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A publication of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

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We are many parts. We are all one body. These words from the closing song at our Aug. 31 installation ritual for the new Central Leadership Team resound in my heart as I reflect on the past few months and look ahead to the fall and winter. During the installation ceremony, in the midst of so much sadness and division in our world, the SCN family shared a quiet moment, experiencing our oneness. Gathered at Nazareth and at computer monitors and television screens around the world, we watched a dance from India, heard a Nepali “Alleluia,” listened to a reading in Setswana and swayed to the beat of a Belizean drum as we sang in English. We remembered, longed and prayed for that unity which is our deepest and truest reality as a human family. In September, we celebrated Belize (Sept. 21) and Botswana (Sept. 30) Independence Days, rejoicing with our Sisters, Associates and all the people there that they are among the “many parts” which bring so much life into the SCN family. Sept. 27, the feast of our Patron, St. Vincent de Paul, brought its own sense of unity as we joined in prayer, allowing ourselves to be challenged once again by the life and words of this great Saint of Charity. Before this SCN Journey arrives in your mailbox, we, as a Church, will have celebrated the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, recalling again that our unity with one another in Christ stretches beyond the grave. As the wake service says so beautifully, “We believe that all the ties of friendship and affection which knit us as one throughout our lives do not unravel with death.” In the U.S. we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day, giving us time to gratefully remember that our unity is with all of creation which blesses us so abundantly — food, air, water, beauty. As the year draws to a close, we will enter into Advent leading us to the Christmas season and the celebration of Emmanuel, God with us, the Source of our unity.

18 A Busy Summer for Volunteers

Brenda, Sangeeta and I have begun our ministry of leadership wrapped in blessings, good wishes and promises of prayer from around the SCN family. We are so grateful. Be assured of our love, support and prayer as united together we leap into the mystery that we, many parts, are the Body of Christ.

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In hope and gratitude,

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21 Journeying On 22 Memorials/Honoraries

Susan Gatz, SCN President

ON THE COVER: Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, SCN, leads a village gathering with one of the women’s empowerment groups she created in Birendranagar, Nepal.


The Journey is produced by the Office of Congregational Advancement. Contributors for this publication include: Diane Curtis, Dana Hinton, Spalding Hurst, Dianne Smith, Janice White, Felicia Rowe, Leslie Wilson, and Marnie McAllister; SCNAs Trudi Maish, Patsy O’Toole; and SCNs Malini Manjoly, Rita Spalding, Luke Boiarski, and Susan Gatz.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


The new Central Leadership Team is off to a busy start having traveled to several ministry sites already to attend major events. It’s been an opportunity for team members to spend time with SCN family and friends while at the time sharing their dreams for the Congregation’s future. The new team officially took office the last weekend of August. Hundreds of people attended the Ritual of Installation for SCNs Susan Gatz, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, and Brenda Gonzales. It was a moving multimedia celebration as Sister Sangeeta, in India, joined those gathered at Nazareth via Skype. The ceremony carefully wove together a number of elements in order to convey the internationality of the SCN Congregation. Leaders from across the area attended the celebration at Nazareth including Spalding University President Tori Murden McClure, Presentation Academy President Chris Beckett, SCN, and Vincentian Collaborative System President & CEO Raymond E. Washburn, as well the leaders of a number of religious Congregations. Meanwhile, community leaders and SCN family members in the countries in which SCNs minister, were able to view the celebration live via webcast. At Nazareth, Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, DD, congratulated the new team and thanked the outgoing team — SCNs Mary Elizabeth Miller, Susan Gatz, and Teresa Kotturan — for their leadership. The Archbishop also noted the many ways in which we are able to connect with our SCN family members around the globe and how we embrace technology in order to do so.

In Mokama, as Sister Sangeeta prepared to officially take office, she found herself surrounded by several Sisters who had traveled from across India to join her for the historic occasion. Anne Marie Thayilchirayil, SCN, described the day, “SCNs from our various missions and 18 novices and candidates, 63 in all, gathered in Mokama for the Installation of our new Central Leadership Team. Clad in white saris with a red border, the novices and candidates led the priest celebrant, Sister Sangeeta and Sister Basanti Lakra, Provincial of Patna Province, in a beautiful dance procession. The crowning point of the day was the viewing of the actual Installation Ritual at Nazareth webcast for the entire Congregation. Sitting at the opposite end of the globe, we felt as if we were all there physically. The most creative and all-encompassing ceremony was moving and inspirational for all. It depicted the multi-cultural and international character of our Congregation so very beautifully …” There were many powerful moments throughout the Installation Ritual including readings and music in a number of languages that represent the SCN family. Following the Blessing of the New Central Leadership Team by members of the outgoing leadership team, words of encouragement and well-wishes from around the world were shared. Dozens of ministry sites from the countries in which we minister and live, sent in video clips. The Archbishops of Belize, Botswana, and Patna, India shared words Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


of thanksgiving via video as well. There were few dry eyes when SCN pioneer Ann Roberta Powers, one of the first six Sisters to travel to India in the 1940s, and the last remaining pioneer, relayed her blessings from Gaya, India. Sister Ann Roberta, a native of Kentucky, has spent the majority of her life in India. The celebration came to a close with one final video showing SCN family members at dozens of ministry sites in Belize, Botswana, India, Nepal, and the United States singing “We Are Many Parts.” A native of Louisville, Ky., the new president, Sister Susan, taught at Presentation High School and Assumption High School in Louisville, and Providence High School in New Albany, Ind. She worked in youth ministry at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Raymondville, Texas; as a pastoral assistant at St. Anne Church in Ruskin, Fla.; and in lay ministry development for Sacred Heart Southern Mission in Mississippi. Sister Susan has served in many other ministries: as Southern Regional; Director of Communications; Director of the Office of Congregational Advancement; Provincial of the Western Province; and most recently as the vice president of the Congregation.

hospitals in India and has served as both a Vice Provincial and as Provincial in the Eastern Province. She spent a number of years in the United States studying both at Spalding University and Xavier University. Also elected to assume the role of vice president, is Sister Brenda, a native of Washington, D.C. She has ministered in a number of capacities as Diocesan Director of Campus and Young Adult Ministry in Brownsville, Texas; Chair of Catholic Campus Ministry Association for the United States; SCN Vocation/ Formation Director, SCN Center in Belize, Central America; Program Director for Jesuit Volunteers International and most recently as the Vice Provincial of the Western Province. Members of the team have now moved into their offices at Nazareth. Sister Sangeeta was able to officially join the team in September after receiving her visa.

A native of India, Vice President Sister Sangeeta, has extensive experience both in leadership and in hospital administration. She has been in administration at three 3

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


In a celebration described as prayerful, informative, entertaining and funny, the outgoing Central Leadership Team was honored as their term came to an end. Sisters from the Western Province came to the Motherhouse from across Kentucky — Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, and Bardstown as well as from Memphis, Tenn. The crowd filled the room, offering their appreciation to the outgoing team of Sisters Mary Elizabeth Miller, Susan Gatz and Teresa Kotturan. Each member was draped in garland and given gifts from the Western Province. Notes of thanks were placed in baskets. The outgoing Central Leadership Team shared a bit about their future plans upon completing their fiveyear term. Everyone joined together for several prayers and blessings. Songs were sung and jokes were shared. Provincial Adeline Fehribach, SCN, served as the emcee for the event. She described the send off as just the right mix of lightheartedness and significance, noting “everyone really enjoyed it.”


Dozens of people turned out at Nazareth, Ky., or tuned into a live broadcast on Sept. 27 to find out the winner of the first ever SCN Super Raffle. Only 3,500 tickets were available for sale all of which were purchased making the event a success. SCN family members gathered in front of the steps of the Motherhouse to watch as the winning tickets were drawn by members of the Central Leadership Team. Congratulations to the three winners — First Prize: $20,000, Donna Schaub of Pittsburgh, Pa., Second Prize: $5,000, Richard Timmel of Louisville, Ky., and Third Prize: $1,000, Rita Porter of Bardstown, Ky. The Super Raffle raises funds for mission sites in the United States, India, Belize, Botswana, and Nepal.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


A Celebration for Sister Carlette It was a profound and fitting celebration on Saturday, August 10, 2013, as Carlette Gentle, SCN, professed perpetual vows. In a truly unique ceremony that wove in elements from the Belizean culture including traditional songs, Sister Carlette found herself surrounded by family and friends, many of whom had traveled a distance, to be with her at St. Vincent de Paul Church at Nazareth, Ky. The Celebrant of the Mass, Bishop Christopher John Glancy, C.S.V., Auxiliary Bishop of Belize, also traveled to Nazareth to show his continuing support to Sister Carlette and all of the SCNs and their ministries throughout Belize. As part of the opening procession, a bowl, pitcher, and towel were placed before the altar to symbolize Sister Carlette’s life as a servant to others. Her decision to lead a life of service, to follow God’s call, Sister Carlette noted, was supported and nourished by her family. The Belizean native is very close to her family, many of whom traveled from Central America for the celebration. Sister Carlette’s mother, sisters, brother, a cousin, nieces and nephews were welcomed to Nazareth. Sister Carlette is not shy about sharing her journey to religious life and encouraging others to explore this vocation. At the age of nine, Carlette told her mother she wanted to become a Sister. The youngest of five children, Carlette didn’t quite know how this wish would play out and neither did her mother, who at that time thought this was just a phase. As time passed, Carlette felt her desire for religious life was more than child’s play. Through her high school years, while she continued to act like a typical teenager, dating and preparing for college, Carlette was also exploring her call. “The strongest part of my desire (to become a Sister) came when I was in high school,” Carlette reflects. “I told everyone, I was not ashamed to say it.” The truthfulness earned her a 5

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

famous nickname. Since her father was commonly referred to as Fresh, his girl was bound to be a little Miss Fresh, and, after confessing to her interest in becoming a Sister … Carlette came to be known as “Sista Fresh.” Her journey took another step when at age 16, her godmother Patsy Cain, an SCN Associate, asked if Carlette could help Brenda Gonzales, SCN, with cooking for a volunteer group. Carlette felt a connection to the SCN family and her call intensified. Honoring that connection between her past and the present and the folks who played key roles, Sister Carlette asked both Patsy and her husband, Curt, to be part of the Perpetual Vow Mass. Her godparents, and other members of the SCN family, have watched Sister Carlette, grow and thrive since making first vows during a celebration in 2007, the symbol of which was a butterfly. It is an image that continues to carry a lot of meaning for Sister Carlette of her journey through years of discernment and soul-searching. She has often reflected, “From a caterpillar to a butterfly I grew in awareness of myself, the community and those around me…I grew both inside and out.” Since living in community with the SCNs, Sister Carlette has been active in a number of ministries. In Belize, she organized a small preschool for children in Las Flores, taught art classes, mentored a youth group and offered cooking classes for the women in the village of Las Flores. She has also engaged in prison ministry. Sister Carlette graduated with a degree in social work earlier this year and will return to Belize this fall to work with the elderly. During Carlette’s Perpetual Vow Mass, Liz Wendeln, SCN, moved by the events of the day, smiled and reflected, “The breeze is saying watch out folks! My love at work in Carlette is making a difference. Get ready.”

