Rescue and Animal Care Magazine 29th January - 29th February 2020 - Issue 151

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RESCUE and ANIMAL CARE 29th January - 29th February 2020 - Issue 151

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Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare

ISSN 2050-0572

Help Redwings Horse Sanctuary Save more ponies like Fig

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CRUFTS the NEC Birmingham from 5th - 8th March

The mystery of Mimi’s missing tail

Chemotherapy a realistic route for pets with cancer? Cover Image


Choosing the correct bed for your dog

through with Naylor Agility tunnels


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Naylor Agility manufacture a range of high quality dog agility tunnels. Our dog agility tunnels are handmade using superior heavy duty Fire Resistant PVC materials, making them extremely flexible, durable, robust and easy to wipe clean. They are weather and waterproof and can concertina for easy storage.


through tunnels with Naylor Agility

Our agility tunnels are available in 600mm diameter with ten standard colours, five different lengths and three weights (Light, Medium and Heavy Duty). We manufacture to order to ensure your exact requirement is supplied considering your specific colours, loops, bags and design. We also manufacture 400mm Small dog/puppy tunnels, 800mm Hooper tunnels and 1000mm fun tunnels in the colour of your choice The lightweight dog agility tunnels are hand sewn and made using a thin wire helix. The helix is enclosed in a polypropylene tape scuff strip. Loops can be attached if required to secure the dog tunnel to the ground. End rings are used at each end of the tunnel for the entrance and exit of the tunnel. The medium weight dog agility tunnels are hand welded and made using a slightly heavier wire helix than the lightweight tunnels. The wire helix is enclosed in a highly durable PVC scuff extrusion. End rings are used at each end of the tunnel for the entrance and exit. To secure the dog tunnels we can supply various styles of sand bag


straps. The sand bag straps can be coloured to match your dog tunnel. The Heavy weight tunnels are more suitable for continual use in harsher environments Prices are available for all of the above and more on our web site, please visit or contact us directly for any other specific requirement n Visit Call 01709 872574. Email

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Take the lead with Dogmatic


Ideal for walking and training. 43 ½” long. Can be extended to 57”. Available in white and pale blue.

All the comfort and control of the original renowned leather Dogmatic Headcollar with the soft, gentle touch of slimline, luxurious, padded cushioned webbing. Now in Purple !

Gripper Training Leads Our design gives added security and confidence.

PCW Training Leads Ideal for training, obedience and general walking. The Training Leads can be used at different lengths, for general walking, lengthened for use in Training (practising).

Leather Dogmatic Headcollar Black and Brass The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. Our unique Registered Design means it will not ride up, under or into the eyes which causes distress to your pet and as it is much more comfortably and securely fitted, it avoids any potential dangers for you or your dog.


PCW Adjustable Collar Available in small, medium and large. Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching range of Adjustable Collars: Adjustable with strong clasp fastening: Small: 15 mm x 260-400 mm, Medium: 20 mm x 350-500 mm, Large: 25 mm x 480-700 mm.

Matching range of Trigger Hook Leads Ideal for training and general walking.

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RESCUE and ANIMAL CARE 29th January - 29th February 2020 - Issue 151

Please take one

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare

ISSN 2050-0572

Help Redwings Horse Sanctuary Save more ponies like Fig

£5 Voucher Inside See Page 7

CRUFTS the NEC Birmingham from 5th - 8th March

The mystery of Mimi’s missing tail

Chemotherapy a realistic route for pets with cancer? Cover Image


Choosing the correct bed for your dog r

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On this Month’s Cover

Naylor Agility

RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE MAGAZINE Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare PUBLISHER: Jennifer Prowse ADVERTISING MANAGER: Glen Jackson FEATURE CoNTRIBUToRS: Dean Hart, Animal Behaviourist Mary Lloyd, Bio-Life International Juliet Abrahamson

Hello Readers, It will not be long until Spring and I for one cannot wait! This is when my new year starts with plans and resolutions. Getting fit is on my list after being a bit of a couch Jennifer Prowse Director and Publisher potato lately and that includes walking Treacle my Border Collie even more and seeing if she would like a go at agility! I am going to order an agility tunnel from Naylor Agility – see our front cover. It looks like great fun and good exercise. I will let you know how we get on. We have an eclectic mix of articles in this issue for you to read. Here are just a few:- An adorable ginger kitten from Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre has become the star of a recent television advert for People’s Postcode Lottery! Forever Hounds Trust has been rescuing, caring for and homing greyhounds and Lurchers for 23 years. These beautiful dogs need us to be there for them to find them a safe and happy home, having been neglected, abused, or finished their career as a racing greyhound. See how you can help. Dogs Trust staff and volunteers walked on average 5,824 miles, washed 4,794 loads of bedding and dished out 7.23 tonnes of dog food for their pooches at each rehoming centre last year, see page 14. If you are thinking of rescuing a new pet then please look through the ones features within these pages. Your love and a happy new home would make such a difference! If you are attending Crufts this year then keep a look out for us handing out our magazine and come and say Hi! Until next time!



Contact us (01787) 228027 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE MAGAZINE: JENNIFER PROWSE MEDIA, 21 THE MALTINGS, BURES, SUFFOLK CO8 5EJ Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care Troublesome Treacle 4


Wooden dog bowl feeders Beautifully personalised with your dog's name or text of your choice. Available in single, double or triple bowl feeders and in various sizes to suit all dogs. Prices start at just £18.99. Visit D for Dog

Bark Opium Keep your pooch smelling fab. Inspired by the female perfume Dark Opium. Visit

LUXURY FUR LINED HARNESS It is soft warm and heavy with a double D-ring for extra security. £23.50. Visit

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Transport cages Your pets can travel in comfort, safety and style

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customer’s needs and requirements. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required.

01969 666063

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I’m A Hot Dog! Dear Faithful Friends, A love and a lick to you all! Here I am with a lovely ‘Hot Bot’ sitting on my amazing new luxurious Central Heated Dog Bed! As you can see it is pretty big and Mistress laid on it earlier and said she could happily sleep on it and I could have her bed. The cheek of it!. Talking about cheeks, my bottom is warm and toasty and when I slept on it for the first time last night I was in heaven! Mum always has the heating on low at night so if I got a bit chilly, I’d sneak up on her bed and snuggle up to her on the

Heated dog beds To suit all dogs great and small you can be sure that your dog will stay snug this winter with a heated dog bed from Hot Dog Pet Products. Pawfect from the smallest of chihuahuas to long legged greyhounds, you will be guaranteed to find a bed to keep your best friend toasty warm. Vist



Look at my Central Heated Dog Bed from Hot Dog

pillow. She didn’t mind but sometimes she would get a lump of fur in her mouth as I snuggled up to her. I was sent my gorgeous Sewerby Extra Large Heated Bed by Hot Dog Pet Products. Thank you soooo much! Their entire range of thermal and central heated dog beds are all crafted by their dedicated and skilled workforce. Made in Britain these unique, luxurious dog beds are all designed, produced, packaged and posted from right from their family own business in Yorkshire. Now I know it’s not just ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ this County is well known for! Getting older, I sometimes suffer from aches and pains and my heated bed provides me with much needed therapeutic comfort. Mistress added a Hot Dog heating pad to my stylish and luxurious dog bed and it became central heated! Essentially an electric blanket for dogs! Mistress read from Hot Dog Pet Products website ‘’ The pressure activated heat pad will rise from an ambient temperature when your dog sits on the bed to one of seven pre-set heat settings ranging from 25°c to 55°c. This can be set by you on the easy to use LED controller. With safety in mind our heat pads have an armoured cable to prevent chewing through and feature an automatic shut’’. That information went over my head but Mistress said this was good to know. I just know I love my bed so get your owners to take a look at! The other day, Mistress has some friends visit who she

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had not seen for years! For the sake of anonymity we will call them ‘Ali and Chad’. They Brought the beautiful Kassie with them. Pictured here. I didn’t notice her at first and when I did, I jumped out of my socks and hurried to get all my toys to safety. I had a good sniff and gave her a few territorial growls but actually I really liked her. We were sorry to see them Kassie go until Mistress found the bin upstairs upturned with rubbish strewn on the carpet! Seriously though- we hope to see them again very soon. That’s all for now folks! I’m going to have a wee snooze on my lovely new bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care

Hot Dog Pet Products centrally heated dog beds feature a cosy heating element to keep your doggy companion warm and snug – perfect for the winter. The pressure activated heat pad will rise from an ambient temperature when your dog sits on the bed to one of seven pre-set heat settings ranging from 25°c to 55°c. This can be set by you on the easy to use LED controller. Vist

Troublesome Treacle

A health hy dog is a happy dog bacteria a to erall hea alth Probiotic strrain Bacillus Subttilis aintains gut health h A, C &E

Replaces vitamins st due to stress e or illness an be sprinkle ed on food or added to drinking g watter .uk



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Ginger kitten star of People's Postcode Lottery advert finds new home An adorable ginger kitten from Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre has become the star of a recent television advert for People’s Postcode Lottery. Nacho the kitten was filmed for the #TogetherForCharity advert when People’s Postcode Lottery ambassadors Danyl Johnson, an X-Factor star, and Judie McCourt, a radio and TV presenter, came to visit the centre. He appears alongside some big celebrity names, including actors Carey Mulligan, Olivia Colman and George Clooney, but his cute face really steals the limelight! Since the advert propelled him to stardom, it was no surprise that Nacho quickly found his forever home with his brother Dorito thanks to new owners Dave and Kerry Hudson. Dave says: “Nacho is now called Ernie and his brother Dorito is now Bert. We didn’t choose the cats, they chose us. Straight away they were playful and loving with us both, it was the best decision ever. “Both cats have such different personalities – Ernie is very patient and playful, he waits for his brother to finish playing with toys before he has a go. He’s so loving, always after cuddles and strokes and is very inquisitive, loves guests and loves exploring. “Bertie is a bit more quiet but seems to be the mischievous one, climbing, knocking things over and getting into places he shouldn't! “They are best friends and play all day. They sleep together

Nacho with his new owner Dave

and won't let each other out of their sight. They both settled in immediately, there are three children in the house so they get so much attention and are having a ball.” Cats Protection is one of the many charities supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, who have so far raised over £500 million for charities and good causes, including over £2.2 million for Cats Protection. Lindsay Kerr, Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre Manager, said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to People’s Postcode Lottery players for their support which is funding cat care assistant and volunteer team leader roles across Britain, as well as 10,000 microchips and two behaviour posts, helping us offer the best possible care to cats and kittens like Nacho while they await new homes.” Clara Govier, managing director at People’s Postcode Lottery, said: “This is a vitally important milestone for charities across Britain and beyond. “By raising more than £500 million for good causes like Cats Protection, our players are making a real difference. This simply couldn’t have been achieved without them. “So, my message to those millions of players is simple – a heartfelt thank you. People’s Postcode Lottery was created to raise funds for charities and good causes and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to do exactly that.” To find out more about Cats Protection’s work with People’s Postcode Lottery, visit To find a new feline friend to welcome into your home, visit to see the cats waiting for adoption in your area. You can see Nacho in the People’s Postcode Lottery advert here: 8


