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Zacco Denmark is Europe’s largest intellectual property consultancy with a turnover exceeding EUR 110 million and with approximately 600 employees, many of whom are European Patent, Trademark and/or Design Attorneys. Zacco covers all technical and legal areas within intellectual property and assists clients with technical, legal and strategic advice, including handling of conflicts and litigation. In addition to assistance in protecting intellectual property rights, Zacco also offers its clients strategic advice aimed at increasing their competitive edge through a professional exploitation of these rights. The company’s history dates back to the 19th century and has always had a strong international profile. Zacco has ten offices in five European countries (Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) and a sales office in North America to assist American clients with their European IP requirements.

Eisenführ Speiser is an intellectual property boutique that focuses on IP work exclusively. It is a full-service IP firm that offers services related to IP prosecution as well as litigation. Based in Germany, it has four offices in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and a head office in Bremen. However, the firm has an international client base, with half of its clients concentrated in other European countries, the US and Japan. The firm is currently comprised of 40 professionals, patent attorneys, attorneys at law, 150 non-attorney staff and 15 partners. Eisenführ Speiser prides itself on its crucial interaction with clients. It carefully accompanies clients on their projects, guiding them from start to completion. It distinguishes itself from other IP firms in the sense that it deals with the client as individuals, rather than filing applications without knowing who is behind them.

“I have enjoyed working with INTA for many years on different issues, and as a member I appreciate what they do to protect and promote users’ interests.”

“I have joined an INTA committee, which is an important opportunity to exchange ideas. Moreover, it works towards the harmonisation of international legislation a very important point.”

The current crisis has influenced everyone in the IP business one way or another. We have seen a drop in CTM and IRs coming out of our home markets as well as a drop in national filings. However, in response to requests from our clients we have expanded our service offers over the last many years, and as a result, . we have quite a significant amount of advisory work. In the end, we are on the level of last year which is not at all bad in a year of crisis. But it has been a difficult year for many working in IP, in-house as well as external advisors, and there has been a lot of time spent discussing with clients how toprioritise tasks in view of the reduced budgets. Director Tove Graulund was a speaker at the Vienna conference in December. She said: “An event like this is a great opportunity for networking and catching up with associates and friends. You have the opportunity to increase your knowledge and also to get some exposure as a firm and for some probably also as an individual towards possible future employers.” She added: “Being politically active myself for MARQUES, I have enjoyed working with INTA for many years on different issues, and as a member I appreciate what they do to protect and promote users’ interests.”

According to partner, Christian Spintig, Germany is governed by the German Trademarks Act as well as the German Act against Unfair Competition. Indeed, he said many trademark issues should in fact be treated as unfair competition. In addition, there are International frameworks to consider- such as the Madrid agreement and Community trademarks regulation. Eisenführ Speiser has been a member of INTA since the 1980s. They were members of the network when it was known as the United States Trademarks Association, well over 20 years ago. Mr. Spintig called the annual meetings, “very, very important.” He said, “It is the one single event to meet the people you work with throughout the year. Also, you meet not just associates, but also clients that have their own trademark department that invite their counsel that do work for them for brand protection meetings, for example.” He continued: “It really gets the crowd together to do some networking- essential for cross-border issues when it becomes really important to know each other. I have joined an INTA committee, which is an important opportunity to exchange ideas. Moreover, it works towards the harmonisation of international legislation- a very important point.”



Alexandra Dellmeier-Beschorner Managing Partner +49 (0) 89 - 599 887 140

Experienced - Innovative - Client-oriented LexDellmeier offers innovative and creative in-depth IP counseling in Germany and throughout Europe. In addition to the non-technical fields such as trademarks, designs & copyrights, the firm advises clients in technical fields with respect to patents and utility models.

LexDellmeier takes a fresh approach when it comes to client’s IP needs. It strives to understand the client’s business to be their “strategic partners”. It combines out-of-the-box thinking with legal and technical excellence, proactive strategies and clear communication to maximize the client’s IP protection. According to Managing Partner, Alexandra Dellmeier-Beschorner, innovation and a strong and enforceable IP portfolio remains the key to success. She said: “Companies - start-ups, SME’s or large corporations - who have kept investing in R&D, trademark, design and patent protection will be the winners after the economic turmoil cools down.” Alexandra Dellmeier-Beschorner has been an active INTA member for almost a decade. When she founded LexDellmeier, the firm immediately became an INTA member. She said: “INTA is a fantastic organization, driven by wonderful and committed people who work for the benefit of over 6,000 members. Its global outreach and recognition in the field of trademarks and related IP rights is unique. Through INTA, LexDellmeier has developed an international network of experts and associates with whom it cooperates with on a worldwide basis in the field of IP prosecution and litigation.” She continued: “INTA helps LexDellmeier to be up-to-date and on the cutting edge of legal developments in the IP field. Clients benefit and receive value added service from the fact the LexDellmeier’s firm members actively take part in training programs, webcasts and go to meetings and network with other IP professionals from around the world. “Knowledge - Power - Success - We believe that knowledge is power - the basis of our client’s success.”

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