and happenings - plan ahead and don’t miss anything!

BRENT STANG RPN Certified Instructor cel: 613-362-9445 613-935-3505 251 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON


LINE to buy tickets for SEEKERS E AWARDS , June 1st. goes up to hereafter.

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specializing in Custom Wedding Invitations

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP! for Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Animation, Photography, Video Services and Printing T S A

FIND ) visit us on facebook

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ge Value Villa st) Basics (Ea odthat Fo The Seeker is proud to say we useo“Original okdale)Content” in our printed publication. Basics (Br d o o F Press Releases are put on our web M sitee( for free. Press Releases in our printed version tro y are always published free of chargeFwhen space allows. However, if you wish to secure publication in print, o arm B y r a r ib L c you can do so by paying a nominalPfee ubofli$0.15 a word." Call 613-935-3763 ext 1 for more info. Cornwall re n Gia t Tig rdware Home Ha ws) ick n’ che (p ll a M t r Eastcou st places e breakfa and all th


Sympathy Cramps by Frank Burelle Part 30 - Enjoy!

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Snippets of News - Presented by Jason Setnyk Cornwall metal band Be the Saviour will be playing their final show that same night. There is another good concert at Vu Night Club a few days later. The Motorleague is playing Monday September 16th. This band from Moncton New Brunswick has been making waves in the music scene out east. The band took home two East Coast Music Awards and one New Brunswick music award.

News & Politics CORNWALL CO M M U N I T Y POLICE NEWS: SEPTEMBER TRAFFIC ACTION PLAN The C o r n w a l l Community Police Service’s Traffic Action Plan for the month of September will consist of targeted enforcement of Speeding within the School Zones. Police Officers will target motor vehicles that are found speeding within the School Zones in the City of Cornwall. The Cornwall Community Police will also be looking for any other infractions that might occur in these areas. Obey the maximum speed limit posted on signs along our roads and highways, but always drive at a speed that will let you stop safely. As a general rule, drive at the same speed as traffic around you without going over the speed limit. Speeding within the Community Safety Zones may result in fines being as much as double in price as opposed to speeding in other parts of the city.

SOUTH STORMONT APPOINT FIRST FULL-TIME FIRE CHIEF MARC DESJARDINS The Mayor and members of South Stormont Township Council are pleased to announce the appointment of South Stormont’s first full-time Fire Chief – Marc Desjardins. It is anticipated that Chief Desjardins will join our team on or before December 5, 2013. Mayor McGillis indicated, “Council is absolutely delighted to have Marc join our corporation. His fire career started as a volunteer at Glen Walter Fire Department and since then, he has acquired several years of experience and leadership in the fire service. Marc has fulfilled the past eight years in a senior role with the Waterloo Fire & Rescue. Everyone is looking forward to working with Chief Marc and we welcome him and his family back to their roots.” Marc’s career started as a local volunteer firefighter and captain and has developed into over 20 years of combined full-time and volunteer experience; his current role is Chief, Fire Prevention in Waterloo. Marc is the son of former Chief Roger Desjardins, now retired, and is joining the Township following Gordon Mills May 31st departure.

Arts & Culture GREAT BIG SEA PERFORMING AT CIVIC COMPLEX ON NOVEMBER 29TH - Critically-acclaimed Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea will be taking the stage at the Cornwall Civic Complex on Friday, November 29th. The highly-anticipated show is part

Sports & Lifestyle of a cross-Canada tour in support of the band’s greatest hits and box set, XX, and in celebration of their 20th anniversary. “Great Big Sea is one of Canada’s best-known musical acts, and we’re thrilled to have them perform at the Civic Complex,” said Janice Robinson, Facilities Rental Coordinator. “There will be a high demand for this show, so fans should get their tickets early.” Tickets for the show go on sale on Saturday, September 14th from 10 am to 4 pm at the Civic Complex Box Office, either in person or by phone at (613) 938-9400. Tickets can also be obtained online at or by calling 1-855-790-1245. Ticket prices are $87, $60 and $42 each. Doors for the show open at 7 pm. ELLY MAY RELEASE DEBUT ALBUM “A BETTER PLACE THAN HERE - Elly May has come a long way

in a short time. It was just two years ago that the Cornwall band started their music journey, and following multiple shows and a well received EP, the band is ready to release its first full-length album. The new album is titled “A Better Place Than Here” and features 11 well-crafted rock songs, with all band members sharing song-writing credits. “We’re definitely more of a rock band than anything, given our taste for dirtier guitars, however a lot of the songs feature groovy rhythms,” says Braunson Lalonde. “We’re very happy with the final sound,” says Matt Levesque. “Investing in world-class studio time with top-notch professionals has really paid off.” People will have soon have a chance to hear the new songs for themselves at a release party planned for Saturday September 21st at La Maison in Cornwall. Tickets are only $5 and good friends Winston Marley will open for them. The album will also soon be available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Folks looking to grab an actually CD can contact the band directly is through the band’s Facebook page. ABANDON ALL SHIPS SEPTEMBER 14TH AND THE MOTORLEAGUE SEPTEMBER 16TH -Toronto metalcore b a n d Abandon All Ships make their Cornwall debut at Vu NightClub on Saturday September 14th. The band who is signed to Universal Music Canada through Underground Operations has been featured on Much Music.

CORNWALL RIVER KINGS FANS WON’T SAY CHECKMATE TO HOCKEY SEASON JUST YET Cornwall Ontario — George Williams and Nicholas Papineau were among several Cornwall River Kings hockey fans standing outside the Civic Complex last Thursday at the Cornwall Colts home opener. The pair were gathering signatures in support of saving the Cornwall River Kings franchise. According to Denis Boisvert, V-p communications for the LNAH, the River Kings 2013-2014 season will be saved! After several days of uncertainty, the Ligue nord-américaine de hockey announced today that the Cornwall River Kings will undertake the 20132014 season. The Commissioner of the LNAH, Michel Godin, met a group of investors Tuesday evening in Cornwall. After several hours of discussion, an agreement was reached between Bernard Villeneuve current owner and the business group of men to carry out the sale of the River Kings. The team will continue to bear the name of the River Kings and would like to use the same logo of last year. The investors group wants to install the franchise firmly and long-term in the city of Cornwall. Talking about that home opener, The Cornwall Colts won that game 2-1 versus Hawkesbury. Jay DAmour and Marly Quince both scored power play goals and goalie James Edwardson saved 25 of 26 shots for the Colts. Read Ashley March's full review of the game in the Sports section of this week's paper. My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are the Seeker Snippets for this week! Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author, photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, and a community volunteer sitting on numerous boards and committees. http: //

You are cordially invited to the opening reception for the artist, Anita Bonneville-Latour Friday, September 13th at 5 pm at the Corrid’Art of the Centre culturel de Cornwall, located at 124 Anthony Street (previously Ste-Croix school)

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Packrat Organization 101 with Marie Morrell

Most people neglect private spaces in their homes, thinking since nobody will ever see them, it doesn't really matter whether or not they are neat and organized. Your master bedroom should be your peaceful heaven, the place where you unwind, relax and rejuvenate. It is the first thing you see when you wake up every morning. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you open your eyes to clutter, you will start your day feeling overwhelmed. Opening your eyes to organization will motivate you.