A Place of Hope and Healing As the supervisor of the crisis center staff at The Center for Women and Families, Paris Slapikas, SCN, has been witness to individuals often at their lowest point in life. Every day she sees folks struggling to break free from the cycle of violence and poverty. Last year, Sister Paris notes, the Center housed 553 clients at their shelter for an average stay of 47 days. In addition to those who reside at the shelter, over 7,000 clients were helped through counseling, domestic assault victim assistance, court system support, economic success programs and more. Sister Paris says her clients come to the shelter for various reasons, most commonly as victims of domestic violence. Once there, the clients work with a case manager who advocates for them. The case manager helps the client set and reach their own goals. “We help get people where they need to go,” says Sister Paris. Sister Paris is a registered nurse and had planned to serve in a health care ministry. But her life’s journey took a different direction. Prior to spending the past six years in ministry at The Center for Women and Families, she worked at Covenant House in Florida, providing shelter and assistance to runaway teenagers. She explained that her time and experiences working with such a vulnerable population helped her develop a deep sense of empathy for people who need a place of refuge and safety. “Seeing their strength and resilience is a real part of what I like. I like the journey with my staff. Being able to support staff here is a real privilege.” In her position, Sister Paris supervises a staff of social workers as they serve the women, their children and even a small number of men who are seeking help. Sister Paris is very aware of the toll this type of work can have. She has seen staff experience vicarious trauma. Nazareth Retreat Center (an SCN ministry) has provided caregiver retreats for the staff. Sister Paris tries to help them attain balance. There is a room available for the staff, the Healing Room, which provides a quiet space. As Sister Paris makes sure her staff receives support, others do the same for Sister Paris. On a recent day, Nancy Gerth, SCN, was present at the shelter, painting flowers on the doors of each resident’s room. Sister Nancy, who also was in ministry at the runaway shelter with Sister Paris, believes “beauty and cleanliness can help how you feel about yourself.” In addition to serving the residents, Sister Nancy says she was also volunteering her time in support of her friend, Sister Paris. “As Sisters, we are always giving and this environment is especially taxing. So this is a way, a small way, to say ‘I support what you do.’ In the week or so of painting, Sister Nancy looked for inspiration from various places to create the flowers for each room. Many of the children at the Center, curious about Sister Nancy’s project, would often stop by to watch and ask questions. Sister Paris says that while this ministry is hard work and she sees some of her biggest challenges in their limitations and what they can’t possibly do as a staff because of the prevalence of domestic violence, this is where she is called to be. And she adds, she can’t help but be drawn to their clients, who need so much and to this ministry which “offers a place of hope and healing.”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


DOORS to As a volunteer at Doors to HOPE, a new SCN ministry, Brenda Gonzales, SCN, was recently working with a young boy in elementary school, helping him to learn the alphabet using puzzles. She describes the look on his face when he finally got a puzzle together as priceless, “He had the biggest smile!” While that young boy and his brother were helped with schoolwork, their mother was learning English with the help of another tutor. Director of Doors to HOPE, Rebecca Miles, SCN, says that is sometimes the case, parents attend English as a Second Language (ESL) classes or General Educational Diploma (GED) classes, while their children are being tutored. Through the years, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have worked in various ways, in many parts of the world, to break the cycle of poverty and violence. With these goals in mind, the Congregation initiated this innovative ministry. Working in collaboration with Holy Name Catholic Church, Doors to HOPE is designed to provide education to residents of the south central area of Louisville, Ky. The promising program offers learning opportunities, encourages community involvement, and advocates for women and immigrant families. The ministry marked its one-year anniversary in July and has recently hired Morel Jones as Program Coordinator. She is fluent in Spanish and Sisters say she will be a wonderful asset to the ministry and the people. Doors to HOPE operates in the former rectory next door to Holy Name Catholic Church on South Third Street near Churchill Downs. Sister Rebecca says the Sisters are taking small, but important, steps, “We’re trying to establish a rapport with people.” That is slowly but surely happening. Sister Rebecca regularly attends the six o’clock Hispanic Mass, which allows her to become familiar with the community. When clients come to her, they often tell 7

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

their friends and family. “Word of mouth travels fast,” she notes. While she continues to strengthen relationships with the people, a certain feline has become friendly with Sister Rebecca and loves to hang around the office. Tessie, the parish cat, has fallen in love with Sister Rebecca and follows her wherever she goes. Sister Rebecca says she is not exactly a cat person but does enjoy having Tessie around. Her work to connect with the parishioners and other families in the area is paying off. This summer, while children were out of school, there was an increase in the number of children coming in for help. The staff and volunteers, most of whom are SCN family members, spent time tutoring the boys and girls who range in age from five-years-old to teenagers. Before moving forward with the ministry, the Sisters were careful to assess the needs of the immigrant population in


Louisville, and the process is ongoing. Mary Boyce, director of administrative projects for the SCN Congregation’s Western Province, carried out extensive research and determined that the Holy Name area had an underserved population which could benefit from an education center. The ministry site is equipped with books, learning materials, educational toys and a small computer lab. Clients often use the computer software to learn English. Tutoring is offered one-on-one and in small groups. Doors to HOPE leased two rooms from the Holy Name Parish in order to establish an office and learning center in an area that was accessible to many. The ministry focuses in large part on women. In a recent interview with Marnie McAllister from The Record, Father Sanchez spoke about how education is critical for Hispanic women who are learning to cope with life in the United States. The pastor of Holy Name and St. Joseph Church in Louisville, Father Sanchez, was quoted as saying, “First the women have to be empowered to know the resources they have in the community.” He also noted the need to have mentoring in the area of responsible parenthood — especially with older children, “When they (the children) reach

13 or 14, that’s a big issue.” Father Sanchez had many kind words about the SCNs, “The Sisters are a very good example for the women — to imitate the leadership of the Sisters.” The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have a long history at Holy Name, having taught in the now-closed parish school for decades. “This is a way to maybe resume some of that,” explains Sister Rebecca. She further notes that the Sisters don’t intend to duplicate any of the parish’s work, but rather to collaborate with and complement it. The parish has a thriving religious education program with about 120 students. Holy Name has 288 registered families — that’s about 765 people but it is believed that many more are not registered. Most parishioners are from Guatemala — many work at Churchill Downs — and some are from Cuba and Mexico. The parish also has a small community of senior citizens who have belonged to the historic church for decades. “Everyone is excited,” Father Sánchez told Marnie, when speaking about the Sisters’ new ministry. “Sister (Miles) comes to daily Masses and she’s helping with Sunday liturgies. The seniors are very happy with her.” To accomplish its goals, the ministry must also rely on volunteers. There are five Sisters who regularly volunteer and more who are part of the Advisory Board. Recently, Luke Boiarski, SCN, brought a team of volunteers to Doors to HOPE. They spent time painting and removing wallpaper, improving the kitchen and dining room, and landscaping. High school students at Presentation Academy in Louisville have also helped with tutoring, logo design, and more. With the help of staff and volunteers, Sister Rebecca thinks much is possible through this new ministry, “We are just getting started.” To find out how you can volunteer, please contact Sister Rebecca, 502-384-4673 or Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


Empowering Women

Sister Rosita and the Women’s Groups of Nepal The country is breathtaking and the ministry stories are eye opening. Spalding Hurst, communications specialist for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, recently had the opportunity to travel to Nepal to hear more about these ministries firsthand and the many lives that have been changed by one woman. In the District of Surkhet in western Nepal, Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, SCN, has spent more than 28 years organizing women’s groups, and she has founded over 50 of them. These rural groups give women a platform to have their voice heard, offer support to fellow villagers, and provide skills training. Such groups are bringing whole communities together, women and men, in ways that have never before happened here. Women are speaking up and insisting their opinion in community matters be heard. They are making a difference by leading, instead of taking a backseat, or as in the past, having no input at all. Great pride is taken in each of the groups. The women dress in uniform, a pink sari, in most villages, over a black blouse. They speak with passion about coming out from the darkness, finding and using their voice, and doing it with the help of Sister Rosita by their side. In certain farming villages, the groups are encouraged to concentrate on cultivating better agricultural methods through co-ops. Best practices are taught and implemented in the planting of crops. Such crops are crucial to the villages which depend on the harvest. Seeds are shared and 9

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

A woman shows the positive effects of innovative harvesting methods learned in her village women’s group.

organic pesticides are cultivated in order to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. No resource is wasted. In the top floor of the Navjyoti School, women learn to sew and stitch. In the rear of the school, a weaving room has been set up. With these tailoring skills in hand, women are able to change the lives of their entire family, earning incomes and providing income where in some cases, no one was able to provide before. Two women, Meenu and Dummary, are examples of the transformation that happens. Meenu, who lives in Birendranagar, Nepal, was once forbidden to leave her home. Her life was stressful. She had

Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, SCN, in purple, stands with a women’s group located in Birendranagar, Nepal.

a daughter and her marriage began to fall apart. During a separation from her husband, she began taking the Navjyoti Centre training courses for tailoring. Meenu now runs her own shop, employs other women, guides them in apprenticeship, and has reunited with her husband. Once accused of being a witch, where such accusations can have you killed by your own community, Dummary completely transformed her life. Scared and alone after her husband took a second wife and abandoned her, she barely spoke, kept to herself, made little money, and hardly survived. She turned to her local village women’s group where she became a leader for other women, broke out of her shell, came to the forefront as a speaker, and let her talents as a great singer shine. She started her own shop, began to raise livestock, and is now making a better life for herself and others.

