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29th October - 29th November 2019 – Issue 149

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Dean Hart answers your questions Dean Hart is a Clinical Behaviourist and Tutor at the Canine Studies College and specialises in helping mature students set up and develop their own business within the canine industry. Visit


What can I do with my dog, he keeps jumping up at me?

Jumping up can be a problem even when we love our dogs, however you haven’t mentioned when he does this. Most dogs are really pleased to greet us when we have been out of the home, so jump up as a form of greeting (most likely active submission) or they can be more intrusive, just jumping up constantly during the day to gain our attention or if we are on the telephone. Let’s face it, we ‘have to’ interact in one way or another, when a dog has jumped up especially if they are a medium to large breed! Therefore, dogs learn that jumping up is quite an effective way to get us to respond, even if we are cross. To stop your dog jumping up you do need to consider when he is doing it and why, potentially stopping a dog during an active submissive greeting can damage some pet / owner relationships, not that I condone jumping up, especially when wearing best clothes, but thought is needed before ‘jumping in’ with a rehabilitation plan – excuse the pun. Firstly, consider how effective your ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’ command is, these need to be firmly in place before retraining. Be prepared with a treat box available in the areas he is most likely to jump up, then go to these areas at different times during the day (or when you are home) and practice your basic obedience lessons, use a training mat if needed to encourage your dog to lie down, vary what sequence you carry these out, such as sit, lie down and then stand. Stand lie down and then sit for example. These areas will then start to provide a positive association with training, this will help you to introduce training at the times he is most likely to jump up, Remember to have a training ‘start’ command and a training ‘finish’ command with all training. There are several approaches to take to help with this problem but as with all rehabilitation plans, considerable assessment and evaluation of the problem is needed before planning the most appropriate route to take!



I have two Bichons, a bitch age 2 and male castrated dog, age 3, I think I can work out who is boss but this seems to vary. They can get irritable with each other. What should I do? Competition for resources is most often the reason why most household dogs can start to be cross with each‐other. Assuming they are not overly aggressive with one another at this point? Resources can be obvious or less noticeable such as yourself, either being near to you or getting attention from you, food, treats, favourite spaces to sleep, beds or bedding, or sunny spots, toys etc. Have you notices when they get irritable or know why? Most conflict is only present when resources are involved, unless one dog is vying for attention from the other and this is not welcomed. So, to help at this point, the dog you think is the ‘boss’ (higher ranking), and I would guess this to be the bitch, needs to be given preferential access to all resources. The lower ranking can be praised, for showing any signs of submission (you need to understand canine body language for this as it may be very subtle), The lower ranking can also be asked to ‘sit’ and wait while the higher ranking has their food first for example. You can also use a plug in ADAPTIL diffuser if things are a little anxious. Make sure toys are picked up after use and under your control, they can have as many as they wish provided this is not a trigger for conflict. Make sure they have plenty of choice for where they can rest and sleep to minimise competition. If their conflict is escalating in intensity, frequency or duration then I would suggest you seek professional help before this develops into a more serious problem.

My middle-aged cat, Geoffrey, has started to pee in the house, is this common?

If Geoffrey has always be clean in the house then this would need further investigation, it is not common for the behaviour to change without good reason. Initially, I would consider a medical reason so a check‐up at the vets is advised. Try not to punish him, if you are. This may make Geoffrey more secretive or fearful of you making it more difficult to locate the urine. You need to use an appropriate enzymatic cleaner to remove the smell, so the scent does not trigger urination once again. You could provide Geoffrey with a deep filled litter‐tray, placed in an area he has urinated, before a full behavioural assessment.

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Do you want to work as an Animal Hydrotherapist? GET QUALIFIED TO WORK AS AN ANIMAL HYDROTHERAPIST! If you have a love and passion for animals and their wellbeing, and some experience/ handling or working with animals, this could be a great new career for you. There is a great deal of flexibility in an Animal Hydrotherapy career. You could begin working in a hydrotherapy business or set up your own business. Depending on your client base, your hours are likely to be very flexible and can be managed on a full-time or part-time basis. What is Animal Hydrotherapy?: Animal Hydrotherapists use hydrotherapy techniques to help animals with rehabilitation needs to recover from injury or as part of pain management or even as a type of exercise for animals with mobility issues. An Animal Hydrotherapy session is commonly required as a form of rehabilitation following injury, or major surgery. Vets will refer animals to a registered animal hydrotherapist, who will review their case before creating a suitable course of treatment. Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to gradually improve the strength and conditioning of an animal following surgery, or an injury, as it is low-impact. To work as a registered Animal Hydrotherapist, you must successfully complete an Ofqual regulated Level 3 Diploma course in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals. Animal Courses Direct (part of Animal Jobs Direct), is an approved Animal Hydrotherapy training centre offering the highly sought after Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy as a theory and practical course. Study online from home at your own pace and with full tutor support - let us help you get qualified to work as an Animal Hydrotherapist! Contact us on 0208 6269646 or visit the Animal Courses Direct website for more information.

For further information contact us on 0208 6269 646

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Troublesome Treacle Greetings to all my Fans! I love writing my column and bringing you up to speed with all my antics! Talking of speed, now I am 9 and a bit years old I notice that I cannot run like the wind so well but I am still pretty fit apart from sometimes having more than one attempt at jumping in the car boot. In fact I am partly responsible for Mistress’s bad back because the other day when she helped me get in the car something ‘clicked’ and ever since she has been walking like ‘John Cleese’ for those who remember his silly walk. But if you don’t, like an astronaut walking on the moon! As you can see I am looking rather regal in my photograph wearing the most beautiful multi coloured leather collar and definitely the most delightful one I have ever seen! My old one which was somewhat tattered and worn has gone in the bin! This one is so comfortable and I have to admit, I have turned a few heads whilst on my walks. (Could the rather handsome Labradoodle who winked at me, please get in touch?) See more fabulous products on They have a huge range of ‘must have’ items and I am putting some of them in my letter to Father Dogmas. I have lots of fab toys and food so I am so very lucky. Mistress is always saying I have far too many lovely things so the other day we took a sack filled with lots of things to one of The PDSA charity shops. Some of my furry friends don’t have anything much, not even a home. Others have been saved from a horrible life by amazing animal charities and waiting in lovely rescue centres for their forever home. You can see lots of pets in this issue looking for someone who will love and take good care of them. I was rescued when I was a wee thing and take a look at me now. A happy healthy cheeky dog! Thank you Border Collie Trust GB and my wonderful Mistress. I am hoping we will get proper snow this year so I can slide down the hills on my furry big bottom but Mistress is not so keen and says that “ice is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

Look at my beautiful multi coloured leather collar

This is because a few years ago she broke her wrist in three places on a skating rink and now refuses to do a starfish with me laying in the snow, for fear she will not be able to get up on the slippery surface. Thankfully Little Mistress likes nothing more than a snowball fight. Bring it on! Let is snow let it snow let it snow! It is time for my walk now so I will say goodbye for now. See you next issue

Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care Troublesome Treacle

These stunning leather dog collars are made by the tribes people of beautiful Kenya. Made with multi-coloured beads in various patterns and designs, no single collar is ever the same. Incredibly beautiful. The Masai women handcraft each individual collar using quality dark brown leather which they adorn with beads. A second layer of leather is then glued and sewn to the back. The collars also feature hand-cast buckles and clasps. Very special and stunning to wear. To purchase or find out more, visit



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Hello Readers,

On this Month’s Cover

Animal Courses Direct


Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare PUBLISHER: Jennifer Prowse ADVERTISING MANAGER: Glen Jackson FEATURE CoNTRIBUToRS: Dean Hart, Animal Behaviourist Mary Lloyd, Bio-Life International Juliet Abrahamson DESIGN: Vicki Barnes WEBSITE: Crosland Digital PRINTER: REFLEX LITHO, THETFORD, NORFOLK

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I do not like the early evening darkness. When I finish work I take my dog Treacle out for her second walk and with torch in one hand, her Jennifer Prowse Director and Publisher lead in the other and poo bags in my pocket, picking up poo is not an easy task for me. First of all I have to spot the trail of number twos and when finally detected, have to put the torch in my mouth so one hand is free to clean up! Is it just me I wonder? There are our usual regular features inside, Dean Hart our animal behaviourist who answers one reader’s question -why her dog constantly jumps up at her and what to do. Treacle our doggie journalist shows off her beaded leather collar and is after a Labradoodle who winked at her in the park. We introduce a new column from Dick White referrals who this month talk about understanding the risks of rescuing dogs from overseas. We have an article about some of the amazing animal charities and the work they do. Read about the bad start in life for little dog Buddy purchased on Gumtree for £400! Rescued Shire horse, Dime has recently been added to HorseWorld’s Adoption Scheme just in time for Christmas! He is Adorable – see inside. If you are reading a digital copy of our magazine then you are in for a treat because the latest Tails Magazine is in our centre pages! To celebrate the beauty of cats Agria are running a photo competition on Facebook to show the world just how stunning black cats really are on camera! Page 8. We have featured fabulous gift ideas, pet news and products plus lots of gorgeous animals looking for loving new homes. So get cosy and sit in your favourite chair with pets, laptop, or your pet on your lap with your hard copy. We hope you enjoy!

Jennifer Read Mayhew’s Winter edition of tails magazine (Inside our digital edition)


Contact us (01787) 228027 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE MAGAZINE: JENNIFER PROWSE MEDIA, 21 THE MALTINGS, BURES, SUFFOLK CO8 5EJ Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care Troublesome Treacle



Home of the original mesh drying coat. If you have a problem with your dog’s coat not laying flat, try my drying coat, it leaves it flat with a lovely shine. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 OCTOBER – 29 NOVEMBER 2019


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it can be very difficult to raise the funds needed to nurse them back to health, care for them and train them ready for new homes. Dime is a perfect example of what a rescued horse can achieve. Her appeal will help to raise the funds needed to help others like her. Her success will help them to succeed too. n To find out more, watch Dime’s videos and donate, please visit

Rescued Shire horse, Dime has recently been added to HorseWorld’s Adoption Scheme just in time for Christmas!

In the last issue, you may have read about Dime, the rescued Shire horse Dime was rescued by equine welfare charity, HorseWorld in 2017. She had been left abandoned and neglected along with 18 other Shire horses. Two years after her rescue, she is training to work in harness. Heavy horse enthusiast Martin Clunes, of ITV’s Doc Martin, is asking supporters to become part of Dime’s journey by helping HorseWorld to equip her with a harness, cart and harrow. The video featuring Martin Clunes can be viewed at As an old English breed of heavy horse, 5-year-old Dime can be trained to work like her ancestors did, an exciting next step for this once unloved and overlooked mare. This will turn her life story from one of abandonment and neglect to a promising future as a working Shire horse, something that is a rare and special sight these days. When she was rescued, the first thing staff noticed was that Dime has no tail. It is unclear whether it was docked for cosmetic reasons or because of an accident. Either way, it has caused her 6

The charity’s Adoption Scheme is a fun way of sponsoring an animal for the year, supporting animals in need. You will receive: 1. A cuddly version of your favourite animal in a presentation gift box. 2. A colourful certificate detailing your chosen animal’s story. 3. Regular updates on your adopted animal’s progress. 4. Opportunities to visit your animal at HorseWorld on open days. 5. A double-sided keyring & photograph. For more information visit or call 01275 893020.

a few problems. In the summer months, she is unable to rid herself of flies and must wear a special protective rug with a large tail flap. When harnessed, she is unable to wear a harness crupper (the part that goes under the tail to hold the back end of the harness – the breeching, in place). This means the harness must be modified to suit her. Dime’s Appeal will enable HorseWorld to purchase the equipment needed to bring her into work and to maintain her upkeep. The charity currently provides for over 100 rescued horses on its farm in Whitchurch, Bristol. Any additional funds raised as a result of Dime’s Appeal will go into rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming other equines in need. Many of the horses rescued by the charity cannot be publicised for legal reasons. This means


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Celebrating the beauty of black cats

Did you know that black cats can have a harder time finding their forever homes? Many rescue centres report this as the case, with black kittens often being the last in a litter to be adopted, and older black cats overlooked in favour other colours.

Some say that a recent decline in popularity of black cats is because people find them harder to photograph, so they are harder to include on social media! Not only do we think this a terrible reason not to have a black cat in your life, but it’s also not true. So, we are running a photo competition on Facebook and show the world just how stunning black cats really are on camera! Katie, who has run Bradford Cat Watch Rescue for 13 years, says, “It is a sad fact that black cats are often overlooked and the last choice when people are considering adoption. Love knows no colour! Your cat doesn't care what colour YOUR hair is! And the # 1 reason to adopt a black cat is that Black Cats are the least likely to get adopted!” Carolyn Menteith, Behaviour and Training Advisor at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “I always find it unexpected that black cats have difficulty finding homes as they are the most dramatic of all felines with an elegance all their own. “If you need any more reasons to re-home a black cat, superstitions say that a black cat will bless your relationships, help you find money and ensure you have lots of suitors! Far more than that however, a black cat has just as much love to give as a tabby

or ginger cat - and many owners report them as being calmer and more laid-back than other colours.” So, if you are lucky enough to own a black cat, please share a photo of them on the Agria Pet Insurance Facebook page, @agriapetuk. The photo voted our favourite will win the owner a £50 Amazon voucher – ideal for spoiling their fabulous feline – and the rescue the top-placed rescue cat was adopted from will win a fantastic luxury cat hamper! Entries close at midnight on Saturday 16th November 2019. To protect your black cat, or cat, dog or rabbit of any colour, visit, or call us on 03330 30 82 81. Until 30th November there is no upper age limit on new Lifetime policies, so if you have an older pet, now’s time to get them covered!

For competition Ts and Cs, see post on Facebook. Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register Number 496160. Agria Pet Insurance is registered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4258783. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW.




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Senior pets deserve Liffetiime insura anc n e too

Protect yourr older pets

Have you been refused peet insurance because of your pet’s age? From o 1st Octoberr un u till 30th November embberr 2019, Agria iss pleased to offer Lifetiime cover with no upperr age limit!*

Get a quote, tod day, call: 03330 30 82 81 or visit:


From 1st October 2019 untill 30tth November 2019, Agria will waive the maximum aage limit for new pet insurance policies forr dogs, cats and rabbits. Terms, conditio ons and excesses apply. Agriaa Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financiall Conduct Authority, Financial Services Registerr Numberr 496160. Agria Pet Insurance is reggistered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered numberr 42587833. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walto on Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW.

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ABOUT DICK WHITE REFERRALS Dick White Referrals offer services that include: cardiology; clinical pathology; dermatology, emergency and critical care; internal medicine; neurology/neurosurgery; oncology; ophthalmology; orthopaedics; and soft tissue surgery. These clinical areas are supported by outstanding teams in diagnostic imaging and anaesthesia. There is also an on-site laboratory and a physiotherapy department which offers a range of land- and water-based techniques; the latter incorporating the use of a sophisticated water treadmill. The first priority for pets referred to the clinic is to obtain an accurate diagnosis and this is often achieved by using advanced imaging techniques. DWR offers MRI and CT scanning, as well as ultrasound and digital radiography. The on-site laboratory ensures that sample analysis is performed with minimum delay. This is particularly important because most conditions benefit from rapid diagnosis and early treatment.

Dick White Referrals

Rescuing Dogs from Abroad understanding the risks How many of us, when travelling abroad, haven’t been tempted to rescue and re-home a stray dog? We are, after all, a nation of animal lovers and it can be heartbreaking to leave behind a dog which has befriended you and perhaps come to trust you as a source of kindness, affection and food. It is natural to want to give such an animal a caring home but, in the past, practical considerations have prevented this from happening on a large scale. However, the relaxation of pet travel rules in 2012 has made it a much more feasible proposition.

will move north and therefore the UK should remain free of leishmania. However many dogs with leishmania

have been imported from countries such as Spain and Romania. Although it is generally accepted that

So what are the downsides of this, other than the costs involved? One of the main concerns is that dogs from abroad can harbour undetected and potentially lifethreatening diseases not traditionally seen in the UK. There are many such diseases in mainland Europe but here we look at three that are currently of real concern to the UK veterinary profession: leishmania, dirofilariasis and babesia. Leishmania Leishmania is a serious and potentially fatal parasitic disease of dogs, which is not currently endemic in the UK. It is spread by Sand flies and is common in the Mediterranean areas of Europe (Fig 1). Given our climate, it is unlikely that Sand flies

Fig. 1: Approximate distribution of canine leishmaniosis in Europe as of 2012 (courtesy of ESCCAP).

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these dogs are not infectious and therefore do not represent a risk to co-habiting animals, worryingly, cases have been reported recently in un-travelled dogs living with infected imported animals. Also, three dogs obtained from UK re-homing centres have been diagnosed with Leishmaniosis despite not having travelled abroad. Not all infected dogs will develop clinical signs as some clear the disease quickly whilst others appear to develop inappropriate immune responses leading to increased susceptibility. This has been in seen in breeds such as German Shepherd, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel and Rottweiler. The disease follows a very chronic and often variable course, with clinical signs including weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes, lameness and crusty/scaling skin, often around the eyes, ears feet and muzzle. Treatment is rarely curative and is aimed at controlling the clinical signs rather than curing the disease. Dirofilariosis (Heartworm) Dirofilariosis is caused by the roundworm Dirofilaria immitis which resides in chambers of the heart and large blood vessels that supply the lungs. The adult worms are often 25–30cm and have life spans of up to 7 years. They are transmitted by mosquitos, with bites passing on infectious larvae which develop over several months into adult worms. Dirofiliariosis does not currently occur in the UK but it is widespread through much of Southern Europe. In infected dogs, the worms obstruct the blood flow in the heart and large

This adorable dog was rescued from Romania and, luckily, there is a happy ending in this case. Pogy was checked thoroughly by his new owner's vet and found to be free from disease.