Sept # 1. Declutter Your goal is to get as much stuff out of your way as possible. If you are undecided about an item, move it out of the room and give yourself one day to decide what to do with it. Quickly grab anything belonging in another room and relocate it to the appropriate room. If an item is no longer used, wanted, or needed, dispose of it (trash, donate, recycle or sell). Be ruthless going through your closet and dresser drawers. If you have not worn something in six months (at least one season), discard it. Go through your closet and dresser drawers every season.

Sept # 2. Cleaning process Now that your room is decluttered, give it a thorough cleaning.

Vacuum your mattress. Wash the mattress cover, sheets, and pillows, and remake your bed. Wash your bedspread, or take it to the cleaner as needed. Bring all of the dirty laundry to the laundry room. Keep doing the laundry until everything has been washed, dried, folded, or ironed, and put away. To save time, fold and put away your laundry as soon as the dryer cycle finishes and you’ll minimize or eliminate the need to iron. Take window curtains down and throw them in the dryer to remove dust, then wash or take to them to the cleaner as appropriate. Wash the windows and blinds. Wash the overhead light fixture and ceiling fan blades. Vacuum using the crevice attachment to get into the corners and along the walls. Use the extension attachment to clear dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. Dust all surfaces - headboard, footboard, pictures, and wall hangings. Using a product like "Swiffer" to remove dust does miracles. Always put your dirty clothes in the hamper basket before going to bed. Always hang/put away (clothes and jewellery) right after you’ve finished wearing them instead of leaving them lying around.

Sept # 3. Keep your room organized If you have children, make a new household rule that absolutely no toys are allowed in the master bedroom. Establish that this is your space, and stand your ground. Take the time to make your bed every morning. It takes less than three minutes for a king-size bed. Open your window blinds every morning and let the sunshine in. Sunshine makes a room look nice, clean, and helps the room feel warm and cozy. Wash your bed sheets at least once a week. If you experience night sweats or hot flashes, it may be best to change the bed more frequently. Try not to eat or drink in bed, chancing spills or crumbs that may attract bugs or disrupt comfortable sleeping. People with allergies should change their bed linen as often as possible. Dust mites and other allergens collect on bed linen and

can aggravate allergies, causing runny noses, stuffed sinuses, and other problems lasting all day long. In fact, some people with severe allergies are forced to change bed linens each day to prevent allergic reactions. It's usually best to own at least three sets of bed linens. You will sleep better when your sheets are freshly washed. If you have a laundry hamper in your bedroom, keep it under control. If you read or do projects in bed, use your nightstand drawer or keep a small storage bin tucked under your bed to store your current project materials. Vacuum and dust thoroughly at least once a week. If you find you are gradually starting to slip and your master bedroom begins to look cluttered again, simply repeat step # 1 and # 2.

Marie can be reached at 613-936-6873


Part 1 of 5 - Master Bedroom

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Organizing A Bedroom - All Ages

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613-937-4141 Email:


“The Place to Meet”

Yves Menard, Owner


Put the Spot Light on your next Event Thursday Nights Starting 613-937-4141 Yves Menard, Owner 6:30pm to 9:30 pm THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th Email: Putwin the the Spotprize Light ofonthe yournight. next Event Sing “The Secret Song” and Continued from the cover. 1. What gave you the idea for this new venture? The restaurant market has become so saturated and full of competition, that we wanted to look into a different market that we could serve and make a difference. 2. What makes you stand out from the other food trucks in Cornwall? There are no other Food Trucks in Cornwall.) WE are Cornwall's 1st Food Truck! Everyone else is a Chip fry food....low quality:


provide you with the best YOU, our Guest! We will strive to reason we are successf Our Focus and Promise, to with your feedback, because YOU are the t us anytime at

4. Do you have a delivery service or if not will you be considering something like this for the future? We are currently using T&L Delivery Service that accepts Debit and has almost the same hours of operations as us. Depending how far away our guests are, the delivery charge varies, however, its usually $4 5. What are your most popular food choices and which dish is your biggest seller? The selection is massive, and the Food is of the highest quality! We are not FAST FOOD, we are REALLY GOOD FOOD. All our pulled pork & beef Brisquette is smoked on the patio yes we have a patio. All our Burger Patties are made from scratch and so is the Gravy, Relish, BBQ Sauce, Coney Island Chili, etc. etc. etc. We use the Freshest in Produce and have a selection of Salads. We hold a Feature every week so that we can test new menu options and we enjoy giving people a change from our everyday menu. We offer an Excellent Product for a reasonable rate! We chose to keep the menu familiar so that we could introduce Cornwall to what STREET FOOD is....Restaurant quality food....from a Truck. We didn't want to disappoint anyone, so we added 8 specialty Poutines, 3 sizes of Fresh Cut Fries, Gourmet Onion Rings and Sweet Potatoes to our large variety of hamburgers and hot dogs. Follow us on Facebook and get our weekly specials and features plus leave us your comments about our food and service!

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 35 - September 13 - pg. 5

Creations Our Signature Frankfurter Whole Wheat or Regular Bun or Garden Salad or Caesar Salad YOUR CHOICE OF: Fresh Cut Fries OR UPGRADE TO Potato Fries ($2) Chili Fry ($2) Poutine ($3) Greek Salad ($1) Sweet

sour cream ed Fritos, shredded cheddar, sliced jalapenos and • The Frito Lay – homemade beef chili, crumbl dip cheese ade homem and Fritos ed crumbl • The Cheese Dipper – bacon, tomatoes, curds, red onions and BBQ sauce • The Bacon Beacon – double bacon, cheese ade spicy relish tomatoes, shredded cheddar, secret sauce and homem salsa, chili cold – se • New Mexico Chili & Chee relish spicy ade homem onions, bacon, cheese curds and • The Cornwallian – sauerkraut, sautéed cream cheese onions, red peppers, sauerkraut, herb & garlic sautéed – se Chee • The Seattle Cream os and sour cream jalapen sliced es, tomato r, chedda lettuce, shredded • The Nacho Dog – taco beef, shredded spicy relish ade homem and sauce BBQ , onions pork, sautéed • The Pulled Pork Perfection – pulled r chedda ed shredd and onions sautéed sauce, • The New Yorker – beef brisket, BBQ tabasco chili, diced onions, shredded cheddar, tomatoesand • The Coney Island – homemade beef onions olives, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and red • The Greek – sliced cucumber, feta, black relish diced onion, celery salt and homemade spicy spears, pickle s, pepper • The Chicago – sport

No Side = No Problem –

50¢ add ons

- $6


sauerkraut sautéed onions bacon slice homemade spicy relish red peppers pickle spears tomatoes diced onions our - secret sauce cold chili salsa tzatziki sauce black olives cucumbers sliced jalapenos sour cream crumbled Fritos

Create your own Frankfurter

3. Where are you located and what are your operating hours and I'm assuming that you are seasonal so when do you open and when do you close? We are open daily from March 1 December 1 annually - 10 am to 9pm everyday! We specialize in "Curb Side Service", so our guests can call in, or place their order at the window, then sit nice and warm/cool in their vehicle, or join us on the patio on beautiful days. We have Take Out Menus and our phone # is 613-933-3993, located on the corner of Power Dam Drive and Vincent Massey.













