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Volume 2, Issue 26

Seeker Chick Julia

July 8, 2011

Entertainer Wendy Farha

& Seeker Chick Mai-Liis

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LOOKING FOR a Regal Representative? Call Tammy. 613-935-7318 LOT FOR SALE: 3 ACRES backing on to the Raisin River Located on VALADE ROAD asking $39,900 Telephone 613-577-6638 / 613-936-8083

FOR SALE: FOR SALE: Prego 2 in 1 stroller with car seat and base, mint condition, paid $450 asking $250 613-935-7401

ns a... o i t ca d are ial o l s l an ec r p e s l th wa ur TRE o o o ny Corn OU t CEN Road) a G & m hout ANK Y EWIN ntreal g G TH X S (Mo u U o thr S a BI GIRO PLACE

TO GIVE: Wood skids to give away to burn Telephone 613-938-8082 FOR SALE: Household items and Garage sale, July 2, 7am to 12pm. 10 Monaco Crescent. Proceeds going towards Alzeihmer's Society. Call 613-932-3329

s U PL onsor BY’S sp BOB and

WANTED: individual who is known to live in the Cornwall Area and is known to collect items made by JAMES SMART manufacturing company of Brockville ON. I have a UNIQUE probably one of a kind item that predates confederation. Call Ben at 514-484-7178 FOR SALE: Lawnmower gaz, self propelled wheels, 21 inch, mulch or bag. Excellent condition. Professionally tuned this spring. $225 613-938-1048

FOR SALE: Mother of the groom long gown, size 10, burgundy color, worn once, purchase Moose Creek Mall, paid $400 asking $100. Telephone 613-932-6766

Parade of nations is looking for donations of art and crafts supplies or copying services for children colouring pictures to help Nancy Sylvain make the most beautiful children international crafts for the festival on September 17th and 18tth. These items can be seen at under People festival. Looking for shoe boxes, empty plastic containers such as margarine, sour cream and cottage cheese; Aquafina and Fusion ONLY empty water bottles; jingle bells or very small bells; heavy weight card stock (4 ply), paper plates, rolls of paper large size (3 feet high maximum), sand paper, colouring crayons, construction paper all colours, glue sticks, donations, small macaroni shells boxes. Call 613-936-6873 or drop at 1621 Joyce, Cornwall.

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CCVS - 211 YEARS OLD - Celebrating July 15 - 17, 2011 BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

In Lamoureux Park SPRING HOURS The Cornwall Community Museum

is now open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 4 pm. Admission is free, info. 613 936-0842

The photographs and postcards are from the collection of more than 10,000 images at the Cornwall Community Museum. If you are interested in learning more about our history, the museum has a wide selection old and modern local histories for sale, .

Former student Judge Pringle relates that the school was never "...comfortable, even in the earliest stage of its existence, and age loosened its joints and widened the cracks in the walls and floor, it became alomost unihabitable. The author recollects to this day the weary hours spent in it during the winter months. It was almost impossible to feel any heat except in the immediate neighbourhood of the stove, and the unfortunate scholars whose seats were a distance from it had to bear the cold as best they could. The room was fitted up with long desks, at each of which eight or ten boys sat, the seats provided for them being common benches without backs." Pringle continues that the school-house was even said to have a ghost. A copy of a painting of the original 2nd St.East, Cornwall Grammar School, used from 1807 to 1855. CCVS traces its origins to a private school, opened by Anglican Minister John Strachan in his home, shortly after his arrival in Cornwall in June 1803. Classes moved into the new church in 1806 and a year later Strachan was successful in having a frame school-house constructed. "As a result of of the Grammar School Act of 1806, Strachan's school became the Eastern District Grammar School. A year later the school became a public institution. Image courtesy the Toronto Public Library.

Bishop of Toronto, the Reverend John Strachan, Rector of the Church of England's (Trinity) Cornwall Parish from 1803 to 1812, founder and first headmaster of Cornwall's first grammar school.

Left: The four room Cornwall High School, built in 1877 at an estimated cost of $7,775 by William Atchison of Cornwall. The entrance faces 4th Street East. This third school was authorised by the Ontario High School Act of 1871, and for the first time "...male and female pupils were to be admitted on equal terms. The emphasis placed on the teaching of classical languages was to be relaxed, and more attention paid to English, the natural sciences and modern languages."

Cornwall High School Greek Class, 1899 - 1900. Right to left: James Dingwall, Malcolm Dingwall, W.A. McLeod, (future MD), J.R. Runions, Oscar D. Skelton, (future Secretary of State of External Affairs.) On the ground, John McMillan, A. Ross Alguire, (future M.D.)

Cornwall High School Belles, 1906. Cornwall High School Greek Class, 1899 - 1900. Right to left: James Dingwall, Malcolm Dingwall, W.A. McLeod, (future MD), J.R. Runions, Oscar D. Skelton, (future Secretary of State of External Affairs.) On the ground, John McMillan, A. Ross Alguire, (future M.D.)

Below: The Sydney Street entrance in 1923. The school became Cornwall Collegiate Institute in 1925.