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News and Products

ndon (Vulric) Wolfdog of Lo

Team Turmeric Ambassador, Bourbon

Wolfdog of London and Team Turmeric Ambassadors Join The Golden Paste Company at Crufts

A revolutionary antiseptic product for itchy skin, sore paws, minor mishaps, cuts, grazes, scratches, bites, weepy eyes, irritated ears and dry/flaky or smelly skin. Its fast acting formula effectively combats germs, soothing and calming the affected area/s. 100% safe on all skin types. Available in 4 sizes. Buy now at

Turmeric supplement specialist, The Golden Paste Company, has an exciting line up of ‘pawsome’ guests joining them on their stand (1-98) at Crufts 2020. Social media sensation, Wolfdog of London (Vulric), will be greeting fans on Saturday 7th March from 12.00 until 14.00. Vulric’s owners will be talking to visitors about the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed and how Golden Paste helps to keep him fit and healthy. Team Turmeric Ambassador, Bourbon, will also be taking a break from his displays at Crufts to meet his fans on The Golden Paste Company stand throughout the show. The Working Cocker Spaniel is a big fan of TurmerEase™ and melts hearts with his cheeky smile and big brown eyes. Visit The Golden Paste Company at Crufts to find out more about the turmeric supplements which are making a big impact on the lives of many dogs, humans and other animals. The range for dogs includes the flagship product ‘Golden Paste’, TurmerEase™ Chicken Supplement Slices and Turmeric Capsules for Pets which contain a unique blend of turmeric, flax seed oil and piperine. Special offers will be available at the show.

Dogmatic Headcollar The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. £37.99. Visit

The trovan® microchip-ID is recommended worldwide, for its outstanding technology, quality & reliability. Used by rescues and professionals all over the world. Now we also have All-in-Ones! in both sizes 10


UNIVERSAL SCANNER Detects ALL microchips


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Visit us

Cru Hall 1, S fts tand 68

Hall 3, S


tand 12




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Forever Hounds Trust has been rescuing, caring for and homing greyhounds and lurchers for 23 years. These beautiful dogs need us to be there for them - to find them a safe and happy home, having been neglected, abused, or finished their career as a racing greyhound.


ur hardworking staff and volunteers work day after day to relieve the suffering of greyhounds and lurchers who are in need of care and protection. We need your help to enable us to continue to save as many of these wonderful dogs as possible throughout the coming year. Here are just some of the things we achieved through 2019 with the help of our generous supporters: Happy Homings 2019 saw us celebrate the homing of our 10,000th hound! That’s 10,000 dogs rescued and found loving forever homes since our charity was founded. What an achievement! The Macau Five One of the highlights of 2019 was being part of an international effort to rescue 600 greyhounds left trapped inside the notorious Macau Canidrome, once it closed its doors for good. Forever Hounds Trust was at Heathrow airport to welcome five of these dogs. They had a lot of veterinary and emotional needs from a life lived permanently in concrete kennels and on a racetrack. But, happily, each of them has now found their forever home as a much-loved pet.

Kim with one of our Macau greyhounds on arrival at Heathrow

have a Friends membership scheme. You can become a Forever Hounds Friend from as little as £3 per month. Friends enable us to rescue, care for and home many more sighthounds in need. As a Friend, you will receive our Talking Hounds magazine, containing advice on sighthounds, interviews with those who care for these dogs, details of fun events near you, and stories about dogs who have come through terrible ordeals to become a much-loved family pet! But most importantly, as a Friend, you know that your donations are going directly towards helping more hounds, and giving them a long and happy life. Please get in touch with us today to find out more about supporting us as a Friend, or to make a donation, or if you would like to have a sighthound come and live on your sofa!

Here for the Dogs who Need us Most We took in some greyhounds who had suffered terrible injuries on racetracks, including two who each had to have a leg amputated. Both are recovering well in their new forever homes, although it will take time for them to get over their horrific injuries. If Forever Hounds Trust and other rescues were not there to step in right away and help these dogs, and cover their veterinary fees, their lives would be lost on the night of their last race. New Homing Initiatives We have also enabled dogs to stay with their original families by providing support to owners, preventing the dogs from ending up in rescue; we give advice to those looking to rescue a dog, and offer space to dogs with high welfare or behavioural needs who would otherwise not have a safe place to go. New families continue to receive support and advice from our qualified behaviourists for the dog’s entire life. Please be-Friend a greyhound! When dogs come into our care, it represents their second chance at life, after what is typically a traumatic start. We are passionate about being there for every sighthound who needs us. But we can only do what we do with the support of generous hound lovers. To help us plan effectively and ensure that more of our supporters’ money goes directly to caring for the hounds, we 12


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For us, they are all best in show! At Mayhew we help hundreds of dogs every year. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are all winners to us.

We are an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people in our communities. Find out more and make a donation to support our work at

Registered charity no. 1077588

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Dogs Trust reveals thousands of miles of walkies as first dogs of 2020 go home Dogs Trust staff and volunteers walked on average 5,824 miles, washed 4,794 loads of bedding and dished out 7.23 tonnes of dog food for our pooches at each rehoming centre last year. In total, the charity rehomed 11,079 dogs last year and welcomed almost 220,000 visitors to its 20 rehoming centres in the UK. The most popular names were Bella, Lola, Daisy and Poppy for female dogs and Max, Alfie, Teddy and Charlie for the male dogs. The new decade got off to a paw-some start for four lucky dogs, who were among the first to be rehomed by Dogs Trust in 2020. Snow, a four-month-old Maltese Terrier, was the first to leave the charity’s Evesham rehoming centre, going to his forever home with Marcello Cossali-Francis in Malvern, Worcestershire. Others to find new happy homes in the first few days of the year include Happy, a one-year-old Crossbreed, a two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Dory and a four-year-old exracing Greyhound called Sally. These dogs are the first of the many thousands that Dogs Trust will rehome from its 20 centres all over the UK this year, following an incredible year of success in 2019. It’s clear that 2019 was the year of the Crossbreed – with 1,356 crossbreed dogs rehomed over the course of the year.

Marcello Cossali-Francis with Snow, the first dog to be rehomed in January 2020.

Other popular breeds included Jack Russell Terrier (830), Lurcher (662) and Terrier Cross (576). Adam Clowes, Dogs Trust’s Operations Director, said: “It’s fantastic to see dogs leaving our rehoming centres so early on in the year and going home with their new families and owners. “We had a very busy 2019 but it’s always so rewarding when you see dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes finding their forever homes. “It’s set to be another big year for the Dogs Trust, as we expand Dog School and get ready for the opening of our new Cardiff rehoming centre in 12 months’ time.” Dogs Trust Dog School, which provides training classes and behaviour advice to dogs and their owners, also enjoyed another successful year, with around 18,000 attendees in 2019, and thousands more expected to take part in 2020. n For information on rehoming or other ways to support Dogs Trust visit

Dory with her new owner Mr Beavis and Canine Carer Claire Merrick. 14


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Photo Credit: The Kennel Club

Crufts, the world’s greatest celebration of dogs, is returning to the NEC Birmingham from 5th - 8th March 2020, showcasing hundreds of dogs demonstrating a host of talents, both inside the show ring and around the event.

Charles Cruft

Photo Credit: Beat Media and the Kennel Club©

Crufts 2020

Flyball Team Final

Around 20,000 dogs will compete during the four-day show in the hope of winning Best in Show, with just seven making it through to the final on Sunday 8th March in the Resorts World Arena. Last year the title was scooped by Dylan the Villain, a Papillon hailing from Belgium. Of course, show dogs are just one part of the huge event, with the Resorts World Arena also playing host to a plethora of exciting agility competitions, including the Agility Championships, the Kennel Club British Open and the International Invitation. Visitors can also watch the Flyball team competition and Heelwork to music competition taking place in the arena as well. Two breeds will also be making their Crufts debut at the 2020 show. The Barbet, an ancient French breed, will be shown for the first time, while the Harrier, a native hound which will be recognised by the Kennel Club from January 2020, will make its premier appearance in the Discover Dogs area. Elsewhere, stands and areas offer an opportunity to learn more about other Kennel Club activities, including partnerships with veterinary and animal health organisations that fuel research into treatments of various canine conditions and

diseases. Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations will be showcasing their hard work and successes in rehoming breed rescue dogs on the Kennel Club stand where visitors can find out about rescue dogs looking for their forever home. Medical Detection Dogs will be making their debut appearance in the main arena on Sunday, demonstrating these remarkable dogs’ ability to support people with lifethreatening health conditions, saving their lives on a daily basis with their amazing sense of smell. Visitors can also enjoy the ultimate shopping experience with over 400 stands selling all sorts of doggy delights, including dog food, toys and beds, as well as outdoor clothing and other equipment. The ever-popular Friends for Life competition will be returning, celebrating the heart-warming stories of the bond between dogs and their owners. Five inspiring friendships will face a public vote, with the winner announced in the final on Sunday 8th March. Crufts 2020 will also see the return of the Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year competition, exclusively supported by pet food makers James Wellbeloved. The final of the nation’s favourite crossbreed competition will once again be held in the main arena at Crufts on Saturday 7th March. After succeeding in their class in their respective local heats across the country, the 24 top crossbreeds will compete in the semi-finals at Crufts, also on Saturday 7th March, before just four make it through to the final, to see if they have what it takes to be crowned Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year. n Cont. on p18

The trovan® microchip-ID is recommended worldwide, for its outstanding technology, quality & reliability. Used by rescues and professionals all over the world. Now we also have All-in-Ones! in both sizes 16


UNIVERSAL SCANNER Detects ALL microchips


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Best in Show winners n Cont. from p16

The four classes that the dogs will be hoping to wow the judges in are: • Most Handsome Crossbreed Dog • Prettiest Crossbreed Bitch • Golden Oldie Crossbreed • Good Citizen Dog Scheme class When choosing the winner and runners-up for each class, the judge ensures that the dog has the following qualities: • Good character • Good health • Good personality • Good temperament with people and other dogs Last year’s winner was Percy, the Pointer

cross, who was given a second chance at life after Amanda Bell and her father, Michael, found him in a very bad way on a street in Cyprus. Having been shot multiple times, unable to stand, suffering with failing kidneys and weighing only 9 kilos, Amanda and Michael arranged for Percy to travel to the UK, with his chances of survival looking uncertain. Having now been with the family in Sheffield for over a year, Percy is recovering well and despite being very poorly and frightened when first arriving in the country, the family has built up trust and bonded with Percy. Where he once was too scared to go further than the garden gate, they have since helped him to achieve his Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Bronze award and, of course, stand in the ring in the Scruffts final. Thrilled Amanda said of winning Scruffts 2019: “I’m a bit overwhelmed! Percy is so special, I’m so proud of him. Walking in that arena was such an amazing experience.” This year, all 24 dogs which won their classes at the heats will be coming to Crufts to take part in the semi-finals, being held in the GCDS ring at 2pm, with the four lucky class winners then going on to compete in the final in the main arena at 6pm. This year’s final will be judged by dog show judge Robin Newhouse alongside TV stars Sally Phillips and Ronni Ancona.

