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Product Index/Church Supplies The Judson Press 2017 Complete Book Catalog is dedicated to the memory of

gardner c. taylor He was a great and gracious friend of Judson Press and we honor his lifelong commitment to promoting leadership, discipleship, and healing in his ministry and in the world. [See Gardner C. Taylor products on page 25.]

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Baptist baptist History & Beliefs

Available September 2017

Baptists, Jews, and the Holocaust The Hand of Sincere Friendship

Lee B. Spitzer; Foreword by Reid S. Trulson

A thorough narrative history that explores the previously unknown work of Baptists in the United States during the Second World War. How did US Baptists respond to Jews at home and abroad, especially as anti-Semitism grew and reports of the genocide overseas reached our shores? Rich with primary source material and covering the history of Northern (American) Baptists, Southern Baptists, and African American Baptists alike, this ground-breaking volume is a must-read for church historians, Holocaust scholars, Baptist history buffs, and anyone interested in interfaith relations. Key Features: • Were US Baptists anti-Semitic? • Did US Baptists care about the Jewish situation, at home or in Europe? • How did US Baptists respond as news of persecution, pogroms, and concentration camps spread? • Was the “hand of friendship” offered by US Baptists to the Jewish people sincere or substantive? 978-0-8170-1782-8 $42.99


Making Friends, Making Disciples 978-0-8170-1645-6 $16.00

Other BaptisT History & Belief Titles

Baptist Beliefs Edgar Y. Mullins 978-0-8170-1569-5 $13.00

A Baptist Church Manual J. Newton Brown 978-0-8170-0015-8 $5.50

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Baptist Confessions of Faith, 2nd Revised Edition William L. Lumpkin Bill J. Leonard, editor 978-0-8170-1695-1 Hardcover, $40.99

Baptist Hymnal, Revised Word Edition 978-0-8170-1720-0 Hardcover, $18.99

A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice, 2nd Revised Edition Norman H. Maring and Winthrop S. Hudson David Gregg, editor 978-0-8170-1713-2 $32.99 1


2017 Complete Book catalog

baptist History & Beliefs

Baptist Roots Curtis W. Freeman, James Wm. McClendon Jr., and C. Rosalee Velloso da Silva 978-0-8170-1281-6 $25.99

Baptist Ways Bill J. Leonard 978-0-8170-1231-1 Paper, $33.00 978-0-8170-1638-8 Hardcover, $46.00

Baptists in the Balance Everett C. Goodwin, editor 978-0-8170-1247-2 $20.00

Bless God and Take Courage Rosalie Hall Hunt 978-0-8170-1479-7 $21.00

Distinctly Baptist Brian C. Brewer, editor 978-0-8170-1698-2 $17.99

Down by the Riverside Everett C. Goodwin 978-0-8170-1400-1 $13.00 Study Guide 978-0-8170-1496-4 $7.00

Edwin T. Dahlberg Keith Dahlberg 978-0-8170-1660-9 $18.00

The Hiscox Standard Baptist Manual Edward T. Hiscox 978-0-8170-0340-1 $12.00

A History of the Baptists, 3rd Edition Robert G. Torbet 978-0-8170-0074-5 Hardcover, $35.99

The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches Everett C. Goodwin 978-0-8170-1215-1 Hardcover, $26.00

Liberty of Conscience Edwin S. Gaustad 978-0-8170-1338-7 $18.00

A New Baptist Church Manual 978-0-8170-0117-9 $6.00

A Short History of the Baptists Henry C. Vedder 978-0-8170-0162-9 Hardcover, $27.00

To the Golden Shore Courtney Anderson 978-0-8170-1121-5 $23.00

Keepers of the Faith Jeffrey D. Jones 978-0-8170-1292-2 $3.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Baptist baptist Membership Resources

Baptism Ahead Wallace R. Smith 978-0-8170-1551-0 $15.00

Being Baptist/ Para ser bautistas (bilingual) J. Manny Santiago 978-0-8170-1556-5 $15.00 5-copy set, 978-0-8170-1558-9 $60.00 10-copy set, 978-0-8170-1559-6 $100.00

The New Member’s Guide, Revised Edition Gordon H. Schroeder 978-0-8170-1436-0 $5.00 5-copy set, 978-0-8170-1688-3 $24.00 10-copy set, 978-0-8170-1689-0 $43.00

The Unofficial Baptist Handbook Lora-Ellen McKinney 978-0-8170-1721-7 $14.99

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The Family of God, Student Book Douglas Beyer 978-0-8170-1156-7 $10.00

The Meaning of Church Membership Wayne C. Clark 978-0-8170-0103-2 $12.00

The New Life, 3rd Revised Edition Allan R. Knight and Gordon H. Schroeder 978-0-8170-1563-3 $7.99 10-pack set, 978-0-8170-1562-6 $60.00

We Are Baptists Studies for Younger Elementary Children Jeffrey D. Jones, Debra L. Sutton 978-0-8170-1341-7 $10.00 Studies for Older Elementary Children Jeffrey D. Jones 978-0-8170-1342-4 $10.00 Studies for Youth Jeffrey D. Jones, Debra L. Sutton 978-0-8170-1322-6 $10.00 3

Christian Living

2017 Complete Book catalog

Prayer Available October 2017

The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer Alice Burnette Greene

“Teach us to pray,” the disciples implored Jesus, and he responded promptly with a deceptively simple but significant model for prayer. When Christians begin to understand why Jesus chose the precise words of this potent prayer, the true power of the Lord’s Prayer will be released to change the Christian faith. Not only will Christianity be revolutionized, Christians themselves will become empowered to revolutionize the world. A resource for individual study and small group action, exploring the practical and transforming potential of the prayer as recorded in Luke 11. Each chapter focuses on a particular phrase—and explores its impact for ministries of service, healing, and justice. Key Features: • In-depth exploration of Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer • Connections with contemporary social justice issues • Deepening exercises for personal reflection and small-group discussion • Online Leader’s Guide for group study 978-0-8170-1785-9 $15.99

Other Christian living Titles

Addicted to Hurry Kirk Byron Jones 978-0-8170-1445-2 $14.00 Audio (CD-ROM), 978-0-8170-1547-3 $17.00

S’more Time with God Nancy Ferguson 978-0-8170-1663-0 $12.99

40 Days to a Life of G.O.L.D. Ed Gray 978-0-8170-1463-6 $15.00

Crazy Faith Susan K. Williams Smith 978-0-8170-1531-2 $15.00

Aging without Apology Robert E. Seymour Jr. 978-0-8170-1222-9 $10.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Christian Living Christianity & culture

Holy Heroes

The Gospel According to DC & Marvel Scott Bayles

Author, pastor, and founder of the cosplay ministry Costumers for Christ, Scott Bayles is passionate about teaching spiritual life lessons based on the stories of comic book heroes. Likening the legends of superheroes to modern-day parables, Bayles connects the timeless truths of God’s Word with the stories of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, the X-Men, and others. With fascinating insight and surprising depth, Bayles unpacks those truths and helps superhero fans draw near to the heart of God in a relatable, relevant way.

So, if you’re a fan of DC and Marvel and a follower of Jesus—or if you’d like to know more about one or the other—then this book is for you! Ultimately, you’ll discover Jesus is the greatest superhero of all! Great for older teens, young adults—and beyond! Key Features: • Connects the life lessons found in the comic stories to biblical principles • Chapters feature easy-to-follow headings that make excellent sermon outlines for pastors • Includes questions for small-group discussion and for personal reflection • Features cosplay photographs to introduce each character 978-0-8170-1770-5 $15.99

Other christian living Titles

Faith in the Fast Lane Chad Bonham 978-0-8170-1734-7 $14.99

Celebrate Good Times! Elizabeth Crisci 978-0-8170-1486-5 $14.00

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Money on Purpose Shayna Lear 978-0-8170-1705-7 $15.99

Reboot Peggy Kendall 978-0-8170-1565-7 $14.00 5

Christian Living

2017 Complete Book catalog


Autism & Alleluias Kathleen Deyer Bolduc 978-0-8170-1568-8 $14.00

Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus Sharon Norris Elliott 978-0-8170-1541-1 $16.00

Before We Say I Do Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1443-8 $15.00

The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities Kathleen Deyer Bolduc 978-0-8170-1744-6 $16.99

Boomerangs to Arrows Sharon Norris Elliott 978-0-8170-1712-5 $14.99

Together for Good Ella P. and Henry H. Mitchell 978-0-8170-1489-6 $15.00

Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples Harold L. Arnold Jr. 978-0-8170-1566-4 $16.00 Leader’s Guide 978-0-8170-1567-1 $10.00

Willing to Try Again Dick Dunn 978-0-8170-1185-7 $10.00

Connected Peggy Kendall 978-0-8170-1516-9 $12.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Christian Living Grief/Death/dying

Still a Mother

Journeys through Perinatal Bereavement Joy M. Freeman & Tabatha D. Johnson, editors

More than 1 million women suffer fetal loss each year, yet most mothers will struggle to find words to share their grief or describe their experience. Miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death can be incredibly isolating, with women feeling silenced by shame or guilt, by confusion and loss of control. Still a Mother is a collection of incredibly honest, personal narratives written by clergywomen who have experienced perinatal or early infant loss. Chaplains Joy Freeman and Tabatha Johnson share their own experiences, and the stories of others, with grief, feelings about God and ministry, and what ultimately is helping them heal. By sharing their stories, they let other women know they are not alone, ending the silence and helping to equip pastors, congregations, family, and friends in ministering more compassionately to mothers who grieve.

Key Features: • A unique resource that fills a gap on the taboo topic of perinatal and early infant loss • An insightful resource for clergy who minister to women grieving miscarriage or early infant loss • Features practical insights for pastoral care, congregational compassion, and personal support in each chapter • Powerful and poignant, offers empathy, understanding, consolation, and a sense of companionship in bereavement to grieving mothers themselves 978-0-8170-1768-2 $15.99

Other Grief/Death/Dying Titles

How to Recover from Grief, Revised Edition Richard Lewis Detrich and Nicola J. Steele 978-0-8170-1237-3 $16.00

More Than a Parting Prayer William H. Griffith 978-0-8170-1480-3 $15.00

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On the Road to Emmaus Myrlene Hamilton Hess 978-0-8170-1533-6 $15.00

Sit Down, God… I’m Angry R. F. Smith Jr. 978-0-8170-1258-8 $13.00

Surviving Grief A. M. Brady Reinsmith 978-0-8170-1381-3 $6.00 7

Christian Living

2017 Complete Book catalog


God in My Grief Thomas J. Davis 978-0-8170-1291-5 $11.99

Rest in the Storm Kirk Byron Jones 978-0-8170-1393-6 $14.00

The Road toward Wholeness Mary Tuomi Hammond 978-0-8170-1270-0 $11.00

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Frank A. Thomas; Jini Kilgore Ross, editor 978-0-8170-1391-2 $10.00

I’m a Piece of Work! Cynthia L. Hale 978-0-8170-1571-8 $16.00

Meet the Queen of Sheba Rosanne Gartner 978-0-8170-1395-0 $9.00

Mothering Heights Keitha Smith and Susan Brereton 978-0-8170-1544-2 $15.00

women’s interest

Sisters of Scripture Billie Montgomery/Cook 978-0-8170-1757-6 $14.99

Men’s Interest

Midlife, Manhood, and Ministry Donald Hilliard Jr. with Rhoda McKinney-Jones 978-0-8170-1729-3 $14.99

Battling Prostate Cancer Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1460-5 $10.00

From One Brother to Another, Vol 2 Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. 978-0-8170-1362-2 $11.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Christian Education Leadership/Teaching

Fostering Faith

Teaching & Learning in the Christian Church Denise Janssen with Diane Janssen Hemmen and Sallie Verner

Inspired by an expressed need of Christian education leaders, Fostering Faith reaches far beyond the Sunday school hour or midweek Bible study. It proposes a shift from viewing education as “schooling,” with a goal to increase the learners’ knowledge, to a holistic model of education as transformation, which equips and empowers Christian disciples for ministry. Valuable for clergy, lay leaders, and education ministry members, Fostering Faith seeks to strengthen the vital role teachers play in the church and in the world as learners and disciples themselves.