The Reverend Hugh Urquhart, minister for St. John's Presbyterian Church and headmaster at the Cornwall Grammar School from 1827 - 1840. Urquhart was affectionately nicknamed "Polycarp," an acknowledgement of his great scholarship and simplicity of character. Friends, students and clerical colleagues spoke of his unparalled grace and kindness.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (July 8 - pg. 3)

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Local Seeker One Year Gala - a Huge Success! By Jason Setnyk. Wednesday June 29th was a special day here at the Local Seeker. It was the one year anniversary of what Bob Sloan of Seaway DJ described as "the People's Newspaper". Over sixty people attended the gala dinner and show, award ceremony, and fundraiser. All to celebrate our community and the hard work of Mai-Liis Renaud and Julia Lucio. The dinner and show were a smashing hit! There was a huge round of applause to the chef and kitchen staff at the Cornwall Golf & Country Club. "The food is terrific", said Michael Guimond who is the General Manager of Mix 96.1 FM. Wendy Farha provided entertainment for the event with a show of comedy and music which was well received by many in attendance. Farha who has battled with cancer was very happy to play a benefit show for Breast Cancer. Sara Murphy, the newest Seeker Chick, talked with Farha after the event. Murphy was pleased with her performance and how well the event turned out. The fundraiser was a success as well. According to Julia Lucio, "we raised over $700 tonight, that is terrific". Mai-Liis Renaud says, "I was extremely happy with how the evening went. It was such a personal affair and that was the way the Seeker Chicks wanted it. We want to interact with everyone and make people feel that they can always approach us. Seeing everyone in that room gave me a really good feeling like we've come a long way in the last year." The sponsors for this event were Mix 96.1, Royal Pools and Spas, Small Business Enterprise Centre, RoadSIGNS, Mark MacDonald, and the Cornwall Public Library.

THE NOMINATIONS: Over the last decade, home based businesses have become an essential part of any local economy. The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for Home Based Business of the Year were: A Very Present Help, The Rythym Room, Lakroix Creative Services, Tickle Your Fancy, and The Talent Scout. Starting a new business is always a challenge, it takes a lot of work. The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for Best New Business were: Melanie's Puppy Love, Joel Virtanen, Storm Realty, Truffles Burger, Thum's Kitchen, Truly Impressed, J+T Restaurant, The Grind, and Moon. It takes strong dedication and persistence to keep working at growing a business. The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for best business were: Shannoncourt, Sharyn's Pantry, Bicycle World, Steward Bags, Shulman's, and Echo Trend. Whether they do it through painting, photography, movies, collages or even graffiti, visual artists stimulate our imaginations and feelings through their art. The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for Best Visual Artist are Cynthia Gatien, Jason McNamara, Kimberly Cameron, Imagine Photography, and Sandra Taylor-Hedges. Music is the essence of life. How many of us remember life events according to a certain song that touched their lives at a particular moment? The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for Music are Therese Motard, Keegan Larose, Landmark, Joel SauvĂŠ, EWA, and Melanie and the General Electryk. The power of the pen has no limits. Words are powerful altogether, but the written word lasts forever where the spoken word soon gets forgotten. The nominees for the Seeker's Choice Award for Literary Artist were Ryann O'Byrne, Maggie Wheeler, Lorna Foreman, Jason Setnyk, and Betty Healey. People had over a month to nominate their favourite businesses and artists, and then a poll took place on the Internet. The web poll tracked IP addresses to make sure their wasn't any virtual ballot stuffing.

THE AWARD RECIPIENTS: Congratulations to all our winners: The Talent Scout, The Grind, Echo Trends, Jason McNamara, Melanie and the General Electryk and Jason Setnyk. "Jason Setnyk also won the title of "contributor of the year" which explains the size of this award. All the regular Local Seeker Contributors were automatically nominated in this category", says Lucio. Visual Artist award recipient Jason McNamara attended the Cornwall Living Magazine launch earlier that day. His photograph graced the cover of the new magazine. He reflected on the Local Seeker One Year Anniversary show. "It was a great night, glad to see so many support them. The fact that there was such a great turnout, especially with so many other things going on in the city, truly speaks to the support for the Seeker chicks and the nominated artists and businesses".

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The Local Seeker 1st Year Anniversary Awards Celebration & Breast Cancer Fundraiser

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The Local Seeker 1st Year Anniversary Awards Celebration & Breast Cancer Fundraiser


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City Council Meeting Monday, July 11th at 7 pm LIVE

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the SEEKERS KEEPERS Section TUESDAY, JULY 12TH Bryden Avenue @ Murphy's Inn in Cornwall.


WEDNESDAY JULY 20TH Seaway Winds plays Arts in the Par k @ The Bandshell in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall. THURSDAY JULY 21ST Maximum 80's plays Arts in the Park @ The Bandshell in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall. THURSDAY JULY 21ST Spare Partz @ Kelsey's Patio in Cornwall.

FRIDAY JULY 22ND in Cornwall. ROCK FOR CHARITY @ La Maison TUESDAY, JULY 26TH The Bandshell in Celtic Night plays Arts in the Park @ Lamoureux Park in Cornwall.

Read, Learn & Grow by the Cornwall Public Library 45 Second Street East Cornwall ON K6H 5V1 tel: 613-932.4796 fax: 613-932-2715

LUNDI 11 JUILLET MONDAY, JULY 11 / tter ee presents "Harry Po Monday Movie Matin ws : Part 1" and the Deathly Hallo 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

T / MERCREDI 13 JUILLE WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 ay!" ILDREN’S "Ocean's Aw YOUNG ADULT AND CH this sea turtle Make a new friend with 2:30 PM-3:30 PM. ! PM. - Friendly challenge :15 -8 PM 5 6:1 ub Cl Adult Friendly Bridge . s Club - 6:15 PM-8:15 PM Adult Tri-County Ches o! Learn a new move or tw

T / MARDI 12 JUILLE 12 LY JU , AY D te : ES TU à la jeunesse présen et s nt fa en x au es Servic s » « Les petits poisson ntes, de chansons co plie de m re re tu en av le el Une nouv aque semaine. et de bricolages à ch h 15 14 h 30 - 16

