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Radical Honesty SA to SAIRR: Franz Cronje: SAIRR: Who; or What, is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist? CC: Steve Hofmeyr; Afriforum v. Malema: 15 May 2011 Mr. Cronje, I notice that you did not bother to demonstrate what is in Radical Honesty considered critical thinking; to first ask Mr. Hofmeyr what his definition and meaning is for his use of „kaffir‟. Nor did you bother to ask him what his context is. Can you read his mind, Mr. Cronje? Why is it that your Open Letter to Mr. Cronje implies that you are 100% certain of Mr. Hofmeyr‟s definition and meaning for using the word „kaffir‟? Would you bet a Kruger Rand that you are 100% certain of Steve Hofmeyr‟s „Kaffir‟ definition and context, Mr. Cronje? In 2009, after the Brandon Huntley White Refugee story broke, I made a Kruger Rand challenge to SA Media and Non Profits: I alleged violent murders, rapes and assaults of white South Africans, by black Africans/South Africans are chiefly racially motivated. I alleged journalists and non-profit academic researchers who denied this allegation, are either ignorant or deliberately censoring such information. I agreed with the allegations stated in Johnny Steinberg‟s, The Number, those who act on the ANC‟s cultural heritage of „Kill Farmers‟ are accorded with automatic membership of the 27‟s gang. If you adhere to gang-culture and in accordance with such gang culture, Kill a Farmer (Boer) in South Africa, then you are rewarded with automatic membership of the 27's gang. When a new prisoner comes into a cell; they want to know what your crime is. The next question is „Was your victim a boer?‟ If yes, your prison status immediately goes up to the top notches, depending on the amount of violence you inflicted on the „boer‟. Compare it to the status for a hunter who shot a rabbit vs. a lion. You are also accorded status depending on the level of violence used against your victims; the greater the violence, the higher your status. I challenged any journalist or academic who disagreed with me; to demonstrate their willingness to do a serious undercover investigation; by getting themselves sentenced to a SA prison incognito for a year; to listen to the first hand accounts of black and coloured predators who deliberately chose white victims, and why.

Not one journalist or Academic took the challenge! Why be serious about problem solving; when you can be paid to blame all your problems on Apartheid?

You cannot expect to follow the recipe for roadkill stew and produce a crème brulee. If you partake in „public relations‟ (aka bullshit the public) pretence about your ideals for living in a society at peace; while your actions endorse the goverment implementing the recipe of political correctness, lying, secrecy, and slave and cannon fodder breeding-war welfare poverty pimping; then you are a pathological malicious liar, Mr. Cronje. How serious are the ANC‟s „TRC‟ „anti-apartheid‟ struggle warriors and the TRC SA media editors about finding out whether South Africa‟s „reconciliation‟ is sincere or fake? In 2010, I issued a challenge invitation to all the parties in The Citizen v. McBride: 1. I herewith submit this invitation (and guarantee) to Robert McBride, Citizen, SANEF, FXI, Joyce Mbizana & Mbaza Mxenge, and all their lawyers, to ALL suspend these court proceedings and attend an eight day Radical Honesty Course in Honesty and Forgiveness with Brad Blanton; to (a) learn skills to express your anger, (b) experience sincere sensate existential forgiveness, Radical Ubuntu; and (c) co-create a Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract for South Africa; 2. At such a workshop, subsequent to expressing your anger, learning sensate forgiveness and taking personal responsibility for your intentions, thoughts, actions, in this matter; parties would agree …. (a) SA‟s „TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt‟; (b) that South African leaders should not have made TRC SOCIAL CONTRACT agreements about the future of all SA‟s tribes, until they had come to serious and sincere forgiveness; (c) the lawyers would agree that SA Judges and Lawyers who can‟t handle their anger, financially exist to solve the problems of SA‟s who can‟t handle their anger; hence the majority of Judges and Lawyers have little incentive to learn to solve their problems by learning to get over their anger, and find the capacity for sincere forgiveness; (d) Everyone will agree that attending a Radical Honesty Truth and Forgiveness Workshop with Brad Blanton was the most radical experience in truth-telling and forgiveness they have ever experienced in their entire lives, and (e) be excited about participating in the co-creation of the Citizen McBride‟s Tsedeq Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract for South Africa; 3. „Guarantee‟: If after attending the Radical Honesty workshop, any of the aforementioned individuals disagree with any statement (2) (a) – (e); it shall be my Honourable Duty to: a. Provide them with an unequivocal and sincere Appreciation for their Honesty, and Apology before the Chief Justice on the Court Record; b. Request the Chief Justice to grant me permission to commit Russian Roulette Deerhunter-Sepuku, since “To know and to act, are one and the same.”; as the meaning of my commitment to words in 2 (a) – (e).

