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M. Johannes Glasl Managing Director

EURO Real Estate Solutions GmbH

Tel: +49 40 22866-161 johannes.glasl@euro-real-estate.de www.euro-real-estate.de

EURO Real Estate Solutions GmbH has offered risk management services to professional real estate investors for more than 20 years. Its consultants and advisers have taken care of more than (approximately) 200 billion Euros of assets under risk management (AURM), a constantly growing number. The company belongs to the EUROASSEKURANZ Group in Germany and has a strategic partnership with the Hyperion Insurance Group (London). In Germany, the group has almost 30 years of expertise in professional risk management consulting and solutions. One of its centres of expertise is the real estate sector, which carries with it some unique characteristics in its requirements. Today, the group employs experts from the risk management area as well as from the market side in order to best understand its professional clients’ needs. Managing director M. Johannes Glasl noted: “With our long experience in the market, our professionals from both the risk management and market side – as well as our focus on digitalisation – we offer a unique service mix to our professional clients. Especially when it comes to digitalisation, we have a different set-up to our competitors. For many years, we have listened to clients’ needs on supporting their processes,


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their (digital) workflows and reporting requirements. Thanks to this ongoing learning process, we have built up systems and databases that perfectly fulfil our clients’ diverse and bespoke needs.” According to Mr Glasl, the industry of professional real estate investors is characterised by high investment pressure on the one hand, and pressure on margins on the other hand. Working in this environment means for clients that they require professional support over the entire lifecycle of their service offerings, such as minimising workload by system integration in masstransactions – e.g. claims handling or real-time access to portfolio analytics. “Further to this,” he said, “in Germany, we recently founded a specialised company that concentrates on risk analysis and management of transfer of, among others, real estate portfolios to round up our service profile.” EURO Real Estate Solutions GmbH’s core client base is currently comprised of professional real estate investors,

namely funds and asset managers. When it comes to international expertise, the company has access to a powerful network coordinated by Hyperion Insurance Group and Howden One. Via this, it maintains an invaluable access to the fifth largest Lloyds broker, which allows the company to create outstanding solutions. Describing the company’s major successes of the past 12 months, Mr Glasl added: “Besides acquiring new professional investors in our target segment as clients, we were able to enlarge and enrichen the type and variety of our interfaces to clients’ systems. “With an open platform for claims handling, we are now able to communicate with nearly any other property management system. “In the coming months, we are looking to implement further interfaces to clients, supporting more process requirements from our clients – as well as bringing our client portal into the next technological generation.”

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