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by Sharyn Thompson



I am trying to keep up with my vegetable garden. It seems that everything is ripening at the same time. My beautiful ever-bearing raspberries are doing just that. I am picking about 2 or 3 quarts every few days. I freeze them to enjoy during the cold winter months. Last week, I picked loads of roma tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers as well. With them, I made two batches of spaghetti sauce and a batch of chili sauce. I'll give you my recipe for the spaghetti sauce this week and the recipe for the chili sauce next week. If you have your own vegetable garden, I hope you are keeping up with all of the veggies. Enjoy a great week!


make this spaghetti sauce with of without (4B B74 B4<?4@0BC@4 B>You can346@44A B1A? 20=>;0 >8; meat. I'll tell you how to do it both ways. *A4 4=>C67 ;0@3 B> 64B B74 >=8>= 27>??43 INGREDIENTS: ?@>?4@ 34?B7 >5 50B B> 5@G 8= G>C@ BA? !>A74@ A0;B largest stainless steel mixing bowl, full 5@G4@1 sinkful of roma tomatoes (This is about 12 quarts, myBA? 6@>C=3 1;02: ?4??4@ to the brim.) @GBoiling A4D4@0; 3>=CBA 0B 0 B8<4 740?8=6 @824 water to cover the tomatoes to help you to easily removeB1A? the skins2>=D4@B43 from the tomatoes. A B> @4AB >= 2>>:8=6 5>@to 01>CB B> of so, when the >H 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 A0C24 Allow them sit for 20 minutes 2>C?;4 >5 <8=CB4A 8=cooled B>B0; >=24 water has enough,BC@=8=6 you can reach in and G>C@ 50D>C@8B4 1@0=3 pick5@G8=6 up the tomatoes to remove the skins easily. 74< >55 B> 3C@8=6 2C? E0B4@ Discard the skins and core. @4 2>>;8=6 )74 @428?4 E8;; <0:4 70;5 0 2011064 6@0B43 1/2 cup good quality olive oil (Try Sharyn's 3>=CBA E8B7 B74 7>;4A $ %. Pantry Sicilian olive oil, for the very best flavour BA? @C1143 >@460=> >5 E0F43 .>C ever!) 20= B>AA B74< 8= 0 AC60@ 0=3 BA? 6@0=C;0B3 60@;82 ?>E34@ ?0?4@ B> =CB<46 5 large>@ onions 28==0<>= <8FBC@4 05B4@ green ;8:4 bell peppers 3 sweet :84A 8= 0 5@G8=6 85 G>C 1CB ;>D4 B74< @0B4 B74 2011064 0=3 ?;024 8B 3 sweet red bell peppers 9CAB ?;08= 8= 0 6@40A43 20AA4@>;4 38A7 1 hot chili pepper (or use 1 or 2 tsp. of dried = 0 A:8;;4B A0CB4 B74 6@>C=3 crushed chillies) 3 large carrots 1445 0=3 B74 27>??43 >=8>= A0;B 3 stalks of celery 0=3 ?4??4@ cup dry rubbed basil (or more if you wish) )78A1/4 40AG 20AA4@>;4 B0AB4A 4F02B;G )> B78A 033 B74 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 1/4 cup dry rubbed oregano (or more more if you wish) 8?4 5>@ B741/2 cup;8:4 2011064 @>;;A E8B7 => 5CAA >@ @824 60@;82 Mexican chili powder (Sharyn's Pantry chili powder isA0C24 not hot, itB74 is dark and6@0=C;0B43 flavourful.) @4B 8A B> CA43 bay leaves B8;; 7>B2 tbsp. ground cinnamon 8A @428?4 8A1/2 cup white sugar (or to your taste, the sugar will cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes)

274@@G >= 10:8=6 01>CB C@= 0 ;867B

4 tbsp. minced garlic 5 lb. of Sharyn's Pantry local Stormont lean ground beef AB8;; 7>BOR 2 cups of vegetarian TVP (this is dried, crumbled soy beans, which looks like ground beef when re-hydrated 0@4 AB8;;and has 52% protein with only 1% fat. We carry this at Sharyn's Pantry. = 0 ;0@641- 12 oz. can tomato sauce 4- 5 oz. cans tomato paste


