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Tax Law Firm of the Year in Germany / Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Germany GRP Rainer LLP Michael Rainer Salary Partner Tel: +49 221 2722750 GRP Rainer LLP is an international law firm with lawyers and tax advisors specialising in business law, commercial law and company law. The attorneys counsel commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small - and mid-sized businesses and private individuals worldwide from offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Germany and London UK. Knowledgeable and experienced. Responding to the clients’ needs with personalised service is the priority at GRP Rainer LLP, and clients can rely on GRP Rainer’s guarantee of complete integrity and commitment to their interests at all times. GRP Rainer is dedicated to working toward the clients’ success. Reliable and determined.

GRP Rainer LLP provides the comprehensive knowledge necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing and expanding global markets – legal advice and tax advice. In order to gain a key competitive advantage, it is imperative to receive outstanding, wellrounded interdisciplinary advice based on analysing and optimising available legal, fiscal and economic opportunities. Proactive and multi-faceted.

consulting expertise at its fingertips, from legal advice to tax advice and management consultancy. GRP Rainer is therefore able to offer rock-solid and well-balanced success-oriented solutions to national and international companies regardless of their size, legal form, industry sector or complexity of issues. The firm carefully considers all business aspects on the basis of its outstanding specialised knowledge and extensive experience.

The firm takes pride in being a clientoriented service provider. Their clients’ best interests determine every move. With their dedication to reliable, individualised advice they develop customised interdisciplinary and comprehensive solutions.

GRP Rainer has steadily and consistently continued to develop its expertise since the establishment of the practice over 30 years ago. Today, the team of specialists made up of industry professionals and all of its staff members are working for the client from offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London.

GRP Rainer has access to a complete range of integrated and comprehensive

Yacht Law Firm of the Year in Germany / International Contract Law Firm of the Year in Germany CPS Schließmann Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann Founder and Owner Tel: +49/69/663779-0 Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann studied law at Erlangen/Nürnberg and Munic, Germany and post graduate business economics in St. Gallen, Stanford and London. He is doctor of law at the University of Frankfurt / Main and has taught for 16 years in St. Gallen / Swiss at the University of Salzburg/Austria. He is a Bar-Approved Specialist Lawyer in Labor Law, as well as one of the first few Bar-Approved Specialist Lawyers in International Business Law in Germany. His core competence is international Contract Law and Yacht Law. He is a Member of the famed Frankfurt Union International Club and a Rotarian. He is also the author of many articles and books on his main field of competence. Prof. Dr. Christoph Schließmann guides internationally operating family-held businesses and VIPs and Yards investing in Superyachts around the world. Prof. Dr. Schließmann founded the law firm “CPS Schließmann. Wirtschaftsanwälte“ in 1994, based on a close relation to his lecturing and cooperation to St. Gallen Business Schools / SWISS. Right from the beginning, the core competence and focus was on guiding entrepreneurs and corporations operating within the international markets. The legal work of Christoph Schließmann and his team is in transnational law and compliance, especially contract and corporate law, procurement and sales law, transactions and risk management. After 2002, the Yacht- and Superyacht-


Global Awards 2017

Department was set up as a second mainstay out of growing mandates in this branch. Prof. Dr. Schließmann linked his passion for maritime sports and boats together with international business and maritime law and offered a unique expertise, which helped his law firm to develop to one of the leading Yacht Law Firms in EU today. When the firm receives client queries, its expert advisers conduct a full appraisal, arriving at the recommended service approach, which then leads to an offer and clear briefings handled by Prof. Dr. Schließmann – best placed as owner of the firm, and also a well-renowned specialist who will ensure a personalised service and a close eye on the matters of many VIP clients. Such clients include: Family Hold Corporations with international business activities; Yacht and SuperYacht Owners; and Yards and Manufacturers as well as Sellers. CPS Schließmann differentiates itself from its competitors in that it occupies a very clear and unique branch in a niche market, offering expert knowhow and practice experience to a diverse and broadly based clientele. Specifically for Yacht-Law: The firm’s all-round, worry-free and full-service package for owners, manufacturers and dealers ensures that: · It makes sure a build or purchase of a yacht is as trouble-free and unproblematic as possible, and that owners take possession of their yacht

quickly and in a legally sound manner. · It handles the entire life cycle of a yacht, and accompanies you through it. · CPS Schließmann is not a seller, agent or broker. Instead, CPS Schließmann is comprised of reputable commercial lawyers and nominated appointees, which guarantees absolute loyalty and reliability with regard to the client, whose interests are of the utmost importance. In the area of International Business Law: · The special benefit for clients is CPS Schließmann’s innovative core competence of managing and orchestrating inter- and transnational challenges and legal projects over the borders of two or more countries. · Whether you require an “outbound” service for legal affairs directed from your home country to foreign destinations, or an “inbound” service, originating abroad and targeting your home country, the firm will guide you through the entire process, and provide you with the support and counsel of the best partner available. In 2016, the firm completed some of the most interesting Superyacht-Builds and Buys between 40 and 60 million on the EU market, and also grew its network of service partners. Prof. Dr. Schließmann plans to grow the firm by 10-20% in 2017 by extending its stakeholder network and increasing its international partner offices for the department for international contract and business law.

Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017  
Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017