Fig. 2: The Marsh tick (Dermacentor reticulates) feeding on a dog that presented with clinical signs of Babesiosis having returned from France 3 days earlier. vessels and the resulting irritation causes coughing, breathlessness and exercise intolerance. It is hard to kill or remove the adult worms and so prevention is much better than cure. Babesia Babesia is caused by microscopic parasites that infect red blood cells. It is carried by ticks and can be passed to dogs during feeding, leading to severe and life threatening anaemia. The brown dog tick and the marsh tick (Fig 2), which carry babesia, are rarely found in the UK but are widespread in Europe. Animals can quickly become very sick as a result of infection as the babesia organisms infect and destroy red cells, leading to a severe anaemia and dramatic systemic infection. There is no vaccine for babesia so effective products that kill and repel ticks, with prompt removal of attached ticks, are essential. It is important that any tick is removed safely using a tick hook which has a slot at the end to slide around the tick. This is turned 2-3 time and then pulled gently to remove the tick. Please do not follow any advice suggesting that you cover them in Vaseline, burn them or spin them round with an alcohol soaked swab. Annoying a tick risks it regurgitating its gut contents, which can cause it to pass on disease. The desire to rescue stray, neglected or abused animals from

other countries, and give them loving homes in the UK, is completely understandable. However, a recent survey among companion animal vets revealed that 40% have seen new or rare conditions in their practices over the last year. Many of these were associated with imported dogs, with the potentially fatal disease leishmaniasis emerging as the most common – reported by 27% of the vets surveyed. It is worth mentioning that this is a zoonotic disease, ie one which can be transmitted from animals to people. Vets also reported seeing cases of other exotic conditions such as ehrlichiosis and heartworm. In conclusion, we must agree with John Fishwick, President of he British Veterinary Association, who said: “With thousands of dogs needing homes within the UK, I would urge anyone looking to get a pet to adopt from a UK rehoming charity or welfare organisation instead”. He also advised those who already own a rescue dog from abroad, if they haven’t already done so, to ask their vet for advice on testing and treatment for any underlying conditions.” n To learn more about Dick White Referrals, visit:

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Kit Wilson Trust

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 RSPCA Danaher Animal Home

Angie 15247

Chad 15248

I love to explore off lead and enjoy lots of interactive scent games! I could live with another dog.

I was underweight but now I’m doing great! I am very playful and handsome.

Scottish SSPCA


Shoni F8

Rocky M8

Jed M8

Hutch M11

Bonnie F8 mths

Zack M5

Requires an experienced home that is able to give her structure and boundries.

Walks very well with the aid of a halti type device but caution is needed around other dogs.

Age related wear and tear means that handsome Jed can only manage short walks.

When initial excitement calms down he is so cuddly and affectionate.

She is a sweet little dog who would benefit from some basic training.

Zack is a quite a nervy little dog who doesn’t like loud noises.

Sooty 15171

Lady 15236

I have a big I am a 3 year old Jack personality and I am Russell Terrier. I very playful, I will would like to be the always make you only animal in my laugh with my antics! new home.

Mia 15179

Gemini 15178

Eponine 15095

Thumbelina 15119

I can be timid and shy, but once I come out of my shell I love a fuss and lots of attention.

I am a little nervous but once you gain my trust I am very lovable and enjoy a fuss.

I was abandoned in a cardboard box! I would love to find a loving home with a bunny friend.

I am a very friendly girl, I enjoy being groomed and I will take treats out of your hand!

Abi F2-3

Brussel F6-7 mths

Buddy M3-4

Bullseye M7

Harvey M9

Layla F1-2

Maia F2-3

Peter M2-3

She is a typical lively lurcher who is full of beans and loves going on adventures.

Brussel could possibly be integrated into a family of Huskys or similar.

He is a bouncy young boy who can get quite hyper and excitable when going for a walk.

He is a lovely boy who enjoys playing with toys and will have a mad case of the zoomies.

He is friendly guy and loves nothing more than going out for his walks and playing with his toys.

Will need an active, adult only home with no other animals. She will require ongoing training.

She can also be a bit mouthy when she gets excited so an adult only home would be must.

Due to his nature, an adult only home where he is the only fur baby, with a fully enclosed garden.

National Animal Welfare Trust

Rufus M16

Holly F10

Noah M4

I would need to be the only dog and I would love to live in a quiet location where I can enjoy walks without too much going on.

It is essential I have a completely secure garden, as I'm so small I could fit through the tiniest of spaces.

My love for human affection and company means I hate being left alone and do have separation anxiety.

Oscar M9 mths

Biscuit M1

I’ve not even had my I’m going to be great first birthday yet so fun in a home and we I’m just a pup looking can get up to loads of adventures for my forever home. together!

Flame F5

Diego M1-4

Poppet F10

I’m a friendly girl who loves to be around people. I like to have a cuddle on my big comfy bed.

He is very active and loves going for walks and playing with toys, fetch is his favourite game!

I am very deserving and I’ll be the perfect addition to a household willing to devote time to cuddles!

The trovan® microchip-ID is recommended worldwide, for its outstanding technology, quality & reliability. Used by rescues and professionals all over the world. Now we also have All-in-Ones! in both sizes 12


UNIVERSAL SCANNER Detects ALL microchips


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Yoour our one stop caanine shop See uss att:

LKA – 14th-15thh December Next to BIS Ring

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Showing Grooming Accessories Equipm ment Supplements & Moree




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Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Professional Dog Grooming Scissors UK

EMBARRASSED BY YOUR PULLING DOG? Feel stressed at the thought of a walk? The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop your dog pulling on the lead

Family owned since 1990, where our expertise, quality and precision is our passion. Home to the exclusive Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Range


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Tel: 07971680023



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Autumn – “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” but mind the thorns!! There is no question that autumn is a lovely season for walking the dog. It’s not too hot and not too cold and the colours are wonderful to behold. However, when it comes to pets, there are some hazards we need to be aware of. Mary Lloyd explains more

n For any further help or information, please contact the Bio-Life helpline 01608 686626 (Open 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week).

NATURAL HAZARDS The most common hazards in the autumn are: • • • • •

Seasonal Canine Illness Conkers Acorns Fallen leaves Mushrooms & toadstools

Seasonal canine illness is a mystery disease that causes severe symptoms and even death in dogs if they are not treated. The symptoms include sickness, lethargy and diarrhoea and commonly occur about 72 hours after a walk in woodland. Cases have been reported throughout the UK occurring between September and November. Interestingly, affected dogs commonly infested with harvest mites and if woodlands are unavoidable where you live then the vet can recommend a spray to prevent infestation. How they are linked, we still do not know. The best way to treat is to hospitalise and put on a drip to tackle the dehydration and control the vomiting and diarrhoea. Treatment may be needed for several days and the dog needs constant nursing care to keep them stable. Needless to say, avoiding walks in woodland areas at this time of year is the best preventative. Other hazards of the woodlands are the ample supply of fallen conkers and acorns. Conkers if they are ingested cause drooling, retching, vomiting and diarrhoea as well as abdominal pain. Acorns contain tannic acid, a toxic ingredient that produces symptoms not dissimilar to Seasonal canine illness. Again veterinary treatment is required. Lastly, fallen leaves are a prime source of bacteria and fungi which can cause infection as well as allergic reactions. At the end of this, I think that none of us who love our pets would want to risk their health so yes, please do avoid woodland walks and make sure

your dogs are not allowed to wander unsupervised.

MAN MADE HAZARDS Rat poisons contain anticoagulants that prevent the blood from clotting. If it is ingested by cats or dogs, the result is severe haemorrhaging and blood loss which can lead to heart failure. The affected pet needs treatment with an antidote as soon as the symptoms are detected. Halloween celebrations often mean lots of chocolates and sweeties and just like children, dogs will happily munch themselves until they are sick. You should never give chocolate to dogs and it is important if you have children in the household that they learn this lesson too. Once the first frosts arrive, many of us will use anti-freeze. If you do, avoid salt based products and replace with either a Calcium chloride granule or a liquid Propylene glycol. Polar Products Europe supply these products and PolarThaw Ca is used by the police and emergency services where animals are likely to come into contact with them. Lastly, November 5th unfortunately plus or minus 7 days. Many cats and dogs are terrified of fireworks and associated bangs. If your pets are among these, make sure they are safely secured indoors in the evenings and accompanied on a lead if they go out for a walk. We have 3 dogs in this category and we nearly lost our Bichon Frisse, Snowy, for good one year. He was secure in the house we thought but he crashed out through the cat flap in terror and emerged at a wedding party at the Golf Course 5 miles away. Fortunately, we live in a small, animal loving community and a young couple took him home for the night and let the Newsagent know in the morning. Snowy returned home safe and well – but I would not wish the anguish we suffered all night on anyone else!

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Our Amazing Animal Charities

In this country we are blessed with copious amounts of charities that are dedicated to helping animals, here and abroad. Some are national, some local, some large and some small, and most have to raise money by public support. Many of them are well-known, such as the Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Dogs Trust (best known for their slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®”), Cats Protection, or the RSPCA, but there are also loads of small charities that work to make a difference in specialised areas, or who operate locally perhaps to draw attention to animal rescue in your home-town. Juliet Abrahamson explains more


On the website Charity Choice, animal charities can be found in several basic sub-categories to help you find the kind of charity that interests you, and they can be loosely grouped in the following areas:

Pets: Animal Rescue, Centres and Homes

This section is primarily concerned to help you find a charity that is directly concerned with the support of pets. Whether it is one for horses, for instance Heartbeat Home for Horses, who look after horses at the end of their careers, or who are injured or abandoned, or Parrot Rescue UK Ltd, you will find one that supports an animal dear to your heart. There are so many wonderful charities that meet animals’ needs, centres such as the Battersea Dog and Cats Home; the RSPCA, with its numerous local branches; many greyhound rescue charities for those dogs who need rehoming after becoming too old to race, or charities that support bulldogs, German Shepherds, Staffies or many others specifically designed to help certain breeds of dogs. You can find all sorts of charities helping other animals, such as Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, which is the only UK charity for this animal and looks after goats that have suffered cruelty or who have been abandoned by the roadside. Or there is the Donkey Sanctuary, that houses many needy donkeys and mules in the UK but also assists them internationally. The British Hen Welfare Trust aims to rehome hens that have been rescued from battery farms, and to educate people in the benefits of free-range farming of hens. One charity, Murphy’s Army, is primarily dedicated to reuniting lost and stolen pets with their owners by using social media campaigns to locate animals. This came about by one family who lost their Siberian Husky, Murphy, and by huge efforts his story was shared across the world. Murphy was found some 3 months later, but the charity


was born and now aims to rescue other missing pets and draw attention to the increase in pet theft. Cinnamon Trust helps elderly and terminally ill people with their pets. Pets can be so crucial to people who may suffer loneliness or who are ill, and the Trust’s objectives are to sustain the relationships – walking a dog for the housebound, for instance – with their 15,000 volunteers working nationally. They also give long-term

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care for pets when their owners have died or are not allowed them in their residential home.

Assistance and Working Dogs

Many charities are devoted to making not only the animal (usually a dog) lead rewarding lives, but to enable their owner’s life to be changed as well. The difference that these animals can make can be transformative. These include the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity that helps many of the 180,000 people in the UK who are blind or partially sighted back to independence and confidence by providing a trained dog to be their ‘eyes’. Support Dogs, based in Sheffield, are trained to help owners who have seizures, or to help with varying disabilities that may mean they need help at the supermarket, or with practical assistance around the home. Other dogs can be trained to help with autistic children, something that can benefit not only the child but the whole family.

Endangered Animals and Wildlife Conservation

Some areas of animal welfare have been highlighted in this time of concern for the welfare of the planet, and while it is tragic to think of all those animals that are disappearing rapidly because of climate change or by how humans are treating their environment, it is also heartening that there are charities working hard to alleviate the severe problems that there are in many parts of the world. The Wildlife Aid Foundation looks after injured and sick wildlife (up to 250,000 incidents a year). Have a look at the charity International Animal Rescue, who work to save animals and to protect their environments, specifically at present on saving the orangutan, whose habitat is under threat in Indonesia, by creating a rescue centre which now houses 200 orangutans. The charities that I have mentioned are just some of the many great organisations that exist to support and protect our pets and wildlife. Many have good websites explaining their work, and you can volunteer or visit many of them too, which can make for a wonderful family outing. Who could resist a trip to see monkeys at play in the wonderful surroundings of the home of the TV based series Monkey Life, Monkey World! Images: Adobe Stock

Contact details of charities mentioned by name The Guide Dogs for the Blind Dogs Trust Cats Protection RSPCA The national website where you can search for your local branch: Battersea Dog and Cats Home The Donkey Sanctuary British Hen Welfare Trust Support Dogs Murphy’s Army Cinnamon Trust The Wildlife Aid Foundation

One charity, Murphy’s Army, is primarily dedicated to reuniting lost and stolen pets with their owners

Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats Heartbeat Home for Horses International Animal Rescue Monkey World

n General websites to locate animal charities



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Saving Yorkshire Dogs

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page

Clyde M5

Tel: 01952 245330

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Kevin M6

Clyde loves to chase He is very friendly after his toys, with people, loves however they need to belly scratches and be good strong ones playing with his toys. as he enjoys chewing them up!

The Mayhew

Millie F6-7

Tara F3-4

Bowie F

Trevor M

her toys and enjoys having them thrown for her.

Tara is looking for someone with the time to take her for long walks and train her.

An intelligent, chatty and sensitive girl who still has plenty of energy.

He loves long walks, trips out in the car & being involved in daily activities.

Brinsley Animal Rescue

Maisy & Daisy F

Nellie F3

Jürgen M1

Eldon M

Roland M

Ballerina F

Bertie M1

Both of these girls have the shape and easy going nature traditionally associated with Kune Kune pigs.

She’s a beauty and a truly lovely girl.

We’d love for Jürgen to be rehomed with plenty of space.

A great character, a real privilege to be around.

He’s a really handsome (almost goat-like), mild chap.

Ensure that she gets the continued care that she deserves.

Looking for ahome where he can live with other goats.

Poppy F2-3

Millie F7

Senna M8 mths

Bruce M7

A real sweetie with lots of potential. She tends to be nervous with new people.

A smashing dog and will massively enrich the lives of anyone who adopts her.

He will need someone home based as he is not used to being left.

A typical Staffy, loves people, loves cuddles, loves to play, loves his walks.

Happy Landings Animal Shelter

Eigenn M8 He needs a quiet, adult only home and time to get to know you and to trust you.

Molly F

Star F7

Tye M5

The perfect home for She is very gentle and He is a large dog and Molly would be a very sweet, enjoys her can be boisterous so quiet household with walks but also loves a would need children no children. cuddle on the sofa. that understand.

Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs SYD saves dogs that are vulnerable & at risk in the county of Yorkshire.We rehome them all over the uk. SYD Rescue is a volunteer led rescue charity that has a set of kennels in the Yorkshire Dales and fosterers in the local area. It takes in dogs from pounds, vets and the public. Once in the care of SYD Rescue, dogs are assessed, rehabilitated and rehomed with suitable families. Registered charity number 1167291



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New Perfect-Fit Foods for Dogs In a market packed with dog foods claiming benefits for dogs of all breeds and life stages, Josera is providing a clear-cut alternative to the pseudoscience used by some food brands. Beloved pets, hardworking dogs, dogs in training and dogs with digestive considerations in the UK now have direct access to leading German brand Josera.

n Social Media @petfootprint

Produced in Germany in the company’s own, carbon neutral factory, is an extremely high-quality option that focuses on the finest quality human-grade and sustainable ingredients, gentle baking and steaming production methods that ensure optimal digestion and nutritional absorption. Simon Freear, managing director for PAPF Ltd, UK distributor for Josera “Josera recipes are particularly thought-provoking for anyone who is interested in the genuine content of their dog’s food and its quantifiable environmental impact. With warnings all over the media about the connection between meat and omissions, informed dog owners are seeking a highly nutritionallydense food solution that also makes a material contribution to reducing Co2 production.” Working dogs—animals that compete or train regularly, as well as pets that enjoy plenty of exercise need both calories and quality nutrients together with the appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrates and fat, with nutrients that can be easily and quickly absorbed. Josera manufactures superior quality, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible foods for pets; cats, dogs and horses as well as agricultural feeds for farm animals. The brand holds internationally recognised awards and certifications of highest regard for ingredients, manufacturing ethos, environmental concern and best practice. Facts that have contributed to its success in its home market of Germany, alongside Spain, Italy and France and over 50 countries worldwide. Simon Freear explains “Josera manufacturers in its own factory and have done so for over 75 years – so have complete control over ingredients, supply

and production, recipe development and final product. The range of recipes for all pets at different life stages and dietary needs is perfect.” Recent introductions include the Josera Mini range which has products for all life stages to suit dogs from puppy to senior citizen. The mini sized kibble is easy for little mouths to manage and the food helps to prevent the build-up of tooth tartar from day one. Fatty acids help to establish a glossy coat and healthy skin while duck, salmon and natural herbs create irresistible flavour. Cereal can cause itching and allergies in some dogs – but is an ingredient in many pet foods. MiniDeluxe is a tasty cereal-free mix of lamb, vegetables such as sweet potato, herbs and fruits. For senior citizens, Josera offers grain-free MiniVita which has a carefully measured mineral content to protect the kidneys, liver and other internal organs. As with all Josera recipes, the Mini range foods are very nutrient-dense ensuring daily feed rations are very low and extremely well digested and assimilated thus reducing the quantity and improving the consistency of the poos.