Photo Credit: The Kennel Club©

Photo Credit: Beat Media and the Kennel Club©

p16.qxp_Layout 1 03/02/2020 10:44 Page 18

Scruffts Final 2019 Winner Percy with his Owner Amanda Bell and Michael.

n To find out more about Scruffts and the semifinalists competing, please visit n For more information on Crufts 2020 and to book tickets visit

Taking the best care of your dog’s smile with Agria Pet Insurance Is your dog over three-years-old? If so, they have a significant chance of already having dental disease.

Protect your pet with award-winning, Lifetime insurance from Agria Pet Insurance. Visit, or call us on 03330 30 82 81.


The British Veterinary Dental Association states that most dogs over three have gum disease requiring treatment, and The Royal Veterinary College says periodontal disease affects over 90% of adult dogs. Taking good care of your dog’s teeth can drastically reduce their chances of suffering the pain connected with dental and gum disease. Robin Hargreaves, Senior Veterinary Adviser at Agria Pet Insurance, explains: “Our dogs should be with us into their teens, but the animals they evolved from didn’t live anything like to this age – and so their teeth are not designed for longevity. Left uncared for, the likelihood is that they will deteriorate, giving your dog gum disease, mouth and gum pain. “Encourage your dog to chew - nothing too hard to break their teeth or that will splinter and get stuck in their mouth or digestive tract. Those on a soft diet can really benefit from something to properly use their teeth to keep the surfaces clean. “Cleaning dogs’ teeth is very effective and helps to keep the tartar down – which


otherwise traps food against the gums, erodes them back and causes infections.” Agria Pet Insurance is one of the few pet insurers to cover treatment for dental disease, illness and injury, so providing treatment costs fall within the policy’s annual vets’ fees limit of up to £12,500, cover is there. Every new policy also comes with £50 to spend at the vet towards supporting your pet’s health - from vaccinations to flea treatments and dental check-ups! Visit the team at Crufts in Hall 3 to find out more and for a free dog toothbrush*! Or see or call 03330 30 82 81. Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register Number 496160. Agria Pet Insurance is registered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4258783. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW. *Subject to availability

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Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Professional Dog Grooming Scissors UK

See us at Crufts

Hall 1 Stand 98a Family owned since 1990, where our expertise, quality and precision is our passion. Home to the exclusive Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Range


10% OFF



Tel: 07971680023

We stock a wide range of: KONG Toys l Treats l Wall Mounted Bowls l

Visit us

Cruf Stand N ts umbe 5-23a



Wall mounted dog bowls, can be fitted anywhere on the wall to suit each individual dog. Also great for older dogs with arthritis and breeds fed at height.



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A premium 100% Natur al holistic superfood Containing 8 high strength herbs that help your dog keep calm and relaxed. Used by pet owners and behaviourists it also helps to reduce anxiety and aid focus and concentration when training or competing.

Do you enjoy walking your dog? Bacta-Care Disinfectant Cleaner EN13697 Tested in Dirty Conditions with a high dilution of 1:120 - a little goes a long way. Available neutral or fragranced - Apple, Bubblegum, Cherry, Freesia, Lavender and Lemon. Perfect for all surfaces, indoor and outdoor use when you have animals. Visit

The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop your dog from pulling, making your walks together a pleasure. No more stress or embarrassment. Simple to fit, easy to use and does not ride into the eyes.

Introducing the New Colour Free Soothing Ear Cleaner From Peake Pet Care (formerly know as Quistel). This product is a valuable item in any dog owners grooming bag , as it can stop a problem occurring and also get rid of a stubborn problem with regular use. It also doesn't expire so there is no money wasted on this product. Visit

Hot Dog Pet Products centrally heated dog beds feature a cosy heating element to keep your doggy companion warm and snug – perfect for the winter. The pressure activated heat pad will rise from an ambient temperature when your dog sits on the bed to one of seven pre-set heat settings ranging from 25°c to 55°c. This can be set by you on the easy to use LED controller. Vist 20


p21.qxp_Layout 1 28/01/2020 16:32 Page 41

Visit us at Cruft’s Hall 5 – Stand 150 We are giving away a FREE HARNESS (limited amount available)

p22.qxp_Layout 1 03/02/2020 16:17 Page 22

Zeus Better Bones Better Bones are made with real chicken, no-added salt and easy digestible ingredients that are rawhide-free which provides a healthy alternative for dogs. Combining irresistible flavours with chewy goodness, Better Bones satisfies a dog’s natural chewing instinct and promotes good oral hygiene.

Bark Opium Keep your pooch smelling fab. Inspired by the female perfume Dark Opium. Visit


Salters Natural Dog Food Salters Hypoallergenic, “Healthy Dog Foods” are Veterinary formulated, complete dry foods for dogs and puppies. Our foods are the only dog foods in the world to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil*. Visit

LUXURY FUR LINED HARNESS It is soft warm and heavy with a double D-ring for extra security. £23.50. Visit

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors 7” Curved Reversible Blending Dog Grooming Scissor, carefully crafted from 440c Japanese stainless steel. This unique 50 tooth blending scissor is ergonomically designed and can be used with the curve facing upwards and downwards to help create a soft and silky finish. Visit

Feel stressed at the thought of a walk? The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop your dog pulling on the lead


Spring & Summer breaks available

30% OFF FOR RESCUE MAGAZINE READERS USING CODE RMG030 at or call 0161 706 0048 to order 22


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Durable - Easy clean Kennel and Cattery systems

Quality and durability


Fully thermally insulated


n n

Bespoke design service Easy cleaning and hygenic

Plastic thermal insulated dog kennels and catteries that are durable andboarding and commercial use, can be difficult to find. Chicubes offers a wide range of products designed and built in the UK. Chicubes animal housing for dogs and cats and other small animals brings the full package, quality and durability, value for money and helpful customer service. With a standard and bespoke design service, finding the right system for you and cutting through the difficulties when setting up or renewing your establishment couldn’t be easier. Built to last and meet current regulations for home use as well as breeding.

Dog cabin n Perfect for any size of dog n Door can be pinned back with a hook and and eye n Flooring made from phenolic coated board which is non-stick and scratch resistant

Walk-in Kennels

Greyhound kennel

n Have a plastic outer layer with polystyrene insulation

n Removable raised dog bed - 1m deep

n Secure and robust structure

n Chew-proof edging

n Panels easy to clean, wipe down and disinfect

n Box profile metal roof over thermally insulated roof

n Sliding guillotine hatch

01782 499915

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Chemotherapy – a realistic route for pets with cancer?

The true incidence of cancer in companion animals is not currently known but cancer remains a major cause of death, particularly in older pets. For some years, chemotherapy has been one of the treatment options offered by the veterinary profession but what does this involve and how can we decide whether it is the right choice for any particular pet? Dick White Referrals column

Chemo administration

What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy refers to the use of drugs that target rapidly dividing cells and, as such, can kill or damage cancer cells. These drugs may be given as a single agent or in combination protocols, depending on the type of cancer and general health of the pet. Chemotherapy protocols are tailored to individual pets to provide the most effective treatment, while reducing side effects, and the protocols may be adjusted after treatment has begun. How is chemotherapy given? Most chemotherapy drugs are administered as a short injection or an infusion, via a cannula placed into a vein. Some drugs are given orally as a tablet form. Less commonly, chemotherapy drugs are given as an injection under the skin or into a body cavity such as the chest or the abdomen. The procedure can take up to several hours depending on the drug(s) used but treatment is typically administered as an outpatient, meaning that the pet returns home after the treatment. Before each session, blood needs to be taken and analysed to ensure that the patient can cope with the treatment. What are the potential side effects of chemotherapy? The basic principle of chemotherapy is that the higher the dose the more effective the treatment but also the more likely the side effects. In people, the main goal is to prolong survival for as long as possible and it is commonly accepted that up to 50% of patients experience side effects. In pets, the aim is more to maintain or improve quality of life and therefore 24

chemotherapy protocols are less aggressive than in people. No more than 20% to 30% experience side effects, and serious problems are seen in less than 5% of the cases. Because of the way these drugs act (ie against dividing cells), healthy areas of the body can be affected adversely. The cells that line the gut and the cells in the bone marrow are the main areas that may be involved. Consequently, side effects can include inappetence, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea and myelosuppression (a reduced function of the bone marrow), leading to decreased white blood cell and platelet counts. If the white blood cell count becomes very low, there is a risk of infection. With a very low platelet count, there is a risk of bleeding. Whiskers can be commonly lost (especially in cats) but substantial hair loss is not typically experienced by animals on chemotherapy for cancer. Dogs that have ‘synchronous’ hair follicle activity such as the poodle, Old English Sheepdog, Lhasa Apso and Shit Tzu are


notable exceptions and can develop baldness with chemotherapy. When do we use chemotherapy and how long is a course of treatment? Chemotherapy may be used as a neoadjuvant treatment, prior to surgical intervention, ie it is used to reduce the size and invasiveness of the tumour and thus increase the surgical success rate. Typically, one to 3 doses of chemotherapy may be used prior to surgery, depending on the response seen. Chemotherapy may be used as an adjuvant treatment after surgery, to eradicate hidden cancer cells that remain but are undetectable. The chemotherapy protocol depends on the type of cancer and general health of the pet but is typically given for a set period of time varying between 3 and 6 months. When surgery is not possible because the disease is too advanced, chemotherapy can be given as a palliative treatment. The treatment is

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typically maintained for as long as a response is seen and as long as the pet maintains a good quality of life. Finally, chemotherapy is the primary treatment for some cancers affecting the whole body such as lymphoma or leukaemia. There are different protocols used, some being continuous while others are discontinued after a period of a few months, providing that the pet is in remission. Regular monitoring is performed throughout the treatment but also after completion of the chemotherapy protocol. This often requires repeated imaging procedures and other diagnostic tests. Are any special precautions required during chemotherapy? It is sometimes necessary to administer cytotoxic tablets or capsules at home. In this event, it is important to remember that they can be harmful to people and special precautions should be taken: 1) Women that are pregnant, attempting to conceive or lactating and small children should never be in contact with cytotoxic drugs or waste.