Single unit prices available upon request!!!

Our Signature Burgers

pickle topped with onion, lettuce, tomato & Whole Wheat or Regular Bun r Salad Caesa or Salad n Garde or Fries YOUR CHOICE OF: Fresh Cut OR UPGRADE TO Potato Fries ($2) Chili Fry ($2) Poutine ($3) Greek Salad ($1) Sweet

spicy relish and our BBQ sauce • Bacon & BBQ – 4 bacon strips, homemade cheddar and secret sauce Colby • New Mexican Chili – cold chili salsa, rings and cheese curds onion gravy, beef • Onion Ring & Curd – our / sautéed onions / Colby cheddar sauce BBQ / brisket beef – et • BBQ Beef Brisk BBQ sauce and homemade spicy relish onions, sautéed pork, pulled Pork d • BBQ Pulle and black olives • Greek Burger – tzatziki, cucumbers, feta cheese and sour cream • Taco Burger – taco beef, Colby cheddar, Fritos an patty vegetari , • Veggie Burger –sautéed mixed peppers




$1 add ons

colby cheddar cheese shredded cheddar homemade beef chili herb & garlic cream ch

$2 add ons cheese curds pulled pork taco beef extra frankfurter beef brisket


• Onion Ringer

⁄2 size




• Cheese Burger Poutine $5.31 $4.87 • Coney Island Chili


• Beef Brisket & Onion


• Hog Doggin CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2 $9.29 $7.74


• Pulled Pork Poutine





full s








I am a 48 year old mother and wife who is blessed to have such a wonderful family and live in such a great community. I’ve worked as an Administrative Assistant most of my life as a public servant. I have been employed at the Seaway International Bridge for the past 11 years. My daughter Danielle just graduated from the ECE Program at St. Lawrence College and is happily working. My husband Todd, of 28 years, is a retired Chef (former owner of Pat’s Home Cookin’ restaurant).

register inside the Civic Complex by making a personal donation of any amount, or by collecting 33 EH T T LAU N E pledges from friends, neighbours, Tfamily P E Y AS D N U R 15 E B M members and co-workers X E L P M CO I V A W N R ahead of time and remitting their 3 7: -0AM NO at the Run Site. pledges

T A ,K S E D I R L W



N1K URñ,E O10 TM M K


1- Who are you

So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1

5 Questions with Josée Sauvé, Cornwall's Terry Fox Run Organizer

Pledge forms can be picked up at BMO and RBC Banks, the Cornwall Public Library, Fitness Clubs, both LCBO locations, Pat’s Home Cookin’, the Aquatic Centre, the Benson Centre, Short Line Convenience & Video Store and ASELRITDMFO It Again Sports. Participants Play August 13, 2013and print their can also download own pledge sheets or collect pledges by year visiting ornw C a online N ,O l - This marks the 33rd Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run! Terry Fo greatest Canadian heroes, has left a legacy that has continued to grow and spread s

33 EHT Manitoba, LTAUN and raised in PortE NUXROYF Coquitlam, Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, TH British Columbia, a communityTPEYASDNU near Vancouver on Canada's west coast. An R15 EB M active teenager involved in many XELPMOCIVAWNR sports, Terry was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with osteogenic (bone cancer) and forced to have 3 7: -0AM sarcoma NO his right leg amputated 15 centimetres (six inches) above the knee in 1977. TA K , S E D IR L W 1K NRUñ,E 10 O TM M K While in hospital, Terry was so overcome by the suffering of other cancer patients, many of them young children, that he decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. After 18 months and running over 5,000 kilometres (3,107 miles) to prepare, Terry started his run in St. on his Marathon of Hope on September 1, 1980. Every year, people around the wor John’s, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980 with little fanfare. Although it was gather in his memory to raise money for cancer research through the Annual Terry F difficult to garner attention in the beginning, enthusiasm soon grew, and the 5Where does theepic trek, over $600 million has been raised worldwide (Cornwall h first set out on his money collected along his route began to mount. He ran close to 42 money go? $320,000) for innovative cancer research in Terry’s name. E A S R IT L D O F M kilometres (26 miles) a day through Canada's Atlantic provinces, Quebec and The Terry Fox Foundation takes a very unique approach to fundraising August 13, 2013 Ontario. However, on September 1st, after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres and When Terry the September Marathon of Hope, Thewhere Terryyour Foxdollar Rungoes. will be held on began Sunday, 15th at the Cornwall Civic Com (3,339 miles), Terry was forced to stop running outside of Thunder Bay, he made it his mandate that every dollar raised would go ONLY toor skate 1km to 10km alo 7:30AM and Noon. Everyone isTerry invited to one walk,ofbicycle, Ontario because cancer had appeared entire nation of the Terry Fox Run! Fox, nw or C a inNO,l his lungs. - ThisAn year marks thewas 33rd Anniversary cancer research. This is a mantra that has been followed since The Participants can register inside spread the Civic Complex by making a personal donation of a stunned and saddened. Terry passed away on June 28, 1981 athas the age greatest Canadian heroes, left 22. a legacy Terry that hasFoundation continued to grow since he embarked Fox has only 33and employees across Canada – the 9,000 2 - Who was Terry Fox?

collecting pledgespeople from friends, neighbours, family members on his Marathon of Hope on September 1, 1980. Every around world are inspired to To and co-workers ahead o Runs that takeyear, place each year are all the volunteer-led and organized. remitting their pledges at the Run Site. gather in his memory to raise money for cancer through Annual Foxfor Run. Since he in date,research over $600 million hasthe been raised Terry worldwide cancer research I was a long time participant of the Terry Fox Run and in 2006, I received a first set out on his epic trek, over $600 million has name beenthrough raised the worldwide (Cornwall Terry's annual Terry Fox Run,has heldraised across over Canada and post card from the Terry Fox Foundation stating that the Terry Fox Run would Pledgethe forms picked up at BMO RBC Banks,nonthe Cornwall Public Library, $320,000) for innovative cancer research in around Terry’s name. world.can Thebe Terry Fox Foundation is and one of the largest be cancelled if they could not find someone to be organizer. I had a 11 year both LCBO locations, Pat’s Home Cookin’, the Aquatic Centre, governmental funders of cancer research in Canada, funding many the Benson Centre, S old daughter, 2 businesses and worked full time but there was no way I Convenience &atVideo Store and PlayComplex It Again Sports. can also downloa different types cancers; current multi-year studies includeParticipants lung, TheFox Terry Runtowill heldand onasked Sunday, September 15thof the Cornwall Civic between would see Cornwall lose its Terry Run.Fox I talked mybe family own pledge sheets or collect pledges online by visiting ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, oral, liver, oncolytic viruses and many 7:30AM and Noon. Everyone is invited to walk, bicycle, run or skate 1km to 10km along the bike path.

