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When you manage energy wisely, your cost goes down making your bill more affordable. That’s why at the JPS eStore we help you to keep more money in your pocket by providing low cost, high efficiency devices that help you to only use the energy you need. We think that extra cash could come in pretty handy this time of year. Why Switch to LED Lighting? • • • •

Bulbs last 25x longer than incandescent and 3x longer than fluorescent bulbs More cost-effective in the long run than other forms of lighting Better quality of lighting Easy on the environment

Happy holidays from your JPS Family!

Everyday Essentials


5W LED A60 Bulb • •

High luminosity Used in common areas, living, dining rooms and other social areas



Practical Solutions


LED Corn Light Bulb • • • •

High luminosity Used in homes, hotels, passageways Provides 360° lighting Available in 7W, 9W, 12W, 16W, 18W, 24W, 35W

Starting at $600

45W and 54W LED High Power Corn Bulb • • • •

Outdoor lamp Long lifespan Provides great lighting E27 and E40 base options available

45W - $15,700 54W - $17,000

7W LED Solar Emergency Bulb • • •

Has a lithium battery with 4-6 hours of emergency lighting Rechargeable with solar energy Can be turned on by pressing the base or used normally in a socket for your everyday needs


PIR Motion Sensor Lamp (Indoor) • • •

Has a wide detection range Detects human motion to turn on and off Automatically identifies daylight and nightfall



Something Extra..

Stylish Accessories that add a Modern Touch Bluetooth Speaker Bulb • • • •

Glows in several different colours Features a built-in Bluetooth speaker with infrared remote control or USB Port Remote control changes the colour of lights Radio range of over 33ft

Only $3,200

LED Smart Charge Bulb • • • •

Enjoy 4-6 hours of emergency lighting Press the base with your hand and it lights up for use (similar to a flashlight) Can be used as a day-to-day lighting source (charges during regular usage) Available in 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W

Starting at $600


Practical Solutions


6W LED Candlelight Bulb • •

Temperature smart, beautiful and chic Comes in two varieties: clear and frosted glass

Starting at $579

4W Flametip Candlelight Bulb • •

Temperature smart, beautiful and chic Comes in two varieties: clear and frosted glass

Starting at $491

A60 Filament Bulb • • •

High luminosity Same beam as an incandescent Adds a special decorative touch

Starting at $750 5W & 8W LED Filament Bulb • • • •

Model #G-125 High luminosity Same beam as an incandescent lamp, but with even more efficiency Always used indoors and for soft lighting

Starting at $470


Practical Solutions


Par 38 LED Bulb • • •

Safe for outdoors Durable construction meant to last Available in plastic, aluminum and glass

15W – Glass and Aluminum $2,000 18W – Glass and Aluminum $2,400

Dusk ‘Til Dawn Bulb • • •

This lamp lights up at dusk and goes off at dawn Perfect for any area that needs additional security or illumination Saves energy due to its light sensitivity


Product Varieties 1. LED Radar Sensor T8 Tube 2. LED PIR Sensor T8 Tube 3. PIR Sensor T8 Tube 4. Regular • •

Available in 18W varieties Long lasting with high luminosity

$2,000 per tube A60 LED Bulb • • •

High luminosity Used in living, dining and other common areas Available in 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W

Starting at $450


Practical Solutions


Tritronic Digital Surge Protector • •

Protects refrigerators, freezers, portable air conditioners and other household appliances Intelligent protection

1 outlet (fridge guard) - $7,223.00 4 outlet (equipment guard) - $7,549.20 TrickleStar Advanced Power Strip •

Smart surge protectors that help to control ‘ghost’ power used by equipment

7 Outlet - $5,381.85 4 Outlet - $5,061.18

eStore 7-Day Digital timer • •

Rechargeable LED Floodlight Lamp • • • •

Great for outdoors Excellent light source in case of emergency Portable Available in 10W, 20W, 30W

This timer works with plug-in appliances Allows for a combination of ON/OFF events within 24 hours over a one-day period Available in 110V and 220V Varieties

110V - $2,000 220V - $2,700

Starting at $4,300


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