2) Disposable gloves should be worn at all times when handling cytotoxic medications; 3) Tablets should never be split or crushed, and capsules should not be opened; 4) Any unused medication should be returned to the veterinary practice for safe disposal; 5) If there are concerns with administering the tablets, or if the pet has received an overdose, veterinary advice should be sought immediately. 6) Saliva, vomit, urine and faeces should be considered as contaminated for at least the first 3 days after treatment (this can be up to 7 days or longer with some medications). Accidents within the household should be absorbed with paper towels (to contain the exposure) and thoroughly cleaned with bleach, as it is able to inactivate most cytotoxic medications. Gloves should be used for this purpose. 7) Water/food bowls should be washed separately 8) Soiled bedding should be washed twice, separately from other laundry, adding bleach to the normal detergent

What do ‘remission’ and ‘relapse’ mean? Remission means that the treatment has been effective and the number of cancer cells has decreased to an undetectable level. However, this does not mean the pet is cured because even a few surviving cells can cause the tumour to relapse at some point in the future. Relapse or recurrence is when a tumour comes back after treatment. Depending on the type of cancer, further treatment may be available using different drugs; this is commonly called ‘rescue’ or ‘second-line’ treatment. The Oncology Team at Dick White Referrals is run by Dr Davide Berlato, supported by a team of clinicians and dedicated oncology nurses.

n To learn more about Dick White Referrals, visit:



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Help Redwings Horse Sanctuary save more ponies like Fig In April 2019, a severely neglected six-month-old foal arrived at Redwings. Found hidden inside a trailer, she was a shadow of the pony she should have been. Her coat was caked in faeces and her feet were overgrown; she had a severe lice infestation and wounds from sores caused by spending so much time lying down. Most shocking of all, the foal was so weak and underweight that she was unable to stand up by herself. Whilst the prosecution of the pony’s owner was ongoing, Redwings were legally unable to talk publicly about her. But behind the safe doors of the Sanctuary, the team were hard at work to give this foal the second chance she deserved. Five months later, her owner was jailed for seven offences under the Animal Welfare Act, and Redwings could finally share the foal’s name.

This is Fig’s story. Fig began treatment from the moment she arrived at Redwings. She was cleaned and clipped, her wounds were bandaged, her feet were X-rayed, and she received medication and worming treatments. The treatments she required in just her first week with Redwings cost more than £400. During this time, she needed round-the-clock care from their staff, who had to lift her six times every day as she was too weak to stand. As Fig’s weight improved, she was finally able to stand unaided. But sadly, the extent of her suffering so early in life has left her with long-term problems, including liver damage, requiring ongoing treatment and testing. It’s likely that Fig will continue needing frequent farrier visits too, as her early months spent lying in a confined trailer mean her feet have not grown as they should. Fig’s special care needs mean only a sanctuary like Redwings can provide her with a home for life. As her slow journey to recovery continues, they are committed to giving Fig the best possible future. Whilst Redwings had to keep quiet about Fig’s case, it was donations from their supporters that meant they were able to give Fig a fighting chance. Every blood test, X-ray and treatment was funded by donations from supporters of the Sanctuary.

amount – whole £s only – up to £20). All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message. Thank you. *Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most and could help to fund the ongoing recovery, treatment and care of all their rescued residents.

Your donation today can help them continue caring for Fig and giving a new start to more ponies like her*. • £12 could provide special soaked feed for a poorly pony after rescue • £36 could help pay for lice and worming treatments • £85 could fund a liver biopsy like the two Fig has already needed You can donate online at, or text FIG 20 to 70085 to donate £20 (you can also opt to give any



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Choosing the correct bed for your dog

A sprawled sleeping position o help dog owners make an informed decision when purchasing their dog’s next bed, luxury dog bedding brand George Barclay – England have released an informative video guide. There are many different sleeping positions for your dog, and just like us your dog isn’t going to stay in the same


position all night. It’s essential to select the correct size of bed to allow your dog to stretch out, if they desire, and not be confined to one position. A curled sleeping position is by far the most popular. This position means that your dog may be trying to conserve body heat, it’s the most common


Just like us, your dog has preferences, to how they sleep and ultimately the type of bed they’d like to snuggle up in each night, if given a choice. With dog owners taking a more considered approach to their dog’s health requirements, more owners are mindful of making the correct choice when it comes to their dog’s diet, exercise and sleeping requirements.



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Side-sleeping position

A Curled sleeping position position for animals in the wild. Many dogs adopt this pose, as it’s an incredibly comfortable, warm way to sleep. If this is your dog’s preferred sleeping position, they would be more suited to a more enclosed bed. Then, there are dogs that like to sprawl, there are many sleep positions associated with sprawlers. Probably the most amusing is crazy legs, with the dog on their back with their legs flung in the air. This is an indication that they are confident and relaxed with their surroundings, it may also mean they are hot and are exposing their belly to cool down. Side sleeping is another example of sprawling, a relaxed and comfortable sleeping

position, showing that your dog is at ease with their surroundings. If your dog prefers to sleep in this way, they would be more suited to a more open bed, such as a mattress. Mattress beds provide the freedom of movement, combined with the comfort and support your dog requires for a restful sleep. A bed which has proven to be very popular is a sofa styled bed, or 3-sided bolster bed. These beds cater for pretty much all sleeping behaviours. They’re a good alternative to a fully enclosed bed or unrestrictive mattress bed. The large open front allows for better access than a soft walled bed, with a mattress base giving your dog room to

sprawl if they desire to do so. As well choosing the style and size of their dog’s new bed, many manufacturers, such as George Barclay – England, provide a choice of mattresses, to further fine tune the bed to your dog’s specific sleeping behaviour. Options include particle fills, such as blended memory foam, a memory foam topper mattress, or even an encapsulated pocket sprung mattress! Above all it’s important to choose the correct size of bed for your dog. Strange as it may seem, we suggest using a fabric tape to measure your dog in their natural sleeping position. Compare this measurement to the sleep area of the bed you’re looking to purchase, before deciding upon the size of bed for your dog. n For more information call 01722 437477, email or visit

Crazy-legs position



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Melanie Stokes Alive and Awake Artist based in West Penwith, Cornwall. Please visit my website for artwork, gift ideas and pet portrait enquiries.



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The mystery of Mimi’s missing tail When Animal Welfare Officer Libby Cannon went out to Trap, Neuter and Return feral and semi-feral cats living in a local colony, she was shocked to discover one young Tortie had a missing tail.

The skin surrounding the stump looked dirty, dark and sore

n To find out more about our community vet clinic and the work of our vets and vet nurses, please visit our website

Although the wound did not appear to be fresh, there was old hair stuck to it, and the skin surrounding the stump looked dirty, dark and sore – we were concerned it could be necrotic. • Libby brought Mimi straight into Mayhew’s community vet clinic, where she was assessed by our vet team. • Mimi’s wound was discovered to be “several weeks old”, and although no further injuries were found, we quickly settled her into our Hospital Ward to be monitored. • Steph also prescribed some pain relief for Mimi, and booked her in for a full tail amputation a few days later to remove the remaining stump and ensure that the surrounding skin could heal effectively. Unusually for a cat trapped in a colony, Mimi was affectionate and friendly with both Libby and Steph, which led us to conclude she was likely to be an abandoned or lost pet rather than a feral cat herself. Luckily, Mimi’s amputation surgery went smoothly, and we also neutered her whilst she was under the anaesthetic. Mimi was then settled back into her warm and cosy cabin in the Hospital Ward, where her recovery continued without a hitch. Steph Panayiotou, one of Mayhew’s Vets, said “Mimi’s tail amputation was very successful. I had to amputate quite low down to ensure there was enough viable tissue for closure, as what was

mostly remaining of her tail was ulcerated. “She then recovered very well, and was very comfortable post-op, bouncing around and purring with no more signs of pain or discomfort. I am happy she will now go on to lead a normal happy cat life.” Two weeks later, Mimi was readmitted into theatre for some dental work – our vets had noticed that her upper right canine was fractured on intake, but hadn’t wanted to add to her distress by carrying out three different surgeries at once. Fortunately, Mimi’s tooth extraction also went exactly according to plan, and she continued to recover quickly and was soon eating and drinking normally. Once her gums and tail area had fully healed, Mimi was placed up for adoption – whilst we suspected she was indeed domesticated, she had no microchip or means of identification, so we were unable to locate any previous owners. Thankfully, somebody fell in love with Mimi straight away, and although she is now missing a tail, she has found her very own forever home full of love, care and attention – just what she deserves. It’s impossible to be sure exactly what happened to Mimi or her tail before she was brought to Mayhew, but luckily, she doesn’t seem to have suffered any lasting effects from her ordeal.



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Donate and Transform A Dog’s Life Border Collie Trust GB rescues and rehomes 400 – 500 collies and collie crosses throughout the UK every year and relies on public support and donations to fund our vital work

How can you help? By simply spreading the word you can help.

Like all animal welfare charities your support is vital as we receive no local or central government funding so thank you for any support you are able to offer. We are always delighted to receive money donations, but also pleased to receive donations of articles such as toys for the dogs, blankets, food, collars and lead's, etc. Situated in the heart of Staffordshire, purpose built kennels are our base and rescue centre for the work the Trust undertakes throughout the UK in the care, rescue and rehoming of Border Collies & collie crosses. More details about our work can be found on our website including details of the dogs currently looking for new homes and how you can support our work.

How a legacy in your Will can help Border Collie Trust G.B.

Legacies of all types are a vital part of any charities income. For some they provide a large percentage of their day to day expenses whilst for others they provide welcome injections of financial help to provide funding for improvements and additional resources. Long established charities expect 30% of their income from legacies whilst for younger charities (like BCTGB) legacies are still to make a big impact

Why legacy income is important to us

Legacies are very valuable to the Trust and in the last few years have provided the funds to enable us to redevelop the Pup and Special Needs area, improve insulation throughout the kennels and further improvements are planned to provide the highest quality of care to our collie guests. Legacies also help us plan our future with confidence, especially with the uncertainty surrounding HS2 and its effect on the centre.



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Border Collie Trust GB

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Dudley Greyhound Trust

Archie M4 Continuously overlooked because of his size and colour.

Marty M2

Fred M1

Marty would be He would be better in better suited to a a quiet home with quiet home in a quiet children over area without young 10 years old. children or cats.

Foal Farm

Needs a quiet, patient She's quite a character; happy, fun family willing to give him time and space. and playful!