Features an educational ministry toolbox with practical materials for teacher selection and evaluation, policies and procedures, classroom and teaching aids, and more. Key Features: • Highlights the concept that in Christian education, the goal is transforming through discernment and exploration of ideas and experiences, rather than supplying information to answer questions • Presents dual perspectives of teaching—as formal ministry in the church and as an organic process as congregations live out their mission • Contains practical appendices with adaptable resources for Christian education committees and teachers 978-0-8170-1749-1 $14.99

Other Christian Education Titles

Basic Teacher Skills Richard E. Rusbuldt 978-0-8170-1255-7 $12.00

Christian Educator’s Guide to Evaluating and Developing Curriculum Nancy Ferguson 978-0-8170-1523-7 $17.00

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How to Be the Best Christian Study Group Leader Israel Galindo 978-0-8170-1500-8 $16.00


Reclaimed: Faith in an Emerging Generation 978-0-8170-1765-1 $15.99

The Craft of Christian Teaching Israel Galindo 978-0-8170-1280-9 $16.00 978-0-8170-1422-3 Spanish, $16.00

Embracing the Future Linda R. Isham, editor 978-0-8170-1327-1 $12.00 9

Christian Education

2017 Complete Book catalog


8 Questions Jesus Asked Discipleship for Leaders

Daniel M. Cash and William H. Griffith

Bringing a dual focus to two important areas of faith and congregational life, leadership, and discipleship, this book draws on the best of biblical scholarship and the wisdom of today’s leadership coaching practices. It focuses on eight powerful questions from the Gospels, and examines their significance for leaders.

Using real and relevant ministry situations, 8 Questions Jesus Asked will help individuals examine their faith journey. Each chapter includes the biblical passage, exploration of the question in context, and application of the question and its insights. Key Features: • Ideal for an 8-week leadership study • Designed specifically for spiritual development in small group settings • Includes appendices with supplemental information related to the eight questions, leadership coaching, and additional questions for individual study 978-0-8170-1778-1 $13.99


More Than a Parting Prayer: Lessons in Care-Giving for the Dying 978-0-8170-1480-3 $15.00

Christian Education in the Small Church Donald L. Griggs and Judy McKay Walther 978-0-8170-1103-1 $13.00

Modeling Mary in Christian Discipleship John Burns 978-0-8170-1514-5 $11.00

Other Discipleship Titles

Reinventing Worship Brad Berglund 978-0-8170-1493-3 $15.00

Tempted to Leave the Cross Ernest R. Flores 978-0-8170-1524-4 $14.00 Spanish, 978-0-8170-1535-0 $14.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Christian Education Bible Study

Available Spring 2018

Messages in a Minor Key Prophetic Faith for Anxious Times David J. Crowley

The economy is struggling. Nations are warring. Religious leaders fall short of the integrity of their calling. God’s people have good reason to cry out to the Lord, to wonder what it all means and where God is at work in these anxious times. Today and in the days of the prophets of Israel and Judah, the questions and crises seem all too similar. Pastor David Crowley offers a biblical study of the Minor Prophets, who spoke to God’s people in crisis and in exile, speaking a word of prophetic challenge and resilient hope.

Intended for small groups or individual study, this resource includes questions for discussion and an online facilitator’s guide. Key Features: • In-depth biblical study of the Minor Prophets, from Amos to Zephaniah! • Powerful connections between the ancient context and contemporary culture • Exploration of the diverse images and metaphors of God throughout the Book of Twelve • Questions for small-group discussion and Bible study 978-0-8170-1784-2 $16.99

Other Bible Study Titles

The Layperson’s Introduction to the New Testament (Revised) Carl H. Morgan 978-0-8170-1162-8 $15.00

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The Layperson’s Introduction to the Old Testament (Revised) Robert B. Laurin 978-0-8170-1163-5 $15.00

Through Her Eyes Deborah Spink Winters, editor 978-0-8170-1769-9 $13.99 11

Church and Christian Education Ministry

2017 Complete Book catalog

Bible Study

Jesus Stories

Traveling toward Testimony H. Stephen Shoemaker

You may have heard about the decades-old search for the “historical Jesus,” the figure who lived in first-century Galilee as best as scholars can reconstruct. And you undoubtedly know the more-than-historical Jesus, who is in search of us, known by the Spirit of God. This vital volume ushers today’s disciples on a journey that moves from history into testimony—seeking the man Jesus in order to embrace the savior we call the Risen Christ. There is history here. There is the author’s personal testimony as well, a story of faith and experience. And there is an invitation to piece together from that history your own testimony of how you have come to recognize the historic Jesus at work in your life and faith. Key Features: • Accessible to the general reader • Presents the historical Jesus and a consideration of the morethan-historical Jesus and his impact throughout history and in the present day • Provides a faithful portrait of Jesus’ life and ministry and its meaning to the world ALSO BY THIS AUTHOR

978-0-8170-1774-3 $17.99

God Stories: Scriptural Narratives for Today 978-0-8170-1265-6 $17.00

Left Behind? The Facts behind the Fiction LeAnn Snow Flesher 978-0-8170-1490-2 $14.00

Other Bible Study Titles

Left Behind? The Facts behind the Fiction A Companion Guide Cassandra Carkuff Williams 978-0-8170-1497-1 $7.00

Silent Conversations William Apel 978-0-8170-1320-2 $16.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Church and Ministry Administration

Available November 2017

The Work of the Church Treasurer, New Edition Matthew Tennant

At last, a revision of this classic volume in Judson Press’s best-selling “Work of the Church” series! Updated to reflect the use of technology in recordkeeping and budgeting, this resource includes all the essentials of the previous edition, brought into the practices of the twenty-first century church. Includes guidelines for handling the annual budget, receipts and disbursements, reports and audits, as well as an overview of the ministry of the treasurer in the life of the church, as part of a larger team tasked with faithful stewardship and ethical practices. 978-0-8170-1783-5 $16.99

General Available August 2017

Intentionally Inclusive Together at the Table for Ministry Marcia J. Patton

In a society that is increasingly diverse in race and ethnicity, religious background and theological conviction, socioeconomic status and political perspectives, this practical resource explores the broad dimensions of what it means to be a multicultural community of faith—and relates the powerful story of how one group chose to pursue intentional inclusion and faithful intercultural ministry through ethnic caucuses and consensus-based decision-making. Grounded in biblical narrative as well as personal experiences, the book offers an authentic and honest look into a real-life experiment in inclusive ministry. Includes questions for personal reflection and ideas for small-group implementation. 978-0-8170-1781-1 $16.99

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Church and Ministry

2017 Complete Book catalog


Church on Purpose Adam L. Bond & Laura Mariko Cheifetz, editors 978-0-8170-1756-9 $15.99

Vital Spirit, Vital Service Trinette V. McCray 978-0-8170-1754-5 $16.99

Signs of Love Lori Buck 978-0-8170-1753-8 $17.99

A New Heart and a New Spirit David S. Young 978-0-8170-1209-0 $10.00

All Churches Great and Small Kirk and Rosie Farnsworth 978-0-8170-1478-0 $15.00

Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback? Tony Campolo 978-0-8170-1234-2 $16.00

The Complete Leader’s Guide to Christian Retreats Rachel Gilmore 978-0-8170-1546-6 $17.00

Drama for the Dramatically Challenged Laura L. Martinez 978-0-8170-1356-1 $12.00

I Can’t Make a Flower Margaret Spivey 978-0-8170-1212-0 $1.00

All I Need to Know About Ministry I Learned From Fly Fishing Myrlene Hamilton Hess 978-0-8170-1396-7 $5.00

Making Your Church a House of Healing Michael Gemignani 978-0-8170-1530-5 $14.00

Recovering the Sacred Center Howard E. Friend Jr. 978-0-8170-1274-8 $16.00

12 Steps to Congregational Transformation David Laubach 978-0-8170-1502-2 $12.00

The Bible Comes Alive Hans-Ruedi Weber 978-0-8170-1252-6 $10.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Church and Ministry General Leadership

Intercultural Ministry Hope for a Changing World

Grace Ji-Sun Kim & Jann Aldredge-Clanton, editors

Why are most churches still segregated by race and culture? Is it possible to build intercultural ministries today? How do these ministries give equal power and privilege to each culture? Intercultural Ministry explores these questions and more with chapters from a racially and denominationally diverse group of pastors, theologians, and teachers who reflect on their experiences and experiments in intercultural ministry. 978-0-8170-1779-8 $19.99

Welcoming Community Diversity That Works

Douglas Avilesbernal

Dramatic changes are happening in our culture and congregational life, particularly as it relates to church growth in an increasingly multicultural world where communities are often in transition. Welcoming Community explores the biblical story of Jesus’ journey through Samaria, which led to a transformational encounter between Jesus, a Jewish rabbi, and an unnamed Samaritan woman. Discover how the story offers a model for embracing the community in which a congregation ministers by becoming a welcoming community of faith in itself. 978-0-8170-1764-4 $16.99

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Church and Ministry

2017 Complete Book catalog


Coming Together in the 21st Century Curtiss Paul DeYoung 978-0-8170-1564-0 $19.00

Honoring the Generations M. Sydney Park, Soong-Chan Rah, and Al Tizon, editors 978-0-8170-1706-4 $19.99

Preaching the Presence of God Eunjoo Mary Kim 978-0-8170-1303-5 $14.99

Pursuing the Pearl Ken Uyeda Fong 978-0-8170-1304-2 $18.00

Reconciliation Curtiss Paul DeYoung 978-0-8170-1256-4 $15.00

Shattering the Myth of Race Dave Unander 978-0-8170-1317-2 $10.00

What We Love about the Black Church William H. Crouch Jr. Joel C. Gregory 978-0-8170-1644-9 $16.00

Worship on the Way Russell Yee 978-0-8170-1707-1 $17.99

Outreach & Evangelism

7 Creative Models for Community Ministry Joy F. Skjegstad 978-0-8170-1730-9 $16.99

Authentic Evangelism William Powell Tuck 978-0-8170-1415-5 $15.00

Got Style? Jeffrey A. Johnson Patricia G. Duckworth, editor 978-0-8170-1555-8 $15.00

Learning Mission, Living Mission Glynis LaBarre 978-0-8170-1725-5 $15.99

nuChristian Russell E. D. Rathbun 978-0-8170-1549-7 $15.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Church and Ministry Social Issues

The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope Wendell L. Griffen

How can we speak of hope in a time of deep division? For social justiceminded people of faith, hope is subversive. Become energized by this collection of sermons that resist injustice and call for radical change in our world. In this prophetic collection of sermons, pastor, judge, and prophet Wendell L. Griffen challenges followers of Jesus to ponder these questions: • What does it mean to be a “prophetic follower of Jesus”? • How will lessons in Scripture and across human history inform our action in the world? • How can we speak of hope in a time of deep division—a time too often defined by racism, misogyny, materialism, militarism, religious nationalism, and xenophobia? 978-0-8170-1786-6 $19.99

