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Johnson Bryant


Sym Otike-Odibi Partner +234 1 7742298

Johnson Bryant is a full service Commercial Law firm with a tradition for excellence in the perfection of its clients’ instructions. The firm’s client base is diverse due to its capacity to tailor its services to meet specific needs of clients. The firm places emphasis on understanding clients’ objectives, priorities and requirements in order to meet their needs in the most pragmatic and cost-effective way. Johnson Bryant partner Sym Otike-Odibi commented: “We encourage close working relationships with our clients in order to maintain a tight focus on the clients’ goals.” In addition, the firm provides a wide range of services necessitated by its client base in traditional and emerging disciplines of law. Core areas of practice include: Banking and Financial services, Employment and Labour, Estates and Personal, Business Advisory & Foreign Investments, Intellectual Property, Company & Commercial, Company Secretarial, Tax & Revenue, Property & Real Estate and Litigation & Dispute Resolution. According to Mr. Otike-Odibi, one significant development pertaining to the Trademark and IP industry in Nigeria is the approval of the registration of service marks by the Federal Government which took effect from the 19th of March, 2007. He added: “However, this directive is yet to be published in the official gazette – but service marks are being filed and in recent publications of the trademarks journal, service marks were advertised. In addition, the current Trademarks Act of 1958 is outdated; however, a new bill is currently being processed before the Nigerian National Assembly to amend the Trademarks Act with relevant provisions to bring it up to speed to address current developments in Trademark Law and Practice.“

“The firm places emphasis on understanding clients’ objectives, priorities and requirements.” In order to remain savvy in matters of International trademark and IP, Johnson Bryant became a member of INTA 7 years ago. Mr. Otike-Odibi said of the firm’s INTA affiliation: “The firm has benefitted in areas of: access to high quality educational sessions and programs; participation in roundtable discussions held all over the world throughout the year; and excellent networking opportunities which help us to gain contacts with potential associates and clients at INTA meetings, events and conferences.”

O. Kayode & Co.


Lara Kayode Partner +2341 461 3120

O. Kayode & Co.’s offices were set up in Lagos Nigeria in 1996. From the onset, the firm’s focus was international, and the advice and solution provided practical. Since those early days, the firm has broadened the range of its services to create a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ for clients in relation to all of their Intellectual Property (IP) service needs. Accordingly, advice is now offered on commercial issues including licensing, acquisition, disposal and management of IP, and the firm’s partners are able to prepare all forms of commercial IP documentation. O. Kayode & Co.’s patent and trademark agency handles the maintenance and renewal of Intellectual Property rights around the world, and the firm’s partners focus particularly, but not exclusively, on the protection of IP rights. Clients range from multinational companies to start-up businesses and individuals who are interested in protecting valuable industrial property. In addition, O. Kayode & Co. is a member of the prestigious International Trademark Association (INTA), which it joined in order to maximise its potential for cross-border networking and referral. The firm’s affiliation within INTA also enables the firm’s partners to keep abreast of the trends and latest developments in IP law development globally. O. Kayode & Co. routinely advises clients regarding the availability of trademarks, as well as helping to evaluate the risks associated with the use of any particular mark. Associated activities include working with in-house/outside marketing teams to establish and implement brand strategies, licensing, review of products and packaging as well as regulatory/labelling compliance issues. At present, Intellectual Property Law and practice in Nigeria is governed by complementary statutes, supported by the common law. The major statutes are: Patent and Designs Act CAP.344 Laws of Nigeria 1990; Trademark Act and Rules CAP.436 Laws of Nigeria 1990; and Copyright Act and Rules CAP.59 Laws of Nigeria 1990.

“The firm’s affiliation within INTA enables the partners to stay abreast of the trends and latest developments in IP law development globally.”

The Law Crest


Anthony Nwauchei Managing Partner 00234 12714472

The Law Crest was established in 1997 as a legal consulting firm with a bias for Corporate Commercial Law, Foreign Investment and Banking & Finance. The firm has since expanded its activities to include Construction & Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources, Regulatory, Compliance & Anti-trust Advisory Services, Information & Communication Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, Insolvency, Admiralty & Shipping, Immigration, Labour & Employment, Alternative dispute resolution, Patents and Trademarks, Advocacy and other services. The firm is also committed to commercial dispute negotiation and resolution on behalf of its clients’. Its approach towards every dispute is always practical and result oriented. This involves anticipating problems before they arise and identifying solutions to them, drafting agreements and executing transactions expediently and effectively to avoid disputes whilst advancing the firm’s clients’ objectives. In settling disputes, our firm remains conscious of reaching an acceptable settlement which is at least as good as the likely net outcome of any litigation or arbitration. Managing Partner Anthony Nwaochei is a law graduate of the University of Benin and a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Mr. Nwaochei previously practiced as a solicitor with the law firm of Wenike-Briggs & Co prior to his engagement for several years (1994-1999) as the Company Secretary and General Counsel of Societe Bancaire Nigeria Limited (Merchant Bankers) a Nigerian Investment bank with foreign affiliation which merged with several other Nigerian Banks to form the entity now known as Unity Bank Plc. A member of the Nigerian and International Bar Associations, Mr. Nwaochei has attended several courses locally and internationally in his areas of specialization. Mr. Nwaochei heads the Corporate, Commercial and Energy Law practice team as well as the Banking, Investment, Capital Market and Insolvency practice team. Mr Nwaochei is also a member of the Real Estate, Project Finance and Project Management Practice Team. He specializes in Corporate & Commercial Law, Banking & Corporate Finance, Capital markets & Securities, Energy & Natural Resources, Construction & Real Estate, Project Finance and Insolvency. He is a member of the International Trademarks Association (INTA), Capital Market Solicitors Association and the Nigerian Institute of Management.

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