Greyhound Trust Hall Green

Bosco M2

Buddy M1

Patch M3

Bryn M7

He is a little shy so may be better suited to a quieter home without young children.

He is housetrained, has been good when left alone odd hours and knows basic commands.

He knows all basic commands and travels well in the car.

He suffers with Collie eye anomaly (CEA) he is blind in his left eye and has limited vision in his right eye.

Jeff M8

Kit M4

Floss F3-4

Diesel M9 mths

Bailey M13 mths

Dear to us as he’s deaf. An absolute dream to train.

Suffers some anxiety when out and about with other dogs.

Affectionate but a bit giddy so seeking an older family.

An adult home he can get a bit rowdy with fast movement.

Can live with an older family due to his bouncy excitement.

Troy M7

Fly F5

Joker M3-4

Flyer M2

Jet M3-4

Athos M5-6

Dan M5-6

Bradley M5-6

Henry M3

Marble M3

A beautiful black boy who has a real silly side. He has the most gorgeous floppy ears.

A very shy boy but once he gets to know you it is a different story.

A real black beauty, he is shiny and black as jet with eyes like amber.

A friendly dog who has a fizzy personality! He absolutely loves human company.

He prefers the company of girls, loves humans and is a good traveller.

He has the most beautiful amber eyes, set off perfectly by his glossy black fur.

He is a friendly boy who loves a cuddle and a comfy sofa!

I am new on the block so when I am assessed I can update my profile.

We provide High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet

Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey

Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors

A High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet.

l l

Natural Treats Natural Healthcare Products


Chicken wing tips

Pigs trotters


Whole sardines

Whole prime quail

Bone broth

Tel: 07590 621636/01763 243533 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 JANUARY – 29 FEBRUARY 2020


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Dean Hart answers your questions Dean Hart is a Clinical Behaviourist and Tutor at the Canine Studies College and specialises in helping mature students set up and develop their own business within the canine industry. Visit Bertie, my young dog keeps jumping up for attention. I push him off and can be quite stern, telling him ‘No’ but this doesn’t stop him. What can I do? Bless him, or we can use other words on a bad day, given that attention seeking can become very annoying. Unfortunately, dogs usually love being touched, looked at and being spoken too, no matter how cross the tone is. If Bertie is desperate for your attention, pushing him down, staring at him and telling him off means he has succeeded! His behaviour has been inadvertently reinforced, oops! Many dogs understand hand pushing on the shoulder (or paw) is an invitation to play. Bertie is young, so probably loves it. Your retraining needs to focus on teaching him a new command that shows him his behaviour is not going to succeed, without making him frustrated. Simply ignor‐ ing a pushy attention seeking dog does not work, so you need a plan. After he has learned your new command, use it in a calm, friendly way to discourage any attention seeking from him, make sure you look away and do not interact with him. It is important he has learned what the command means before you apply the command. If possible, ask somebody to call him away immediately you have said the new command and have been ignoring him, this should help reinforce your message. You do still need to give Bertie plenty of attention, bless him, so continue to talk to Bertie when he is relaxed, invite him to play several times during the day and end this on your terms. When all is calm (hopefully), provide gentle petting for him. This praises all non‐attention seeking behaviour and should start to shape more appropriate behaviour. Allow Bertie plenty of time to adjust and do not rush. Ask your local trainer or behaviourist how to teach a ‘no attention’ command that best meets Bertie’s and your needs.



My lovely bitch, Taluka has recently had a season. Afterwards she has completely changed in personality. She seems depressed, moves about a lot without resting, seems irritable, especially over her bed area and food and keeps hiding. I am worried she is anxious and upset, what should I do?


It is worrying whenever your pet seems unhappy or ill, initially I would advise you have a chat with your vet just to make sure there is no clinical problem causing these changes in Taluka. You don’t mention how long ago she was in season, so I am assuming very recently? If this is the case, then her behaviour could certainly be linked with hormonal changes. Prolactin is a hormone responsible for aggressive behaviour and rises after a season and during phantom pregnancies. The behaviours you have described are similar and expected within maternal aggression caused by a change in prolactin levels. A bitch may start to become quite fierce and guard her bed, bedding, other objects like toys, food and herself when approached. This aggression can fluctuate with the hormone levels during the daytime and therefore episodes of aggression or triggers can be difficult to predict or identify. Taluka may not show any other signs linked with pregnancy, so the behaviour may seem much more distressing and difficult to understand. A simple hormone check with your vet may determine if this is the case and they can recommend the most appropriate treatment. In the meantime, provide Taluka with a quiet, warm and cosy resting place within a calm and peaceful environment.

My cat keeps scratching my sofa, which is getting ruined, why does she do this and is this something I can stop?

Unfortunately your sofa sounds an ideal place and surface to provide opportunity for her to sharpen her claws. These surfaces catch the back of her nail and then as she pulls away. This releases old pieces, promoting new growth, perfect! Some scratching posts don’t allow this, as they provide the wrong surface. Position a hessian scratch post in front of key areas to encourage her to use these and not your furniture. Other materials that may work well are thick blankets or thick, heavy material. Choose patterns with vertical stripes as these tend to attract cats. Remember that cats mark their territories, stretch their muscles using nails and easily learn how to get your attention, so make sure you praise her for using the cat‐scratch‐post and do not give her any attention if she scratches any furniture. Cats love soft wood, so if your sofa has this, then rub down and varnish with several layers until hard, this should put your cat off! In addition to this she probably doesn’t like the small of citronella, so explore products that you could spray on your furnishing without damage.

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Choose your favourite Dog cologne from our award winning range of over 60 fragrances. Every scent is available in four bottle sizes and in a moisturising paw balm.

Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs SYD saves dogs that are vulnerable & at risk in the county of Yorkshire.We rehome them all over the uk. SYD Rescue is a volunteer led rescue charity that has a set of kennels in the Yorkshire Dales and fosterers in the local area. It takes in dogs from pounds, vets and the public. Once in the care of SYD Rescue, dogs are assessed, rehabilitated and rehomed with suitable families. Registered charity number 1167291



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Heated dog beds Hen House Plastic Chicken House for 3 hens. Visit

Zeus K9 Fitness Toys K9 Fitness is expertly manufactured from durable, soft materials which are easy to pick up and are gentle on teeth and gums. Because dogs see in shades of blue and yellow, the K9 Fitness range colours have been carefully chosen for maximum visibility for all dogs. From frisbees to tugs and balls, rely on K9 Fitness to get the nation’s dogs moving! ys/k9-fitness/

Petcetera’s Fox Poo Remover is a revolutionary NEW, all natural & organic product, that quickly & effectively neutralises & removes fox poo along with its associated odour.Order now at: uk/petcetera-fox-poo-remover.html

To suit all dogs great and small you can be sure that your dog will stay snug this winter with a heated dog bed from Hot Dog Pet Products. Pawfect from the smallest of chihuahuas to long legged greyhounds, you will be guaranteed to find a bed to keep your best friend toasty warm. Vist

PET PRODUCT IDEAS Pet portraits ‘You love your dog's personality and I love to make a portrait where it can truly shine! Please visit my website for gorgeous products and contact me about portraits.' Visit

KONG retractable leads Designed to allow your dog to enjoy a sniff, roam and wander during their walks. Strong and durable with soft grip handles for a comfortable hold and wide tape webbing. Intuitive brake and lock mechanism, available in various colours and lengths 5m to 7.5m. Visit

Wooden dog bowl feeders Beautifully personalised with your dog's name or text of your choice. Available in single, double or triple bowl feeders and in various sizes to suit all dogs. Prices start at just £18.99. Visit D for Dog RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 JANUARY – 29 FEBRUARY 2020


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Scooby snooze! Does your pet have the funniest sleeping photo? The search is on to find the funniest photo of a sleeping pet! Now bed and mattress specialist Bed SOS, is on the lookout for the funniest photos of pets sleeping. Whether they’re sprawled across your lap or curled up in an unusual spot, submit your entry in its competition and you could win one of its brand new beds, up to the value of £400! Danny Richmond, Managing Director of Bed SOS, said: “Our furry friends are a constant source of affection, companionship and entertainment, sometimes even when they’re asleep! “If you’ve spotted your pet snoozing in a hilarious position or pose, we want to see. Send in your photo and you could win a lovely new bed.”

After long days of patrolling the house and going on walks, it’s no wonder that pets love a nice snooze. In fact, adult cats[1] and dogs[2] can average around 14 or 15 hours of sleep a day, while kittens and puppies need as many as 20! But sometimes they don’t doze off in the most elegant of ways, giving their owners a good giggle.

Pet Products

Submit your entry here: [1] [2]

Great for playtime with your dog


Zeus Spark

Zeus Studs Six exclusive Zeus characters built with triple layer toughness to withstand even the most enthusiastic doggy play. Heavy duty canvas construction with spiked TPR chest and arms, including added squeaker for extra fun. 38


Specially designed to spark curiosity and excitement. Zeus Spark amps up the “cool” factor by combining translucent TPR with an impact-activated multi-color flashing LED ball. spark/

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Stopford Cat Rescue

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Nancy F2

Flossy F9

I would like to find a quiet, village home as the only pet.

I am a nervous little lady looking for a quiet forever home.

National Animal Welfare Trust

Jeff M5-10 Jeff is FIV positive, which means he will need to be an indoor cat.

Sooty F7 mths

Mr Chips M5

Scofie M11 mths

Tino M8 mths

Edward M5

Polo M5 & Phoebe F5

A cat-centric owner, happy to accept Mr Chips as he is, will love him to bits and see oodles of affection in return.

Scofie is bursting with energy. He gallops everywhere at great speed, often leaving a trail of destruction!

He adores company, both human and feline so we are hoping he can find his forever home with another sociable cat.

He has a wonderful character. Are you that someone who could offer him a home??

Polo and Phoebe are brother and sister, about five years old. Quite shy on first meeting, they have grown hugely in confidence since coming into our care. They would require an experienced cat owner and no small children, other cats or dogs.

Archie M8

Lily F6

I should be OK to live I am looking to find a with older children, to quiet adult only be the only pet. home as the only pet.

Strawberry Persian Pedigree Cat Rescue UK

Boris M2

Obi M4 & Oreo M4

Ms Stocksie F10

Hard to groom so needs to be kept groomed a lot.

WILL NOT BE SPLIT UP. ONE SHY AND ONE BRAVER and friendly. Happy on own during day as long as have each other.

A lovely girl who is looking for her forever home.

Harpy F7

I am an extremely I bond quite closely affectionate girl who with people I am loves attention. around frequently but I can find strangers unsettling.

Glascoed Retreat

Panda F15

Billy M

Roxy F9

Jeff M

Oreo M5

I’m a sweet, lovable girl who needs a quiet place to settle down.

