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DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH LOVE interior design artistry              


Your printed image is art and deserve to be presented in a modern and stylish way. Our beautiful artisan Portfolios add elegance and protection to your image collection. Your matted prints may be nestled within or brought out for display throughout your luxurious home.Â

BEAUTIFUL SAVINGS Your image collections will be gorgeous to enjoy and share for years to come. On your reveal day*, you will  be entitled for special savings  of  $299, $975, $1200. Choose from value - priced  collections of 8, 16, or 25.  Buy two or more wall portraits and you will receive 20% discount. Interior design artistry clients receive art installation, master retouching with every wall portrait order with our compliments. We know that you enjoy decorating your home with love. 

PORTFOLIO COLLECTION BOX Digital copy printable 8x10           REVEAL DAY GIFT*

8   portraits                                           1490 16  portraits + portfolio box            2890 25  portraits + portfolio box            3690

8 x 12 metal + easel 16 x 20 metal wall art 20 x 24 metal wall art



Digital copy printable 8x10          8 x 10  mat portrait                          249 8 x 12  metal + easel                         299 16 x 20 metal wall art                     975 20 x  24 metal wall art                   1200

2 | 5 x 7 mat portrait              1 |  8 x 10 printed portrait           495                                                                           4 |  5 x 7 mat  portrait  4 | digital copy for webshare          2 | 8 x 10 printed portrait            750                                         

PORTRAIT DISPLAY GUIDE For walls, larger sizes always look best. Have a look at the guide below to see how different print sizes would look relative to your living space. For table top displays, 5x7 and 8x10 are acceptable.

YOUR REVEAL AND ORDERING APPOINTMENT DATE*:  TIME:  LOCATION:                                      

JOY RAHAT PORTRAITS: Dulles   46090 Lake Center Plaza, Suite 209  Potomac Falls, VA 20165 JOY RAHAT PORTRAITS: Shenandoah   128 Laredo court,  Stephens City, VA 22655            

Portraits by Joy Rahat  
Portraits by Joy Rahat