From Classism to Community A Challenge for the Church Jini Kilgore Cockroft

The poor, the underemployed, the homeless, and the mentally ill are often victims of discrimination. This “classism” exists in the Christian church as well as in the world, even though the gospel tells us that all persons are made in the image of God and that all who are transformed through faith in Jesus Christ become members of equal standing. From Classism to Community fully examines the origin of classism in the church and its influence on the development of denominations. Using Scripture, theology, sociology, and history, Rev. Dr. Cockroft presents practical insights for overcoming the barriers that separate. 978-0-8170-1773-6 $16.99

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Church and Ministry

2017 Complete Book catalog

Social Issues

See bottom of page 28 for other social issue Titles

The Audacity of Faith Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1554-1 $17.00

Hope for Children in Poverty Ronald J. Side and Heidi Unruh, editors 978-0-8170-1505-3 $16.00

Listen to the Children/Escuchemos a los niĂąos Elizabeth Conde-Frazier 978-0-8170-1661-6 $13.99

Stop the Violence! Wilda K. W. Morris Leader’s Guide 978-0-8170-1386-8 $5.00 Student Book 978-0-8170-1387-5 $9.00

Reinventing Sunday Brad Berglund 978-0-8170-1414-8 $15.00

Reinventing Worship Brad Berglund 978-0-8170-1493-3 $15.00

Word, Water, Wine, and Bread William H. Willimon 978-0-8170-0858-1 $15.00


A Manual of Worship, New Edition John E. Skoglund and Nancy E. Hall 978-0-8170-1184-0 Hardcover, $17.99


The Star Book for Stewardship Clifford A. Jones, Sr. 978-0-8170-1665-4 $17.99

Beyond Stewardship John Zehring & Kate Jagger 978-0-8170-1766-8 $15.99

What the Bible Says about Stewardship A. Q. Van Benschoten Jr. 978-0-8170-0993-9 $13.99

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Church and Ministry Young Adult Ministry

What’s Your Function? Working It Out with God Aaron Basko

Just as each tool in a toolbox or each ingredient in a recipe serves a purpose, God built you with a special function to fulfill in the world. What’s Your Function? offers three key components, three pieces of PIE, for discerning the career that fulfills your function: • Purpose—what you were born to do • Inspiration—what you love to do • Earnings—how you can make a living

This guide will help you live out your purpose and begin a career of fulfillment and impact. Features Purpose Finder, an in-depth assessment to help identify God’s fingerprints in your life and pinpoint the role God has for you in the Kingdom and in the greater world. 978-0-8170-1750-7 $13.99

Other Youth Ministry Titles

God’s Graffiti Romal J. Tune 978-0-8170-1733-0 $13.99

Call Waiting Larry L. McSwain and Kay Wilson Shurden 978-0-8170-1481-0 $10.00

800.458.3766 | 610.768.2107 fax

Faith Shaping, Revised Edition Stephen D. Jones 978-0-8170-1118-5 $10.00

Rewired Peggy Kendall 978-0-8170-1513-8 $12.00

Youth Ministry in the Black Church Anne E. Wimberly, Sandra L. Barnes, Karma D. Johnson 978-0-8170-1736-1 $16.99 19

African American and Language

2017 Complete Book catalog

African American

African American Church Management Handbook Floyd H. Flake, Elaine Flake, and Edwin Reed 978-0-8170-1485-8 $16.00

African American Heritage Hymnal Compiled and edited by Delores Carpenter and Nolan E. Williams Jr. Hardcover, $19.00 (No discount available)

Deacons in Today’s Black Church Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1640-1 $17.99

Discipleship for African American Christians William C. Turner Jr. 978-0-8170-1434-6 $15.00

An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1402-5 Hardcover, $30.00

Beyond Greens and Cornbread Diane Givens Moffett 978-0-8170-1417-9 $10.00

Bring the Full Tithe William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1230-4 $13.00

Building Up Zion’s Walls James C. Perkins; Jean Alicia Elster, editor 978-0-8170-1337-0 $16.00

Christian Education in the African American Church Lora-Ellen McKinney 978-0-8170-1450-6 $14.00

Church Administration in the Black Perspective, Revised Floyd Massey Jr. and Samuel B. McKinney 978-0-8170-1453-7 $16.00

Moving Mountains Leon H. Sullivan 978-0-8170-1360-8 $20.00

Church Growth from an African American Perspective Donald Hilliard Jr. 978-0-8170-1495-7 $15.00

Church Planting in the African American Community Michael J. Cox and Joe Samuel Ratliff 978-0-8170-1401-8 $10.00

The African Presence in the Bible William D. Watley and Raquel Annette St. Clair 978-0-8170-1349-3 $16.00

African Wisdom Tokunboh Adelekan 978-0-8170-1461-2 $11.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

African American and Language aFRICAN AMERICAN

Afrocentric Sermons Kenneth L. Waters Sr. 978-0-8170-1199-4 $10.00

From Jay-Z to Jesus Benjamin Stephens III and Ralph C. Watkins 978-0-8170-1545-9 $15.99

From Mess to Miracle and Other Sermons William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1154-3 $12.00

Getting to Amen Lora-Ellen McKinney 978-0-8170-1477-3 $15.99

Gifts of Our People Portia George; Illustrated by Robert L. Jefferson 978-0-8170-1228-1 $7.00

Go Down, Moses! Leonidas A. Johnson, editor 978-0-8170-1372-1 $13.00

God’s Transforming Spirit Preston R. Washington 978-0-8170-1129-1 $12.00

Good News! Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.; Jini Kilgore Ross, editor 978-0-8170-1236-6 $12.00

The Gospel Remix Ralph C. Watkins with Jason A. Barr Jr., JamalHarrison, William H. Curtis, Otis Moss III 978-0-8170-1507-7 $15.00

Interpreting God’s Word in Black Preaching Warren H. Stewart Sr. 978-0-8170-1021-8 $10.00

Joe Joe in the City Series

Jean Alicia Elster; Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

Just Call Me Joe Joe 978-0-8170-1398-1, Hardcover, $12.99 I Have a Dream, Too! 978-0-8170-1397-4, Hardcover, $12.99

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I’ll Fly My Own Plane 978-0-8170-1407-0, Hardcover, $12.99 I’ll Do the Right Thing 978-0-8170-1658-6, $11.99

Jordan’s Hair Ed and Sonya Spruill; Illustrated by Stephen Mercer Peringer 978-0-8170-1484-1 Hardcover, $8.00 21

African American and Language

2017 Complete Book catalog

African American

Leading Your African American Church through Pastoral Transition Ralph C. Watkins 978-0-8170-1641-8 $16.00

The Future of the African American Church Ralph Basui Watkins & Justin G. West 978-0-8170-1742-2 $15.99

The Real Deal Billie Montgomery Cook 978-0-8170-1458-2 $14.00

No Other Help I Know J. Alfred Smith Sr., editor 978-0-8170-1251-9 $10.00

The Original African Heritage Study Bible, King James Version

Preaching Funerals in the Black Church Peter M. Wherry 978-0-8170-1735-4 $14.99

Profiles in Black Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1508-4 $22.00

Letters of Light for First Ladies Cecelia Williams Bryant 978-0-8170-1527-5 $14.00

The Ministry of Music in the Black Church J. Wendell Mapson Jr. 978-0-8170-1057-7 $14.99

Multidimensional Ministry for Today’s Black Family Johnny B. Hill, editor 978-0-8170-1518-3 $14.99

My Soul Shouts! Vinton Randolph Anderson 978-0-8170-1441-4 Hardcover, $15.00

Our Help in Ages Past Bobby Joe Saucer with Jean Alicia Elster 978-0-8170-1483-4 $14.00

Outstanding Black Sermons, Volumes 1 & 4

Playbook for Christian Manhood James C. Perkins; Jean Alicia Elster, editor 978-0-8170-1525-1 $14.00

Poems of a Son, Prayers of a Father Matthew L. Watley and William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1183-3 $10.00

Cain Hope Felder, general editor 978-0-8170-1511-4 paper, $36.99 978-0-8170-1512-1 boxed leatherette, $55.00

Volume 1, J. Alfred Smith Sr., editor 978-0-8170-0664-8 $10.00 Volume 4, Walter S. Thomas, editor 978-0-8170-1378-3 $14.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

African American and Language aFRICAN AMERICAN Sister to Sister: Devotions for and from African American Women Volume 1 Suzan D. Johnson Cook, editor 978-0-8170-1221-2 $10.00

Preaching to the Black Middle Class Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1328-8 $12.00

What to Expect When You’re Accepted Christopher Michael Jones 978-0-8170-1517-6 $10.00

Samuel Proctor: My Moral Odyssey Samuel D. Proctor 978-0-8170-1151-2 $11.99

The Substance of Things Hoped For Samuel DeWitt Proctor 978-0-8170-1325-7 $15.00

Volume 2 Linda H. Hollies, editor 978-0-8170-1318-9 $12.00

Sister to Sister: A Companion Journal for African American Women Linda H. Hollies 978-0-8170-1335-6 Hardcover, $10.00

Search for the Beloved Community Kenneth L. Smith and Ira G. Zepp Jr. 978-0-8170-1282-3 $16.00

Sermons from the Black Pulpit, 30th anniversary edition Samuel D. Proctor and William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1034-8 $12.00

Sermons on Special Days William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1089-8 $12.00

“Somebody’s Calling My Name” Wyatt Tee Walker 978-0-8170-0980-9 $10.00

Sound the Trumpet! Darryl D. Sims, editor 978-0-8170-1437-7 $14.00 Sound the Trumpet Again! 978-0-8170-1476-6 $14.00

Those Preaching Women Volume 1 Ella Pearson Mitchell, editor 978-0-8170-1073-7 $12.99 Volume 4 Ella Pearson Mitchell and Jacqueline B. Glass, editors 978-0-8170-1464-3 $14.00 A Multicultural Collection Ella Pearson Mitchell and Valerie Bridgeman, editors 978-0-8170-1537-4 $16.00

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African American and Language

2017 Complete Book catalog

African American

Features free CD of 18 spirituals!

The Sacred Art Olin P. Moyd 978-0-8170-1220-5 $14.00

To Serve This Present Age Danielle Ayers and Reginald Wade Williams Jr. 978-0-8170-1728-6 $14.99

Total Praise! Lora-Ellen McKinney 978-0-8170-1438-4 $14.00

A Word for All Seasons Henry H. Mitchell 978-0-8170-1722-4 $14.99

The Trouble I’ve Seen (Includes free CD) Bruno Chenu 978-0-8170-1448-3 $20.00

The Trouble I’ve Seen: Eighteen Spirituals Moses Hogan Chorale 978-0-8170-1456-8 One Compact Disc, $11.00

We Have This Ministry Samuel D. Proctor and Gardner C. Taylor 978-0-8170-1248-9 $15.00

Welcome Speeches for Special Days Cheryl Kirk-Duggan WESPSP, $7.50

What Makes You So Strong? Jeremiah A. Wright; Jini Kilgore Ross, editor 978-0-8170-1198-7 $15.00

You Have to Face It to Fix It William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1267-0 $13.00


El Arte de la Enseñanza Cristiana [The Craft of Christian Teaching] Israel Galindo 978-0-8170-1422-3 $16.00

Escuchemos a los niños [Listen to the Children] (bilingual) Elizabeth Conde-Frazier 978-0-8170-1661-6 $13.99

Herencia e identidad [Baptist Heritage & Identity] Ángel Luis Gutiérrez; Miriam Z. Gutiérrez y Juan Ángel Gutiérrez -Rodríguez 978-0-8170-1557-2 $18.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

African American and Language Language

Para ser bautistas / Being Baptist (bilingual) J. Manny Santiago 978-0-8170-1556-5 $15.00 5-copy set, 978-0-8170-1558-9 $60.00 10-copy set, 978-0-8170-1559-6 $100.00