A women’s group celebration brings out a festive array of colors in this tribe’s formal dresses.

Sister Rosita is a powerhouse in Surkhet. She has a quiet demeanor in her work, but she listens and cares deeply for those to whom she ministers. She is a great organizer and peacemaker, persuading some stubborn male village elders, stuck in their old customs of not allowing women a place at the table, to change. Sister Rosita creates a path to unite a village through understanding. She has done this time and time again, and often when other organizations could not. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


India Red Lights

My experience with the Sisters who minister in the brothels of Delhi According to the United Nations, approximately 2.4 million people are victims of human trafficking at any given time, 80 percent of them as sex workers. In India, SCNs have launched innovative programs to change lives and rescue women and children from brothels. Spalding Hurst, communications specialist for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, was jarred by his return trip to the red light district of Delhi. The women and children he met face a startling reality. Back into brothel #40, it was my second visit in three years. It was just as I remember it the last time. The same smell lingered in the damp air. The floors and walls were wet and dirty. Young girls were fast asleep on the hard cement tile floor without even a pillow under their heads. They were tired from another long night. Some were awakening after just a few hours of rest, beckoned by customers again, and before noon. I saw three children under the age of three who were also waking, astounded by the sight of me I think. The men who come to have sex with their mothers, however, are nothing out of the ordinary. A tall, fair-skinned redhead with three Indian Sisters, is completely out of the norm for this place. This is G.B. Road in Delhi, India. Garstin Bastion, the infamous red light district, at night, a dangerous place for the uninitiated. People from all parts of society come to this place. Beena Chirackal, SCN, has been building relationships here for years, meeting with madams and then the mothers of the young girls who are born into these brothels. Before her, Shalini D’Souza, SCN, blazed the trail boldly networking in these areas. Now Lucy Puthukkatt, SCN, continues this ministry bringing girls out of the dark corridors of the G.B. Road brothels and into the SCN girls’ home “Rays of Hope,” Asha Kiran as it’s known in India.

Beena Chirackal, SCN talks with the madam of a brothel on G.B. Road in Delhi, India.

At Asha Kiran, young girls are given the chance for a better life and an education. Sister Lucy is the administrator at Asha Kiran where over 60 girls live and receive a formal education. I visited Asha Kiran to witness what an amazing group of girls they are. Sister Lucy, along with SCNs Sujata Maliakal and Asunta Rose Kujur, provide the young girls with structure and a stable home where there is trust and loving care.

Next we visited brothel #42. It was the same story, just a slightly different location. Many more girls were here, all of them applying a new layer of makeup as men began to stream in steadily. Here a very stern madam kept an eye on all of us. 11

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

The Sisters who minister in Gurgaon, India, hosted this meeting with 10 mothers who have sent their daughters to Asha Kiran in hopes of a better life.

Trying to catch a picture of the scene before me on the Nikon digital camera I carried was out of the question.

Three children huddle together inside of a brothel in Delhi, India.

There must have been 20 women, girls really, moving about applying makeup, washing their hands and face, getting ready for the working day. Men were already coming in and entering the bedrooms which were more like stalls with heavy metal doors that lock from both sides. This place was uncomfortable. I did not want to be here. After meeting some of the women the day before, I could tell they were numb to the stigma of working in such a place and living every day in this environment. The day before entering the brothels, we met with 10 mothers, all of them with daughters in Asha Kiran. The mothers told us that they would happily take up different work, as a domestic worker or cook, anything that could get them out of the brothels, but that they had no such options.

A young girl is awakened by one of the women in a G.B. Road brothel.

The mothers say they are grateful for the hope that Asha Kiran provides their daughters, that they do not have to worry about their daughters getting caught up in the sex trade. Many of the mothers share that their lives are already wasted, that they are only concerned about the future of their children now. On to the next brothel, #52. Three mothers, with daughters who are currently being cared for by the SCNs, work here. They were very kind to us, offering us drinks. They even wanted to buy us breakfast. I politely declined, as the mothers talked with Sister Lucy and Sister Beena. They allowed us to take only a few photos of them with the Sisters and a peek at their tiny cramped bedroom located atop a bamboo ladder. It is hard to know what tough pasts some of them have had. From broken homes to abusive family lives, or born into brothels, these women carry with them scars and a hope for a normal life. As we met with them a rush of men began fleeing the brothel. They came from every corner and crevice of the room. They dashed down the dark winding stairs that we struggled to climb upon entering. A uniformed policeman appeared with a large stick. He moved from

room to room, stall to stall. The women assured me and the Sisters not to worry, that we were in no danger. I could see on their faces that they were not concerned in the slightest. The police officer walked right past me, hardly even giving me a glance. What was he looking for? I’ll never know. We soon left and in minutes we are off G.B. Road completely. Only then could I relax, that is, until it struck me that those small children were still back there. They would not be getting off G.B. Road today. A wash of everything I had witnessed played back in my head and then repeated. Suddenly I felt that I knew more about this place than I ever wanted to know and that it could never be forgotten. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


SCNS OFFER NEW NURSING DEGREE An innovative nursing program is underway at Kurji Holy Family Hospital (KHFH) in Patna, India. Students can now pursue a four year Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing through the hospital. This is the first private College of Nursing in the state of Bihar. Forty young women, the inaugural group of students to enter this program, are from several areas of India - Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala and West Bengal. The new program is intended to meet the needs of the time — the growing need for health care — and to offer more opportunities for empowerment - especially of young women. When the program was announced, 240 applications were received. This large response is likely, says school leaders, because in order to gain employment at India’s leading hospitals, it is necessary to have a degree not just a diploma. And, there is a great demand for those with a degree. Since the college is the first of its kind in Bihar, the college is under close scrutiny and rigorous

Pabalelong Fundraiser

A “Sponsored Walk” in Botswana, Africa, to raise money for Pabalelong Hospice, a facility where SCNs carry out key roles, is being deemed a success. The word Pabalelong means “Place of Love and Care.” The hospice, the first of its kind in the area, provides high quality palliative care, love and support to terminally ill people as well as to their families. In May, 20 SCN family members came together to raise money by walking 25 kilometers. By the time the group reached their destination, the number of walkers had doubled and numbered 40. The walk took place in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. Though the group was small at first, they managed to get many sponsors. The walkers made their way singing songs and reciting the rosary and even managed a few dances. Participants say it was very encouraging to see people join the group along the way. Halfway to the destination of the Cathedral, the walkers stopped to re-energize with refreshments. Even with a small break, the group was so focused, they arrived at their destination earlier than anticipated. The walk came to a close with a prayer. 13

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

standards. The college will have to obtain yearly affiliation after satisfying three inspections by the University, the Indian Nursing Council and the State Nursing Council. A number of community leaders attended the inaugural ceremony for the nursing program in July including Basanti Lakra, SCN provincial of Patna and the vice president of the KHFH society. Jackulin Jesu, SCN, the Administrator of the KHFH reflected, “I stand here with great joy and gratitude to God for the many blessings that God has bestowed on KHFH over the years.” She also quoted Mother Anna Dengel, M.D., the founder of the Medical Mission Sisters, “The impossible today is the work of tomorrow. We must adapt ourselves to the needs; the needs will not adapt themselves to us. We must never be afraid of change if it is needed. The power of women is much greater than they themselves suspect.” Kurji Holy Family opened in 1939. In 2000, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth were invited into a partnership with the Medical Mission Sisters to operate Kurji Holy Family Hospital.

The administrative team of the Hospice, SCNs Sunila Erumangalathu and Vinaya Chalil, and Father Tony Rebello, SVD, accompanied the walkers. The Hospice received over 70,000 pula ($8,330) from generous sponsors. More fundraising events are being planned for the future. Pabalelong Hospice is the Catholic Church’s Institute of Charity in the Diocese of Gaborone. SCNs were instrumental to the creation of this hospice and serve in administration and other roles.

Bardstown Building Honors SCNs A new building in Bardstown, Ky., is dedicated to the health care legacy of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. A number of SCN family members turned out to tour the new facility, the SCN Medical Office Building, during an open house in September. The building is named in honor of the Sisters who founded Flaget Memorial Hospital in 1951. The $7.1 million dollar structure is two-stories and approximately 32,000 square feet. A covered walkway leads from the new building to Flaget Memorial Hospital’s surgery discharge door. The first floor of the building is home to Frazier Rehab Institute which offers outpatient physical,

occupational and speech therapies. The second floor features physician offices and a conference area. The remaining space in the building is to be used for future expansion. “We continue to grow and expand to meet the increasing need for medical care in our community,” says Sue Downs, president of Flaget Memorial Hospital. SCN President Susan Gatz and Vice President Brenda Gonzales were among the SCNs in attendance at the Open House. “It is a great honor for the Congregation to be recognized in this manner and to experience the ongoing success and growth of this ministry,” notes Sister Susan.

Nazareth Welcomes Spalding Students

From Mother Catherine Spalding to social media, Spalding University students had a rich experience in August as they attended an orientation for new students hosted on Nazareth Campus. Six buses brought the students from the university in downtown Louisville, Ky., to Nazareth, about an hour away. The students attended a number of presentations from the history of the Congregation and the SCN legacy in education, to an in-person encounter with Mother Catherine as portrayed by Sister Rita Davis, to an overview of Spalding University opportunities and social media policies. The students toured the campus and visited Heritage Hall, St. Vincent Church, and other historic buildings. There was plenty of time to meet and speak with Sisters and to learn more about living a vowed life. Students and Sisters also took part in an ice cream social. Over and over, Sisters commented that it was wonderful to reconnect and collaborate with members of the Spalding University family in this manner. The Sisters have a rich heritage in education, having founded Spalding University and a number of other educational institutions.