All programs are free, some require registration. Call the library for more information at 613-932-4796

THURSDAY, JULY 14 / JEUDI 14 JUILLET YOUNG ADULT AND CHILDREN’S "Little Fishies" Storytime! A new theme is presented at each session through books, songs and crafts! - 2:30 PM-3:15 PM. SUMMER MOVIE FESTIVAL PRESENTS "ALL GOOD THINGS" 2:00 PM & 6:30 PM. CORNWALL SCRABBLE (AGES 16 & UP) - 1:00 PM-3:30 PM. ADULT EVENING BOOK CLUB - 7:00 PM-8:00 PM.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (June 24 - pg. 7) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 Email:


FRIDAY JULY 8 Music at Schnitzel’s The Dharma Initiative plays on the patio, get your seats early! 613-9388844 The Township of North Dundas Presents Movies Under the Stars, the first screening ins HOP at approximately 9:00-9:30 (depending on when it gets dark). Screening will take place in Winchester at Sweet Corner Park at the intersection of Main and St Lawrence Streets. Bring your lawn chair or a blanket for FREE entertainment, for more info call the theatre line at 613774 2105 x 400 after June 27. Rain Date July 15th

Little Ray's Reptile Show Held at Mille Roches Beach Day-Use Picnic Area on the Long Sault Parkway 2pm - 613-543-4328 or 1-800-437-2233 Open House & Family Fun Day Held at Crysler Park Marina in Morrisburg - 613-543-4328 or 1-800-437-2233 Concert In The Park Held at Glengarry Campground in Lancaster at 7pm - 613-543-4328 or 1800-437-2233 Festival Alexandria Eleanore Altman and Aaron Saloman, with Terry Tufts feature folk and pop music - 3pm at 3689 County Road #45, Alexandria - indoor seating is limited but bring a lawn chair and a picnic if you wish 613-525-4141

SATURDAY JULY 9 Join us at the OPG Visitor Centre for a fascinating workshop on insects. You will learn how to catch and release and practice your skills using a net.You will learn important information about their importance to the food web.Specimens will be available for observation. Centre open 10am to 5 pm Workshops: 1pm 2pm and 3pm - Please arrive 10 minutes before it starts.613932-4563 or Artisans In The Park Held at Lost Villages Museum on County Road #2 just West of Cornwall from 10am to 5pm - a BBQ will also be available Telephone 613-534-2419 Mud-o-Mania Upper Canada Campground features mud games, tug of war and races 613543-2201

Live Performance At the Cruickshank Amphitheatre in Morrisburg July 9-10, 2011 Military Re-enactment Weekend The Friends of Crysler's Farm Battlefield host a military encampment and several War of 1812 re-enactment battles near the Battlefield Memorial next door to Upper Canada Village. The tented camps of British and American armies, and demonstrations by crafts, artisans, surgeons and settlers will come together to create a large display of living military history - 613-543-4328 or 1-800-437-2233

SUNDAY JULY 10 Festival Alexandria Strada; a musical voyage from East Europe to Quebec - 3pm at 3689 County Road #45, Alexandria - indoor seating is limited but bring a lawn chair and a picnic if you wish Call 613-525-4141

Glengarry Rocks Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan hosts this event on fossils what else is Glengarry built on? Paleontologist George Kampouris presents his collection of amazing fossils 613-527-5230 Abbey for the Arts Tapestry Series Hank Knox, Harpsichord, 3pm at the Abbey for the Arts 21489 Butternut Lane Glen Nevis North Lancaster. Series tickets are $90 for adults, $70 for seniors (65+), $50 for students, and $35 for children (under 12). Individual tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors (65+), $50 for students, and $10 or children (under 12). For more info call 613-347-1602 or visit Stock Car Racing Cornwall Motor Speedway on Cornwall Centre Road - 6pm - 613-938-3945 The Hawkley Vierling Foundation Infant Loss Awareness Walk a Thon Memorial takes place at the Cornwall Civic Complex bandshell. Registration 4-5p $10.00 per person Contact info Mike & Tanya Vierling 613.935.9147 McMaze McMaze is open 11am to 5pm Monday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm on Sunday 613-932-7630

JULY 14 - 16 Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off Annual Hot Air Balloon and music concert festival features 25 hot air balloons, 3 nights of music concerts, a midway and plenty of family activities 613-938-4748 or 1-800-937-4748

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Caveman Strong Local Lifting Competition A Success

Join us at the OPG Visitor Centre for a fascinating workshop on insects. You will learn how to catch and release and practice your skills using a net.You will learn important information about their importance to the food web.Specimens will be available for observation. Centre open 10am to 5 pm - Workshops: 1pm 2pm and 3pm - Please arrive 10 minutes before it starts.613-932-4563 or

(Cornwall, ON) Caveman Strong (formerly Cornwall Crossfit) held its first Olympic weightlifting competition with nine competitors and over 50 people in attendance. Competitors representing Caveman Strong included Abby Jurchuck, Becky Ryan, Kelly McGillis, Josée Quenneville, Nolan Leger and Thorin Gault. Ottawa competitors were Sam Winter, Meg Peer and Nicole Wong-T from the Capital School of Weightlifting.

FRIDAY JULY 15 Live Performance At the Cruickshank Amphitheatre in Morrisburg

This was the first meet for everyone but Winter and Ryan, both of whom broke some personal records. Leger and Quenneville both went 6 for 6 in their first meet.