3- When did you get involved in the run and why?

them what they thought – the support was overwhelming. My husband, more. by making a personal donation of any amount, or by register inside daughter, sister, brother and Participants their familiescan as well as my fatherthe areCivic all Complex For more information, please contact the pledges friends, family members and co-workers ahead ofCornwall’s time and Terry Fox Run organizer, Josée volunteers on Run day! This willcollecting be my 8th year as thefrom Cornwall Terry neighbours, Fox Run 613-932-6601 x121 or by email at For more information, please contact remitting their pledges at the Run Site. Organizer. the Cornwall’s Terry Fox Run organizer, at For moreLibrary, information about this press release, contact: 4- When is the run and how canforms one get Pledge can involved? be picked up at BMO and Josée RBCSauvé Banks, the Cornwall Public Fitness Clubs, 613-932-6601 x121 The Terry Fox Run will be heldboth on Sunday, at the Cornwall LCBOSeptember locations,15th Pat’s Home Cookin’, the Aquatic Centre, the Benson Centre, Short Line or by email at Sauvé Civic Complex between 7:30AM and Noon. Everyone is invited walk,It Again Convenience & Video Store andtoPlay Sports. Participants can also download andJosée print their (613) 932-6601 X 121 Weekdays bicycle, run or skate 1km to own 10kmpledge along the bike path. Participants can sheets or collect pledges online by visiting 613-933-1938 –private) For moreMore information, the Cornwall’s Terry Fox Run Sauvé at (Home The first of organizer, two 50-lapJosée 4-cylinder feature was thanplease 280 contact cars for the 613-577-4663 (cell – private) 613-932-6601 x121 or by email at next as 75 drivers took the initial green, only Fireball Enduro on Sunday at 10 cars were able to finish the race as Cornwall Motor Speedway! For more information about this Matthew press release, contact: Pynenburg returned to the winner

circle. Article by Martin Bélanger J o s È e S a u v È , C o m m u n i t y R u n O r g a n i z e r Josée Sauvé Photo by Rick Young 7 0 7 -12 t h A S field t r e e of t 39 E a s cars t , C o r n green w a l l , in O the N K 6H 3B8-4 took 50-lap (613) 932-6601 M o n Xd 121 a y -F Weekdays r i d a y 8A M -4 P M 613-932 -660 1 x 12 1 cylinder feature race. This event was tough The Cornwall Motor Speedway had their emoH 613 : -933-1938leC 613 : -5-7 4663 on cars as only 6 of them finished the race. annual Fireball Enduro, the ‘’WWE of racing!’’ Over 300 cars were in the 613-933-1938 (Home –private) The winner was Brian Hill. pits to participate in the different events involving 4, 6 and 8-cylinder type 613-577-4663 (cell – private) of cars presented by LKQ Headline Auto.

J o s È 7 0 7 -12 M o n d a emo H


The afternoon started with the

S a u v È , 50-lap C o m m u ladies n i t y R event, u n O r Melissa g a n i z e r t h S t r e e t E a s t , C o r n w a l l , O N K 6H the -660 fastest y -F r i d a y Brown 8A M -4 P M was 613-932 1 x 12out 1 of theleC 31-car613 613 : -933-1938 : starting -5-7 6 4 63 grid.

The men`s 6-cylinders then took the track with 53 cars taking the initial green for 50 laps of mayhem. A few red flags slowed the feature race as less than 15 cars were able to complete the race, Nicolas Granger from Cornwall picked up the win.xs


The fifth and final feature of the day saw 89 cars took the green in the second 4-cylinders race. Julien Charette won the final event with around 20 cars being able to complete the event. 4 This event completes the 2013 season at Cornwall Motor Speedway; we would like to thank all our fans, race teams and our sponsors for all their support throughout the year.

For more information on the upcoming events at the speedway, you can visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway


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... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!


ANTIQUE EVALUATION CLINIC @ THE LIBRARY Saturday, October 5, 2013 with antiques valuer and appraiser, Janet Carlile. Limited space available $5 fee per item, limit of 3 items per person. Registration ends Friday, October 4, 2013 or when all spots have been filled, whichever comes first.

TIME FOR CHANGE WORKSHOP “CREATING THE NEW ME” TUESDAYS -SEPT 24, OCT. 1 & 8 AT 6:30 PM Sign up now for this workshop that will provide you with a process to make meaningful change in your life.


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 CORNWALL & REGION WRITERS SOCIETY - 6:15 pm - Monthly meeting - Welcome new members

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 ST. LAWRENCE INTERNATIONAL STAMP CLUB Monthly meeting - 7:00 pm SEE OUR FALL SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES for children on our website at: OR CALL US AT 613-932-4796 for more information. We are open 7 days a week.

Full-time Administrative Assistant required


Edward Jones is a financial services firm focused on meeting the needs of individual investors. Our branch office in Cornwall, ON has an opening for a full-time administrative assistant.

Excellent organization and communication skills, as well as the ability to work independently are required to perform administrative, marketing, and customer service responsibilities. Interest in the financial service industry is a plus. We offer competitive benefits and a comprehensive on-line training program.

For prompt consideration, submit your resume online at Include your salary requirements and job code on all correspondence. Edward Jones is an equal opportunity employer.

Edward Jones Brian Seguin Job Code: 9916-CS EOE

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 35 - September 13 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


45 Second Street E. 613-932.4796 WE ARE NOW OPEN SUNDAYS, NOON TO 4:00 PM

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our weekly pages of events n’ more...





Take A Swing At Eliminating Sexual Abuse Golf Tournament Shot gun start at 11 am. Heritage Golf Club, Lancaster. Cost: 125$. Call 613.932.1175 or Email: to register.

Fall Fest Begins @ Lamoureux Park


Fall Fest Continues Lamoureux Park


Fellowship Baptist Church 40th Anniversary Celebration Week-End. 2 Helen Street, Cornwall. see for info and schedule. OSPCA Back To School Adopt A Cat Extravanganza Bring home your very own class clown, teacher's pet or class president for only 99$ from September 14th to the 21st. OSPCA: 550 Boundary Road, 613.936.0072. Knox-St. Paul's United Church Fall Bazaar from 10 am to 1 pm. Bake & deli table, garden produce & plants. Attic treasures, books, records, toys & games.

Cruise n Ride For Hospice Breakfast: 7:30 am, Ride: 10 am from the Royal Canadian Legion, 415 2nd St. W. Call: 613.932.3451 or visit for registration or information

SUNDAY Fellowship Baptist Church 40th Anniversary Celebration Week-End. 2 Helen Street, Cornwall. see for info and schedule.

Are you looking for something fun to do this fall/winter? Do you enjoy performing on stage? Then we have just the thing for you. You are cordially invited to audition for SVTCs production of:"Les Misérables" from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

or from 7:00pm to 9:30pm (same location) Where: Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, 437 Sydney Street, Cornwall, ON in the vocal room Fall Fest Continues @ Lamoureux Park


Knox–St. Paul’s United Church Anniversary Service at 10 am. 800 12th St. E. Followed by luncheon served by the men's group

MONDAY Are you looking for something fun to do this fall/winter? Do you enjoy performing on stage? Then we have just the thing for you. You are cordially invited to audition for SVTCs production of:"Les Misérables" Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, 437 Sydney Street, Cornwall, ON in the vocal room from 7:00pm to 9:30pm

you the practical leadership experience in a positive environment. Meetings are on the 1st&3rd Wednesdays of each month at St. Lawrence College-Cornwall Campus, River Room #3150, 2 St. Lawrence Drive Cornwall contact Bob Lebrun (613)932-4792


TUESDAY Cornwall Quilters Guild Monthly Meeting at 7 pm. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church hall, 1509 2nd St. W. Guests: Upper Canada Quilters.

