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John rosselli & Associates est. 1994

John Rosselli Dear friends, Having had the good fortune to be in a business I love for over half a century, I am excited to present the latest textile collections in a brand new application. This lookbook (created by our dynamic New York Textiles Manager, Anderson Somerselle) is a tech-savvy, visually stimulating presentation I have to give credit to the millennials. I hope you will enjoy flipping through these introductions from Sister Parish Design, Madeaux by Richard Smith, and John Robshaw, as much as I did. Who better to begin with than my friend, the grand dame of American decorators, Sister Parish? Sister established a heritage brand, that has influenced American design for the past three decades, and continues today with her granddaughter, Susan Crater, and great-granddaughter, Eliza Crater. Sister Parish Design, has a richly colored and romantic collection of graphic prints, representing an eclectic mix of traditional and modern design. Working in his studio overlooking the English Channel in East Sussex, Richard Smith, creates a line that is both classically influenced, and pushes conventional boundaries of color and texture. Each Madeaux design, has its origin in artwork, hand-painted by Richard, and influenced by historic textiles, the Sussex landscape, and the classic English home. This new collection, is full of exuberant designs including florals, geometrics, and stripes, in soft colorways combining refined luxury and understated chic. Expect the unexpected from the exotic, colorful, and captivating collections, by resident nomad John Robshaw. Inspired by the fabric-making traditions of local artisans in India, John applies a painterly aesthetic to traditional methods. Every pattern showcases the colorful world of John’s travels with handcrafted block printing. I know you will love the vibrant mix of sophistication, and romantic allure, of these mesmerizing fabrics and wallpapers.

John Rosselli



e are very excited to launch our Spring 2019 collection. We hope to help our designers bring the outdoors in, with printed trailing vines and small all over flowers as seen in our Palms, Sintra and Petite Fleurs. Despite the cold weather, we are looking to Spring and sunny skies! The introduction of our printed grasscloth collection, is especially exciting as it brings new levels of charm and uniqueness to a wonderfully organic ground. As always, we encourage our designers to experiment with color and pattern, to make unique yet comfortable spaces. Freshened up, recolored, and redesigned for today, these prints combine the old and the new, as they were favorites of Sister and Albert. Each in their own way, they express the imaginative and the creative value we place on our designs and craftsmanship. Again, we return to our guiding principle that “Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting.�

Susan & Eliza

PETITE FLEUR : 50% Linen, 50% Cotton.

Petite Fleur looks wonderful on a tufted slipper chair, or run across a beautifully shaped headboard. The print is inspired by a textile that Sister used to cover a pair of slipper chairs, in her front parlor. Petite Fleur reminds us of home and happy times as a family.

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Pink Blue

Ochre Indigo

Reverse Dot: 50% Linen, 50% Cotton.

Reverse Dot beautifully accompanies our Dot fabric. Its dotted stripe pattern is unique, yet highly versatile. We love to use it as an upholstery fabric, so that the large bands of stripes have the opportunity to pop.

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50% Linen, 50% Cotton An iconic print that has been designed to fit beautifully within our collection. We not only love Sintra’s timeless Tree of Life pattern, but it’s large scale repeat, that makes it fantastic for furniture, upholstery, and curtains.




White On Natural

PALMS: 50% Linen, 50% Cotton

We are excited to introduce the iconic Palms fabric to our collection. It is a timeless design, with a fresh perspective. Palms reminds us never to forget natural beauty. As Sister once said of her greenhouse, “This is where we really lived, with the flowers, the pots of bulbs, and the trailing vines.” Palms is also available in a wallpaper and grasscloth.

Olive Green

Chocolate On Natural

5 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019


Carribean Blue

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Chocolate Fern



By: Richard Smith

aunched on rue Bonaparte, Paris in January, our collection for Spring 2019 had the working title of “Country Deluxe �. It combines luxurious colourings, sophisticated textures and classical motifs, reimagined for use in layered, comfortable rooms - interiors that have an integrity and level of familiarity. Created by Richard Smith, all of the designs are life inspired by iconic interior imagery of the 1940s to the 1980s, referencing designers as diverse as Cecil Beaton to Renzo Mongiardino. The collection offers everything needed by a designer, to create rooms with comfort and style with a twist of eccentricity.

Richard Smith

SIMLA: 100% Linen

A patchwork of different coloured stripes collected from provincial French paisley designs, Simla makes for the most useable fabric. It works with designs of any scale, and the colour palette of both colourways sits happily with so many other fabrics. Printed on a pure linen twill, which further enhances its documentary appeal.