-First, prepare the vegetables. Seed and core the peppers. Grate the carrots. Chop up the onions and celery. Don't use the seeds from the hot chili pepper. -Heat the olive oil in a very large stainless steel heavy-bottomed pot. -Add the diced onions, peppers, celery and grated carrots and minced garlic. -Saute the veggies until they are softened. Remove them from the pan and set them aside for now. BA E4;; 0=3-Using the same pot, add the 5 lb. of ground beef. Cook, stirring to break up the meat. Cook until no pink B <0A743remains. <0A74@ B>-To the meat, now add the herbs and spices. this for a few minutes. >>B7 ;C<?-Cook <CAA %=4vegetables. >5 <G 2CAB><4@A 70A ?>E34@ 0=3 >@460=> 0=3 E0B4@ -Add back the sauteed 144= ?0B84=B;G E08B8=6 5>@tomato <4 paste. B> -Add the skinned tomatoes, tomato sauce and &>C@ B78A >D4@ B74 6@0B43 -Allow58=3 this toB74 simmer away for 2 hours. enough sugar to cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes. @428?4 5>@1 to 74@ CABAdd E74= 2011064 B> 2>D4@ 4D4=;G Stir 0;; ?C@?>A4occasionally. E0A= B ;>>:8=6 8B BC@=43 C? >D4@ B74 20AA4@>;4 E8B7 0 ;83 -If you plan to make a vegetarian spaghetti sauce, you will add the TVP after all of the vegetables are =9>G 0;C<8=C< 5>8;need 0=3 10:4it 8B sauteed and the tomato sauce, paste and skinned tomatoes are >@ in the pot cooking. You to allow to 5>@ ;1 ;40= 6@>C=3 1445 )@G <G <8=CB4A B> >=4 7>C@ 8= 0 soften and cook for at least 1 hour or longer. -AfterAB>@4 about 2 Ahours, when the spaghetti;40= sauce 6@>C=3 has thickened enough to your taste,>D4= You can allow it to cool, ;>20;;G @08A43 346@44 >>: B74 then ladle it into ziploc bags or into 32 oz., plastic containers to freeze for future meals. 1445 5>@ 0 @40; B0AB4 38554@4=24 20AA4@>;4 C=B8; B74 2011064 0=3 TIP: 6 (74@@GA HELPFUL &;CA G>C :=>E E74@4 B74 1445 8A B74the @824 B4=34@ %.1", If you are planning to freeze anything in ziploc bags, first, open bag,0@4 roll down the top $ by about >E34@ 0=3then place 2><8=6 5@>< 0=3 G>C 0@4 the empty bag in a 4 cup glass measuring cup for stability. Now you can ladle in whatever you D4@G 14ABare planning AC??>@B8=6 0 ;>20; to fill it with, in this50@<4@ case, my spaghetti sauce. Then remove the bag from the measuring cup, press the air out and seal.Write on the name of product and date before you freeze it.

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SATURDAY, SEPT. 28, 2013 SDG TAEKWONDO 251 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON 613-362-9445 or 613-935-3505

FIRST ANNUAL KICK-A-THON in support of BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of Cornwall and District

Come and support Big Brothers Big Sisters and help KICK their sponsor month SEPTEMBER into gear! Kick-a-thon will work as follows: GET A TEAM of 10 people (if unable to get a group of 10, smaller teams will be placed at same time slots) SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT (1.5 hours, giving time to have a fun and safe warm up) Every participant is asked to raise a minimum of $20 donating more is definitely encouraged. All funds are being given to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District. Still in the works, but prizes will be awarded for team with most kicks, best yells (Gi Haps), multiple kicks in the air, ect.

Martial Art Skills NOT REQUIRED!!!! Expect to get a workout and have fun helping give kids a chance

REGISTER YOURSELF participant name _______________________ team name _______________________ Sponsors name _________________________________ address _________________________________ amount _________________________________ paid _________ tax receipt ______ Sponsors name _________________________________ address _________________________________ amount _________________________________ paid _________ tax receipt ______ Enter additional names, addresses and pledges on a separate sheet and attach to this form on the day of the event.

10 % OFF 812 Pitt Unit 6 613-936-1998 812 Pitt St. Street, Unit 6 - 613-936-1998 FOR ITEMS THIS %$". WEEK B782: >= 0 THE SEEKER%$+ Vol.')4FEATURED Issue - September 13 - pg. 10" BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1 SENIORS & ' 35 %" ' CB 8=B> "% GOOD "". 'STORMONT ( " LEAN $ GROUND '%*$ BEEF ONLY %$".$4.99/ POUND " LOCAL EVERY CBB4@A $ " " ! % %$*) %$". "

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