WEDNESDAY Women's Peer Cancer Support Group Meeting from 7 pm to 9 pm. Carefor Health & Community Services. 205 Amelia St. Topic: elder abuse. Call 613.932.3451, ext 225 for more information. SMART CITY TOA S T M A S T E R S CLUB- offers you the opportunity to learn communication skills and gives

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If it ain’t in here, it ain’t happening!




Open mike and silent auction @ the Grind 6pm Children's Treatment Center Abuse Prevention Presentation 7 pm, Best Western Parkway Inn, 1515 Vincent Massey Dr. For parents and caregivers of kindergarten to grade 4 children. Guest Speaker: Lauren Book Royal Canadian Legion Seniors Euchre at 1:15 pm. 415 2nd St. W. Tea and coffee served.


CareFor Walk-In Nursing Clinc 11 am to 3 pm, 205 Amelia St. Registered nurse on site for health counselling, blood pressure checks, diabetes & cholesterol checks etc. Learn Modern Square Dancing With The Swinging B's at 8 pm. Knox St Paul's Hall, 800 12th St. E. Singles welcome. Info: 613.937.3455



Written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer &

Jess Winfield

Produced by Andy Davidson, Nancy Gag ne &

Christa Pare

Directed by: Mike Petrynka


Elly May 's " A Better Place Than Here " CD release party with special guests Winston Marley to be held at La Maison tavern Saturday September 21st , 2013 starting at 10 pm . Come out and support local music.

Cornwall business network’S first breakfast meeting of the season will take place on Tuesday, September 24 at the Ramada inn. Breakfast starts at 8am rsvp

or 613-935-8101

Oct 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 Matinée

Oct 6



Dream Builder Studios 2107 Second St W, W,


$20 or Cornwall Civic Complelexx Box Office

Tickkeettss online at Tic

+ ser servvice ice fees 100 Wat Wa ter er St E 613.938.9400 Cash,

Cheque or Credit Cards!

visit www svttcc.c .caa for more info

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" "

by Sharyn Thompson



I am trying to keep up with my vegetable garden. It seems that everything is ripening at the same time. My beautiful ever-bearing raspberries are doing just that. I am picking about 2 or 3 quarts every few days. I freeze them to enjoy during the cold winter months. Last week, I picked loads of roma tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers as well. With them, I made two batches of spaghetti sauce and a batch of chili sauce. I'll give you my recipe for the spaghetti sauce this week and the recipe for the chili sauce next week. If you have your own vegetable garden, I hope you are keeping up with all of the veggies. Enjoy a great week!


make this spaghetti sauce with of without (4B B74 B4<?4@0BC@4 B>You can346@44A B1A? 20=>;0 >8; meat. I'll tell you how to do it both ways. *A4 4=>C67 ;0@3 B> 64B B74 >=8>= 27>??43 INGREDIENTS: ?@>?4@ 34?B7 >5 50B B> 5@G 8= G>C@ BA? !>A74@ A0;B largest stainless steel mixing bowl, full 5@G4@1 sinkful of roma tomatoes (This is about 12 quarts, myBA? 6@>C=3 1;02: ?4??4@ to the brim.) @GBoiling A4D4@0; 3>=CBA 0B 0 B8<4 740?8=6 @824 water to cover the tomatoes to help you to easily removeB1A? the skins2>=D4@B43 from the tomatoes. A B> @4AB >= 2>>:8=6 5>@to 01>CB B> of so, when the >H 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 A0C24 Allow them sit for 20 minutes 2>C?;4 >5 <8=CB4A 8=cooled B>B0; >=24 water has enough,BC@=8=6 you can reach in and G>C@ 50D>C@8B4 1@0=3 pick5@G8=6 up the tomatoes to remove the skins easily. 74< >55 B> 3C@8=6 2C? E0B4@ Discard the skins and core. @4 2>>;8=6 )74 @428?4 E8;; <0:4 70;5 0 2011064 6@0B43 1/2 cup good quality olive oil (Try Sharyn's 3>=CBA E8B7 B74 7>;4A $ %. Pantry Sicilian olive oil, for the very best flavour BA? @C1143 >@460=> >5 E0F43 .>C ever!) 20= B>AA B74< 8= 0 AC60@ 0=3 BA? 6@0=C;0B3 60@;82 ?>E34@ ?0?4@ B> =CB<46 5 large>@ onions 28==0<>= <8FBC@4 05B4@ green ;8:4 bell peppers 3 sweet :84A 8= 0 5@G8=6 85 G>C 1CB ;>D4 B74< @0B4 B74 2011064 0=3 ?;024 8B 3 sweet red bell peppers 9CAB ?;08= 8= 0 6@40A43 20AA4@>;4 38A7 1 hot chili pepper (or use 1 or 2 tsp. of dried = 0 A:8;;4B A0CB4 B74 6@>C=3 crushed chillies) 3 large carrots 1445 0=3 B74 27>??43 >=8>= A0;B 3 stalks of celery 0=3 ?4??4@ cup dry rubbed basil (or more if you wish) )78A1/4 40AG 20AA4@>;4 B0AB4A 4F02B;G )> B78A 033 B74 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 1/4 cup dry rubbed oregano (or more more if you wish) 8?4 5>@ B741/2 cup;8:4 2011064 @>;;A E8B7 => 5CAA >@ @824 60@;82 Mexican chili powder (Sharyn's Pantry chili powder isA0C24 not hot, itB74 is dark and6@0=C;0B43 flavourful.) @4B 8A B> CA43 bay leaves B8;; 7>B2 tbsp. ground cinnamon 8A @428?4 8A1/2 cup white sugar (or to your taste, the sugar will cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes)

274@@G >= 10:8=6 01>CB C@= 0 ;867B

4 tbsp. minced garlic 5 lb. of Sharyn's Pantry local Stormont lean ground beef AB8;; 7>BOR 2 cups of vegetarian TVP (this is dried, crumbled soy beans, which looks like ground beef when re-hydrated 0@4 AB8;;and has 52% protein with only 1% fat. We carry this at Sharyn's Pantry. = 0 ;0@641- 12 oz. can tomato sauce 4- 5 oz. cans tomato paste


