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Leadership support for The Joyce Theater Foundation has been received from the LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust.

Champion support for The Joyce’s annual programming has been provided by Howard Gilman Foundation and The Shubert Foundation.

Champion support for The Joyce’s Creative Residencies Program supporting choreographers and dance companies has been provided by Mellon Foundation.

Major support for The Joyce has been provided by Ford Foundation, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, and The SHS Foundation.

Special funding for The Joyce's presentation of Camille A. Brown & Dancers has been provided by the Executive Director’s Fund at The Joyce Theater Foundation, with support from Jessica Lang Dance, Inc.



When one reflects upon the magnificent body of work in Camille A. Brown’s The Trilogy, it is impossible not to speak about the connection between the three works, affectionately known to us as TOL, BGLP, and ink, without talking about Camille Brown’s singular talent as a dancer. I first met Camille when she joined Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE in 2002. She danced then as she choreographs now with a stellar commitment to craft composed of rhythmic intensity, clarity of purpose, depth of musicality, and searing theatrical expression. The three works in The Trilogy stand alone as works of art for their brilliant use of these elements, complemented by detailed attention to visual media and set design that transport the audience into a stunning film-like atmosphere. Add to this mix, the vision of a brilliant storyteller eager to see more and different aspects and excavations of an African-American experience depicted onstage that are connected to her own experiences and you have the ancestral thread that weaves The Trilogy into an ancestral light beam that will, alongside Graham and Ailey and Glass and Dunham, illuminate the dance and art canons for centuries to come. The journey fittingly began as Camille stepped upon the launchpad of her own dual career in 2012 with Mr. TOL E. RAncE and the creation of a work that honors and reflects upon the duality of the history of the Black performer and Black performance. BGLP followed, exhibiting authentic reflections of Black girlhood and joy, challenge, and reflection, layered with tenderness and a fierce love of Black culture. Then came ink, an ode to Black love, Black music, and Black people–Black people as lovers, friends, brothers, superheroes. Live music flows through each of them, connecting artistic valleys to social dance mountains to be climbed while singing the lines of your favorite spiritual or reciting the verses of an iconic Maya Poem that we can’t stop, we won’t stop singing, chanting, watching, experiencing because, each of them completes us anew, and we are forever changed. What a blessing... Thank you, Camille A. Brown, dancers and collaborators for this Trilogy of cultural gifts. Ase’ – Pamela M. Green, Artist Representative

The revival of works in The Trilogy was made possible, in part, with public support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Lead funding for this revival of The Trilogy was provided by the Mellon Foundation, with additional support from the Harkness Foundation of Dance, and Jody and John Arnhold.

The Trilogy, including BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE at The Joyce Theater and ink at the Apollo Theater, was revived (in part) during a residency at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park.

BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play (2015)

(Tues 10/25 & Wed 10/26 at 7:30pm; Thu 10/27 at 8pm)

Directed and Choreographed by Camille A. Brown in collaboration with the women of CABD

Performed by Beatrice Capote, Chloe Davis, Catherine Foster, Yusha-Marie Sorzano, and Camille A. Brown

Pianist Electric Bassist Music

Kwinton Gray Robin Bramlett

Original compositions

Back in the day, All Grownt up, and Beautiful memories by Scott Patterson Jump!, She Fast, and Tender by Tracy Wormworth

Everything in its right place by Radiohead - Rendition by Scott Patterson, Tracy Wormworth, and Kwinton Gray

Handclap/Nursery Rhymes: Miss Mary Mack, Miss Susie Had a Steamboat, and Green Sally

Production Stage Manager


Lighting Design

Lighting Supervisor

Sound Design Set Design Costume Design Contributors

Original Tap Coaches

Robert McIntyre

Daniel Banks, Kamilah Forbes, and Talvin Wilks Burke Wilmore Jane Chan

Sam Crawford

Elizabeth C. Nelson

Carolyn Meckha Cherry, Mayte Natalio, and Catherine Foster Shaune Johnson and Marshall Davis

The creation and presentation of BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play is supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project with lead funding provided by The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Mellon Foundation, with additional support from the Community Connections Fund of the MetLife Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Major support for this work also comes from the MAP Fund, primarily supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional funds from Mellon Foundation; Engaging Dance Audiences administered by Dance/USA and made possible with generous funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation; a Jerome Foundation 50th Anniversary Grant; New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the Legislature of the State of New York; Harkness Foundation for Dance; and a 2014 New York City Center Choreography Fellowship.

This work was commissioned by DANCECleveland through a 2014 Joyce Award from The Joyce Foundation, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at The University of Maryland, Juniata Presents and Juniata College. It was developed, in part, during a residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY awarded through the Princess Grace Foundation–USA Works in Progress residency program; a creative residency at The Yard, The Flynn Center, and the Wesleyan Center for the Arts; a technical residency at Juniata College in Huntington, PA; a residency at New York City Center; and a residency at Newcomb Dance Program, Tulane University Department of Theatre and Dance.




BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play

BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play celebrates the unspoken rhythm and language that Black girls have through Double Dutch, social dances, and hand-clapping games that are contemporary and ancestral.

Kyra Gaunt’s book, The Games Black Girls Play, inspired the concept for the work. The word “play” immediately shot out. I started thinking about my childhood and the many games I used to play—Double Dutch, Red light, Green light, Marco Polo—and how it was hard for me to find narratives within the media that showcased Black girls being just that: girls. This instantly resonated and became personal. Who was I before the world defined me? What are the unspoken languages within Black girl culture that are multidimensional and have been appropriated and compartmentalized by others? What are the dimensions of Black girl joy that cannot be boxed into a smile or a grimace, but demonstrated in a head tilt, lip smack, hand gesture, and more?

BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play showcases and elevates the rhythms and gestures of childhood play, highlights the musical complexity and composition, and claims them as art. It shows the power of sisterhood and the fact that, as we mature, Black girls still play. It is remembering, conjuring, honoring, and healing. It’s a Black girl’s story through her gaze. This work is a gift to myself and Black girls everywhere.

If our audiences see parts of themselves in our work—their struggles and their joys— regardless of their color, gender, or socioeconomic background, then I know we have done our job.

Let’s play!

Camille A. Brown

Photo by Sharen Bradford (Left). Photo by Christopher Duggan (Right).


Mr. TOL E. RAncE (2012)

(Sat 10/29 at 8pm; Sun 10/30 at 2pm & 7:30pm)

Directed and Choreographed by Camille A. Brown in collaboration with CABD


Chloe Davis, Timothy Edwards, Juel D. Lane, Sarah Parker, William Roberson, Courtney Ross, Jay Staten, Maleek Washington, and Camille A. Brown


Lighting Design Set Design Costumes

Dramaturgs Animation

Original Music

Kwinton Gray Burke Wilmore

Philip Treviño

Carolyn Meckha Cherry

Talvin Wilks and Kamilah Forbes

Isabela Dos Santos

Scott Patterson, The Overture, Showtime, and Hattie Mae (arrangement of Hattie Mae by Kwinton Gray)

Additional Music

Selections from The Streetbeater by Quincy Jones Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Willard C. Smith & Jeffrey Townes Shine on Me by Andrae Crouch

Movin’ on Up by Jeff Barry & Ja'Net DuBois Lorraine’s Rag and What A Wonderful World rendition by Brandon McCune, performed by Kwinton Gray KC Winning Game Theme by Kurt “KC” Clayton Manipulator - moments 1-3

1. Demaskus

2. Too much to see

3. The same house Recorded raw material by Patrick Doane, composed by Jonathan Melville Pratt

Media and conceptual contributions from Michael Paul Britto and Stacey Muhammad

ACT I: Change the joke, slip the yoke

In Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man, “the Invisible Man's decision to live underground is not a retreat, the symbol of defeat or an escape. It is in fact the next stage on his path towards enlightenment and selfunderstanding, the conduit towards autonomy and activity.”

--"Changing the Joke: Invisibility in Merleau-Ponty & Ellison" by Jeremy Weate in Philosophia Africana, Vol 6, No. 1

What It Is Beat It Out

What’s Your Damage?

Scheduled Programming


ACT II: unreconciled strivings

“Humor is what you wish in your secret heart were not funny, but it is, and you must laugh. Humor is your own unconscious therapy.” - Langston Hughes

The Dozens Who You Be, Nigga...That’s Me! March Dawn

The Real Cool

Inspired by Mel Watkins’ book, On The Real Side: From Slavery to Chris Rock, Spike Lee’s controversial movie, Bamboozled, and Dave Chappelle’s dancing vs. shuffling analogy, this evening-length dance theater work is a bitingly humorous look at minstrelsy, blackface, and the “double consciousness” (W.E.B. DuBois) and the “mask” of survival that Black performers have had to endure throughout history. Through comedy, live original music, animation, theater, and poignantly retrospective dance vocabulary, Mr. TOL E. RAncE addresses the stereotypical roles that have been assigned to Black popular culture, and speaks to the issue of tolerance--how much Black performers have had to tolerate yesterday and today. Blending and contrasting the contemporary with the historic, this deeply personal work strives to engage the community in a timely--and always relevant-dialogue about where we, as Black artists, have been, where we are, and where we might want to be.

The creation of Mr. TOL E. RAncE was supported by the National Endowment for the Arts in cooperation with the New England Foundation for the Arts through the National Dance Project (NDP). Major support for NDP is provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Mellon Foundation, with additional support from the Community Connections Fund of the MetLife Foundation. This work was created, in part, during a Creative Development Residency at the Bates Dance Festival and Kingsborough Community College. This work was also funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the Legislature of the State of New York.

A production residency for this work was supported by the National Dance Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts, with funding from Mellon Foundation. This residency took place at The Grier School and Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA.

Lead support for the revival of Mr. TOL E. RAncE in 2019 at The Joyce Theater was provided by Jay Franke and David Herro with additional support provided by the New York State Council on the Arts and the Harkness Foundation for Dance.

CABD would also like to thank the original cast members of Mr. TOL E. RAncE: Juel D. Lane, Mayte Natalio, Waldean Nelson, Mora-Amina Parker, Scott Patterson, Keon Thoulouis, and Willie “Tre” Smith.

