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JUDAS ARRIETA ( WORKS 1995-2008 Judas Arrieta is a known Spanish Contemporary Artist, he created his Manga art studio in China 5 years ago. MA Studio try to produce art pieces directly related with new ways to understand the art. One of the newest projects of the MA Studio, is ART Z project, which wants people approach to the art in a ludic and joyful way using Toy Art pieces. Judas Arrieta´s art-works are widely showed around the world, such as Spain, Germany, Finland, Japan, Korea, China, and so on. Judas Arrieta’s works are effected by Japanese cartoon art and mosnters movies (kaiju eiga), Asian oriental culture and European way to understand the contemporary art. He makes all of them together and uses his unique art language to produce many kind of different art works , which are worthy to be collected. He won the first prize of international young artist contest hold by Madrid Bank (Spain) in 2006. His art works are collected by Museums, enterprises and banks, like Guggenheim museum, Asia House of Barcelona, Spanish embassy in Japan, Madrid bank, etc. Judas Arrieta is a multidisciplinary artist, he does paintings, drawings, sculpture, wallpaints, video art and installations. He also does TV programs in Spain about manga, anime and Asian cultures. His last dream comes true the year 2008 when he produced his first limited edition toy in PVC called JUDASZ. JUDAS-Z is a mix of three characters: Mazinger Z , a panda and the artist himself. The story of the character is that he wants to become a legend, a hero and go beyond two dimensions–thus the JUDAS-Z toy is born.

kaiju 1995-2008  
kaiju 1995-2008  

1995-2008 art works by judas arrieta