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Not yet Halloween, but Party World is already selling fantasy Once upon a time, trick or treating was a simple affair. Your mom cut eye-holes into a sheet, threw it over your head and, voila, you were a ghost! Or you would go to Woolworth or K-Mart, buy some cheesy Zorro mask, or a Groucho Marx eyeglass-and-nose appliance, and wow ‘em sufficiently that they’d throw tons of candy into your huge Steinberg brown paper bag. That was then, this is now.

Halloween shopping starts a lot earlier, which is one reason the ancient Druid festival has become THE biggest money-grab of the year, bigger even than the historic granddaddy of money-grabs, Christmas. And it has become SO high-tech and commercial, with neighbours outdoing one e u another to lay claim to s iss m b l i n g i h t In the best haunted house y n ga o and s c e k t and teens seeking to ta m ou Sol ws r fil e o r h r o dress up as the hottest, yn c nts ot h a h l Car p s g ct sexiest or most audire rizin e e t e v n i id courant celebrity Ste on w t Gu n s e p ti Ev characters on TV or bigPro een w o l l screen. Ha

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Giving thanks, really, for the universal truths life offers You know, as I get older, and as I learn through miraculous science about life and the infinitesimal odds that we are here at all, I have stopped taking the day-to-day for granted a whole lot more. It’s far too easy to simply trudge through our lives, moment by moment, day by day, year by year, till the end comes…. And then, what? We just die, assuming this is all a random act? Like insects, we lived briefly and just buzzed out of existence, achieving nothing, learning nothing? Nothing can be farther from the truth, as far as I am concerned, unless that’s how you think of your lives. If you look at religion, our lives are but a human stain in the face of almighty God. But if you look at things spiritually, you come to understand that, even if there IS a Creator out there responsible for all of this, what we do with our lives is a matter of free will. We can simply exist – OR we can use our every waking moment to make a difference. That’s how I choose to live my life. Even the smallest act of kindness toward our fellow humans, animals, too, is far superior to an act of cruelty. I think I learned that from my dear, deceased mother, a Holocaust survivor who emerged a kind, gentle and loving woman, not an emotionally-bereft shell of a person. I am thankful to have been raised by her.

A final word on the Sol/CJAD fiasco I have it on excellent authority that CJAD program director Chris Bury has been telling complainants regarding Sol Boxenbaum’s dismissal from his station’s airwaves that I lobbied him for Sol’s job and time slot. In reality, I met with him exactly once over a year ago (pre-Local Seeker) to discuss the possibility of hosting an evening lead-in show to CJAD’s overnight Coast to Coast, a syndicated American weeknight show started many years ago by the legendary Art Bell. For years now, dating back to the days when Rick Moffat was PD, I have been pitching CJAD the concept of a local show I would call People Are Strange. And it was BURY, the former PD at the defunct 940-AM, who broached the possibility of my doing a show in Sol’s overnight spot… which made no sense whatsoever to me since he had just gotten rid of our nowpopular columnist and added Coast to Coast to his lineup. To drag me into controversy is nothing but a time-worn red herring, folks, to make ME look like the bad guy when it was Bury who dismissed Sol in a sudden and disgraceful manner. Just setting the record straight here…. And be careful what you tell people, CJAD, because I do have several options at my disposal. If you defame MY rep again, I will surely avail myself of them… my penchant for kindnesses notwithstanding.

A few weeks ago, while delivering my papers – THIS paper (I cannot yet afford to hire a distribution company, so I happily do it myself ), I ran into IGA in the Cote Saint-Luc Shopping Centre to deliver a stack of papers and emerged to find someone had left a note on my car. “LOOSER,” is what it said. I had to laugh, because of the spelling mistake… then again, maybe my stack was wound too tight? Had I parked badly… or did they assume I was a loser because I drive an old, noisy car? Not my fault, gang: I am not swimming in cash and haven’t been able to fix it yet. But to actually take the time to leave a note like that on someone’s car for no valid reason? That individual must be just busting to tell someone off, I thought. What a lousy life they must have. The truth is, I haven’t been moved to act that way in a long, long time. I am far too busy trying to survive as long as I can, to run out the years I have been given by showing appreciation for them. To make a difference. I don’t have kids. It just never happened for me and I guess, to many people, that’s a shame. Yet I always say that we can’t all be parents and there are times, believe me, when I’m glad I’m not. What that also means is that I have time to work on this paper, which is a labour of love for me. However long this paper endures is a testament to my appreciation for life and the talents I have been given. This is absolute thanksgiving in action. If that makes me a “looser,” then I accept the moniker proudly.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer, valid until November 2, 2011

The Local Seeker, West End Montreal Edition Volume 2, Number 20, October 14 2011 Founded by Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud 2010 Published by Local Seeker Media Group, Cornwall, Ontario The Local Seeker does not accept responsibility for errors, misprints or inaccuracies published within. The opinions and statements of our columnists are not to be presumed as the statements and opinions of The Local Seeker. Managing Editor: Bram Eisenthal


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Social injustice: Not only a Third World issue

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Generally, these are cases of the rich and powerful using their positions to further exploit the poor and vulnerable. After all, is it any less true that we, who are by comparison the poor and vulnerable, are being exploited by the very people that we elected to protect and to represent us?