Music Credits: The Streetbeater (alternate title: Sanford and Son Theme) by Quincy Jones, Warner Chappell Music, Inc; Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Willard C. Smith & Jeffrey Townes, Universal Music Publishing Group; Shine on Me (alternate title AMEN Theme) by Andrae Crouch, Backfield Music, publisher; Movin on Up (alternate title Jeffersons’ Theme) by Jeff Barry and Ja'Net DuBois; EMI Belfast Music INC, a division of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, LLC.



Mel Watkins’ book, On the Real Side shines light on the idea of the “inside” and “outside” perception of Blacks through the lens of humor, tracing Black American entertainment to the slave plantation-- The Dozens, jive talk, et cetera-- all coming from a place of pain and transformed into perseverance, humor, and joy. The pain still exists but has been disrupted by the ingenuity, humor, and joy of Black artists. It made me ask, what happens to the human spirit behind the mask?

I couldn’t stop thinking about the W.C. Fields quote about Bert Williams, “the funniest man I ever saw, and the saddest man I ever knew.” How could that be? The mask is real. Humor comes from pain.

In crafting this work I wanted to embody the humor and perseverance of Black performers as well as examine historic and current stereotypes. What does “outside” perception look like? The grotesqueness. Since this work was created, we’ve learned that white people donning “Blackface” is not a thing of the past. And since we first premiered Mr. TOL E. RAncE there have been many instances of Black people being killed because of these distorted perceptions that have deep and specific places of origin in our history.

This piece is about perception.

Honoring the complexity of our history, the work invites audiences to pose these questions to themselves. BLACK GIRL and ink reclaim and celebrate Black narratives and culture, Mr. TOL E. RAncE examines what Paul Laurence Dunbar captured in verse, “We wear the mask that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes.” The theme that floats through all of them is this: Black people continue to rise above and maneuver within the game, creating pathways for liberation, healing, and celebration.

CABD would like to express its deep gratitude to Linda Shelton, Danni Gee, Huong Hoang, Andy Sheagren, Christine Tully, Nadia Halim, Julia Thorncroft, Jeff Segal, Lisa Gendell, and the entire Joyce Theater Staff and Board of Directors for their ongoing support of Camille A. Brown & Dancers and The Trilogy presentation. A special shout out and heartfelt thanks to Aaron Mattocks for all his efforts on behalf of Camille’s vision and The Trilogy performances.

Profound appreciation and love to Pamela Green, whose vision and caring support of Camille and Camille A. Brown & Dancers has helped bring Camille’s work to stages around the country for over a decade. Her wise counsel, passionate love of the work and unbridled commitment to the Company has been indispensable. Without her, Camille’s dream of presenting The Trilogy together would not have happened.

Thanks to the following very generous donors and our benefit host committee for their support: Jody & John Arnhold, Courtney A. Bennett, Judy Byrd, Khephra Burns & Susan Taylor, Caroline & Paul Cronson, Cathy Edwards, Jennifer Fisher, Courtney Ford, Pamela Green, Alicia Graf Mack & Kirby Mack, Elisa King and David Farer, Robert Klein, Andrea Loew, Sharon Luckman and Paul Shapiro, Webster McBride, Jon McBride, Nadia Nascimento & Sherlen Archibald, Renae Niles, Steve and Michele Pesner, Diane Rosenblatt, Kim Rosenfield, Bob Rosengard, Margaret Selby, Andrea Small, Donald Sutton, Mark A. Thomas, Elaine Wolbrom.


Special thanks to the following individuals for their advocacy and support of the Company’s artistic and engagement efforts: Laura Aden, Anna Campbell, Lane Harwell, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Vicki Reiss, Cidra Sebastien, Nancy Wan, Shauné Zunzanyika, Joan Finkelstein, Jody and John Arnhold, Thomas De Frantz, Dexter Jones, Kamilah Forbes, Susan Weaving, Joey Vigliotti, and Margaret Selby.

Sincere gratitude to the CABD, INC. Board of Directors and Chair Kim Rosenfield for their invaluable support and guidance that has helped the Company grow and prosper. A heartfelt thanks to the CABD staff Diane Rosenblatt, Ticia Baratta, Michelle Rivera, and the entire CABD team for all their hard work and dedication.

To the dancers and musicians of CABD we thank you for your dedication, generosity, and commitment to the work. We can’t do this without you.

Thanks to our Board Development Task Force Members for their time, energy, advice, and wisdom: Sherlen Archibald, Neil Barclay, Courtney Bennett, Khephra Burns, Judy Byrd, Caroline Cronson, Oskar Eustis, Joan Finkelstein, Courtney Ford, Alicia Graf Mack, Laura Ingoglia, Colleen Jennings-Rogensack, Emil Kang, Elisa King, Webster McBride, Sharon Luckman, Steven Pesner, Kim Rosenfield, Mark A. Thomas, Lawrence Satterfield, Linda Shelton, Susan Taylor, Renae Williams Niles, and Reggie Van Lee and to Laura Aden and Anna Campbell and the Howard Gilman Foundation.


Camille A. Brown & Dancers (CABD) is a Bessie award-winning, NYC-based dance company that soars through history like a whirlwind. Recognized for blending modern, hip hop, African, tap, and social dance to forge riveting works that ripple with energy, urgency, and powerful theatricality, CABD reclaims Black narratives with historically informed and thought-provoking repertory on race, culture, and identity. The Company has toured its repertory with live music to 72 cities in the US and internationally. CABD performs for 20,000+ people, and serves 5,000+ engagement participants annually through free community programs that elevate African diaspora aesthetics. In May 2020, CABD launched its Social Dance for Social Change virtual school, offering free online artist/scholar lectures by notable speakers and social dance classes, led by Company dancers. To date, the virtual school has 95,000 participants and continues to grow. CABD is delighted to return to touring and looks forward to a robust touring season, performing for audiences across the country. In addition, the Company is excited to embark on creative residencies at Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts and the Pocantico Center in NY.

CABD’s 2022-23 performances and community engagement activities are supported, in part, by the Mellon Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Ford Foundation, The Howard Gilman Foundation, Grantmakers for Girls of Color, the Shubert Foundation, the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, the Mosaic Network & Fund of the New York Community Trust, the Harkness Foundation for Dance, and with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


CAMILLE A. BROWN (Artistic Director/Choreographer) is a prolific Black female choreographer who brilliantly combines multiple genres to create a theatrical, filmic, pulsing experience that reclaims and elevates AfricanAmerican cultural identity to new and important levels of presentation. Brown made history this past year as the first Black director at the Metropolitan Opera for her work as co-director, with James Robinson, of Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones (Fall of 2021), for which she received a 2022 Bessie Outstanding Choreographer nomination. With the 2022 Broadway revival of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf, she became the first Black female to direct and choreograph a Broadway show, in over 65 years, since Katherine Dunham. She is also the first Black female to be nominated for a Tony Award as both director and choreographer of a play on Broadway. The production received seven Tony nominations and multiple award nominations from the Outer Critics Circle, the Drama League, Drama Desk and the Chita Rivera Awards, including Outstanding Director of a Play (Outer Critics Circle, Drama League), Outstanding Revival of a Play (Drama Desk, Drama League and Outer Critics Circle) Outstanding Choreography (Chita Rivera Awards and Outer Critics Circle), and Outstanding Ensemble (Chita Rivera).

Ms. Brown has received numerous honors for her powerful body of concert dance work created for her Company. She is the recipient of the 2021 ISPA/International Society for the Performing Arts Distinguished Artist Award, a 2020 Dance Magazine Award, and the 2020 Obie Award for Sustained Excellence in Choreography. She is a Ford Foundation Art of Change Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, and a 2020 Emerson Fellow, and the recipient of a Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award, a Doris Duke Artist Award, and a United States Artist Award. She is a five-time Princess Grace Award-winner and a Bessie Award-winner. Most recently she was named one of The Kennedy Center’s Next 50 artists. Her work has been commissioned by renowned dance organizations such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Urban Bush Women, and COMPLEXIONS, to name a few. Her work, City of Rain, originally created on Camille A. Brown & Dancers in 2010, entered the repertory of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in December 2019. Brown has created 13 dances for her Company, including the three evening-long works that comprise The Trilogy. On September 29, 2022, Brown premiered a new work, Journey I, II, III, created for her dancers to an original score by Wynton Marsalis, to celebrate the opening of the David R. Rockefeller Creative Arts Center.

Her Broadway, Off-Broadway theater, opera, film, and television choreography credits include: Tony Award-Winning Broadway revival Once On This Island (Drama Desk, Outer Critics, and Chita Rivera nominations), Toni Stone (Drama Desk, Lortel nominee), Emmy Award-winning Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC, Broadway’s A Streetcar Named Desire, The Fortress of Solitude (Lortel nomination), Much Ado About Nothing (Broadcast live on PBS) for The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Netflix), and Tracy Oliver’s television series Harlem (Amazon Prime). She is the choreographer of The Metropolitan Opera’s Porgy and Bess, the choreographer of The 1619 Project docuseries, and the forthcoming Broadway production of Soul Train, directed by Kamilah Forbes.

Brown began her professional career as a dancer with Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, A Dance Company from 2001-2007. Ms. Brown is a graduate of the LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts and received a B.F.A. from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Brown is grateful for the incredible opportunities she has had in both concert and commercial dance and their mutual influence on her ability to create the works you are seeing this evening.

BEATRICE CAPOTE (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) is a Cuban American professional contemporary dancer/choreographer/teacher. She trained at Alvin American Dance Center and has performed for prestigious choreographers such as Matthew Rushing, Darrell Moultrie, Antonio Brown dance, INSPIRIT, a dance company, The Wells Performance Project, Areytos Performance Works, and Kyle Abraham/Abraham. In. Motion. She received her A.A. from University of North Carolina School of the Arts and B.A./MFA. from Montclair State University focusing on Afro-Cuban dance forms. Her choreography uses Contemporary and Afro-Cuban dance language to define her movement while highlighting Afro-Cuban narratives. She has developed solo choreographic works; Reyita, The Life of a Black Cuban Woman in the Twentieth Century, and her most recent Yemaya: Rebirthing to Existence. She is an Associate Professor at Indiana University and is in her seventh season with Camille A. Brown and Dancers company.