Put differently; Mr. Cronje: Words of Agreement (social contract) are not just public relations bullshit the public to me! Unlike SA‟s Bullshit the Public Relations TRC fraud elite; I mean what the fuck I say! None of the parties were interested in learning to express their anger honourably face-toface and to sincerely forgive each other; nor to partake in the co-creation of a real sincere Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract for South Africa. SA‟s White Guilt Liberal definition for „kaffir‟ is racial; is it not? When it comes to Julius Malema‟s use of the words „Kill Boers‟ then all you white guilt tripping liberals fall over yourselves to crawl up Mr. Malema‟s ass till you tickle his fucking tonsils to enquire what his use and his meaning and his definition and his contextual use is for „Kill the Boers‟!

Not a problem; but why not the same tonsil-tickling for Steve Hofmeyr‟s „Kaffir‟; Mr. Cronje? Are you a closet white guilt bigot Mr. Cronje? Steve Hofmeyr treats blacks like whites; he thinks blacks should be held to the same standards as whites. But you think that blacks should be held to lower standards? Why? You think they are inferior and incapable of being held to the same standards as whites? So, why is it you think you can read Steve Hofmeyr‟s mind; but not Julius Malema‟s? Are you really telling us; that we live in a „Liberal White Guilt „One-Meaning-Only-for-Kaffir‟ Dictatorship‟; because deep down in your white guilt liberal psyche‟s „kaffir‟ is still something you need to discuss with your psychiatrist? We prole white trash right wing village idiots are expected to sit around and pontificate about the dozens of meanings for „Kill the Boer‟ but when it comes to „Kaffir‟ we are allowed one and one only meaning, definition and context? Who or What is a “Kaffir”? Do “Kaffirs” exist? If “Kaffirs” do exist, why is there a problem with calling a person whose behaviour fits any particular relevant description for any valid definition of “Kaffir”; a “Kaffir”? If we can have a national debate about what „Kill the Boer‟ means to Julius Malema and the ANC; why can Boers not hold a national debate on all the different meanings, definitions and contexts for what Boers consider a „Kaffir‟? I forgot! We live in a „Liberal White Guilt „One-Meaning-Only-for-Kaffir‟ Dictatorship‟!? You have been telling us for 17 years about this Rainbow Nation of forgiveness where everyone is trying to build a new nation! What fucking horseshit! You cannot produce a crème brulee, by following the recipe for roadkill stew, Mr. Cronje! You cannot solve problems, by avoiding confronting the psychological, spiritual, demographic root causes of those problems! Have you read the Radical Honesty Amicus submitted to Afriforum v. Malema (PDF1)? Dr. Blanton: What Will Sincere Radical Honesty Forgiveness Look Like in SA? Sincere forgiveness v. fake forgiveness is very much like the difference between a sincere orgasm and a fake orgasm. Only people who have never experienced a sincere sensate body orgasm are confused about the difference. Same with fake forgiveness. Those who never experienced a full body sensate forgiveness experience are clueless. A sincere sensate forgiveness orgasm occurs in your physical sensate body. It is a total release of all the suppressed memories of anger, hurt, pain, etc, about that particular event that triggered your anger. It is a physical sensation of release of suppressed energy. Your entire body feels totally different. In a fake orgasm or during fake forgiveness, your mind tells your body how to act to bullshit the other person so as to manipulate the other person to do whatever you want them to do. Fake Orgasm or Fake Forgiveness is an Intellectual Bullshit Myself and the Other Person Self-Deception, Self-Hatred Show! It‟s a cultural recipe for murder, rape and hatred road kill stew culture!