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Dogmatic (UK) Ltd

Most Innovative Dog Collar Manufacturers 2019 - UK Dogmatic (UK) Ltd is an innovative dog collar creator which has developed a unique headcollar designed to keep dogs of all shapes and sizes safe and under control. To celebrate the firm’s success for the second year in a row in the Pet Products & Services Awards we profile the firm and share the story behind the product that has led it to the success it enjoys today.

n For any further help or information, please contact Zoe Lewsley, Dogmatic (UK) Ltd


or more than 18 years Dogmatic has been producing the award-winning headcollar that offers full control but is safe and gentle. Designer Susan Lewsley has had back, leg and neck pain for 28 years due to disc/nerve problems and arthritis resulting in nine major back operations and two major neck operations plus arthritis in her hands. She has had her spine rebuilt from pelvis to neck. This meant she could no longer walk or even hold the dogs she had loved and shown for many years, which was an upsetting change in her life. She and her family had kept Dobermanns for 26 years and enjoyed showing them. They were using the known makes of Headcollars but found, not only did they not stop them pulling, they were all rubbing and riding up into their dogs’ eyes and they had even managed to get them off. As such, Susan and her daughter Zoe worked with a local saddler who created a range of prototypes, which the pair trialled to create a solution that would help Susan to walk her dogs again in comfort. Over the years the prototype headcollar has since evolved into the present design and the finished product not only is comfortable but does not ride up or go near the dog’s eyes. It works on all breeds/sizes of dog and ensures your dog will immediately follow where you want to lead. An extra bonus is that, in an emergency, the Dogmatic can be used to close the dog’s mouth and turn its head to enable the owner to keep their dog safe but immediately releases again allowing the dog to pant, drink, or carry a toy. It is very comfortable for the dog to wear and offers complete control for the owner. Thanks to this unique innovation, the Dogmatic team have even been able to help other disabled owners with their dogs and also dogs in rescue who were previously untrainable and, therefore, unable to be

rehomed. As such they have been able to use the innovation to benefit both owners and their dogs. Together Zoe and Susan have slowly built up the Dogmatic brand and the headcollarcollars and leads are now in shops, vets, on trade stands, being used by police, prison officers, rescues, behaviourists, trainers and clubs as well as individual dog owners. Being passionate dog owners, the Dogmatic team try to help small businesses, clubs, rescues and other organisations by offering low minimum orders at trade prices, so any profits can go back into them. The Dogmatic solution is also endorsed by famous dog Behaviourist Dr David Sands and recommended as his headcollar of choice in his books. Seeking to build upon the success of the Dogmatic brand, Zoe and Susan will continue to work to ensure that their solution meets the needs of today’s dogs and their owners over the coming years so that they can continue to enjoy safe and comfortable interactions.

Dogmatic’s award

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Holly Blue with best pal Adoption Star Lady

Help grant a rescued horse’s wish this Christmas All the rescued horses and donkeys of Redwings Horse Sanctuary want this Christmas is the chance to continue living a life free of fear and neglect. Those sponsoring an Adoption Star will receive: • An adoption pack including a certificate, beautiful photograph and the Adoption Star’s story • Postal updates on their adventures and antics at the Sanctuary • An invitation to the Adoption Star’s birthday party • Access to an online diary featuring photo galleries and blogs about their life at Redwings • The chance to visit the Adoption Star for free at the visitor centre where they live • A Friendship Card to treasure as a reminder of their adoption.

n To sponsor a Redwings Adoption Star this Christmas, head to or call 01508 481000.

Christmas shoppers can help make their wish come true by sponsoring a Redwings “Adoption Star” as a truly unique gift for a loved one, and every penny goes towards their care and that of their four-legged friends at the Sanctuary – of which there are over 1,500! Sponsorship costs from just £15 a year, and there are more than 20 adorable Adoption Star horses, ponies and donkeys to choose from, each with their own moving story to tell. From gentle giant Shire cross Fox to mischievous donkey Arya, from mini but mighty Sampson to real life ‘Black Beauty’ Maya, there’s an array of wonderful characters enabling everyone to find the perfect new friend for themselves or a loved one! And this year, Redwings has launched four new Adoption Stars onto the scheme, including young Shire horse Lady who lives at Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire, handsome mule Noah and pretty dapple pony Lily who both live at Redwings Caldecott in Norfolk, and adorable Dotty the donkey who lives at Redwings Ada Cole in Essex. Lady was one of 19 Shire horses rescued in a multi-agency operation in November 2017, having been discovered fly-grazing (grazing without the landowner’s permission) on a site near Kidderminster in Worcestershire. Their previous owner had left little provision for their on-going care and, with winter approaching, their welfare was at dire risk. Six of the group, including Lady and her companion Holly Blue, who has joined her at

Redwings Oxhill, were pledged a safe, forever home at the Sanctuary. This friendly girl, who is as big-hearted as she is bigNoah and Dotty footed, was selected for the scheme following the heart-breaking loss of the charity’s stunning Shire cross Adoption Star Major who passed away at the beginning of 2019. Gentle giant Major, who lived at Redwings Oxhill, was the Sanctuary’s tallest horse, measuring 17.3 hands high (1.75m) just to his shoulders! Meanwhile, two-year-old Lady is already 15 hands high (152cm) and is still growing! Noah and his two companions came to Redwings in 2010 after their owner sadly began to struggle with their care. Native cross Lily arrived in 2013 from a fellow animal rehoming organisation that was finding it difficult to secure new homes for her and her two pals, having previously been rescued by the RSPCA as part of a welfare case. During their time at the Sanctuary, both Noah and Lily’s friendly and outgoing natures have made them firm favourites with their carers – and the ideal candidates for the Adoption Scheme! And poor Dotty the donkey was rescued by the RSPCA in 2018 having been discovered with very overgrown hooves which were causing her extreme pain. Following emergency treatment at a nearby veterinary practice, Dotty was transferred to Redwings Ada Cole to continue her recovery. Later that year, her former owner was disqualified from keeping equines for three years and Dotty was offered a safe, forever home at the Sanctuary. Despite her past ordeal, her love of cuddles from her visitors shone through and it was clear she would make the perfect Adoption Star! Debbie Scott, Redwings’ Head of Fundraising, said: “We’re delighted to introduce Lady, Noah, Lily and Dotty as our new Adoption Stars and we hope our supporters will love them as much as we do! They are such friendly characters who are always the first to the fence to greet visitors, making them the perfect ambassadors for Redwings and the Adoption Scheme. “By supporting them, their sponsors will also be helping the hundreds of rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in our care nationwide, so we hope as many people as possible will take the opportunity to meet and adopt them.”



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Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Border Collie Trust GB

Alfie M8-9

Bailey F5

Buddy M4

Leo M5-6

Lily F3

Max M2

He needs an active home where he can get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

She likes to have her own space at times and likes to stretch out in her comfy bed.

He has lots of energy and loves having fun running around in our paddock area.

we think that he will make a very rewarding pet for the right owner.

Lily has a high prey drive and reacts when she sees things that move.

He is a cheeky lad who needs to work on his manners.

Jasper M6

Wesley M3

Marty M2

Chase M1

Fred M1

Sammy M5

Millie F1

Rees M9

He mixes well with other dogs, is house trained, travels well and loves to play ball. He wouldn't live with cats.

Wesley is housetrained, knows all basic commands and mixes well with other dogs.

Marty would be better suited to a quiet home in a quiet area without young children or cats.

Chase is housetrained, is good being left alone for 4 hours, is good with other dogs.

Fred is housetrained, has been good when left alone for 4 hours.

Sammy would be better suited to a home without young children.

She would be better in a home with other dogs as they seem to help her confidence.

May be better suited with children over 8 years old.

GSDR German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Bodie F17 mths

Lenny M4

Tinkerbelle F2

Stella F9

Blizzard M2

Chanel F5

Ingrid F2

Rambo M11 mths

Can you help this lovely girl? She needs urgent TLC and the basics of training.

Lenny is food orientated which will make training much easier.

a gorgeous girl whose looks melts the hearts of everyone she meets.

Stella loves her walks and is happy to travel in the car to explore further afield.

Blizzard lives and is okay around dog savvy older boys n girls.

We need to find a new forever home where Chanel won’t be confronted by a busy house.

Just like Ingrid Bergman, full of grace and beauty both on the outside as well as the inside.

This scrumptious young chap is Rambo who is a large bouncy, energetic pup

Fearne Animal Sanctuary

Sammy F

Ruby F

Barney M

Frankie M

Lottie F

Otis M

Bolt M

Xena F

I do enjoy being groomed and most of all love cuddling up on someone’s lap.

I will require grooming and regular clipping in order to keep my coat in good condition.

I will also need a very patient understanding owner and absolutely no children in the home.

I am fine with other dogs but would prefer to be the only dog as I want all the attention.

I am looking for a home with another dog but they would need to match me in energy levels.

I would also like a home where my new owner is around quite a bit or has another energetic dog for company.

I really am looking for someone to give me a new life and another chance for happiness.

I would be suited to a home with someone who is at home most of the day.

Glascoed Retreat


Autumn and Winter breaks available Escape to our delightful semi-detached bungalow in a peaceful location 4 miles inland from Aberaeron in West Wales. Tel: 01544 340474

Email: 24


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Choose your favourite Dog cologne from our award winning range of over 60 fragrances. Every scent is available in four bottle sizes and in a moisturising paw balm. We provide High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet

Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey

Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors

A High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet.

l l

Natural Treats Natural Healthcare Products


Chicken wing tips

Pigs trotters


Whole sardines

Whole prime quail

Bone broth

Tel: 07590 621636/01763 243533 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 OCTOBER – 29 NOVEMBER 2019


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GIN CALENDAR 2020 GIN Calendar for 2020. Each month has a picture of one of our rescue dogs. Size approx. 12" x 8½". £7.50 + P&P.

FLEECE COAT Lovely fleece coat with a Polar bear and penguin design. Snood collar with Velcro fastening. Available in sizes 26", 28" and 30" £15.00 + P&P.


BLIZZARD COAT Blizzard coat with a hooded neckline - super outdoor coat to keep your hound warm this winter. Waterproof with a soft thermal lining and Velcro fastening. Colours available Wine and Green. Available in sizes 26", 28" and 30". £25.00 + P&P.

Greyhounds in Need Christmas cards 2019. Published exclusively for GIN. Each pack contains 8 cards with envelopes. Size approx. 8" x 5". The greeting inside each card reads: "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year". £5.00 + P&P.

Greyhounds in Need

GIFT IDEAS FOR CHRISTMAS PENCIL CASE Lovely pencil case featuring our cartoon galgos. Made from polyester with a main zip compartment. Size 21 x 14 cms. Available in French Navy or Red. £6.00 + P&P.



A4 SKETCH PAD 30 sheets with a lovely galgo design on the front cover. £2.50 + P&P. 26

Handy Phone pouch embroidered with a lovely black galgo design. Made from polyester, Rip-Strip™ closure ,zip pocket, belt loop, carabiner clip and detachable adjustable neck cord. Smartphone compatible. Size 16 x 10 x 2 cms. Available in Red or Bright Royal £11.00 + P&P.


2020 Week to view pocket Diary printed with our charity detail. Black with a tan trim, includes dialling codes, address and phone number section and much more. Size approx. 6" x 3½". £4.99 + P&P.

MICRO FLEECE GILET Fashionable Navy micro fleece Gilet embroidered with a lovely galgo head in grey. Soft, light and high stretch fabric. Quick dry, full length zip, two front pockets, open hem and decorative stitch detail. Material - 100% polyester micro fleece. £20.00 + P&P. Available in the following sizes:Size XS, S, M, L, XL. Chest 34, 38, 41, 44, 47 (to fit in Inches).

Issue 8 I Winter 2019 I

In this issue...

First Christmas in a forever home Looking out for London’s feral cats Our new kennels!


Front cover photo of Trevor by Georgie Wishart. Read more about Trevor on page 15.

Our vision

A society where people understand the importance and value of animal welfare.

Our mission

To promote animal welfare by delivering a broad range of community-based veterinary, care and education services in the UK and overseas.

for dogs, cats and communities Editor: Shelley Warnaby Design: arc,

Many thanks to our contributors and photographers: Jess Feehan, Audrey Granger, Sarah Hastelow, Graham Hilling, Alissa Johnson, Pooch & Pineapple, Andrew Richardson (Raven Imagery), Paul Tansley, Georgie Wishart, Natassja Yoxall. Printed on 100% recycled paper. Please pass on to a friend and recycle after reading.

Contact us

@ 0208 962 8000

Mayhew, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ Join us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter @themayhew Registered charity number: 1077588 VAT number: 820 4030 87

Company limited by guarantee number: 3837732 2 I

Cold hands and frosty paws

Hello and welcome to your winter Tails magazine. We’ve got loads of exciting stuff to share with you this issue – a tour of our modern new kennels, renovated using the very latest animal welfare knowledge (page 8); a fascinating research study carried out by Middlesex University into the positive impact of our TheraPaws programme (page 20); a round-up of global good news from Mayhew International (page 22); and the debut of a fun new feature showcasing readers’ beloved pets (page 28). For the dog owners among you, everything you need to prepare for a safe and stress-free Christmas holiday with your pup is on page 12, while cat lovers can try out our tips for supporting local ferals or strays this winter (page 11). We’ve also included your very own copy of the Mayhew Christmas Gift Guide 2019, full of present and décor inspiration to help you get ready for the festive season. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year – from all of us at Mayhew!

Calling all businesses

Are you interested in advertising in Tails? Would you like to sponsor a Mayhew event? We are looking for businesses (big and small!) to partner with. To find out more, email us at or call 020 8206 5872.

Contents 04


Mayhew news

Looking out for London’s feral cats



In memory of Fudge

A first Christmas in a forever home



Cats and dogs looking for a home

Mayhew International



Life with a very curious cat

In their shoes



Pet Refuge celebrates 15 years

Guest chat: Rula Lenska


My four-legged friend



New Kennels for Mayhew dogs


Pawsome gifts!

All aboard!



The power of the human-animal bond

Your letters

I 3



Dogs, cats and a fun-filled street party!


undreds of people joined Mayhew staff, volunteers and animals at our annual open day in September, raising an incredible £8,400! The event was sponsored by Butternut Box and 4Cats, and hosted by journalist, presenter and animal welfare campaigner Wendy Turner. We were also thrilled to welcome actor Neil Morrissey, Andy Slaughter MP and Daryl Brown, Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham. Visitors had the chance to take a peek behind the scenes at the Home, visit our cattery and meet some TheraPaws dogs, while enjoying live music, food, stalls and outdoor activities.

New kennels for Mayhew dogs


fter several months of building work, we were delighted to open the doors to our new kennels in early September. The renovated space is a much-improved environment for the dogs in our care, as well as for the staff dedicated to looking after them. Turn to pages eight and nine for some ‘before and after’ photos.

4 I

We cats – it’s official!


oing to the vets can be upsetting for many cats, but our Vet team is committed to making visits as stress-free as possible for all our feline friends, whether they are temporary residents or outpatients. We were therefore delighted to be awarded the Cat Friendly Clinic Silver accreditation by International Cat Care, with Registered Veterinary Nurse Kelly named as our Cat Advocate. Find out what it means to be a Cat Friendly Clinic at

A ramble to raise money for Mayhew rescues


unday 6 October proved to be the perfect day for a fundraising walk with four-legged pals as over 130 people and their pups joined us on Hampstead Heath for our annual Great Rescue Ramble. The event was sponsored by Edgard & Cooper, and we raised a fantastic £1,450 on the day. We’d like to say well done and thank you to everyone who took part!

Save the date – Mayhew Christmas Fair


lease join us for a day of festivities on Sunday 24 November at the Mayhew Christmas Fair. Come along to our Home in Kensal Green for a fun-filled afternoon, with entertainment, wintry treats, gorgeous gifts and the chance to meet Santa Paws! You are also invited to look around the Home and meet some of our animals looking for forever families. Tickets will be available on the door: £3 adults; £2 children/concessions. Or visit

To keep up with the latest news from Mayhew, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I 5


In memory of Fudge


hen Nadia Donaldson adopted 13-year-old Fudge, he had been with Mayhew for a while and had been overlooked by many. Fudge was an old boy and could be bit grumpy, but Nadia fell for him. They had four happy years together until Fudge passed away earlier this year. Here Nadia pays tribute to “the world’s most beautiful cat”.

At the start of February, I said goodbye to my fluffy boy Fudge. He was 17 and a half and had fought so many battles. He was the world’s greatest ginger ninja; the cat that knew his own mind, lazed around like a prince, howled like a banshee in the middle of the night and was my best buddy. I adopted him from Mayhew six months after my brother was killed suddenly. I needed a distraction, something to love because I couldn’t love myself, and I needed an alarm clock louder than the one I had. Fudge was 13, had just been diagnosed with kidney disease and was the most handsome beast I had ever seen. In the four years I had him, we had a few adventures, including a Christmas Eve dash to the vets and an emergency call to the fire brigade when he got himself into a tricky tight spot! He also had a reputation at all the local vets that really wasn’t something to be proud of! But my favourite time with Fudge was when I couldn’t sleep at night and he would snuggle up to me and remind me that I wasn’t alone.

