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specializing in Custom Wedding Invitations

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Cover Photo by Anne Page of Cover Page Photography


Introducing... in the Biz Seeker

Volume 2, Issue 14 April 8, 2011

Editorial ...

by Seeker Chick Julia

Seeker Office: 327 2nd Street East - Come Visit Us!

With the trade show setting up stage this week-end, I have very little time to sit and write this editorial, so it will be a shorter version of the usual blabber. CELEBRATING ONE YEAR JUNE 17TH As our first year anniversary fast approaches, we pondered on how it would be great to mark the event with a BIG BANG! The success of the Local Seeker is nothing short of a miracle and we think it is very important to give ourselves a huge round of applause. So in honour of our achievement, we will be throwing a HUGE party. We don't have all the details yet, but here is what we do know.

ns a... o i t a re loc nd a ecial s r a sp the wall ur TRE o o ) N o any Corn YOU t G CE l Road m & hout ANK EWIN ntrea ug IG TH UX S E (Mo o r th a B GIRO LAC

We will combine this event with our annual award ceremony. This will be a classy sit down dinner, with entertainment, music and the ceremony itself. In such, we are seeking nominations in the following award categories: Home based business of the year, New business of the year, Existing business of the year, Artist of the year (visual) and Artist of the year (musical). If you know somebody who is well deserving of this award, please send us a nomination at Tell us also why you think they deserve it. And no, you can't nominate the Local Seeker...(wink)

P s US PL onsor BY’S sp BOB and

DASHING COVER? You will have noticed that this week's front cover looks a bit different. For quite some time, we've been wanting to "spice up" our cover page and who better to help us than Anne Page at Cover Page Photography! Anne will be making sure that our covers are no less than dazzling from now on... WELCOME Joining our ranks this week are Gary Friedman and Candy Pollard. Gary will be writing a column on various local issues (political, we hope) and will also be knocking on doors in an attempt to help you get the most out of your advertising dollar. He's done a wonderful job with the Home and Garden show this week, and this is only the beginning. Candy will have a corner called "from the desk of Candy Pollard", which will give the scoop on what the Small Business Enterprise Center can do for you. Have a good week and if you are at the trade show this week-end, drop by our booth. It's always a pleasure to interact with our readers.

The Seeker Chicks

Call in your CLASSIFIEDS NOW It’s Fast, Free and Fitted • 613-362-2354 Our Classified Section is at the back... The Local Seeker, Cornwall Edition Volume 2, Number 14, April 8, 2011 Founded by Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud 2010 Published by Local Seeker Media Group, Cornwall, Ontario The Local Seeker does not accept responsibility for errors, misprints or inaccuracies published within. The opinions and statements of our columnists are not to be presumed as the statements and opinions of The Local Seeker.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 2)







the Raisin River Canoe Race BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

In Lamoureux Park SPRING HOURS for April the Cornwall Community Museum

is now open Wed. to Sunday from noon to 4 pm. Admission is free, info. 613 936-0842.2

The rocks that create the Rapids are uncovered by low water levels in the fall. October 1979..

For the 39th anniversary of the Raisin River Canoe Race, scheduled for April 17th, I am going to take you on a short historic tour of the race and river between St. Andrews West, Martintown and Williamstown. All three villages are brimming with history. St. Andrews' cemetery is the final resting place of explorer and fur trader Simon Fraser, and Ontario's first Premier and his wife John Sandfield and Marie Christine Macdonald. Quinn's Inn, east of the cemetery, was originally built by Macdonald as a meeting place for the local population. Martintown has it original grist mill, and Williamstown, along with the Nor'Wester's and Loyalist Museum boasts, Sir John Johnson's Manor House (started 1784), the Bethune-Thompson House and St. Mary's (1847) and St. Andrew's Church (1812).

This canoe team successfully shot the rapids at Martintown.

Canoes set-off in front of St. Andrews West Church in the May 1979 edition of the Canoe Race. The parish hall to the left of the church was the original church. Work started on he present church in 1857.

The covered bridge and mill at Martintown before World War I. For many watching canoe teams negotiate the rapids below the dam at the mill is the highlight of the race.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 3)

The photographs and postcards are from the collection of more than 10,000 images at the Cornwall Community Museum. If you are interested in learning more about our history, the museum has a wide selection old and modern local histories for sale, .

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-8101

This canoe was beaten by the Martintown Rapids, fortunately there are teams of people on the banks to fish them out. A pre World War 1 patriotic postcard showing an peaceful scene on the Black (aka Raisin) River.

The old Mills at Williamstown, probably circa 1920. This scene is in the bay at the east end of the village. Eugene Joubert ferried people to Lancaster on the boat in the foreground.

