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1.0 Research............................................1.0 1.1 Company Overview 1.2 Research Paper 1.3 SWOT 1.4 Creative Brief 1.5 Competitive Audit 1.6 Demographics 1.7 Brand Persona

2.0 Style Guidelines..............................2.0 2.1 Logo Specs 2.2 Typography 2.3 Color Palette 2.4 Images & Textures

3.0 Creative Development..................3.0 3.1 Mood Board 3.2 Logo 3.3 Digital & Products

4.0 Final Solutions................................4.0 4.1 Website 4.2 App 4.3 Social Networks 4.4 Print Products 4.5 Swag Bag of Goodies

Brand Essence At the heart of our identity is our essence. This is not only about the Run for your Lives organization but it’s also about the people we hope to inspire to feel good, to exercise and have fun while doing it.

Thrilling, entertaining and immersive are at the core of what we are about. We represent the opportunity to escape from everyday worries, and become immersed in the chaos and fun of running for your lives from bloodthirsty zombies.

You’ll awaken your inner child at our event and become so involved in the fun, you wont even realize the health benefits. We’ll leave you with an experience you’ll never forget. It’s a unique and enjoyable event that brings everyone together.

We introduce the unexpected.

We value trust placed in us.

We stand out by looking to tomorrow.

We connect our audiences' interests.


RESEARCH 1.0 1.1 Company Overview 1.2 Research Paper 1.3 SWOT 1.4 Creative Brief 1.5 Competitive Audit 1.6 Demographics 1.7 Brand Persona


Run for your Lives




Run for your Lives has created a unique and unforgettable racing experience that the physically fit, the couch potato, the zombie survivalist and the every day person can participate in AND enjoy. It’s especially great for those who have struggled to lose weight because exercise was never enjoyable. Run for your Lives has rebranded itself to help it’s target audience realize what a fantastic challenge and opportunity has been provided to them. In turn, their reputation of a highly desired zombie infested obstacle course race has been in higher demand. Run for your Lives is rebranding it’s image through digital and print development. They are also providing an outlet through various social media sites for past and future runners, volunteers, zombies, course officials, etc. to be able to relive the excitement of their experience and plan for future races.

Evade being eaten by zombies! 4

Run for your Lives




RESEARCH Run For Your Lives is a first-of-its-kind event, one part 5K, one part obstacle course, one part escaping the clutches of zombies — and all parts awesome. 6

Run for your Lives


un For Your Lives is a first-of-its-kind event, one part 5K, one part obstacle course, one part escaping the clutches of zombies and all parts awesome. It’s a simple concept, but it’s powerful. Bringing people together to enjoy something that is larger than the individual is what we are all about. What sets us apart from all other races is Run for your Lives provides runners all of the the thrill and fear of being chased by zombies but none of the undead consequences

With obesity being at an all time high, health consciousness is not on the minds of many. Run for your Lives introduces a way to inspire exercise on a regular basis. It attracts a variety of people and gives everyone the desire to finally get moving and run for their lives. And for the more serious zombie minded, it also serves as survival training. Run for your Lives motivates those that have no desire to run and intrigues those who have tried everything else. In order to reach everyone we have to branch out across several of the largest countries and redesign our brand to ensure we meet our audiences needs and exceed their expectations.

The future of Run for your Lives includes our international expansion in Canada and Europe. We've updated marketing collateral including our logo, website and print products. We've created a new mobile app and redesigned our social media sites to be more interactive and immersive. The effect that Run for your Lives has on everyone is physical, mental, emotional and is becoming more apparent as our popularity grows. Run for your Lives motivates people to not just run, but run for their lives. It won’t just save you from zombies, It’ll save you from yourself.


RESEARCH:SWOT STRENGTHS Attracks people within all levels of fitness those who may normally not participate

1.3 WEAKNESSES Obstacles can be varied Clean up for participants after race

Provides the thrill of being chased in a fun, safe way combined with physical activity

Adequate parking and signage

Quickly rising loyal fan base

Fine tune difficulty level of obstacles

Inspired and unique zombie costumes




Bracnching off into different themes

Getting enough people to participate in each race

Zombies have been been becoming more popular

Finding locations for races

Social Networks allow for quick word of mouth

Building obstacles at each location timely and securely

The CDC advertises zombie preparedness

Providing quick and satisfactory customer support

Local businesses may want involvement recognition

Providing medical attention for injuries on the course

Collaboration with well known zombie themed tv shows, authors, directors, etc.

Making sure obligations of contracts are met and legal documentation needed is obtained

Run for your Lives





Tenants & Image Criteria

Run for your Lives is a first of it’s kind zombie infested 5k 12 course obstacle race. Run for your Lives offers people of all ages and cultures the experience and thrill of being chased by zombies and providing real world zombie survival training.

