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Annual Report 2014 Effective Mobility From Borders to Beaches

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West Rail

SH 550

East Loop

Improving rail movement

Connecting I69E and U.S.

Reducing congestion and

of goods and services

77/83 southeastward to

improving safety for local

between U.S. and Mexico

HWY 48

and regional passengers






SPI 2nd Access



Opening the doors to

Creating community

Take a detailed look at

improved safety and

programs that promote

CCRMA’s financial report

economic development

safer and better mobility

for 2014


West Rail on Military Hwy in Brownsville, Texas

Message from the Chairman Serving as Chairman of the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) for almost 10 years now, has been a labor of love. Economic impact to the citizens of Cameron County, South Texas and Mexico has always been a goal in life. The CCRMA through the leadership of Governor Greg Abott, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Cameron County Commissioners Court has given this Board the challenge to perform unselfishly, beyond expectations in providing those elements of economic growth, with much more to come.

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Letter from Executive Director

Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) is working to increase the quality of life for our constituents. CCRMA is working to complete system of transportation infrastructure additions and upgrades for Cameron County that will support economic development and increase safety for the benefit of the entire region. Our projects will integrate regional planning, multimodal options and modern technology to develop a world-class transportation system in the Cameron County region. CCRMA is working on projects like the SPI 2nd Access which is the most critical safety project in Texas as it will alleviate traffic during emergencies. SH 550 Direct Connector Project is ready to be placed in operation. The Project includes construction of a direct connector from I69E to SH 550 (Future I 169) along with the main lanes to an area east of Old Alice Road. West Railroad Relocation Project is complete on both the U.S. and Mexican sides and will have trains rolling in May 2015. East Loop (SH 32) will provide international access to Monterrey and will maximize access to the Veterans International Bridge at Los Tomates. The CCRMA has other projects that are in the planning stages that include U.S. 281 Connector, FM 509, FM 1925 and the Outer Parkway. These are only a few of the many projects underway in our region. We will continue to build out our projects and help our partners in the county and in our region succeed in the global economy by providing the necessary transportation infrastructure. 3

System Map

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West Rail For over a century residents have waited for the

the Port of Brownsville and south of Olmito

main Union Pacific rail line to be relocated and

and then continues west and south crossing

by May of 2015 all construction is scheduled to

over U.S. 281, the International Boundary

be complete and train operations will then begin.

and Water Commission levee and continuing

The West Railroad Relocation Project in

elevated over the Rio Grande River.

Cameron County was developed in concept

The six-mile Project that crosses rural parts

form between the years 2000 and 2003 in

of Cameron County in Texas and runs into the

which feasibility studies were developed, and

state of Tamaulipas in Mexico will be the first

Environmental Assessments completed with

across the U.S./Mexico border since the 1900’s.

a Finding of No Significant Impact issued on

Construction funds for the United States

June 18, 2004 followed by a Presidential Permit

portion of the Project have been obtained

application submitted to the United States

through multiple agencies including Cameron

Department of State in June 2003 and the

County, the City of Brownsville, Cameron County

Presidential Permit issued on October 1, 2004.

Regional Mobility Authority, TxDOT, the U.S.

The Project sponsored by Cameron County,

DOT and the Union Pacific Railroad. In Mexico

the City of Brownsville and the Cameron County

the Federal Government is funding the Project.






This Project will greatly improve safety and

as an alternative to constructing a series of

reduction of congestion and traffic-rail delays,

grade separations along the existing Union

improve emergency access to West Brownsville

Pacific Railroad route in the residential areas

and West Matamoros, improve environmental

of Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico.

conditions, noise and air quality, and eliminate

In Brownsville the West Rail Relocation

the potential of derailments within the urban

Project is to begin at the UPRR’s junction to



Improve Safety & Congestion The West Railroad Relocation Project will greatly improve congestion and traffic-rail delays in Brownsville and Matamoros.

Improve Trade between US & MX With improved technologies, the West Rail Relocation Project will add to the $226 billion

“The six-mile project that crosses Cameron County in Texas and Tamaulipas in Mexico will be the first since the 1900’s.”

in U.S. exports to Mexico recorded last year.

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SH 550 State Highway 550, future I 169 was planned thinking about the residents and businesses and how we could create safer and more efficient mobility in the area. Cameron County will soon be home to five International Bridges as well as the only deep water port along the Texas/Mexico border creating an increase in commercial traffic. One of the first projects for the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) was to produce a corridor that would allow commercial and residential traffic to flow smoother and safer between the Port of Brownsville and I69E. SH 550 once complete with its final phase will serve just that purpose. Construction of the first of a five phase project began in July of 2010. The new State Highway Corridor runs north of Alton Gloor Boulevard to State Highway 48 in Brownsville. SH 550 will also connect to I69E, formerly known as U.S. Expressway 77/83. The cost of the ultimate configuration (five phases) is approximately $120 Million Dollars. Construction on the second phase of the project known as the Port Spur, designed to connect SH 550 directly to the Port of Brownsville creating the new 24 hour main entrance to the Port was opened for traffic in June of 2013. The Port unveiled its new entrance and drove the first commercial truck through on February 20, 2014.