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Last Call with Sol - Sol Boxenbaum

Renovations of any kind?

Is it not a fact that gambling was considered illegal and immoral until governments realized how much money could be made by being the provider of the activity? However, there was one thing that they had not foreseen. Not only did the gamblers get addicted to gambling, but also the governments got addicted to the revenues. The problem with addictions is that they all come with consequences. But the addict does not worry about the consequences because the immediate gratification is so great. It is for that very reason that governments are turning to encouraging gambling among their population as a means of raising easy money for government coffers. In former times gambling, we were told, was illegal and immoral. The police department actually had a morality squad. It was not uncommon for this squad to raid card games in private homes, to arrest bookmakers who took bets on sports events and horse races, and to harass runners who took bets on the daily numbers. Now, we have card games available in casinos, sports betting on Loto-Quebec Mise au Jeux, and numbers are being drawn daily and paying half the odds that the underworld used to. The problem now was how to endorse an activity that had for so long been illegal. The answer came from south of the border. In the earliest days when gambling was limited to Nevada, the mob ran Las Vegas. Gambling was sinful and Las Vegas was Sin City. Eventually organized crime was forced out of the casino industry and replaced by multinational corporations. The industry was now being cleaned up and, if gambling was bad, then in order to make it good they needed a better image. Through the magic of semantics the “gaming industry” evolved. Now people with high moral standards who would never dream of being gamblers were “gaming.” What a pleasant sounding activity: playing games. And with a potential of winning money thrown in. Billions of dollars each year are taken in by the gambling industry. It is the American gambling industry that taught our novices how to market the product that is so potentially deadly and to pass it off as entertainment. It is they who taught us how to offer players reward cards in order to get people to play longer and for larger amounts in order to receive privileges from the casino. It is they who taught us how to target the most vulnerable of our population, the seniors. A bus ride for little or no money, a free buffet lunch and maybe even a few gambling vouchers for free play and, with any luck, the casino will have a new client. And it apparently works, because every casino I have ever visited featured a “sea of grey” around the slots. Many seniors buy a little freedom and escape from boredom or loneliness and are willing to contribute some of their life savings for the privilege, while others recycle their old age security cheques. At this point in time, I think that gambling is causing the collapse of the value system for our youth, who are being subjected to a somethingfor-nothing attitude. The message is that you don’t need a university education if you pick the right six numbers in the lottery. The provincial governments continue to exploit the masses and the federal government installs blinders so that they don’t have to look at the Pandora’s Box that they have opened… and the monster that they have released. It’s closing time.

Please visit Sol Boxenbaum (CEO) VIVA CONSULTING (514) 486-6226       


Not yet Halloween, but Party World is already selling fantasy (continued from cover)

Cover Stor y

With all the hoopla in the air, it makes total sense that Joanne Cappadocia and her sister, Maria, have one of the busiest shops around at this time of year. “We are really busy and super tired before Halloween,” admitted Joanne, who first opened a shop carrying bridal accoutrements that relocated and morphed into Partyland on Sherbrooke in NDG. The sisters grew to two locations prior to downsizing four years ago to this one current spot alone, which they named Party World, in Ville St. Pierre adjacent to Montreal West. “I was a book-keeper looking for a business when I organized my sister’s bridal shower and learned I was good at that sort of thing,” Joanne told me. “After opening our first store, which was more bridal than party, we started getting requests for balloon arrangements and other party concepts, so it made sense to expand our services.” Party World really does cater to people throwing parties for all occasions. “Life is stressful and whenever people want to blow off steam, we can get them everything they need to turn their home or other venue into the ultimate party prop… and transform them into their fantasy characters, as well. At Halloween time, however, that’s when the craving for fantasy is at its peak. “We sell costumes for adults and children alike, though I find the differences blurring more and more often these days,” Joanne admitted. “I have young girls coming in here – as young as 11 or 12 sometimes – wanting to buy costumes that show everything off. I tell these girls, ‘Come back with your mother and if it’s ok with her, it’s ok with me.’ Sometimes they do bring their moms with them and they will buy their daughter their favourite costume… albeit toned down a bit.” Sexy costumes are definitely in with younger women and Party World sells all the popular brands, including Rubies, Worldscape, Secret Wishes, Cinema Secrets and the naughtiest brand name, Wicked Innocence. Guys, from kids 6 and older, tend to buy superheroes and pirates, with Green Lantern, Green Hornet and Captain America on their hot-list so far this season. There’s no doubting the impact each new spate of genre feature films has on Halloween annually, to be sure – a merchandising miracle guaranteed with every screening. Cappadocia also pointed out that her prices are often cheaper than her closest competitor’s. “Look at this pirate costume, Captain Blackheart, which is $59.99 here and $20 more at the competition. Our Secret Wishes line of sexy attire for women generally runs $15-$20 less than the competition’s, as well.” Truly, you can get your lady love into a Honey Bee costume here for just $45.99… not including the honey, of course.