-First, prepare the vegetables. Seed and core the peppers. Grate the carrots. Chop up the onions and celery. Don't use the seeds from the hot chili pepper. -Heat the olive oil in a very large stainless steel heavy-bottomed pot. -Add the diced onions, peppers, celery and grated carrots and minced garlic. -Saute the veggies until they are softened. Remove them from the pan and set them aside for now. BA E4;; 0=3-Using the same pot, add the 5 lb. of ground beef. Cook, stirring to break up the meat. Cook until no pink B <0A743remains. <0A74@ B>-To the meat, now add the herbs and spices. this for a few minutes. >>B7 ;C<?-Cook <CAA %=4vegetables. >5 <G 2CAB><4@A 70A ?>E34@ 0=3 >@460=> 0=3 E0B4@ -Add back the sauteed 144= ?0B84=B;G E08B8=6 5>@tomato <4 paste. B> -Add the skinned tomatoes, tomato sauce and &>C@ B78A >D4@ B74 6@0B43 -Allow58=3 this toB74 simmer away for 2 hours. enough sugar to cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes. @428?4 5>@1 to 74@ CABAdd E74= 2011064 B> 2>D4@ 4D4=;G Stir 0;; ?C@?>A4occasionally. E0A= B ;>>:8=6 8B BC@=43 C? >D4@ B74 20AA4@>;4 E8B7 0 ;83 -If you plan to make a vegetarian spaghetti sauce, you will add the TVP after all of the vegetables are =9>G 0;C<8=C< 5>8;need 0=3 10:4it 8B sauteed and the tomato sauce, paste and skinned tomatoes are >@ in the pot cooking. You to allow to 5>@ ;1 ;40= 6@>C=3 1445 )@G <G <8=CB4A B> >=4 7>C@ 8= 0 soften and cook for at least 1 hour or longer. -AfterAB>@4 about 2 Ahours, when the spaghetti;40= sauce 6@>C=3 has thickened enough to your taste,>D4= You can allow it to cool, ;>20;;G @08A43 346@44 >>: B74 then ladle it into ziploc bags or into 32 oz., plastic containers to freeze for future meals. 1445 5>@ 0 @40; B0AB4 38554@4=24 20AA4@>;4 C=B8; B74 2011064 0=3 TIP: 6 (74@@GA HELPFUL &;CA G>C :=>E E74@4 B74 1445 8A B74the @824 B4=34@ %.1", If you are planning to freeze anything in ziploc bags, first, open bag,0@4 roll down the top $ by about >E34@ 0=3then place 2><8=6 5@>< 0=3 G>C 0@4 the empty bag in a 4 cup glass measuring cup for stability. Now you can ladle in whatever you D4@G 14ABare planning AC??>@B8=6 0 ;>20; to fill it with, in this50@<4@ case, my spaghetti sauce. Then remove the bag from the measuring cup, press the air out and seal.Write on the name of product and date before you freeze it.

34= A?>>=

SATURDAY, SEPT. 28, 2013 SDG TAEKWONDO 251 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON 613-362-9445 or 613-935-3505

FIRST ANNUAL KICK-A-THON in support of BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of Cornwall and District

Come and support Big Brothers Big Sisters and help KICK their sponsor month SEPTEMBER into gear! Kick-a-thon will work as follows: GET A TEAM of 10 people (if unable to get a group of 10, smaller teams will be placed at same time slots) SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT (1.5 hours, giving time to have a fun and safe warm up) Every participant is asked to raise a minimum of $20 donating more is definitely encouraged. All funds are being given to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District. Still in the works, but prizes will be awarded for team with most kicks, best yells (Gi Haps), multiple kicks in the air, ect.

Martial Art Skills NOT REQUIRED!!!! Expect to get a workout and have fun helping give kids a chance

REGISTER YOURSELF participant name _______________________ team name _______________________ Sponsors name _________________________________ address _________________________________ amount _________________________________ paid _________ tax receipt ______ Sponsors name _________________________________ address _________________________________ amount _________________________________ paid _________ tax receipt ______ Enter additional names, addresses and pledges on a separate sheet and attach to this form on the day of the event.

10 % OFF 812 Pitt Unit 6 613-936-1998 812 Pitt St. Street, Unit 6 - 613-936-1998 FOR ITEMS THIS %$". WEEK B782: >= 0 THE SEEKER%$+ Vol.')4FEATURED Issue - September 13 - pg. 10" BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1 SENIORS & ' 35 %" ' CB 8=B> "% GOOD "". 'STORMONT ( " LEAN $ GROUND '%*$ BEEF ONLY %$".$4.99/ POUND " LOCAL EVERY CBB4@A $ " " ! % %$*) %$". "

7 E8B7 0 B40 ; >5 3>C67 C@ B> 2>>;

NATURALLY DELICIOUS ... with the Health Nut

What a beautiful Fall season starting up ….my favorite time of the year! I just love the fact that the cool crisp air touches our cheeks, we can sit outside with our nice green tea in a sweatshirt and jeans and just enjoy a glorious day. Of course, it is my favorite time of the year since we can pick our own fresh apples and come home to prepare an amazing apple crisp or just eat them like that in their natural state…so good with homemade nut butter…mmmmm…

Check out our local apple growers….Marlin’s Orchard has apples ready for picking, just off highway 2 in Summerstown, they also have a beautiful shop full of amazing gifts and autumn themed crafts..… you can also check out Avonmore Berry Farm, on Avonmore Rd..…they have a great selection of apples as well…they also offer pies and all kinds of homemade goodies in their barn…. Beautiful day, take a ride and enjoy what is right here around us….FRESH AND LOCAL…. Try this amazing, delicious and simple apple crisp recipe…you will love it…. In bottom of baking dish place…. 10 apples chopped into small pieces (skin removed) 1 cup cranberries Sprinkle with 2 TBSP maple syrup In other bowl mix together…. 1 cup oats, ½ cup organic flour, ½ cup cane sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp nutmeg and 6-8 TBSP cold butter cut into the mixture…. Instructions Add this on top of apple mixture… Bake at 350 approximately 45 minutes….so good fresh out of the oven. Serve with organic plain yogurt with a squirt of unpasteurized honey or pure maple syrup…my special touch is to add morsels of dark chocolate….omg…sooooo good!!!! In health, Sylvie Thibert (The Health Nut) (LIKE me on Facebook) 613-931-3119 or 613-662-3834

40 -Store at 812 Pitt Street, Unit

m. Open Saturdays from 9am to 4p

rs -Workplace mini health semina ps -3 day juicing cleanse worksho -10 day juicing challenges rs -Healthy eating cooking semina

CONTAC T: Sylvie Thibert, The Health Nut 613-931-3119

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You can find me at 812 Pitt Street, unit 40…. The City Centre…just passed Earthway Family Chiropractic Clinic on the left side….you will see my logo at the sidewalk on Pitt Street.

So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1

Thanks again to all of you that come out and support my little homemade take-out shop every Saturday, 9am to 4pm. I truly appreciate your business and listening to all of your stories…. always something interesting going on and being said.

by Ashley March

Hockey News

An investors group comprised of David Small, Gokan Karakus and Cory Linthorne are your new River Kings owners. It was a hard fought battle to come up with a plan in less than 24 hours but these 3 gentleman pulled it off and wowed Michel Godin, the Commissioner of the LNAH. “A marathon of negotiations and negotiations took place over the past 24 hours to complete this happy ending. Mr David Small, Gokan Karakus and Cory Linthorne (the new owners of River Kings) are welcome in the great family of the LNAH. Your efforts over the past few days will allow the City of Cornwall to continue this adventure in the LNAH. I hope that the entire region is behind you to show support.” The new owners are also proud to bring back aboard a man who needs no introduction in Cornwall. Al Wagar will be back with the River Kings as the team’s General Manager. Also, captain Steve Simoes will be taking on the role of player/coach. Adding to even more of the good news is the return of the logo from last year’s inaugural season. The River Kings came under fire when part way through this summer the decision was made to change the logo entirely. Ultimately this decision was scrapped with the new owners taking over. More positive and exciting announcements within the River Kings front office (complete with some familiar faces) will be coming out in the next few days. The pressure isn’t over yet however. Cornwall now turns its attention over to their second LNAH training camp with only weeks to go before the start of the season. Get out your horns Cornwall! GO KINGS GO!