Spalding students learned that the Nazareth Motherhouse Campus at one time was home to Nazareth Academy, and Nazareth Junior College which opened in 1921 and then became a four-year-college in 1938. The Sisters also had a four-yearcollege in Louisville which opened in 1920. Eventually the two four-year-colleges — the Nazareth Campus and Louisville Campus — merged in 1969. Today, the Louisville Campus is now a university, Spalding University, and it can trace its founding to 1920. The institute, no longer owned or operated by the Sisters, is independent and according to the Spalding University website, offers more than two dozen degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013



With the new school year well underway at Vincentian Academy, the largest Catholic co-educational High School in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa., there is much to celebrate. Vincentian Academy, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, welcomed its largest freshmen class in recent history. Students from 13 Catholic schools and a number of public school district students are among the 70 plus freshmen that make up the class of 2017. Twenty Students from China have also been welcomed as part of the Vincentian Academy family. In a unique relationship with the Holy Family Institute, the students from China are part of an international exchange program. Vincentian Academy has been awarded several grants which will assist in technological advances on campus and upgraded science labs. The students are also excited about the implementation of the new Chromebook initiative. The initiative includes a wireless system throughout the entire Vincentian Academy campus, along with new Chromebooks for every student. Vincentian Academy’s Chromebooks are optimized for the web’s vast educational resources. “We anticipate our faculty being able to incorporate valuable content into lessons, inspire collaboration, and encourage our students to create and share their creativity with the world,” says John Fedko, president of Vincentian Academy. A robust football program is also taking shape. This is the program’s second year and a lot of excitement has been generated on the gridiron with both the football and fall cheerleading programs. Vincentian Academy offers college preparatory curriculum and is the only Catholic International Baccalaureate (IB) program in the region. Vincentian Academy boasts a 100% college admissions rate. The average per student scholarship award offering is in excess of $124,000.

McCandless Community Day A fun-filled day in Pittsburgh, Pa., brought Sisters and Associates together in September. Dozens came together to set up and volunteer inside a booth at the McCandless Community Day. They joined other organizations from Pittsburgh’s McCandless community. It was an opportunity to share stories about Sisters, Associates, and ministries. As in years past, the day began with a parade and concluded with a giant fireworks display. St. Louise Convent is located in the McCandless Community. The SCN booth featured The Journey magazine, coloring books, pens, and brochures and flyers about a number of our ministries. There were also cut outs of both Mother Catherine Spalding and Mother Emerentiana Handlovits. Kids and adults alike lined up to have their photos taken in habit and veil.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


Over 180 people attended the open house at St. Louise Convent in Pittsburgh, Pa., in September. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth invited friends, family, former students and other collaborators to the Sept. 15 gathering. It was a time to renew old acquaintances, see the grounds and to learn more about SCN ministries. The afternoon began with a beautiful prayer ritual, remarks from SCN President Susan Gatz, and a video highlighting SCN ministries in Belize, Botswana, India, Nepal and the United States. The day also included a performance by the Hand Bell Choir at St. Louise and a reception with homemade treats. There were many wonderful stories of SCN family members that were able to reconnect that weekend. Sister Kay Glunk, formerly a Vincentian Sister of Charity (VSC) and now a Sister of Charity of Nazareth and a member of leadership, was asked to share her reflection around the theme of the open house — “Bridges and Beyond” — and why it is so very meaningful. In 2008, the Vincentian Sisters of Charity (VSC) with their Motherhouse in Pittsburgh, formally merged into the SCN

Congregation with their Motherhouse in Nazareth, Ky. Sister Kay shared how the Vincentian Sisters of Charity came to the decision to merge into the SCN Congregation, how it was a decision to give the Congregation “life” and a way to continue their legacy. She shared further, how the two, now as one, have had the lived experience of building a bridge in the process of becoming one and how these courageous efforts have made it possible to flourish. Sister Kay noted how ministry experiences have expanded and creative collaborations with SCN family members, Associates, employees, volunteers, friends, and others abound. During the reception, it was standing room only with every seat in the room taken. Themed baskets donated by Sisters, Associates and some of the Pittsburgh ministries were offered as door prizes. “Our hope is that the guests who attended know that the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth value their involvement,” remarked Patsy O’Toole, director of Congregational Advancement. One of the guests summed up the spirit of the day when he wrote on a response card, “Thanks for making me feel like a part of the family!”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


Associates Launch New Ministry

Kids usually look forward to the weekend. With no school, it’s a chance to sleep in and play. But for some children the weekend may not always be welcomed if they don’t have access to the lunchtime meal they get during the school day. Some children can go hungry. A new program initiated by SCN Associates in Chattanooga is hoping to cover this gap. Chattanooga Associates formally launched the program Chattanooga Promise Packs last year. The new program is designed to provide food over the weekend to children in subsidized housing communities. It is modeled after the successful “Blessings in a Backpack” program that provides backpacks with food for the weekend to elementary school children who qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches. This endeavor is a partnership with the Chattanooga Housing Authority to bring the program to an entire community instead of a single school. Backpacks are filled each week with food that requires little preparation and sent home with students. The backpacks are then returned on Monday, ready to be replenished the next week. The Greenwood Terrace community of Chattanooga was chosen as an initial site. The first backpacks of food were provided to 33 children in that area the first Friday that school was back in session following Christmas break. By the second week of the program, 38 children had enrolled. In contrast to the “Blessings in a Backpack” program, the Chattanooga Promise Packs program does not stop with the end of the school year but continues providing the backpacks through the summer. This summer children from several subsidized housing communities attended day camp at the Greenwood Terrace Community Center and more than 50 children were served each week, regardless of where they lived. The new program is a model of collaboration. It is designed to encourage the active participation and “ownership” of the Chattanooga Promise Packs program by the parents and children of the Greenwood Terrace community. While SCN Associates and other volunteers coordinate fundraising, procurement and organization, community volunteers are asked to take an active role in packing and distribution. Chattanooga Promise Packs is already making a significant difference in the Greenwood Terrace 17

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

Community thanks to strong partnerships. The Promise Pack Program has established a relationship with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. The Food Bank currently partners with 40 schools across 20 counties to provide ‘sack packs’ for needy children, similar to Blessings in a Backpack. The schools where the Greenwood Terrace children are zoned were not receiving support so there was no duplication of services. The Chattanooga Promise Pack program also established a relationship with Hamilton County’s Read 20 program, a public/private partnership promoting literacy skills for early childhood. Read 20 is providing age appropriate books each week which are being included in the backpacks. As part of the Read 20 endeavor, SCN Associates held a community-wide cookout and a kindergarten readiness Olympics at the end of the school year. Parents were provided with an assessment report for their children so that they could know which skills to focus on during the summer break. Organizers of the Chattanooga Promise Packs program also hope to forge a partnership with the Chattanooga Promise Zone (CPZ) as part of a larger continuum of services to ensure that children are successful in school and go on to attend college. Though the Chattanooga Promise Packs is still taking shape, SCN Associates say they are excited about the program’s future. They note success with other outreach programs including gathering scarves, hats, gloves and socks to give to the homeless and coming together to travel to New Orleans to work on the homes of families impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The SCN Associates have a rich history and have been very active in the city where SCNs helped to found Chattanooga Memorial Hospital 60 years ago. For more information about the SCNA program, contact Jo Ann Paulin, SCNA, at


It has been a busy several months as the lay mission immersion volunteer program continues to grow. Volunteers traveled to Montana to work with children on the Crow Reservation. SCNs Luke Boiarski and Betty Blandford, along with Kathleen Weatherford of Borden, Ind., and SCN Associates Judith Martin of Louisville, Ky., and Maureen Dietrick of Leonardtown, Md., ministered at Pryor, Montana in July. The collaboration with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kan., involved conducting a bible school program at the St. Charles Mission on the reservation. Volunteers also went to Maryland where they helped with improvements at Camp Maria. The group included SCNs Luke Boiarski, Anne Magruder, Brenda Anderson, Angela Hicks, Saleth Arockiam, Maria Brocato and SCN Associate Mary Gene Frank. They spent five days at Camp Maria painting the interior walls of the building called “The Roost.” Camp Maria is located in Leonardtown on Breton Bay. Students from Spalding University traveled to Beattyville, Ky., to serve the people of Appalachia. And a group of SCN lay mission volunteers from Tennessee and Mississippi celebrated their Labor Day holiday by making a difference in the lives of Bardstown, Ky., residents. The group of 12 painted, and patched the porch roof of Catherine Bryant’s house. Sister Luke, director of the lay mission volunteer program, spoke of her ongoing desire to carry out volunteer work in many areas of the world as well as in her “own backyard.” She lives in Nelson County as do many of Sisters who call the Nazareth Motherhouse campus home. The group of volunteers from Tennessee and Mississippi who worked on homes in Bardstown included volunteers Stacey McClain, Sharon Smith, Julie Dulaney, Karen and Steve Schmitt, Mary O’Toole, Theresa O’Toole, Kim Coleman, Cinda Wachsmuth, Cynthia Gatlin, and Juliane Vavak. SCN Associate Nora Ballard, from Bardstown, also volunteered. Stacey, a

Memphis native, spoke about the group of volunteers and their desire to help others. “We have been blessed with strong hearts and strong backs. We have had times when we have been fortunate and times when we have been less fortunate. We want to pay it forward …” The volunteers all marveled at “Ms. Cat” and her wit and energy, “If only I can be what she is at 90,” says Stacey, “I would be blessed to live such a long and wonderful life.” In addition to working on two homes, the volunteers also prepared a delicious barbeque meal for SCN family members at Nazareth. The volunteers brought their smoker from Nashville, Tenn., and started at midnight on Labor Day slow cooking the pork in the wee hours in preparation for the party. This same group brought their smoker to the Nazareth Picnic in 2012 where they helped raise money for SCN missions by selling BBQ sandwiches. Just a few short weeks later, the SCN Lay Mission Volunteer Program held a special commissioning ceremony for two women headed to India to volunteer. Joan DeVillez and Lucille York, spent several weeks helping at ministry sites. They returned to the United States in mid-November. More on their experience in a future issue of The Journey. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013










HIGHLIGHTS An inauguration was held in Patna, India on July 15, 2013, on the Arunodaya premises. Arunodaya offers certification courses in social work. Teresa Madassery, SCN, director of Arunodaya, welcomed the guests and introductions were made by Leena Padam, SCN. This is the seventh group of trainees to enter the program.