• Thrilling • Entertaining • Immersive

Run for your Lives seeks to rebrand themselves in a way that will make them more visually appealing that will allow for greater publicity and interaction with their audience and with each other. It seeks to make exercise appealing and fun for everyone by immersing them in the experience.

• Is the only zombie related event involving physical activity • The only race that tests endurance & ability to evade zombies • Allows celebration after the race even if you’re “dead”

Unique Selling Proposition

Primary Product(s) or Service(s):


• Zombie filled obstacle course race & Apocalypse party • A good time, bragging rights & race swag • Providing fun incentive to exercise for everyone

Bringing people together to enjoy a thrilling and immersive real life zombie chase as an obstacle course race which helps people enjoy exercise.

Target Audience:

Tagline: • This ain’t your mamma’s race

10 Run for your Lives

• A Zombie lovers of all shapes & sizes and ages • B People who love a challenge • C Paranoid (zombie) conspiracy theorist • D Well read & educated people ( mostly Fiction Sci-Fi geeks ) • E People open to new ideas and trying new things





1.5 The direct competition against Run for your Lives are the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash. These 3 obstacle course races have varied coures in levels of extremes. While their courses may be tough and rugged and challenge even the most seasoned of athletes, none of them offer the ability to allow those who are not as physically fit to participate. Run for your Lives offers obstacle courses that anyone can complete and at their own pace. Because these other races are extremely challenging, it tends to bring out the "every man for themselves" syndrome. Run for your Lives is a team sport. Runners help their own friends but they also stop to help others they don't know who may be struggling. And with Zombies chasing you, you can use all the friends you can get. Run for your Lives is the essence of bringing people together to have a good time and losing weight while doing it.

12 Run for your Lives


Bringing people together to enjoy something that is larger than the individual is what we are all about.


Our target audience ranges from teenagers to adults in their mid 40's who are of all shapes and sizes from the perfectly fit to the couch potato. Many are zombie enthusiasts who keep up with all things zombie. Others hold ordinary white and blue collar jobs such as teachers, nurses, lawyers, janitors and mechanics. But all will be open to new ideas, trying new things out and are young at heart.



THE TOUGH GUY 14 Run for your Lives


David Garza is the face of fitness and embodies the brand personality. His muscular frame communicates the strength of the brand and his confidence reminds everyone who’s in charge. David is always willing to lend a helping hand and crack open a cold beer and a joke but when things get serious, he’s the guy you want watching your back.

He’s: Serious but not uptight Smart but not cocky Strong but not reckless



Jessica Jones is the everyday face in the crowd and epitomizes the agility and the intelligence of the brand. She enjoys reading a good book and can shoot a bullet at your head with deadly accuracy. She’s petite but don’t let that fool ya. She’s quick on her feet and won’t hesitate to put you down if you’re “infected”.

She’s: Observant but not indifferent Tiny but not a pushover Shrewd but not foolish



THE COLLEGE STUDENT 16 Run for your Lives


Jennifer Beltran represents the fresh and youthful energy of the brand. Her excitement is contagious and her loyalty is fierce. She’s young and young at heart but don’t let that innocent look mislead you. She has a sharp tongue and an even sharper axe.

She’s Innocent but not naive Friendly but not Clingy Stubborn but not unreasonable



Fred Andrews is the embodiment of everything that is relaxed and laid back about the brand. His garlic breath is strong but his convictions are stronger. Fred loves cheeseburgers and long naps. He may be slow but he’s a walking encyclopedia of all things zombie.

He’s Funny but not a fool large but not slow Sensitive but not a wimp


STYLE GUIDE 2.0 2.1 Logo Specs 2.2 Typography 2.3 Color Palette 2.4 Images & Textures

18 Run for your Lives


STYLE GUIDELINES:LOGO SPECIFICATIONS: PLACEMENT The Run for your Lives logo is the single most important visual element of the brand. Balance is an essential component of good design. Placing any element, including text and images too close to the logo diminishes its importance.


2.1 Z = 0.5in = half the width around the logo and will give it the room it needs to stand out.


Z It should be treated as a graphic icon and must appear on all communications, including print collateral, products and digital sites. Only with consistent and guidelined follow through, will the Run for your Lives logo remain a powerful asset for the continued development of the brand.

20 Run for your Lives

Secondary Logo


Z = 0.5in = half the height around the logo and will give it the room it needs to stand out.


22 Run Run for for your your Lives Lives



Logos shall not have a background to them or any filter effects and may not be distored. Signatures may not be placed in any other location around the logo than what is shown in the correct use of logos and signatures and logos may not be swaped out with each other.

Correct Use Vertical Use

Horizontal Use

Signature Use

Size Distortion


Incorrect Use Backgrounds& Effects

Logos/Signature switching




The intention of Run for your Lives is to depict it as as an event that is confident, diverse, dynamic and choosing the right style of type is critical component of this. Run for your Lives uses bold typography to create strong hierarchies and drama across all marketing collateral. Museo Sans and Museo Slab bridges the needs of editorial copy, product typography and public signage with one family type design. It uses space efficiently, and is clearly legible under any circumstances.

Headings The default typeface for headings is Museo Slab

Body copy

Super Header 30px Header 24px

Museo Sans should be used for all body copy and can be used for larger sizes of copy or where a more classic look and feel is desired.

Subheader 18px

Taglines Museo Sans Italics should be used in the Run for your Lives taglines or wherever emphasis is desired or needed.

Body copy is 12px Museo Sans on 18px leading. Other than that, everyone should know that zombies are a very real possibilitiy and should be as prepared as possible. If you encounter one, always aim for the head and remember, that’s not your mother anymore.

Museo Slab

Museo Sans

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 @$%&?!

24 Run for your Lives

Taglines 10px

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 @$%&?!

25 3

STYLE GUIDELINES:COLOR SCHEME Core Color Meaning: RED Red captures attention and is a very visible color. It's the color of violence, adventure & adventure which is a perfect fit for Run for your Lives.

Below is the Run for your Lives full color palette. While the Black, White and Red form the core palette, the secondary colors should be considered to complement the design as accent. Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message based on color alone.

Primary Colors

BLACK Black is associated with fear and the unknown. Combined with red, black is a very aggressive color scheme. It has negative associations such as the death we're faced running from zombies.

WHITE White is associated with purity and goodness. In design, it's associated with cleanliness to suggest simplicity. It's the face of innocence lost in the Zombie Apocalypse.

26 Run for your Lives


Secondary Colors




Photography style is another key component in the creation of successful brand communication and brand personality. Photography selections are determined by the needs of the individual project but we recommend:Naturally engaging and spontaneous (with the exception of portraits), full of surprise, discovery and enjoyment of the experience. reflect it’s dynamic atmosphere. close ups should be intriguing and draw you into the colors, texture and other details of the image.

28 Run for your Lives


CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT 3.0 3.1 Mood Board 3.2 Logo 3.3 Digital & Products

30 Run for your Lives




Developing a mood board helps visually illustrate the direction of the design style. It’s a collection of graphics, images, colors, typography, and textures that helps convey feeling and emotion. The final mood board that Run for your Lives has persued is a collective of 3 past mood boards that convey the thrill and excitement of the brand.

32 Run for your Lives



The Logo sketching process is imperative to the development to the final decision made for the brand. It helps refine the vision. Creating digital logos can be time consuming no matter how skilled you are. This is where sketching logos comes in as a valuable tool. It's much more efficient. It can save valuable time and allow for ideas to be jotted down quickly.



THE SKETCHES 34 Run for your Lives


Preliminary sketching ideas were consistant in the use of the needs, expectations and desires that the Run for your Lives target audience. The media asset ideas that were to be developed had to be functional, visually stunning and would have to stand apart. The ideas behind these sketches has created much anticipation.



FINAL SOLUTIONS 4.0 4.1 Website 4.2 App 4.3 Social Networks 4.4 Print Products 4.5 Swag Bag of Goodies

36 Run for your Lives




The Run for your Lives website (desktop view) makes it easy for you and all your friends to easily access all the information they’ll need to be the next victim at their choice of locations.

38 Run for your Lives

FINAL SOLUTIONS:WEBSITE - TABLET/ MOBILE The Run for your Lives website ( tablet and mobile view ) is perfect for those lazy days of lounging around but still provides the same great information with optimized viewing performance that’s perfect for smaller devices.




THE APP The Run for your Lives app app prepares you and your friends for impending doom. Play alone or in a group. Play in survivor mode as a runner or zombie and then brag to all your friend about how you did by automatically sharing it to your favorite social network. 40 Run for your Lives




SOCIAL NETWORKS Social Networking is for everyone. Zombies can also tweet and facebook about how far they’ve spread the infection. Runners can immerse themselves in the pre race excitement and share their experiences with everyone. We bring you closer to fullfilling your destiny. 41


BILLBOARD SOLUTION 42 Run for your Lives


THE BILLBOARD Nothing says “ I told you so” like a huge billboard on the side of the highway. While you’re stuck in gridlock, we've taken advantage of a high vantage point combined with a high traffic location which make billboard advertisement a key branding element.



THE POSTER Run for your Lives is everywhere and so are posters. The versatility of posters lends itself to be a main branding element. Posters give Run for your Lives the advantage of abundant and available locations and quick viewing access to a varied audience.




As a parting gift for partaking in the festivities, Run for your Lives has provided an exceptionally sturdy swag bag filled with all the necessities one would need during an apocalypse including a hoody, flashlight and the ever important toilet paper.

44 Run for your Lives


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46 Run for your Lives

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Run for your Lives


Run for your Lives Rebranding Project