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Labor Law Firm of the Year in Argentina Estudio de Diego & Asociados Julián Arturo de Diego Managing Partner Tel: +54-11 4121-1100 Estudio de Diego & Asociados’ founder and managing partner, Mr. Julián Arturo de Diego, attorney, has more than 40 years of experience in the practice of labor and employment law, offering corporations integral labor counsel and advice on the management of Human Resources. We help our clients understand the effects that their decision-making may have, and find the most favorable alternatives for their business and specific situation. We offer advice on: • Individual and collective disputes, and actions with multiple individuals (strikes and other industrial actions) • Corporate restructuring • Collective bargaining • Due diligence for labor, social security and payroll tax matters • Control over contractors • Union conflicts • Training courses We work with an Interdisciplinary Group of Professionals (attorneys and accountants) providing advisory services on Labor Law, Industrial Relations, Negotiation with

Unions, Collective Disputes, Highly Complex Negotiation, Human Resources for the implementation of best practices with a strictly labor legal analysis to minimize risks. We give counsel on executive compensation (compensation engineering, tax and social security matters, payroll, expatriates, and the like) and the development of control proceedings for contractors’ compliance, revision of preventative diagnosis. We advise on Human Resources through a team dedicated to add value for Human Resources best practices in line with the business strategy. We provide in-company training for executives on best practices and legal labor tools, union representation conflicts, dispute resolution. Our Executive Training focuses on labor, social security and tax matters, dealing with the most complex issues, latest news, adaptation and implementation in Argentina (labor law) and analysis of the most emblematic rulings in the labor world. The main asset of all the business units of Estudio de Diego & Asociados is the law firm’s sound expertise and the business community’s recognition of its members’

high professionalism and ethical standards in search for sustainable solutions. Julián de Diego has an extensive teaching activity; he is full professor of Labor and Social Security Law in the graduate and postgraduate programs of the School of Law and Economic Sciences at the Universidad Católica Argentina. He is also the Director of the postgraduate course on Human Resources Management at the School of Business of Universidad Católica Argentina. He has written over 3,500 articles in newspapers (La Nación, El Cronista) and specialized journals (La Ley, El Derecho, Jurisprudencia Argentina, Trabajo y Seguridad Social, Human Resources Management). He is the Director of the Legal Department of La Ley Publishing House, Thomson Reuters. He has published 23 books, including Manual de Derecho Laboral para Empresas (Errepar. 5 Editions), Tratado del Despido y Otras Formas de Extinción (LA LEY) (3 volume), Tratado de Derecho del Trabajo (LA LEY) (6 volume), Manual de Derecho del Trabajo y la Seguridad Social (LA LEY. 8 Editions).

Private Equity Advisory Firm of the Year in Argentina First Corporate Finance Advisors S.A. Miguel Arrigoni Chairman & CEO Tel: +54 (11) 4311-6014 First Corporate Finance Advisors (FIRST) is a leading financial services group with more than 30 years’ experience in the Argentinean and Latin American markets. The firm has participated in more than 60 M&A transactions; it has completed more than 500 valuations across the region in the past 10 years; it has taken more than 95 companies to the local capital markets; it has structured more than 1,400 series of trust securities valued at more than US$ 30 billion with an 80% market share; and it has advised on corporate restructuring deals worth more than US$ 3 billion. According to chairman and CEO Miguel Arrigoni, FIRST’s consolidated market position has been an advantage for deal origination and execution. He noted: “In the past decade, Argentina has not been an attractive destination for private equity investments, and M&A activity was not significant compared with the rest of the LATAM countries. However, this scenario has changed, and the recent change in government is bringing Argentina back to the international financial markets following the implementation of recent

key economic reforms, which are bringing new opportunities for foreign investors. The new business environment is turning the country into an attractive destination for foreign investment as well as promoting M&A activity. At FIRST, we provide perspective and understanding of Argentina’s current political and economic environment and provide input on why Argentina is becoming attractive again to PE investors.” FIRST has advised on numerous high-profile deals in Argentina and Latin America. The firm’s key M&A clients include Unilever, BASF, Baumgarten, Mead Johnson, ICBC, Diageo, Alicorp, Dupont, Seguridad Argentina, Shell, among others. FIRST has also worked closely with top private equity firms and hedge funds – domestic and international – looking to invest in Argentina. In its recent case work, the firm has specialised in a broad range of industries in Argentina and had close contact with the main local players. Mr Arrigoni added: “It is worth noting that FIRST has worked with more than 70% of Argentina’s top 100 domestic companies. Local companies

are usually family run, face professionalisation challenges and require capital to grow in a local market that is becoming more dynamic. We help foreign investors understand and adapt to the local business context. Valuations are another key item. Company valuations in Argentina have continued to be significantly below regional peers. As the economy gradually opens, and the M&A flow increases, valuations are expected to increase. “FIRST also has considerable experience working on engagements all across the ATAM region and maintains a direct presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and London. Our international advantage is derived from our ability to provide local market expertise in all the regions we work, while also understanding the needs and requirements of international investors. FIRST is currently developing several private equity investments in diverse sectors and industries in Argentina. Under a principle of collaborative approach, FIRST has made partnerships and alliances with other private equity players – both domestic and international.”

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