July 15-17, 2011 CCVS 205 Reunion Celebrating 205 years - plenty of activities -


Caveman Strong owner Tyler Touchette said “I am extremely proud of all our athletes and our membership who came out to support this event. Olympic weightlifting is on the rise in Ontario and we are making sure Caveman Strong plays a huge role in its development.”

Christmas In July Upper Canada Campground celebrates Christmas - decorate your lot, bocce ball tournament (18+), and Santa comes to town 613-543-2201

Those interested in learning more about Olympic weightlifting should visit .

50s and 60s Dance featuring the

AM FM Band Saturday, July,16 8:00pm-12:00am Army, Navy & Air Force Club 14 Marlborough St.N - 613-938-5020 CONTESTS FOR

Hula Hoop, Rock and Roll, Bubble Gun Chewing COLD BUFFET $15.00 per person

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FROM SHARYN’S PANTRY by Sharyn Thompson

the SEEKERS KEEPERS Recipe Section HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! On July 1st we celebrated our beloved countries' 144th Birthday since Confederation. Hope you had a relaxing day with your family or friends. Try the strawberry French toast for a relaxing breakfast. You can make the hummus and tabbouleh salad ahead of time. They can be enjoyed sitting around in your backyard or easily packed up and taken on a picnic. You can vary the flavours in my multigrain cookies with the addition of raisins, dates, cranberries or chocolate chips. Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day!




6 slices, 1" thick, cinnamon raisin bread 3 cups cornflakes, crushed 3 large eggs 1- 1/2 tsp.pure vanilla 1 tbsp. white sugar

1 tsp. ground cinnamon 1 cup half and half table cream 4 cups fresh strawberries 3 tbsp. white sugar

METHOD; • Place the cornflakes in a large ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin, crush them to about medium-fine consistency. Set them aside. • In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the vanilla, 1 tbsp. sugar, cinnamon and half and half cream. Whisk this until nicely blended. Set this aside. • Rinse the strawberries under cold water, drain well . Remove the stems and leaves. Slice the berries in half. Sprinkle the berries with the 3 tbsp. of sugar. Use a large spoon to stir the sugar and berries together. Set them aside . • Dip the slices of bread in the egg mixture, one slice at a time, coating both sides. • Shake off any excess liquid and dip them in the cornflake mixture to coat both sides. • Heat a heavy skillet or an electric frying pan to medium heat. Melt about 1 tbsp. butter in it. • Fry the French toast for about 1- 1/2 to 2 minutes per side of until a dark golden brown. • To serve, slice the French toast in half diagonally, place on a plate and top with your sliced strawberries. Enjoy!

EASY HUMMUS We sell the tahini at Sharyn's Pantry as well as all other ingredients. This is a very healthy dip to serve with pita bread wedges or crackers or veggies. You can zip up the flavour by adding some ground cumin or chili powder. 1- 19oz. can of chic peas OR soak dry chic peas overnight, boil until tender, then measure out about 1 cup of cooked, drained chic peas 1/4 cup (or more) tahini (this is a sesame paste, like our peanut butter, but made from sesame seeds) 1/4 cup lemonjuice 1 to tsp. minced garlic 1/4 cup canola oil or olive oil salt and pepper to taste METHOD; • Drain and rinse the canned chic peas under running water. Drain well. • You can use a potato masher or a food processor to puree the chic peas.-Add the garlic, tahini and lemon juice. Slowly add the oil until the mixture becomes creamy and smooth. I find a food processor is the easiest way to achieve proper smoothness. Season to taste with salt and pepper. • Season with a little ground cumin and coriander for a bit more flavour.


• Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree F. oven for about 25 minutes. • Cool the bars right in the pan on a wire cooling rack. • Then, carefully lift the pan of energy bars out of the baking pan using the ends of the parchment paper. Cut into 24 bars. • Wrap individually in plastic wrap and freeze for later use.

TABBOULEH SALAD Here is a lovely summer salad using our fresh garden mint and parsley. It keeps nicely refrigerated for a few days. It's great to add to your lunch bag. No worries about mayonnaise. 1 cup bulgur or cracked wheat (we carry both at Sharyn's Pantry) boiling water to cover the grain 1 English cucumber, diced (skin on) 4 green onions, sliced 3 tomatoes, chopped into tiny pieces 1 large yellow or red onion,chopped small 1 cup finely chopped fresh parsley 1/2 cup finely chopped fresh mint leaves 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/4 cup olive oil salt to taste - a pinch of chili powder (if you wish) METHOD; • Place the bulgur or cracked wheat in small bowl and pour the boiling water over it to cover completely. Set aside to soak for about 15 minutes, then drain well. Using a sieve, rinse under cold water and drain well again. • Place the rinsed and drained bulgur in a bowl. • Add to this, the chopped or diced cucumber, green and red onion, tomatoes, parsley and mint. • Toss with the lemon juice and olive oil. Season to taste with some salt. Mix well. • Keep refrigerated.

