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Knight Lamp 立燈版車頭燈設計,利用了不鏽鋼材質製作了可以 前後旋轉的燈罩,旋轉罩的概念源自騎士的頭盔, 拱型設計平衡了圓型頭燈以及方柱腳架在視覺上的 衝突感,收闔可以調整遮蔽光源,同時也賦予使用 者可以自由旋轉的變化性。 Vintage Motorcycle Floor Lamp is made of stainless steel and can be turn up and down all the way to the front and the back . This d e s i g n i s i n s p i r e d b y m o t o r c y c l e ’s h e l m e t , and the arch plates in front of the lamp give the lamp an equal visual weight that increases the appeal of the product. The arch plates are also adjustable and can be use to shelter the light.

Detail: Dimensions: W22*H100-150,3KG Material:Brass,stainless steel,oak

Machine Lamp 圓型燈罩搭配短帽沿以及特殊霧面處理的玻璃, 即使是最精簡的造型仍散發不可思議的設計美感 。零件設計上,考量燈具的重量與顏色搭配,利 用純銅的材料來製作,並將連結的造型設計透過 車床加工製作成一體成型的造型,結構變的更堅 固與穩固,也加強了產品的整體性。 A shape which reflects that motorcycle spirit deep within our heart. A round classic l a m p s h a d e , s h o r t c a p - l i k e c o v e r, a n d a touch of blast treatment to the glass. Simple, yet stylish and beautiful. In consideration with its color and weight, eventually we decided to go with bronze. We made the connector into just one single p i e c e f o r s i m p l i c i t y a n d r i g i d i t y.

Detail: Dimensions: W12*H30-35,1KG Material:Brass,stainless steel

戴上你的安全帽,準備好熱血的靈魂,來一場以城市為主題的競賽..... Put on your helmet and ready your adventurous spirit, and bring about a city-themed competition.....

椅面我們使用復古摩托車象徵性的真皮坐墊,完美呈現了英國60年代流行的騎士精神。 For the seat we use the leather padding iconic to vintage motorcycles, p r e s e n t i n g t h e p o p u l a r e n g l i s h r i d i n g s p i r i t o f t h e 6 0 s p e r f e c t l y.

Detail: Dimensions: W42*D45*H67,4.5KG Material: Metal,leather

Racer 以機車零件發想做設計,用避震器成為我們的設計要素,不僅在乘坐上更為舒適, 在造型上也有畫龍點睛的效果。 Our inspiration comes from the par ts of motorcycles; using the shock absorber as an element, not only does the chair become more comfortable, visually it also ser ves the finishing touch.

Interstate Design Studio No.3, Aly. 167, Ln. 120, Hulin St., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 02-2749-1755

Interstate Design  
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