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Editors’ Choice - Sports Law Firm of the Year in Germany Dauernheim Rechtsanwälte Dr. Jörg Dauernheim (Ph.D) Partner Tel: +49604796210 dauernheim@dauernheim.de www.dauernheim.de Dauernheim Rechtsanwälte is a law firm specialising in commercial law, sports law and insolvency law with an innovative team of flexible specialists. The firm’s strategic orientation is national and international. It represents a broad spectrum of clients, including private law seekers, medium-sized companies and internationally active companies. The clarity of the firm enables it – supported by its highly qualified staff – to provide professional, personal and cost-conscious support for its clients. Knowing that this specialisation is not enough to solve the complexity of the legal issues alone, the firm uses its connections to law firms in various jurisdictions around the world to efficiently serve international mandates. The firm pays special attention to advising clients with a strategic orientation to Eastern Europe, in particular Hungary. Both in consulting mandates and in litigation the firm strives for economically meaningful and future-oriented solutions for its clients. Early contact with the other side often leads to more satisfying results than years of processes with an often uncertain outcome. However, if legal disputes can not be avoided, the firm will pursue the interests of its clients in court with every imaginable emphasis. Dauernheim Rechtsanwälte works with the most modern office and communication technology at all its locations _ Dresden, Berlin and Leipzig. In the interests of its clients, it continues to gain qualifications to ensure consistently high-quality advice and process support. All its lawyers have passed the examination as a specialist lawyer. The firm advises and represents its clients in the entire field of insolvency, business and tax law. In addition, it represents clients before arbitration courts and the arbitral tribunals of the sports court. The firm’s areas of practice include: • Employment law • General civil law • Banking and collateral law • Corporate and corporate law • Bankruptcy and restructuring law

He is the author of:

Dr. Jörg Dauernheim is the founder of Dauernheim Rechtsanwälte. He specialises in tax issues of insolvency, bankruptcy, of the capital substitution right and the winding up of insolvent sports clubs. Furthermore, Dr. Dauernheim represents artists and athletes in their legal matters. Due to his PhD studies and his practical work in Hungary, he has extensive knowledge of Hungarian law.

• Das familienrechtliche Mandat Familienvermögensrecht (Das Mandat) - Darstellung der Schnittpunkte Familienrecht/Insolvenzrecht-Verlag: Deutscher Anwaltverlag & Institut der Anwaltschaft GmbH; Auflage: 1 (14. Oktober 2015).

He is co-editor of a standard work on association and association law and permanent judge in an arbitral tribunal of a professional sports league. Dr. Dauernheim continues to work as a specialist author and lecturer on insolvency and tax law. He completed his dissertation in insolvency law.

• Monographie unter dem Titel “Anfechtungsrecht in der Insolvenz”.

Dr. Dauernheim is a judge and deputy chairman of the Permanent Arbitration Court of the German Ice Hockey League

• “AnwaltFormulare Gesellschaftsrecht” erschienen in Deutscher Anwalt Verlag.

Dr. Dauernheim’s memberships include: • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Steuerrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein • Mitglied des Steuerberaterverbandes Hessen e.V. • Mitglied im Arbeitskreis InsO RheinMain e.V. • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein • Mitglied im Arbeitskreis der Insolvenzverwalter Deutschland e.V. • Mitglied in der Anwaltunion Fachanwälte e.V.

His case notes include: • Dauernheim / Schörnig - Administrative right to claim under IFG against BaFin for access to a takeover offer (“Deutsche Bank AG / Deutsche Postbank AG”), EWiR 2013, p. 283. Note to a judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of 20.09.2012 on the right of access to the Freedom of Information Act. • Administrative law for action by the insolvency administrator for access to enforcement files of the tax office (against BFH), EWiR 2012, p. 283.

His publications in Hungary for the University of Miskolc include:

He is the co-editor of:

• New media rights

• Handbuch des Fachanwalts Insolvenzrecht

Global Awards 2018

• “Haftung droht auch da, wo man sie nicht vermutet” erschienen in “Die Kanzlei”, Heft August 2000.

• DIS Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V. (DIS)

• Litigation / litigation practice

• White collar crime

• Kommentierung des steuerrechtlichen Teils im “Handbuch des Vereins- und Verbandsrechtes”.

• Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sportrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein

• INSOL Europe

• Neue Insolvenzverwaltervereinigung Deutschlands e.V. (NIVD)

• Tax / tax offenses

• Kommentierung des Insolvenzanfechtungsrechtes im “Frankfurter Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung”.

Note to a judgment of the Oberverwaltungsgericht Hamburg of 21.12.2011, which had passed a judgment contrary to the jurisdiction of the Federal Finance Court.

• Consulting activity - Eastern Europe

• Sports law - including the proceedings before the arbitration court


Dr. Jörg Dauernheim

• Steuerrecht in der Insolvenz • Handbuch des Vereins- und Verbandsrechtes

• “Studia Iurisprudentiae Doctorandorum Miskolciensium Miskolci Doktoranduszok Jogtudományi Tanulmányai”. • Bérgarancia És Csöd-, Felszámolási Eljárás Reformia.

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Corporate INTL Global Awards 2018  

Corporate INTL Global Awards 2018