Itamar Danziger

MSW, RSW Individual, Couples and Family Counselling

105 Second St. West, Cornwall, ON K6J 1G4



THE LOCAL SEEKER (July 1 - pg. 10)



by Jason Setnyk

Coffee Grinds

Rock the Vote rocked! On June 25th I hosted Rock the Vote at Friktion in Cornwall. Throughout the day over 300 people attended. The guest speakers were simply awesome! MPP Jim Brownell did a fantastic job addressing families and youth about the importance of voting and civic responsibilities. Thank you Jim Brownell, Bernadette Clement, Maurice Dupelle, and Mario Leclerc for attending/speaking at Cornwall's Rock the Vote 2011. Mark MacDonald was also the first politician to play a music set at Cornwall's Rock the Vote. Voting and volunteering are important civic responsibilities. This is our community, and it is important to get involved. Thank you to the guest speakers, volunteers, bands, the venue, and people who attended. Happy Canada Day! I would like to congratulate the entire Canada Day committee on their hard work. However I would also like to say, Canada Day belongs to all of us. It is a public event that takes place in a public park. Therefore no media group should have exclusive rights to broadcast at an event like this. It's ironic on the day that we are celebrating Canada, and freedom (which includes freedom of press), that certain media groups were told to pack up and leave. Postal workers will get lower wages! Guy Lauzon says the governments offer of lower wages to Postal Workers is "fair". I don't know about you, but if someone tried to lower my wages, I would describe that as "unfair". Lauzon and the Conservatives are trying to pit Canadians against these unionized workers. Lauzon describes how the rotating strikes are hurting charities and small businesses. Small businesses and charities were not suffering from the rotating strikes, they were only inconvenienced. Small businesses and charities were hurt by the Canada Post lock-out. Steven Harper and the Conservatives are trying to break public unions by destroy collective bargaining. The Conservatives legislated a settlement which is less money for Postal Workers, this is bullying, and extremely unfair. This is what happens when Canadians give Harper a majority.

I'm happy Guy Lauzon says he supports small businesses! That is why I was shocked when I heard Guy Lauzon is no longer a member of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. That sounded pretty weird to me, so I went to Google and typed: "Guy Lauzon Chamber of Commerce". A link with his name shows up in the search results. However when I click the link and I arrive at the Chamber page it says: We are sorry but the page you are looking for cannot be found. Methinks Lauzon might no longer be a member.

Hudak is already sharpening his scissors eagerly getting ready to cut health care and education, like Mike Harris did. What is good for Bay Street, is not always good for main street. As for our other candidates, Mark MacDonald has been campaigning hard and the SDSG provincial Liberals have a new executive elected. Elaine MacDonald was in Toronto for an NDP conference with Andrea Horwath and others. She's back, and she has her campaign team picked out. Don't use Roberto Luongo as a scape goat for losing the Stanley Cup! Yes his goal-tending was substandard in Game 6 and Game 7 of the Finals, however in those two games Vancouver could only muster one lousy goal. Hockey riots seem ridiculous, however the very first one was cultural in nature. The Richard Riot could be attributed to the onset of Quebec's Quite Revolution. Kudos to the over ten thousand citizens who helped clean up the mess from the Vancouver riot the next day. I am a huge hockey fan, and I will miss the sport this summer. I like collecting hockey cards, autographs, jersey cards, and rookie cards. Dave and Steve's Sport's collectables shop on Pitt Street is a great place to buy hockey cards in town. In local sports, kudos to junior welterweight boxing sensation Tony Luis of Cornwall Ontario! He is still undefeated and a perfect 12-0 after defeating Miguel Lombardo a few weeks ago. I was thinking, maybe we should train local residents to become consultants! Consultants seem to make a lot of money! I will be talking about the Cultural Plan in the next Art Seeker. My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are my coffee grinds.

The Boogeyman is out to get you! That is the message that was sent when Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark visited Cornwall a few weeks ago. He and Conservative candidate Jim McDonell met in Lamoureux Park to warn us about the boogeyman. Opps, I mean the Tax Man. Hide your children, and lock your doors, because Dalton McGunity is going to tax you! These childish scare tactics are working like a charm. The Hudak Ontario Conservatives are heading towards a majority government according to the latest poll. I'm sure

Jason Setnyk is a local school teacher, journalist, artist, and community volunteer. Setnyk runs the Cornwall Underground blog, and is the founder and host of Cornwall's Rock for Charity and Rock the Vote.

g Congratulations Jason for winnin the title of "Contributor of the Year" at The Local Seeker First Year Anniversary event. You are doing an awesome job! The Seeker Chicks

Melanie’s Puppy Love Grooming

SUMMER BBQ SPECIAL Certified Professional Groomer Bathing~Clipping~Styling~Scissoring ear care~nails~Flea Treatments Specialty Shampoos And more !

Keisers - 35¢ Hot dog and Hamburger buns - 25¢

Melanie Williams By Appointment

613-935-4603 Specializing in Small and Medium Breeds

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We all want to enjoy living a comfortable retirement. But to do so, we need to make different moves, and consider different issues, at different times of our lives. To help illustrate this point, let’s look at three individuals: • Alice, who is just starting her career • Bob, who is nearing retirement • Charlie, who recently retired LET’S START WITH ALICE. As a young worker, she most likely has 40 years ahead of her until she retires. Yet she realizes that it’s never too soon to start saving for retirement, so she has already started contributing to her Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and company-sponsored retirement plan. And because Alice has so much time ahead of her, she has decided to invest aggressively, putting much of her contributions in growth-oriented investments, such as equities and equity mutual funds. The market will certainly have its “dips” in the future, which can cause her account values to rise and fall from year to year. But the longer Alice holds her investments, the less of an impact market declines should have on her RRSP and other accounts. NOW LET’S TURN OUR ATTENTION TO BOB. Because he's within a few years of retirement, he has some key decisions to make. For one, he must decide whether to change the investment mix in his RRSP and other accounts. Because Bob doesn’t have much time to overcome market volatility and wants to maintain the gains he has already achieved, he may decide to become more conservative with his investments. As a result, he may choose to move some of his stocks to bonds and other fixed-income securities. But he doesn’t abandon all his growth-oriented investments. Bob realizes that he may spend two or three decades in retirement and will need to stay ahead of inflation.