6 I

Carrying him to the vets for the last time broke my heart, but I whispered in his ear that I loved him, and I thanked him for the joy and comfort he had brought me in the short time I had him. I have had people say that he was lucky that I adopted him, but I was the lucky one.

If you are considering adopting an animal, I urge you to look past their age and any illnesses they may have. The love they give and the joy they bring outweighs all of this – it actually makes them extra special. Mayhew provided the most amazing support with Fudge’s kidney disease management (even though I’m pretty sure he was the worstbehaved ratbag that ever visited their vet clinic!). After all we went through, I would adopt Fudge a million times over. He was one of the best things that ever happened to me. He gave me more than I could ever give to him.

If you are considering adopting a pet and could offer an elderly cat or dog a home, visit the adoption pages on our website:

Guest chat: Rula Lenska


ula Lenska is one of Britain’s best-loved actresses and a veteran of the stage and small screen. She is known for her support of animal welfare charities and her love of animals, campaigning for their protection in the UK and overseas. Here she speaks to us about her passion for animal welfare and her support for Mayhew, as well as the four-legged pals she has made on Coronation Street!

Why do you support Mayhew?

I was introduced to the work of Mayhew through my friend, the actor Peter Egan, a well-known animal lover who is committed to improving animal welfare. There are so many abandoned, neglected and forgotten animals that need our help, and I believe we have to help give animals a voice. Mayhew wants to give cats and dogs the chance to be happy and safe, and they work in a special way, as they are not only reaching out to these animals but also to the human

owners who are sometimes unable to look after them.

have a dog, but I’m hoping that will change one day.

Animals can bring such happiness into our lives, as well as comfort and solace. There is such joy in taking on an abandoned or maltreated animal and giving them a second chance in life. They will give so much back in return for you loving them.

Life on the cobbles is great fun – and hard work! I am thrilled to be part of the Barlow family and hope it will continue. Luckily for me there are dogs on the set: Ken [Barlow, played by Bill Roache] has a little Border terrier called Eccles and there are several other dogs on the show. Coronation Street is such an iconic British television show and it is an honour to be a part of it.

Why do you think it’s important to adopt, not shop?

Do you have rescue pets of your own?

I have had rescue cats and dogs all my life. To date, I’ve had 10 rescue cats – all very different, with distinct personalities, and all adorable (and adored!). My first rescue dog was called Silky, a German shepherd/ rough collie cross. She had been thrown out of a car and had run miles on the central reservation before she was picked up. She was timid and scared of everything, but within six months she was settled and was a loyal, clever and devoted pet, and everyone who met her fell in love with her. Sadly, as I am now away with work so much, I can’t

Are you enjoying life on Coronation Street?

Can you tell us a little about your conservation work?

I have been a dedicated conservationist all my life. I am a founder member of the Born Free Foundation and Animals Asia, and have also been involved with several other international charities. I am fortunate to have seen many wild animals in their natural habitat and I have a particularly soft spot for elephants – they are magnificent.

I 7




for Mayhew dogs


n September, we were delighted to officially open our new kennels after a five-month renovation project. The previous kennels were over 20 years old and due for an upgrade, and the refurbished space provides a warm, light-filled environment that is safer and more suitable for our animals and staff. Improving the experience for our animals…

This was a mammoth project and the new structure offers plentiful benefits to the many dogs in our care, including those who come into Mayhew as strays and as part of our community support initiatives. Animal welfare knowledge has advanced dramatically during the past few years, and our new kennels are uniquely tailored to allow us to provide improved enrichment activities and utilise techniques that will

minimise the stress of being in a shelter environment.

In addition to air-conditioning and new flooring, each kennel now has more natural light and features a mix of frosted and clear glass, so that dogs are able to see staff and visitors properly but can be shielded from each other. There is more personal space for each dog, toys and sensory enrichment items such as essential oil diffusers, and also radios and TVs to mimic a home environment as much as possible.

The unique way in “which every animal

is looked after at Mayhew is amazing. I love that they help people in difficult situations. The new kennels are gorgeous – there is lots of natural light and space, and the dogs are really catered for. There is everything they could possibly need!


8 I

Sue Jameson, actor and Mayhew supporter

‌and for our staff and volunteers This new and improved space will benefit not only the dogs in our care, but also those who work with them. The positive impact of our upgraded kennels, which include a new intake area and updated staff premises, will be felt across the board by our Animal Welfare Officers, Kennels and Adoption team and all of the students and volunteers who enable Mayhew to help hundreds of animals and people in need.

The grand opening

We revealed our new kennels at an intimate event attended by some of the generous donors who made the work possible, as

well as VIPs and past and present service users. Guests including actors Lesley Nicol, Sue Jameson and Beatie Edney, vet and campaigner Marc Abraham and ornithologist Bill Oddie came along to hear about our renovation project in more detail and met rescue dogs and owners who have previously been supported by Mayhew.

The refurbishment of our kennels was only possible thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, including funds from the legacy of art critic, journalist and Mayhew dog adopter Brian Sewell, who died in 2015. Without this funding, we would not have been in a position to undertake the project and we are extremely grateful.


Leaving a lasting legacy to help animals in need

When Mayhew is left a gift in will, it enables us to continue our work transforming the lives of countless dogs and cats. To find out more about the lasting difference you can make by leaving a legacy to help animals in need, call us on 020 8206 5780 or email legacies@

I 9


Looking out for London’s feral cats


recent study by Mayhew revealed that only 53% of Londoners* understand what is meant by the term ‘feral cat’. But feral and semi-feral felines are a growing problem across the city. Nearly half of us (46%) have concerns about feral cats spreading illness and disease, and 15% worry that without reproduction control the feral cat population will rapidly expand.

Feral or stray?

Feral – an undomesticated cat living wild outdoors who has had little, if any, contact with humans.

Semi-feral – as above, but mostly happy to live in close proximity to people with minimal human contact.

Stray – a cat that has been previously owned and domesticated but has run away, got lost or been abandoned.

*Survey of 1,012 adults living within the M25, conducted July 2019.

10 I

Colony – feral, semi-feral and/or stray cats that live as a

group in a territory close to regular sources of food and water.

Georgina Costi, Cat Welfare Officer

Controlling population growth

There are thousands of feral cat colonies living in hidden spots across London. And it’s a growing problem, as unneutered female cats are able to reproduce from just five months of age and can have up to three litters a year, which can cause feral cat numbers to boom out of control. As colonies grow, there is more chance of cats coming to harm – through fighting, malnutrition and the spread of diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV). Mayhew’s Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) programme helps control and contain the local feral cat population. Our Animal

Cats can have kit tens from five mon ths, so it’s import domestic cats as ant to neuter unwanted pregan cies can lead to lar colonies. Mayhew ger feral ’s Pick & Snip prog ramme helps to en support neuterin courage and g of owned pets. Find out more at org/community-s themayhew. upport/pick-andsnip.

Welfare Officers (AWOs) respond to calls from the public every day, trapping reported feral cats on location before bringing them back to Mayhew for neutering and health checks. Most cats that we trap and neuter are released back to their original colony location, providing the area is suitable and a safe environment for them.

A different life for little Mary

Tiny Mary was born to a semi-feral mother in a colony near to Mayhew, along with a brother who unfortunately passed away shortly after birth. Our AWOs visited the colony on a routine TNR visit and noticed that Mary had a sore eye and pronounced squint. It was unclear whether this was caused by an infection or an injury.

Mary had been handled by a member of the public who was feeding the colony so she was confident and curious around people, and our AWOs were able to bring her in for treatment alongside her mum. Thankfully, Mary’s sore eye healed quickly and, when she was 12 weeks old, she was ready to be rehomed. Unsurprisingly, she got snapped up straight away by a besotted new owner and now lives a life of luxury as a beloved pet.

Looking out for feral cats in your neighbourhood

Here are a few ways you can help your local colonies:

• Leave out bowls of fresh water and check the water frequently in freezing weather to ensure it has not frozen.

• If you put food down, leave it in a dry, shaded location, but no more than once a day as this helps ensure the cats still retain their natural drive and ability to hunt and fend for themselves. • You could build a cat shelter (you can find instructions for making a shelter on our website feralguide).

• If you have any concerns about the health and welfare of feral cats in your neighbourhood, please call our Animal Welfare Officers. If you live within the M25, you can let us know if any new cats appear so we can quickly trap and neuter them.

Over the years, feral cats have become “ a part of London wildlife. Although we encourage people to keep an eye on colonies in their area, our goal is to ensure cat owners are aware that timely neutering is crucial to help keep the feral cat population down.

Neutering provides so many health and behavioural benefits and means that feral cats are far more likely to live a longer, happier and healthier life, particularly with local residents looking out for them.

Zoe Edwards, Head of Animal Welfare

I 11



hristmas with a new pet is a very exciting time, and with a rescue it can be particularly special. Here you’ll find some advice and tips we’ve put together to help you have a happy, healthy Christmas with your dog. And over on page 15 you can meet some ex-Mayhew dogs who are looking forward to their first festive season in their forever homes.

12 I

Prepping for the festive period

There’s lots you can do to make sure your furry family member has a fun and stressfree experience this Christmas. There will be many new and exciting things happening during the festive period, so try to stick to their regular routine as the more normality you can give your pet the better.

Keeping your dog calm and safe

Meeting unfamiliar people can be very overwhelming for some dogs, so make sure you have a safe space or den set up for them to escape to if they are feeling stressed. You could also buy them some new, interesting toys or a puzzle feeder to keep them distracted during social visits. If they seem distressed by the arrival of guests, keep them in a room away from the front door to minimise the impact of household traffic. You could also consider taking them for slightly longer walks over Christmas, allowing them to work off excess energy.

Keep tasty Christmas treats out of reach of your pup and avoid small decorations around the house as these can be a hazard. Seasonal plants such as poinsettia, holly, ivy and mistletoe are beautiful, but they are toxic to dogs. By not having them in the house you can avoid potential cases of vomiting, diarrhoea or contact dermatitis. If you are fond of a real Christmas tree, be aware that the oil on the needles can be mildly toxic if consumed. They can also get stuck in your dog’s throat or paws. All those bright, shiny presents under the tree can be very tempting for a pooch and will often warrant an early inspection by them! Make sure Santa keeps presents safely stored away until Christmas Day to avoid any premature unwrapping. Wrapping paper and ribbons can also be a choking hazard, so make sure you clean up as you go on Christmas morning.

Seasonal plants such as poinsettia, holly, ivy and mistletoe are beautiful, but they are toxic to dogs. I 13


‘Tis the season (of treats)!

Mince pies, Christmas cake, cheese boards and Quality Street – these delicious festive treats are almost too good to turn down. Christmas is often a period of eating more than usual for us humans, and dogs are at risk of overindulging from their own doggy stocking too.

We want to spoil our four-legged family members, but too many special treats can lead to stomach upsets and weight issues. Consider whether your dog would be just as pleased with a new toy or a fun-filled walk before you hand out their edible Christmas treats.

Sharing Christmas dinner

Giving your dog leftovers can mean additional calories that put stress on their body. If you do decide to share some of your Christmas dinner, make sure that you reduce their other food to account for the extra calorie intake. Not all of the things that we eat are suitable for dogs, so please be careful with what you serve up!



or chicken meat Lean parts of turkey (plain and boneless) rrots Plain boiled or raw ca oil) (without any glaze or med Plain boiled or stea s ut Brussel spro

If your pet is looking a little portly, we run special weight clinics at our Community Vet Clinic. These include four private consultations with one of our qualified Vet Nurses to help get your pet to a healthy weight. Contact the clinic on 020 8962 8017 or email for more information.

14 I

Meet some ex-Mayhew dogs who have had, or are about to have, their first Christmas with their forever family.


What can my dog

Looking for advice?

Our Christmas crackers


Golden retriever puppy Rio was adopted from Mayhew in October 2018, and last Christmas he was only five months old. He lives in Dorset with his new owner, Ian, and has daily walks on the beach or on the clifftop.

“Rio had a won der ful time . He cam e with me to a fam ily part y on Chr istm as Day and enjo yed a few trea ts and pres ent s. Des pite a retr ieve r’s high food driv e, Rio was very good arou nd Chr istm as dinn er and left all of our hum an trea ts alon e. We also had a spe cial Chr istm as part y at his pupp y trai ning clas s whe re Rio and all of his pupp y frie nds won priz es!”


Rolo & Pickle

Two-year-old saluki/whippet cross Rolo arrived at Mayhew with a litter of siblings. He was adopted in April 2018 and lives in Buckinghamshire with his new family. “We were really excited about Rolo’s first Christmas with us. He loved having his family all around him and we took him for lots of lovely walks in the snow.” Rolo’s family have also recently adopted lurcher puppy Pickle from Mayhew. “We are really looking forward to having Pickle with us this Christmas. He loves doing everything with Rolo (like a big brother!). It will be a very special Christmas – Pickle is absolutely adorable and the missing piece in our family.”

Nine-year-old Dobermann/pointer cross Missy is counting down to her first Christmas with her new family. She had been given up by her previous owner due to their ill health, but it wasn’t too long before Anthony and Elizabeth fell in love with her and made a place for her in their home. “We are so looking forward to our first Christmas with Missy. We will find a Christmassy badge for her collar and a new squeaky cuddly toy to add to her collection. We will stock the fridge with alternate glass and plastic bottles as she is spooked by clanking glass bottles when the door opens. If it gets too noisy for Missy she will probably disappear upstairs, bypassing her own cosy bed and heading into our bedroom for a short rest on our bed!”


Adorable shih-tzu Benny found his forever family in March this year after a couple of months at Mayhe w. “Christmas is our favou rite time of the year and being able to share it with our litt le furry family member is going to be amazing! He’ll be most excited about bits of turkey tha t fall on the floor and a Chris tmas swim in the sea (we’ve discov ered he has quite a big love for swimming). He may not resist the temptation to ope n presents under the tree befor e the big day, but he’s so cut e we’ll probably let him get away with it!”

Thinking of the rescues who are not so lucky this Christmas

We love to see ex-Mayhew dogs happy at home with their new families at Christmas, enjoying presents and joining them on festive walks. But not all of our dogs are quite so lucky. While we try our best to make Christmas an extra-special time at our Home, it is no substitute for a family of their own.

Siberian husky Trevor first arrived at Mayhew in May 2018 and is still looking for his forever home. Sadly, we haven’t found the right match for him yet and so it’s likely he will be spending Christmas with our Kennels team. He is just one of the long-staying dogs that will be with us this festive season. Visit to support the dogs in our care this Christmas.

I 15



We rehome hundreds of cats and dogs each yea patiently at Mayhew for their forever ho


Male, 3 years 3 months

Likes: Intelligent, friendly and sociable, Trevor loves long walks, car trips and making friends with other dogs. Essentials: This big boy is looking for a home with an active family that has previously owned large, energetic breeds, where he can continue his training and be kept mentally and physically stimulated.

Male, 1 year 3 months

Likes: Clever Loki is full of beans and makes friends everywhere he goes! He’s full of enthusiasm, and loves keeping busy.


Essentials: With all that energy, Loki is looking for an owner who can keep up! He’d be best suited to someone with experience of large breeds, who can offer the mental and physical engagement he needs to stay happy and healthy.


Female, 11 years 9 months Likes: Beautiful Bowie likes to keep active, playing fetch or going for long walks. But don’t let her bouncy side fool you; she loves to cuddle up on a nice sofa too!

Essentials: This lovely girl doesn’t like to be left alone, so is looking for someone to keep her company during the day.

16 I


ar. Here are some of the amazing animals waiting ome. Could you be their pawfect pal?

Pull out

this pag e in your and display place o f work or scho o people l where lots of can see it t us find homes o help for our animals !



Male, 4 years 2 months

Female, 8 years 2 months

Male, 3 years

Essentials: Edward likes to have the freedom to explore and go on adventures, so is looking for a home where he can roam indoors and out when he sees fit.

Essentials: Heidi is a little nervous, so would love to find a quiet home where she can take her time to get to know you and her new surroundings.

Essentials: While Ollie likes to be fussed over, he will let you know when he has had enough, and is looking for a calm home where he can find his paws at his own pace.

EDWARD Likes: Edward is a big, handsome boy who has a cheeky soul. He loves his food, as well as popping up onto your lap for head boops.

Likes: Heidi is a sweet girl who likes to show off her happy little feet as she pads away on your lap or relaxes on the arm of a sofa.

To find out more about these animals and other Mayhew residents waiting for a forever home, please visit us at or call 0208 962 8000.

Likes: Charming Ollie loves living by his own rules and will enjoy becoming the centre of attention in his new home.

for dogs, cats and communities

I 17


Life with a very curious cat


hen Matt Taghioff adopted tuxedo kitty Zelda from Mayhew in 2014, he knew she was pretty special, but even he didn’t realise just how much fun they would have together. After becoming a bit of a legend on Twitter, Zelda has now – with a little help from Matt – published a book, The Adventures of a Curious Cat. We caught up with Matt to ask a few questions about his purrfect puss. How did you come to adopt Zelda from Mayhew?

A friend of mine rehomed a cat from Mayhew. She gave a glowing review and encouraged me to adopt (although I didn’t really take much convincing). I’d seen a video of a sweet kitty named Tippytoes, so I called up and arranged to see her. When I met and spoke with the Adoption Officer, he suggested I meet a different cat who might be better suited to me. Her profile read: “Don’t be put off by my spooked expression”. Naturally, I was curious to meet her. 18 I

What was it about Zelda that caught your eye?