CHLOE DAVIS (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE) Broadway: Paradise Square (Drama Desk Award). Opera: Porgy and Bess (Metropolitan Opera); TV/Film: Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert (NBC); Tell Me A Story (CBS); Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Netflix); Harlem (Amazon); Uprooted-The Journey of Jazz Dance (HBO). Choreography: Late Night with Seth Myers; Harlem (Assistant Choreographer); Paradise Square (Associate Choreographer); for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf (Associate Choreographer, The Public Theater). Additional credits: Philadanco, Dance Lab New York. Chloe’s debut book, The Queens’ English: The LGBTQIA+ Dictionary of Lingo and Colloquial Phrases is a celebration of the spectrum of identity and promotes important conversations around inclusivity, intersectionality, sexuality, gender expression, and gender identity. Chloe Davis has been a member of Camille A. Brown & Dancers since 2016.

TIMOTHY EDWARDS (Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. As a Hawaii native, he began his journey into dance at the age of 14 when he entered his first dance class, African dance. From that day on his teacher, Desiree Kramer, would give him the tools and inspiration to pursue his new found dance dream. Tim is a proud long-standing member of Camille A. Brown & Dancers. His current work in theater, television, and opera includes performing in Harlem on Amazon Prime, Jesus Christ SuperStar Live on NBC, Porgy and Bess, as well as Fire Shut Up In My Bones at the Metropolitan Opera House, and The Wiz at the MUNY.

CATHERINE FOSTER (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) is a professional dancer, dance educator, and choreographer. She received her dance training from the DC Youth Ensemble, Baltimore School for the Arts, and at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. She was a finalist and second-place winner of YoungArts in Miami, Florida, and is a recipient of the Astaire Award for Best Broadway Female Ensemble. She has worked with and performed the works of noted choreographers, including Bill T. Jones, Hinton Battle, Darrell Grand Moultrie, and Abdel Salaam. She is a long-standing member of Camille A. Brown & Dancers, where she also serves as an Artistic Associate. Company credits: The Fred Benjamin Dance Company; Forces of Nature. Recording artist credits: Alicia Keys, The Roots, Jazmine Sullivan, Seun Kuti, Davido, Angelique Kidjo, Lauryn Hill. Film/TV credits: TEDx/TED Talks; Black Girls Rock! (BET); Netflix Original: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Assistant Choreographer); and Amazon Prime comedy series Harlem. Broadway and Off-Broadway credits: FELA! (original cast); Once On This Island (Assistant Choreographer); Ain’t No Disco (Assistant Choreographer). IG: @Catdancerpro

JUEL D. LANE (Mr. TOL E. RAncE) was named Dance Magazine’s 25 to Watch. Dancer: The Metropolitan Opera, Fire Shut Up In My Bones, Amazon Prime Series, Harlem, Camille A. Brown & Dancers (long-standing member). Commissions: Ailey II, Dallas Black Dance Theater, Atlanta Ballet, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company. Executive Artistic Associate with the Black Acting Methods Studio. Theatre Credits: True Colors Theatre: Spunk, Alliance Theatre: I DREAM, PCLO: Once (Associate Choreographer), The DCPA & ACT Theatre: Choir Boy. Bronzelens film festival award winner for, The Maestro. @jueldlane

SARAH PARKER (Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is excited to be back for her second season at The Joyce with CABD! Recently: ‘Mob Leader’ in the 50th Anniversary National Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Broadway: Fiddler on the Roof (2015 Revival). TV: Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE on NBC, Harlem, Mozart in the Jungle, Modern Love, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and the Tony Awards. Movement creator, improvisation teacher, and writer. @sfp9589

WILLIAM ROBERSON (Mr. TOL E. RAncE), a native of Tennessee, graduated with a B.F.A in Dance from Howard University in 2013. Through Howard, he’s been fortunate to work with Ronald K. Brown, Hope Boykin, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, and many others. He met Camille A. Brown in college when she was a guest choreographer and has maintained his connection with her ever since. He’s been blessed to take part in Brown choreographed productions such as Porgy and Bess at The Metropolitan Opera and Shakespeare in the Park’s Much Ado About Nothin’. He is incredibly grateful to now be a new company member with CABD, and gives thanks to everyone who’s helped him along the way.

COURTNEY ROSS (Mr. TOL E. RAncE) hails from New Orleans, LA. Courtney earned her B.F.A., with honors, from The Ailey School/Fordham University. She has toured with Ailey II and later, Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE. She has worked and performed closely with Tank & the Bangas, Jon Batiste, Jemel McWilliams, Jeffrey Page, Ray Mercer, Darrell Moultrie, and The Dynamite Experience. Other credits include Porgy and Bess (Metropolitan Opera), 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC), Broadway Bares: Takeoff (Chor. Laya Barak), POWERPLAY (The Shed), 2016 VMA's: Beyoncé (MTV), and release industrials for The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime) and Samsung S8 Release (Chor. Rich & Tone Talauega). Recently, she founded BLOOM Dance, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to fortify mental/emotional health and wellness of youth. Courtney joined CABD in 2019. She gives thanks to God, her family, and chosen tribe for the unwavering support!

YUSHA-MARIE SORZANO (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play), originally from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a relentless performing artist, choreographer, educator, and mentor who has worked in concert dance, theater, television, and film. She has performed in eight renowned concert dance companies including COMPLEXIONS Contemporary Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Morphoses. She has also performed as a guest artist with Benjamin Millepied's L.A.Dance Project. As a choreographer, Ms. Sorzano has created works for The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ballet Idaho, Moving Arts, Santa Barbara Dance Theater, California Institute of the Arts, and Zeitgeist Dance Theatre, where she is a founding Co-Artistic Director. Ms. Sorzano has been the recipient of an Alvin Ailey Organizations New Directions Choreography Fellowship, a National YoungArts Foundations Dance Artist Fellowship, a Watermill Center Fellowship, and a Jerome Robbins Dance Division Research Fellowship. In the Fall of 2022 Ms.

Sorzano joined the California Institute of the Arts as Director of the B.F.A. Program in the School of Dance. She also co-leads We Won’t Sleep, a new musical. This is her fifth season with CABD.

JAY STATEN (Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is a multi-talented artist and community activist whose dance company for African American youth has serviced more than 200 children and raised over 3.2 million in scholarships. The Washington DC native is a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and received a B.F.A. in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. His associate choreographer credits include TONI STONE (Arena Stage and A.C.T.) and Fire Shut up in my Bones (Lyric Opera House). His performance credits include After Midnight on Broadway (Soloist), Shuffle Along, and Superfly the Musical directed by Bill T. Jones (workshops), Cabin in the Sky (New York City Center), and New York Spring Spectacular (Radio City Music Hall). His film and TV credits include Smash (NBC), A Capitol Fourth (PBS), and Amici (Canale 5/Italy). His dance company affiliations include Spectrum Dance Theatre in Seattle, WA and The Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadanco) in Philadelphia, PA. This is Jay’s fifth season with CABD where he is loving, learning, and living. Jay also serves as a CABD Artistic Associate. Jay is a proud member of AEA, AGMA, and IADB.

MALEEK WASHINGTON (Mr. TOL E. RAncE), a native New Yorker, is a performer, choreographer, and teaching artist at Broadway Dance Center and a collaborator with CABD. Washington’s art uses multidisciplinary, experiential performance works that investigate the people, practices, and spaces shaping Washington's Black identity. In addition to creating an extensive career as a teaching artist, Washington has taught at Joffrey Jazz and Contemporary, Boston Conservatory, LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, Bard College, Move NYC, and NYU Tisch, to name a few. In 2017, Washington presented his art at the Boston Dance Festival, Pepatian and BAAD!, Periapsis Dance and Music Noesis, and at the legendary Movement Research at Judson Church in Spring 2018. In 2019, Gibney granted Washington an evening length show called Shadows: the Bronx Blues. Washington has worked with Sia, Kyle Abraham, Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, and Nas. Recently, Washington was nominated for “Outstanding Breakout Choreographer” at the 2021 Bessie Awards. Washington finished a successful run as assistant choreographer to Camille A. Brown at The Metropolitan Opera premiere of Fire Shut up in my Bones. Maleek was named a New York Live Arts Fresh Track grantee. Recently, Maleek has received the prestigious Princess Grace award for Choreography, nominated by Kyle Abraham of Abraham.In.Motion. This is Maleek’s sixth season with Camille A. Brown & Dancers, where he also serves as an Artistic Associate.


MORA-AMINA PARKER (Lead Rehearsal/Artistic Associate) was born in St. Louis, MO, and raised in San Francisco, CA. A child athlete, she began to train as a dancer when she was 15 at the San Francisco High School of the Arts under the tutelage of Reginald Ray Savage. Upon graduation, Ms. Parker was a newly minted member of the Savage Jazz Dance Company in Oakland, CA. She then went on to work with Robert Moses’ Kin, Philadanco II, Dallas

Black Dance Theater, Jeanne Ruddy, Reflections Dance Company, and Philadanco. While a member of Philadanco, Ms. Parker trained and received her classical Pilates certification and has been an instructor for ten years, she is the proprietor of PowerHouse, Classical Pilates. In 2009, Ms. Parker began working with Camille A. Brown and was a founding member of her dance company, Camille A. Brown & Dancers. In 2014, as a member of the company, they were awarded a Bessie—New York Dance and Performance Award for outstanding production for Mr. Tol E. RAncE. In addition to performing, Ms. Parker was also a collaborator on this twoyear project. She assisted Ms. Brown staging City of Rain for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, premiering during their 2019 City Center season, and for the revivals of for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf, at NYC’s Public Theater (2019) and on Broadway at the Booth Theater, where it was directed and choreographed by Brown (2022).