Another beautiful summer in Cornwall, Ontario is coming to a close. Ending with it is Freedom TaekwonDo’ s fifth successful Taekwon Do Leadership Camp. This year the camp hosted children between the ages of 4 and 13 with a wide variety of personalities, talents and hobbies. The campers were kept busy every morning with two full hours of Taekwon-Do Training and self defense lessons followed by an afternoon of constant alternating activities. There were field trips to the swimming pool, a trip to the St. Andrews water slide (a special thanks to the fire fighters and volunteers for that great success), and to the staff at Cornwall’s OPG for an educational adventure. The afternoons spent at the camp were put to good use by the campers and staff creating their own obstacle courses. There were also arts and crafts, Lego building activities and other sports available for afternoon fun.

After a summer full of activities and never ending entertainment, Ms. Villeneuve is looking forward to next summer, though has found other activities to keep her busy for the winter such as her regular classes and adding a much requested monthly self defense class for women to her schools regime. For more information on programs available call Freedom Taekwon-Do at 613936-2443. Shown in photo are some of the Summer Camp children under the tie dye t-shirts done one afternoon during camp. Photo by Heather. Article written by April Lea Chaffee, 1st Degree Black belt, St. Lawrence College Journalism Student

New Student Special 3 Months for $120 - includes uniform Classes 5 days a week

On a special night in front of a hometown crowd of 829, the Cornwall Colts put all the drama between them and the LNAH’s Cornwall River Kings in the back of their minds and played an exciting game of hockey to open the 2013/2014 season. Commissioner Kevin Abrams started off the pre game speeches congratulating the Colts on their hard fought win of the Bogart Cup last spring. The championship banner was raised to the rafters of the Ed Lumley Arena in honour of their efforts. From there, it was time to usher in the home opener. The first brought a solid period of hockey with both teams playing evenly. Cornwall’s Grant Cooper had two brilliant scoring chances early on but was stopped by the glove of Hawkesbury’s Guillaum Therien. Although the teams seemed to match one another, the Hawks were pulling away with better opportunities both offensively and defensively. Hawkesbury’s Trent Durocher used his size to his advantage to keep the Colts away from the net. Nicholas Vlahos capitalized on the opportunity and put one past Cornwall netminder James Edwardson. The Hawks went into the third with not only the lead but a commanding presence on the ice. At the same time they also went into the third with a 4 minute major. The Colts sensing the need to rally did just that as Jay D’Amour got on the powerplay and tapped in a rebound from a Matthew Cruickshank shot. Marley Quince added another powerplay goal not even a minute later. Cornwall killed off a 5 on 3 near the end of the period. Cornwall’s goaltender Edwardson played solid until the very last second. CCHL’S THREE STARS: 1. Marley Quince (COR) 2. Grant Cooper (COR) 3. Nicholas Vlahos (HWK) MARCH’S THREE STARS: 1. Marley Quince (COR) - Obviously a no-brainer. Quince’s hockey sense and presence on the ice has him at number one. His ability to read a pass and where the play is going next keeps him as one of Cornwall’s top stars. 2. Trent Durocher (HWK) - Although he didn’t contribute on the scoresheet, Durocher’s ability to keep Cornwall out of Hawkesbury’s end is something that should be commended. Of course, his 6’4 frame doesn’t hurt in the regard either. Keeping my eye on him throughout the season. 3. James Edwardson (COR) - Goaltenders often get the short end of the stick (no pun intended) but Edwardson stepped up to the plate tonight and bailed out the Colts on many occasions. Great first game between the pipes.

Ashley March Owner, New York Islanders writer, OHL Columnist, CCHL writer,

Freedom Taekwon-Do

WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE taught by Women for Women

Starting September 14th - 1pm at 200 Hoople Ave. This

will be an ongoing event in order that you can practice your new skills and once you have gained a certain level of competence, then new abil ities can be added and practiced. This will be approximately a two hour program on the second Saturday of each mon th. The first hour will be to review and practice while the second hour will be to add more methods of self defe nse.

THE CLASSES WILL BE HELD ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS September 14th - October 12t h - November 9th December 14th - January 11th - February 8th

Cost:$25.00 per session, Total $15 0.00 if paying for each month or $125.00 if paying in advance for the entire 6 months.

Space is limited. Call to reserve you r place 613-936-2443


It’s all over. All the drama of the past 6 months is finally swept under the rug. The Cornwall River Kings are staying in Cornwall.

Colts take home opener with 2-1 win over Hawkesbury Hawks

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The Kings have conquered: River Kings to remain in Cornwall

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by Kris Ward


One of my best friend’s joined me and so a Saturday morning yoga class was planned. We didn’t go back in baby steps either, no we attended a Hot Yoga level 1-2 class. Now I have tried Hot Yoga before in Cornwall, but when I was in better shape, and before the car accident from last winter, so with trepidation, I laid out my yoga mat and embarked on the journey back. I expected I would have some difficulties and already planned to not overdo it. I had to return at my own pace and this class would test my skills, show me where I lacked strength and what I needed to work on. As this is the week I start working with a personal fitness trainer student at SLC Kingston campus, it helped me determine my goals and will be worked into my schedule. I met my personal trainer Kristofer Klith a student in his final year who will work with me over the next nine weeks to establish goals, test my fitness level, strengthen muscles and tone my body. I am ready for this challenge, and with Kris’s help, I will stay on target. I already have started eating healthier meals, getting rid of unnecessary stressors and focusing on what I want to attain. As I explained to Kris, I am not concerned with weight loss, as I have never been weight conscious, however, I would like to tone my muscles and increase my upper body strength and abdomen area. Will it be easy? Not at all, I know I have to work fitness into my life, with yoga, walking, strength training, free weights etc. I am determined, as I know this is what I want to achieve, now with a little guidance and some balance and calm, I am working towards my fitness goals. Namaste.

Follow Kris Ward’s Blog at:

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There are restorative powers in Yoga. After over a year’s absence, I have returned to the practice of yoga. It isn’t an easy journey back as I slowly have to adjust to the positions again and my own body and mind’s resistance; but it will be worth it. When I lived in Cornwall I practiced regularly and could see the difference it made in me. I was stronger, more focused, balanced and my flexibility was at its peak. Now that I am settling in a new community, I decided to indulge again and so I signed up for a 3 month trial at a local studio just a few blocks from where I now reside.

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The Road to Strength and Balance

SWINGING B’S Square Dance Club Invite you to 2 Free/Fun Evenings of introduction to Modern Western Square Dancing Friday Sept. 13 and 20 - 8:00 p.m. Knox-St Paul’s United Church Hall 800 12th. Street East (Off McConnell) Cornwall Learn why square dancing is Fun, Fitness & Friendship set to music No experience or partner required

The styles that are in for this Fall Season are very colourful and oh, so comfortable. Tights of many colours with wild and crazy designs seem to be the rage this year. Along with wearing tights, you are to be matching them up with BIG, bulky sweaters to keep you warm and of course stylish. Next week I'll be talking about the types of hats that can keep you warm while keeping you stylish at the same time.