SCN family members gathered at the Eva Kowalski, SCN, took part in the 6 airport in Gaborone, Africa to Global Exchange Program this fall. welcome Bibiana Kindo, SCN, in August. She visited the Eastern Provinces from Sister Bibiana, a teacher, will be in ministry early October through mid-November. at St. Mary’s Pre-School in Lobatse. More about her ministry in Botswana in a future The second annual Compassionate 7 issue of The Journey. Aging Series is back for 2013 at Nazareth Home! Building on last year’s Members of the SCN family were popularity, Nazareth Home is hosting a 4 interviewed by a number of media series of meaningful discussions about The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth were outlets regarding the proposed Bluegrass aging and our community — “How to Stay 2 selected to participate in a unique Pipeline in Nelson County, Ky. Coverage in Shape: Mind, Money and Soul.” The opportunity for Congregations of women included interviews by representatives of Compassionate Aging Series is designed for religious to strengthen their fundraising WAVE-TV, the Catholic News Service, and men, women, their families and friends and development efforts — “Advancing National Public Radio. SCNs Teresa facing difficult questions and celebrates Mission: Women Religious in the 21st Kotturan, Barbara Joseph Lammers, every stage of life. Century.” The program began with a Rosemarie Kirwan and Joetta Venneman, workshop on July 16-19 for 42 persons PBVM, have been interviewed. The documentary “Women and Spirit” 8 from 14 Congregations. Susan Gatz, SCN about women religious has been made president, Brenda Gonzales, SCN vice The Sisters of Charity Federation available to all NBC stations throughout 5 president, and Patsy O’Toole, director of hosted a “Come and Serve Weekend” the United States, however, there is need to the Office of Congregational Advancement, Aug. 30-Sept. 3 at the House of Charity in encourage local NBC stations to air the attended the workshops. New Orleans, La. Nancy Gerth, SCN, and documentary. Individuals are asked to visit young women from Louisville,Ky., and to locate their Lima, Ohio participated. local station and call or write to urge the showing of the documentary. 1



Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013






In the new book “Thank You, Sisters,” there is an entire chapter on Tess Browne, SCN, by Maria de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda, who is an award-winning author. “Thank You, Sisters” highlights the positive impact that Sisters have had on a cross-section of Catholics. It tells inspiring, true stories of Sisters and the people they have influenced. Among the Sisters mentioned are Joan Chittister, Dorothy Stang, and Helen Prejean. 9

Congratulations to the following Golden Jubilarians: SCNs Ann Carol Mann, Barbara Von Bokern, Carol McKean, Carol Ann Bonn, Constance Marie Tarallo, Janice Downs, Lorena Fleischman, Mary Anne Burkardt, Mary Ninette Manning, Shalini D’Souza, Sharen Baldy, Thérèse Arru, Clement Marie Sabol, Mary Ann Genovich, Patricia Bartolo, Rita Gesue and Sarah Marie Geier. Dozens of people filled St. Vincent Church, Nazareth, Ky., for the celebratory Mass. 10


Thanks to each person who helped reach the goal of $500,000 to educate girls and young women through our Bicentennial Scholarship Campaign. The Provinces and two missions will receive funds to distribute to schools they select for this purpose. The schools receiving funds will have a present or historical connection to the Congregation. Scholarships will be awarded to young women/girls who: would not be able to receive a Catholic Education without a scholarship; are of diverse cultures; and show promise of success and that it can be sustained at the school. 11

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, was named the first distinguished fellow of the Loyola Marymount University Center for Catholic Education in April. She is a nationally recognized expert on the law as it affects Catholic schools and Church ministry. She serves as a consultant to numerous dioceses, is a sought after national speaker, and the author of more than 30 texts. 12

In India, Gyan Deep Vidyalaya, Birsanagar, Jamshedpur, received recognition from Tata Motors. Tata supports many schools which cater to the underprivileged. Every year they give awards for the best performing students of the school in the State Board Examination. This year they gave the award to schools for their excellent academic performance for the past three years. Among all the Hindi Medium Schools, Gyan Deep Vidyalaya got the “Best School” Award. 13

Members of the Nelson County Human Trafficking Task Force were invited to participate in the Flaget Memorial Health Fair in Bardstown, Ky., in October. Barbara Joseph Lammers, SCN, and Amy Taylor (not pictured) set up a display and answered the questions of those in attendance. 14

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


JOURNEYING ON Mary Jo Pfefferman, SCN, 96, a native of Alexandria, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on Sunday, July 28, 2013. She was in her 60th year of religious life.

Carolyn Thomas, SCN, 77, a native of Fancy Farm, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on Sept. 20, 2013. She was in her 59th year of religious life.

Sister Mary Jo served in health care, child care and community service in Kentucky and Tennessee during her active ministry. In Louisville, Sister served at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Home in child care and at Nazareth Home as nurse assistant and driver.

Sister Carolyn served in elementary and college education; and in parish ministry in Kentucky, New York, Ohio and Washington.

Survivors include a sister, Florence Holmes of Newport, Ky., several devoted nieces and her religious community.

John Edith O’Meara, SCN, 91, a native of Beverly, Mass., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on Aug. 26, 2013. She was in her 64th year of religious life. Sister John Edith served in elementary education as teacher and librarian in Massachusetts and Maryland for 49 years. In Kentucky, Sister served in the Apostolate of Prayer at Russell Hall and Nazareth Motherhouse and as a resident at Nazareth Home. Survivors include a sister, Edith Shirley Brian of Mount Morris, New York, a brother, Robert O’Meara of Lynn, Mass., and her religious community.

In Louisville, Sister served at St. Ignatius Parish, at Community Catholic School, and at Spalding College, now Spalding University. Survivors include two brothers: James W. Thomas of Mayfield, Ky., and Julian B. Thomas of Salvisa, Ky., two sisters: Jane Concinia and Bernadette Hughes, both of Scottsdale, Ariz., and her religious community.

Mary Carolyn Abell, SCN, 77, formerly Sister Maria Goretti Abell, a native of Louisville, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, on Oct. 20, 2013. She was in her 59th year of religious life. Sister Mary Carolyn served in elementary education in Tennessee and Massachusetts for 16 years. In Louisville, Sister served as music therapist at Our Lady of Peace Hospital and as Director of Liturgical Ministries at St. Edward and St. Agnes Parishes. Sister Mary Carolyn also served as a part-time Cantor and Liturgist in other parishes. Sister served in the Apostolate of Prayer at Nazareth Home since 2005. Survivors include a sister, Margaret A. Johanneman of Louisville, two brothers: Nicholas Abell of Shepherdsville, Ky., and Donald Abell of Louisville, and her religious community.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

Memorial/Honorary Donations July 12, 2013 through Oct. 29, 2013


Leontia Spisak, SCN, 99, born in Searights, Pa., died at St. Louise Convent, Pittsburgh, Pa., on Sunday, October 27, 2013. She was in her 82nd year of religious life. Sister Leontia received a Bachelor of Education from Duquesne University and a Master of Education in Art from Notre Dame University. She served in elementary and secondary education in Ohio and Pennsylvania for 50 years. Later Sister served in the business office and hospitality at the Vincentian Motherhouse in Pittsburgh. For the past nine years, Sister has served in the Apostolate of Prayer. Survivors include a brother, John S. Spisak, a sister, Margaret Spisak, both of Slippery Rock, Pa., and her religious community.

Alumni Obituaries Anne Bergeron Archbishop Williams High School, 1965 Betty Davenport Hozknecht St. Joseph Infirmary, 1957 Karen Erwin Doyle St. Joseph Infirmary, 1957 Judith Boehm St. Joseph Infirmary, 1965 William Marian Meany, SCN St. Joseph Infirmary, 1945 Dorothy Walters Carter St. Joseph Infirmary, 1955 Helen Wilhelm-Olsen Nazareth College, 1957 Anita Elizabeth Sherron Kelel St. Joseph Infirmary, 1943 Mary Gene Turner Vieau St. Joseph Infirmary, 1958

MARY CAROLYN ABELL, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Monte K. Brown William Leslie Keene Dennis Dolson\Family Miriam Corcoran, SCN ELOISE ADAMS Linda E. Dean ALL WHO TAUGHT US Lynn Bauscher ROSALY AMICONE Louis\Betty Celletti MARY ELLEN ARBOUR Robert M. Arbour, M.D. GEORGE ASPEN Barbara Maynard, SCN JAMES AVIS SCN Associates John Loretto Mueller, SCN JOSEPH BALDY Mark Baldy ELLEN BALLEW, SCN Cornelia Grenier Sally A. Hamrock SUZANNE BARNETT Dorothy Leon VIRGINIA BAUER, SCN Margaret J. Baird MARY ROBERT BECKER, SCN Helen Dahlberg CLARENCE T. BELL, SR. Rosamary Bell JOAN BENNETT Marian Yeager HAROLD A. BERGER Dorothy M. Berger ANNE BERGERON Miriam Corcoran, SCN Anne Marie Leofanti MARGARET VINCENT BLANDFORD, SCN Lucille\David Fannin LAURITA BOHN, SCN Paul Bohn Tony\Deborah Christ MILDRED BOWLING, SCN Ernest M. McCubbin ANN\STAN BRINKMAN Margie\Dan Kennedy MARIA VINCENT BROCATO, SCN Charles L. Brocato BROWN FAMILY Doris M. Howerton JOE BROWN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN MARY BROWN, SCN Michael Kammerer BARBARA ANN BROWNING Monica Boggs, SCNA REV. FRANCIS BURCH, SJ Mr.\Mrs. George P. Wigginton KRISTIE\JON\BROCK BURD Glenn\Anna Burd MARY RANSOM BURKE, SCN Janice Murphy