ROBIN BRAMLETT (Musician, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play), born and raised in Bakersfield, CA, is a bassist, recording artist, producer, musical director, arranger, and songwriter who is primarily self-taught; however, she took music theory classes at Bakersfield College to further hone her musicianship skills. Her early musical experiences include playing the electric bass guitar as a teenager in church to eventually learning to play keyboard and upright bass. For ten years, she served as musical director for the all female jazz ensemble, Jazz In Pink, under founder and keyboardist Gail Jhonson which led to performing with notable artists such as Althea Rene, Karen Briggs, Jeanette Harris, Kim Scott, Mariea Antoinette, and many others. She has also performed with other notable artists such as Nona Hendryx, Kandice Springs, Miki Howard, Chrystal Rucker, JJ Hairston, and many others as well. In 2013 she released her debut project, This Is My Life, and she is currently working on a new project which is due to be released on all platforms mid to late 2023. She began performing with Camille Brown and Dancers’ BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play in 2016.

KWINTON GRAY (Musician, Mr. TOL E. RAncE and BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he received a home-schooled education. He continued his education at Eastfield Community College where he studied music. Kwinton is a founding member of the band Friday’s Foolery and started his own fusion group Kwinton Gray Project. Both groups perform all over the Dallas Metroplex. Kwinton is currently a member of the Dallas based jazz group The Funky Knuckles who are working on their fourth album. Kwinton is also releasing his debut album titled Leap of Faith with his group the Kwinton Gray Project. Kwinton was awarded the Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Keyboardist in 2017. Kwinton performs as a freelance musician playing for artists across the world. Kwinton has had the opportunity to perform at the a’ la Villette Jazz Festival in Paris, France with Foley, Kenny Garrett, Darryl Jones, Larry Dunn, Bobby Sparks, and Derek Winkley. Kwinton also has a love for theater; in 2014 he performed in his first musical Rocky Horror Show at Dallas Theater Center. Since then, Kwinton has conducted and played in several musicals, most recently at the Tony Award-winning Dallas Theater Center for the world premiere of Hood: The Robin Hood Musical and the 50th Anniversary production of Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical.

SCOTT PATTERSON (Composer of Trilogy) is a pianist and composer of incomparable talent. His blend of classical, soul, and rock music is futuristic, emotive, and luxuriant. He is a recipient of the 2020 Regional Independent Artist Award for Performing Arts from the Maryland State Arts Council and in 2019 he received the Mary Sawyers Imboden Baker Artist Award. Patterson is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Afro House, a music-driven performance art house based in Baltimore, MD. In 2012, he began composing for and touring with Camille A. Brown & Dancers. He is contributing composer of the Bessie Award winning Mr. TOL E. RAncE and Brown’s critically acclaimed work, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and ink. Currently, Patterson is developing Cloud Nebula, an epic Afrofuturistic sci-fi opera-ballet film, as a Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Fellow. More information about Patterson and Afro House can be found on Instagram @afrohousebaltimore.

BURKE WILMORE (Lighting Designer, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE) grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, and now lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He is a member of United

Scenic Artists Local 829 and an honors graduate of Wesleyan University. He has designed or adapted seven works for BODYTRAFFIC including Arthur Pita’s new Death Defying Dances He has also lit the work of Camille A. Brown & Dancers (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play, Mr. TOL E. RAncE, City of Rain, Good & Grown). He was the resident designer for Battleworks (2001–2010) and to date has lit five of Robert Battle’s works for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He designed Stephen Petronio’s Tragic Love, for Ballet de Lorraine, and has designed more than two dozen works for Keigwin + Company. For the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, he lit Midsummer Night’s Dream and Red Velvet. He frequently collaborates with Broadway star André de Shields, for whom he lit the Louis Armstrong musical Ambassador Satch as well as designed scenery and lighting for de Shields’s production of Ain’t Misbehavin.’ Wilmore designed scenery and lighting for Apollo Club Harlem, directed by Maurice Hines, and the recurring hit Ellington at Christmas, both at the Apollo Theater.

PHILIP TREVIÑO (Set Designer, Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is a 2010 recipient of a New York Dance and Performance Award (Bessie) for his lighting and scenic design for Pam Tanowitz’s Be In The Gray With Me. He is also the scenic designer for Camille A. Brown & Dancers' Mr. Tol E. RAncE, which won a 2014 Bessie for Outstanding Production. Some of his other credits in lighting and scenic design can be seen in works by Pioneers Go East Collective, Freemove Dance/Jenn Freeman, Brian Brooks Moving Company, Martha Graham Dance Company, Henning Rübsam’s Sensedance, and Kymera Dance. His work has toured nationally, internationally, and at such notable venues as BAM, The Joyce, Joyce Soho, DTW, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Kitchen, New York City Center, and Jacob’s Pillow. He has served as Stage Manager for Trisha Brown Dance Company and José Limón Dance Company as well as Production Stage Manager for Wally Cardona Quartet’s Everywhere and SITE, Kate Weare Company, Christopher Williams’ The Golden Legend, and many more. Philip is a company member of Pioneers Go East Collective and Director of Production at the 14th Street Y in New York City. He has served as a subcommittee member for the New York Dance and Performance Awards (The Bessies). He is a proud alumnus of San Francisco State University (2000). At Marymount Manhattan College, Philip has served as Technical Director for the Dance Department from 2006-2022 and currently teaches Stagecraft for Dance. Complete details available at

ELIZABETH C. NELSON (Set Designer, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) designs scenery for theatre, dance, film, and events. She recently designed the premiere show at NBPAC, Paul Robeson, with Crossroads Theatre Company, and co-designed scenery with Burke Wilmore for Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Ladies at NJPAC, directed by André De Shields. Her work features designs of an iridescent cubist forest for American Repertory Ballet’s Firebird at McCarter Theater Center and musical Art Deco abstractions for the musical revues Club Harlem at the Apollo Theater and Ain’t Misbehavin’ at Crossroads. Other designs include Tape and Bulfinch's Mythology for The Workshop at Williamstown Theatre Festival. In addition to set design, she works as an event designer and a scenic artist for theater, film, and fashion. Elizabeth graduated cum laude from Rutgers University, where she studied scenic design and psychology.

CAROLYN MECKHA CHERRY (Costumes, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE) was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised in the Bronx, New York. She holds a B.A. in theater education from CUNY–Queens College. Cherry’s initial introduction to sewing was by her mother. However, she discovered her real love of costume design in 1997 while working with choreographer Kevin Iega Jeff, founder of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater. Continuing her love for costume design in the world of dance, Cherry worked with Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE, A Dance Company and Cynthia Oliver/Coco Dance Theater as both a wardrobe supervisor and costume designer. Throughout Cherry’s career, her designs have found their way into the performances of Philadanco! dance company (work by choreographer Ronald K. Brown), Camille A. Brown & Dancers, Ailey II (work by choreographer Camille A. Brown and Bridget L. Moore), and Urban Bush Woman (work by choreographer Camille A. Brown). Additionally Meckha has designed for some of the most prestigious dance schools in New

York City such as Mind Builders, Harlem School of the Arts, Professional Center for the Arts, L. De. Dance School (New Jersey), and Abundance Academy of Dance. As a dedicated teacher, Cherry makes time to teach sewing and theater to children in urban communities.

MAYTE NATALIO (Costumes, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) is from Queens, New York. She’s a graduate of LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts and SUNY Purchase (BFA). She has performed with the Parsons Dance Company, Nathan Trice Rituals, Roger C. Jeffrey, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Kyle Abraham, and Camille A. Brown & Dancers. She has performed with French pop singer Mylene Farmer as well as Kanye West. Regional musical theater credits include the Ogunquit Playhouse, Dallas Theater Center, and Pregones Theater in New York. New York theater credits include City Center Encores, the original cast of immersive production Queen of the Night and Third Rail Productions, The Grand Paradise. TV & Film credits include Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jesus Christ Super Star Live, Harlem, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Mayte is also a choreographer and her favorite credits include Love In Hate Nation (Two River Theater), Into the Woods (Barrington Stage), Kiss My Aztec (Hartford Stage), and How to Dance in Ohio (Syracuse Stage).

DANIEL BANKS (Dramaturg, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) is a director, deviser, and dance dramaturg. He is co-director of DNAWORKS, a Fort Worth, Texas-based arts and service organization dedicated to dialogue and healing through the arts. Co-founded in 2006 by Banks and Adam W. McKinney, DNAWORKS centers Global Majority and LGBTQQ2SPIAA+ voices to create more complex representations of identity, culture, class, and heritage in dance, theatre, film, and writing. Daniel has directed, led workshops, and/or instigated projects in 36 states and 23 countries, at such venues at the Belarussian National Drama Theatre, The Market Theater Lab (South Africa), National Theatre of Uganda, McCarter Theatre Center, the NYC and DC Hip Hop Theatre Festivals, Playhouse Square, PlayMakers Rep, and The Public Theater. He has served on the faculties of NYU, CUNY, Naropa University, and as Chair of Performing Arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Daniel is Associate Director of Theatre Without Borders, Founder of the Hip Hop Theatre Initiative, and the 2020 recipient of TCG’s Alan Schneider Director Award.

KAMILAH FORBES (Dramaturg, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is the Executive Producer of the Apollo Theater in addition to her work as an esteemed awardwinning director and producer for theater and television. She has received awards for both directing and producing, including the 2019 NBTF Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award and an NAACP Image Award. She was recently named one of the Kennedy Center’s NEXT 50. Recent directing credits include HBO’s: Between the World and Me; Signature Theater: By the Way, Meet Vera Stark; People’s Light: All My Sons and Fences; Arena Stage: Blood Quilt; True Colors; Baltimore Center Stage and Detroit Public Theatre: Detroit ’67; Labyrinth: Sunset Baby; 651 Arts: Circle Unbroken; SummerStage: Sweet Billy and the Zooloos; and Kennedy Center: Tribute to Marvin Gaye featuring John Legend, Nas, and the National Symphony Orchestra celebrate Illmatic. Broadway associate director credits include: Holler if Ya Hear Me, A Raisin in the Sun, Lucky Guy, Stick Fly, The Mountaintop, and Def Poetry Jam (tour). Other credits include: Lincoln Center Theater, The Public Theater, Lark Play Development Center, and artistic director of Hip Hop Theater Festival. Television credits include: The Wiz Live (associate director, NBC); HBO’s Def Poetry Jam (producer); and HBO’s Brave New Voices (executive producer). Professional credits include Hi Arts/Hip-Hop Theater Festival: Producing Artistic Director; Kennedy Center: curator-in-residence. Education: Howard University.