OUR FINAL INVESTOR IS CHARLIE, WHO RECENTLY RETIRED. His biggest concern is outliving his financial resources. As a result, he may need to consider a variety of moves. For starters, he should determine when to start taking his Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP) and when to begin taking withdrawals from his Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). Charlie, like all investors, must convert his RRSP to an RRIF no later than December 31 in the year he turns age 71. After deciding when to start taking withdrawals from his retirement plans, he’ll also need to decide the appropriate amount to withdraw from his portfolio to help cover expenses. When he does, he will also need to adjust for inflation. In addition, he'll need to consider whether income guarantee solutions, such as an immediate life annuity or a segregated fund with a Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit, would be beneficial to provide him with an income stream he can’t outlive. Finally, Charlie might need to rebalance his overall investment portfolio to provide himself with more income.

Cultural Plan Unveiled

Financially Speaking with Brian Seguin

To Retire Comfortably, Know Which Moves to Make — and When to Make Them

Article and photographs by Jason Setnyk A special meeting of the new Cultural Plan was unveiled for Cornwall and SD&G on June 28th. About 100 people including politicians and many artists attended the meeting held at the Cornwall Civic Complex. Denis Thibault, who is a Cornwall City Councillor and the Executive Director at Eastern Ontario Training Board, welcomed the audience. He said, "it's been a year and a half to two years to deliver this to you today". Thibault proceeded to introduce John Hack of Sierra Planning and Management who presented a one hour power point presentation about the Cultural Plan. The presentation explained the definition of culture, it examined the economic goals of a cultural plan, and it explained the process of how they gathered information about culture in this area. According to Hack, "the culture strategy needs to be as inclusive as possible". Although Akwesasne was not at the table and did not participate in the Cultural Plan, Hack said, “we did talk to members of the First Nations, and talked about traditions like story telling”. Several of the suggestions in the culture plan include creating a Centre for Arts and Culture, maintaining and better utilizing current infrastructure, creating a permanent Arts Council, building stronger partnerships, and improved marketing of cultural events. However if there is only one Cultural Centre in SD&G, there might be heated debate about which city or township will house such a centre. The presentation concluded with a suggested time line for municipal governments to address the plan. After the presentation their was a brief question and answer period. Bernadette Clement and Elaine MacDonald both asked questions, as did several other people in attendance. Rodney Rivette who is on the executive of the Seaway Cultural Arts Committee addressed Hack. "We believe an Artist Centre needs to be run by artists, we've done research, raised money, and we can help in the process". Hack replied to Rivette, "active groups need to be at the table". Will Cornwall and SD&G have a Centre for Arts and Culture in the near future? It's up to the municipal governments to examine the Cultural Plan and it's up to citizens to voice what they want their local governments to do. For more information visit:

For help in making the types of choices described above, work with a financial professional. But in any case, you need to be prepared to take the right steps, at the right times, so you can live in retirement on your terms Edward Jones. Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. local Edward Jones advisor, BRIAN SEGUIN (613) 932-6161 89 Tollgate Road West, Unit 2 , Cornwall, ON K6J 5L5

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In a startlingly frank speech at the University of Toronto legal conference, Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin was especially critical of high legal fees now averaging nearly $340.00 an hour. “We do not have adequate access to justice. We have wonderful justice for the Corporations and the Wealthy, but the middle-class and the poor may not be able to access our justice system.” ``Pre-Paid Legal has revolutionized the legal industry with the development of its innovative approach to legal representation ``We give the average North American an affordable method of gaining access to a Lawyer, `` Harland Stonecipher, Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Founder, CEO and Chairman says. Pre-Paid Legal boasts 1.5 million members and a 600 person staff at its corporate headquarters. "By pooling the small monthly fees paid by Pre-Paid Legal's members, the company uses its group buying power to wield clout with Provider Law Firms. That is why PrePaid Legal members are treated with the deference and respect once reserved only for the wealthy. And lawyers are discovering they actually enjoy helping people who are grateful for their help. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and purpose at the end of the day." Pre-Paid Legal is revolutionary in the sense that they are able to provide quality legal assistance to those who may otherwise be ignored because of economic reality. PrePaid Legal memberships give strength to the powerless and a voice to those who have been rendered silent for too long.`` Source:`` SMALL BUSINESS REPORT, Leading a Legal Revolution, page 25.``

Happy Birthday Canada

Cornwall now has PRE-PAID LEGAL CARE of Canada Corporation

Revolutionary Results

Article and photographs by Jason Setnyk The Local Seeker would like to extend congratulations to the Canada Day 2011 Committee for yet another successful event. I heard many people say this year had some of the best fireworks, family activities, and music in recent memory. Children and families really enjoyed the balloon castles, petting zoo, the train ride, and the splash pad. The music was more diverse this year featuring bands of different ages and musical genres. Local bands such as Kings Bishop, Joel Sauve, Keegan Larose, Jess Bourbonnais and Rebecca Skye, The New World Rappers featuring Joshy Josh and Axel Al, Martin Collings, Bryden Avenue, FlipSide, and the Trench Town Oddities all hit the stage. There were a lot of food vendors in the park, however I went to the RCAF, where they had a BBQ fundraiser for the Santa Claus Parade. I had a chance to speak to City Councillor David Murphy, and he was very impressed by the festivities and pleased to see such a great turnout. The most festively dressed people were the couple from Petawawa Ontario who choose Cornwall for Canada Day. They were dressed as superheroes – adorned head to toe in red and white. Canada Day is a great opportunity to celebrate country, community, family, and freedom. I am thankful to be Canadian, and to live in such a vibrant community.

Sandra Foubert Ball – Born and raised in Cornwall-has returned after 30 years of not having been a resident. ``It sure is nice to be home and bring with me a service and solution to my friends, neighbours and hometown people. A service they have deserved and needed for a long time. "You will see her in a little white Cruze driving around town. Keep an eye open for her, introduce yourself, and check out the services she has to offer as an Independent Associate of PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation." If you get a call from her, book an appointment and get your free personal or business assessment done. It just does not get any better.

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Over 300 attend Rock the Vote

MPP Jim Brownell Speaks toYouth Article and photographs by Jason Setnyk Over 300 people attended Rock the Vote throughout the day on Saturday June 25th. Keynote guest speaker and MPP Jim Brownell addressed youth and families. Brownell said, "I wouldn't miss being here for the world, an opportunity to speak to young people about such an important issue". Brownell, along with City Councilors Bernadette Clement and Maurice Dupelle, and former Federal NDP candidate Mario Leclerc all addressed the importance of voting, volunteering, and civic responsibilities. According to event organizer Jason Setnyk, "It was a positive message, and people in attendance were very attentive and appreciative". 17 bands played, including Mark A MacDonald, the first politician to ever play at a Cornwall Rock the Vote concert. MacDonald is a former fire fighter and a former City Councilor, who ran for mayor, and is now running for the Liberals provincially in this riding.

Be The Saviour

Joel Sauvé

Tracy Lalonde


Keegan Larose

N E W S : C D R e l e a s e P a r t y DRUMMING CIRCLE ~ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL DEMONSTRATION AND POT LUCK Jody Marsolais of "The Rythym Room" is a music instructor, team building/school workshop facilitator and sound practitioner. Jody's work involves bringing people together and building community with emphasis on using music as a universal language and communication tool. Jody has created a CD entitled Awakening to ONEness. The CD is designed to calm and slow down the mind and body, and is a perfect tool for relaxation. It can help you to fall asleep faster by quieting the busy mind, and may help reduce stress and anxiety by guiding the listener into a deep state of relaxation. This one hour sound experience is enriched with the sounds of nature, singing crystal bowls, gongs, Native drums and various other instruments. Crystal singing bowls and gongs have been known throughout ancient history for their ability treating stress and sleep insomnia, just to mention a few. They were used in many ancient cultures as preventative maintenance, and also as musical tools that were used to heal the mind and body. Drumming is also an ancient healing practice that has many practical advantages on today’s modern world. It is a wonderful empowerment tool which stimulates creativity, reduces stress, increases joy, aids in emotional healing, and develops focus and concentration. For a listening sample please go to Jody's website:

Event: CD RELEASE PARTY: Awakening to ONEness Date: Friday, 8th July - Time: 7 - 9:30pm - Address: 2402 Edgar St, Cornwall - No cover charge, pls bring a potluck item. Come on out and join us for Jody's first CD release party in Cornwall! Have fun being part of a drum circle as well as enjoying a mini concert/meditation to the enchanting sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs and percussion instruments. - CD's available for sale $20 - For more info pls call Jody 613 937-3800

THE CHAKRA MEDITATION Series in support of the Public - FREE of Charge “OFF-LEASH DOG PARK LOCATED NEAR OPTIMIST PARK Join us every Wednesday at Bruyere’s Restaurant - 5 to 8 pm 1225 Brookdale Ave., Cornwall 613-933-4800 for great $10.00 HOMEMADE SPECIALS Spaghetti Dinner - 1/4 Chicken Breast or 2 Chicken Leg Dinner Bruyere’s Apple & Oatmeal Stuffed Roast Pork

Three exciting and relaxing workshops. Each workshop will focus on specific meditations to balance each of our chakras. Attend one or both July 12 & July 19.

Each workshop will be 7 – 9 pm. Cost by donation ($20 suggested)

613-930-7711 or 514-826-6365 to register or visit


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“About The House”

I just want to thank everyone for your interest in this forum. Keep sending in your questions and comments. It’s FREE so it doesn’t cost you a thing but homeowners everywhere benefit from your experiences. Every home has something to talk about, and our readers would love to hear your stories and questions.

Dear Joe, I have a dishwasher that is 16 years old, it worked fine until last week but now it doesn't. How difficult is it to install a new machine myself? Sincerely, Dirty Dishes. Dear DD, On a scale of 1 to 10 for difficulty, replacing a dishwasher is about a 3. That being said, like any project it has some special considerations. A machine as old as yours will likely be quite different from the new one you will buy. The fittings are all in the same places more or less, and the size is the same though. Now, many dishwashers I encounter that were installed by homeowners many years ago are often cobbled together with pieces of wire, hose clamps and duct tape. The key to a successful installation will be getting rid of all the mess and using proper parts for the new unit. Many new dishwashers use a garden hose size water connection for the water supply. BEWARE. If you use a garden hose to supply hot water to your machine and it springs a leak, your insurance company won't cover you!!! There is a special dishwasher elbow with a garden hose connection on one end and a 3/8" compression fitting on the other that will connect to your new stainless braided line or 3/8" copper supply line. Once the water is connected, check the drain. Use only the drain hose supplied with your machine. Make sure that the unit drains into the waste line under the sink BEFORE the trap or into the food waste disposal unit which has a dishwasher fitting on it. The electrical is simple but make sure that the connection is neat. The machine should be on its own breaker...if it's not, contact a licensed electritian to be sure the circuit is proper for the machine and not overloaded with other appliances. Once all that is done you just have to level the machine, which can be tricky in older homes with crooked floors. But by trial and error it is easy to do by checking the door closes and latches smoothly. Two screws attach the machine to the underside of the countertop and you are more doing dishes the old fashioned way. Good Luck.