I’d never seen an animal look so surprised to see me. As soon as I arrived, she engaged me in an intense staring match, which she won. She slowly approached me, sniffed my hand and began purring as I petted her. I was amazed by how affectionate she was with me, and yet she remained on high alert! She was the first and only cat I met at Mayhew.

What inspired you to create Zelda’s book?

Zelda’s hilarious expressions and puzzling behaviour! She is so intrigued by life and I’ve always loved sharing her antics with friends, so I started Zelda’s Twitter account, posting photos with quirky captions and poems. She has a remarkable following who frequently ask about her, so I felt motivated to write more substantial prose and poetry. By coincidence, a number of publishers soon got in touch. I had a fascinating chat with one brilliant cat-mad editor, and the idea for the book was born!

everything from how to handle humans to communicating with furniture. She gives intimate accounts of her shocking world, shedding light (and fur) on her most challenging adventures, her dating journey and more. It’s a gift book full of photos, captions, poetry and commentary, beautifully illustrated throughout – the purrfect self-help guide for cats and humans alike.

How do you think Zelda will celebrate her new success?

Zelda is unpredictable. She could go for a celebratory curtain-climb, or perhaps a victory lap of the countertops. Whatever she does, I will use the trail of broken photo frames and general debris to try to figure it out.

What is the book about?

It’s about living life curiously – from the perspective of a permanently startled cat. Zelda explains, in her unique voice,


Buy your copy of The Adventures of a Curious Cat through Mayhew (you’ll find it on page six of our Christmas Gift Guide, included with this issue of Tails). You can also order online at Your purchase will contribute towards helping more animals in need.

Pawsome gifts!

Find your purrfect gifts in the Mayhew Christmas Gift Guide. Order online at

Clockwise from top: Grumpy Cat wand toy (£4.99); Cat face mug (£5.99); Multi-activity raccoon dog toy (£6.99); Christmas hounds tea towel (£6.99); Syringe-shaped pen (£2.00); Bone-shaped collar light (£3.99); Eco travel mug (£6.50); Catnip heart (£3.50); Dog foldable shopper (£3.49).

I 19


New research proves benefits of the human – animal bond


ayhew’s dog therapy programme TheraPaws works to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in our local community. As part of the programme, our trained team of volunteers takes their therapy dogs into care and residential homes, hospitals, hospices and day centres across London, brightening up residents’ days with weekly or fortnightly visits.

Our TheraPaws staff and trained Happier care homes volunteers see the difference that Over a 12-week period, a team from Middlesex University joined TheraPaws dog therapy makes to individuals sessions at four London care homes to see on a daily basis, but we were keen effect our four-legged therapists had on to work with academic researchers the residents. to look deeper into this. Earlier this year, we undertook a three-month They discovered that spending time with Mayhew’s therapy dogs improved the research project with Middlesex general mood of residents and carers in University to assess the impact each care home and encouraged more of TheraPaws sessions on elderly conversations between the two groups. This in turn enabled carers to get to know people in a care home. 20 I

the residents better and helped build more open and positive relationships between them: in short, creating happier care homes! The study also revealed a 12% increase in the ‘quality of life’ of residents over the 12-week period, with 58% of residents saying that the dog visits made them feel ‘very happy’. A huge 63% of residents also said that they ‘very much enjoyed’ the TheraPaws visits, and the same percentage actively looked forward to the sessions each week.

You know you’ve made a little bit of difference “ during those sessions. You can smile at the fact that

you made a friend.

TheraPaws volunteer

Volunteers told researchers that the physical contact and sensory stimulation that the dogs provided for the residents was just as important as the emotional impact, particularly for residents with cognitive and physical impairments such as blindness or deafness.

Adapting to an individual’s needs

Therapy dogs are able to react and respond individually to people based on their own unique needs – for example, they can be calm and still if a person requires comfort and reassurance, or they can be more active with a person who wishes to pet and play with them. This enables each resident to engage with the dog in a way that is meaningful to them.

Dogs helping to transform society

Middlesex University’s findings prove that dogs have clear therapeutic value, and we now have scientific evidence to show that interaction with a dog reduces loneliness, improves mood, encourages interpersonal communication and provides a sense of community and companionship.

The sessions are an “ experience which is very dear to the residents. They want it again and again, and they cannot stop talking about the dog.

Residential carer

The research also reveals that dogs can help to bridge the gap between vulnerable people and their support network, enhancing quality of life, meeting basic care needs and raising peoples’ general standard of living.

The findings establish beyond a doubt that animals have a transformative role in society – a belief that already guides all the work Mayhew does to promote and protect the human–animal bond, from our low-cost Community Vet Clinic to our animal welfare work in the community. As awareness of the importance of our TheraPaws programme spreads, we are really excited to see what the future holds.

Cara and Hugo

Cara started volunteering for TheraPaws in 2018. She and her dog Hugo go on regular visits to care homes and hospices.

Cara says: “The residents are always really pleased to see Hugo. They get so much pleasure out of his visits, stroking him and feeding him treats. If they want a proper cuddle, Hugo goes up on their bed – he is a sensitive dog and knows what each person wants. Sometimes he will curl up next to someone to help calm them down. “It’s so heart-warming to see people who are so ill laugh at and enjoy Hugo’s antics. He often sparks memories, and then everyone starts reminiscing about their pets together. Hugo loves the attention too – his tail starts to wag whenever I get out his special TheraPaws jacket!”

I 21






News from around the world


Afghanistan Over £7,000 raised in our World Rabies Day campaign!

All through September, we asked for your help to vaccinate 10,000 more dogs in Kabul by the end of 2019. These vaccinations are vital in protecting the local community and free-roaming dogs from death, and only cost £1 per dog. We are delighted to say we raised over £7,000, which will mean we can save thousands of lives. Thank you for your support. A special event was held at our new Animal Birth Control (ABC) Centre to celebrate World Rabies Day, with dozens of children joining the Mayhew Afghanistan team to learn about rabies and dog bite prevention and see the new clinic and kennel block at the ABC Centre.

22 I

More than 1,500 dogs neutered at our ABC Centre

After two successful years delivering a mass canine rabies vaccination programme and gathering data on Kabul’s dogs, Mayhew International’s ABC Centre will now also deliver a spay and neuter programme to help humanely address the number of free-roaming dogs on the city’s streets. The target is to neuter 10,000 dogs in the first year, primarily females, and with more than 1,500 dogs already neutered since the clinic opened, we are well on the way to achieving this. Turn to page 25 to read an interview with Dr Razia and Dr Zahra, two of the vets working at the new clinic.

An unexpected destination for Maxi and Omar

When Mayhew Afghanistan driver Omar (above, left), went on a routine rabies vaccination run this summer, the last thing he expected was to fall in love with street dog Maxi. But that’s exactly what happened! Omar grew up with dogs and loves animals, and he had been looking for a canine companion to complete his family. Maxi was brought into the ABC Centre a few weeks later for a check-up and is healthy and happy with his new family!


Happily Evie after? In early July, street dog Evie was found by a Mayhew Georgia volunteer in a very distressing state. She was suffering from a broken front leg, which seemed to have been caused by being hit with something very hard. To make matters worse, Evie had received some inappropriate vet care and the poorly dressed leg was badly infected. There is no doubt Evie would have died if left on the street in this condition.

The volunteer took Evie to the New Vet Clinic in Tbilisi, where Mayhew-trained vet Dato amputated the infected leg. Evie is now in foster care while she recovers and is doing well. Keep an eye on Mayhew International’s Facebook page for updates on her journey.





You are invited to an evening with Mayhew


On Thursday 14 November, we’ ll be joined by ac supporter Ben tor and Mayhe Miles for a fun w and informativ Mayhew Intern e evening in aid ational’s work in of Georgia. If you’ more about th d like to find ou is fascinating co t untr y and how helping to mak Mayhew is e a real differen ce fo r communities w the street dogs ho live there, bo and ok your tickets themayhew.o now at rg/events/geor gia-evening.

I 23








A lucky break for Agni

When Agni was found cowering under a car by a Helping Organisation for People, Environment (HOPE) & Animal Trust volunteer, her condition didn’t look good. She had a deep wound on her belly, which appeared to have been caused by deliberate stabbing with a sharp stick. She was rushed to the HOPE & Animal Trust clinic in Ranchi, India, which Mayhew International helps fund, where she received emergency surgery. Agni quickly started showing signs of improvement and began enjoying playing with the staff, and after two weeks in the team’s care she was released safely to her community. Good luck, Agni!


dogs neutered in Ranchi A staggering 85,000 dogs have now been neutered in Ranchi since Mayhew’s funding of the project began. The HOPE Education team, funded by Mayhew International, has also been busy working to raise awareness about the disease in local communities, with almost 30,000 students and 1,100 teachers reached so far this year.

Become a Friend of Mayhew International

You can now become an official Friend of Mayhew International with our revamped international membership package. For £20 a year, you will receive an exclusive Mayhew International pin badge, membership card and card holder, as well as a regular e-newsletter with updates on our international work and a special Mayhew International syringe-shaped pen. Friends of Mayhew International ensure we can continue our vital work with governments, local communities and charitable groups to help improve animal welfare overseas.

Visit to join us and receive your special pack.

24 I

In their shoes B

ack in June, we were proud to open the first-ever Animal Birth Control (ABC) Centre in Kabul. Created in conjunction with various Afghan authorities, the centre will help humanely address the number of free-roaming dogs on Kabul’s streets as we start a neutering programme that runs in parallel with our successful vaccination project. Dr Razia and Dr Zahra are both newly qualified vets working as vet assistants at the centre to gain experience as part of a team that will neuter up to 200 dogs a week! You are both newly qualified vets – congratulations! Why did you decide to pursue a career in animal welfare?

Dr Razia: When I graduated from veterinary university I made a promise to myself that I must work for the improvement of animal health, so I chose Mayhew as it is a good organisation.

Z: I heard about Mayhew on their website and through a training session with Dr Jalil [Dr Abdul Jalil Mohammadzai, Mayhew Afghanistan’s Country Director] three years ago. I wanted to work for them because Mayhew gives me the opportunity to help both animals and humans at the same time.

Dr Zahra: I decided to pursue my career in animal welfare because of animal rights. Animals don’t have rights in a country like Afghanistan that has seen so many years of war, and I decided to help animals to have the life that they deserve.

It is still unusual to find women working as vets in Afghanistan? Did you face any difficulties in your journeys to becoming qualified?

R: Yes, there are many problems facing women in our society. For example, people think being a veterinarian isn’t a good career for a girl, and during my student period I had to stand and fight people’s ideas about that.

Z: Of course! Unfortunately, women face lots of problems in Afghanistan, especially in a field like veterinary care. It’s unusual here when a woman wants to work, but I have already learned how to have strength about this problem because I love my job.

Why did you want to work for Mayhew International?

R: I heard about Mayhew from social media and my friends and wanted to get involved because Mayhew is a very good and professional organisation that works for animal health and animal welfare.

Dr Zahra

Z: I’m interested in every job that we need to do for our organisation because it’s all so necessary! Dr Razia

What does your role involve, and what is your favourite part?

R: I work in the ABC Centre and my routine work is preparing the pre-med and drugs for surgery and monitoring the anaesthesia during the procedure. My favourite part of my job is when the dogs recover from surgery! I always check them and, if possible, pet them.

What difference do you think the ABC Centre is going to make to dogs and people in Kabul?

R: The people of Kabul will be happy and hopeful about our job and mission because the population of dogs will get under control. Z: The big difference that will happen between dogs and people in Kabul is that both will have a healthier and safer life, with people less afraid of dogs as they will know they are healthy.

I 25






ur Pet Refuge programme is part of our work with the local community, caring for the pets of people who are at a crisis point in their life and have no one else to turn to.

This year we are celebrating 15 years of Pet Refuge, and demand for the service is as great as ever. We look after dogs and cats for short periods of time, giving them shelter and care so their owners are able to seek hospital treatment or recover from illness, for example, while knowing their animal is being looked after in a safe environment.

For people who are at risk, facing great difficulty and have no other means of support, our service is a lifeline. The people we help would often rather forgo treatment than leave their pet, and we believe it’s better to help keep loving owners and their animals together than for animals to be handed over for rehoming. Our Pet Refuge programme gives people a chance to get back on their feet and then be reunited with their beloved pet.

Offering a helping hand

Hundreds of pet owners in need have been helped by Pet Refuge over the years, including Vanessa and Elayne.


When brindle Staffy Tiger’s owner Vanessa went into hospital earlier this year, Tiger she arranged for a friend to look after him while she was away. However, on the day Vanessa started treatment, the friend was rushed to hospital herself, leaving Tiger all alone. Vanessa soon became concerned when she couldn’t contact her friend and asked her social worker to check her house. Finding Tiger starving, severely dehydrated and distressed, Vanessa’s social worker contacted Mayhew for help. Our Animal Welfare Officers immediately took Tiger to our vet clinic for a full health check, then settled him safely into our kennels. We let Vanessa know that Tiger was with us and reassured her that we would take care of him as part of our Pet Refuge programme until she was well enough to return home.

“I was so relieved to hear that he ended up at Mayhew and got taken care of. I can’t thank them enough for looking after him.” Vanessa, Tiger’s owner

26 I


Elayne adopted nine-year-old Kilo over eight years ago, but unfortunately has since suffered a series of significant health problems, including two separate cancer diagnoses, which have required major surgery and continuous treatment. Her physical pain and lack of mobility have also caused Elayne’s mental health to deteriorate, leaving her depressed and, at times, suicidal.


Throughout all of this, Kilo has been her rock and reason for living – Elayne has very few family or friends that live near, and so relies on Kilo as her sole source of comfort and kinship. Without Mayhew, Elayne fears she would have had to give Kilo up, which she says would have taken her to “a very dark place indeed”. Luckily, Kilo has been able to come to Mayhew as part of our Pet Refuge programme, meaning Elayne can receive vital medical treatment and undergo further surgery knowing that Kilo is receiving the best possible care.

Q&A WITH ZOE EDWARDS, HEAD OF ANIMAL WELFARE A: Our approach is to prevent animals from ending up in shelters, and we saw that if we helped support pet owners in need at a crisis point in their life, we could keep people and their pets together. The Pet Refuge programme has proven to be a success for both the humans and the animals we support.

Q: Are there any memories that stand out from 15 years of the programme?

A: Wully and Azzy were homeless when Wully needed to go to rehab. Luckily Mayhew was able to step in and offer him Pet Refuge, so he could get the help

he needed, knowing that someone he trusted was looking after his dog. After three months of rehab, Wully was sober and was happily reunited with Azzy.

Q: Why do you think Pet Refuge is still important today, 15 years on? A: Unfortunately, we are seeing more people ‘at risk’ and suffering mental health issues due to economic forces. For the people we help, their animal is their family and often their only reason for living – separating them could have a detrimental effect on both the person and their beloved animal.

Mayhew took him in, meaning that I could receive “treatment and Pompom would be looked after. He was

treated really well so it was more like a cat holiday for him! Georgia, Pompom’s owner

Q: Why did Mayhew start running Pet Refuge?

Georgia and her cat Pompom were helped earlier this year through our Pet Refuge programme.

I 27


My four-legged

friend W

e always love to hear stories about our readers’ wonderful pets and in this issue of Tails we meet American supporter Phyllis, who lives in London with her husband Paul and their handsome boy Otis. Meet Otis

Our amazing cat Otis is seven and a half years old and one of the cleverest kitties I have ever met. He will always let you know when he needs something or simply wants some extra attention. If he wants us to play with his feather toy, he will fetch it and bring it to us – he’s not subtle! We have just celebrated the seven-year anniversary of when we adopted Otis, which we call the ‘Gotcha Day’. My husband and I are huge supporters of animal welfare groups (Mayhew is top of our list!) and were looking to rehome a cat from a shelter when the owner of our local pet supplies shop told us about a neighbour that had a young cat they could no longer look after. So we met Otis and immediately fell in love. Otis is not a softie, but he does have a soft side. His gums were really inflamed when we first had him. To help keep his teeth and gums healthy, he has regular dental check-ups at the vets and I brush his teeth weekly. He is such a good boy about it, he will almost go into a trance while he lies in my arms and I clean his teeth. 28 I

My pawsome life by Otis

What’s your favourite toy?

Top of my list of favourites are my little bird toy which chirps when I play with it and my feather toy on a stick which Mum and Dad whizz around. Even if I say so myself, I’m quite an agile puss and can jump up pretty high to get it!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

I have a ‘mad’ moment every day and I love to play a game with Dad where he hides behind a door and I jump up to get him.

Where is your favourite place to sleep?

I have a really nice comfy bed, but I think my favourite place is on the sofa where I can curl up,

and in the morning I like to have a cuddle with my Dad in bed! Who is your best buddy?

I love my Mum and Dad equally, but I think my Dad is my best buddy – he’s pretty cool

What is your favourite food?

I’m not too picky, but I get excited when it’s ‘wet food night’ as I know it’s a treat and I love the different flavours. I love turkey especially!

Would you like your four-legged friend to appear in Tails? Email us at tails@ and tell us about your pet to be in with the chance of being included. Each pet and owner featured will receive a Mayhew goody bag.

All aboard!


ats and water are not normally considered a good match, so you may be surprised to hear that a few Mayhew moggies have found their new homes not on land, but on canal boats! Cat Adoption Officer Matt Pearson tells us some surprising tales of boat-loving cats.