TALVIN WILKS (Dramaturg, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is a playwright, director, and dramaturg based in Minneapolis and New York City. His plays include Tod, the boy, Tod, The Trial of Uncle S&M, Bread of Heaven, An American Triptych, Jimmy and Lorraine: A Musing, and As I Remember It with Carmen de Lavallade. Directing Credits: The White Card/This Bitter Earth/Benevolence/The Ballad of Emmett Till (Penumbra Theatre), The Peculiar Patriot (NBT/Woolly Mammoth), Parks (History Theatre), Cannabis: A Viper Vaudeville (HERE Arts/La Mama), Charlie Brown Black (Pillsbury House + Theatre) and The Till Trilogy (Mosaic Theatre). Dramaturgy Credits: for colored girls who have considered

suicide / when the rainbow is enuf (Broadway Revival), Dreaming Zenzile (New York Theatre Workshop), Between the World and Me (The Apollo), Scat!/Walkin’ with ‘Trane (Urban Bush Women), ink/Black Girl: Linguistic Play/ Mr. TOL E. RAncE (Camille A. Brown & Dancers), In a Rhythm/A History/Necessary Beauty/Landing-Place/Verge (Bebe Miller Company). He is an Associate Professor in the Theatre Arts and Dance Department, University of Minnesota/ Twin Cities and is a 2020 McKnight Theater Artist Fellow and a 2022 McKnight Presidential Fellow.

SAM CRAWFORD (Sound Designer, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play) is a multi-instrumentalist on electric guitar, lap steel, banjo, piano, organ, and trumpet and called one of “a fiercely intelligent, talented crew of players” by The New York Time. Crawford’s recent compositions and sound designs have included works for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company (Another Evening: Venice for the Venice Biennale, 2010), Camille A. Brown & Dancers (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play, 2016), Yin Mei Dance (Scent of Time for the Beijing Dance Academy, 2010), Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion (Pavement for Harlem Stage, 2012), and David Dorfman Dance (Aroundtown for BAM’s Next Wave Festival, 2017), and Yara Travieso (La Medea at PS122’s Coil Festival, 2017). Crawford acts as both music director for David Dorfman Dance and as sound supervisor for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company. Crawford currently resides in Brooklyn where he works as a freelance composer, designer, and engineer. He also performs in various groups in NYC and abroad, including Bowery Boy Blue (Brooklyn) and the country and western trio Corpus Christi (Rome).

ISABELA DOS SANTOS (Animation, Mr. TOL E. RAncE) is an artist who describes herself most easily as an animator but also works with writing, illustration, miniatures, and other handicrafts. She’s also just a human (unless she’s not) — one who likes baking, watching TV, doing puzzles, and hanging around swimming pools. Isabela is an alumna of YoungArts and a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and her work has been recognized by the Student Academy Awards and Vimeo Staff Picks, as well as shown in museums and film festivals internationally. Born in Brazil and raised in South Florida, Isabela is now based out of Portland, OR. She graduated from CalArts in 2014, spent a good chunk of life working in digital marketing in Miami, and now works as a Puppet Coordinator at LAIKA.

ROBERT MCINTYRE (Production Stage Manager) is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania and works all over the northeast region in PA, MA, upstate NY, and NYC freelancing in theater and dance. Robert holds a B.S. Dual Degree in business management and technical theater from East Stroudsburg University of PA, where he graduated in 2012. He has had the opportunity to intern at Williamstown Theatre Festival and Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, where he has served as the Production Coordinator for their Inside/Out Series. Robert has been the stage manager for Stephen Petronio Company, TAKE Dance, Gallim Dance, Encompass New Opera Theatre, Keely Garfield Dance, and Damage Dance. Recently, he lit The Student Company and Dance for PD at Mark Morris Dance Group.

JANE CHAN (Lighting Supervisor) Lighting design credits: Off Broadway/New York - Classical Stage Company: The Stowaway; Clark Studio Theater: Scurry; Stamford All-School Musical: The Little Mermaid; 59E59 Theatre: The Widow of Tom Hill; NY Shakespeare Exchange: The Rape of Lucrece; Regional - Kennedy Center: Night Train 57, Lotus Variations in Harmony; 1st Stage: Take Me Out; Maryland Hall: Carousel; Hangar Theatre: James and the Giant Peach, A Year with Frog and Toad; Other: Xuejuan Dance Ensemble

Lighting Designer; Best Design of 2014 in DC Metro Area Theatres: Take Me Out; Associate Design: Spirit Of Life Jonathan Lee Musical, China; 170 Days in Nanking (World Premiere), Jiangsu Grand Theater, China; Assistant Design: An American In Paris Asia Tour; Shanghai Walt Disney Grand Theatre: Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King; Atlantic Theater: The Band's Visit, Hold Onto Me Darling; Hartford Stage: Romeo and Juliet; Manhattan Theatre Club: Of Good Stock

MICHELLE FLETCHER (Company Manager) is a director, educator, and artist manager based on Munsee Lenape land, colonially known as Astoria. Fletcher earned her BFA from North Carolina School of the Arts and her MFA from Florida State University. Fletcher was a Fulbright Scholar at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, teaching contemporary

technique and dance technology. Making evening length work since 2008, her pieces have been presented at ODC Theater, CounterPulse, Triskelion, and CPR. Fletcher’s dance for camera films include Dan’s House, which headlined film festivals including Dance for Camera Festival at Lincoln Center and San Francisco. She currently serves as Company Manager for Camille A. Brown & Dancers, Beth Gill, and Miguel Gutierrez. Fletcher will graduate from NYU this spring with a Master’s in Social Work.

DIANE ROSENBLATT (Executive Director) is an arts executive and development professional with three decades of experience. She joined Camille A. Brown & Dancers in 2019 and is thrilled to lend her support to Ms. Brown’s vision and artistry, doubling the Company’s budget and overseeing new initiatives. Prior to joining CABD, Ms. Rosenblatt served as Shen Wei Dance Arts’ Executive Director and Director of Development (2011-2018), where she increased individual giving and special event income, launched annual dance intensives, expanded the Company’s work in the NYC public schools, produced annual NYC seasons, and facilitated the creation of seven new works and a major revival. She served as Executive Director of the Armitage Foundation/Armitage Gone! Dance (2007—10), where she produced two evening-long works and two repertory dances and grew the Company by 32% and was the Executive Director of Doug Varone and Dancers for ten years, producing more than 20 new Varone works, guiding the company’s growth from a small organization to a million dollar operating budget. She also served as the Marketing and Public Relations Director of the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, and Acting Executive Director of the Michigan Dance Association. Ms. Rosenblatt completed graduate course work as a Ph.D. candidate in Italian Renaissance history at the University of Michigan, holds a B.A. from Boston University and a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge University. She has published several articles on dance for Michigan publications.

LETICIA D. BARATTA (Finance & Operations Manager) joined CABD in 2019. Previously, she served as the Producer and Company Manager with Lar Lubovitch Dance Company for over a decade. She has produced, stage managed, and company managed on five continents for artists and organizations including Alessandra Ferri, Ballet Folkórico de México de Amalia Hernandez, Batsheva Dance Company, BAM (Jonathan Miller’s St. Matthew Passion), Limón Dance Company, Oregon Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet (Olivier Award for London season), and Trisha Brown Dance Company. As a presenter, she worked with a diverse range of artists and groups, including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Celia Cruz, Itzak Perlman, Bette Midler, and St. Petersburg Ice Ballet, presenting numerous performances of dance, music, opera, ice-skating, and puppetry.

MICHELLE RIVERA (Community Engagement & Education Director) comes to CABD with a wealth of experience as a teaching artist and arts administrator. Born and raised in Queens and a lifelong dancer, she has spent years supporting young people, developing arts and education programming for community-based organizations in all five boroughs and NYC public schools, as well as overseeing arts programming in Lagos, Nigeria. Since joining the Company in 2021, she has more than doubled our Every Body Move engagement program. Most recently, she served as Program Manager for Dancing Classrooms NYC, where she managed teaching artists, partnered with schools and community organizations for inperson and virtual residencies, organized student performances, and stepped in to lead the Weekend Academy where she designed and implemented Dancing Classrooms first series of projects around dance, civic engagement and social justice, in addition to implementing the company's very first series of dance workshops for Black History Month. Prior roles include Arts Education Manager at St. Nicks Alliance, Harlem Children's Zone, and owning a private dance studio. Michelle Rivera holds a B.A. from NYU, and M.A. from CUNY, earning degrees in both Creative Writing and English Literature, and is thrilled to be a part of the CABD team.

Camille A. Brown & Dancers is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are greatly appreciated and may be made payable to CABD, INC and mailed to:

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The Joyce Theater Foundation ("The Joyce," Executive Director, Linda Shelton), a nonprofit organization, has proudly served the dance community for over three decades. Under the direction of founders Cora Cahan and Eliot Feld, Ballet Tech Foundation acquired and The Joyce renovated the Elgin Theater in Chelsea. Opening as The Joyce Theater in 1982, it was named in honor of Joyce Mertz, beloved daughter of LuEsther T. Mertz. It was LuEsther’s clear, undaunted vision and abundant generosity that made it imaginable and ultimately possible to build the theater. Ownership was secured by The Joyce in 2015. The theater is one of the only theaters built by dancers for dance and has provided an intimate and elegant home for over 400 U.S.-based and international companies. The Joyce has also expanded its reach beyond its Chelsea home through off-site presentations at venues ranging in scope from Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, to Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog Art Center, and to outdoor programming in spaces such as Hudson River Park. To further support the creation of new work, The Joyce maintains longstanding commissioning and residency programs. Local students and teachers (K–12th grade) benefit from its school program, and family and adult audiences get closer to dance with access to artists. The Joyce’s annual season of about 48 weeks of dance now includes over 340 performances for audiences in excess of 150,000 patrons. Visit for more information.