AGNES LUCILLE BUTLER Elaine Puthoff, SCN GERTRUDE POLASKI BUTTI Amy\Frank Spernak CATHARINE JAMES CAIN, SCN Lisa\Robert Hiatt THELMA CAMBRON, SCN Kerry A. Cambron DOROTHY CANARY, MMS Helen Canary Rowe ARTHUR\MARJORIE CANNINGS Marie Cannings ANN MARIE CARRICO, SCN Jean Morgan MARY LEE CASE SCN Associates CHARLES\BETTY CASH Charles\Mary Lovell PAULINE CASH Carole Embry WILLIAM MARY CHAWK, SCN William\Mary Lehmann PETER\MARY CIAVOLA Marie Cannings THOMAS “TOMMY” CLARK John Loretto Mueller, SCN SISTER CLAUDINE, OP Joe A. Willett CARMEL CLEMENTS, SCN Paul\Florence Clements CATHERINE CLEVES Elaine Puthoff, SCN ANN COLLINS Patricia Norton, SCN JOE COONEY Van M. Woeltz FRANCES (BRUGGEMAN) CORGAN Michael Widdis MARY COSTELLO Virginia Blair, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Agnes Ellen Rose, SCN Kay Keller Harold Gunther Eleanor Willett, SCN Martha L. Walsh, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN MARY TERENCE COYNE, SCN Jean Morgan RITA CLARE COYNE, SCN Jean Morgan VIRGINIA\DALLAS CRADDOCK Catherine Barrett JAMES FREDERICK CRAYCROFT Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN AGNES CRONE, SCN Patricia Lynch-Hayes Harrel\Cathie Crone MARY COLLETTE CRONE, SCN Harrel\Cathie Crone EVELYN CRUMP, SCN Margaret O’Neil LUCILLE CRUZ, SCN Louellyn Russell, SCN JOHN DAILEY Evelyn Hurley

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


MARILYN DAY Stephen\Marilyn Lilly JOAN DEAN Evelyn Hurley, SCN JESSICA DELAY Eleanor Willett, SCN LAWRENCE DELLINGER Mary Virginia Dellinger RITA DEMATTE, SCN Rita M. DeMatte ROSEMARY DIBA, SC Mary Belloto ANNA DICKERSON, SCN Marlene Reynolds VERONICA DONOVAN Catherine Lee, SCN HELEN HUTT DOUGLAS Betty McDougall, SCN DOWNEY FAMILY Pat Healey, SCN JACK DOWNS John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Carol Ann Bonn, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Margaret Rodericks, SCN Sharen Blady, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN FRANCES DOYLE Annette Skees, SCNA FRED DOYLE Annette Skees, SCNA MARGARET DOYLE Annette Skees, SCNA Lou\Barbara Fournier MARY ELLEN DOYLE FAMILY MEMBERS Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN FRANCIS\LARRY DUBAS Helen Dolores Dubas J. CLINTON DUKE Jim Tennison\Anne Tennison, SCNA ETHEL DURBIN, SCN Shirley Rogers FRANKIE EDLIN Patsy O’Toole, SCNA Roseann Esterle MARY KEVIN EGAN, SCN Lisa Heuser JUDY EDWARDS Evelyn Hurley, SCN FRANCIS RICHARD ENDRES, SCN Mary Stoner Margaret R. Stricker LORRAINE EVISTON Maureen\Leo Meyers MARY JANE FANGMANN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Lucille Phipps, SCN Marcy Navarro, SCN Anita Hager, SCN Cornelia Grenier Mary Margaret Reid, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN


John Loretto Mueller, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN FATULA FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN WILLIAM FATULA Eleanor Willett, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN GERALD “JERRY” FEHRIBACH Emily Pugh, SCN Kitty Wilson, SCN Patsy O’Toole, SCNA Diane Pharo, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN SCN Associates Jayne L. BecVar Margaret Rodericks, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Teresa Rose Nabholz, SCN Alice Adams, SCN Pat Hill, SCN Mary Naomi Elder, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN Karen Juliano, SCNA Gail Collins, SCN Martha L. Walsh, SCN Norma\Raymond Washburn Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN POFA SCN Western Province Leadership Team SCN Western Province Dana Hinton Donna Cochran Elaine Dickerson Eva Kowalski, SCN JoAnn Paulin, SCNA Martha Clan, SCN Martha Mattingly Mary Boyce Michelle Grgurich, SCN Nancy Gerth, SCN Trina Loader Marietta Putzig, SCN Shirley Nugent, SCN Gwen McMahon, SCN Sharen Baldy, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Maureen Taaffe, SCN Connie Tarallo, SCN Ann Susan Villa, SCN Lucille Phipps, SCN Loretta Weller, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Mary Mark Zavatsky, SCN Tonya Severin, SCN Mary Braley, SCN FRANCES FERRIOLO Connie Tarallo, SCN JOHN FISTER, SCN Allene Hatfield

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

AUDRA FOGEL Alfred Fogel EUGENIA FOLEY Louis R. Foley GEORGE FOLEY Louis R. Foley VIRGINIA FOLEY Louis R. Foley RICHARD FORTNA Virginia\Pat Murphy MARY CHARLOTTE FOWLER, SCN Josephine Louise Hill SALLY FRANCIS Louellyn Russell, SCN FRANCES FRECCERO, M.D. Emily Pugh, SCN Frances Jones PHILIP MARIA FUHS, SCN Louellyn Russell, SCN MIKE GANT Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN Ann Kernen, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN GATZ FAMILY Jerry\Mary Ann Hubbs JOHN GATZ Nell Gatz NORTON GATZ Nell Gatz DALE GENTRY Thelma Hayes TOM GIACOMINO Betty\Louis Celletti TERESA GIARDINO, SCN Phil\Lynne Bowling BETTY GILL John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Anita Hager, SCN June Monaghan, SCN Carol Ann Bonn, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Mary Teresa Wimsatt, SCNA Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinators Nazareth Motherhouse\Carrico Sisters Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN Evelyn Hurley, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Marie John Kelley, SCN Joan Robishaw, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN Margaret Rodericks, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Elaine McCarron, SCN GILMETTI FAMILY Barbara Gilmetti, SCN MARY CELESTIA GIPPERICH, SCN Robert\Patricia Gipperich RESTITUTA GIPPERICH, SCN Robert\Patricia Gipperich REV. PETER GRABASKAS Marcia Fleder, OP AL GRAEHLER Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN MARIE MOULDIN GROSSO Patrick\Virginia Murphy PATRICK GUDJONS Paula Palotay

VERA GUY Susie Halbleib WILLIAM HALTOM Betty Fracchia, SCN Barbara Spender, SCN MARIAN HANEY, SCN Michael Kammerer EDNA HARBOLD Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN Patricia Stockbridge MARY GEMMA HARLOW, SCN Larry\Beverly Ladegast ROSE CARMEL HARNDEN, SCN Clinton\Margaret Bubb JAMES HARPER Van M. Woeltz ROSE WILLIAM HARTLAGE, SCN Jon\Laura Hansbrough ROBERT (BOB) HAUSER Ann Kernen, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Barbara MacDonald, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Miriam Louise Hauser, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Lucille Phipps, SCN Loretta Weller, SCN HEALEY FAMILY\RELATIVES\ FRIENDS Pat Healey, SCN BERNIE HEIST Richard G. Lohre ISABEL HENRY, SCN James\Carolyn Henry MARY HETTINGER Louis Francis Hettinger PETE HIBBARD Betty Fracchia, SCN Barbara Spencer, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Connie Tarallo, SCN Grace Maria Saia, SCN MARGARET MARY HICKS Susan Sullivan CATHERINE ANN HILL, SCN Julia Hill-Nichols FRANK HORLANDER Anne Magruder, SCN Eva Kowalski, SCN Nancy Gerth, SCN Luke Boiarski, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement ANTHONY “TONY” HORVAT Joseph Horvat Ann Horvat, SCN MARGIE HOVEKAMP Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN HOWERTON FAMILY Doris M. Howerton HUBBS FAMILY Jerry\Mary Ann Hubbs JOHN JACKSON Sharen Baldy, SCN JAMES K. JOHNSON Barbara J. Thomas PATSY JOHNSON Elaine Giebelhaus JOHN\MAXINA JOSCHAK Margaret D. Joschak

EDWARD JOYCE Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN RAY KALIGIAN Catherine Lee, SCN ROBERT JOHN KANASKIE Richard J. Kanaskie BILLY\MAXINE KEENE William Leslie Keene, Jr. CLAY KELLY Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Verlene King Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN RUSSELL KENDALL Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN MARY ADOLPH KENENSKE, SCN Anthony Pfeifer MARY L. KENNEDY Robert Kennedy ALICE MARITA KERN, SCN Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN Mary\James Scanlon Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN Robert G. Kramer Thomas\Heather Kirwin Norman\Peggy Lombardi Emily\Carl Stamm Helen Picanso Margaret F. Persichetti Rita A. Lemire Beatrice Wrobel Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Bro. Shawn A. McEnany, SC Judith\Edward Lemire Mr.\Mrs. John and Mary Abraham and Michael, Mary Ellen and Elizabeth William Leslie Keene, Jr. Helen Dahlberg JEROME PAUL KERN Frank\Joan Gross Emily\Carl Stamm MARTIN\VERONICA KERN Virginia Kern, SCNA ANNE MARIE KINEAVY Evelyn Hurley, SCN CORNELIUS KESHANE Helen McNulty, SCN MARY A. KIROL Thomas Kirol ROBERTA KIROL, VSC Thomas Kirol MARY CATHERINE KOHLER, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN MARY KOWALSKI Mary V. Uhrick WAYNE KRAUS June Kraus GEORGE KRUMPELMAN Virginia Blair, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Grace Maria Saia, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Annette Skees, SCNA Sharen Baldy, SCN JAMES A. LANCASTER