Although cats may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of a four-legged water baby, they actually have a rich history of thriving on boats. They were initially used as chief mouse-catchers, accompanying intrepid sailors on long voyages across the seven seas, and they have also had another important, albeit more social, role boosting morale on naval ships during wartime.

This little-known heritage is continued today around Britain’s canal network, whose users often travel with cats as beloved companions. We have had great success in rehoming several Mayhew cats in boating communities over the years, pairing them with adopters who live on both static and cruising boats across London’s river system. The first thing we consider is whether this type of accommodation is right for the cat, so we speak to adopters about only those cats who we think will flourish aboard a floating abode.

Ripley came to Mayhew as a stray and we rehomed her at the end of last year. She was very friendly and confident, both traits you would look for in a boat cat. She was also really calm and seemed to be quite a curious soul, so when prospective adopter Cordelia came in looking for a cat to live with her on her boat, they seemed a perfect match. After a successful home visit, Cordelia took Ripley to live with her on the canal. Cordelia has kept us updated on Ripley’s progress and she seems to be really enjoying her new life. She is quite adventurous, hopping on and off the boat and scouring the tow path for ‘presents’ to bring home to her new mum. Cordelia tells us, “She has fallen in the water a few times but she’s a great swimmer and knows that she will dry off next to the fire. Every fall teaches her what not to do!” A boating life is not for every cat, but for Ripley and many others adopted from Mayhew it has worked out just fine.

The amazing tale of Unsinkable Sam

‘Unsinkable Sam’ was the most famous feline mascot of the British Royal Navy. He was originally a ship cat aboard the German battleship Bismarck, which was sunk in 1941. Tragically, only 110 out of a crew of more than 2,300 survived – 111, if you include Sam! He was picked up by the destroyer HMS Cossack, which was in turn torpedoed and sunk a few months later, with 159 of the crew losing their lives. But again Sam survived. He moved on to HMS Ark Royal, but had to be rescued once more when that boat was also torpedoed and sunk. It was decided that it was time to settle him on dry land and he became mouser-inresidence at the office of the Governor General of Gibraltar. Sam eventually returned to the UK to live out his retirement with a fellow seaman and his family until his death in 1955.

To meet our cats who are looking for a forever home, visit the adoption pages on our website at, or call us on 020 8962 8000. I 29



We always love to hear how our ex-Mayhew animals are getting on in their new forever homes. Here are some updates our Dog Adoption Officer, Lisa, and Cat Adoption Officer, Matt, have received, along with some wonderful photos!



Dear Lisa,


Hi Matthew,

ate on how We wanted to give you a quick upd answer is rt sho the and Charlie is getting on, rt quickly po ly real sup in d led an sett lp He he t! r he’s doing grea Thanks for all you ily (he’s fam the of part h us. muc to very h now and is getting Tallula a very He’s ). this e snoozing next to me as I writ r and she’s t’s wha We really love having he w kno to ts wan ys is doing well with curious boy and alwa if it lly settled in brilliantly. She ecia esp g, doin ’re you t wha going on and four sessions training – we have had d! might involve giving him some foo She’s made a so far – and off the lead. led cal tried to rk wo He likes exploring and has even (doggy) best friend at my ry eve other cats er the of oth e ch introduce himself to som Dakota. They greet ea t! cessfully ee suc sw y that ver not – is od ich urho in the neighbo day with kisses, wh is outside sitting our lives well and though! His favourite spot She’s really slotted into d, so he can on the table or on top of the she ! we couldn’t be happier survey his domain. and Lula Best regards, Will, Lucy are looking We’re really happy to have him and time to long a for us with g bein him forward to come. Best wishes, Tom

Hi Lisa!

Minnie first came to our attention in January and, unaware of her celebrity status [Minnie met Mayhew Patron HRH The Duchess of Sussex on her first official visit], we both immediately felt she was the perfect dog to share our life in rural West Wiltshire. Minnie settled into our home and has made friends with the locals, both canine and human. Her best friend is Meatball, my daughter’s dog. Minnie is a calm and sociable dog and a joy to have around. On walks she is very much a curious Jack Russell, always up for the chase!

She has been recognised a few times as ‘that dog’, once on London’s tube by a group of tourists who all wanted selfies. Minnie took this in her stride and seemed to enjoy the attention! Regards, Deirdre and Malcolm

Hi Matthew,

It’s been a few months now since scaredy cat Tabitha came home with me and although she isn’t a lap cat, she is warming to the idea!

She is not happy with strangers in the house, but she is super playful and has made friends with the cat sitter and is enjoying the nightly treats routine (!).

She found the end-of-summer heat a little challenging, and we are still working on being picked up without having a big old hissy fit – she is fine once she has been picked up, it seems to be more the thought of being picked up that scares her!

Tabitha 30 I

Hope all is well at the Mayhew. Cheers, Biddy

To share your updates with us, please get in touch by writing to Mayhew, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ, or email

Mill Lane Veterinary Surgery Advanced medical care for your pets Proud to support Mayhew Joshua Rusnak BVSc CertSAS MRCVS 68-70 Mill Lane London NW6 1NJ 020 7794 1777

We love our pets and want them to have happy, healthy lives. Today we give 10% of our profits to support charities that help reach the pets we can't. Welcome to Edgard & Cooper - naturally tasty cat and dog food that you, your pets and our planet can feel good about.

New clinic now open: Alymer Parade Vet 17 Aylmer Parade London N2 0PH

Carols at Join us for a carol service in support of Mayhew, with mulled wine and special guests. St Giles-in-the-Fields, London WC2 Tuesday 3 December 7pm – 9pm Tickets: £20 Concessions: £10

Book your tickets at

Registered Charity No 1077588

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Brave and Shadow

The HIdDen COsTs oF

buying and selling pets online With thousands of animals for sale online every day, a prospective pet owner can buy a dog or cat with just the click of a button and for owners who find themselves with an unwanted animal, selling or giving a pet away on a website can feel like a quick and easy solution. However, selling an animal through a third party site could put their health, welfare and happiness at risk and could also be dangerous and costly for both buyers and sellers. Risks

Bringing a dog or cat into a family home should never be a purely commercial transaction.

Caroline Yates, Mayhew CEO

While not everyone who tries to sell an animal by advertising them online has a hidden agenda, it can offer unscrupulous breeders and sellers a way of deceiving the public into spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on what could be an abused, sick or unsuitable animal. However, buying and selling pets online seems to be here to stay and animal welfare organisations continue to work together to combat irresponsible advertising. Mayhew is a member of PAAG (Pet Advertising Advisory Group) who advises several of the UK’s largest classified websites to help to distinguish appropriate users from those that should be removed, but protecting pets advertised on third party websites is an ongoing process and sometimes an uphill battle.

A safer way to rehome

At Mayhew, along with fellow animal welfare charities, we urge the public to visit a 28


registered rehoming shelter when looking for a new four-legged friend or when needing to relinquish a family pet. This protects the welfare of the animal and guarantees that they will have received a high standard of veterinary and social care prior to being adopted. Prospective owners are supported through the process of rehoming and have the chance to chat to an animal expert, ask questions and find out more about the animal’s medical and behavioural history.

Vulnerable puppies

Chihuahua pups Brave and Shadow were born to an unneutered mother earlier this year but the owner was unable to cope with these new additions and turned to Gumtree, listing them for sale. As time went by the owner began to get more and more desperate to get rid of the dogs. Fortunately for little Brave and Shadow, the owner was told about Mayhew and she then turned to us to see if we could help. The unwanted pups were signed over into

p28-29.qxp_Layout 1 04/11/2019 10:55 Page 29


our care. Luckily both puppies were in good health and we were then able to match them to two perfect new owners, who each underwent an adoption interview and a home check before taking them home. Our Adoption Officers were on hand to support Brave and Shadow’s old and new owners during every step of the rehoming process, and made the transition for Brave and Shadow as stress free as possible. Brave’s adopter Patricia told us, “Brave is settling into his new family life, and is a great addition to our home – we are so glad we found him.”

An innovative adoption scheme

Mayhew’s Rehome From Home scheme supports an existing owner to keep their dog at home until a brand new owner is found. This minimizes the stress felt by the animal as they avoid coming into a shelter, and allows the prospective new owner to meet the animal in a natural and familiar environment. This also prevents a pet

A bad start for little Buddy Labrador pup Buddy came to Mayhew after being purchased on Gumtree for £400. The couple who purchased him quickly realised something was wrong when they collected him as he was quiet and lethargic and, shockingly, was being kept in a tiny rabbit hutch with one other puppy. During the first night in his new home Buddy was very sick and in considerable distress. The couple brought him into Mayhew the next day and we immediately put him into medical isolation so our vets could investigate further. Test results indicated that Buddy was suffering from a gastrointestinal infection or parasite and was very sick. Fortunately, Buddy’s story has a happy ending. He slowly recovered in the care of our Vet and Kennel teams and he became a bouncy, happy pup who brightens the lives of his new owners every day! going to an unsuitable owner who may then wish to return or rehome the animal themselves. Find out more about Mayhew’s Rehome from Home scheme by visiting our website:

Loki’s story

Loki, a Staffy crossbreed, was a muchloved pet but his owner suddenly found herself in a difficult situation and she needed to rehome him as quickly as possible. She advertised Loki on Gumtree, hoping a new owner would come forward quickly. Thankfully, our Adoption Officers spotted the listing when monitoring online adverts offering pets for sale or rehoming and they contacted the owner who then agreed to be part of our Rehome From Home scheme instead. Loki is now waiting patiently for a new loving family. You can meet Loki on the rehoming pages of our website:

If you can no longer care for your pet, Mayhew is here to help.

If you need help rehoming your pet, you can get in touch by contacting us by phone on 020 8962 8000 or email




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Foods to Avoid Giving Your Dog Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend. Because of this, many of us aren’t averse to treating our pets to something other than a pig’s ear from the butchers! However, with over one in four of us owning a dog, do we actually know what foods we should avoid giving our canine friends? Here, alongside kennel insurance providers, Cliverton, we list those delights your dogs must avoid. Fat trimmings

The UK loves a roast dinner — and its fancy friend, the Christmas dinner! Surprisingly, 60 per cent of dog owners will give their pet a Christmas dinner. Even for those who don’t, Christmas time sees the UK waste approximately 55 million plates of food — and it’s likely our dogs may wait patiently for the scraps. However, make sure any fat trimmings from those joints don’t find their way into your dog’s food bowl. Feeding your animal these can actually lead to pancreatitis!


It’s well known that dogs shouldn’t be given chocolate, but not everyone

worst case scenarios this can even be fatal!

Uncooked dough

knows exactly why. That innocent bar that we may crave can cause a canine’s heart rate to increase. This can lead to tremors and, depending on the type of chocolate and the quantity, excitation. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, contains theobromine. This is a toxin for dogs and can overstimulate your dog’s nervous and cardiovascular system. In

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Blue Cross

Your dog’s body temperature may cause any consumed uncooked dough to rise in its stomach. This can be life threatening as the alcohol is produced during the rising process and the dough can expand to multiple times its original size. If you’re concerned your dog may have ate some dough, tell-tale signs include severe abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, lack of coordination, and depression.


This little fruit may be a tasty treat for

Sebastian M2-3

Phoenix F2-3

Dandy M5

Max M9 mths

Rocko M9 mths

Bisto M4

Looking for a comfy bed, lots of fuss and new adventures. Sebastian is a bright lad and will enjoy using his brain.

She doesn’t know any commands so will need training from scratch once she is settled into her new home.

Dandy can be your typical beagle that likes the sound of his own voice.

He is looking for a calmer home that can help him mature into the ideal adult dog.

Rocko will suit new owners who want a dog that is intelligent and wants to train.

He is a big fan of eating and is likely to do anything to get to a bit of food.

Shadow M8-9

Piglet F7-8

Dax M11 mths

Indi F3-4

Tori F8

Joey M8 mths

Titan M1

Nettie F2

To be the only pet in the house so he has all eyes on him.

Piglet is a gorgeous, sweet girl who enjoys her home comforts.

He is a playful soul who needs robust owners.

I enjoy woodland walks and zoomies in the garden.

A very sweet soul, she loves giving lots of staffy kisses.

Looking for a home for him where he can build his confidence.

He loves dogs so needs walks where he will meet them.

Looking for people who are around most of the day.

Dogs Trust

Cooper M3

Diamond F2-5

Bo & Jangles M

Loki M2

Benji M4

Alfie M5

Barney M9

Trigger M3

Cooper is also toy mad and will happily entertain himself (he actually prefers it!)

Diamond certainly lives up to her name, she is a little gem and loves to be on the go.

This gorgeous pair would love to have their own private secure garden.

Loki is super friendly and loves to meet new people and say hello!

A young boy who loves exploring new places to sniff out lots of new smells.

Can be left for a few hours. He loves his home comforts and chilling on the sofa!

Top of Barney's favourite list is definitely his toys followed by treats!

A handsome boy in need of a special understanding home and TLC.



p31.qxp_Layout 1 05/11/2019 07:42 Page 31

following any consumption, your pet is taken directly to the vets to induce vomiting and clear their stomach.


human consumption but keep them away from your pet pooch! It’s been well documented that the grapes and raisins contain a dangerous toxicity level in the animal can lead to kidney failure. However, not all dogs will suffer any effects of eating grapes, but it’s not worth the risk! It’s recommended that

The avocado has had a huge rise in popularity. In 2017, over 400,000 tonnes of the nutritional superfood was consumed in Europe. However, no matter how much is consumed in a human’s diet, dogs should avoid it at all costs. This is because avocado contains a toxin called persin which can lead to vomiting and diarrhoea. Of course, its middle stone too can be a choking hazard if a dog was to eat an avocado whole!


Onions may be used to flavour our foods, but don’t make this the case for dogs. The Allium family, which also includes garlic, chives and leeks, can be poisonous when consumed in large quantities. Japanese breeds of dog, such as Akitas are more sensitive to this family and the onset of any nausea and stomach upset may take a few days to develop.

Of course, there are many food items that dogs shouldn’t have in their diet and that’s why it’s best to stick to food that is specifically made for dogs. If you do want to treat your pet, make sure you choose foods which aren’t dangerous to their health and are eaten in moderation. n For more information visit nnel-cattery-insurance/



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Dogmatic 3







E, E






1. Gripper Training Leads: Our design gives added security and confidence. 2. Leather full Non-slip Lead: Full vegetable tanned leather lead with rubber rein grip encasing the leather from hand loop to trigger hook and reinforced with leather at point of stitching. 3. Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching range of Adjustable Collars: Adjustable with strong clasp fastening: Small: 15 mm x 260-400 mm, Medium: 20 mm x 350-500 mm, Large: 25 mm x 480-700 mm. 4. Matching range of Trigger Hook Leads: Ideal for training and general walking. 5. PCW Training Leads: Ideal for training, obedience and general walking. The Training Leads can be used at different lengths, for general walking, lengthened for use in Training (practising). 6. Dogmatic Headcollar: The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. £37.99. Visit



p39.qxp_Layout 1 02/10/2019 10:17 Page 39

p34.qxp_Layout 1 05/11/2019 05:47 Page 34

Made in Devon, Equafleece’s Polartec dog coats are 100% rainproof Making walking drier and less muddy, an extra layer helps dogs stay out for longer, and banishes any wet dog aroma. Available in five styles, 15 colourways and over 50 sizes, Equafleece fits all breeds and mixbreeds.

Do you enjoy walking your dog? The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop your dog from pulling, making your walks together a pleasure. No more stress or embarrassment. Simple to fit, easy to use and does not ride into the eyes.

Treat your cats and dogs this Christmas to a beautiful Personalised blanket


The blankets are machine washable, dry in minutes and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Each blanket is personalised with your pets name in big bold embroidered letters. Prices range from £16 to £25 see more at or call 01482 440221

Stop the dogs bowl sliding around the floor with the BIGPAWS.CO

Turmeric is one of the best natural supplements to promote the health and well being of your dog. 5-star rated wall mounted dog bowls, it can be fitted anywhere on the wall to suit each individual dog. Also great for older dogs with arthritis and breeds fed at height. Visit



We have added a WHOPPING 10% Turmeric with Black Pepper to accelerate the array of health benefits that Turmeric has. Order today at

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As a central member of the family, your dog’s health is a top priority. Like you, your dog must receive enough daily micro-nutrients to help stay fit, active and healthy. SuperDog is from the pet division of Vitabiotics, specialising in premium nutrition for all sizes and breeds of dogs. From vitality to healthy joints and bones, SuperDog’s comprehensive formulations are scientifically formulated by nutritional experts to give your dog the latest support available. Providing optimum levels of advanced micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, SuperDog is your dog’s new best friend to stay in tip-top condition.

2018-06-04 ADSPDCONP

Paul Manktelow: “See my expert tips to help care for your SuperDog!” Visit

Available from:

Vitavet is the specialist pet division of Vitabiotics Ltd. Vitabiotics’ partnership with Battersea includes a donation of 10p from the sale of each pack. For more information please visit (Registered Charity No. 206394).

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Bransby Horses


Horse Trust

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Wish F19

Sundance F15

Chrome F4

Nikita F13

Wish is quite a shy pony and can take time to build confidence around new people.

Would thrive in a knowledgeable home with someone who could bring out the best in her.

Would hugely benefit from a quiet one to one home where she can bond with someone.

Need sa home where she is always with other equines as she will not settle on her own.

Aero F6

Aqua F9

Bonny F10

Cinnamon M7

Duke M2

Finn M15

She is looking for a lightweight confident adult rider and handler.

I am looking for a new home as a ridden pony.

Bonny is a loveable pony with a big character.

To be rehomed as a non ridden companion. He is good to catch, lead and groom.

Duke is a lovely boy who is good to do in all ways, he is very well behaved for the vet.

A sweet natured pony who would love to find a home as a companion to another horse.

World Horse Welfare

Gabriel F4 Height: 12.1hh Likes: Cuddles! I was born at The Horse Trust when my Mum Eve was rescued from a field with lots of other abandoned ponies. If Mum hadn’t been rescued by The Horse Trust I'm not sure I'd be around today. All of the grooms here think I'm a Superstar. Now that I am 4 the grooms here have started doing some training with me. I am currently being backed to harness and with the correct training in the home I think I could make a nice child’s ride and drive.

Andy M1

Atlanta F6

Bailey F8

Billy M19

Blue F12

Bobby Jo F3

Fleur F5

Hank M5

Full of life and can be a little bit of a cheeky character.

Atlanta is a sensible mare who is good to handle.

Gets on well with others in her herd she can be bossy.

Billy could be left on his own for short periods.

She is very easy to handle in and out of the stable.

A very bold pony that loves a fuss being made of her.

Fleur is very sensible making her a pleasure to care for.

He has the sweetest temperament and he is good to handle.

The Pit Pony Sanctuary Help us turn Horses and Ponies Like this – Into This!

Lady a few days after rescue

Lady several weeks after rescue

They are a small group in Wales who care for all the Needy Horses & Ponies they can with their meagre resources. They would be so grateful for your help. Sponsor a Pony at Online shoppers please use to help the Ponies whilst shopping on line at no cost to you.

Visit or call 01443 480327/ Emergency 07798584735 36


Registered Charity No. 1002933

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Fleece Bodywarmer (£22.99). Available in 5 colours.

2020 Slimline Diary

Christmas lists Waggy Tails Note Book. (£4.99).

Each month features a different Border Collie. £5.49.

2020 Slimline Calendar Each month features a different Border Collie. £5.99.

Border Collie Trust GB

Waggy Tails Border Collie Doormat (£12.99).


Retail therapy Border Collie Hand Bag (£15.95.

Border Collie Lover's Address Book Ready for Writing out Christmas cards. (£9.99).



um Gum G ie k o Co ). (£4.95

Christmas Bauble Collie Bauble Christmas Decoration. (£3.99).

Single Christmas Card Christmas By The Fire. (£1.75).



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A premium 100% Natural holistic superfood Containing 8 high strength herbs that help your dog keep calm and relaxed. Used by pet owners and behaviourists it also helps to reduce anxiety and aid focus and concentration when training or competing.

Bark Opium Keep your pooch smelling fab. Inspired by the female perfume Dark Opium. Visit

Petcetera’s Fox Poo Remover A revolutionary NEW, all natural & organic product, that quickly & effectively neutralises & removes fox poo along with its associated odour. Tried & tested, this unique formula contains natural enzymes that break down the mess as well as the smell. Apply liberally to affected areas & simply wipe with a cloth – it really is that easy! Available now from Petcetera

Security Safety Vest Be Safe, Be Seen in this reflective dog safety vest in bright neon yellow. Its comfortable for your dog to wear & easy to put on thanks to its adjustable velcro fastening. It’s even machine washable at 30 degrees…an essential for any dog at this time of year. Available in 3 sizes: Small - 30 - 40cm collar / 36 46cm around body. Medium - 42 - 48cm collar / 58 - 66cm around body. Large - 48 - 56cm collar / 60 - 78cm around body. Available to purchase now at Petcetera:


Abbfabb Grooming Scissors 7” Curved Reversible Blending Dog Grooming Scissor, carefully crafted from 440c Japanese stainless steel. This unique 50 tooth blending scissor is ergonomically designed and can be used with the curve facing upwards and downwards to help create a soft and silky finish. Visit

Groomi Tool Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and other furry friends! The Groomi is designed to effectively remove dead, unwanted hair from your pet's coat without fuss. Use all year round to remove scurf, mud and other nasties. Use to Promote a healthy coat and reduce itching! Buy your Groomi now at Petcetera:

Christmas Meaty Star Treats Bauble

Personalised Dog Toy Box These beautiful wooden dog toy boxes look great in your home and keep your dog's toys tidy. Perfect for all good doggies. Personalised with your dog's name or text and finished in a grey, wood or black stain. Handmade in Derbyshire. Visit 38


Treat your dog to a gift they’ll love The Rosewood Christmas Meaty Star Treats Bauble. Packed with tasty, star shaped delights that are ideal as a treat or reward at any time of day. Will one be hanging on your tree this Christmas? Available to purchase at Petcetera along with a wide range of other tail wagging gifts. Shop now: asonal/christmas.html

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The Labrador Lifeline Trust 2020 LLT Desk Calendar Featuring a different rescue personality each month and handy calendar to have on your desk. £10.00.

LLT 2020 Wall Calendar Limited edition wall calendar 16 x 12” with plenty of space to write your appointments. A different rescue dog is portrayed each month. £12.00.

Labrador Mug Will brighten up every cup of tea or coffee. £11.00.

LLT Card ‘Christmas Dinner’ Exclusive to Labrador Lifeline Trust the latest in the series by Alison Lingley of Alison’s’ Animals, Pack of 10 cards with envelopes. Greeting inside ‘Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year’. Overprinted with our details. A5 size. £6.50.

Xmas Card – ‘Tradition’ 10 cards and envelopes with our logo and details on the inside cover. Very popular card and sells quickly. £6.50.

Naylor Agility tunnels – The Movie Watch





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15kg Working Dog Adult Fish Complete Food Small Bite Our small-bite complete food is made from smaller kibbles, which mean that it's easier for smaller dogs to eat. Visit

Fishauges Irresistible Fish Sausages For Dog Air dried fish sausages - for the delight and delectation of your canine companion. Visit

The MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robes Developed by George Barclay - England, are a ‘must-have’ to help clean & dry your dog after a wet & muddy walk. Produced from microfibre, these garments will remove dirt and absorb water from your dog’s coat, locking it away within the material’s fibres. (01722 437477. Visit



Did you know, 45% dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks? (RSPCA). Help your dog feel more a ease this firewor and party season with NEW Beaphar CaniComfort®, a range of effective calming products containing a synthetic copy of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone. These pheromones are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance in dogs, and are instantly recognisable to them. Visit for more information.

Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Range ideal for fireworks

Does your cat get scared during fireworks? Try Beaphar CatComfort®, a range o effective calming products containing a synthetic copy of the Feline Facial Pheromone. These pheromones are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance in cats, and are instantly recognisable to them. This makes the product range ideal for helping cats feel more at ease during stressful situations. Visit for more information.

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WORLD FAMOUS PURPLE EAR CLEANER In the past Quistel has been asked to produce a colourless version of our world famous purple ear cleaner for groomers, so here it is ! The feedback has been great so it is an alternative to the original in 50ml and 150ml sizes. Visit

Tartan Warm/Keep Clean Body Coat Keep Clean / Warm Body Coat Made With An Easy To Clean Tartan Design Material. Visit

Hen House Plastic Chicken House for 3 hens. Visit

Defence 7 A broad spectrum, DEFRA approved disinfectant, suitable for kennels, stables and all animal quarters. Dilution of 1:100 so a little goes a long way. Visit

Shine/Polishing Coat Used To Polish And Shine The Coat As Your Dog Moves. Mainly Used For Show Dogs To Help Give A Show Winning Coat. Visit

Durable - Easy clean kennel and cattery systems Plastic thermal insulated dog kennels and catteries that are durable and built to last and meet current regulations for home use as well as breeding, boarding and commercial use, can be difficult to find. Chicubes offers a wide range of products designed and built in the uk. Chicubes animal housing for dogs and cats and other small animals brings the full package, quality and durability, value for money and helpful customer service. With a standard and bespoke design service, finding the right system for you and cutting through the difficulties when setting up or renewing your establishment couldn’t be easier. Chicubes

01782 499915



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Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

North Norfolk Cats

Colchester Cat Rescue

Kim F

Ben M

Belle F

Sidney M

Sorrel F4

Twinkle F9

Kim has come on in leaps and bounds since joining us . He is very friendly, but still quite shy.

Ben is shy at the moment, but will soon tame up in the right home.

Belle needs a quiet home without young children. Belle likes relaxing in her bed.

Sidney is a lovely shy boy, but is coming on well and is getting better each day.

She wants fuss on her terms and she would prefer to be the only pet.

A real character and she deserves a stable loving quiet home with no other pets or children.

Tilly F8-9

Melissa F9

Blaze M3

Cheshire M5

Maumau F3-4

Peter M8

He will need cat flap access to outside via a cat flap if owners are away for a working day.

He has an independent side as well as a very interactive side.

She is a super smoochy lady who loves lots of head and chin rubs and will bop you with her head if you stop.

I would prefer to live in an area without other cats.

Bluebellridge RSPCA Rehoming Centre

She enjoys nothing Melissa will bond very more than curling up closely with her on a nice warm lap, owner and will want purring away and lots of contact from enjoying a fuss. them laying on their lap.

Elsa F7

Fluff & Billy M1

Georgie F1

Henrietta F1

Ivan M14

These gorgeous gentle souls are looking for a forever home together.

She has recently been spayed, which is why she is beautifully modelling the cone of shame.

In time, we hope she will blossom and put her worries behind her.

He would like nothing more than a cosy home to call his own.

Tinkerbelle F10

Mable F

Tinkerbelle is a She is a pure beautiful girl who is Bengal she is a feisty so loving. Can anyone Girl who offer her a has attitude! forever home?

Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Evelina F1 This shy cat is blossoming into a friendly, smoochy feline companion.

She will make a lovely companion as she is a homely cat who loves human company.

Raven’s Rescue UK

Coco F5 Coco is a true princess and would love to be treated as one!

Skippa M5 & Bella F5 They are loving, friendly and affectionate and love human company.

Tess F11

Vera F12

Looking for a fresh start in life with someone who can shower her with love.

She is a little shy initially, she is very affectionate and loves lots of fusses.

Woodland Animal Sanctuary

Nellie & Mikey F&M 10mths

Dorothy M6

Sanza F11 mths

Pushka F2

Shadow M2

Nellie & Mikey are 10 months old, they are Brother and Sister. They are bonded and need to be rehomed together. They do need a quite home without any young Children. Can anyone offer the beautiful pair a forever home?

All Dorothy's kittens have now found loving homes, and it is her turn now!

Sanza is a very lovely cat, who isn't overally cuddley, but loves a good stroke.

Pushka is very vocal, who will tell you when she wants attention and cuddles!

Shadow has a fun loving personality! He absolutely LOVES tummy tickles and cuddles in general!

Oscar M7

Bezzie M4

Mia F7

Boris M2

Marshall M4

Nala F5

Flash M10

Suzie F7

I can be shy until I get to know you, so I would really love to find a quiet, mature home where I will be able to grow in confidence.

As soon as I get to know you I am very affectionate. I would like to be the only pet in a quiet home.

I love sunbathing in the garden and I am a very homely girl not liking to venture too far.

I am looking for a quiet, patient family to help me grow in confidence.

I would also prefer to be the only pet in the household so that I can have all the attention for myself!

I am very typical of my breed in that I can be very loud and demanding!

I like fuss on my terms and once I get to know you I can be very affectionate.

I would need to be the only pet in a quiet home.



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Dane Kennels avert.qxp_Layout 1 31/10/2019 16:19 Page 44

Transport cages Your pets can travel in comfort, safety and style

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customer’s needs and requirements. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required.

01969 666063

p45.qxp_Layout 1 05/11/2019 10:42 Page 45

If you live in a high rise building and own a cat, we advise ensuring that windows and balconies are made as ‘escape proof’ as possible, and that you supervise your animal around obvious exit points to try and prevent any dangerous falls or accidents.

TERRIFIED CAT FALLS 30FT FROM HIGH RISE BUILDING - BUT LIVES TO TELL THE 'TAIL'! Little Leo fell 30ft from a second floor window – and survived to tell the ‘tail’! ‘High-rise syndrome’ – where cats fall from a great height and sustain severe injuries[GR1] – is sadly a common and familiar phenomenon to vets, cat owners and animal rescue centres across the world.

n To find out more about Mayhew’s work, visit

Usually when a cat experiences a fall, their body will attempt to twist around in the air to ensure they land on their feet - but despite cats’ legendary ‘nine lives’, they do not always survive the drop. ● Four month old Leo, who fell over 30ft from a second floor window, was recently lucky to escape with his life after landing badly and fracturing the roof of his mouth. ● Leo also suffered from a bloody nose and a sore leg, and lay on the ground unable to move for at least an hour before he was discovered. Luckily for Leo, a student volunteering at Mayhew happened to be walking past where he had fallen, and spotted that he was in considerable distress. The student called a colleague to come out and help, and together they brought poor Leo straight back to Mayhew. The blood coming from his nose was making him sneeze, and he was very quiet and subdued on the journey. As soon as he arrived at Mayhew he was examined by our nursing team, before being transferred to the RSPCA in Putney for further examination. Whilst at Putney, Leo was given pain relief and a full vet check, and thankfully it was discovered that he did not require emergency surgery that night. The RSPCA Vets were confident that his mouth injury, sore and swollen nose and the soft tissue trauma to his leg should each heal on their own given time; and Leo was therefore

discharged back to Mayhew to rest and recover in our Hospital Ward. Our Vet team then kept a close eye on him over the next few days, and checked his fractured palate thoroughly when they neutered him. To everyone’s delight, it had indeed healed neatly and as expected, and only a small scar now remains. Leo initially experienced some problems eating whilst his jaw was in the process of mending itself, and so our Vet Nurses and Cattery staff helped ensure he received all the nutrients he needed until he got back on his feet. He was soon eating, walking and behaving completely normally – but unfortunately, his original owners did not want to take him back. Therefore, when he was ready, we listed Leo for adoption – and we’re thrilled to say that he found the perfect match only a few days later, and is now fully settled into his new home with a loving family. If you’re interested in finding out more about life behind the scenes in Mayhew’s Vet Clinic, you might like to read our “In Their Shoes” interview with Lena, one of our talented Vet Nurses, who helps animals just like Leo every single day. Of course, Leo was incredibly lucky to get such a happy ending, but for many cats who go through a similar ordeal, the outcome can be a lot more serious. Most cats have a natural fondness for heights, and will readily climb and explore trees, buildings and other such structures. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 OCTOBER – 29 NOVEMBER 2019


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Samantha and Bob

Samantha and Maggie

SHARING SECRETS, DISCUSSING WORK PROBLEMS AND EVEN LETTING THE CAT INTO THE BATHROOM SHOWS THE NATION’S LOVE FOR OUR FELINE FRIENDS Cats Protection says they are #MoreThanJustACat A survey released today shows how the household moggy has evolved to become an essential part of the family in some weird and wonderful ways!

n To get involved with the campaign, visit or Cat Protection’s social media pages (Cats Protection on Facebook and @CatsProtection on Twitter and Instagram) and use the hashtag #MoreThanJustACat. To see cats in need of homes in your area visit

The survey of 2,000 cat owners showed that: • Nine out of ten owners allow their cat to follow them into the bathroom • Around half of owners have shared a secret with their cat such as telling them who they fancied or that they’d placed a sneaky bet on a horse • More than half celebrate their cat’s birthday • Eight in ten make a special effort to say goodbye to their cat when they leave the house The research was conducted as part of Cats Protection’s #MoreThanJustACat campaign, which highlights the many ways cats enhance and enrich people’s lives. Other findings indicate how cats help us manage the more stressful aspects of modern living: • Over three quarters of cat owners whose children have experienced bullying said that having a cat helped their child cope. This included cheering them up (74%) or calming them by being able to stroke the cat (67%) • Nearly two thirds of owners who regularly worked from home said their cat helps them by calming them down (63%), making them feel less lonely (56%) and doing something amusing like walking across the laptop (53%). Four out of ten said they even discuss work problems with their cat! • Nine out of ten cat owners think that owning a cat has a positive effect on their mental wellbeing

“From making us smile to being by our side during lonely times, cats lift our spirits and make us more able to cope with the stresses of modern living,” explained James Yeates, Cats Protection’s Chief Executive. “What this research shows is that cats have moved closer to humans in terms of providing friendship and support and have become key members of the modern-day family. The benefits of cat ownership is something we really want to shout about at a time when there are thousands of unwanted cats in need of a second chance so, if you’re not a cat owner already, this is the time to become one.” The campaign is also being supported by Emmerdale star Samantha Giles who adopted her two cats, Bob and Maggie, from Cats Protection’s St Helens Adoption Centre. Samantha said: ‘My cats are my everything. Maggie is my work companion, she sits on my desk when I’m writing and tries to distract me with her need for cuddles! “Bob is more of a therapy cat. Although he has epilepsy and a heart murmur, he’s so loving and relaxed. I can walk about the house cradling him like a baby. Cuddling him is as good as an hour in therapy and a lot cheaper!’



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Visit our website or call: 01780 410313

Supplier to the best breeders, rescuers and catteries for 20 years


Our cat cages offer safe, comfortable, hygienic accommodation and we pride ourselves on an enviable reputation throughout the UK, Europe, USA and even Australia for excellent service and superior product design.


The Domain

We can also custom build cat cages to your own measurements.