Many Thanks to The Joyce's Institutional Funders for Keeping Us Moving Forward

An abundance of gratitude to Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Representative Jerrold Nadler, and Representative Nydia M. Velázquez for their visionary leadership that established the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program, which has helped make the reopening of The Joyce Theater and the reemergence of many dance companies possible.

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The Joyce Theater Foundation is committed to fostering and supporting a diverse and inclusive environment, both on and off stage. We embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms, and value the rich experiences and perspectives that arise from differences in race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and cognitive and physical ability.

We strive to counteract the social injustices and racism that exist within our communities, our nation, and our world. Our aim as an organization is to embody the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

To achieve this, we will:

• Create and implement proactive diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives;

• Establish and maintain a culture of safe sharing, intentional listening, learning, and growth;

• Engage with and support disenfranchised communities by sharing information and resources and ensuring accessibility;

• Develop metrics and conduct regular reviews of our programs and policies to hold ourselves accountable and shift as neededs.

With these goals in place and our Vision Statement in mind, we are dedicated to the continued learning and growth needed to foster an inclusive environment for all. This is an ongoing process and by nature will be an evolving statement.






The Joyce Theater operates on the Lenape island of Manhahtaan (Mannahatta) and acknowledges that it was founded upon the stolen land and erasure of many Indigenous communities. This acknowledgement demonstrates our institution’s commitment to the process of dismantling the legacies of colonialism and cultural imperialism.

We acknowledge the ongoing violence towards Indigenous people through systemic inequality. We pay our respect to the Indigenous peoples who lived and continue to live upon this land, and whose rich history, artistic practices, and spirituality are tied to this land. It is within our responsibility as a cultural institution and our commitment to diversity and inclusion to embody a commitment to Indigenous rights and cultural equity.

We sincerely invite you as an audience member to take a moment to reflect on the history and legacy of displacement, migration, and settlement.

It is our intention to work with local Native American arts councils to better inform our land acknowledgment practices and anticipate that it will evolve over time.


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Robert Musiker Susan Gluck Pappajohn Steven M. Pesner Meryl Rosofsky

Kerry Clayton, Chair Emeritus

David D. Holbrook, Chair Emeritus Stephen D. Weinroth, Chair Emeritus

Saul Sanders

Linda Shelton Susan Fawcett Sosin Lauren E. Shortt Monica B. Voldstad Madelyn Wils

In Memoriam: Theodore S. Bartwink (Trustee 1993-2014), R. Britton Fisher (Trustee 1990-2020), Richard Lukins (Trustee 1998-2011), Anh-Tuyet Nguyen (Trustee 2007-2020), Richard Shea (Trustee 2015-2022)

Founders and Trustees Emeriti: Cora Cahan and Eliot Feld


The Joyce honors the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for their visionary support of our mission of advancing the vibrant and extraordinary art of dance. Funds contributed to the endowment campaign will allow The Joyce to continue its support of the dance community and to commission new work.

$1 Million and above

LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust

Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Endowment Fund

Stephen and Cathy Weinroth Charitable Trust

$500,000 and above

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Richard B. Fisher and Family R. Britton Fisher and Family Rockefeller Brothers Fund

$250,000 and above

David & Andrea Holbrook

Richard A. Lukins & Karen Fry Saul & Mary Sanders Susan Fawcett Sosin

$100,000 and above Anonymous (1)

Alphawood Foundation

Kerry Clayton & Paige Royer

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

The Estate of Dorothy Lefkof The William Randolph Hearst Foundations

Lynne & Richard Pasculano Michèle & Steve Pesner

The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation The Starr Foundation

$50,000 and above

R. Richard & Margery Ablon Apollo Management, L.P. Stephanie Breslow & Paul Watterson

The Coca-Cola Foundation

Ronald Gumbaz & Juliet A. Cozzi

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Jerome A. and Estelle R. Newman Assistance Fund, Inc. Rudolf Nureyev Dance Foundation

$25,000 and above

Jane E. Goldberg Cecilia & Jim Herbert Jane Kendall & David Dietz Elysabeth Kleinhans Arnie & Susan Scharf Richard Shea Jennifer & Jonathan Allan Soros Fiona J. Tilley & Gürhan Orhan Dave Waks & Sandy Teger Chris & Lonna Yegen Carol Yorke & Gerard Conn

$5,000 and above Anonymous (3) Barbara & Robert Berkley Philanthropic Fund

Barbara Berliner & Sol D. Rymer

The Cory & Bob Donnalley Charitable Foundation

Jim & Linda Ellis

Mr. & Mrs. Ira Haupt, II

The Lawton W. Fitt & James I. McLaren Foundation James H. Ottaway, Jr. Kathleen A. Scott Linda Shelton

Ferne Goldberg Sperling & Allan Sperling


Support for planning costs associated with establishing a third venue for dance as part of the rede veloped World Trade Center site has been generously provided by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which is funded through Community Development Block Grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Leadership support has also been provided by: FORD FOUNDATION MELLON FOUNDATION



The Joyce Theater appreciates the generosity of its supporters listed below as well as its many other supporters too numerous to include on these pages. List as of September 15, 2022.

Platinum Benefactors ($500,000 and above)

LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust

Gold Benefactors ($100,000 and above)

Kerry Clayton & Paige Royer Ford Foundation

The Harkness Foundation for Dance

Howard Gilman Foundation Mellon Foundation

Virginia & Timothy Millhiser National Endowment for the Arts / American Rescue Plan Act

New York City Department Cultural Affairs

Robert Pollock

The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation

The SHS Foundation

The Shubert Foundation Denise Littlefield Sobel

Silver Benefactors ($75,000 and above)

First Republic Bank

GKV Charitable Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Benefactors ($50,000 and above)

Jody & John Arnhold | Arnhold Foundation

National Dance Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts

The Jerome Robbins Foundation

Meryl Rosofsky & Stuart Coleman Lauren E. Shortt

The Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation Monica Voldstad Amit Wadhwaney

Chairman’s Circle ($25,000 and above)

Anonymous (2) Deborah & Charles Adelman

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation Stephanie R. Breslow & Paul Watterson

The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Susan Dickler & Sig Van Raan Melina Fisher

Jane E. Goldberg

Ronald Gumbaz & Juliet Cozzi Leanne Lachman

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

Toni Hoover

In Motion

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Henry and Lucy Moses Fund

Robert Musiker

New York State Council on the Arts

The O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation

Susan & Greg Pappajohn Michèle & Steve Pesner

Saul & Mary Sanders Susan Fawcett Sosin Stephen & Cathy Weinroth Madelyn & Steven Wils

Impresario’s Circle ($10,000 and above)

Anonymous (3) Sylvia Ablon Alpern Family Foundation Sarah Arison Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation

John Basnage de Beauval Ajay Bhandaram

Bloomberg Philanthropies Torrence Boone & Ted Chapin

Robert Brenner Con Edison

Jamshid & Mahshid Ehsani John & Margaret Falk

Nancy & Michael Feller Gregg & Jean Frankel Sylvia Golden Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation Elzbieta Grove David & Andrea Holbrook

In Honor of Karen Brooks Hopkins

The Ivill-Weiner Family

The Kingsley Foundation Elysabeth Kleinhans

Melanie Coronetz & Bruce G. Miler LeConte Moore

Edward J. Petrou

Tatiana Piankova Foundation Karen Roth Kathleen A. Scott Linda Shelton Leslie Siegel Johanna Weber Michelle D. & Claude L. Winfield

Presenter’s Circle ($5,000 and above)

Anonymous (2) Rob Ashford Monica Azare Andrew & Froma Benerote Donya & Scott Bommer

Office of City Council Member Erik Bottcher Donna B. Case

The Barbara Bell Cumming Charitable Trust Chubb LTD Ms. Pamela Crutchfield

Jeffrey Davis & Michael T. Miller Dancers Responding to AIDS DeWitt Stern Group, Inc. Keane Ehsani Linda Ellis Christopher Evans & Josh Garner Martin & Linda Fell Jeanne Donovan Fisher


French U.S. Exchange in Dance Barbara Goldstein Paul Feuerman & Bruce Grivetti Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Goodman Randall & Mary Hack Elizabeth Anne Hartman Judith M. Hoffman Val Holley & Joseph Plocek Illuminated Foundation Alan & Gail Koss Christopher Jones & Deborah McAlister Christine Knuth Elizabeth & Neil Kurtz Robert R. Littman & Sully Bonnelly Karen & Martin McDonald Ronay & Richard Menschel/Charina Foundation, Inc.