Joe, I am planning to put a deck on my house. I know that I need a permit but there are other things on my property that were done wrong by the previous owner, that were not done to code and if the city inspectors come over they will see this stuff and I don't know what kind of trouble they will cause for me. I am pretty sure that if I try to build anything in my back yard my nosey neighbour will have the city at my door in a heartbeat and then I am in even more trouble. I don't what the extra expense and hassle of dealing with the building inspector and if it was indoors I wouldn't worry so much. What should I do? J.P. Dear J.P., I sympathize with your situation. I have been in that boat myself and the sentiment is echoed by my clients on an almost daily basis. My best advice to you is work WITH the city. The reason they are there is to protect homeowners from poor contractors and protect homeowners from themselves. I am a firm believer that every mans home is his castle and he should be able to do what he wants within those walls, but if you could see some of the things I have seen you will quickly understand why the building department exists and is so strict when it comes to enforcing the rules. On the flip side of that coin, common sense is a commodity in short supply so don't try to bargain, or beg, or argue, or reason or try to sneak something by them because there is only one way to do it, and if you don't do it, you won't win. You wouldn't argue with a cop,so we must be patient, polite, accepting of their decisions, and work within the parameters they allow. Remember none of us know it all and they are there to inform our planning, and enforce the rules as they are handed down by the Ontario Building Code. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a long drawn out process either. My last two building permits were ready in a day and a half and inspections were well within the 48 hour inspection mandate. Be sure that you do your research and/or contact a licensed designer to help with your planning. That way you minimize the amount of red lining that will inevitably come back and delay your application process. As far as your existing problems, like any good faith relationship, an inspector will understand that these things are beyond your control and since he's there, that means that you're doing your part to be an active participant in the process. Mind you, if these egregious errors are dangerous, then something might be said if only to protect you, the occupants; If that's the case, then it's probably something you should have fixed anyway. But if you treat the inspectors respectfully and know that there time is valuable, I trust that the same courtesy will be extended to you. Joe Thank you to everyone for your contributions this week. If I didn't answer your question, keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. You can email your questions to: Aboutthehouse@adamshomeservices.caFor additional information about me and what is going on in your community, please visit our website: And remember, Whatever you do, do it well, because a job well done stays well done forever.

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224 Pitt Street - 613-933-2333 Why the “PLUS”? ‘Cause we are more than just a pawn shop! We buy, sell and trade antiques, fine china, gold, collectibles, as well as CDs, VCRs, movies, video games & musical equipment. Just about anything of value!

EL TORO TATTOO “We take pride in our hide” Must be 18 years of age or parent consent

All disposable needles & tubes. Bring your own design. 612 Montreal Rd. Cornwall


Professionally Chilling With ... Luis.

Gary Friedma


One of my favourite chilling out buddies in Cornwall is Amanda "The Panda" Piquette (my own nickname for her), a free-spirited young woman who has a loyal posse of friends. Amanda spreads her inimitable zaniness to all who hang out with her, and while doing so recently, I made the acquaintance of Canada's top lightweight boxer, Tony "Lightening"

Tony Luis is a Cornwall native born and bred. He is a modest and mildmannered 23 year-old whose awshucks demeanour would never cue you to the fact that he's a tiger in the boxing ring. Tony trains locally with his father, Jorge Luis, the founder and current owner of Champs Eastside Boxing Club. Luis the Son remains undefeated as a pro at 12-0 coming off a recent victory in Montreal on June 18th. On that occasion, Tony scored a TKO (technical knockout) over an Argentine fighter who spent more time on the canvas than Van Gogh. Luis competes in a sport that has seen better days: the public's current interest in prizefighting is lukewarm, boxing's championship structure is confusing, and Mixed Martial Arts (a combination of kickboxing, wrestling, and judo) is a bigger draw for

amateur fighters just coming off the street. Tony and his dad, however, are convinced that the prospects for their sport will improve over time, just as Tony approaches his late twenties and his prime as a fighter.

flourished about a 100 years ago and who hung up the blades in the twenties. It was only last year in 2010 that Lalonde was finally and posthumously honoured by his hometown. You can be canonized in the Catholic Church faster than that; a case in point being Brother Andre of Luis is thus in boxing for the long haul Montreal's Saint Josephs Oratory who and will continue living and training in last year, 73 years after his death, Cornwall for the foreseeable future. The became Saint Brother Andre. bright lights, numerous diversions, and upfront cash available to boxers who Nonetheless, Tony Luis is quite content take up residence to train in Montreal or to train and to live in obscurity in our the States may beckon, but by remaining midst as one of Cornwall's best kept in Cornwall, Tony can be brought along secrets. The paucity of local celebrity and developed in such a way that will recognition in Cornwall makes me feel all ensure his best interest and long-term the more fortunate that I have an success. His Family (minus a significant alternate avenue outside the local media other in what is still a young life, to be cognisant of the exploits of people something I'm sure that has not gone like Tony Luis. Thank you Panda Amanda unnoticed by a certain segment of for providing this alternate avenue and Cornwall's young women) is nearby as is for being that special kind of socialite; Montreal, a "fight town" that is home to the kind who helps foster a spirit of the best boxing in Canada. camaraderie with those who make this a great town. Canadian talent, and even more so the talent in Cornwall, is not given its due I welcome your comments at recognition on home turf. Witness the case of Cornwall native and Montreal Canadiens star, Newsy Lalonde, who

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