I really like my food and am pickng up the interactive food games really quickly!

I am a very sweet and affectionate girl, I love your company and following you around.

As you can see I am a beautiful boy, I can be a little jumpy but I do enjoy a fuss.

I am looking for a home with adults or families with children age 12 and over.


Escape to our delightful semi-detached bungalow in a peaceful location 4 miles inland from Aberaeron in West Wales. Tel: 01544 340474




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Bath Cats and Dogs

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Blue Cross

Amy F12

Archie M7

She would prefer He's a clever chap quieter walking areas and loves training for where she can relax treats and away from things puzzle toys. that worry her.

Scampi M9

Blaze M3

Cirilla F14

Jemima F12

He would like a quiet home with a garden area to explore, away from busy roads.

Blaze is very affectionate once he's got a bond with you but struggles to share his favourite person!

She does not like other cats, and we would like her to have a quiet home so any children to be in their teens.

Once friends she likes an ear tickle and will head bop you for attention.

Poppet F12

Maizy F8

Wilba M10

Garfield M8

Missy F13-14

Cleo F9-10

Sammy M5

Spice F1

She loves her food and will let you know when it's dinner!

A fan of ping pong balls could make a great goal keeper!

I am a homely cat and don’t tend to want to roam very far!

He often likes to come and seek you out in the evening.

I spend most of my days sleeping in my cat igloo.

Cleocatra is the queen of cats, she loves her humans.

I enjoy exploring- so a cat flap would be great. I am quirky!

She would play with a feather wand toy all day, every day!

Many Tears

Lark F4 mths

Lucky F6

Glory F2

Jasmine F4

Glimmer F5

George F7

Nellie F3

Helen F5

Lark will need a busy home and lifestyle as she is a Beagle!

She is the sweetest little lady who will need another dog or dogs to live with.

Please give this beauty a chance to be loved and give all her love in return.

Show her patience and kindness and she will settle and begin to shine.

She will need a home with people who have experience with scared dogs before.

With love and patience this boy is just going to be the most lovely addition.

Would love to cuddle up during the da with you and snuggle with you at night.

Helen is sweet and easy to handle with some time and TLC she will blossom.

Last Chance Animal Rescue



Patsy F11

Tammy M12

Jack M6

Bo M2

Patsy is a very bouncy, lively girl who is obsessed with playing balls and having a squeaky toy at all times.

We are looking for a nice retirement home where he can have a snooze on the bed.

Looking for someone who can give him the love and attention he is used to getting, a real sweetheart.

Bo is a very lively energetic young boy who is looking for a patient loving home after having a bad start in life.

Bess F10-11

Zak M9

Cecil M3

Cookie F12

Bess would need a very understanding and devoted one to one owner.

He likes going out for walks and he loves his squeaky toys and singing along with them!

We are suggesting older, calm children as he can become stressed around young children.

She is both an indoor and outdoor cat who loves to roam and explore the outside world.

Charlie M16

Emo F11

Frank M4

Peggy F9

Charlie is a proper lap cat, and loves to be with people and have lots of love and fuss.

A very friendly and loving girl who loves to curl up on the sofa next to you for unlimited fussing!

He needs a quiet, calm household to give him plenty of time and space to settle in his own time.

A fairly independent girl, very happy to do her own thing, she loves to be outside and is a hunter.

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HAPPA Horses and Ponies Protection Association

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330

Romeo M8

Lily F5-6

Dan M9

Smiler M9

Meyla F5-6

Dobby M3-4

He is good to do in all ways and is happy to socialise with both mares and geldings.

She is field sound and would make a great companion for a retired elderly horse.

He is good to do in all ways and will turn out with both mares and geldings.

He will need daily handling including catching and picking his feet out as he can revert to being ‘feral’ if left to his own devices.

Meyla is looking to be a Companion to another small pony where she can be turned out every day.

He would live out all year round and does go out with both mares and geldings. HorseWorld

Beth F11

Champers F15

Cherrie F19

Dart M11

Destiny F6

Diamond F8

Domani F20

Gemma F12

A sweet mare and is very good to handle. She gets on well with other ponies and can go out with mares and geldings.

Champers is now looking for a new loan home as a nonridden companion.

Looking for a special home for this girl where she can have the all the love and understanding that she needs.

He has been fine to be left alone for short periods so may make a good companion to a ridden horse.

Destiny is looking for an experienced, confident loaner who will continue her education and help her mature.

Has the potential to make a lovely child’s riding pony or field companion to another pony.

May be happy to stay alone for short periods of time, so may make a companion to a ridden horse.

Looking for a home as a companion. She thrives with a calm and patient handler, though is not a fan of vets!

RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre

RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre

Zack M10

Hannah F4

Barry M2

George M3

Chile M1

Bella F5

Hope F5

Lilly F5

Zack is looking for a quiet laidback life with an experienced adopter who can restart his education.

A polite and well mannered little lady who enjoys a brush and will stand patiently tied up on the yard whilst being brushed/pampered.

After some regular handling Barry is now a friendly polite and intelligent little pony who is good to catch, groom and lead.

Will need some encouraging as he explores new situations and will need an experienced home to bring him to his full potential.

She will need an owner who is experienced with young horses and we feel she will make a wonderful family horse in the future.

Needs an experienced owner with bringing on young horses, who can help her learn everything a young horse needs to know.

A very loving girl, she does however have a huge amount still to learn and will need someone very caring and experienced to teach her.

She regularly likes to strutt her stuff in the field! Lilly free schools very well and is learning to work well on the lunge line.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Lynley F15

Steffi F8

Lynley is looking for a kind and caring Guardian to give her plenty of love and attention.

Looking for a Guardian to build a one to one bond with her and bring out her full potential.

RSPCA Lockwood Equine Centre

Havers M6

Ava F5

Havers is available to She is a joy to be be rehomed as a around and will make non-ridden compan- a wonderful addition ion and has a kind, to any home calm nature with looking for an other horses. unbacked project.

Bismarck M7

Sidney M7

Sabrina F6

Robbie M14

Bismarck is a lovely boy looking for a relaxing home where he can enjoy being a non-ridden companion.

Sidney is looking for quiet and patient Guardian to willing to take the time to bring out the best in him.

A quick learner and enjoys her work. She loves to have plenty of fuss and attention and enjoys being groomed.

Robbie is looking for a loving home to give him the plenty of fuss and cuddles.

Betty F2

Bowie M1

Stevie M1

Magnus M2

Malibu M2

Curley Sue M2

Sunny M2

Ethel M2

Betty is good to catch, lead,groom and stable and is looking for a home experienced with youngsters to help continue her education.

He is very laid back and would suit a home with other gentle companions as he can sometimes get picked on.

He loves to be groomed, have a bath and be the centre of attention. He just wants to be someone's best friend.

Magnus will need an experienced home to bring him on to his full potential, but with further handling he will make a super pony in the future.

Malibu is good to groom, lead and tie up she will make a good pony for the future.

A super friendly and laid back filly she is great to handle, groom, lead and tie up, she will make a fantastic child's pony for the future.

Sunny is looking for a friendly home where he can play with others and enjoy life.

Ethel will need and experienced home with someone that has knowledge and experience of bringing on youngsters.



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In this picture he is happily saying hello to a little girl visitor and pulling a funny face!

About Pit Ponies The Pit Pony Sanctuary is a Registered Charity- No. 1002933 providing a safe haven for abandoned and unwanted ponies who have suffered a lifetime of neglect. Home to a small herd of long-term residents, the Charity’s ponies all have sad past life stories and each one is as heart-breaking as the next. Whilst it’s easy to dismiss pit ponies as a feature of Britain’s ancient past, the shocking reality is that pit ponies were still being overworked, neglected and mistreated right up until the end of the 1990’s. Roy Peckham one of the founders of The Sanctuary, is convinced the practice could still make a comeback, as no legislation has been passed to make it illegal to use working horses underground. Whilst many of the Pit Ponies they rescued have since passed away Pit Pony Spike survives them all. The Sanctuary continue their work with a real mixture of other types of horses and ponies from an ex Race-horse to tiny ponies. quiet companion for him. Maybe another pony with poor sight. They also need to try to buy a bit more land where they can make a safe paddock for Rocket and hopefully a new friend to be away from the main herd.

Virtually Blind Rocket Needs Your Help Rocket is totally blind in one eye but despite this, manages really well. Before he came to The Pit Pony Sanctuary his previous life was harsh and he lived a nervous existence with restricted periphery vision . This meant anyone approaching him be their intentions good or not, Rocket would become very scared. In the loving hands of this sanctuary Rocket was put out in the high pastures , settled and nothing disturbs him. Summer flies pester him and all the ponies alike. But Rocket will not keep a fly hood on in the summer. As if this poor boy has not been through enough recently and cause unknown, Rocket has damaged his good eye so now has little sight at all. He is being kept safe and has been given a stable of his own, next to his good friend Arnie. Under the treatment of a Vet, the Pit Pony Sanctuary’s devoted team are hoping that Rocket’s eye will improve. The sight is seriously compromised and they are looking for a very Fforest Uchaf Farm, Penycoedcae, Pontypridd, Rhondda, Wales. UK CF37 1PS Tel;01443 480327/ Emergency 07798584735 You can shop on-line and help the Ponies without any cost to you at

The Pit Pony Sanctuary Help us turn Horses and Ponies Like this – Into This!

Lady a few days after rescue

Lady several weeks after rescue

They are a small group in Wales who care for all the Needy Horses & Ponies they can with their meagre resources. They would be so grateful for your help. Sponsor a Pony at Online shoppers please use to help the Ponies whilst shopping on line at no cost to you.

