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Editors’ Choice - M&A Law Firm of the Year in Brazil GVM - Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados

Leonardo Guimarães Founding Partner Tel: +55 31 32642400 GVM - Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados was founded by partners Leonardo Guimarães and Marcello A. L. Vieira De Mello. The firm has offices in Belo Horizonte/MG, São Paulo/SP and Uberlândia/MG, and was also formally associated with an international firm, making the rendering of their services feasible in other cities/countries, in Miami, Mexico, Frankfurt/Germany, Dubai and Shanghai/China. Other associate attorneys have joined them, all of them highly qualified and with continuous specialization, contributing to the development of multidisciplinary work in areas such as Business, Corporate, Tax, Banking and Financial Operations, Civil and Commercial Consulting, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Labor and Employment, Contracts and International. GVM - GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS have as their foundation the technical quality of their talented and dedicated members – who have obtained or are in the process of post-graduation both in Brazil and abroad – besides tirelessly seeking team spirit, without losing focus on the basic concepts like personhood, ethics and reliability that should always guide the relationship between client and lawyer. Such attributes, added to the solid physical and technological structure that the firm already has obviously convert to best services to clients. In brief, the firm balances pro-activity with responsibility, obtaining as a result, a team ready to meet the clients’ needs in a manner that is most efficient and as fast as possible. The firm has clients of several types and sizes, working in segments such as oil & gas (fuel), information technology, real estate, mining, construction, hospital sector, steel making, agriculture and livestock, industry in general, education, distribution and retail, all serviced and treated in the same manner, with promptness in the replies, respect for their wishes and creativity in seeking the best solutions. The firm supports and takes part in several Entities and Institutions, among which, Câmara de Comércio Empresarial – CAMARB (Corporate Chamber of Commerce), Câmara de Comércio Brasil – Rússia (Brazil-Russia Chamber of Commerce), Deal Nexus Network – Intra Links, Comissão de Arbitragem do CESA/MG (CESA/MG Arbitration Committee), and has been ranked by the editorial LEGAL 500 as one of Brazil’s top offices in Financial/ Banking and M&A categories. The firm’s business, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions services include: • Corporate organisation and structuring; • Operations of foreign companies in the country; • Minutes, statutes and businesses contracts; • Shareholders’ agreements;


Global Awards 2017

• Corporate restructuring: mergers, acquisitions, takeover and spin-offs; • Acquisitions and sales of companies; • Joint Ventures and strategic alliances; • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulations; • Legal assistance concerning foreign investments in Brazil; • Assistance in the organisation and structuring of national corporations in foreign countries. Leonardo Guimarães Leonardo Guimarães, partner and founder of the firm, is responsible for the areas of business law, corporate law, M&A, bankruptcy proceeding, judicial rebound and contracts – national and international. • Majored in Law by the Federal University of Minas Gerais; • Master in Business Law by the School of Law at UFMG; • Doctoral candidate in the School of Law at UFMG; • Former Professor of Commercial Law in the School of Law at the Federal University of Minas Gerais; • Former Professor of Private Law in the School of Economics at UFMG; • PIL – Program of Instruction for Lawyers by HARVARD LAW SCHOOL; • Law Certificate by OXFORD UNIVERSITY; • Coordinator of the CESA/MG Committee of Arbitration; • Member of the CAMARB – Corporate Chamber of Commerce – Brazil; • Author of the book “Requisitos para Obtenção da Recuperação Judicial” (Requirements for the Obtainment of Judicial Rebound). Mandamentos, Belo Horizonte/MG, 2005; • Co-author of the book “Direito de Empresa no Novo Código Civil” (Company Law in the New Civil Code). Forense, Belo Horizonte/MG, 2004; • Co-author of the book “Direito Falimentar Contemporâneo” (Contemporary Bankruptcy Law). Sérgio Antônio Fabris Editor, Porto Alegre/RS, 2008;

• Professor of the LLM Program of Company Law at PUC/MG; Subject: Business Corporations Mr Guimarães’ articles published in repositories authorised by Supreme Courts include: • Trade Law Magazine – RDM; • “Controversial Issues within the Execution Process”; • “SPE – Sociedade de Propósito Específico” (Specific Purpose Company); • “Debarment of Shareholder in Limited Liability Companies in the face of the Civil Code”; among others. His doctrine articles published in specialised newspapers, magazines and journals, include: • Revista de Direito Mercantil (Magazine of Mercantile Law) – RDM/USP: “Questões Controvertidas no Processo de Execução” (Controversial Issues in the Execution Process); • Revista de Direito Mercantil (Magazine of Mercantile Law) – RDM/USP: “A SPE – Sociedade de Propósito Específico” (SPE – Society of Specific Purpose); • Revista de Direito Mercantil (Magazine of Mercantile Law) – RDM/USP: “Exclusão de Sócio em Sociedade Limitadas face ao Código Civil” (Exclusion of Member in Limited Liability Company in view of the Civil Code), among others. He is a lecturer on the following themes, among others: • “Requisitos Necessários ao processamento da recuperação judicial” (Necessary Requisites for the judicial reorganisation proceedings) performed by IBGT – Instituto Brasileiro de Gestão e Turnaround – SP; • “Procedimentos Societários” (Company Proceedings), at Federal University of Minas Gerais; • Forms of Entering in Companies listed in BOVESPA, at the head office of the firm Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados. Foreign Languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

The firm supports and takes part in several Entities and Institutions.

Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017  
Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017