FROM SHARYN’S PANTRY by Sharyn Thompson

INDIAN BUTTER CHICKEN This is a very popular dish, often served in Indian restaurants and the sauce can even be bought in jars in your local supermarket. Until a few months ago, I had never tasted this pleasing dish. I was given the recipe by one of my customers and I made it for our supper. Your kitchen will be filled with exotic aromas. Your meal will be finished in less than an hour.I served it alongside some fragrant Indian Basmati rice. Gary and I both enjoyed it and I will be making it again. Serve it with some roasted cauliflower and squash for a lovely supper. My Macadamia nut squares are very decadent. Just eating one square will bring a smile to your face. The white chocolate goes so nicely with the nuts. You will love them. I hope you enjoy a great week!

INDIAN BUTTER CHICKEN (this serves 4) 2 boneless and skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized chunks 2 tbsp. vegetable oil 2 tbsp. butter 1 onion, chopped 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp. fresh ginger,minced or use our store's jarred fresh ginger puree (it's so easy and keeps refrigerated for months) 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric 1 tsp. Mexican chili powder 2 tbsp. ground almonds 1- 19 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes 1 tbsp. tomato paste (see Note) 1 tbsp. plain yogurt 2 tbsp. fresh coriander leaves or spinach chopped (I used baby spinach) salt and pepper to taste METHOD; Note: Once you have a can of tomato paste opened and you are only using a tbsp. or so, to keep the remaining tomato paste, here's what I do: Lay a long sheet of plastic wrap on your counter. Fold it over to double, lengthwise. Spoon the tomato paste onto the plastic wrap by tbsp. every 4 inches. Now once that is done, fold the wrap over the blobs of tomato paste, now twist tie in between each blob of tomato paste. Place this in a ziploc bag and freeze. When needed, just snip off the required amount. No wasting this way.

• Season the chicken with salt and pepper

• Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the chicken pieces. • Fry the chicken pieces until golden brown all over and cooked thoroughly. • Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside. • In the same pan,melt the butter. Add the chopped onion and ground cinnamon and saute until the onion is softened. • Now add to the onion, the crushed garlic, ginger, turmeric, chili powder, ground almonds, canned tomatoes, tomato paste and plain yogurt. • Stir gently and bring the ingredients to a boil and cook and stir this for 4 to 5 minutes. • Taste and adjust the seasoning with a little salt and pepper if necessary. • Return the cooked chicken to the pan and heat over low heat for a few minutes. • To compliment the flavours of the dish, add in the chopped fresh coriander (or fresh spinach leaves if you prefer). Stir this into the sauce. • Serve this with cooked Indian Basmati rice , oven-roasted cauliflower and squash and Naan bread. ENJOY!

812 Pitt St. Unit 6 - 613-936-1998

SUPER SPECIAL FOR APRIL 8 TO 23, 2011 MERCKENS CHOCOLATE WAFERS ONLY $ 3.99/ LB. / $ 8.78 /KG. METHOD;THOMPSON RAISINS ONLY $ 2.49/ LB. • Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F. • Coarsely chop the Macadamia nuts and place on a baking pan with sides. (This is so they won't roll off in the oven.) • Place them in your oven and roast for about 7 minutes or until you begin to smell them and they turn light brown. Remove from the oven and cool. • Grease an 8" square pan. • Melt the butter (I use my microwave 1 minute on HIGH in a microwave- safe bowl.) • In a mixing bowl, cream the brown sugar and egg until nice and fluffy. • Stir in the vanilla and mix well. • Now add the cooled, melted butter and mix well. • Sift the flour, baking soda and salt onto a piece of waxed paper, then sift it again right into the creamed butter mixture. • Stir in just to blend. • Gently stir in the roasted, chopped, cooled Macadamia nuts. • Coarsely chop the white chocolate and stir this in to the batter. • Spread the batter evenly in the greased 8" square pan. • Bake in the pre-heated 325 degree F. oven for about 27 to 29 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out ALMOST clean. Don't overbake. • Cool right in the pan on a wire cooling rack. • Cut into squares to serve and put on a pot of coffee. ENJOY!


of Cornwall & District

Little Sister Monica Saucier, and Big Sister Carilyne Hebert have been matched for over 2 years, and have shared some great times together! They have participated in agency events such as ziplining, crafts, and swimming. They also have had outings to movies, hockey games, the Buskers Festival in Ottawa, and have volunteered for charities together. Monica loves being matched with Carilyne and said that she is having a lot of fun! Carilyne feels that it’s been a great match from the get go, and that Monica is truly her “Little Sister”. Thanks to Monica for being such a great example of what a “Little Sister” is, and to Carilyne for being such an impressive “Big Sister”!

DECADENT MACADAMIA NUT AND WHITE CHOCOLATE SQUARES Makes an 8" square pan. 3/4 cup chopped Macadamia nuts, toasted 2/3 cup melted butter 1 egg 1 cup brown sugar, packed 1- 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla

1 cup all purpose flour 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/8 tsp. fine salt 3/4 cup white chocolate chunks or chips, or use Merckens chocolate wafers chopped coarsely

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 4)

Match of the Month for APRIL

If you are interested in becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother, please call Sue Adams at 613-933-8035. Check our website at



"I was introduced to the opportunity by a very close friend Brian Currie from Moncton New Brunswick. He's a very successful business man with many contacts. I bought into the Canadian franchised network on the spot. I immediately saw the potential and wanted to be part of this fast growing Company." Says Denis. "It took about a month to learn about the company and how to do the presentation. Then I started to actively seek out new businesses to join the network as of January 10th 2011. I am presently working on ToBizNet about 4-5 days a week and meeting with 2-3 new businesses a day." But ToBizNet is not only for Businesses. The general public can visit the site ( and join for FREE. They can then in turn take advantage of the rewards and promotions that the business members are offering. This is how ToBizNet brings you not only new business connections, but potential customers as well! To become a preferred business (at a cost) you can call Denis and make an appointment or send a preferred business application online using the "become a preferred business" link on the website. ToBizNet "preferred Business membership" includes: - Business category exclusivity - Business profile page - Email & Text Messaging - Coupon/promotion generator - Send, receive & track referrals - Built in reward program - Social media share buttons - No weekly meetings to attend - No long term contracts - Full training & Support

COFFEE GRINDS by Jason Setnyk

ToBizNet takes Referral Networking to a new level! With over 200 networks across Canada and the US ( the fastest growing Network referral business in the world at the moment) the internet-based business networking group works for you even when you can't. It is like being at a networking event 24/7. ToBizNet is very different! ToBizNet provides the business owner a low cost, highly effective solution for finding new customers while increasing the profitability of their existing customers.

Cover story...


You may know Denis Champagne as Mr. DC Super Shine. After all, his detailing business specializing in Aluminum Polishing on Transport trucks has been around since 1997 and grew from being a one-man operation to now having 4-8 full time and part time employees. It covers every area within a 2 hour radius of Cornwall and will even go further if the contract is worth the travel. But since December 2010, Denis is also known as the " ToBizNet " guy.

On Thursday March 31st Cafe Connectionz regrettably closed it's doors. I enjoyed one last medium roast coffee on closing day. Cafe Connectionz was truly a gem in the east end of Cornwall. It was home of Rock for Charity, and many other artistic and social events. The owners are honest, genuine, and kind people. I wish them the best in their future endeavours. Cornwall and SDSG got more sad economic news this week. Star Tek is laying off 400 workers. This is a huge blow to the local economy, and the worst news since Domtar closed shop in 2006. It turns out Corporate Tax cuts don't keep jobs in Canada, but a weak Canadian dollar does. With the Canadian dollar on par with the U.S. dollar, we can expect more job losses in this country. After 30 years, the Cornwall Bus Terminal has also closed it's doors. Now Greyhound and Coach Canada customers will have to buy tickets online or have exact change when they wait for a bus at the Irving 24 and Mainway Centre located at 3250 Brookdale Avenue. The new Benson arena looks great, but as someone who skated at the Bob Turner and Si Miller as a child, I think it's sad there won't be anymore public indoor skating in the east end of Cornwall. Talking about skating, I would like to congratulate a few of my former students who are now NCAA woman's hockey champions. I would also like to congratulate the Akwesasne Warriors who are FHL hockey champs, and congratulations to the Cornwall Colts Junior A Hockey Team who have made it to the Finals! Regionally this has been a great year for local hockey! Talking about hockey, the NHL playoffs are just around the corner! Canada's best hope of winning a cup lies with the Vancouver Canucks in the West and the long shot Montreal Canadiens in the East. Last month I got my telephone rebate check for about $70, did you get yours? The CRTC ordered Bell, Telus and MTS to give consumers $310 million in rebates. I've heard that some people threw their checks in the garbage because Bell made it look like another piece of junk mail. If you have a land line, and didn't get your check, contact your phone service provider. On May 2nd we are having a Federal Election in Canada!

I'm not voting for the Greens in this election, however, I think it would be a shame if Elizabeth May would not be allowed to participate in the debates. Despite not having a seat, the Green party had almost a million votes during the last Federal election. I don't think it should be the media consortium who decides who gets to speak. For the sake of democracy and fairness we need a law and clear standards of who gets to debate and what the threshold should be. Over the past few years I've been privileged to personally meet and speak with Elizabeth May, Jack Layton, and Michael Ignatieff at various events. I think May is the nicest and most genuine candidate, I think Layton is the smartest candidate, and I think Ignatieff has the best leadership and speaking skills. Locally we have four candidates: Incumbent Guy Lauzon of the Conservatives, Bernadette Clement of the Liberals, Mario Leclerc of the New Democrats, and Wyatt Walsh of the Greens. Although Lauzon is the favourite to win again, Bernadette Clement is definitely not out of this race. She is a local lawyer with a high public profile volunteering on committees and boards, she has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and she has a strong municipal record and was the top vote getter in the last two Cornwall Municipal elections. Lauzon should not under estimate Clement, because once it was Lauzon who was the underdog competing against Kilger for a Federal seat. Regardless of who wins, it should be an exciting Federal race for SDSG! I honestly don't care who you vote for, but please do your research, and vote! I would rather someone vote for a party or candidate I did not agree with than not vote at all. Apathy hurts democracy, so make a difference in your community, and help ROCK THE VOTE :) My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are my coffee grinds.

For more information, visit or call Denis directly at 613-936-3794.

The Cornwall Underground has been online serving the local music community since August 1999. This blog is run by music promoter and photographer Jason Setnyk who also organizes local Rock for Charity and Rock the Vote events.


224 Pitt Street - 613-933-2333 Why the “PLUS”? ‘Cause we are more than just a pawn shop! We buy, sell and trade antiques, fine china, gold, collectibles, as well as CDs, VCRs, movies, video games & musical equipment. Just about anything of value!

TOP PRICES PAID - WE DO HOUSE CALLS! COME SEE OUR HUGE COLLECTION of Gold Jewellery, Swarovski and Pinwheel Crystal, Royal Doulton and Hummels at incredibly low prices!

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 5)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-8101

Financially Speaking with Brian Seguin

How Do You Know Whether Your Portfolio is Properly Diversified? You've probably heard the financial experts say it oftendiversify your investment portfolio. And there's a good reason this piece of advice is repeated over and over again. By ensuring your portfolio contains a healthy mix of investments, you increase your wealth-building potential. BRIAN SEGUIN

In fact, experts say that the mix of asset types you hold is a far more important determinant of investment performance than individual securities. A diversified portfolio that encompasses the major asset groups-cash and cash-equivalent investments, fixed income and equities-positions you to take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities. But how do you know whether your portfolio is adequately diversified? And what level of diversification is right for you?

The owners and staff at The Grind wish to thank all of our customers for their support and for making our first year a wonderful experience. To say a special thank you, we will be having some Customer Appreciation weekly gift basket draws. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

NEWS from SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS Congratulations to Toastmaster Brad LeClair

If you're overly focused on one security, one asset class or even one mutual fund you're not properly diversified.If you have a small number of holdings, a downturn in one or all of those investments could have a serious negative impact on your portfolio. A well-diversified portfolio spreads your risk over many more investments, which lessens the impact of downturns on your overall portfolio. A diversified portfolio typically has assets whose performance will vary over time with one or more investment performing below the others. To what degree you diversify however, will depend on factors such as financial goals, your time horizon and tolerance for risk. To determine whether you're on the right track, take a close look at your portfolio-including investments inside and outside a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Are you invested in all the major asset groups? Does any one asset class or individual security account for a substantial portion of your holdings?

Don't assume that because you were well-diversified a year ago, you are today. Changing asset prices can alter your mix-for example, if one investment has appreciated significantly, it might represent too much of your portfolio. It's time to rebalance. Keep in mind that your diversification strategy should change as you move through life. Here are some general guidelines: • When you're young: This is a good time for a large proportion of growth investments, principally stocks. With a long investment horizon you can make the most of the higher potential returns growth investments offer. And if your portfolio stumbles, you have time to recover. • As you grow older: In your peak earnings years, when you have more income to invest, you should still focus on growth. But start shifting toward preserving capital through an increased proportion of income investments and other conservative assets. You need to protect some of your wealth for retirement income. • When retirement approaches: This is the time to really concentrate on preserving wealth. The same strategy applies in retirement. But keep a growth element in your mix to help offset inflation. Edward Jones. Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. local Edward Jones advisor, BRIAN SEGUIN - (613) 932-6161 89 Tollgate Road West, Unit 2 , Cornwall, ON K6J 5L5

From left to right Lise Blondin, DTM, district Governor, Brad LeClair, Beverley Miranda, DTM, Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training, Norma Domey, DTM Lieutenant Governor of Marketing On Sunday March 27th Brad LeClair won Second Place at the Divison A Table Topics Contest at the Briddlewood Manor in Brockville. Table Topics is an important part of the Toastmaster Educational Program. It not only helps us develop our speaking skills but it also helps us to think on our feet; a very important skill for job interviews and working with the public. Smart City Toastmasters Club delivers an excellent educational program that will help anyone who wants to improve their chances for success whether it be on a personal or professional level. Smart City Toastmasters meets at 6:45 PM every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at St. Lawrence Intermediate School. For more information contact Claudette Pilon, 613-9382394 or Bob LeBrun at 613-932-4792On Sunday March 27th Brad LeClair won Second Place at the Divison A Table Topics Contest at the Briddlewood Manor in Brockville. Table Topics is an important part of the Toastmaster Educational Program. It not only helps us develop our speaking skills but it also helps us to think on our feet; a very important skill for job interviews and working with the public. Smart City Toastmasters Club delivers an excellent educational program that will help anyone who wants to improve their chances for success whether it be on a personal or professional level. Smart City Toastmasters meets at 6:45 PM every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at St. Lawrence Intermediate School. For more information contact Claudette Pilon, 613-9382394 or Bob LeBrun at 613-932-4792

AVON TO BUY, TO SELL, TO FUNDRAISE ... Join us today and get a free gift. 613 930-2427

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 6) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 Email:

Graphic & Web Design, Printing and Advertising

MAI-LIIS The Graphic Designer - 613-932-1875 Julia The Web Designer - 613-935-8101 THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 7) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 Email:

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 8) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

The Local Seeker Guarantees that our content is always Fresh, always Local and always Original ... Every Issue THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 9)

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Visit these businesses at the Home & Leisure Show...