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PUZZLED: 50% Viscose, 25% Linen, 23% cotton, 2% Polyester

A striking geometric jacquard that brings a dynamic edge to a room, making an inspired partnership with our other fabrics. The tactile handle to the softly heathered yarns further enhances its appeal. The name suggests the interlocking shapes within the design. Double sided, it would make for a striking unlined window treatment, as well as a sharp piece of furniture.

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Blue Steel

Chess 8 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019

ALLEGRIA: 100% Linen

Drawing from early nineteenth century Italian damasks, Allegria has been reworked in soft watercolours. The mottling within the motifs of the original artwork has been carefully reproduced and then hand printed on a pure linen ground. A printed herringbone texture further softens the design which finally goes through a “tumbling� process - this gives a wonderful hand to the fabric as well as enhancing the linen slubs.

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MARMORINO: 100% Linen

The scrolls and cartouche within this printed linen, call to mind the ancient Venetian plaster technique of the same name, made from marble mixed with lime putty. These loosely drawn and playful shapes work against a roughly textured ground, and within the cartouches one can find a hand painted grid, bringing geometry and an injection of colour.

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Eau De Nil 10 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019

WHITEWORK : 55% Viscose, 45% Linen (100% Linen ground)

Stitches to give depth and texture, this fabric sings with life! A faint outline of the tree of life pattern is first printed on the ground, the craftsperson then diligently brings the pattern into spectacular 3D, hand-guiding the fabric under the needle whilst operating the machine by foot. The weight of the embroidery on pure linen gives an alluring drape, reminiscent of haute couture.

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KHIVA: 60% Cotton, 40% Linen

A gorgeous cut and loop pile stripe inspired by the Ikat linings of Uzbekistan robes. Woven on traditional Belgium looms, the velvet pile is almost all flax which gives a wonderfully dry handle and a chic, soft lustre which is unmistakably linen. Spectacular when used for upholstery where the different weave effects come into their own as the fabric follows the contours of the furniture.

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11 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019


John Robshaw


efore becoming the acclaimed textile designer that he is today, John “I-Caught-the-Asia-Bug� Robshaw, studied traditional block printing in China, and journeyed to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings. Instead, he fell in love with the local artisans fabric-making traditions. In India, John found that he could apply a painterly aesthetic to the traditional method of block-printing, by mixing up patterns and overlapping them in a more formally artistic way. There, his signature dynamic look was crafted: an updated spin on the exotic, handmade object; a vibrant mix of sophistication and romantic allure. John Robshaw travels to the far corners of the globe to learn indigenous printing methods, which he then imbues with his own vision and sensibility. Renowned for his hand block-printed textiles, Robshaw takes this ancient art of India and creates original fabrics that are at once sophisticated and exotic, modern and romantic.

John Robshaw

Vema Kashmir: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

Vema is a re-color of a very old textile John found in Indonesia many years ago. The print was lightened up with warm yellows and medium indigos, but the history is preserved by keeping the hand-drawn line work.

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60% Linen, 40% Cotton Inspired by unruly vines which were shaped into perfect diamonds to start with, the same block was then printed in alternating colors to give this print a modern rhythm in beautiful blues.

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Light Indigo

Paja: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

Small delicate block prints always catch John’s eye and this one has the perfect balance to work with other large prints in his collection.

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Faris: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

Inspiration can take many forms. Some simple, elegant flowers John admired on ancient Greek hand-painted vases ended up multiplying and swirling across this print, in an entirely different manifestation in light and dark indigo.

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Lapis 15 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019


Amba: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

Although tedious for the block printer, this print’s indigo is printed with a separate block rather than dying the ground- but that’s the only way to get the blotchy color- which makes this fabric work!

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60% Linen, 40% Cotton When admiring a print, you can always look at the positive and negative space and decide which one to focus on. In this block print, you can appreciate bothone moment seeing the strings of garlands and the next moment looking inside the outline to admire the delicate blossoms in lotus.

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Diba: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

The nazar is an eye-shaped symbol to ward off the evil eye. Here, John casts the friendliest of eyes in vivid peacock blue, his favorite green, and shadowy, powdery gray, to ensure good fortune.

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Light Indigo


Lanka: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

One of John’s oldest block prints, inspired by the gardens of Kashmir and the delicate walkways along the chinar trees as the light fades over the Himalayas.

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17 - John Rosselli & Associates - Spring 2019



60% Linen, 40% Cotton Peacocks are always dashing about Jaipur, especially during mating season. This print is an ode to those feisty peacocks John has witnessed getting lost in their amorous pursuits in Mughal Gardens.

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Sag Harbor: 60% Linen, 40% Cotton

If only all gardens would behave in such an organized fashion as this small block print. The tiny flowers repeat in gold and silver, matching back to the larger metallic prints in the collection.

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John rosselli & Associates est. 1994

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