Rockets eye

Visit or call 01443 480327/ Emergency 07798584735

Registered Charity No. 1002933



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Oliver in the Isolation unit at HorseWorld

Oliver at Rescue scene

Pony found running loose on busy road is now safe at HorseWorld A young pony abandoned and running amongst busy Bristol traffic has now been caught and is safe and well in the care of horse rescue charity, HorseWorld.

n For more information visit


Police were called to catch the pony in the early hours of the morning of Thursday 9th January accompanied by members of the public in the busy industrial area of Cribbs Causeway. The colt, running loose was in danger of being hit by traffic and killed. Once caught and off the highway, the Police were called to other matters leaving the members of the public to find somewhere safe for the horse to go. HorseWorld were called and a space was offered in the charity’s quarantine unit. “These horses are falling through the cracks in a very flawed system” said HorseWorld’s Managing Director, Mark Owen. “Many local authorities don’t have anyone appointed to take responsibility for them and the Police have other urgent matters to deal with. It’s falling back on the already-overstretched rescue charities to pick up the pieces. In the days following this rescue, we were made aware of three more incidents involving loose horses on the road in the same area. If the Animal Welfare Act and current DEFRA Codes of Practice were enforced consistently, by correctly trained Local Authority appointed Inspectors, horses like these would not be left at risk.” The Parliament.UK website states; “No specific body is under a statutory duty to enforce the welfare requirements in the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The Act sets out a discretionary power for national and local authorities to appoint ‘Inspectors’. The


assumption at the time was that local authorities would appoint Inspectors from amongst their staff. However, this has not happened. In 2011, Dr Fiona Cooke, an independent researcher, found that just under 40% of local authorities in England had failed to appoint any Inspectors under the authority of section 51. In respect of those authorities in England which had made appointments, only 17% had Inspectors dealing with companion animal welfare on a daily basis. Some witnesses said that the discretionary nature of the power had meant that many local authorities had chosen not to exercise it, with animal welfare issues taking low priority.” The young colt rescued from the busy road has been named Oliver. “We named him after Oliver Twist as he was cast out on the streets looking tatty and raggedy with nobody taking responsibility for his welfare.” said HorseWorld’s Yard Manager, Sarah Hollister. “Please Sir, can he have some more….support!” HorseWorld believe it should be a mandatory duty for all Local Authorities to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and Codes of Practice by employing a fully trained Animal Welfare Inspector and protect thousands of equines across the country from suffering. The charity has set up a website where members of the public can add their voice to the campaign at

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Osmonds Digestor A 100% natural formula for dogs and cats with disturbed digestive systems & sensitive tums. Order now at: monds-digestor.html

Kennel Clean A heavy duty detergent sanitiser that provides excellent cleaning power. Formulated for quickly, safely & efficiently removing soil & faecal matter prior to disinfection. Use on concrete, kitchen floors, kennel runs, artificial grass, etc… Concentrated & cost effective. Dilution necessary. Buy now at

Zeus Growlers Dog toys with attitude that combine tough characters and tough materials to deliver a unique toy that’s strong enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic play. Durable yet still gentle on your dog’s mouth, Growlers are available in 6 exclusive Zeus characters.

Dog cabin Perfect for any size of dog. Flooring made from phenolic coated board which is non-stick and scratch resistant. Visit


Zeus Bomber With extra strong handles that most breeds will struggle to pop, the Bomber is ideal for tugging, kicking around like a soccer ball and throwing. What’s more.... It even floats! The Bomber ball now has an added squeaker too!



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Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Services About the PET BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT SERVICE Grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death or enforced separation, can be a very sad and difficult experience. Life, once filled with the love and friendship of a pet, may suddenly seem very empty. The Pet Bereavement Support Service is run by Blue Cross and for over 20 years our experienced team have helped thousands of pet owners come to terms with the grief, despair and sadness that comes with saying goodbye to a beloved pet. From emotional support, practical FREE literature, “Working as a specific bereavement support volunteer talks, webinars and our is so rewarding. award-winning training Losing course, our team have unrivalled experience of a pet can be helping animal lovers at heartbreaking and their time of need.

it’s good to be part of a team that can offer support.”

The Helpline telephone and email support Whether through old age, illness or enforced separation, losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience. The trained volunteers on our confidential telephone and email support line offer a sympathetic ear and practical advice. We take over 12,000 support calls and emails a year. Raising much needed awareness of our free support line is crucial in being able to help more people.

Training for helping bereaved Pet Owners In addition to our support services, we also offer a number of training courses aimed at anyone working within the animal industry who may need the vital and specialised skills in dealing with bereaved pet owners. Our award winning, eight-week CPD accredited e-learning course covers a range of topics in depth. The course helps provide key skills, ensures appropriate and considerate end-of life conversations and combats against compassion fatigue. We also offer a short course and free webinars that act as an introduction to pet bereavement issues. For more information or to book a place visit

Volunteering and helping others Working from home, providing a flexible minimum of one shift a week our volunteers provide emotional support and practical information by telephone or email to help pet owners (and others in contact with pet owners) to overcome feelings of grief and loss. We are always in need of more volunteers to help so if you have the right skills to show genuine empathy and warmth in conversations and emails, you could help provide valuable and unforgettable support to our clients. These roles come with an eight-week distance learning training course and you will become part of and be fully supported by the highly trained and experienced PBSS team. To find out more contact or 01993 867216 or visit



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Planning for the worst Don’t turn away, we are talking about end of life here, that horrible, distressful but unavoidable subject that we all face, no matter how much we would prefer to ignore it. Written by Amber Synnott From a pet owner’s perspective this is so difficult to think about never mind actively consider action. Our pets are meant to live forever or at least as long as we do! But every now and then we catch a glimpse of reality staring us in the face and have to somehow deal with the fact that our pet in in the autumn of their life. We plan many things but end of live often lands on the “too difficult to deal with pile”, which is understandable. As our pets age they become more susceptible to serious and even terminal illnesses or age related debilitating conditions that cause suffering and a deteriorating quality of life, when such conditions have struck, the outcome is partially within our control. When we are facing end of life head on, we have the ability to help our pets in a respectful and dignified way. if other treatments to cure or control are not working.

When the end is approaching and we know our pets better than anyone, not taking steps to plan is risking a fall into a distressing emergency, in such a situation many say that it is “better to euthanise a week too early rather than a day too late”. And if you are going to face this difficult time many believe that being in the secure and familiar environment of your home is the way to reduce some of the stress for both you and your pet. Our pets give us unquestioning love, loyalty and companionship all their life, a gentle at-home euthanasia, when they may be in pain or suffering is a respectful way to say a peaceful goodbye on their final journey. Doing some homework and finding out what to expect can take away much of the stress and uncertainty. Talk to your friends, your family and your veterinary clinic, use the internet, get advice and do not to rush into any decision. If you do decide to embrace euthanasia to stop

pain and suffering the whole process should be unhurried, peaceful, it is worth considering that the process can normally be done in your own loving home environment. When the inevitable has caught up with your pet, try to take some control of the situation and make the end respectful, not rushed or stressful. So glad that we choose to be at home A huge thank you for making possible for the perfect peaceful ending for my big boy who had a charmed life. He was my lovely rescue boy. Mary H A huge thank you, what a kind, caring and compassionate service all the way through. To be able to have my dear old Abby cat on my lap in my own home gently and sensitively put to sleep, was the best I could have wished for. Anita B n For more information



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Silver Fox Dog Rescue Silver Fox Dog Rescue was founded in 2013 by Marjorie Rigby. She self funded the rescue in the early months, due to her simple passion for dogs and the compulsion to help where she could. The rescue remained small to begin with, but then started to grow, with more and more dogs needing help. Over the years Silver Fox has grown into a much bigger rescue than any of us could have imagined. We have an amazing team of admin who give up so much of their time for the dogs. Silver Fox Dog Rescue is a foster based rescue with currently 116 foster homes on our books. The rescue could not run without them, they are the main factor in getting these little dogs safe and often open their doors to dogs in need at very short notice. The care each of these homes offers a dog is invaluable, often starting their training from scratch, vet trips to get the dogs neutered and vaccinated and giving the love that sadly some of the dogs have been lacking.

Registered charity 1163829

French Bulldog Saviours We at French Bulldog Saviours are here to help educate people on the French bulldog breed as well as rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. We are a self-funded charity and raise funds through fund raising and events throughout the UK. We rely on volunteers helping and supporting French Bulldog Saviours as without you we couldn’t do what we do. We believe that if a dog can live a good quality of life it should be allowed to regardless of cost. It doesn’t matter to us is there is an ocean between us, if we can help… we will.

We also owe our supporters a huge thank you. Our vet bills range from £5000-£10,000 a month. Without their constant support with raffles, auctions and donations there is no way we could help as many dogs.


Registered Charity No: 1170239

Registered charity 1163829

The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors They are now in their Twenty first year of helping Labradors in need of new homes and their main priority is placing the right dog in the right home. They cover the areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex and Surrey

Registered charity number 1076061

Tel: 01256 884027 / 07860 691251 / Email: 50


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Caroline Prymak BVSc(HONS) CertVR MBA DSAS DIPACVS DIPECVS MRCVS Caroline graduated, with Honours, from The University of Liverpool – School of Veterinary Science and then completed a two year internship program in small animal medicine and surgery at the university. Following this Caroline undertook a three year residency at The University of Pennsylvania, remaining in Pennsylvania for a further 2 years as university lecturer before returning to The University of Liverpool as Small Animal Surgery Lecturer. Caroline then joined The Animal Health Trust as Head of Small Animal Surgery before entering into the field of veterinary referrals, first at Wey Referrals and then developing Prymak Referrals in 2002. Caroline has spoken at national and international veterinary conferences and has been published in several veterinary journals. Caroline will shortly be opening her new referral centre in Camberley in Surrey, and is a totally independent practice.

Toni Shelbourne Toni Shelbourne has three decades of experience working with dogs and wild canids. She is a behaviourist (Full member of INTODogs and ICAN, Tellington Ttouch Practitioner, Real Dog Yoga Instructor and author of three books and co-author of the HELP! My dog book series. She lives in Oxfordshire where she sees clients, runs workshops and gives talks and webinars. n For more information visit

Saturday 25th April 2020 Victoria Halls, West Green Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire RG27 8RQ 10.30am – 16.00 Tea, Coffee Refreshements Tickets must be pre-booked and entry by donation Email: Tel: 01256 884027 By post to Labrador Lifeline Trust, 6 Tottenham Close, Bramley, Hampshire RG26 5NW

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Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home

Bobby M5

Daffy F3-4

Bailey M10

Magpie M10

Pip F13

Susie F9

He’s a lovely boy, but basically, is like an exuberant teenager with bundles of energy!

Chinese Crested dogs are almost hairless (hence wearing the outfit in this cold weather), and require more attention to skin care.

Bailey hasn’t lived with other animals, but is good when he meets other dogs out and about.

He can be a little wary of strangers at first, but is a lovely friendly boy once he knows you.

Pip is a chatty lady who, although shy at first, soon becomes very friendly and interactive.

She is looking for a calm and quiet home with a garden to explore as Susie loves to be out and about.

Amos M4

Bailey F5

Bruno M1

Coco F8

Lola F1

Rosie F5

Sophie F8 & Mia F10

He absolutely loves to snuggle up for a cuddle and he’s looking for an owner who will enjoy that too.

A very nervous girl who is scared of everything, she is looking for an owner who has experience with nervous dogs.

He is an extremely energetic and playful boy who is very motivated by toys and food.

Coco would suit an owner who has knowledge of the breed, and may suit living with high school aged kids.

Lola is an excitable young girl, who like most dogs her age, has an enormous amount of energy.