812 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON K6J 5R3


Zumba Boot camp Real Estate Brokerage - Independently Owned and Operated 506 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON Tel: 613-937-4445 Fax: 613-937-4443

160 Military Rd, Lancaster, ON Tel: 613-347-7339 Fax: 613-347-1017


Come join the 3o day challenge!

613-936-9797 691 Brookdale Ave Cornwall, Ont


Come visit us at the show!

come ZUMBA with CHRISTAL !

1395 Rosemount Avenue, Cornwall (ON) K6J 3E5 Tel. : (613) 933-0411

Come in to the outdoors ... at the Home & Leisure Show

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 10) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354



Cornwall Civic Complex

Cornw nwall all Ma tial Art Martial


st Pig wRitoha

4 5

an sting M a o R e Th ril 10 Sun. Ap 3 11 to

40 Herbal erbal Magic Ma ic 41 Tackabe ackaberry 42 Dream eam Desi esign 43 Robe obertt Boileau oileau Const onstruction tion 44 Roy’s Pools ools & Spas 45 Bou ourgon gon Eavest estroughing oughing 46 Mixix 96 & Foxx 101.5 47 Plasma Innovation Inn tion Cook ookware 48 Winmar inmar 49 Manulife 50 C & R Heating ting & Cooling ooling 51 Unidem 52 Walalker er Clim limatee Care 53 Bet etter er Your our Homes omes 54 A1 Envivironme onmental tal 55 Coge ogeco 56 Vicic 56 / Nikken Ni en 57 Ene nercombustion ombustion 58 St Storm m Real ealty 59 Nut utrizoo oo Nut utritional itional Animale nimale

60 Wine ine Kitz 61 Earthwa wayy Chi hiro 62 Rainst ainstream eam 63 Exit Real ealty 64 Junis unis Ki Kitchen chen and Bath th 65 Avon on 66 Mo Morrrrisbu isburgg Kitchens Ki chens 67 Glenga lengarryy Out ut Houses ouses 68 U Weig eightt Loss oss 69 Guildc uildcrest est Homes omes 70 Roger oger’s Wireless eless 71 Assist 2 Sell ell 72 Ultramar Ult amar 73 Culligan ulligan W Water er 74 Allll State 75 Silpada / Mary Ma y Kay 76 Int Interlock erlock Industries Indust ies 77 Prope opertyy Guys uys 78 Crack ack Pro 79 Tartan tan Home ome Comfo omfort

6 17 18 19 20 21

8 12 9 10

Indoor Long ong Drive hampionship Championship

Con oncession ession




25 26 27 28 29



Wash ashrooms ooms


Pig ig Roast oast

Frid riday,, April pril 8, 4 p.m. .m. too 9 p.m. .m. Satu turday,, April pril 9, 10 a.m. too 8 p.m. .m. Sund unday,, April pril 10, 10 a.m. too 4 p.m. .m.

M’s CJSS-F y b d e t Hos arr Jamie C 9 ril Sat. Ap o t 12 5



20 Inves I estors ors Group oup 21 A Veryy Prese esentt Help elp 22 Auventsts 23 Disiscou ountt Carpets pets 24 Sunclass Spas 25 Spooner Paving ving 26 Cornw nwall all Fire 27 Cornw nwall all Transit ansit 28 Delelray 29 Ma Martin tin Sheet Metal 30 Fruits uits and Passion assion 31 Royalal RV 32 Shannon Cou ourt 33 Dave’s Reliable eliable Signs Si ns 34 CAA 35 Your our Credit edit Union 36 Benson enson 37 Ema mard 38 MacEwen Mac en Pet etroleum oleum 39 Enviviroo Ductt Cleaning leaning

14 13


45 46 47


48 49 50

52 53

56 57 58

54 55


15 16

31 60 61



64 65

66 67 68

43 42 41 40 39


69 70 71 38

73 74

77 78

75 76





R&R Small Engines ines

Outside utside Booths ooths


See you at the Show!

Spring Show at the Cornwall Civic Complex. Hours: Friday, April 8 - 4pm to 9pm. Saturday, April 9 - 10am to 8pm. Sunday, April 10 - 10am to 4pm.

Adults - $4.00, Seniors - $3.00, Students - $3.00, Children under 12 (accompanied by an adult - FREE. For more


Don’t Miss the Spring Home & Leisure Show. It’s a Complete Sellout!!

Royal al RV Atkinson inson Firepla eplace KIA Cor ornwall all

35 34 33

The Seeker Chicks Will Be There!


EXHIBITORS nwall all Lands andscape ape 1 Cornw 2 Varieietyy 104.5 – CJSS 101.9 3 Fith ith Ave.. Independe Independentt Jeweller Je eller 4 Gilden ilden Wood ood St Stone one Works orks 5 Land andryy Aluminum luminum 6 Partyy LiLite 7 Indulge Interiors I iors 8 Pampe ampered ed Chef hef 9 Classic lassic Auto 10 Wind indow Visions isions 11 DVJ’s Home ome Improveme Imp ementt Servivice 12 Natu turalal Soaps oaps and Craft 13 Cornw nwall all Conc oncrete 14 Furnitu niture Village illage 15 Bath th Solutions olutions 16 Baker er Heating ting & Airir Conditioning onditioning 17 Royalal Lepage epage Perfo forman mancee Real ealty 18 Curves es / C&A Dist istribu ibutors ors 19 Something omething Unique

This year’s event is a terrific blend of brand new exhibitors along with the popular ones from other shows. There will be all kinds of demonstrations, a family fun zone and, as a special feature, the Indoor Long Drive Championship contest for Chambers golfing members. As a tasty additional treat, there will be a BBQ cook-off and close to 30 backyard chefs will be preparing delicious summer fare.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg.11) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

I am sure everyone can reflect on a particular circumstance where a friend, relative of fellow worker has been affected by a critical illness. An illness of this magnitude will have a far reaching affect on caregivers,friends and relatives who are attempting to cope with an illness such as cancer,stroke,heart attack and all other twenty-four illnesses covered by a critical illness plan. The benefit of owning a critical illness insurance plan, is that it provides you with a one time payment if you are diagnosed and survive an illness covered by your plan. Having this extra measure of financial security helps keep you afloat in a time of crisis giving you freedom to concentrate on what is most important – your recovery. Critical Illness Insurance is available with a return of premium, if after 15 Years you do not claim on your Critical Illness policy you may receive all your paid in premiums. The benefit of the return of premium is you have coverage in place if you sustain a critical illness,and if the benefit is not needed after 15 years minimum you would have a substantial savings plan.

A critical illness would also incur additional expenses such as requiring the help of a caregiver, additional treatments and surgeries, travelling costs, renovations to accommodate physical impairment, and loss of income. Critical illness from Sun Life Financial automatically includes access to Best Doctors. If you become ill Best Doctors connects you and your treating physician to world renowned specialists to confirm your diagnosis and treatment options without you having to leave your home. Today more than ever people are surviving illnesses that were once fatal. Your well being and the well being of your family or business depend on the strength of your financial plan. Adding Critical Illness Insurance to your plan can help see you through such a life changing event. Email: Ask to sign up for my email newsletter

Read, Learn & Grow by the Cornwall Public Library

Critically speaking by Peter

Critical Illness Insurance coverage by enlarge is perceived by most people as an insurance product that may not affect their lives

45 Second Street East Cornwall ON K6H 5V1 tel: 613-932.4796 fax: 613-932-2715



MONDAY, APRIL 11 TIME FOR TWOS - 10:00 - 10:30 AM

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 WRITER'S FEST - Digita l Photography Worksho p CLUB DE LECTURE - LE S MILLES FEUILLES 18 H 30 À 20 H 15

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 CORNWALL TRANSITIONS FILM PRESENTATION & DISCUSSION - 2:00 PM A Film and Discussion Series aimed at raising awareness about the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil and how we can respond positively as a community. In Transition - From Oil Dependence to Local Resilience An introduction to the Transition Movement: communities around the world responding to peak oil and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour, working together to rebuild their local economies and communities. The film is positive, solutions-focused, vital and fun. SCIENCE & NATURE SPEAKER SERIES PRESENTS Hendrik Saaltink - Seaway International Bridge Corp. “North Channel Bridge: Past, Present and Future” 7:00 - 8:15 PM - Program rooms 1 & 2 BABY TALES - 10:00 AM-10:45 AM KIDS' CORNER - 10:00 - 10:45 AM ADULT CHESS - 6:15 - 8:15 PM ADULT BRIDGE - 6:15 - 8:15 PM


THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 12)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-8101

MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening?

FRIDAY APRIL 8 ow Freestyle Rap Battle Hip Hop Sh Phatty Kats, Cornwall

SATURDAY APRIL 9 Nancy Beaudette, Chris MacLean and Peggy White The St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage M orrisbu 9 SATURDAY APRIL angles oJ B Band Bon Jovi Tribute Cornwall SATURDAY APRIL 9 Mayor's Spring Celebr ation of the Arts Aultsville Theatre, Corn wall

9 SATURDAY APRIL Spare Partz, l Snails II, Cornwal


Want to be your Own Boss?

Make it happen with Summer Company! Create a business of your own and you could get up to $3,000 to make that dream job a reality. Summer Company is a Ministry of Economic Development and Trade program. By providing a chance to create your own small business, Summer Company allows students to take charge as your own boss, helping you to develop business skills early in life. To find out more contact:

Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre 100 Water Street East, Cornwall, ON t. 613-930-2787 ext 2276 e.

16 SATURDAY APRIL The Bulters enefit Concert" "Relay for Life B Club, Cornwall. The Army Navy

SPIRITUAL SEEDLINGS The Greatest Hero of All! by Pastor John Scorgie

Spaghetti Fundraising Dinner Join us on Wednesday, April 13th from 5PM – 8PM.

Bruyere’s restaurant is hosting a Spaghetti Fundraising dinner for the “off leash dog park” near Optimist Park.

Join us on Wednesday, April 13th from 5PM – 8PM. Enjoy a great plate of spaghetti for only $10.00, and meet the Cornwall Dog Park Committee. The net proceeds will be donated to the CDPA for the purchasing of fencing. Reservations and tickets recommended and are available at Bruyere’s Restaurant 1225 Brookdale, Cornwall 613 933-4800. Pictured here ready to serve you is CDPA volunteer Shirley Barr, and Owner operator of Bruyere’s Restaurant, Mike Bruyere.

The Bible definitely satisfies the human desire for heroic figures. Yes, the Scriptures offer us many models of people who are truly heroic and worthy of following. I honestly believe that the greatest hero in the entire Bible and, in fact, the whole world, is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament exhorts us to fix our eyes of faith on Jesus and to follow Him alone. The pattern of Christ’s life on earth follows the familiar cycle of events that hero stories are made of: a miraculous birth, a special calling in life, a great achievement for the benefit of others, a notable death. Christ’s life sums up very well the biblical ideal of heroism. He showed exceptional qualities of character, exceptional courage in coming to this earth, and exceptional dedication in his mission. He demonstrated great virtue, great obedience, and great sacrifice. Whatever heroes do, Jesus did. Heroes do the unexpected and so did Jesus! Heroes take action and so did Jesus! Heroes step out on faith and so did Jesus! Heroes save the day and so did Jesus! Heroes stand for truth and so did Jesus! My simple question to you is this: who is your greatest hero? My simple request of you is this: please seriously consider following Jesus Christ as your greatest hero. Come to Him in sincere repentance and faith and then follow Him closely for all of your days on earth.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 13) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 Email:

Dear Golden Years, This is a question not enough customers ask when planning to have work done for them. But this is the first and most important question to ask and will determine the ease, comfort during, and ultimately, the satisfaction with the finished project. First of all, ask the question: What do I want? There are many different projects to do about the house and certain contractors are best suited to doing certain things. For instance, whilst someone did a fantastic job on your neighbours roof, you likely won't want to hire them to remodel your bathroom. This is not true in all cases but you need to know what your potential contractor is good at.

The biggest and flashiest is not always the best. The company who has all the signs and the biggest ad in the paper is simply the one who spent the most on advertising. The best advertising is by referral. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers and get some first hand recommendations (or warnings) about the contractors they have used. Drop by their homes, and over a glass of wine, chat about the quality, price and communication with theirs. Many times you will find a more attentive, efficient and friendly contractor who has never placed an ad in the newspaper. Contact your local builders associations, building materials suppliers as well as the chamber of commerce. They are great resources for finding local professionals who are active within your community. Our local community can be found at Always interview more than one. Always get a second opinion. You wouldn't allow a doctor to cut you open if you weren't confident in the diagnosis. So having someone cut open your home is no different. If your contractor recommends a course of action you are not comfortable with, get a second opinion. It is free, and any good contractor would be more than happy to give you an hour of their time to discuss the project...and potentially woo you away from the contractor you are doubting. Communication is key. If you cannot understand one another, no one will be satisfied at the end of the day. If you have a limited knowledge of the construction process, then make your contractor aware of that, and of the fact that you want to be educated in the process as you go. Make sure your contractor knows what you want, and that you are making the decisions. Your contractor should be patient, forthcoming, honest, and always available to answer your questions; All the qualities you seek in any professional. If your contractor can't answer your questions immediately or in a timely manner, be wary. Money. This is where the fun part of renovating ends. Honestly, no one ever truly likes to sign over the cheque for several thousand dollars, and no contractor ever gets paid enough. But this is the part of the deal that needs to be agreed upon before a nail is driven or a wall comes down. Don't be fooled. Do your homework before hand and know the quality of the finished product before you even meet the contractor. This will make it much easier to sign the cheques as you can see the value of your dollars spent. Have a contract. Outline what you want IN DETAIL. Specify suppliers, brands, styles, colours, subcontractors, and timelines. Stop work if anything is deviated from. Stay involved and aware that you are getting what you paid for. Prices will vary. Not only because of quality, but keep in mind that every contractor carries a different overhead: better tools, insurance, advertising, newer trucks, etc. Some of his expenses are working for you, some are strictly for his benefit. Make sure you are comfortable with the price before you sign on. Both parties need to agree on the payment schedule. Protect yourself. Only pay for the work as it is being done and to your satisfaction. Avoid downpayments before any work is done, and NEVER pay in full until YOU say the job is done. Installments are great and keep the wheels greased. Make sure you agree on intervals and have this schedule written into your contract.

Call Niki for info or appt.

613-528-1770 Cell: 613-933-4170

“About The House”

Dear Joe, We have an older home. My wife and I are recently retired and are now looking to update our house by doing some fairly large renovations to our Kitchen and Bathroom, among other smaller improvements. Where do we look for, and what should we look for in, a reputable contractor? Sincerely, Golden years.

EL TORO TATTOO “We take pride in our hide” Must be 18 years of age or parent consent

All disposable needles & tubes. Bring your own design. 612 Montreal Rd. Cornwall


Remember any reputable contractor will have a network of suppliers working with him and will carry balances for 30-60 days, so don't be duped into paying for material up front. Some contractors offer financing plans through 3rd party lenders to provide you with optional payment plans. Be sure that you are dealing with someone who is insured. Not only for your protection, but theirs too. Accidents happen but that's why insurance is available. Two million dollars liability is pretty well standard nowadays, and don't be afraid to ask for proof. He should be happy to show you because he's paying enough for it. In conclusion, when it comes to finding a good contractor, you get out of it what you put into it. Talk is cheap but word of mouth is king. Any good contractor wants their customers to be makes their job so much easier, so ask questions. There's no such thing as a stupid question...only an impatient contractor. Best of luck finding your contractor, Joe. Thank you to everyone for your contributions this week. If I didn't answer your question, keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. You can email your questions to: For additional information about me and what is going on in your community, please visit our website: And remember, Whatever you do, do it well, because a job well done stays well done forever.

Join Nancy Galway For a QUIET THE MIND, HEAL THE SOUL Meditation Workshop Saturday, April 30 - 7 pm - 9 pm at the Cover Page Studio ,4th & York St. by donation (suggested price $25) For more info. 514-826-6365 or visit THE LOCAL SEEKER (April 8 - pg. 14) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 Email:

SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND ... IN OUR CLASSIFIEDS and much, much more ...

LOOKING FOR a Regal Representative? Call Tammy. 613-935-7318 FOR SALE: Rockwell Bench Saw, 3 piece Singer Sewing Machine, 40 Channel Scanner Base CB,613-938-1081 LOT FOR SALE: 3 ACRES backing on to the Raisin River Located on VALADE ROAD asking $39,900 Telephone 613-577-6638 / 613-936-8083 FOR SALE: 1998 Ford Taurus SHO, V8, auto. Runs well, fully loaded. A deal at $1,500. Tel. 613-932-8488 FOR SALE: Hitch for 2002 up Nissan Altima, Adapter, Brand bew #77031. Asking $125 Phone 613-932-8488 ask for Steve. DINE WITH A WATER VIEW @ RCAFA WING 424 240 WATER ST. WEST WEEKLY WINGS & "THINGS" AND GEORGIE'S KARAOKE EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 4:30 ON - ALL WELCOME!! FOR SALE: 1955 Plymouth Savoy. 2 door runs good, drives good, $5,500 OBO. Call Brent at 613-932-5810 FOR SALE: 1966 Mercury Montclair, never winter driven, $5,000, telephone 613-938-1081 FOR SALE Slippers Richard 613-932-0133


FOR SALE: GE undercounter

FOR SALE: 1-0 turn 4 foot commercial lawnmower - 4 front foot commercial lawnmower with snowblower attachment - 1x 16 foot double axel trailer with break and one small route client route in Alexandria. 613-330-5856 FOR SALE: Singer Sewing machine with 3 drawer cabinet $75 613-938-6149 FOR SALE: Elvis Presley beach towel - new - $15 613-938-6149 FOR SALE: Danielle Steele hard cover books paid $34.99 each, asking $8 each. Telephone 613938-6149 FOR SALE: mixed hard wood $85 a cord delivered. 613-330-5856 FOR SALE: 1995 Ford Taurus station wagon, ideal for parts, in running condition, $1200 - 613938-3248 if no answer leave a message. FOR SALE: Lazy Boy recliner, swivel rocker good condition $100. 613-938-2745 FREE HOME BUYERS SEMINAR

April 17th from 1-3pm at the Cornwall Public Library REGISTER TODAY! Space is limited to register and get your Free HomeBuyer Report LOOKING FOR a Regal Representative? Call Tammy. 613-935-7318

dishwasher $125 613-938-6149

Certified Professional Groomer Bathing~Clipping~Styling~Scissoring ear care~nails~Flea Treatments Specialty Shampoos And more !

Melanie Williams By Appointment


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