Fun with Words

As for the “fast-food costume shops” that open up the month before Halloween, Joanne pointed out that they, too, don’t offer such great deals in comparison to Party World and that you also don’t get the service her shop offers. Service at the Halloween “dollar stores” is non-existent, prices are not so cheap and, hey, how are you supporting your local vendors this way, anyhow? “People come to Party World because we know them… it feels good for them to be recognized, helped when needed and treated with respect and a sense of fun.” One of THE most compelling reasons to shop here is that you can always come back if you have a problem. AND you can certainly visit from Nov. 1 – 7, when Party World holds its 50-percent-off sale on all Halloween items. While the Druid festival of Samhain has lasted many, many millennia, during this consumer-mad age a good sale is still the best reason to buy retail, after all. Party World is at 188 St. Jacques W., in Ville St. Pierre. Tel: 514-363-9111. It is open seven days per week and until 8 p.m. daily from October 24 – 30.


OCT 14 (pg. 4)


I don’t much like horror movies anymore. I used to enjoy them very much but that was when they were still made with some creativity, imagination and sensitivity. Today’s crop of horror movies generally traffic in sadism, torture and equally unpleasant things and make for a very uncomfortable film going experience. My dislike of the current horror film may be a function of age but the genre movies I’ve seen of late haven’t struck me as pleasurable or even suspenseful, as the best horror always is. I have managed to avoid the likes of the Saw or Hostel movies but I’ve gotten stuck seeing their ‘artistic’ European equivalents (Shaun of the Dead, The Descent, À l'intérieur), when I was at the Toronto International Film Festival. Those films were glib, gratuitously and mindlessly violent and determined to mete out graphic punishments of the worst kind to its protagonists in a way that wasn’t entertaining at all. In other words, they weren’t akin to Alfred Hitchcock’s rich and terrifying Psycho. Horror at its finest sets out to scare the audience but in a manner that is clever, elliptical and gripping, movies where you can put yourself in the shoes of their main characters and imagine yourself in mortal danger, but knowing that at the end that you’ll emerge unscathed from the theatre. They’re like great roller coaster rides, fun trips that take you places you’ve never been before. Psycho did that, as did Brian De Palma’s Carrie and Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2, to name some of the best horror films. Other horror classics, like Robert Wise’s superb The Haunting, still my all time favourite, implied the horror rather than showing it, forcing the filmgoer to try to guess what lurked behind the locked doors. All those movies presumed intelligence on the part of the audience and were determined to craft worlds that made logical sense and didn’t show gore just for the sake of doing so. That world of intent is gone now but to celebrate Halloween, here are 13 horror movies that do the genre proud: Nosferatu (1922) / Freaks (1932) / Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) / The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) / Psycho (1960) / The Haunting (1963) / Night of the Living Dead (1968) / Theatre of Blood (1973) / Jaws (1975) / Carrie (1976) / The Thing (1982) / A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) / Evil Dead 2 (1987).  (ED. NOTE: Horror, my favourite genre, is still very much alive and well, in my opinion, although Shlomo and I DO agree that torture porn has snuffed out much of the joy of seeing visceral films that terrified you via their implicit use of atmosphere, good writing and acting and such, rather than relying far too heavily on in-your-face F/X. His list is quite close to mine, actually, but is missing House of Wax, the 1950s classic that remains one of Vincent Price’s ultimate achievements. I would also include the original Halloween, John Carpenter’s excellent thriller that started the slasher craze. As for the British zombie flick Shaun of the Dead, it is comedic horror at its finest, in my opinion).