In loving memory of Bill Perlmuth, Patricia Dugan Perlmuth Rajika & Anupam Puri Nina B. Quigley Mr. Stephen Kroll Reidy

Nancy Sands

Margaret E. Selby SER.O.YA

Barbara Madsen Smith

Christopher Soule Allan Sperling & Ferne Goldberg Jean & Gene Stark Linda B. Strumpf

Director’s Circle ($2,500 and above)

Anonymous (2) R. Richard Ablon Adrienne Albert

Rick & Nurit Amdur

Joel & Rhela Aragona Sandra Berger Marty & Louise Bickman

Judi Rappoport Blitzer & David Blitzer

Ralph & Martine Calder Victoria V. Carey

Larry & Ronnie Cohen

Cathleen Collins Mary Sharp Cronson

Miriam & David Donoho

Christopher M. Elmore

Andrew & Claire-Marine Ferguson Thomas von Foerster

Bart Friedman & Wendy Stein Rochel Gelman

The Harold K. Gross Family Charitable Trust

Susan Ross Green Sharon B. Gurwitz

Maya Hamlet

Ronald E. Hellman & Stephen B. Roberts William Houlihan

Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York

Jane Kendall

Elaine & Howard Leventhal Martin & Rosanne Leshner Jayne Lipman & Robert Goodman

Mark Littman & Johnny Mendoza

In Memory of John MacDonald

Maria Mackey Uttara P. Marti Wendy McCain

Joyce F. Menschel David & Diana Milich

Jane & Michael Murphy

Mutual of America Foundation Cherrie Nanninga Omomuki Foundation David Pasterski Warrie Price & James David Prince Betty P. & Michael H. Rauch Theresa Alessandro Russo Foundation

Wes Schafer & Carlos Galtier Susan & Arnie Scharf

Xiomara & Charles Scheidt

Fran Schulman

Robert A. Schulman

Rena Shagan Alex & Wendy Stanton

Mark Stevens & Mary Murphy

Linda Stocknoff

Marianna Vaidman Stone & Eric Stone

Consulate General of Sweden in New York

Susan Ulick

Ms. Patricia E. Vance

David E. Vogel

Alexandra Wheeler & Rocky Rukan Irving & Elaine Wolbrom

Ralph Womble & Ashley Edwards Billy F.B. Wong & Stephanie Gordon

Leaders ($1,000 and above)

Anonymous (10)

Robert Allyn Neme Alperstein

Gerald M. Appelstein Bank of America Merrill Lynch Kara Medoff Barnett & Dov Barnett

Alison Baum

Pamela Baxter Dorothy Black Kim Bleimann & Paola Duran Joe Bonnaud

Nissan Boury Barbara & Gary Brandt

Edward Brill

Madeline Brine Matt Brodile Joanna Bueche Linda & Joseph Camardo Ann Chao

Larry & Ronnie Cohen Woody & Janice Collins

In memory of Richard Shea Edward Brill Madeline Brine Matt Brodile Joanna Bueche Linda & Joseph Camardo Ann Chao Larry & Ronnie Cohen Woody & Janice Collins

In memory of Richard Shea Jane Comer Caroline & Paul Cronson John & Nada Culver Charles T. Davis Barbara Dau Irene Rosner David, in Memory of Dr. Raphael David Jeffrey Davis & Jamie Alpert David H. De Weese & Anne Heller Ms. Beth Rudin DeWoody

The Cory & Bob Donnalley Charitable Foundation

The Donut Pub

Jack & Eleanor Dunn

The Eilers Family Suzanne B. Engel Mr. Richard Erstad & Dr. Gladys Fenichel David L. Fanger & Martin Wechsler

Erin Feeley-Nahem & Isaac Nahem Judy & Richard Feldstein Judith & Alan Fishman Maria Vittoria Foglia John and Janet Foord Brandon Fradd Judith Z. Friedman Peter C. Friedman

Ania Fryszkowska & Alex Louizos Barrie Gillies & William Drummy Susan Egbert Gilroy Dorothy Goodman John Graney, MD Mason & Kim Granger Patric & Patricia Gregory Ava Hamilton Deborah Harada Alexandra L. Harper Melanie C. Harris Dr. Elisabeth Hefti Laurie & Jack Helfin Janet L. Henner Edward Henry & Susan Monk Ellen Hirsch

In Honor of the Weinroths Lynn Hopkins Gary Horowitz & Tom Wyse Shannon M. Houston George C. Howell, III Mary & David Iles James B. Jacobs & Jan Sweeney Dr. Bernard M. Jaffe Derek Johnson Richard A. Kahn & Thomas Lutazi I. Michael Kadish

Kenneth S. Kail & Ivy Hwang Margaret Kaplen Mr. Christian K. Keese

Lauren Klein Hans Koch Kathy Krall George & Liz Krupp

Sondra Kurtin Robinson Susan Lampard Judith Landon LDJ Productions

Reginald van Lee Michael G. Lemle Rachel S. Levine Robert & Dorina Link David Lovett & Meg Ruley

Sharon Luckman & Paul Shapiro

Jonna Mackin Elizabeth A. Maher Robert Marlin Lynn C. Mautner Marcia Kramer Mayer Lyn McHugh Miller Khoshkish Foundation Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Barbara Miller Michael Mulligan Jonathan M. Nadler Barbara Nagel Joyce O’Brien

Aaron Singer and Bart Oosterveld Trisha Ostergaard David Parsons Peck Foundation, Milwaukee LTD Amy Pennington Doug & Teresa Peterson Douglas & Barbara Pitsch Judith Plows Carole Postal

Donna & James Pressman Steven & Debbie Prince David Alan & Susan Berkman Rahm Case van Rij Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation Mary Jo Robertiello Ann Sahid Rosche Donald J. Rose & Victoria Lasdon Rose Ellen Rosen Harvey Rosen Diana & Michael Rothenberg Marilyn & Alan Rothstein Karen Royce Gail Russell Paula Ryan Deborah Sales & Ted Striggles Alessandro & Fe Saracino-Fendi Moshe Sasson Barbara & David Schimansky Susan Schweitzer Jesse & Carol Schwartz Michael Sekus & Bianca Russo Christina Selin Irene Shen Lisa & Randy Siegel Lynne Smalley Joseph Smith & Leslie Hendrix Marilyn Sobel Leon Sokol Paul Solomon Ellen Sorrin & David York Fran Sperling Michael Stanley Mamie and Justin Stewart Roger Stoltz & Shauna Stoltz-Laurie Christina Strack Abbie M. Strassler William Sussman & Jane Steele Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Cuba Ken Tabachnick & Yael Mandelstam

Gary Tannenbaum & Helen J. Mills Temple St Clair LLC Veena Upadhyay Pamela van Zandt & Gina Gibney George Vanderploeg Lucy Vasserman Michael & Carol Weiss Bill Whelan Amy Williams Vicente Wolf Elly Karp Wong Cooper Wright & Michael Marino Brann & Ellen Wry Carol Yorke & Gerard Conn Eloise Zeller Christian Zimmermann Bonnie Zamosky-Roth

Investors ($500 and above) Anonymous (12) Jan Albert Jim & Kristen Albright

Donald R. Allen & Mildred Munich LaRue Allen & Ebonya Washington Ellen Alpert

Debra R. Anisman

Maria Cristina Anzola Lucie S. Archbold

Paul Asman & Jill Lenoble

Joan Brooks Baker & Margeaux Klein Jennifer Bandier Betsy Barbanell Clay H. Barr Pamela Baxter Joan & Ira Berkowitz

Robert & Carol Braun Jeffrey B. Bruce Carol Bryce Buchanan Jordyn A. Buchanan Diana Cagle

Jennifer Kornreich Cahn & Andrew Cahn Susan Campbell Karen Carozza Jason Chuang Matthew C. Cluney Betsy Cornwall William Cosper Victoria Cowles

Duke Dang & Charles E. Rosen Jonathan Davis Tony & Suzy Davis

Anne DeBevoise Duane Devries

Nancy Denison

Debora Domass Michael Eizenberg Robert Elder & Jacqueline Fox Elder David & Ingrid Ellen Judith & Walter Flamenbaum Dr. Sarah Fox & Mr. Steven Lochie Robert Fraiman Bobby & Vicki Freeman Herbert & Judy Freedman Eileen & Cono Fusco Tom & Nina Geller Karen Gershowitz Elise Larrabure Girasole Geraldine Glassman Prof. James A. Glazier

Dwight Glover Virginia Gold Elaine Goldman Nita & Chuck Goodgal Katherine Goodman Brian K. Gould Lenore & Edward Grabowski Grant Family Charitable Fund Bruce Greenwald Charles & Carol Grossman Family Fund Jane Groveman Glen & Paula Gunsalus Gina Harman Charles & Elaine Harris

Ira Haupt, II

Sheila Heimbinder

Mr. Michael D. Herskovitz Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch

Mr. Gregory Ho & Ms. Linda Sanchez Cheri Hoff

Erica Hartman-Horvitz Ralph & Lynn Huber David H. Hughes, Jr. Laura J. Illich Kenneth & Jill Iscol

Betty Iu Walter Jaffe & Paul King Robert & Marcy Katz H. David Kaplan

Jan S. Keithly Jennifer Aley Kenney Robert & Elaine Klein

Valarie Koch Ellen Koshland Brian & Rosemary Kowalchuk Audrey Lam Arthus & Jane Lane

Stephen B. Lane

Kenneth M. LeClair

Phyllis & Cary Lemkowitz

Michael Lemle Karen Lewis

Elizabeth & Durwood Littlefield

Sophie Main Jennifer & Gideon Malherbe Julie Mandel Marcus Joseph M. Marger Margaret Mastrianni William Mavrelis Douglas McCorkle Lorraine J. Meeker Kati Meister

Tanya Melich & Noel Silverman Victoria Morris Paula Moss Ann Mulally Deb Murnin

Barry Nalebuff

Drs. Benjamin Natelson & Gudrun Lange Peter Nelson Genevieve Nestor Amanda Lee Neville Stuart Nordheimer & Barbara Miller

Peter J. Occolowitz Katherine Ogg

Aaron Singer & Bart Oosterveld Rachel Ostry, MD

John Owen Bob Ouimette

The L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Inc.