El sabor de nuestra fe hispana [The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith] Karen Valentin with Edwin Aymat 978-0-8170-1536-7 $14.00

Tentado a dejar la cruz [Tempted to Leave the Cross] Ernest R. Flores 978-0-8170-1535-0 $14.00

Gardner Taylor

A Collection of Resources Commemorating an Extraordinary Ministry

The Words of Gardner Taylor

Gardner C. Taylor, Compiled by Edward L. Taylor

Paperback Editions, $12.00 each Vol. 1: NBC Radio Sermons, 1959-1970; 978-0-8170-1466-7 Vol. 2: Sermons from the Middle Years, 1970-1980; 978-0-8170-1467-4 Vol. 3: Quintessential Classics, 1980-2000; 978-0-8170-1468-1 Vol. 4: Special Occasion and Expository Sermons; 978-0-8170-1469-8 Vol. 5: Lectures, Essays, and Interviews; 978-0-8170-1470-4 Vol. 6: 50 Years of Timeless Treasures; 978-0-8170-1471-1 Paperback Set: Volumes 1-6 Volume 1 978-0-8170-1465-0 $50.00 Also available in hardcover, $17.00 each Vol. 1: 978-0-8170-1339-4 Vol. 2: 978-0-8170-1346-2 Vol. 3: 978-0-8170-1347-9 Vol. 4: 978-0-8170-1351-6 Vol. 5: 978-0-8170-1352-3 Vol. 6: 978-0-8170-1428-5 Hardcover Set: Volumes 1-6 978-0-8170-1475-9 $75.00

Volume 4

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 5

Volume 6

Essential Taylor and Essential Taylor II CDs $21.00 each

The Words of Gardner Taylor Preaching Library on CD-ROM; 978-0-8170-1509-1 for PC, $59.20

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inspirational/devotional & Seasonal

2017 Complete Book catalog

Inspirational & Devotional

My Beloved, My Friend Brent D. Christianson

Most of us fall in love. Many of us find that love leading us into a lifelong covenant with the one we love. As these commitments deepen and endure, we experience inevitable challenges and the hard work of making the relationship last. This earthy and lighthearted collection of 26 devotions is inspired by the beautiful and often overlooked book of the Bible, the Song of Songs. Designed to strengthen and enrich relationships, each meditation celebrates the divine gift of human love and the abiding passion between two people.

Key Features: • A warm and whimsical introduction to the Old Testament book, Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) • 26 meditations that include discussion topics, activities, poetry, and journal prompts • Features a facilitator’s guide for retreat leaders 978-0-8170-1776-7 $11.99

Other Inspirational/Devotional Titles

Exalting the Names of Jesus William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1431-5 $10.00

The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss James W. Kemp 978-0-8170-1457-5 $11.00 Leader’s Guide Mark Ballard, Kate Ballard, and Chester D. Williams 978-0-8170-1498-8 $8.00

Baseball Devotionals Hugh Poland Steal Away 978-0-8170-1491-9 $13.00 Intentional Walk 978-0-8170-1543-5 $14.00

Devotions for New Mothers Bonnie J. C. Taylor 978-0-8170-1115-4 $10.00

Before the Thunder Rolls Dale Beaver 978-0-8170-1521-3 $5.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

inspirational/devotional & Seasonal Inspirational & devotional

As the Ink Flows

Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers Glenda Dekkema, Melony Teague, Carol Ford, Claudia Loopstra, Marguerite Cummings

Integrating the writer’s craft with the spiritual disciplines, this devotional will encourage you in your writing, and inspire you in the faith. Written by five award-winning authors, each entry in this collection of 90 devotions affirms your God-given talent as a writer or speaker and features a focus Bible verse, a brief meditation on the Scripture and the writing experience, and a prompt for personal reflection and creative response.

Key Features: • Five authors offer different writing styles and voices, speaking to a wide audience of writer personalities and goals • For easy reference, the devotions are organized into sections reflecting different aspects of the writer’s life: The Craft, Inspiration, Priorities, Life Stories, Well-being, Personalities and Faithfulness • Writing prompts offer incentive and inspiration to try something different 978-0-8170-1767-5 $15.99

Other Inspirational/Devotional Titles

Finding God between the Lines Jody Seymour 978-0-8170-1269-4 $10.00

God Wants You to Grow! William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1446-9 $14.00

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Interpreting the Will of God Mack King Carter 978-0-8170-1424-7 $13.00

Miles Ahead Carol Spargo Pierskalla 978-0-8170-1405-6 $12.00

Simply Salsa Janet Perez Eckles 978-0-8170-1701-9 $13.99 27

inspirational/devotional & Seasonal

2017 Complete Book catalog

Inspirational & Devotional

Help Wanted Aaron M. Basko 978-0-8170-1723-1 $9.99

Journey into Day Rusty Freeman 978-0-8170-1350-9 $14.99

The Master Carpenter Hugh Poland 978-0-8170-1529-9 $15.00

Morning Meetings with Jesus Susan O’Carroll Drake 978-0-8170-1526-8 $17.99

School is Where the Home Is Anita Mellott 978-0-8170-1696-8 $13.99

Soul Fitness with Frederick D. Haynes III Frederick D. Haynes III 978-0-8170-1519-0 $12.00

What Did Jesus Say? William S. Epps 978-0-8170-1472-8 $16.00

Where Jesus Walked R. Wayne Stacy 978-0-8170-1390-5 $12.00

Women at the Well, Volume 1 Mary L. Mild, editor 978-0-8170-1245-8 $15.00

Women at the Well, Volume 2 Linda-Marie Delloff and Bernadette GloverWilliams, editors 978-0-8170-1404-9 $15.00

Other social issue Titles (FROM page 18)

Ministry with Prisoners & Families W. Wilson Goode, Sr., Charles E. Lewis, Jr. and Harold Dean Trulear 978-0-8170-1664-7 $17.99

Signs of Hope in the City, revised Robert D. Carle and Louis A. DeCaro Jr., editors 978-0-8170-1324-0 $12.00

Speak until Justice Wakes J. Alfred Smith Sr. 978-0-8170-1501-5 $11.00

Tending to Eden Scott C. Sabin Kathy Ide, editor 978-0-8170-1572-5 $18.00

Violence among Us Brenda Branson and Paula J. Silva 978-0-8170-1515-2 $16.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

inspirational/devotional & Seasonal Seasonal

Journey with Jesus through Lent Glenn E. Porter Sr.

Practical, prophetic, and inspiring, this unique resource will transform your congregation’s experience of the Lenten season by following in Jesus’ footsteps on the road to Jerusalem and the cross. The book consists of seven weeks of meditations, including Bible readings for Holy Week. Each week opens with a spiritual theme for the week: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Bible Study, Service, and Gratitude. Every day’s devotion begins with a Scripture reading from the Gospel of Luke and an African proverb or other saying, followed by a meditation and concluding with a biblical prayer focus. Distinctive among Lenten devotionals, this work includes meditations for Sundays, which feature group discussion questions for church school or Bible study use and an invitation to personal action in the week ahead. Also includes Scripture readings for Holy Week! Key Features: • 7-week study includes readings for Holy Week • Offers stories, examples, and quotes, through the lens of the African American experience • Uses the Gospel of Luke as the biblical foundation • Perfect for congregational, family, or personal use 978-0-8170-1777-4 $12.99 Other seasonal Titles

Church Programs & Celebrations for All Generations Rachel Gilmore 978-0-8170-1642-5 $18.00

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The Twelve Plays of Christmas Sheryl J. Anderson 978-0-8170-1312-7 $14.00

’Tis the Season: Church Celebrations for Advent & Christmas Rachel Gilmore 978-0-8170-1697-5 $14.99 29

Leadership and Theology

2017 Complete Book catalog

Leadership Available May 2017

Managing Projects in Ministry Vincent Wyatt Howell

Learn how to apply the well-documented benefits of project management in your own church and with your own ministry endeavors! This practical resource provides the fundamentals of project management, while at the same time grounding its use with a biblical foundation. Grounded in numerous real-life case studies and supported with helpful tools, author Vincent Howell offers his years of experience in corporate and nonprofit organizations as well as his experiences with congregational ministry to explain the four phases of project management: • • • •

Inspiration and Initiation Planning Executing Evaluating and Celebrating

Invaluable appendices provide numerous charts, templates, and more!

Key Features: • Demonstrates how project management is applicable in and adaptable for all types of ministry projects • Offers a fast-track approach for learning and implementing project management principles • Includes numerous charts, templates, and other resources (also available online for free download with purchase) 978-0-8170-1780-4 $15.99

Millennials in Ministry Jolene Cassellius Erlacher 978-0-8170-1752-1 $16.99

For Such a Time as This Kathryn Mary Lohre, editor 978-0-8170-1741-5 $15.99

Streams Run Uphill Mihee Kim-Kort, editor 978-0-8170-1743-9 $15.99

Other Leadership Titles

Here I Am Grace Ji-Sun Kim, editor 978-0-8170-1763-7 $16.99

A Pastor in Every Pew Leroy Howe 978-0-8170-1366-0 Paper $15.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Leadership and Theology Leadership

Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership 7Rs of Sanctuary for Pastors Debora Jackson

Burn out. Exhaustion. Depression. Stagnation. The demands of ministry take a toll on even the most resourceful and intentional minister. In this new leadership resource, discover the spiritual art of practicing sanctuary—a process that ushers pastors into retreat and release, in order to review and reconnect, before reflecting and recalibrating, all with the goal of returning to ministry as more effective leaders. Practical and inspirational, this book is grounded in Scripture and solid research. Key Features: • Makes the critical link between spiritual practice and how it impacts leadership effectiveness • Provides a way-of-life process for pastoral leaders help them deepen their spiritual lives and use that deepening to impact and strengthen their effectiveness as a pastoral leader • Leverages leadership theory, Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the lived experiences of pastoral leaders to demonstrate the value of reflection as a spiritual practice and how that practice becomes a critical requirement for leadership effectiveness and spiritual well-being 978-0-8170-1758-3 $16.99

Other Leadership Titles

Basic Leader Skills Richard E. Rusbuldt 978-0-8170-0920-5 $10.00

I’ve Been Called Adam L. Bond 978-0-8170-1711-8 $14.99

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7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man Joseph Robinson Jr. 978-0-8170-1528-2 $13.00

Lay Shepherding Rudolph E. Grantham 0-8170-0863-5 $12.00

Sorting It Out Alice R. Cullinan 978-0-8170-1302-8 $15.00 31

Leadership and Theology

2017 Complete Book catalog

Pastoral resources

Be My Witness

The Great Commission for Preachers Marvin A. McMickle

This book addresses the unique challenge and opportunity that preachers face in declaring the gospel with power and relevance to the many concerns society faces—including issues of race, gender, and economic justice. Dr. McMickle presents a model for sermon content, context, and spiritual preparation based on Acts 1:6-8, “Be my witnesses, in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Exploring these words of the Risen Christ as a Great Commission to those called to preach, the veteran pastor and professor of preaching unpacks the threefold implications of what it means to be a witness for Jesus: • Seeing something • Saying something • Suffering something

It further examines the vital role of the Spirit in becoming Christ’s witnesses in the world, and the need to broaden ministry to connect not only with our local neighborhoods but to the global community as well. Key Features: • Discusses the instructions from Jesus to his first-century disciples, instructions that remain relevant for present-day preachers. • Systematically breaks down the key Scripture in an accessible and practical manner. • Examines the various implications of what it means to be a “witness”—by seeing saying, saying something about what we have seen, and being willing to suffer something for what we say.

978-0-8170-1772-9 $17.99

Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling Christine A. Smith 978-0-8170-1727-9 $16.99

Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders Susan E. Gillies & M. Ingrid Dvirnak 978-0-8170-1710-1 $15.99

Heart of a Shepherd Angie Best-Boss 978-0-8170-1344-8 $10.00

Other Pastoral Resource Titles

The Minister’s Handbook Orlando L. Tibbetts 978-0-8170-1088-1 Hardcover, $17.99

The Pastor’s Guide to Weddings and Funerals Victor D. Lehman 978-0-8170-1392-9 $16.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Leadership and Theology Pastoral Resources

Nearly 1,000,000 copies sold!

Perfecting the Pastor’s Art G. Avery Lee and Gardner C. Taylor 978-0-8170-1482-7 $10.00

Pulpit & Politics Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1751-4 $22.99

Spiritual Formation for Pastors Michael Gemignani 978-0-8170-1432-2 $10.99

The Star Book for Ministers, 3rd Rev. Ed. Edward T. Hiscox 978-0-8170-1748-4 Hardcover, $17.99

The Star Book for Ministers - Gift Edition Edward T. Hiscox 978-0-8170-1694-4 $25.00

The Star Book on Preaching Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1492-6 $16.99

View from the Pew Lora-Ellen McKinney 978-0-8170-1459-9 $14.00

When the Spirit Moves Riley Walker and Marcia Patton 978-0-8170-1662-3 $15.99

Pastoral Care/Counseling

The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook Series John J. Gleason, editor

Volume 1: Ministry in Relationships 978-0-8170-1759-0 $12.99 Volume 2: Ministry in Crises 978-0-8170-1760-6 $12.99

Volume 3: Ministry in Health 978-0-8170-1761-3 $12.99 Volume 4: Ministry in Specialized Settings 978-0-8170-1762-0 $12.99

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Caring Pastors, Caring People Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1700-2 $15.99

The Star Book for Pastoral Counseling Jason Richard Curry 978-0-8170-1685-2 $17.99 33

Leadership and Theology

2017 Complete Book catalog

Preaching & Sermon

Missional Preaching Al Tizon 978-0-8170-1704-0 $16.99

The Certain Sound of the Trumpet Samuel D. Proctor 978-0-8170-1202-1 $16.99

Exploring Prosperity Preaching Debra J. Mumford 978-0-8170-1708-8 $15.99

God in Her Midst Elaine McCollins Flake 978-0-8170-1506-0 $12.99

Living Water for Thirsty Souls Marvin A. McMickle 978-0-8170-1358-5 $16.00

Preaching in Plenty and in Want Matthew Tennant 978-0-8170-1699-9 $15.99

Preaching in Two Voices Suzan D. Johnson Cook and William D. Watley 978-0-8170-1173-4 $10.00

The Sermon as Symphony Mike Graves 978-0-8170-1257-1 $15.00

Sermon on the Mount Clarence Jordan 978-0-8170-0501-6 $15.00

Contemporary Biblical Interpretation for Preaching Ronald J. Allen 978-0-8170-1002-7 $12.00


Joining the Dance Molly T. Marshall 978-0-8170-1413-1 $16.00

Christian Doctrines James M. Pendleton 978-0-8170-1643-2 Hardcover, $32.00

God and Evolution David L. Wilcox 978-0-8170-1474-2 $14.00

Systematic Theology Augustus H. Strong 978-0-8170-1624-1 $55.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Church Supplies Banners

Church Sympathy Card Envelopes included. Per dozen, $13.00 0684674-640016 KJV 0684674-530195 NRSV Tarjeta de condolencia de la iglesia, 0684674-706415

Banners Church School Banners Top-of-the-line banners are made of the finest quality brilliant blue satin acetate. 17" x 24". $35.00 each

Welcome to Our Church A convenient way to welcome visitors and to invite them to join the church. Also for use in communicating with members. 4.5" x 2.75". Per 100, $8.00 0684674-550032 Bienvenido/a a nuestra iglesia, 0684674-705531

Baptism and Dedication Book of Baptismal Certificates “Suggestions for Christian Growth” printed on the back of each individual certificate. Book provides record stub for permanent reference, as well as scriptural text selections for pastoral use. Booklet is 10" x 6.75"; individual cards are 5" x 7". Twenty-five certificates per book, $11.00 0684674-530034 KJV Libro de certificados de bautismo, 0684674-700031 Traditional Baptismal Certificate Four-page color leaflet includes “Suggestions for Christian Growth” and appropriate scriptural selections from Matthew and Romans. Gift envelopes included. 5" x 7". Per dozen, $14.00 0684674-530027 NRSV Certificado de bautismo, 0684674-700017

Church Membership Certificate of Church Membership Features relevant scriptural selections. Gift envelopes included. 11" x 8.5". Per dozen, $11.75 0684674-530119 KJV Certificado de membresía de la iglesia, 0684674-700116

0684674-680142 Offering

0684674-680135 Attendance

0684674-680159 Class

Certificates and covenants Baptismal Certificate with Dove Four-page leaflet with the cover image of a dove accented by the biblical message, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” Includes an account of Jesus’ baptism from Matthew 3:13-17 and selected Scriptures for Christian growth. Gift envelopes included. 5" x 7". Per dozen, $14.00 0684674-530072 KJV Certificado de bautismo con diseño de una paloma, 0684674-700079

Dedication Day: For This Child I Prayed This eight-page keepsake booklet includes a brief dedication service and certificate for parents and young children. 5.25" x 7.75". Per dozen, $18.00 0684674-511002 Dedicación de niños/as: Oré por este niño/a, 0684674-701007 What Saith the Scripture? This booklet for new church members contains certificates of baptism and membership, the church covenant, and prayers for believers. 32 pages. Gift envelopes included. 4.5" x 6.5". 0684674-510043 per dozen, $19.99

Wallet-Sized Ordination Cards 3.375" x 2.125". Per 25, $8.00 0684674-200050 Traditional with ABC logo 0684674-200067 Contemporary without ABC logo Tarjetas de ordenación tamaño billetera, 0684674-700345

800.458.3766 | 610.768.2107 fax 35

Church Supplies

2017 Complete Book catalog

Certificates & Covenants Church Leadership Certificate of Ordination 11" x 8.5". Per dozen, $14.00 0684674-510593 with ABC logo

Certificate of License To be awarded to an individual acting as pastor of a church and performing the pastoral duties in accordance with state laws. 11" x 8.5". Per dozen, $11.50 0684674-510647 Traditional style 0684674-200036 Contemporary style Certificado de licencia, 0684674-700642

African American Certificates and Cards

Specially designed to reflect African American culture and heritage! Baptismal Certificate with Dove (KJV) 0684674-530072 per dozen, $14.00 Certificate of Church Membership (KJV) 0684674-530119 per dozen, $11.75 Wallet-Sized Ordination Cards 0684674-200067 per 25, $8.00 Welcome to Our Church 0684674-550032 per 100, $8.00 Certificate of License 0684674-200036 per dozen, $11.50 Deacon Ordination Certificate 0684674-200012 “Brother” per dozen, $14.00 0684674-200029 “Sister” per dozen, $14.00

church and sunday school records Church Roll and Record Book Record alphabetically the names of church members, officials, auxiliary, and presidents; as well as weddings, baby dedications, funerals, and more. Includes 160 additional pages for minutes. Handsomely gold-stamped on red buckram. 8’’ x 11’’. 352 pages. 0684674-552722 $23.00 each Judson Sunday School Class Books Keep a pocket-size record of complete attendance for each class for one full year, including space for email addresses. Sturdy paper cover. 6.25’’ x 4.25’’. 0684674-530157 24 names, navy blue cover, 16 pages, per dozen, $9.00 0684674-571211 48 names, purple cover, 24 pages, per dozen, $11.00 0684674-531659 96 names, teal cover, 40 pages, per dozen, $14.00

Materiales para la iglesia en español

Diseñados especialmente para reflejar nuestra herencia y cultura. Las descripciones en español están disponibles en nuestro sitio web

Tarjeta de Condolencia de la iglesia 0684674-706415 por docena, $13.00 Bienvenido/a a nuestra iglesia 0684674-705531 por 100, $8.00 Libro de certificados de bautismo 0684674-700031 $11.00 Certificado de bautismo por docena, $14.00 Con diseño de una paloma 0684674-700079 Tradicional 0684674-700017 Dedicación de niños/as: Oré por este niño/a 0684674-701007 por docena, $18.00 Certificado de membresía de la iglesia 0684674-700116 por docena, $11.75 Tarjetas de ordenación tamaño billetera 0684674-700345 por 25, $8.00 Certificado de ordenación 0684674-700581 por docena, $14.00 Certificado de licencia 0684674-700642 por docena, $11.50

Improved Sunday School Secretary’s Record Book Enter concise records of students, teachers, and officers for a full year. Comprehensive, comparative reports at a glance for up to 15 classes. Weekly, quarterly, yearly. Spiral binding. 0684674-530171 $11.00 each Improved Sunday School Secretary’s Minute Book Keep concise data for two years including attendance records, enrollment, new members, visitors, offering by departments, and minutes in this sturdy and comprehensive minute book. Features wear-resistant paper cover. 6" x 8.5". 0684674-530188 $13.00 each

Offering Aids

Quarter Collectors Perfect for special fundraising drives or offerings. 0684674-590076 20-quarter, per 100, $56.00 0684674-590106 40-quarter, per 100, $69.00

Special Dollar Collectors Holds six bills, each of which can be labeled $1, $5, $10, or $20. 0684674-590113 per 100, $39.00

Class Offering Envelope Dates correspond with the church school year, beginning with the fall quarter. Printed on blue fiberoid. 3.5" x 5.625". 0684674-530140 per dozen, $11.00

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Author spotlights

Douglas Beyer The Family of God: A Handbook for Adult Disciples of Jesus Christ – Student Book AUTHOR BIO: DOUGLAS BEYER and his wife, Martha, served American Baptist

churches in Kansas and California. Following his retirement they were called to interim ministry at English-speaking churches in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Germany, and Dubai, UAE. They make their home at Atherton Baptist Homes in Alhambra, California. Doug now preaches with an interpreter for a Chinese congregation twice a month. He is pleased to be part of The Family of God that reaches around the world and through the centuries.

“Friends in The World” As the Ink Flows: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers AUTHOR BIO: Meet the five members of the Christian writers’ group “Friends in The

Word” who worked together to pen the devotions in As the Ink Flows:

GLENDA DEKKEMA is a full-time writer for Christian Blind Mission. In the past she wrote the chaplaincy column for Senior Care Canada magazine, where she won an award for best Christian article of the year. Her nonfiction articles—focused on health, the environment, family life, and humor—are published in magazines and newspapers in Canada and Europe. Glenda loves to tell stories, but she especially enjoys listening to her friends telling them while she laughs or cries over a few cups of coffee. You can connect with her through MELONY TEAGUE is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell and each story is unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. She loves to uncover the good news in society and writes human interest and community pieces. As coauthor of As the Ink Flows, she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. In her spare time she reviews books and interviews authors. These reviews can be found on her website, www. Melony Teague was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and their two children. CAROL FORD is a published author, speaker, and career coach. Carol tries to combine her background as a corporate trainer and her Christian faith in her writing. She writes articles for local newspapers, Christian magazines, and online webinars. She has been a finalist in an international award contest for her short story entitled My Mother’s Gift a fictional short story on elder abuse. Carol speaks on the topic of her adoption and birth family reunion—she shares God’s blessings and protection throughout her life. She loves spending time with her three grandchildren and lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, Allan. CLAUDIA LOOPSTRA is an author and a speaker. As well as having several short stories and articles published, Claudia has given various topical seminars and has co-facilitated bereavement groups. She also speaks on the subject of growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent. Her book on this topic, Redemptive Love: Living with an Alcoholic Father, was released in August 2015. Currently, Claudia is a speaker for Christian Women’s Connection (RSVP Ministries). MARGUERITE CUMMINGS has a distinctively international background. Born in Belgium into a French-speaking family with roots in Austria, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, she moved to England in her late teens, then to Canada in 1998. Marguerite contributed to several volumes of the Hot Apple Cider Books series, winning an Award of Merit for her story “O Canada.” She was delighted to contribute poems to the book As the Ink Flows.

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Author Spotlights

2017 Complete Book catalog

Jean Elster Just Call Me Joe Joe AUTHOR BIO: JEAN ALICIA ELSTER is the author of the popular Joe Joe in the City children’s book series:

Just Call Me Joe Joe, I Have A Dream, Too!, I’ll Fly My Own Plane, and I’ll Do the Right Thing. She was awarded the 2002 Governors’ Emerging Artist Award by ArtServe Michigan in recognition of the series. I’ll Do the Right Thing was awarded the 2004 Atlanta Daily World “Atlanta Choice Award” for children’s books. Formerly an attorney and now a professional writer, Elster has edited several books for Judson Press and frequently speaks at schools and libraries across the United States.

Rev. Dr. Jan McCormack The Work of the Chaplain AUTHOR BIO: JAN MCCORMACK, DMin, is a Board Certified Chaplain (Association of Professional

Chaplains), Associate CPE Supervisor (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) and Chief Researcher (Military Chaplains Association). A retired USAF chaplain endorsed for military and institutional chaplaincy, she now serves as Director, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling at Denver Seminary. Jan has also functioned as a hospital, police, prison, institutional, Crisis and Disaster, NASCAR, and drag racing chaplain. She has served on numerous American Baptist national and regional positions, receiving the ABCUSA 2003 National Ministries’ Institutional Chaplain of the Year Award. Dr. McCormack is coauthor of the popular The Work of the Chaplain.

John J. Gleason The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook, Vols. 1-4 AUTHOR BIO: JOHN J. (JACK) GLEASON, DMin, is an ordained retired American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) minister who has served in turn as pastor, clinical chaplain, clinical pastoral educator, and commissioned missionary with ABCUSA National Ministries. He has also held the office of ABCUSA Director of Chaplaincy Services, Vice President of the Congress on Ministry in Specialized Settings, President of the Missouri Chaplains Association, and Chair of the Endorsers Council for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy, among other positions. He received the Paul W. Strickland Institutional Chaplaincy Merit Award at the 2015 ABCUSA Mission Summit. Jack is married and resides in Greenwood, Indiana.

Christine A. Smith Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping and Encouraging Female Pastors AUTHOR BIO: CHRISTINE A. SMITH has served as senior pastor of Covenant Baptist Church, Euclid,

Ohio, since 2006. She is the founder of “Women Together in Ministry of Greater Cleveland,” and author of a weekly blog, “Shepastor,” dedicated to equipping and encouraging female clergy. She is the author of Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping and Encouraging Female Pastors (Judson Press, 2013). She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from the University of Akron and a Master of Divinity Degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse School of Religion, specializing in Systematic Theology and Women's Studies. Rev. Smith was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1995. She and her husband, Aristide Smith, Jr., have three children, Aristide III, Caleb, and Aris.

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Author spotlights

John Zehring Beyond Stewardship: A Church Guide to Generous Giving Campaigns AUTHOR BIO: JOHN ZEHRING is a retired pastor with more than 20 years of experience in parish ministry,

serving United Church of Christ congregations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine. He has also served in higher education, primarily in development and institutional advancement. He is author of nineteen books, including You Can Run a Capital Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide for Church Leaders (1989), and speaks nationally on church fundraising and the training of volunteers. John was founding editor of Seminary Development News, a publication for seminary presidents, vice presidents, and trustees (Association of Theological Schools, funded by the Lilly Endowment).

Janet Perez Eckles Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta AUTHOR BIO: Most would say she has no reason to celebrate. Yet, international speaker and author, JANET PEREZ ECKLES exudes joy as a missionary, radio host, women’s Sunday school teacher and founder of JC Empowerment Ministries. But most revealing of God’s faithfulness is that Janet is blind.

As a keynote speaker, she helps thousands to see life through Christ’s eyes. From her home in Florida, Janet travels abroad extensively, showcasing God’s power to turn our weakness into strength. And this is highlighted in the newly-released Promise Bible for Women which includes five full pages of excerpts from Simply Salsa.

Debora Jackson Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership: 7Rs of Sanctuary for Pastors AUTHOR BIO: DEBORA JACKSON, MDiv, DMin, is the first director of lifelong learning at Yale Divinity School.

Prior to her appointment, Dr. Jackson served as the Executive Director of the Ministers Council, American Churches USA and served as the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Needham, Massachusetts. Having previously held numerous corporate leadership positions, she also served as a Chief Operating and Chief Information Officer and an Independent consultant.

Joy M. Freeman, MDiv BCC & Tabatha D. Johnson, MDiv Still A Mother: Journeys Through Perinatal Bereavement AUTHOR BIO: JOY M. FREEMAN, MDiv, BCC is an ordained and endorsed American Baptist chaplain. She has 16 years of ministry in the chaplaincy field and has been Board Certified with the Association of Professional Chaplains since 2005. Her ministry and chaplaincy focus is in hospital chaplaincy. Additionally she is a trained certified labyrinth facilitator through Veriditas. She lives in the Kansas City metro area with her husband and is mother to her one daughter here on earth and to a child now in heaven.

TABATHA D. JOHNSON, MDiv, is an ordained Disciples of Christ minister serving as pastor of Good Shepherd Christian Church in Blue Springs, Missouri. She has more than 13 years of ministry experience focused in family ministry, pastoral care, and chaplaincy. She lives in the Kansas City metro area with her husband and three children.

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Author Spotlights

2017 Complete Book catalog

Dr. Jolene Erlacher Millennials in Ministry AUTHOR BIO: JOLENE Cassellius ERLACHER is an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant, specializing in

inter-generational ministry and leadership. She founded Leading Tomorrow ( in 2013 with the aim of equipping churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses to effectively navigate a rapidly changing workforce and evolving culture. Jolene is passionate about equipping a new generation of leaders for success as they lead in a post-modern context. To book Dr. Erlacher for your next event, contact: Website: • FB: Twitter: @joleneerlacher • LinkedIn: www.linkedin/in/joleneerlacher

Kathleen Deyer Bolduc The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities AUTHOR BIO: KATHLEEN DEYER BOLDUC, MA, is a spiritual director, nationally recognized author in the field

of disability ministry, and founder of Cloudland, a contemplative retreat center near Oxford, Ohio. Her books contain lessons she has learned in parenting her adult son, Joel, who has autism; inspiring stories of other parents living with disability; and the spiritual disciplines as a framework for daily works of healing and restoration. Her other books include Autism & Alleluias (Judson Press), A Place Called Acceptance: Ministry with Families of Children with Disabilities, and His Name is Joel: Searching for God in a Son’s Disability.

Kirk E. Farnsworth, PhD All Churches Great and Small: 60 Ideas for Improving Your Church’s Ministry AUTHOR BIO: KIRK and ROSIE FARNSWORTH have been married for 54 years. Together, they co-pastor The Gathering Church in Kingston, Washington, and are also frequent presenters at conferences and church retreats.

Kirk Farnsworth, a licensed counselor and former college professor, is an award-winning author of fourteen books. He received his PhD in Counseling Psychology from Iowa State University. Rosie Farnsworth is an ordained minister who has held several elected positions in the community and leadership positions in the local church. She holds a BS from Wheaton College, and has been a serious student and teacher of the Bible for over fifty years. To learn more about the Farnsworths' ministry, visit

Anne E. Streaty Wimberly Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope AUTHOR BIO: ANNE E. STREATY WIMBERLY, MMus, MTS, PhD, is Executive Director of the Youth HopeBuilders Academy, a program for high school youth funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc., and housed at Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia, where Dr. Wimberly is also Professor Emerita of Christian Education at ITC. She has published numerous books and articles, including Keep It Real: Working with Today’s Black Youth (editor, 2005).

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Author spotlights

John Burns Modeling Mary in Christian Discipleship AUTHOR BIO: JOHN BURNS has been the pastor of University Baptist Church in College Park, Maryland, for twenty-five years. He thanks God daily for the privilege of serving this diverse congregation of people from twenty-six nations for so many years. He also thanks God for his wife Karen, his five children, three daughters-in law, and three grandsons. Lastly, he thanks God for his mother who will turn 90 in 2017. John hopes this book continues to inspire people to learn from Mary, the mother of Jesus, as to how they can deepen their discipleship to Christ.

Trinette V. McCray Vital Spirit, Vital Service: Spirituality That Works AUTHOR BIO: TRINETTE V. MCCRAY, DMin, is a recognized leader in spiritual formation, vocation,

and calling. Previously distinguished as the first clergywoman to be elected national president of the American Baptist Churches USA, Trinette is now Assistant Professor at Central Baptist Theological Seminary–Wisconsin and a research and planning consultant for ministry and nonprofit organizations with specific expertise in urban ministry. Dr. McCray ministers with local churches, universities, seminaries, denominational organizations, and non-profit groups.

Rev. Dr. Paige Lanier Chargois The Work of the Greeter AUTHOR BIO: Having grown up in a poor but gracious home, learning how to “receive the stranger”

was still as normal as breathing! I am privileged to have authored this book which emphasizes biblical hospitality! Congregations are challenged to not equate chicken dinners with “hospitality.” they are not synonymous! Our focus should be on how the stranger and member are received Sunday after Sunday! Handshakes or hugs in worship won’t change how a person was received before worship began! Don’t just begin a new ministry, reorient your leadership! I bring the experience to energize that transition making it painless and fun!

Dr. Clifford A. Jones Sr. The Star Book for Stewardship AUTHOR BIO: CLIFFORD A. JONES SR., DMin, MDiv, MTh, is senior pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has served since 1982. Dr. Jones has organized and led numerous medical and religious mission teams of preachers, doctors, nurses, technicians, and teachers to provide needed healthcare, medical supplies, and educational training in Jamaica, Africa, and Guyana, South America, for children and families struggling in poverty. He has edited and contributed to several Judson Press books, including From Proclamation to Practice: A Unique African American Approach to Stewardship (1997), From One Brother to Another: Voices of African American Men (1997), and The Star Book for Stewardship (2012). His works with other publishers include: Consuming Passion: Christianity and the Consumer Culture (InterVarsity Press, 1998), Becoming and Practicing What It Means To Be A Christian (AK Classics, 2011), and How Can I Find God? (Triumph Books, 1997).

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Author Spotlights

2017 Complete Book catalog

Paula J. Silva Violence Among Us: Ministry to Families in Crisis AUTHOR BIO: PAULA J. SILVA is president and cofounder of FOCUS Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit faithbased organization that serves those who experience domestic violence or abusive relationships, She has a BA in elementary education and a MA in guidance and counseling. Silva serves as a trainer for Partners in the Journey Seminar, Faith Based DV Training, and various domestic violence workshops. She has been a guest on “Midday Connection” and “This is the Day” programs on the Moody Radio Broadcasting Network. Silva is coauthor of Violence Among Us: Ministry to Families in Crisis, TEEN FOCUS Curriculum, and various FOCUS manuals.

J. Alfred Smith Sr. Speak Until Justice Wakes: Prophetic Reflections from J. Alfred Smith Sr. AUTHOR BIO: J. ALFRED SMITH SR. is pastor emeritus of Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland,

California, and professor emeritus at American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, California. A past president of both the American Baptist Churches of the West and the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Dr. Smith earned his Doctor of Ministry from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology from the American Baptist Seminary of the West. He is the author of more than fifteen books including On the Jericho Road, and the editor of No Other Help I Know: Sermons on Prayer and Spirituality and Outstanding Black Sermons (Vol. 1), both from Judson Press. At present the J. Alfred Smith Institute is being developed to further his legacy in encouraging the work of prophetic justice.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale I’m A Piece of Work: Sisters Shaped By God AUTHOR BIO: CYNTHIA L. HALE, MDiv, DMin, is founder and senior pastor of the 5,000-member Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, Georgia. As a woman of vision, Dr. Hale is honored locally, nationally, and internationally for her leadership, integrity, and compassion. She serves on various boards including Hollins University, Beulah Heights University and the Hampton University Ministers’ Conference. In 2009, she was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. Dr. Hale was also selected to give the opening invocation at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Joy Skjegstad 7 Creative Models for Community Ministry AUTHOR BIO: JOY SKJEGSTAD is a national speaker and consultant on community ministry development,

strategic planning, fundraising, and non-profit start-ups. She has more than 25 years of experience starting and growing churches and ministry organizations, including serving as the Executive Director of the Park Avenue Foundation at Park Avenue United Methodist Church and as the President of Sanctuary Community Development Corporation. She is a sought after speaker in encouraging congregations to reach out in new ways, build new relationships, and develop innovative ministry strategies.

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Author spotlights

Kenneth L. Waters Sr., Ph.D. Afrocentric Sermons: The Beauty of Blackness in the Bible AUTHOR BIO: KENNETH L. WATERS SR. is Associate Dean of the Division of Religion and Philosophy,

Professor of New Testament, and Associate Chaplain at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California. A licensed and ordained minister in the Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. Waters has served across denominations as a pastor of local congregations for 28 years. He is author of the Survey of the Pastoral Epistles in the Logos Bible Software Mobile Ed series, and has been published in the Journal of Biblical Literature and other academic journals, Bible dictionaries, and devotional guides. Waters has been featured on the History Channel and other broadcasts. He is married to Deborah Tarver Waters, a public school teacher and also a licensed and ordained minister in the Missionary Baptist Church.

Howard E. Friend Jr. Recovering the Sacred Center: Church Renewal from the Inside Out AUTHOR BIO: I, Howard, call myself a Contemplative Activist … a Follower of the Message and Movement of Jesus and the Prophets . . . a “loving critic” (or “critical lover”) of the church . . . affirming a balancing act: pastor / priest / prophet. He writes in an inviting yet challenging way. His text is alive with narrative, incisive biblical reflection, lively anecdotes from lively churches, inspiring stories. A call to the courage to “let go”—of the familiar and comfortable, the safe and comforting, the tried but less true; then to venture roads less traveled, proceeding as the way opens, without a GPS.

Scott Sabin Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People AUTHOR BIO: Since 1995, SCOTT SABIN has served as the Executive Director of Plant With Purpose

( an international Christian organization that empowers the poor in rural areas around the world where poverty is caused by deforestation. During that time the organization has grown from a single program in one country to include a staff of over 200 foresters, agronomists and facilitators in seven countries who have empowered farmers in more than 460 communities to plant over 19 million trees.

Through journal articles, public speaking, and through his book, Tending to Eden (Judson Press, 2010), Scott has become an advocate for reforestation as a key component of sustainable community development around the world.

Keitha Smith & Susan Brereton Mothering Heights: A Novel Approach for Christian Mothers AUTHOR BIO: KEITHA SMITH lives in New Zealand with her husband and two children, one of whom has special needs. Keitha’s life these days firmly centers around language. She writes fiction, tutors high school students in English, writes content for the corporate world, and serves on the board of a charity raising funds for autism research.

SUSAN BRERETON is a former New Zealand resident currently living in England. She is a wife and the mother of five adult children. Susan has a passion for motherhood and a long association with Navigators and Moms-in-Touch.

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Rosalie Hunt Bless God and Take Courage: The Judson History and Legacy AUTHOR BIO: The daughter of missionary parents in China, ROSALIE HALL HUNT is a retired Baptist missionary and has taught in Burma, South Asia, Australia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hunt is author of several books and speaks at numerous conferences and churches both in the United States and abroad. She holds master’s degrees from three universities and following the publication of Bless God and Take Courage, has been awarded honorary doctorates from Judson University in Elgin, Illinois, and Judson College in Marion, Alabama.

Harold Dean Trulear Ministry with Prisoners and Families: The Way Forward AUTHOR BIO: HAROLD DEAN TRULEAR, PhD, is Associate Professor of Applied Theology at Howard

University School of Divinity. His professional associations include the Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association, Just Leadership USA and Community Corrections for Youth. A graduate of Morehouse College (BA) and Drew University (PhD), he directs a national research and demonstration project called “Healing Communities USA,” mobilizing congregations to support those returning from incarceration through the establishment of family and social support networks, and become advocates on their behalf.

Peter M. Wherry Preaching Funerals in the Black Church: Bringing Perspective to Pain AUTHOR BIO: PETER M. WHERRY, MDiv, DMin, currently serves as pastor of Mayfield Memorial Missionary

Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. In more than thirty years of ministry, he has had experience in a wide variety of settings, as pastor, preacher, professor, and musician. He has ministered internationally and preached from coast to coast in the United States. He has taught courses at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology in Richmond, Virginia. Most recently, Dr. Wherry has served as a Doctoral Advisor in the Doctor of Ministry program at Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, North Carolina and Visiting Scholar and Professor at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte, as well as Visiting Professor of Field Studies at Laurel University in High Point, North Carolina.

Marvin A. McMickle Be My Witness: The Great Commission for Preachers AUTHOR BIO: One of the most respected preachers in the nation, MARVIN A. MCMICKLE, DMin, PhD,

served as pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, for nearly twenty-five years before becoming president of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, New York, in January 2012. No stranger to academia, McMickle previously served as professor of homiletics at Ashland Theological Seminary and, in 2009, spent a semester as a visiting professor at Yale University Divinity School. He also taught at Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State, Princeton, and Fordham universities. A prolific author, McMickle has more than a dozen books to his credit, including resources on preaching, ministry, and African American history.

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Author spotlights

Johnny B. Hill Multidimensional Ministry for Today’s Black Family AUTHOR BIO: JOHNNY B. HILL is a scholar, activist, author, preacher, and a passionate advocate for racial justice, reconciliation, peace, and human rights in America and abroad. A graduate of GarrettEvangelical Theological Seminary (PhD) in Evanston, Illinois, Hill also earned degrees from Duke Divinity School (MDiv, ThM) in Durham, North Carolina, and a Bachelor in Sociology from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Presently, Dr. Hill serves as Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. He recently held the position as Special Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar In Residence and Dean of The Baptist School of Theology at The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bill J. Leonard Baptist Ways: A History AUTHOR BIO: BILL J. LEONARD holds the James and Marilyn Dunn Chair of Baptist Studies at the Wake

Forest University School of Divinity where he was the founding dean. In 2010 he retired as dean but continued to teach church history in the divinity school and the religion department of the university. Prior to joining the faculty of Wake Forest in 1996, Leonard served as Professor of Church History at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, 1975-1992. While there he was for a time Associate Dean, president of the Faculty Association, editor of the Review and Expositor, and W. W. Brooks Professor of American Religion. From 1992 to 1996 he was Chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama.

Lora-Ellen McKinney The Unofficial Baptist Handbook AUTHOR BIO: LORA-ELLEN MCKINNEY is the daughter of a third-generation Baptist minister and an expert in community health, social services, social justice, and education. She currently heads her own consulting firm in Seattle, Washington. Her Kellogg National Fellowship Award provided her dispute resolution training through the Harvard Negotiation Project and Eastern Mennonite University’s Conflict Analysis and Transformation program. McKinney received her MS and PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University.

William H. Willimon Word, Water, Wine and Bread: How Worship Has Changed Over the Years AUTHOR BIO: WILLIAM H. WILLIMON, MDiv, is bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. For twenty years he served as dean of the chapel and professor of Christian ministry at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. He has served congregations in Georgia and South Carolina, and is the author of more than 50 books.

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2017 Complete Book catalog

Index Title Index

Addicted to Hurry CD, 4 African American Church Management Handbook, 20 The African American Heritage Hymnal, 20 The African Presence in the Bible, 20 African Wisdom, 20 Afrocentric Sermons, 21 Aging without Apology, 4 All Churches Great and Small, 14 All I Need to Know about Ministry I Learned From Fly Fishing, 14 El Arte de la Enseñanza de la Cristiana, 24 As the Ink Flows, 27 The Audacity of Faith, 18 Authentic Evangelism, 16 Autism & Alleluias, 6

Baptism Ahead, 3 Baptist Beliefs, 1 A Baptist Church Manual, 1 Baptist Confessions of Faith, 2nd Rev. Ed., 1 Baptist Hymnal, Rev. Word Ed., 1 A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice, 2nd Rev. Ed., 1 Baptist Roots, 2 Baptist Ways, Hardback, 2 Baptist Ways, Paperback, 2 Baptists in the Balance, 2 Baptists, Jews, and the Holocaust, 1 Basic Leader Skills, 31 Basic Teacher Skills, 9 Battling Prostate Cancer, 8 Before the Thunder Rolls, 26 Before We Say I Do, 6 Being Baptist/Para ser bautistas, 3 Be My Witness, 32 Beyond Greens and Cornbread, 20 Beyond Stewardship, 18 Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling, 32 The Bible Comes Alive, 14 Bless God and Take Courage, 2 Boomerangs to Arrows, 6 Bring the Full Tithe, 20 Building Up Zion’s Walls, 20 Call Waiting, 19 Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback?, 14 Caring Pastors, Caring People, 33 Celebrate Good Times, 5 The Certain Sound of the Trumpet, 34 Christian Doctrines, 34 Christian Education in the African American Church, 20

Christian Education in the Small Church, 10 Christian Educators’ Guide to Evaluating and Developing Curriculum, 9 Church Administration in the Black Perspective, Rev., 20 The Church Business Meeting, bc Church Growth from an African American Perspective, 20 Church on Purpose, 14 Church Planting in the African American Community, 20 Church Programs and Celebration for All Generations, 29 Coming Together in the 21st Century, 16 The Complete Leader’s Guide to Christian Retreats, 14 Connected, 6 Contemporary Biblical Interpretation for Preaching, 34 The Craft of Christian Teaching, 9 Spanish, 9, 24 Crazy Faith, 4 Deacons in Today’s Black Baptist Church, 20 Devotions for New Mothers, 26 Discipleship for African American Christians, 20 Distinctly Baptist, 2 Down by the Riverside, 2 Down by the Riverside Study Guide, 2 Drama for the Dramatically Challenged, 14 Edwin T. Dahlberg, 2 8 Questions Jesus Asked, 10 Embracing the Future, 9 Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders, 32 An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage, 20 Essential Taylor I & II CDs, 25 Exalting the Names of Jesus, 26 Exploring Prosperity Preaching, 34

Faith in the Fast Lane, 5 Faith Shaping, Rev. Ed., 19 The Family of God Student Book, 3 The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope, 17 Finding God between the Lines, 27 The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith, 25