OCT 14 (pg. 5)

Candy not so dandy, after all

Whole Grain Roll by Caryn Roll

Entertainment Entre Nous - Shlomo Schwartzberg

The decline of the horror movie

Last year I described the best way to steal your kids’ candy. This year I thought I would get a little more serious and talk about the nutritive value of candy.  The problem is, I am not very serious when it comes to nutrition.  I truly believe nutrition should be fun and taken in moderation.  Anything to excess in life is never good.   If you are a regular reader of this column you know that the only thing I ask people to avoid religiously is trans fats, also known by the words on labels “hydrogenated,” “partially hydrogenated” and “shortening.”  I am also not big on glucose/fructose as an ingredient.  If you see any of these words on a package of food, do not eat it.  The problem with candy is that it’s filled with artificial flavours, preservatives and a ton of sugar.  Some of those ingredients can cause tummy aches for little, sensitive stomachs.  In many cases, candy just passes through the system.  Too much candy on a regular basis could cause dental caries and body weight accumulation.  Candy has calories and not too much else.  There is no nutritional value associated with it. It’s simply for pleasure, not for nutrition.   kids need to learn about healthy eating and that candy is just a sometimes thing (I wouldn’t even call it a food).  I have no problem doling out a piece of Laffy Taffy or three Hershey squares to my kids every now and then.  My kids have asked me why I don’t eat candy more often. I use that as a teaching opportunity and explain that I don’t need to eat it everyday. It’s better when it’s a treat.  Try to create healthy eating behaviours in your children whenever possible. Many people claim they crave sugar and turn to candy to satisfy this need.  It’s a real phenomenon.  However, sugar can be found in many foods including milk, yogurt and fruit.  Obviously, these foods would be more appropriate choices than chocolate or Gummy Bears.  Here is a suggestion: take dark chocolate, which is known to have some health benefits, and grate it into yogurt.  Now, that’s what I call pizzaz! (ED. NOTE: When I was a kid, I was really scrawny… just 130 lbs by age 19. My mother, God bless her, tried to fatten me up - she was a Holocaust survivor, so “skinny” was justifiably the equivalent of “dead” - by filling me with as many sweets and other “chazzarai” as she could… Woolworth’s lemon meringue tarts and ice-cream became my favourite foods and I am paying for it now, with diabetes. So, when Caryn tells you that you are a nutritional model for your kids, she means every word….) Caryn J. Roll P.Dt. (514.817.0135) Twitter: @MTRLnutrition Join me on Facebook


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Bankruptcy: A decision with strong ramifications

Mortgage Matters

Issue 1

I encounter a number of calls/emails from people who have declared bankruptcy and are looking for financing. Although there are mortgage solutions for these people, they are almost always more expensive than it is for people who have not declared bankruptcy.

I have seen people declare bankruptcy for amounts under $10,000, to over $100,000. I have seen people who are 25 years old declare bankruptcy and people in their 50’s and 60’s do so. The stigma is still the same: Whatever the reason for it, people cannot and will not accept responsibility for their debts. I understand some people have no choice, but at the end of the day, it affects your ability to buy a home in the near future.

CHANCE YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT / FINANCING AGAIN! Typically banks want to see you released from bankruptcy for one year, with a year of re-established credit on one or two cards. Since different banks have different policies on this, it is impossible to give you a strict answer. Once you have re-established your credit, you can re-apply with me to a regular chartered bank. Should you require a mortgage, and you were given poor advice, chances are you do not have reestablished credit. In these cases, I have lenders that will go up to 85% of the value of the property. This means you need at least 15% as a down payment for a new home purchase. The rates are higher, but the only requirement is that you have proof of a bankruptcy release.

bankruptcy until afterwards. They are in a very vulnerable time and their bankruptcy trustee may not be giving them honest advice on what effects the bankruptcy will have. It is important to do your research and find a trustee that will explain the process to you, and may even suggest some alternatives. I work with a trustee that has an excellent reputation, so if you need any advice on this topic, please let me know and I would be happy to help.

Jason Zuckerman Hypotheca Mortgage Brokers (514) 771-1352 /1-800- 206-1350

If you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy, look at all your options first. Do you have family/friends that can help bail you out? Most people don’t see the stigma and effects of a

If you have had a bankruptcy and have been released, the first thing you should is to get a secured credit card with a $1000 limit. Once this has been open a few months, get a second card with the same limit. Use both sparingly, making sure to use each one every month. En retard à produire vos déclarations de Using two cards at revenus? Vous avez quelques années à the same time, rattraper? Nous pouvons vous aider! and keeping the Appelez-nous aujourd’hui! balances low, will Late with your tax returns? assure your credit Behind by a few years? We can help! improvement. Call Today! NEVER MISS A PAYMENT ON 514.461.3006 THESE CARDS OR THERE IS A GOOD





OCT 14 (pg. 6)


A n i t a B e n a b o u R o ze n b l a t

Home Sweet Home -

Some industry humour for our readers Even the real estate industry has its humorous side. I thought I’d share a few smiles with you on this occasion, so enjoy! Thing is, I have a feeling that these aren’t necessarily fictional at all… what do you think? Fantastic Opportunity One Sunday afternoon a couple sees an ad in the paper. They can't believe their eyes. There is a house in the paper for $1,000 that is in the nicest part of town. We are talking about a Highland Park mansion for $1,000. They think this has to be a misprint, but decide to call anyway.