She is a very bouncy and energetic girl who is really playful and fun loving, so she would love to find an active family.

Sophie is looking for a home with her mother Mia. The pair are absolutely devoted to each other and wouldn’t cope being parted. They are nervous girls who get shy and anxious around new people and in new situations, so they will need a few visits to get to know you.

Forest Dog Rescue

Tarzan M2

Gypsy F2

Paddy M6

Luckie M9

Nelson M2-3

Alfie M8-9 mths

Alice F9

Abacus M1-2

Tarzan is a very happy boy who loves to play, in his kennel his toy box is always empty with toys everywhere.

Even though the world is all brand new to her she is just soaking it all up and can't wait to get out and about.

Although a little wary of new people he quickly warms up to you and loves fusses and cuddles.

Luckie is a loving and gentle soul who absolutely loves to be out and about with a human for company.

Nelson is a super social boy, he loves everyone he meets both human and canine alike!

Once he has nailed training we do think he would make an awesome agility dog, he is agile, toy motivated and super fast.

Alice would make a lovely companion for someone who would like a cuddle on the sofa and company on strolls.

We would certainly recommend an active home for Abacus as he's always on the go and absolutely loves his walks.

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home

Wolfy 15442

Reggie 15446

Millie 15419

Robin 15377

Delilah 15403

Gloria 15425

Presley 15452

Lyra 15447

Unfortunately my previous owner became ill and could no longer care for me.

I’m 4 months old and very clever. I would make a lovely addition to a family home.

I love human company, walks and playing with my toys. I am becoming stressed in kennels.

I am very cheeky and need some basic training and socialising. I do love a cuddle though!

I was found as a stray so can be a little unsure at first but affectionate when I know you.

I’m an older girl and really would love a cosy home of my own and lap to curl up on.

I’m a very inquisitive chap but also like cuddles. I would love a home with other ratty friends.

I was found abandoned in a cardboard box. Please give me a new happy home.

Blue Cross

Piglet F7-8

Taz M1-2

Morgan F1-2

Nettie F2-4

Basil M8-9

Jordan M9-10

Willow F7

Archie M5

Piglet is a gorgeous, sweet girl who enjoys her home comforts and having a large variety of toys to play with and chew on.

I am looking for a home where I can enjoy quiet walks without too much going on to worry me.

Morgan is full to the brim of personality and will make the most loyal pet with a little help.

I am looking for people who are ideally around most of the day so that they can help me settle into my new home.

Basil is a fun loving chap, who loves to be out and about exploring all the smells on his walks.

I find going for walks stressful so I am on the lookout for a home where I have the space to exercise myself at home.

Another area that is very important to me is FOOD… I love food…mmmm food, food, food.

I am looking for a home where I can be walked regularly, play for most of the day and be given lots and lots of stimulation to match my energy levels!



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Saving Yorkshire Dogs

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330

Wesley 3

Kevin M6

Clyde M

Tara F3-4

Bowie M12

Oliver M2-3

Lovely ex racer friendly boy but no cats.

He is very friendly with people, loves belly scratches and playing with his toys.

Jack Russell Cross friendly boy once he gets to know you a bit wary of new people.

Tara is looking for someone with the time to take her for long walks and train her.

She loves nothing more than going for long walks, playing a good game of fetch then cuddling up on the sofa at home.

With the right owner and further training he will make a loyal and wellbehaved companion. Animals in Distress

The Mayhew

Millie F6 mths

Roxy F6-7

Kobe M2-3

Ivy F7

Cracker F1-2 & Jingles M1

Meg F4-5 & Sharla F6-7

I am looking for a new home with active new owners as I am very bouncy and energetic for a Bulldog.

She will need some work around other dogs as she gets uncomfortable around loud, barky dogs

I would benefit from going to a home with someone who knows my breed as I would like to use my brain to its full potential.

I will need some more basic training and a little help with housetraining. I am looking for someone to be my best friend.

Woof my name is Cracker. I am an unclaimed stray who came into the centre with my friend Jingles, we would love to go to a new home together. I am a very sweet little girl who is a little shy to start but once I am comfortable I am very loving.

Hello my name is Meg and I am a 4 and a half year old German Shepherd who is looking for a new home with Sharla. We would love a family who has the time to give us the attention that we need. I am a big softy who loves everyone I meet.

Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

Bere M2

Bob M

Bruno M6

Buddy M2

Elma F1

Emy F1

Hamish M1

Poppy F1

He loves his toys, especially balls but he has an obsession with sticks and if he gets one he will try and guard it from you.

Bob loves his home comforts and being nice and cosy. He was not designed for the winter months!

He is a big powerful boy and does pull on the lead, his recall is OK but he could do with some help furthering his training.

Buddy will make a great companion for an owner who has lots of time to invest with his ongoing training.

Elma is a very loveable character, everyone she meets instantly falls for her. She enjoys greeting new people.

Emy can get worried by loud noises or quick movements so is looking for an owner who is patient and understands it.

Hamish needs to go back to basic with house training. He would benefit from basic training once he has settled.

If you’re looking for an energetic, playful, happy young dog with bags of energy then look no further than our perfect Poppy!

Scottish SPCA

Joe M5

Toby M6

Lottie F4

Moussa F2-3

Jet F13

Abi F2-3

Terry M9 & Hope F

A handsome young lad. His new owners will need to have the time to build up his confidence and trust.

He has a very sweet nature and loves nothing more than to jump up on your lap for a good cuddle and plenty of TLC.

She is a super sweet natured Staffie. Staffies are loving and loyal companions and Sheis no exception.

She is an extremely clever canine who needs a home that can focus her energy into a pastime such as agility.

Jet will need a home with a fully enclosed garden; and lots of love & cuddles!

She is a typical lively lurcher who is full of beans and loves going on adventures and finding new things to sniff.

Terry came in with his best friend Hope and they are now ready for their new home. These guys are looking for a home that can provide them with outdoor access after the initial settling in period. We are looking for a home where there is no other animals.

Dogs Trust

Hooch M8

Harvey M5-7

Bertie M6-12 mths

Tucker M2-5

Rex M4

Danny M2-3

Brodie M2

Ace M7 mths

Hooch is a lovely lad. He loves toys, especially squeaky ones and tennis balls! He also loves a cuddle once he gets to know you.

Scrumptious Harvey is a toy mad Collie, but you'll need plenty to keep him busy as he won't give them back! He's fabulous with people and enjoys walks!

Looking for a quieter home where he can settle and find his feet. As he is only a young pup, he will require all of his basic training including housetraining.

He loves treats and will show-off lots of tricks (including sit pretty) for a tasty snack.

He loves a fuss and a cuddle from his human pals and being out on exciting walking adventures.

Danny is a big, bouncy boy looking for a family who would like a large dog in their life!

He is a very active boy who would like to go home with an equally active family with breed experience.

Ace is looking for a family home who can provide him with lots of attention and further his training.



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Mrs Murray’s Cat & Dog Home

Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page Tel: 01952 245330 Croydon Animal Samaritans

Sandy M5-9

Charlie M1

Bruno M4

Tara F4

Max M6

Monkey M3

He will need an active home where he can get involved in lots of exciting adventures.

He is a very big bouncy pup who sometimes doesn't know his own size but can be very loving.

He would be best suited in a country home with plenty room for him to run and play.

will need a home with access to lots of space for her to run around in and a secure garden as she can jump quite high.

Max loves toys! He will focus on his ball etc and will quite happily play all day if you have the stamina.

Monkey loves to play with his toys, so a well stocked toy box is a must for this wee man.

Ozzy M11 mths

Chloe F9 mths & Herman M9 mths

Ghost M2-3

He is very affectionate and playful and is looking for a home with either adults or older children.

They are very funny and, having come from a background devoid of toys, are discovering how fabulous ping pong balls can be, and knitted mice, and catnip fish.... They love eating and snuggling up together and when one starts purring the other joins in.

He enjoys being stroked and often emerges from his bed when people visit for attention.

Borders Pet Rescue

Maggie F6-12 mths Would benefit from some basic training. She currently hs Cherry Eye which we will treat before she heads to her new home.

Mr President M3

Velvet M

Ideally she should be He gets along well the only cat in a with other cats and is quiet household with looking for a home one or two adults. on a safe road with garden and older children.

Stuart M9

Belle F3

Stuart has flourished into a confident, friendly cat that loves to great visitors with a meow and head rub.

Beautiful Belle is a very friendly girl who loves to share your bed/settee with you. Belle loves a stroke and a cuddle too.

Guderian M5

Cal M5

Pal M5

Junior F13

Kitty M

Jazz F3

Poppy F14

He is a bundle of energy so needs an active home where he can get plenty of constructive exercise and stimulation.

Cal walks well on lead however he can be quite lazy and doesn’t need big long walks – he much prefers to sleep!

Pal is looking for a home where he can get some more training and where he will get the constructive exercise he wants and needs.

He is said to be good with dogs so could live with these but cannot live with children.

Kitty is a friendly but quite independent boy who enjoys home comforts but really loves his time outdoors

She needs a dog free home but is said to be good with other cats and children.

A lovely old girl who suffers from Hyperthyroidism and is on medication for this. She is looking for a quiet home with no other pets.

Leicester Animal Aid

Snoopy Dog M6

Amber Rose F1

Sassy Sadie F6

Coco Chanel F5

Dusty M3

Trooper M7-8

Honey F8-9

Bobby M5-6

A travelling companion ready for those new adventures ahead with my owner.

Lets get those bags packed, jump in the car and enjoy those adventures!

Are you looking for that loyal, independent and confident best friend?! I’m your lady!

I am playful, charming and enjoy the company of people but I feel overwhelmed easily.

He likes his own space so he would need to be the only animal in the home.

Has the most lovely personality - he would need an owner that is around for at least part of the day.

She is such a lovely little girl who loves to have company and spending time relaxing in the sunshine.

We believe Bobby would prefer to be the only animal in the household.

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Barney M2

Bertie M4

He needs an active He needs work on the home both physically lead towards other and mentally, dogs as he can because of this we be reactive when would like someone meeting some. who is experienced with the breed or similar. 54

Hugo M14 mths

Star F5-6

Dora F9-10

Pebbles F10

Bailey F3 mths

Smirnoff M3

He has never lived with dogs but is very sociable with dogs out and about. He can live with children 12+ but cannot live with cats.

Star is a lovely girl and she has lots of love to give, she just needs a little time to get to know new people.

Very friendly girl with a lovely temperament.

She likes the outdoors so would need to be homed to a rural area.

She is a friendly girl who would need to be homed with a neutered male for company. She is spayed and microchipped.

Smirnoff can be homed with a spayed, female but would need a long careful introduction.


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