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Pure Paws Starline Factor Zero Shampoo Suitable for all breeds & all coat types, this wonder formula has been specially designed to remove dirt & grease along with residues left from sprays, lacquers, conditioners & other grooming products. Exclusively available to purchase at Petcetera:

NoWheeze NoWheeze can help to ease the discomfort associated with 'coughing' and generally aid in soothing the airways. Visit

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital has produced unique Xmas Cards featuring a stunning wildlife image. Each pack is ÂŁ3.95 containing 10 cards, with white envelopes. By purchasing any of these cards you are helping Brent Lodge provide care to over 3,500 wildlife casualties a year. Visit to purchase a pack today

GIFT IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR PET Hen House Plastic Chicken House for 3 hens. Visit

The Lady & The Stud Makes a special dog very special with a unique fragrance specially formulated for canines. Visit

Westcotts Dog Food with HyperCoat Prime and Westcotts Puppy Food with HyperCoat Prime This hypo-allergenic dog food is specially developed to provide a balanced diet. Visit

Join our lottery for as little as ÂŁ1 and be in with a chance of winning significant cash prizes At least 50p in every pound goes to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital to provide care to over 3,500 wildlife casualties a year.

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All Creatures Great and Small

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Blue Cross

Pooh Bear M1

Theo M2

Lola F3 & Tom M1

Sybil M1

Rolo & Mars M

Pooh Bear is a lovely rabbit who would suit a home with experienced adults but can't go with other rabbits.

Theo is a lovely rabbit who enjoys being stroked but does not enjoy being picked up.

Lola & Tom are mother and son. They are friendly rabbits but they have not been handled much.

She hasn't been handled much so would suit a home with no younger children and owners experienced with hamsters.

Rolo & Mars are a gorgeous pair of Guinea pigs. Looking for their forever home together.

Alexander M3-4

Fred M10 mths

Joey M18 mths

Alice F

Kiwi & Crumpet F3 mths

Peter M1

Oreo M

you have room in your home and your heart for a gentle giant like me.

I’m not too fussy but it would be nice to have someone to curl up with in the evenings and share my carrots with.

Joey is very friendly and enjoys taking a fuss on his head, ears and back.

I am a very active girl who just loves to be on the go.

Kiwi and Crumpet love to be out in their run with plenty of room to explore. They will come to ‘greet’ you when you go out to see them and are getting slowly used to being touched and handled.

He is friendly and curious and likes to 'help' with the cleaning of his hutch.

I am a sweet and friendly boy who loves munching on some tasty veg and lots of grass.

Essex Guinea Pig, Rat and Rabbit Rescue

Yannis M2

Herbal F4

Bear M1

Betsy F1

Barnaby M4

Minnibun F1

Thor M6

Lottie F1

A super handsome and friendly blue up eared lad.

Very loving would like a neutered boy bunny for company.

Very loving would like a neutered girlie bunny for company.

Very loving would like a neutered boy bunny for company.

Barnaby is a lovely lad. He is castrated, Myxi vaccinated and rhd2 vaccinated.

Very loving would like a neutered boy bunny for company.

Very loving would like a neutered girlie bunny for company.

Very loving would like a neutered boy bunny for company.

Stubbington Ark

Wythall Animal Rescue

Reuben M

Tilly F

He is looking for a female guinea pig that he can settle down with.

She is looking for a home in a large outdoor pen with an enclosed living space.

Jupiter M6-8 mths

Benjamin & Flopsy

He is a lovely sweet boy, who loves a good run around.

They are sweet bunnies but will need time to settle into their new home.

Cuppa & Tea M2

Lucy F

Juniper M2

Peaky M1

We are brothers. We are great friends and are happy doing everything together.

I would enjoy going to a home as a house rabbit on my own, aslong as I have plenty of human company.

I like attention and enjoy hopping around the run and jumping on top of the boxes in my run.

I also like playing with cardboard boxes, they keep me entertained for hours.

Hillfield Animal Home RSPCA Burton upon Trent & District Branch

Angus M

Cher F

Enrique M

He will need to be rehomed as an indoor rabbit, but is able to have exercise in a run outside where he can really stretch his legs.

She would love to live in outdoor accommodation, so she can explore, binky, bop, and play all day.

He will need to live in large outdoor accommodation for him to binky, bop, and play all day long.


Jeanette F


Julio M

Julio loves anything She is of a quiet/ from digging boxes nervous nature so to gnawing toys, ideally needs a forever home that has anything is excitable. experience in looking after nervous bunnies before.


Lily F

Meg F

Minnie F

She enjoys toys, her favourite is a plant pot, that she likes to throw around .

She can be rehomed with children of secondary school age.

Minnie could be rehomed with a neutered male, calm children of primary school age.

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SCIENCE SELECTIVE HOUSE RABBIT Supreme House Rabbit - Specially formulated for house bunnies, fortified with essential vitamins A & D. High fibre and prebiotics for dental health and digestive wellbeing and with Timothy hay, grass and thyme, and Linseed for healthy skin and coat https://www.thehayexperts.c

Check out these Great Products from The Hay Experts Call Us 01189 099 066 Order online at


FOUR SEASONS XXL STICKS Made with 100% natural, grain-free ingredients and are crisp and crunchy from the first nibble to the last. Four bumper sized sticks, hand finished, to give your small furry a gastronomic tour of the four seasons! https://www.thehayexperts.c

The best way to keep your little ones cool this summer. Designed for use with rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas... and us humans too!

GREEN OAT FORAGE HAY A tasty, rich green and aromatic Green Oat Forage Hay from The Hay Experts, rapid dried to ensure quality. https://www.thehayexperts.c

FLAT LEAF PARSLEY Flat Leaf Parsley is enjoyed by rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. It is just perfect for feeding as part of a natural diet, as a treat or as extra tastiness to hay for added foraging fun


GRASSY HOME The Grassy Home is made from 100% natural material and is safe to nibble and destroy. No wires or other nasties! Available in two sizes. For rabbits and others - can be used as a toy, nibble and destroy toy or a hay holder – or as a snuggle den for the smaller ones. grassy-home.html

Summer Harvest contains a mix of herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers that have been carefully blended to encapsulate the taste and aroma of English summers in a bag for your little ones! uk/summer-harvest.html


SCIENCE SELECTIVE 4+ This nutritionally complete food has high levels of fibre (22%), to aid gut motility and is also low in sugar and protein to help prevent obesity in less active, older rabbits. *Now available in handy 3kg bags. uk/science-selective-4-rabbit534.html

This Pet Remedy Atomiser contains a blend of essentials oils which help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. Ideal for use where there is no electricity – runs off 3 AA batteries. Suitable for all mammals including cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and horses – and many more!

p52.qxp_Layout 1 04/11/2019 15:29 Page 52

Paul O'Grady and StreetVet treating dogs on the street

BATTERSEA AND STREETVET PARTNER TO HELP MORE PETS IN NEED Battersea is pleased to announce a new partnership with StreetVet, a charity that delivers free veterinary services to dogs owned by the homeless and those in temporary accommodation and hostels.

n For further information on Battersea, please visit and StreetVet 52

The partnership will see Battersea give StreetVet operational and logistical support, including expert advice from its staff, clinical support, and kennel space for animals in urgent need of care. Battersea also plans to work with StreetVet on a range of projects that will help the charity to reach more dogs in need. For example, providing advice and training to hostel staff to promote and facilitate hostels accepting dogs – creating more safe places to sleep for both dogs and their owners. Battersea’s Deputy Chief Executive, Peter Laurie, said, “I’m excited at the prospect of Battersea and StreetVet coming together for a partnership that aligns both organisations’ strategic values. Both of us care deeply about the welfare of dogs, particularly those most in need. StreetVet relies almost entirely on the support of a growing network of volunteers, including members of the Battersea clinic team, and is a great example of a volunteer-led organisation delivering significant impact on a wide geographical scale. By working together, we can increase our collective impact and help more animals in need.” Sam Joseph, Veterinary Surgeon and co-founder of StreetVet, said, "We are really excited about the official partnership between StreetVet and Battersea. As a small, growing charity, StreetVet will hugely benefit from the expertise, infrastructure and


L-R: Peter Laurie (Battersea), Jade Statt and Sam Joseph (StreetVet), Shaun Opperman (Battersea) and Blue the Staffie.

resources of one of the country's most loved and respected animal charities.” He continued, “This partnership will help StreetVet continue to provide free, accessible veterinary care to those most in need, while further increasing the impact that Battersea has on the welfare of dogs and cats across the UK." Viewers of Battersea’s ITV series Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs will have seen Veterinary Director, Shaun Opperman team up with StreetVet last year to help dogs and their homeless owners. He was joined by Paul O’Grady, who is an Ambassador for both charities.

p53.qxp_Layout 1 04/11/2019 21:38 Page 53

Many Tears

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330

Tristant M6 mths

Humous F2

Svetlana F4

Juniper F1

Ariadne F7

Lupin F3

He’s very playful and would like another dog in the home to be friends with.

Humous will need a resident dog or dogs in her new home to help her adjust to life as a pet.

She walks on a lead, likes a fuss, is very nosey and unlike most beagles is not overly food orientated!

If you have the time and understanding to let this girl bloom you will be rewarded tenfold.

She is a happy and bouncy girl who loves nothing more than to just be with you.

Lupin has no idea about house training and lead walking but these will come with time, love and patience. Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

Bob M1

Bracken M11

Bruno M6

Cap M1

Dash M1-2

Flash F3

Hamish M1

Jasper M3

Bob is keen to give affection, but as he is very timid he requires a patient, gentle touch.

Bracken loves his walks and sniffing in the woods. He can open doors, so will need a secure home.

Bruno is h ousetrained, crate trained and travels ok in the car.

Cap is a very nervous farm collie who has not been socialised or given a gentle approach previously.

Dash is a clever boy who with the right stimulation, will blossom.

We would advise a home without young children as she needs consistency and a quieter home.

He is very toy focused and loves to play, he is good at travelling.

Jasper is a very energetic boy who likes his exercise, he is a little strong on the lead.

Animals in Need

Indie F12

Scrumpy M5 mths

Harry M2

Ramley F2

August M

Tom M6

Hazel F2

Callie F11 mths

She is playful, and good with dogs of all ages and sizes, however sometimes she can find them overwhelming.

This lovely young lad needs a patient committed family who will do training with him.

He is almost 2 and is a very busy boy, so would love an active family, committed to do training with him.

Ramley will need a loving family who are prepared to work on house training and basic obedience.

He deserves a loving family where he will be given buckets of love and attention.

Great with other dogs. He needs a loving home with people willing to do some training.

She is fine with older, sensible children and needs a home where she will not be left alone for long hours.

She is fine with older, sensible children but must not be left alone for long hours. She will need a secure garden.

Forest Dog Rescue

Polly F18 mths

Flo F9

Robbie M8-9

Thor M2

Sully M2-3

Walker M2-3

Macy F6

Caesar M8-9

Every day is a new adventure and she would love nothing more to find someone to share her adventures with!

Flo is a very calm and gentle girl, she is incredibly kind natured and just loves to be in your company.

Robbie would make a perfect companion to share these cold, wet dreary nights with curled up by the fire!

He is a very social and friendly boy who loves everyone he meets. Thor also seems to get on well with other dogs.

This bouncy young man would do best with a more active family and one that has had experience with dogs in the past.

This beautiful lad would benefit from a family that don't need to leave him for too long

Happy to be picked up and snuggled and would love to spend her time following her human around and keeping them company at home.

He is housetrained and can be left, loves being out and about and going in the car.

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Patsy F11

Sindy F3-4

Milo M11 mths

Louie M10

Tweet M9-10

Bronze M3-4

Coco F1

Jones M4-5

Patsy is a very bouncy, lively girl who is obsessed with playing balls and having a squeaky toy at all times.

She does suffer from separation anxiety so needs someone home all day.

He LOVES water...puddles, hosepipe, paddling pools, sprinklers and the sea.

He has previously lived with cats so should be fine with a dog savvy cat.

Tweet would make a lovely companion for an adult only home, where he can have all the fuss and cuddles he wants.

He loves apples and often finds them out of walks and will carry them back to his bed for a snack.

She would best be suited in a household with older family members and with another dog who can play with her.

Jones is very nervous so will need an adult only home with plenty of space and exercise.



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RESCUE CENTRES Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary The Village Green, Watlington Road , Stadhampton, Oxford‐ shire OX44 7UB Tel: 01865 890 239 Email: Opening Hours: 9.00am ‐ 4.00pm Daily.

Society for Abandoned Animals The Peggy Henderson Animal Sanctuary Mosley Acre Farm, Barfoot Bridge, Stretford, Manchester M32 9UP (Just off Dane Road, Sale) Tel: 0161 973 5318 Email: Opening Hours: 12am ‐ 4.30pm. Closed Wednesdays.

Deerness Kennels Mill Road Langley Moor. Durham DH7 8HF Tel: 0191 378 0439 Email: Opening Hours: Mon‐Sat 9am ‐ 5pm Sunday 11.30am ‐ 1.30pm.

Windyway Trust Windyway Head Farm Buxton Old Road Macclesfield SK11 0AP Tel: 01625 422246 Email: Opening Hours: Saturday 10am ‐ 1pm.

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Elfordleigh, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon PL7 5ED Tel: 01752 347503 Email: generalenquiries@wood‐ Opening Hours: 1.00am ‐ 4.00pm Mon‐Fri.

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre Bryn Melyn, Lon Pant‐y‐Gog, Nebo, Caernarfon, Nortth Wales LL54 6EA1 Tel: 01286‐880‐808 Email: Opening Hours: 10.30am ‐ 12.30pm. We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos) Please visit our website: Charity No. CI0/1174351

AA Dog Rescue Sandbeach Farm, Hockley Lane, Bradwell, Essex, CM0 7QB Tel: 07779 588 735 Email: Opening Hours: 11am ‐ 4.00pm. Closed Mondays and Wednesdays.

Birch Hill Dog Rescue Neen Sollars Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire DY14 0AQ Tel: 01229 270406 Email: Opening Hours: 12am ‐ 4pm daily.

Blue Cross Adoption Centre Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8NQ Tel: 0300 777 1480 Opening Hours: 11am ‐ 4pm daily. Closed Wednesdays.

Forest Dog Rescue

Green Gap Kennels, Far Forest Worcestershire DY14 9DX Tel: 01299 269181 Email: info@forest‐dog‐ Opening Hours: 10am ‐ 1pm and 2.30pm ‐ 4.30pm daily.

Brysons Animal Refuge

F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue Stubb Road Hickling Norwich Norfolk. NR12 0BW Tel: 01692 598312 Email: faithanimalrescue@hot‐ Opening Hours: 11am ‐ 3pm Daily.

Bramcote Animal Rescue

6 Ashtree Square Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3HJ Tel: 01159 220286 Email: amanda@bramcote‐res‐ Opening Hours: Daily by appointment only.

RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre Block Fen Drove Wimblington Cambridgeshire PE15 0FB Tel: 0300 123 0726 Email: blockfen‐ Opening Hours: Open every day 11.00am to 3.30pm Closed Wednesdays.

Wood Green Animal Shelter Kingsbush Farm London Road Godmanchester PE29 2NH Tel: 0300 303 9333 Email: supporter.relations@wood‐ Opening Hours: 10am ‐ 4pm daily.

East Midlands Dog Rescue

Carr House Rescue Centre

Pingle Farm Seine Lane Enderby Leicestershire LE19 4PD Tel: 0116 286 4266 Email: Opening Hours: 9am ‐ 12noon Sundays.

Carr Farm, East Carr Road, Hull, East Yorkshire HU8 9LP Tel: 01482 701738 www.carrhouserescuecentre.c Email: info@carrhouserescue‐ Opening Hours: 9.00am ‐ 4.00pm Daily.

The Huncote Pet Rescue Centre Elmwood Farm Leicester LE9 6LE Tel: 01455 888257 Email: Opening Hours: 10.00am ‐ 2.30pm Daily.

Galloping Green Road Eighton Banks Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE9 7XA Tel: 0191 487 5858 Email: Opening Hours: 11.00am ‐ 4.00pm Daily.

Leicester Animal Aid Association

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If you would like to place an advertisement call our animal friendly team on 01787 228027



Want to Work with Animals? Animal Jobs Direct offers over 150 accredited animal care courses designed in consultation with employers to increase career and employment prospects. Please contact us for free careers and training advice.

Prices from ÂŁ5.oo per

Tel: 0208 626 9646 For more information about our Training Courses, please visit our website DESIGNER KENNELS

Ideal for lawns, patios, garden sports, child and pet friendly. Self fit putting greens. Self draining. Visit us at or Call 01480 493900 or 07836 325 901


Designer Kennels Ltd


No. 1 for service, quality and prices. Our kennels are constructed from tough polypropolene and edged with aluminium to make them virtually indestructable and with so many designs and sizes to choose from its no wonder so many top breeders and boarding kennels now have Designer Kennels. With 1000s of kennels and catteries installed throughout the UK that is why we are No. 1 14b Swordfish Way, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire LS25 6NG Tel/Fax: 01977 685500




We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos) Please visit our website: Charity No. CI0/1174351

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Tel: 01787 476400

Food, Grooming & Hygiene for Animals

Profile for Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine

Rescue and Animal Care Magazine 9th October - 29th November 2019–Issue 149  

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I do not like the early evening darkness. When I finish work I take my dog Treacle out for her seco...

Rescue and Animal Care Magazine 9th October - 29th November 2019–Issue 149  

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I do not like the early evening darkness. When I finish work I take my dog Treacle out for her seco...

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