Info: 613-932-5582

By Tish Gibbs

Tip of the week: With this colder weather, you are to keep your lips soft and supple, by using lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick. Did you know that lipstick is one of the most-sold beauty products in the world? Pretty lips make for prettier smiles. :D I had the utmost pleasure to do something that I have always wanted to do this week. I started at Lil' Pole Fitness with owner and chief instructor, Shannon Champagne. There is an Open House this Sunday, September 15th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Come on down to check it out for yourselves at 101 9th St.West. I'll be there to see all of the fun activities that are scheduled.

I also wanted to mention that my granddaughter, Abigail turned 10 this week. My how the years have passed by - Happy Birthday Abigail. Love Always Nana. "I" is the ONLY difference between FIT & FAT!!!

Until next time... Keep Smiling. Marlene Baker of


PASSION for FASHION by Marlene Baker

Time to get your "Fall Wardrobe" together ladies and gents. The thrift stores here in Cornwall have many new and gently worn items for you to purchase. In doing so you are helping others less fortunate in our community.

Spiders Okay, maybe this is not in the range of what is considered to be normal, but I have a confession to make. I like spiders. Now that fall is almost here, I am seeing more of them. I am seeing their webs too! I’m not the only one who appreciates these tiny and not so tiny creatures. I once had the privilege of joining in on a bog walk in Nova Scotia with a botanist and other nature freaks like myself. Apart from seeing some beautiful orchids in the bog, which was the intent of the walk, other items of interest caught our eyes as we proceeded through the bog. We walked single file so as to disrupt the vegetation and all that lived in it, to a minimum. The botanist must have, at one point, seen a spider’s web. Without any words, he made a detour from the obvious “path” and without any words we all did the same, each of us in turn remarking to ourselves, the beautiful work of art of the creator of a magnificent web. If, like me, you don’t mind getting close to a spider, you will notice the pattern, the shape, and size of spiders, and see that they can have a vast array of shapes, colours, and intricate designs on their backs. Have you ever been surprised by a dock spider? Your lazy, relaxed and carefree siesta on the dock, after a cool swim in the lake, can be quickly transformed into a heart thumping experience if you are caught unawares by one of these magnificent creatures! They are not after you; they are just looking for their next meal! I notice that some spiders make fuzzy webs, some make webs that have a cone like tunnel built into them, and some are like the ones that Charlotte made for Wilber in the book “Charlotte’s Web”, which is maybe the origin of my appreciation of spiders. Before I close, let me make myself clear. I like spiders to be outside where they belong, and where I can observe them from a comfortable distance. I’m not the type to have spiders in a terrarium. It’s just not my thing.





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Hi to everyone reading Passion For Fashion this week. Can you believe another week has come and gone? We really have to get ready for the Fall weather, arriving earlier than usual this year.

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FOR SALE: Pre-Lit 7.5 feet Christmas tree (noma) still in box , used twice, paid $250, 490 colored lights $75. Call 613-938-6149. FOR SALE: Sofa Green / Pink floral pattern $225. Colonial Style swivel chair brown/beige $50. Floor Lamp $15. Small Table Lamp $10. Telephone 613-938-6149. FOR SALE: Gibson china Christmas dishes 8 place settings incl. service pieces $50. Call 613-938-6149.

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YARD SALE Saturday, September 21 8am to 2pm 418 Aberdeen Ave., Cornwall Tools, furniture, fishing equipment, nick nacks, purses, items too numerous to mention - priced to sell!

CORNWALL CAROUSELS DANCE CLUB Ballroom for fun Relaxed approach to Ballroom Dancing Cha cha, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, etc.

SEPT 16 TO NOV 25, 2013 Centre Charles-Emile Claude

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Work to Become a Better Investor As we approach the end of yet another summer, many Canadians are giving thought to the last long weekend - Labour Day. A federal holiday since 1894, Labour Day celebrates the achievements of workers — people, like yourself, who work hard for their money. But to make progress toward your long-term financial goals, you need to do more than just earn money — you have to invest it wisely. And that takes work, too. Fortunately, there’s no real mystery to the types of labour in which you’ll need to engage to become a good investor. Here are a few suggestions: Work at making investing a priority. Many people delay investing until they “have a better handle” on their finances. But these good intentions frequently go unfulfilled because there will always be something else on which to spend one’s money. To work toward your important goals, such as a comfortable retirement or a child's education, you need to put away some money regularly. If you’re just starting out in your career, you might not be able to afford much, but even a small amount can help. And when your salary increases, so can your investment contributions. To make it easier on yourself, consider arranging for your bank to automatically move money each month from your chequing or savings account into an investment account. Work to understand what’s in your portfolio. Some investors aren’t certain about what investments they own — and this uncertainty can lead to poor decision-making if it becomes necessary to make changes. So make sure you know what’s in your portfolio — and why.

Work to keep your portfolio current with your goals. Even if you know why you initially purchased certain investments and how they fit into your portfolio, you can’t put things on “autopilot.” Over time, your goals may evolve, which means you’ll need to be vigilant in working with your Edward Jones advisor to adjust your portfolio accordingly. Work to diversify your holdings. No matter where you are in your life, you should still diversify your portfolio by owning a variety of investments — stocks, bonds, government securities and other vehicles. Consequently, you’ll need to review your portfolio regularly to ensure that it’s still properly diversified. Diversification is a strategy designed to help reduce the effects of volatility on your holdings, but keep in mind that even a diversified portfolio can’t guarantee profits or protect against loss. Work to maintain a long-term perspective. No matter what you might hear from anyone else, there’s no “shortcut” to investment success. Many people hope they will “hit” on that one investment that will make them rich quickly — but that’s pretty much a fantasy. To help achieve your goals, you will need to invest for many years, through good markets and bad. And during those inevitable downturns, you’ll need to focus on your long-term objectives and follow a consistent investment strategy, making only those adjustments that make sense for your situation. As you can see, you’ll need to work on many aspects of investing to stay on the road toward success. But you don’t have to work alone: Investing can be complex, so you may want to get help from a financial professional — someone who knows both the investment world and your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance.

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September 13, 14 and 15, 2013 Lamoureux Park *FREE ADMISSION* *Donations welcome* Party On! Who say's that summer has to end on Labour Day weekend. Let's keep summer going with a 3 day party filled with entertainment, many types of food, vendors selling their many varieties of items and of course a beer tent. Come out to the new Fall Fest and help raise funds in support of The Children's Christmas Fund and other community initiatives. FRIDAY ENTERTAINMENT The Flow Droidz.......4:30 Heatley..................6:15 Landmark...............7:30 Bon Jovi (Crush)......9:15

SATURDAY ENTERTAINMENT Opening Comments.........12:00 Chinese Lion Dance.........12:05 Roxanne Delage..............12:30 Martial Arts Display...........1:30 The Steve Gardiner Band....2:30 Andrew Cassara................3:15 Grace Willison..................4:00 The Shiners......................4:50 Switchgear.......................6:30 Bee Gees (Night Fever)......9:00

SUNDAY ENTERTAINMENT Jamie Heath.............................12:00 The Brigadoons with the MacCulloch Dancers....1:00 The Graham Greer Band...............2:00 Native North American Travelling College Pow Wow..3:15 Fleetwood Mix............................4:15 Closing remarks..........................6:00

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