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March 28, 2010

To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Harvey “Red� Johnston for the past 4 years aa a colleague and a friend. When I first met Mr. Johnston, I knew that he had all of the traits that I looked for in my friends. He was very trustworthy, honest, and dependable. I noticed that he put his faith and his family first, and those are signs of a good man. Mr. Johnston helped me get acclimated to my new job, and along the way he became a very dear friend. As a colleague, Mr. Johnston possesses all of the characteristics that any employer would welcome. Mr. Johnston has proven himself to be such a valuable asset to our organization, that he wears two hats. He is currently the 11th Grade dean, and is also the Athletic Director. As a Dean at the school Mr. Johnston has build a great report with the student body, but also has the ability to disciple when needed. He has also trained the teachers on how to deal with the students when it comes to discipline, which has helped turn our campus into a safe haven for the kids. As an Athletic Director, Coach Johnston has made tremendous strides in all of our programs. Working in an Inner City high school is very tough, especially when you have a very limited budget. Coach Johnston has found sponsors for the programs, and really has our squads looking like first class College Programs. He has hired and trained some very good coaches and assistants, which in turn has given us great mentorship and coaching for our student athletes. What I am most impressed with about Coach Johnston, is the push that he has made with all of his coaches about getting kids in college. He has had countless meeting on how important it is to make it our first priority to get our student athletes in college. In conclusion, I would like to give you my highest recommendation on Mr. Johnston. With his dedication and drive, I know that he will be an asset for anyone that hires him. Should you have any additional questions regarding Mr. Johnston as an employee, please feel free to call me.

Best Regards, Shelton Lewis School Business Manager Oak Ridge High School 407-852-3270

March 23, 2010

To whom it may concern, As a guidance counselor and educator at Osceola High School the past 17 years, I have worked with many teachers, coaches, and administrators. Few I hold in such high esteem as I do Harvey “Red� Johnston. Red is a teacher whom the students hold in very high regard also. His teaching methodologies and pedagogy is ideal with students of all various capabilities and he is able to maximize their academic potential. Red not only helps students on the academic front and in the classroom, but also with life skills and personal issues as well. As a guidance counselor in charge of scheduling students, many students requested his classroom. Students all seem to say this recurring theme that Mr. Johnston not just helps us learn, but also cares about us as people too. Our school is one of the most diverse in the United States. We have students from over 40 different countries around the world along with the American students. Red has a way with students of all different backgrounds to get them to learn and enjoy their academic experience in his class. Red represents everything that a teacher should be: educated, has a love of learning, approachable, and caring. Red also is very knowledgeable about basketball as he coached that sport during the time he was here. The same principles he applies in the classroom he did on the basketball court to great success. In conclusion, Red Johnston is a fantastic educator and role model whom will be a very successful educator wherever he is employed. I wish there were more like him. Sincerely,

Steve Mason Guidance Counselor Osceola High School 407-518-5408

March 28, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Michael Showalter, Assistant Principal at Oak Ridge High School. I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Harvey (Red) Johnston to your organization. I have known Red for seven years. I worked with Red as a Social Studies Teacher and Head Basketball Coach at Cypress Creek High School and I am currently supervising Red at Oak Ridge High School as an Athletic Director and Dean of Students . Red has worked very hard in every role he has been given to help our students reach their full potential. He is a tireless worker that puts in many extra hours to make sure our coaches, athletes and students represent our school in a professional first class manner. He has made our athletic program an extension to our classroom using the lessons learned on the athletic field to help prepare our athletes for success outside of athletics. He focuses our students on college preparation and life after high school. Red has done a great job being a role model for our students and has established great long lasting relationships with our students. Many of his former student athletes keep in touch with Red during and after their college career and he uses those opportunities to teach and counsel those young men and women. I highly recommend Red to your organization. He is fully committed to make any program be successful. His many experiences, work ethic, and drive are great assets that will help any organization. His commitment to young men and women help push his students to go farther than they could have imagined. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Michael J. Showalter Assistant Principal Oak Ridge High School 407 852 3244

To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Lajuanta Johnston. I have worked with Ms. Johnston for the past four years, at New Beginnings Educational Center in Kissimmee Florida, and in that time I have observed Ms. Johnston in several capacities at our school. I have observed her in the classroom where she motivates students and staff to take an interest in her subjects, as well as, teaching the curriculum in a matter that makes the students achieve their true potential. She makes learning fun while being creative in the projects that students complete in order to learn the material. One of the greatest lessons she passes on to her students is the value of education. As Dean of Students, Ms. Johnston compels the students to realize the consequences of their actions and teaches them to be aware of the choices they make in life. She runs several different “teams” including Bullying Prevention and Positive Behavior Support with other staff members at the school. Her creative skills have allowed her to dream up a reward system with little to no money in the school budget. She encourages staff members to bring in new/unused items such as stuffed animals, books, sketch books that can be handed out to students as rewards, and frequently visits our district teacher store on her own time, to get rewards. She spends countless hours at the school on behalf of the students to make sure that the students will succeed. The extra time is spent training staff, encouraging students, and making preparations for the next day. Her communication skills are exceptional as she talks to students, follows up with parents and guardians, and makes the necessary phone calls to parole officers or other family members to make sure the students are behaving and achieving appropriately in the classroom. There have been times I have caught myself listening on to the conversations so that I can learn the “art” of her communication skills. She is not only a fair, hardworking, creative teacher, but a compassionate, empathetic, no-nonsense leader in our school. She would be an asset to any institution of learning as an administrator, teacher, counselor, or staff/student support coach. I highly recommend her for any position. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me. Thank you for your time, Angelina Galloway Science Department Head New Beginnings Educational Center 407-348-4466

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  Tuesday, April 13, 2010      To Whom It May Concern:        It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Lajuanta Johnston.   Mrs. Johnston is dedicated to the students and their success. She is a great role model.  Her  ability to listen and help students identify positive choice is two of her greatest attributes.      Mrs. Johnston inspires students to achieve their goals.  Mrs. Johnston not only inspires  her students, she also inspires other teachers to be leaders.  Mrs. Johnston takes pride in her  work and carries herself in a professional manner.  Mrs. Johnston is an exemplary educator  and an asset to the school.        Sincerely       Reagan Phelps   Literacy Coach          

Michael A. Grego, Ed.D.   

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