I once asked Dr. Blanton that if sincere forgiveness ever occurred in South Africa; what would it look like? Dr. Blanton said something to the effect of: „The day South Africans can have a huge belly laugh about the word 'Kaffir', about apartheid and the stupid shit both sides did, cause they couldn't just sit down and have a fucking honest conversation like adults; is the day you know real sincere forgiveness has occurred. It may occur for those who have the emotional and psychological courage to experientially -- in the guts of the living -- attain that transcendent perspective, by being honest about, and nonviolently sharing their anger, face to face, until sincere forgiveness occurs. Till then, the Truth and Reconciliation South Africans are just bullshitting themselves, but that's what Fragile Ego cowards, who have no inner sense of dignity, and who rely on exterior arsekreeping for their sense of dignity do: bullshit themselves.‟ Put differently, for a long time before anyone will be able to get to the transcended state of a belly laugh, they will need to go through much honest being specific about their anger, sharing of anger, face to face, until the anger has truly truly all been spent, every little ounce of it. It could take months, just depends on how much anger there is, in anyone; and how committed they are to getting to sincere forgiveness. Those of us who are committed to sincere forgiveness, know its an arduous task, of facing our fears, and sharing them publicly and making ourselves vulnerable to people whom we consider may be enemies, and choosing to do so anyway, because we will grow psychologically, emotionally and spiritually stronger through the process. Radical Honesty is not for emotional cowards. But those who stick with their commitment find that the process brings a gift of sincerity and freedom to relationships, which is unimaginable to anyone who has never experienced it. Sort of like you can't imagine what its like to walk on the moon until you do. In the same way, learning to share your anger honestly sincerely and nonviolently until you get to a place of sincere forgiveness, and a transcendent viewpoint about your former anger, which then seems petty and pathetic, and really hilarious and silly.. from your new emotional place... is like 'moon walking'. Do White Guilt Liberals and Insecure Africans want to Moonwalk Belly Laugh Orgasm Forgiveness about „Kaffir‟? According to Mr. Sandile Memela2:


the meaning of any word is not in the word itself, but in people‟s heads

Kaffirs do exist! The biggest sin will always be: Who says it!

The use of the K-word is something that most white guilt whites still need to discuss with their psychiatrists.

The time may be right for a society that has been undergoing transition for the past 13 years to appreciate new methods of defining the meaning of words and understanding their use in blunt, intense and provocative public speech.

Once 'kaffir' is out of the closet, pseudo-liberal forces both within the white community and their black imitators demand the person apologize, and put 'kaffir' back in the closet, to hush up any use of the word lest it raise the spectre of the apartheid past that haunts us.

But the panic and hysteria that has been caused in the white social and cultural circles is a sad farce of good intentions. The conclusion that should be drawn on this matter is that it is a combination of white guilt and political correctness.

This is part of our self-redefinition and expanding the meaning of words to fit into a new socio-cultural vocabulary that will help ultimately to break with white guilt, political correctness and a deep-seated inferiority complex.

Dr. Truth Challenge to South Africa: Who; or What is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist? So, here is a „Dr. Truth‟ free-Radical Honesty Therapy invitation to South Africa‟s white guilt liberals who still need to discuss the word „kaffir‟ with their psychiatrists. Radical Honesty SA „Kaffir‟ Definitions Submission: As stated in court documents (CCT 23-103, CCT 06-114, 07-2010 EQ JHB5, ICC 09 May 2011 Radical Honesty Genocide complaint6); the Radical Honesty SA culture‟s definitions for „Kaffir‟ are: „Kaffir Behaviour‟: Cultural Beliefs and Procreation Behaviour Definition: Individuals who either independently or as a result of their cultural value systems, are incapable of, or unwilling to, practice sexual restraint and procreation responsibility; who consequently breed cockroach-prolifically without personal financial or psychological responsibility to, or emotional concern for, their offspring; and/or who abuse women and children as sexual or economic slaves procreated for such purpose; and/or whose cultural ideal of manhood endorses non-consensual sex (rape) as their sexual slavery entitlement, etc. „Kaffir Etymology‟: Original Etymological Definition for „Kaffir‟: The word kāfir is the active participle of the Semitic root K-F-R “to cover”. As a pre-Islamic term it described farmers burying seeds in the ground, covering them with soil while planting; as they till the earth and “cover up” the seeds; which is why earth tillers are referred to as “Kuffar.” Thus, the word kāfir implies the meaning “a person who hides or covers”; To conceal, deny, hide or cover the truth. „Kaffir Legislation‟ = Inalienable Right to Breed‟ Poverty, Misery and War legislation; pretending it advocates for „peace‟ and „human rights‟. Kaffir Law/Legislation provides citizens with the Inalienable „Right to Breed‟ and Vote but demands that Citizens need a Licence to Own a Gun, a Licence to Drive a Car, a Licence to Practice Law, a television licence, a credit licence, a licence to earn a living, a university exemption licence, a licence to fish, a licence to hunt, a liquor licence, a business licence, a marriage licence, etc, etc. Kaffir Legislation covers up that an „Inalienable Right to Breed/laissez-faire birth control policy + No Social Welfare policies or practices provides for an equilibrium carrying capacity; whereas Inalienable Right to Breed/laissez-faire birth control within a welfare state, results in Runaway Growth, and ultimately greater misery, poverty and war.