She tells them this house is completely paid for and not a penny is owed against it. “Well, last week I got a call from my husband. He informed me he is leaving me for his secretary. He then told me I could have everything we own as long as he could have the proceeds from the sale of the house. I agreed and he asked me if I could sell the house while he and his new girlfriend hung out in the Caribbean.”   Wrong Flowers  A client bought a new home and the broker wanted to send flowers for the occasion.They arrived at the home and the owner read the card. It said "Rest in Peace." The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist said. "Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should imagine this: Somewhere there is a funeral taking place today and they have flowers with a note saying, "Congratulations on your new home."   Buy Me Out 

They say to lady who answers “We saw your ad and realize it is a misprint, correct?” She tells them “No it's not and you are actually the first ones to call.” They decide to look at the house and race over as fast as they can. They pull up to the most beautiful house on the block. In front of the house is a fountain that cost at least $30,000. They ring the door bell and the lady answers. She starts showing them the house. They realize this house is over 5,000 sq. ft. and it is obvious that expense was not an issue in building this house, which had marble imported from Italy and a chandelier imported from France. The landscaping was breathtaking and there is a wonderful pool and tennis court. The couple says to the lady “This is the most beautiful house we have ever seen, what's the catch?” The lady tells the couple there is no catch. The couple wants the house for $1,000 but was leery of doing the deal. Finally the lady says “You seem like a nice couple, so I'll let you know the truth.”

A very successful real estate broker had a meeting with his new son-in-law. "I love my daughter and now I welcome you into the family," said the man. "To show you how much we care for you, I'm making you a 50-50 partner in my real estate office. All you have to do is go to the office every day and learn the business." The son-in-law interrupted, "I hate offices. I can't stand agents." "I see," replied the father-in-law. "Well, then you'll work in the office and take charge of some the paperwork." "I hate paperwork," said the son-on-law. "I can't stand being stuck behind a desk all day." "Wait a minute," said the father-in-law. "I just made you half-owner of my real estate office, but you don't like offices and won't work in one. What am I going to do with you?" "Easy," said the young man. "Buy me out."

The Local Seeker’s First Anniversary Contest winner We have chosen our winner! Reader Edward Hersey, a Texas-based ecosystem conservation consultant, is the lucky recipient of a lovely 12” x 18” black and white print of Montreal jazz great Oliver Jones, signed by him and the photographer, Bram Eisenthal of The Local Seeker. The task was to name the two lifelong friends of Oliver Jones (both musicians mentioned in the Oliver Jones feature on the cover of our September 16 anniversary issue) who have passed away. The answer: Oscar Peterson and Charlie Biddle. Congratulations to Mr. Hersey. See, there are benefits to reading our on-line version, after all, no matter where in the world you may reside. Look for more contests in upcoming issues of The Local Seeker, Montreal’s premiere West End periodical.

Common credit myths about buying a home

(ARA) - Whether your annual earnings range well into six figures or are on the more modest end of national salary averages, you know you'll probably need credit to buy a home. While you likely know how important credit is to your home-buying plans, you may not be aware of the truth behind some common credit myths. Myth: Checking your credit score is a hassle, and it can't really help you manage your credit in the long run. Truth: Websites like make it easy to check your credit score. Keep in mind that lenders use a variety of scores when evaluating credit worthiness, and the one you obtain online will vary from what a lender might see. Still, any score can be a valuable educational tool that helps you better understand how lenders view your credit.'s Credit Score Center can help you understand how your score is calculated, which factors impact it and the best time to apply for credit.

Pick up the next issue to unveil the next myth


OCT 14 (pg. 7)


Business Banter

Winterizing tips from Montreal Landscaping We are not all possessed of a green thumb. Despite a love for plants – and <wink> most of them are legally grown – some of us simply kill them by giving them too much of everything, including sunlight, water and love. So, when one has the opportunity to tour a garden created by a landscape artist and grower of gorgeous palms, it is a true event worth recording. NDGer Mike Page, of Cappadocia & Page Landscape Designers/ Montreal Palms, is one such artiste. Rather than simply tell you about the fine work of this talented man, who is a linguist by trade, I asked him to tell our readers how best to prepare their beloved outdoor plants for the brutal winter ahead. Thanks to Mike for his assistance… and, remember, it’s not too late to contact him if you’d like to see his garden in the short time before frost hits…. Take it away, Mike! The idea of putting our garden to rest seems to be a burden and a lot of work for most, but if we follow a simple list, it will be easy and stress free.  Step 1: Trimming.  Trimming your garden is good for many reasons this time of year.  Firstly, it will give you room to do your winter prep work and the plants will start off fresh and healthy in the spring. Secondly,  it prevents heavy snow and sleet from potentially breaking branches or weighing down branches and bending shrubs out of shape. 

Step 4: Final touches. Give your garden a final watering, then bring in your hose, drain your water line and close the valve until the spring. Empty all soil from terra cotta flower pots and bring those in.  Plastic pots should be emptied and turned over.  Plant your bulbs for next spring. Now that everything is done in the garden, it is a great time to install Christmas or seasonal lighting before it gets too cold. 

You can reach Mike Page at 514-481-0683, or at His website is at

Step 3: Protection.  The first part of your fall protection plan should be fertilizing your lawn and garden beds. Use a winterizing lawn fertilizer in a broadcast spreader and follow the instructions for the appropriate application amounts.  Next we should add fertilizer to our garden beds, especially if we plan to mulch them.  Many people do not know, that  mulch actually robs the ground of  its nutrients, so fertilize underneath.  If your annuals and short perennials have died back from the first frost their decomposition will add nutrients to the soil.  The taller perennials should be chopped down and tilled.  Before adding mulch to our garden beds, use a garden claw or sod cutter to loosen soil in our gardens.  This process is called aeration and helps prevent cold temperature from freezing your garden floor into a crust.  These jagged edges will retain water.  Now add composted soil, peat moss and mulch to your beds.    You must also erect protection for your valuable shrubs and evergreens.  Ornamental and topiary conifers should have tipis

OCT 14 (pg. 8)

Photos: Bram Eisenthal

By the third week of November, relax and put your feet up: You deserve it, after a job well done. 

Step 2: Cleaning: For us in the northeast,  the clean-up drags from end of ocober to the middle of November because of  the large amount of native maple, oak, elm, ash and other deciduous trees we have.  Start by removing all garbage, debris and leaves in your garden.  To leave or not to leaf, now that’s the question?  I prefer to rake all the leaves away from all areas of the garden.  The garden will look cleaner and the Ph level of the soil  will not increase in acidity, especially in the shadier and lower areas of your garden where water accumulates after the snow melts.  Also,  if you have a vegetable garden, you should do your final harvest before a frost is forecast… usually the third-to-last week of October. 


erected around them. Use 1’x2’x8’ in spruce to make your tipis and use a staple gun to attach arbotex or burlap to the wood.  Use Styrofoam rose cones over your roses, rhodos and azaleas.  These fragile plants will appreciate the extra help.  Finally all flowering shrubs or evergreen shrubs should be tied together to maintain their shape for optimum growth come spring. 

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Letters From L a L a L and - Steven Goldman

One horror film not to be missed this Halloween… send cash, please... Something happened to me this week that I want to share. It made my week, heck it may have made my year. You see in 2008 I premiered a little monster movie entitled TRAILER PARK OF TERROR at the prestigious Slamdance Film Festival. Upon seeing the film, Fangoria Magazine, my horror bible when I was growing up, declared that, and I quote; “On January 21, a new genre classic was born.”

Those that hated it, hated it, some were dismissive, but those who loved it really luvvvvved it! I’ve had numerous interviews over the years about it from a number of websites and magazines from all over the world. I learned that I now have a hit cult film in the Uk and that in Brazil it was being downloaded at a record pace by the horror geeks there. For some unfathomable reason, Brazilian officials would not let it be sold there.

began to diminish as the film itself aged. I, of course, focused on the future and moved on in my mind... but something changed this Halloween season. More new reviews popped up almost daily as bloggers started to discuss movies to watch on Halloween. A recent review said it had it the most awesome make-up F/X and noted that the film had a genuine wit about it. Another stated: “2008's Trailer Park of Terror is good -seriously.” I always like hearing that. With a title like that, well, a lot of people assume the worst if they don’t know the comic book it is based on. But these new notices weren’t what made me feel great. Something different happened out of nowhere all these years after the release. I received this letter:

Here are a few traditional Montreal events to look forward to this season, once the pumpkin is carved and the ghouls are out to play: Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball Friday, Oct. 28 – Monday, Oct. 31, at 8 and 11 p.m., Imperial Cinema, 1430 Bleury (Place des Arts metro), six presentations over three nights featuring the film and a live cast performing in front of it…. Hosted by the androgynous Plastik Patrik. Student Night on the 31st, $5 off entrance with your valid student ID. Tickets on sale at Cruella (63 Mt. Royal E.), Quizz (Plaza Alexis Nihon), EM Café (5718 Parc) and Le Septieme (3606 Ontario E.). Go to for more information. Montreal Ghost Walks This terrific little company puts on a fun ghost walk annually and you can partake on October 15, 22, 27, 28 and 29. From Pierre du Calvet's hauntings to Auberge St. Gabriel's fantômes, you can choose your level of fright in either the Ghost Walk or the more interactive Ghost Hunt form. The walking tours last 90 minutes and are held in both French and English. kids 10 and up


are invited to participate and they say the Ghost Hunts have more to offer the young ‘uns. Call (514) 868-0303 or 1-877-868-0303 for more information. Reservations are required. You can also go to La Ronde’s Fright Fest This attraction garners a decided thumbs-down for its amateur-hour, low-tech haunted house, high-tech pricetag and little else, witnessed a few years ago, but La Ronde still possesses its fans and needs to be included here. Weekends from October 15 till Halloween – but inexplicably NOT on Halloween night – the park is open to the public. Some new advertised attractions sound promising this year, including several for smaller tykes, including a Halloween Parade at 8:30 and 10:30 on Saturday the 22nd and 29th. Check out the website schedule at g_halloween_2011.pdf and see if anything tickles your funny bones. If the weather is nice, La Ronde can be a fun place to walk around at night, though it’s time Six Flags lived up to its reputation and started turning this place into a world-class amusement park. We miss you, Belmont Park! Zombie Walk! The famous Zombie Walk, which has pretend-

OCT 14 (pg. 9)

I appreciate your time, hope all is well, and look forward to seeing more of your work on the big screen! Your Fan, Kurt I had so much fun going back in time and putting a real CARE PACKAGE together for kurt. Signed script pages, original art and designs, even invitations to the original Slamdance screening. All the while smiling and wondering what Halloween was like at his place!!! Thank goodness for the fans!!! So nice to get a reminder about why I do what I do and who I do it for!

Dear Mr. Goldmann,

I am a huge fan of Trailer Park of Terror, and thought you did an excellent job on the film! I have a big collection of memorabilia in my movie theater of my favorite horror films, and was wondering if I may be able to get an autograph from you for my wall of fame collection?  I believe more people should reach out to the industry to It had some success, some great But over the years Facebook show there appreciation!  The massive reviews, some bad reviews. posts from fans to me logically blockbuster films always get more

The Local Seeker’s Hallowe’en Guide 2011

than enough, and honestly, I am always more interested in the films of a lesser scale, which I always greatly appreciate!

Steven Goldmann is a Hollywood director born and raised in Montreal’s West End. His very personal insights into La La Land are found exclusively in The Local Seeker.

undead participants shambling along at record slow speeds in many cities worldwide, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Montreal this year. The moaning, braincrazed throng departs Metro Mt. Royal at 3:30 p.m. May God protect us one and all! Spasm – The Quebec-made horror film festival From Oct. 10 – 29, here’s your chance to show your Quebec colours and tinge them with blood red, as some of the scariest Quebec-produced fare is on tap at various venues around town. Go to to see where and when. Grillades Portugaises Restaurant (6710 St. Jacques, just west of Loblaws, 514-484-0025) Saturday, Oct. 29, 10 p.m. – 3 a.m., prizes for best Halloween costumes, specials on drinks all night long. City of Cote Saint-Luc’s Halloween Skating Party and Rocky Horror Picture Show Sunday, Oct. 30, info at lloween Cote Saint-Luc has always managed to stage fun and safe Halloween events over the years and this one promises to be lots of fun for kids and parents, too. Skating Party, Samuel Moskovitch Arena, 1:50 – 3:50 p.m. kids without skates can still participate in fun activities and all kids will take a loot bag home with them. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Aquatic Centre, starting at 8 p.m. (admission free, but seating limited… tickets must be obtained in advance)


Spotlight on Sports by Paul Graif

Habs fanatics and their influence on the game: How times have changed One goal into the pre-season and Montreal Canadiens fans were already calling for Carey Price to be sent to the hockey gallows and for the return of Jaroslav Halak. Then the Canadiens rookies and a few of the regulars had the gall to lose most of their exhibition games. The hand wringing was so fierce it was causing fans to break their fingers. And then worst of all, the Canadiens were shut out in their regular season opener, 2-0, in Toronto of all places. Being a fan of the Montreal Canadiens has always given credence to the term fanatic, but in the last few years that has grown to true fanaticism. What were the fans thinking when they booed Carey Price after the first goal in the 2010-2011 pre-season opener. But it is so much more than that. It’s the partying on the streets when the Canadiens win but one round of the playoffs, that ultimately turns into a full fledged riot. The call-in radio shows have always been a hotbed for fans to go a  little too far, but there was always a host to put them in their place, and while doing so, keep the rest of us entertained by slightly mocking the caller and dismissing their inane armchair general manager’s ideas. But the advent of the Internet and the graduation to message boards has created a new kind of fan, one who has a forum. No matter what these people write or say, there will always be someone who listens to them now. Their ideas to trade Travis Moen, Peter Budaj and David Desharnais and a bag of pucks for Alex Ovechkin seems like a great idea on the boards. Opinions are not thought out any more: I guess that’s something we all have to deal with in all facets of life, so when they are thrown up on blogs, or tweeted and popped-up on Facebook within seconds without thought or consequence, it’s no surprise. There are thousands of thoughtful words that are put out there, but they are often drowned out, leaving only the negative words as the ones we all seem to focus on.  These reactions are probably similar to the reason we all slow down and look at the scene of an accident, or why true-life horror stories lead the news and are talked about the most, rather than stories about the saintly do-gooder who is off saving the planet. What does all this have to do with hockey and the Montreal Canadiens? Well we won’t find out for a little while longer, since the Habs just won their second game of this fledgling season 5-1 over the Winnipeg Jets in their home rebirth game. The bloggers and those calling for the heads of Jacques Martin, Carey Price, Scott Gomez (ok bad example) and Pierre Gauthier will just have to wait for a couple of more losses to see how crazy their own fans can really become.