Regina Lancaster EILEEN LEHANE, SCN Kathleen Lehane CHRISTINE LESOUSKY Jean\Joey Porter BEVERLY LOKER Peter\Betsy Wigginton FRANCES MIRIAM LOKER, SCN Pete\Betsy Wigginton Dorothy Wadell GERALD P. LONG Edwin P. Varley LUCKERT FAMILY Jerry\Mary Ann Hubbs MARGUERITE LYON Ruth Albanese JEAN MAAS Barbara M. Brady JANET MACDOUGALL Carmelita Dunn, SCN GRACE MACKIN, SCN Helen M. Mackin Donald Alexczuk JANET MACLEAN, SCN Mary Driscoll, MM (dec.) SHEILA ANN MADDEN, SCN Dorothy M. Berger GWEN MAGINNIS Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN CLARE MANDLEHR, SCN Thomas\Janice Nolan MARGARET MARY MARCINEK, SCN Chuck\Monica Merrell ELLEN MARR Ray L. Marr MARY GERTRUDE, OCSO Cornelia Grenier GRACE MIRIAM MARTIN, SCN Burrell\Carol Forbis MYRTLE MASCARENHAS Miriam Corcoran, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN ELLEN MATTINGLY, SCN (ALOYSIA MATTINGLY, SCN) Dan\Jane Simile Mr.\Mrs. Hugh Bergman ROBERT HENRY MAY Fran\Pappy Cecil FLORENCE MCCARTHY, SCN Frederic\Jane Consigli SUSANNE MCCARTY Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN ELIZABETH\LAWRENCE MCCROSKEY Celeste Midkiff AGNES GERALDINE MCGANN, SCN Rose-Marie Dominique RUTH MARIE MCGAUGHRAN, SCN Rosie Esterle CAROLYN MCGOVERN Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinators Nazareth Motherhouse\Carrico Sisters Miriam Corcoran, SCN Ann M. Johnson MARGARET NABHOLZ MCNEIL Kathy Strack RUTH MCNULTY Shirley Nugent, SCN Gwen McMahon, SCN Evelyn Hurley, SCN Ann Susan Villa, SCN Helen McNulty, SCN Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN

Eleanor Willett, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Patricia Norton, SCN Mary Braley, SCN DENNIS MCSHANE Marietta Putzig, SCN WILLIAM MARIAN MEANY, SCN Agnes Scully Eileen\Jack Nelson Connie Lusher, SCNA WILLIAM ANTHONY MEIMAN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN HENRY MEMMA Maureen Taaffe, SCN J. HENRY MEMO Helen McNulty, SCN MARY ANCILLA MEYER, SCN Michael Kammerer PAUL MEYER Katrina Kargl LIZ MILES, OP Marilyn Shea, SCN JOE MILLER Kathleen Miller MARY MILLER Kathleen Miller ROBERT MILLER Kathleen Miller WILLIAM MILLER Evelyn Hurley, SCN TOM MISTLER Leaetta Furlong MARY RENEE MONAGHAN, OSU Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Anita Hager, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Lucille Phipps, SCN Marcy Navarro, SCN Pat Worley, SCN Carol Ann Bonn, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Rita Spalding, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN ROSE MOROSKY Louis\Betty Celletti CONSTANCE MUELLER, SCN Jean Morgan ESTELLE MULLANEY Catherine Lee, SCN CHARLES MUNSCH Elaine Munsch ANN MURPHY, SCN John\Florence Murphy MARYKUTTY A. NADUKUDILIL Miriam Corcoran, SCN DAVID NAVARRO Virginia Piechnik NAZARETH ACADEMY\CLASS OF ‘41 Fleurette M. Benckart SHAUN NEE Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN ROY NEWTON SCN Associates

NGUYET T. NGO Maria Berthold DR. GERTRUDE NOVAK Milton Wright FAMILY MEMBERS OF NOVITIATE CLASS, 1958 Alice Howard MARY LAWRENCE NYPAVER, VSC Devon Dazen NANCY O’CONNELL Grace Maria Saia, SCN JOHN EDITH O’MEARA, SCN William Leslie Keene, Jr. Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Carol Thompson Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Mary Naomi Elder, SCN Anna Marie Valloric Catherine Lee, SCN Maureen M. Flaherty Family MARGARET O’RILEY Edwin\Leora O’Dell JERRY PAKENHAM Connie Tarallo, SCN BARBARA PARTELOW Miriam Corcoran, SCN GEORGANNE PAULUS Edward Paulus PAVLIK FAMILY Annamarie Pavlik, SCN MARY IMOGENE PERRIN, SCN Bruce\Esther Breeding STEVE PERRY Thomas\Frances Perry PERRY FAMILY Barbara Gilmetti, SCN DAVID PETERSON John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN MARY JO PFEFFERMAN, SCN Frank\Dot Enzweiler William Leslie Keene, Jr. Vince\Shirley Pfefferman Ann Susan Villa, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Joe\Donna Kramer AUGUSTINE PORTER, SCN Eleanor J. Langan IMOGENE QUINN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Sharen Baldy, SCN JEANETTE QUIST Martha L. Walsh, SCN JOANN RABB Paula Palotay MR. RAMERIZ John Loretto Mueller, SCN PHILOMENA RATTAY, VSC Raphael J. Rattay Vincent S. Rattay SHERRIN RAWLINGS Andrea Eshenaur

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


KEITH\ROMILLA ANN REISEN Rachel Englehart MARIE REMKE Nancy J. Simpson WALTER\ANNA ROCHE Anthony J. Roche Deborah A. Roche BOB RODDY Mildred Roddy MARY BETH RODDY Mildred Roddy VIRGINIA RODE Gerald A. Rode HENRY ROHLMAN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Lauren\Brenda Grenier MARY HENRIETTA ROOF, SCN Catherine Barrett BILL ROSS Monica Boggs, SCNA CURTIS ROSS Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN MARGARET ROSS, SCN Rita McFarland MARY ROSS David Hulefeld MARY ROTTMAN Barry\Kathryn Penn ROGER S. RUSH Anna Marie Rush RUSSELL FAMILY Louellyn Russell, SCN MOTHER LUCILLE RUSSELL Marlene Reynolds MR.\MRS. RYAN Mr.\Mrs. Thomas Keane PAUL RYAN Catherine Lee, SCN ROBERT MARIA RYAN, SCN Mary E. Eldridge HELEN SCHNIEDLER Rebecca Richert SCN NOVITIATE CLASS OF ‘58 Fred\Alice Howard SCNs Pat Healey, SCN Ann Susan Villa, SCN Helen McNulty, SCN SCNAs Pat Healey, SCN Ann Susan Villa, SCN SCN\As\RELATIVES\FRIENDS Ann Susan Villa, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN SCNs\ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL ’56-‘59 Linda L. Wilson SCNs\ST. JOSEPH INFIRMARY Marian Schwind MARTHA BELL SCOTT Logan Scott MARGARET BERNARDA SEBAK, VSC Christine Wagner Helen Lasko IRENE SEDLACKO Daniel and Catherine Topley MARIA SILVEIRA Helen McNulty, SCN


THOMAS SIMICK Anita Hager, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN BRENT SKILLMAN Miriam Corcoran, SCN BLANCHE MARIANNE SMITH, SCN Marianne Smith GERTRUDE SMITH, SCN Jean Morgan JAMES MARIA SPILLANE, SCN Charles E. Joan Collins MARY SUE STABLER Carey Stabler, M.D. ELINOR E. STARR Janice Murphy Ray\Yvonne Knight Dario\Madeline Covi DOROTHY SULLIVAN Dorothy Leon JOHN SULLIVAN Anita Hager, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Barbara MacDonald, SCN Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinators Nazareth Motherhouse Sisters John Loretto Mueller, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Connie Tarallo, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN TERESA CATHERINE SULLIVAN, SCN Connie Tarallo, SCN SWEARINGEN FAMILY Patsy J. Swearingen MARY JO SWEENEY Jewel H. Sweeney MICHAEL MARY SWEENEY, SCN Marion\Mary Jane McKenzie Jewell H. Sweeney CAROLYN THOMAS, SCN William Leslie Keene, Jr. David\Angela Parker Marcella Snider Ann\Carl Conner Wilma Ross, SCN Jim Thomas SARA GRANT THOMAS Margaret Frey ELINOR THOMPSON John W. Thompson RONALD THOMPSON Susan Thompson MARY FRANCES THORNBERRY Stephanie Mullins THEODORA THORNSBERRY, SCN Estelle Nalley ELSIE MAE WILLIAMS THORNBURY Rose A. Williams The Biegert Family Patrick\Barbara Gorman Greg A. Williams MARIAKUTTY THUNDATHIL Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Mary Teresa Wimsatt, SCNA John Loretto Mueller, SCN NOREEN TOMAINO Ruth D. Blodgett Helen L. Blodgett, SCN VALLORIC FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS Anna Maria Valloric

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013

ANDREW\EMMA WALLER FAMILY Rose Andrew Waller, SCN MARGARET SPALDING WATHEN, SCN Norine Masterson Louellyn Russell, SCN SHARON H. WEINBERGER William Weinberger CHARLES ADELE WELLS, SCN Angela Smith BONNIE FILIATREAU WHITNEY Mary Teresa Wimsatt, SCNA HELEN WILHELM-OLSEN Alice-Lee Wynter ROBERT E. WILLETT Fran\Pappy Cecil ALAN WILSON Catherine Barrett MARY WILSON Catherine Barrett JOE WILSON John Loretto Mueller, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Mildred McGovern, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN NORA MILLS WIMSATT Joan Mills Dening CLAUDIA WIRTZ, SCN John\Lisa Rotunni JOAN WITTREICH Catherine Lee, SCN JOHN\FRANCES WOELTZ Van M. Woeltz MARGARET WOK Helen McNulty, SCN FRANK WOOD Sara Lee Wood HONORARIES 80 JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 75TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 70TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 65TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 60TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 55TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN 40TH JUBILARIANS Pat Healey, SCN ALICE ADAMS, SCN\RECOVERY Bro. Joel McGraw, FSC JANE AMSHOFF\BIRTHDAY Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN THERESE ARRU, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Geraldine Kingstone SANGEETA AYITHAMATTAM, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN SHAREN BALDY, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone Barbara Maynard, SCN Mary Fabro TH