The Marshall Franklin Foundation Brian Polovoy James & Deborah Purdon Deborah A. Quirk Stephanie M. Goldson & Stephen Rappaport Charles Ragland Mary Jo Robertilleo Donald W. Roeske, Jr. Deborah Ronnen Ellen Rosen Jean M. Ross Elsa Ross-Greifinger

Anya Peterson Royce Jennifer Goodale & Mark Russell Prince & Petar Sanders Dr. Carol Ann Satler

In Memory of Tracy Scherman Marva & Florian Schodel Lynn N. Schusterman

Robert Score Deborah Selch Elizabeth Shapiro George Sheanshang Tara Sherman & Tony Weiss Lindy Shuttleworth & Arthur Reichstetter Edward Siegel Dr. Jorge Sigal Rabbi Charles Simon Andrew & Jennifer Smith

Joan & Laurence Sorkin Jason Spiro Michael Stanley Jessica E. Stack William L. Stern Jim Stiles & Randy Bird Robin Stout Helen Sullivan Dr. Pavur R. Sundaresan Pamela Tatge William Tomai & John Eric Sebesta

TPU Local One IATSE Frank Troutman Ellie Tweedy Thomas Van Winkle Ernie Vickroy Merna Villarejo Thomas Allen Walker Charles Walker Louise Washer & Mary Clay Fields Gregory Ward Sedgwick & Pamela Ward

Chris Watson

Carol A. Weil Kate Weil Sara Weinheimer Stephen D. Weinstein George S. Werner & Li Werner Tom Whelan Gregory Youdan

Sponsors ($300 and above)

Anonymous (4) Patricia Adell Jane & Stephen Alpert John Angiolillo, MD Elaine & Theodossios Athanassiades Sherry & Sanford Axelband Vivian Awner Elena Baum

Nilda Bayron-Resnick Joan & Ira Berkowitz Kate Bicknell

Roz Black & Bob Eimicke Stan & Abby Bloch Lindsley Borsodi Paul Brohan Leslie Buckland Jim Bumgardner & Lou Tharp Deborah Burand Michael & Jennifer Campagna Kelli Carrol Neil & Kathleen Chrisman Margaret Coady Eileen & Michael Cohen Galois Cohen Richard & Mary Ann Cohen Laurie Colahan Robert Conkey Dr. Arturo & Ms. Caren Constantiner Dr. & Mrs. Frederiick Corio John Coulter Mr. John A. Crawford III Judy Cunningham Diana Davies Jacqueline Z. Davis Mr. Anthony DePersia Dr. Susan Dicker Julie Ana Dobo Rodney Durso Ms. Hope Eliasof Jo Ann Engelhardt Ellen & Frank Estes Martha Evenson & Daniel Hoffman Trudy Festinger Jennifer Fitzpatrick Ellen Fleysher Charles A. Forma Ella M. Foshay & Michael B. Rothfeld Roy Fowler Stephanie French Barbara Futter Mr. Maura Gaenzle Barbara Gallay Loren Gesinsky & Judy Rudin Richard Gilden Ronald Gilliam Denyse Ginzberg John D. Goldman Jennifer Goodale & Mark Russell Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Grant Susan E. Green Lawrence W. Greene Sandra Gubin Laurie Hart Eric Hemel & Barbara Morgen George & Linda Hiltzik Herman & Jacquelyn Heinemann Mrs. Ruth W. Heuman Peter Holleran Huong Hoang Susan Israel Sherrilyn Ifill Ronald Jacquart Willie Johnson Drew Reid Kerr

Kenneth Silverman & Carin Khatchikian Barbara Knox Bond Koga Susan & Peter Kopple Irene H. Lang Angela de Lara Michael G. Lemle Lawrence Levine Sukey Lilienthal Leslie Lin David Long Harold W. Low Peter Maiwald Judy Mauer John & Linda Maxwell

Doug & Regina McCorkle Colleen McCourtney Rodney McDaniel Cynthia Adler McKee R. McNish Alan Mendelsohn Carol and Frank Messineo Holly & William Mensching Vincent Mirrione Richard & Gloria Moylan Aaron & Marcia Naveh Stephen A. Newman Madeleine Nichols Anne & Harvey Nisselson Jeffrey Nunn Phillip J. Pena Posner-Wallace Foundation

The Pulse Performing Arts Studio Jonathan Raskin Dr. & Mrs. Robert Refowitz Lan Rice Judith & Gary Richter Barbara D. Riehl Eileen Robert Susan M. Rosenberg Barbara S. Rosenthal Lainie & John Ross Alan Russell William H. Sadie Lies Sapp Gregg Passin & Andy Schmidt Laura E. Schneider Sherry Barron-Seabrook Mary & John Seward Rita Shawn Kenneth Shelley Jennifer Shotwell Anthony & Rosa Smith Robin Smith & Bill Plante Martha Sherman Robert & Curtis Spencer Margaret Stern Jos Stumpe Henry & Jo Strouss Mr. Lars Rosager & Mr. Donald Troise Ms. Donna Tatro Pat Tafuro Jennifer Tipton Margot Tohn

Tonic Physical Therapy & Wellness

Deirdre Towers Bruce Tredwell Charles & Susan Tribbitt Dana A. Troetel Patricia Truscelli Scott Votey Dick & Carolyn Wallach Jeff Walsh

Doreen Wright Yelena Yeretsky Peter Yorgin

The Rudolf Nureyev Prize for New Dance and Ballet Festival Commissions

The Joyce Theater Foundation thanks the Rudolf Nureyev Dance Foundation for its invaluable partnership in commissioning new works from both established and emerging ballet companies, and enabling these companies to perform on the Joyce stage. The Joyce gratefully recognizes the donors listed below for their generous matching support that has made this effort possible.

Rudolf Nureyev Dance Foundation R. Richard Ablon

Deborah & Charles Adelman Gerald M. Appelstein Rob Ashford

Stephen M. Baldini

Theodore S. Bartwink

The Harkness Foundation for Dance Mick Beekhuizen

Evan Behrens & Dara Stern

Ajay Bhandaram

Torrence Boone

Stephanie R. Breslow & Paul Watterson Madeline Brine

Richard & Martha Byrne

Kerry Clayton & Paige Royer Rodney S. Cohen

Alan & Chi Colberg Arlene Cooper Pamela Crutchfield Trisha & Patrick Duval

Jamshid & Mahshid Ehsani

Augie K. Fabela II Britton & Melina Fisher Kim Friedman J. Eric Gambrell Jane E. Goldberg

Ronald Gumbaz & Juliet Cozzi David Haines

John & Judith Hannan Rex S. Heinke

Cecilia & Jim Herbert David & Andrea Holbrook Toni Hoover Kim Koopersmith Allen Kovac/ Tenth Street Entertainment Ronald & Stephanie Kramer

Ronald S. Lauder Jim Leary Alec & Sarah Machiels Joyce F. Menschel David & Diana Milich Virginia & Timothy Millhiser Karyl Nairn

Abby McCormick O'Neil & Carroll Joynes

Anh-Tuyet Nguyen & Robert Pollock

Susan & Gregory Pappajohn

Michèle & Steven Pesner

Tatiana Piankova Foundation

Betty P. & Michael H. Rauch

Gregg Rechler/ Lisa & Gregg Rechler

Charitable Trust

The Jerome Robbins Foundation Ann Sahid Rosche

Meryl Rosofsky & Stuart H. Coleman

Rowan Family Foundation Inc.

Saul & Mary Sanders

Fran Schulman

Kathleen A. Scott

Frederic & Robin Seegal

Richard Shea Howard L. Shecter Linda Shelton Irene Shen

Henry R. Silverman Susan Fawcett Sosin

Allan Sperling & Ferne Goldberg

Wendy & Alex Stanton

Justin A. Stevens

Raymond & Margaret Vandenberg Monica B. Voldstad Amit Wadhwaney Daniel Walsh

Stephen & Cathy Weinroth

Steven M. Zagar

Richard Kielar & Christian Zimmermann

The Young Leaders Circle

Kyle Abraham^ Annie Alfstad Patricia Arellano Chellis Baird Erin Barnes Alison Baum

Rachel & Dyllan Beck

Lisa Bonifacic Isabella Boylston^

Camille A. Brown^ Victor M. Castillo Alejandro Cerrudo^ Phil Chan Dr. Jason Chuang Brandon T. Cournay Mary Craig Dayana De La Torre Debora Domass Michelle Dorrance^ Giancarlo Facchi Robert Fairchild^ Davalois Fearon^

Andrew D. Ferguson

Erica Forrence Jordan Freisleben

Amita Goyal

Cari Griggs

Ting Guo

Jessica Halper

Mingtong Han Alexandra Harper, Co-Chair

Ariana Hellerman Lauren Hlubny Kile Hotchkiss^

Alixandra Hornyan, Co-Chair

Audrey Hourse

Laura Hsu

Kristen Irby Amanda Krische Sireesha Kalapala

Jean-François Kowalski

Audrey Lam Stephanie Lichtinger Lydia Lin Mitch Lowenthal Michelle K. Marck

Jose Martinez Katherine Maxwell^ Sara Mearns^

Justin Peck^ Tiler Peck^ Ruby Rosetta Pittman

Dora Pulido Brecht Putman Vanessa Rojas Amir Rouzrokh

Setpheap San^ Claire-Marine Sarner

Bette Ann Schlossberg, Co-Chair

Anthony Seaboyer Caroline Shadle Victoria Shadle Daniil Simkin^

Elisa Smilovitz

Samara Stern Evan Strain Mark & Oni Strawn Sara Strope

Laura Vang Lucy Vasserman Alexander Wang Miss Inga Wells James Whiteside^ Emma Winder Lila Ziegler

^Artist Committee members to join The Joyce’s Young Leaders Circle, please contact the Development office at 347-856-5828.


The Joyce is supported in part by an American Rescue Plan Act grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support general operating expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joyce programs are made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts; the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature; and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council with special thanks to Council Member Erik Bottcher.


Box Office (212-242-0800): Open Monday thru Sunday, 12pm - 6pm. On days when there is a performance, the box office is open through curtain time; advance sales stop ½ hour prior to curtain time (including matinees). Closed on major holidays. For Hearing Impaired call (TDD) 212-245-2904. To report Lost & Found items, please see an usher or call 212-691-9740.


Resuscitation masks and latex gloves are located in the closet next to the drinking fountain in the Upper Lobby. AED is located downstairs in the reception area. LEARN CPR. For more information, contact the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association.

FIRE NOTICE: The exit indicated by a red light and sign nearest to the seat you occupy is the shortest route to the street. In the event of fire or other emergency, please walk —do not run— to that exit.

WARNING: The use of any recording device, either audio or video, and the taking of photographs, either with or without flash, is strictly prohibited within the auditorium. Violators will be punished with confiscation of recording device or ejection from the theater, and may be held liable for money damages.


Dynamic world premieres by Garth Fagan and Norwood Pennewell, as well as stirring revivals from the company’s vibrant archive.

CURTAIN CHAT Wednesday, November 16 FAMILY MATINEE Saturday, November 19 at 2pm

“The dancers are superb— perfectly trained instruments— and the company and its repertory provide a real hope for putting that word “modern” back in modern dance.”

– New York Post