Starring at our

special Supper Club, Saturday, October 29, starting at 7 p.m.

Great sounds, terrific food, at Grillades Portugaises!


OCT 14 (pg. 10)


Let's do the Twist

Yoga U - Chantalle Kudsi

Have you looked back on your past actions recently? What changes in perspective did it give you? A careful twist of the body in yoga provides a way to look back at our past (to look behind us) without losing our steady footing in the present. We can only ever look back from a place of here and now. Our twist involves staying grounded and centred as we move into, sustain, and let go of "looking back." We twist without compromising where we are today; face the truth without losing balance; return to our starting position renewed, refreshed and perhaps clearer than before. On a physical level, a yoga twist is a wonderful way to squeeze out toxins from our internal organs and negativity from our minds. As with squeezing a wet towel, we ring out that which is weighing us down, thus resulting in a healthier and lighter feeling. Practice this twist and see what it brings you. Remember the spine must be lengthened before turning into a twist. Deep breathing will help to achieve this, as well as help sustain the pose and achieve maximum benefits. [Important Safety Note: Perform a twist only after the body is warmed up and the spine is loosened. This means doing some form of yoga or exercise such as vigorous walking or running, beforehand.] 1. Come into a hands-and-knees-position on the floor , also known as "tabletop": hands are positioned underneath your shoulders with middle fingers pointing forward and fingers spread wide; knees are placed hip-width apart directly underneath the hips, tops of your feet down. Your spine should be relatively level with the ground

right hand and your upper body comes up. The big toe should be facing forward with your ankle directly below and in line with your knee. Stabilize in this position before attempting to twist. 3. Inhale, lengthening your spine and raising your left arm straight up. Maintain a tall spine as you exhale, and bring your left arm diagonally across your body toward the right side, placing the outside of your left hand against the outside of your right thigh (which is parallel to the ground). You will use the contact of the hand with the thigh to leverage into the twist. 4. Inhale again and lengthen the spine some more, pressing more firmly the hand into the thigh. Exhale and begin to twist to the right, initiating the twist from the lower spine first, then the middle and upper, followed by the neck and lastly, the head. Only twist as far as is comfortable. Do not overtwist the neck and head. 5. keep breathing deeply and fully, maintaining balance in the twist and firm contact between your hand and thigh. With each inhale grow taller; with each exhale twist slightly deeper. 6. To release the twist, gently release your hand and unwind your body slowly, this time initiating the movement from the head and neck, followed by the upper, middle and lower back. Return to face the front. 7. Come back into a "tabletop" starting position with both hands and knees on the ground. Repeat Steps 2 through 6 on the other side, stepping the left foot forward, raising the right arm straight up and across your body, and twisting left. It is important the twist be done on both sides. 8. When you have completely unwound from the twist on the second side, place both hands on the floor in front of you, step your back foot parallel to your front foot, and slowly roll up to a standing position.

.2. Step your right foot forward so that it replaces the position of your Chantalle Kudsi is a yoga and meditation teacher in the West-End. She can be reached at

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The Local Seeker and we are already working on our next issue, out October 28. Deadline Friday, October 21. Coming NEXT Shocking Issue: Our annual

Local Shrieker (If you can handle it….)

Best, Bram

Sensational, exclusive stories by renowned horror scribes Jack ketchum and Nancy kilpatrick, plus the creepy literary debut of Braam Bones! Q&A with actress Judith O’Dea, lead on the classic 1968 zombie flick Night of the Living Dead! AND a screamsational look at Josa Maule and the Montreal School of Performing Arts’ ghostly new production, as our cover feature!

ONLY in West End Montreal’s most unique community paper.


OCT 14 (pg. 11)



OCT 14 (pg. 12)


Local Seeker, West End, Issue 20  

Last call with sol, briefly Bram, Whole Wheat Roll, Letters from la la land, Entertainment Entre-nous

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