Rose LaVoice PATRICIA BARTOLO, SCN Barbara Maynard, SCN CHRIS BECKETT, SCN Juda Maria Hellmann AMINA BEJOS, SCN Bruce\Esther Breeding LUKE BOIARSKI, SCN Marcia Chapin CAROL ANN BONN, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone MARIA VINCENT BROCATO, SCN Marcia Chapin MIRIAM ELIZABETH BROWN, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN SAM BROWNING\90TH BIRTHDAY Monica Boggs, SCNA MARY ANN BURKARDT, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Geraldine Kingstone Barbara Maynard, SCN Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN LORI BURRESS Barbara A. Bennett JANICE CAMPBELL, SCN Thelma R. Griffin THERESA CASH, SCN Terri Desensi CAROL CLASGENS, SCN Margaret O’Neil CENTRAL LEADERSHIP TEAM Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN Tonya Severin, SCN BOB CONNELL H.C.\Joyce Lang MIRIAM CORCORAN, SCN Mary (Maggie) McGuire ANDREA L. CURTIS Barbara A. Bennett JANET DOUGHERTY, SCN Louise M. Murphy JANICE DOWNS, SCN\FRIENDS AND FAMILY Janice Downs, SCN JANICE DOWNS, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN JULIE DRISCOLL, SCN Marcy\Steve Mossholder SHALINI D’SOUZA, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Worley, SCN Geraldine Kingstone MARY ELLEN DOYLE, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN WILLIAM ELSTON Marilyn Elston ENTRANCE CLASS OF ‘60 Ann K. Bridgeman PASCHAL MARIA FERNICOLA, SCN Carol Zgleszewski-Burns Kathy Loyd MAGGIE FISHER, SCN Berniece Rose Bernadel Fisher Shirley V. Ficke

Joyce Jennings-Pineda LORENA FLEISCHMANN, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone LUCY FREIBERT, SCN Bro. Joseph Luis\Zion Carmelite Community SUSAN GATZ, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Barbara Gilmetti, SCN James R. Thornberry Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN Ann Kernen, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Pat Hill, SCN Alice Adams, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN CARLETTE GENTLE, SCN\FINAL VOWS Rita Hommrich, SCN Carolyn Wilson, SCN Therese Arru, SCN Julie Driscoll, SCN Karen Schmitt, SCNA Janice Downs, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Miriam Louise Hauser, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Mary Schmuck, RSM Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN Gail Collins, SCN Motherhouse Coordinators Nazareth Motherhouse Sisters Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Diane Pharo, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Barbara Joseph Lammers, SCN Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN Marie Flowers, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN NANCY GERTH, SCN\SILVER JUBILEE Mary Gene Frank, SCNA Maria Vincent Brocato, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN BRENDA GONZALES, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 2013 Isa Garcia, SCN Ruth Ann Humphrey, SCN Susan Kilb, SCN Carmelita Dunn, SCN Sharon Grant Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Barbara Joseph Lammers, SCN Maria Vincent Brocato, SCN Mary Gene Frank, SCNA Pat Healey, SCN Nazareth Motherhouse SCNs Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinators Mary Braley, SCN Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN Angela Hicks, SCN Sharon Gray, SCN Margaret Rodericks, SCN R. Caryl Hyry Julie Driscoll, SCN Shalini D’Souza, SCN

Shanti Coelho Connie Lusher, SCNA Mary Leslie Meyer Anne Hagedorn, SCN Maria Jones Gordon\Virginia Butler Mary Serra Goethals, SCN Rose A. Howard, SCN Ann K. Bridgeman Julie Driscoll, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Martha L. Walsh, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Patricia Norton, SCN Mary Margaret Reid, SCN Mary Susann Gobber, SCN DOLORES GREENWELL, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN ANITA HAGER, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN PAT HALEY, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN MARIAN HANEY, SCN\BIRTHDAY Martha Hinkel Marianne\Dave Meyer RITA HOMMRICH, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN EVELYN HURLEY, SCN Louise M. Murphy INCOMING LEADERSHIP TEAM James R. Thornberry Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN JEANINE JASTER, SCN Ken\Pat Bernardini HELEN JAVUREK\BIRTHDAY Dan\Cathy Topley REV. JOHN JEREK\25TH ORDINATION ANNIVERSARY Mary Parr JUBILARIANS Theresa Cash, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN FRED\AGGIE BOWLING JURY\ ANNIVERSARY Joan Mills Dening BRIDGET KAPPALUMAKAL, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN BEVERLY KING Patrick M. King GERTRUDE KING Patrick M. King MARYLEE KING, SCN Barbara Gilmetti, SCN TERESA KOTTURAN, SCN Barbara Joseph Lammers. SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN Ann Kernen, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Pat Hill, SCN Alice Adams, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN EVA KOWALSKI, SCN Janes\Frances Bruno FRANCES KRUMPELMAN, SCN Bro. Joel McGraw, FSC

BEVERLY LAWRENCE Cordell G. Lawrence BARBARA MACDONALD, SCN Emily Pugh, SCN CAROL ANN MANN, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone MARIA OF JESUS CRUCIFIED, OCD\ GOLDEN JUBILEE Pat Worley, SCN MARY NINETTE MANNING, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Worley, SCN Geraldine Kingstone David\Janice Geuting Carol Heilman ANNE RITA MAUCK, SCN Colette H. Dumstorf Sammy Brocato CAROL MCKEAN, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone ANNA E. MEYER \BIRTHDAY Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN EILEEN MARY MEYER, SCN Mary Mark Zavatsky, SCN MARY ELIZABETH MILLER, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Barbara Gilmetti, SCN Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN Ann Kernen, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Pat Hill, SCN Alice Adams, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN JUNE MONAGHAN, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN JOHN\MARIE MONAHAN\60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Edward\Mary Ellen Conley EMILY NABHOLZ, SCN Phil\Carol Heilman FAMILY MEMBERS OF NOVITIATE CLASS, 1958 Alice Howard ALICE O’CONNELL, SCN Mary E. Zurawski ABBOT TOM O’CONNOR, OSB Martha L. Walsh, SCN OUTGOING CENTRAL LEADERSHIP TEAM Janice Downs, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN Maureen Taaffe, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Anna Jeanne Hardesty, SCN PAULUS CHILDREN Edward Paulus MICHAELETTE PAVLIK, SCN Cynthia Harris Jeanne Pavlik ROSE ELEANOR PERRY, SCN Carol Heilman MARY PETERSON Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN

LUCILLE PHIPPS, SCN Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN EMILY PUGH, SCN Mary J. McEnery MARIANNE PUTHOOR, SCN Philip Spucci ANNA MARIE RHODES, SCN Mary Jane Rhodes, SCN JANICE RICHARDS, SCN\SILVER JUBILEE Mary Gene Frank, SCNA Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN Maria Vincent Brocato, SCN REBECCA RODENBAUGH, SCN Bobbie S. Aust JOAN ROSS Alice Casper, SCN Margaret Voglewede, SCN Saleth Mary Arockiam, SCN GRACE MARIA SAIA, SCN Ken\Pat Bernardini MARY ANGELA SCHAUGHNESSY, SCN Karen Juliano, SCNA SCN NOVITIATE CLASS OF ‘58 Fred\Alice Howard SCNs AT ST. BARNABAS 1956-1964 Mark\Kathleen Smith SCNs\ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL ’56-‘59 Linda L. Wilson SCNs WHO TAUGHT IN HELENA, ARK Samuel C. Brocato SILVER JUBILARIANS\2013 Pat Healey, SCN Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN Carolyn Wilson, SCN Therese Arru, SCN PARIS SLAPIKAS, SCN\VOW RENEWAL John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Gail Collins, SCN Mary Eula Johnson, SCN ROSE SULLIVAN, SCN Rita Schafer CONNIE TARALLO, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Geraldine Kingstone Janet A. Quagliara Andrew Gross BARBARA VON BOKERN, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN Geraldine Kingstone ROSE ANDREW WALLER, SCN Andrew\Thomas Heavrin DARLENE WEAVER Barbara A. Bennett WESTERN PROVINCE LEADERSHIP TEAM Barbara Gilmetti, SCN ELEANOR WILLETT, SCN\BIRTHDAY Rita Schafer JOAN WILSON, SCN Mr.\Mrs. John W. Mahler Gerard A. Weigel, M.D. Thelma R. Griffin JOE WILSON Sharen Baldy, SCN KAY YOUNG\BIRTHDAY Emily Pugh, SCN

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. III 2013


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Office of Congregational Advancement P.O. Box 9 Nazareth, Kentucky 40048-0009

Louisville, KY Permit No. 715

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the tradition of Vincent de Paul and the pioneer spirit of Catherine Spalding, we and our Associates are committed to work for justice in solidarity with oppressed peoples, especially the economically poor and women, and to care for the earth. We risk our lives and resources, both personally and corporately, as we engage in diverse ministries in carrying out this mission.

Over 300 people attended the first-ever Join the Journey Fundraising Luncheon at The Olmsted in Louisville, Ky., on October 30. Proceeds from the luncheon support SCN ministries across the Congregation. “We are thrilled with the response,” says Patsy O’Toole, Director of Congregational Advancement. “During this one-hour event, attendees learned about the wide array of SCN ministries and were invited to participate in a vital way. We are so grateful for their generosity and support.” Many people helped to make this luncheon possible including

a dedicated planning committee, business sponsors, table leaders and those who performed or presented that day. The Prezettes, the award winning choir from Presentation Academy, sang a number of selections, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer attended and commended the SCNs, Jean West, a highly-respected journalist welcomed the group. Speakers included Susan Gatz, SCN President; David Karem, the head of the Waterfront Development Corporation, former lawmaker and member of the Development Advisory Committee at Nazareth and Felix Garza, an SCN Associate, community leader and President of the National Farmworker Ministry. Visit to view photos from this event.

The Journey Vol. III 2013  
The Journey Vol. III 2013  

Empowering Women in Nepal