Anyone for a Sepuku „Kaffir‟ Belly Laugh? Or are SA‟s TRC fraud elite to addicted to „Bullshit the Public‟ TRC Fraud Relations slave and cannon fodder breeding war murder, rape, corruption road kill stew? Respectfully, Lara Johnstone Radical Honesty SA 3 5 6 4

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’n Ope brief aan Steve Hofmeyr 2011-05-14 23:46

Geagte mnr. Hofmeyr, Ek verneem dat jy beplan om ’n liedjie oor “k****rs” te sing as die regter in die Julius Malema-haatspraakverhoor in die guns van mnr. Malema besluit. Jou dreigement is rassisties in die ergste tradisies van rassistiese nasionalisme en ondermyn die posisie van wit mense in Suid-Afrika. Jy is klaarblyklik onbewus van die feit dat wit mense ’n baie bevoorregte en omstrede posisie in Suid-Afrika beklee. Hul langtermyn-toekoms in die land hang af van in hoe ’n mate hulle daardie posisie kan gebruik om ’n meer stabiele, regverdige en voorspoedige samelewing te bevorder.

Frans Cronjé, adjunk- uitvoerende hoof van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut vir Rasseverhoudinge

Jy, aan die ander kant, gebruik jou groot gevolg om woede en haat onder jong wit mense te saai.

Foto's · Lesersfoto’s · Nuus in Foto's Stuur vir ons jou foto's · Stuur vir ons jou foto's

Dit is ongelooflik dat jy klaarblyklik nietemin glo dat hierdie gedrag die posisie van wit Suid-Afrikaners kan verbeter. Die teenoorgestelde is waar. As ’n noemenswaardige aantal swart mense sou begin dink dat jy die sieninge van alle wit mense verteenwoordig, stel jy hul toekoms in hierdie land in gevaar. Dit skeel jou blykbaar ook min dat Suid-Afrika se vreedsame transformasie sowel as die vergewensgesindheid van swart Suid-Afrikaners iets merkwaardigs was. Sou jy die soort vernedering wat deur swart mense ervaar is so maklik kon vergewe as dit jou ouers en grootouers was? Ek skryf nie hier oor die handjievol swart politieke leiers wat hul bevrydingstryd se sogenaamde verbintenis tot nie-rassigheid geskend het nie. Ek skryf eerder oor die veel groter aantal gewone swart mense wat net soos soveel gewone wit mense hulle daartoe verbind het om saam ’n beter Suid-Afrika te bou. Dit is belangrik dat jy weet ek kom vanuit ’n plaasomgewing, so ek weet presies wat “kill the boer”? kan beteken en wat die implikasies daarvan kan wees. Maar ek sê vir jou, as jy dink dat ons rassisme met rassisme kan beveg, dan is jy net so ’n groot gek as wat jy ’n rassis is. Dit is vir my ’n verleentheid om te dink dat jy as ’n leiersfiguur van enige aard in die wit en Afrikanergemeenskappe opgeduik het. Jy is ’n verleentheid vir liberale Afrikaners en ’n skande vir Suid-Afrika. Vriendelike groete, Frans Cronjé, adjunk- uitvoerende hoof van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut vir Rasseverhoudinge. Steve se Facebook-blad: * Thys Potgieter: O genade! Daars klaar ’n hoeha in di nuus oor die gebruik van die verbode woord in die liedjie. ... Ma die magtige mr. M mag ma sy gewraakte lied sing DUBBEL STANDAARDE! * Elma Diedericks: Steve, ek stem vir jou as President! Jy het di stem van Afrikaans geword, en jou song is reguit en na my hart. * Tobie Franck: Steve en bewonderaars wat saamstem: Ek skud my kop in ongeloof. Soos die Man gesê het:”vergeef hulle want hul weet nie wat hul doen nie”

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* Phindile Nonhlanhla Chawe: I must say, I expected better! You must have had a hard time working on the set of 7de laan because it looks ‘black people friendly’ to me! And as for your music, you honestly believe its only white people who listen to it... Freaken unbelievable!!!

Op Twitter: * bhekza_clemza mabhiza: They must just shoot each other! RT @SowetanLIVE: Malema and Hofmeyr, eish * Mhlana Zodidi: Steve Hofmeyr spits venom: The man is such an attention seeker. i believe he should be ignored. * JennieGreenhill: Think the Navy Seals need to knock on Steve Hofmeyr’s door - and soon! Stupid racist ass! #epicfail * “@JaysonKent: @steve_hofmeyr you make me embarrassed to be white.”

- Rapport

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11-05-15: Radical Honesty SA: SAIRR: Who or What is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist?  

11-05-15: Radical Honesty SA: SAIRR: Who or What is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist?