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Individual - Technology Sector M&A Lawyer of the Year in Italy Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP is the leading global tech firm, with top-rated practices in technology companies, capital markets, M&A, IP litigation, employment, securities litigation, white-collar, data privacy and security, antitrust and public policy. Clients include multinational technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, Cisco and others, as well as newer entrants such as Pinterest, Stripe, 23andme, eHarmony, Quora, SoFi, Betterment, Planet Labs and several others. Attilio Mazzilli, partner at Orrick and a member of the international Technology Companies Group, has focused his practice on advising high-growth technology companies and venture capital firms in several areas, including corporate and securities law, venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and technology licensing. Several standout technology companies and their founders have turned to Attilio, who currently represents the same at all stages of their life-cycle. In particular, Mr Mazzilli has represented: Octo Telematics (a worldwide leader in the insurance telematics business and one of the few Italian “Unicorns”) from its early seed stage of business to the founders’ exit with the private sale to Charme Investment Fund. Opportunity Network (owner of a matchmaking business platform which enables partnerships with worldwide financial institutions and service providers) from its early seed stage to the recent USD 146,000,000 capital increase subscribed by a US-leader bank. In addition, Attilio recently advised Opportunity Network in the “ELITE Membership Program” with the London Stock Exchange Group, in its exclusive partnership agreement with Banca Intesa Group dedicated to eligible members of the bank, as well as in the innovative “rebate buy-back” program tested for the first time in 2016 on the shares of the UK-holding company of Opportunity Network. Safety21, Italian leader in the high-speed limit violation control through the exclusive I-cloud platform named “Titan”, in the partial divestment of some shareholders to H.A.T. – Holding All Together Investment Fund. Zego, Italian leader for instant urban carpooling business, in the various fundraising activities carried out by the company as well as in the successful judgements that

confirmed the validity of Zego’s business model (objecting the plaintiffs’ claim aimed to compare the same to UberPop, officially banned by the Italian authorities). Brum Brum S.p.A., digital BTC platform for the retail of used vehicles, in one of the most significant Italian fund-raisings in the early seed stage (collected Euro 2,500,000). KP Diamond Eagle, newly formed US-business aviation company and private jet operator, in its fund-raising activities (on-going target collection set up at 50-75 million USD). When asked how the firm is distinguished from its competitors, Mr Mazzilli noted: “I can say our main strength is being pure ‘legal innovators’ as we develop innovative approaches and novel strategies to solve issues faced by the tech sector. In this respect, together with my colleagues in London we implemented an innovative ‘rebate buy-back procedure’, through which, in the context of a Round A capital increase of a company, it was allowed to the seed investors the opportunity to dismiss part of their stakes in the company, offering them the possibility to sell their shares to the company at a multiple of eight times the value of the original investment. ”On the topic of key issues faced by clients within the area of Technology Sector M&A, Mr Mazzilli said that one of the main issues for them generally might be to find the proper partner in the funding stage (especially at seed stage or round A). Thus, Orrick is instrumental in helping to figure out if the partner has the proper approach to be their shareholder, as it is not always easy to find the proper chemistry at first, and also the right “contractual balance”.

the exit, and it is really a satisfaction to hear, as a lawyer, the client say ‘Well, we did it’! “I have also had the opportunity to ‘play’ with the best teams in the world, as our clients include more than 1,600 growth companies in markets all around the globe. This is also shown by our proven track-record; in Europe alone, we have advised startups on more than 200 Technology M&A or Venture deals since 2015. “Let me also mention Orrick’s Total Access, a program which provides entrepreneurs with business, tactical, legal education and coaching. Presented by experienced industry CEOs, venture capitalists and Orrick lawyers, Total Access offers insights on cutting-edge issues and an opportunity to network with leading professionals in the startup community.” Indeed, one of Mr Mazzilli’s clients, Opportunity Network Inc., a worldwide leader in business matchmaking opportunities, is currently evaluated by financial investors around USD 180 million for the next round. Looking to 2017, Mr Mazzilli is planning to increase Orrick’s cyber-security team in Italy with some high-profile and focused lawyers. He concluded: “Cybersecurity and data breaches are foremost concerns for my tech company clients. I want to implement such practice in tech so as to assist our clients in devising proactive strategies that will prevent litigation, and protect their company’s reputation should a breach occur.”

He noted: “Beside my client portfolio, which includes several investors, I am very happy to work on the founder’s side, joining their project and feeling as part of the same. In the past I have assisted several companies from day one, side by side with the manager until

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