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For Such a Time as This, 30 40 Days to a Life of G.O.L.D., 4 Fostering Faith, 9 From Classism to Community, 17 From Jay-Z to Jesus, 21 From Mess to Miracle and Other Sermons, 21 From One Brother to Another Vol. 2, 8 The Future of the African American Church, 22 Getting to Amen, 21 Gifts of Our People, 21 Go Down Moses!, 21 God and Evolution, 34 God in Her Midst, 34 God in My Grief, 8 God Wants You To Grow!, 27 Godstories, 12 God’s Graffiti, 19 God’s Transforming Spirit, 21 Good News!, 21 The Gospel According To Dr. Seuss, 26 The Gospel According To Dr. Seuss Leader’s Guide, 26 The Gospel Remix, 21 Got Style?, 16

Heart of a Shepherd, 32 Help Wanted, 28 Here I Am, 30 Herencia e identidad, 24 The Hiscox Standard Baptist Manual, 2 A History of the Baptists, 3rd Ed., 2 Holy Heroes, 5 Honoring the Generations, 16 Hope for Children in Poverty, 18 How to Be the Best Christian Study Group Leader, 9 How to Recover from Grief, Rev. Ed., 7

I Can’t Make a Flower, 14 I Have a Dream Too!, 21 I’ll Do the Right Thing, 21 I’ll Fly My Own Plane, 21 I’m a Piece of Work!, 8 Intentional Walk, 26 Intentionally Inclusive, 13 Intercultural Ministry, 15 Interpreting God’s Word in Black Preaching, 21 Interpreting the Will of God, 27 I’ve Been Called: Now What?, 31 Jesus Stories, 12 Joining the Dance, 34 Jordan's Hair, 21 Journey into Day, 28

Journey with Jesus through Lent, 29 Just Call Me Joe Joe, 21 Keepers of the Faith, 2

The Layperson’s Introduction to the New Testament, Rev., 11 The Layperson’s Introduction to the Old Testament, Rev., 11 Lay Shepherding, 31 Leading Your African American Church through Pastoral Transition, 22 Learning Mission, Living Mission, 16 Left Behind? The Facts behind the Fiction, 12 Left Behind? The Facts behind the Fiction: A Companion Guide, 12 Letters of Light for First Ladies, 22 Liberty of Conscience, 2 Listen to the Children/ Esuchemos a los niños, 18, 24 Living Water for Thirsty Souls, 34

Making Friends, Making Disciples, 1 Making Your Church a House of Healing, 14 Managing Projects in Ministry, 30 A Manual of Worship, New Ed., 18 Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples, 6 Marriage ROCKS, Leader’s Guide, 6 The Master Carpenter, 28 Messages in a Minor Key, 11 The Meaning of Church Membership, 3 Meet the Queen of Sheba, 8 Midlife, Manhood, and Ministry, 8 Miles Ahead, 27 Millennials in Ministry, 30 The Minister’s Handbook, 32 The Ministry of Music in the Black Church, 22 Ministry with Prisoners & Families, 28 Missional Preaching, 34 Modeling Mary in Christian Discipleship, 10 Money on Purpose, 5 More than a Parting Prayer, 7, 10 Morning Meetings with Jesus, 28 Mothering Heights, 8 Moving Mountains, 20 Multidimensional Ministry for Today’s Black Family, 22 My Beloved, My Friend, 26 My Soul Shouts!, 22 47


2017 Complete Book catalog

Title Index A New Baptist Church Manual, 2 A New Heart and a New Spirit, 14 The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches, 2 The New Life, 3rd Rev. Ed., 3 The New Member’s Guide, Rev. Ed., 3 No Other Help I Know, 22 nuChristian, 16

The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer, 4 Rewired, 19 The Road toward Wholeness, 8

Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus, 6 The Real Deal, 22 Reboot, 5 Reclaimed, 9 Reconciliation, 16 Recovering the Sacred Center, 14 Reinventing Sunday, 18 Reinventing Worship, 10, 18 Rest in the Storm, 8

El sabor de nuestra fe hispana, 25 The Sacred Art, 24 Samuel Proctor, 23 School Is Where the Home Is, 28 Search for the Beloved Community, 23 The Sermon as Symphony, 34 Sermon on the Mount, 34 Sermons from the Black Pulpit, 23 Sermons on Special Days, 23 7 Creative Models for Community Ministry, 16 7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man, 31 Shattering the Myth of Race, 16 A Short History of the Baptists, 2 Signs of Hope in the City, Rev., 28 Signs of Love, 14 Silent Conversations, 12 Simply Salsa, 27 Sister to Sister Companion Journal, 23 Vol. 1, 23 Vol. 2, 23 Sisters of Scripture, 8 Sit Down God…I’m Angry, 7 S’more Time with God, 4 “Somebody’s Calling My Name”, 23 Sorting It Out, 31 Soul Fitness, 28 Sound the Trumpet!, 23 Sound the Trumpet Again, 23 Speak until Justice Wakes, 28 The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities, 6 Spiritual Formation for Pastors, 33 Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership, 31 The Star Book for Ministers, 3rd Rev. Ed., 33 The Star Book for Minsters, Gift Edition, 33 The Star Book for Pastoral Counseling, 33 The Star Book on Preaching, 33

African American Certificates and Cards, 36 Baptismal Certificate with Dove, 35 Book of Baptismal Certificates, 35 Certificate of Church Membership, 35

Certificate of License, 36 Certificate of Ordination, 36 Church Roll and Record Book, 36 Church School Banners, 35 Church Sympathy Card, 35 Class Offering Envelopes, 36 Dedication Day, 35

On the Road to Emmaus, 7 The Original African Heritage Study Bible Boxed leatherette, 22 Paper, 22 Our Help in Ages Past, 22 Outstanding Black Sermons Vols. 1 & 4, 22

Para ser bautistas/Being Baptist, 25 A Pastor in Every Pew, 30 The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook, Volumes 1-4, 33 The Pastor’s Guide to Weddings and Funerals, 32 Perfecting the Pastor’s Art, 33 Playbook for Christian Manhood, 22 Poems of a Son, Prayers of a Father, 22 Preaching Funerals in the Black Church, 22 Preaching in Plenty and in Want, 34 Preaching in Two Voices, 34 Preaching the Presence of God, 16 Preaching to the Black Middle Class, 23 Profiles in Black, 22 Pulpit & Politics, 33 Pursuing the Pearl, 16

Product Index

The Star Book for Stewardship, 18 Steal Away, 26 Still a Mother, 7 Stop the Violence! Leader’s Guide, 18 Student Book, 18 Streams Run Uphill, 30 The Substance of Things Hoped For, 23 Surviving Grief, 7 Systematic Theology, 34 Tempted to Leave the Cross, 10 Tending to Eden, 28 Tentado a dejar la cruz, 25 Those Preaching Women Vol. 1, 23 Vol. 4, 23 A Multicultural Collection, 23 Through Her Eyes, 11 ’Tis the Season, 29 Together for Good, 6 To Serve This Present Age, 24 To the Golden Shore, 2 Total Praise!, 24 The Trouble I’ve Seen (book), 24 The Trouble I’ve Seen (CD), 24 The Twelve Plays of Christmas, 29 12 Steps to Congregational Transformation, 14 The Unofficial Baptist Handbook, 3

View from the Pew, 33 Violence among Us, 28 Vital Spirit, Vital Service, 14

We Are Baptists, 3 We Have This Ministry, 24 Welcome Speeches for Special Days, 24 Welcoming Community, 15 What Did Jesus Say?, 28 What Makes You So Strong?, 24 What the Bible Says about Stewardship, 18 What to Expect When You’re Accepted, 23 What We Love about the Black Church, 16

Improved Sunday School Secretary’s Minute Book, 36 Improved Sunday School Secretary’s Record Book, 36 Judson Sunday School Class Books, 36 Quarter Collectors, 36

What’s Love Got to Do with It?, 8 What’s Your Function?, 19 When the Spirit Moves, 33 Where Jesus Walked, 28 Willing to Try Again, 6 Women at the Well Vol. 1 & 2, 28 A Word for All Seasons, 24 The Words of Gardner Taylor Vols. 1-6 Hardcover, 25 Paperback, 25 The Words of Gardner Taylor Set Hardcover, 25 Paperback, 25 The Words of Gardner Taylor Preaching Library on CD-ROM, 25 Word Water Wine and Bread, 18 The Work of the Associate Pastor, bc The Work of the Bivocational Minister, bc The Work of the Chaplain, bc Work of the Church, bc The Work of the Church Officers, bc The Work of the Church Treasurer, New Ed., 13, bc The Work of the Church Trustee, bc The Work of the Clerk, New Ed., bc The Work of the Deacon and Deaconess, 2nd Rev. Ed., bc The Work of the Greeter, bc The Work of the Parish Church Nurse, bc The Work of the Pastor, bc Work of the Pastoral Relations Committee, bc The Work of the Sunday School Superintendent, bc The Work of the Usher, bc The Work of the Worship Committee, bc Worship on the Way, 16 Youth Ministry in the Black Church, 19 You Have to Face It to Fix It, 24

Spanish-related material, 36 Special Dollar Collectors, 36 Traditional Baptismal Certificate, 35 Wallet-sized Ordination Cards, 35 What Saith the Scripture?, 35 Welcome to Our Church, 35

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978-0-8170-1748-4 $17.99

978-0-8170-1755-2 $12.00

978-0-8170-0825-3 $11.00

978-0-8170-0015-8 $5.50

978-0-8170-1640-1 $17.99

978-0-8170-1720-0 $18.99

978-0-8170-1769-9 $13.99

978-0-8170-1512-1 $55.00

978-0-8170-1499-5 $13.00

978-0-8170-1526-8 $17.99

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Quarter Collectors (Gleaners) 20-quarters/package of 100 0684674590076, $56.00 40-quarters/package of 100 0684674590106, $69.00

Improved Sunday School Secretary’s Record Book 0684674-530171 $11.00

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The Work of the Church Series

More than 1 million copies sold in the series! Best-Selling Titles The Work of the Deacon and Deaconess, 2nd Rev. Ed. Harold Nichols 978-0-8170-1755-2 $12.00 5-pack set, 978-0-8170-1574-9 $54.00

The Work of the Church Trustee

Orlando L. Tibbetts 978-0-8170-0825-3 $11.00

The Church Business Meeting R. Dale Merrill, 978-0-8170-0409-5 $11.00

The Work of the Sunday School Superintendent Idris W. Jones, Revised by Ruth L. Spencer 978-0-8170-1229-8 $11.00

Work of the Church David R. Sawyer, 978-0-8170-1116-1 $11.00

The Work of the Usher Alvin D. Johnson, 978-0-8170-0356-2 $11.00

The Work of the Church Officers Glenn H. Asquith, 978-0-8170-1639-5 $11.00

The Work of the Church Treasurer, New Edition Matthew Tennant, 978-0-8170-1783-5 $16.99 The Work of the Clerk, New Edition M. Ingrid Dvirnak, 978-0-8170-1253-3 $10.00

The Work of the Greeter Paige Lanier Chargois, 978-0-8170-1540-4 $13.00 The Work of the Parish Church Nurse Julia Quiring-Emblen, 978-0-8170-1740-8 $16.00

The Work of the Pastoral Relations Committee Emmett V. Johnson, 978-0-8170-0984-7 $12.00

The Work of the Worship Committee Linda Bonn, 978-0-8170-1294-6 $10.00

Pastoral Vocation Resources The Work of the Associate Pastor Alan R. Rudnick 978-0-8170-1709-5 $16.00 The Work of the Pastor Victor D. Lehman 978-0-8170-1473-5 $13.00

The Work of the Chaplain Naomi K. Paget and Janet R. McCormack 978-0-8170-1499-5 $13.00

The Work of the Bivocational Minister Dennis W. Bickers 978-0-8170-1510-7 $13.00

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Judson Press Complete Book Catalog  

Judson Press Complete Book Catalog.

Judson Press Complete Book Catalog  

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