Current Status Construction for the SH 550 Direct Connector Project, Phase III began in March of 2013. This project will connect I69E with SH 550 ( future I 169) and the Port of Brownsville. This phase will be open to traffic in April 2015.


Direct Connector Ramp on I69E (Rancho Viejo, Texas)


Electronic Toll

Direct Connector

SH 550 is equipped with a cashless “state-of-the-art� electronic toll collection system that allows drivers to travel uninterrupted on the Toll Road from the Port to I69E without stopping to make payments.The toll amounts vary as there are different rates for personal and commercial vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to have a TxTAG, Toll Tag or EZ-Tag to pay toll fees conveniently. Those who do not want to use the Toll Road will have the option of using the frontage roads free of charge.

For more information regarding the SH 500 Toll Road and TxTag, please visit our official website online at

phone: 956 372 1205


East Loop The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) is planning a complete system of transportation infrastructure additions and upgrades for Cameron County that will support economic development and increase safety for the benefit of the entire refion. The East Loop Corridor is one of the several projects that will integrate regional planning, multi-modal options, and modern technology to develop a world-class transportation system in Cameron County. By combining various funding options, the CCRMA is able to support growth in the community and increase safer travel by building needed infrastructure faster and with modern safety systems. This modern transportation system willl support future tourists and business development in the U.S. and internationally. The new East Loop will provide a greater international access to the West to Monterrey via MEX-2 and to Port Isabel and South Padre Island to the Northeast. Along with this feature it will maximize access to the existing Veterans International Bridge at Los Tomates, thus reducing the short-term need for an additional International Bridge crossing from Brownsville to Matamoros. In addition, local and regional police, fire and EMS services will have a safer access in the SH 48

Safety & Efficiency East Loop will eliminate 17 stops and 6 school zones which will significantly improve air quality in the affected areas. Eliminating these school crossings, 6 in total, will highly improve the safety for our children. As an added benefit, trucks will also reduce congestion on I69E/SH 48 and time of travel.


International Blvd. in Brownsville, Texas


Freight Vehicles

Port of Brownsville

Corridor and in the South and East Sector of Brownsville. The new East Loop Project will eliminate hazardous and overweight traffic from 6 school zones in the area, thus relieving traffic congestion in existing roadways. Less traffic on SH 48 Corridor from the Port of Brownsville to the Veterans International Bridge means less maintenance on previoulsy travelled roadways.

For more information regarding the East Loop (SH 48), and its benefits, please visit our website online at

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SPI 2nd Access The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA), in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are jointly collaborating to complete the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the second access to South Padre Island, Texas.

South Padre Island lies on the southernmost tip of Texas and is situated on the south end of Padre Island, the longest barrier island in the world and the largest stretch of undeveloped ocean beach in North America. It sits just 30 miles north of Mexico and is linked to the mainland by a two and half mile long bridge, the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway. The City of South Padre Island is home to an estimated 5,000 residents, and according to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, over one million people visit the Island every year. It is a hotspot for retirees from northern regions to stay throughout the winter months.


The project schematics for the 2nd Access Project are 90% complete, and this process is on schedule and includes the necessary coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard and USACE Operations Division with regard to the ICWW Channel. The Record of Decision (ROD) is scheduled for April 2016. Concurrently, the CCRMA is engaged in preparing to make the following submittals to regulatory agencies: 1) a Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination, Section 404 Permit Application and Wetland Mitigation Plan to the Galveston District Corps of Engineers; 2) a Sea Grass Mitigation Plan to National Marine Fisheris Service; 3) Terrestrial and Nautical Archaeology Reports to the Texas Historical Commission; and 4) Biological Assessment and Essential Fish Habitat Assessment to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NMFS, respectively.

With an increasing number of vehicles in the State of Texas destined to travel to South Padre Island, new infrastructure developments are needed to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety. Along with the further development of a new access, we open the doors to economic development in the region. Construction for the 2nd Access is anticipated to begin in late 2017.

Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway

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Community “Our community is the driving force to better mobility and obtain a higher quality of life.� 13


s the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority continues to develop its infrastructure projects, our community outreach initiatives have mounted to this momentum. We believe that our community is

the driving force to better mobility and obtain a higher quality of life. Through the year we have built upon a network of community leaders that have actively participated in providing marketing materials and becoming resource hubs for items such as TxTag and United for Veterans; a project made for the benefit of Disabled Veterans who travel using Cameron County’s SH 550.

Meet Our Team Below you will find our most active members of our community that have continuosly served in our programs, such as United for Veterans ( Without their support, our community involvement would not have reached the impact it has reached this year.

Cardenas Metroplex

Bright Finishing

Tipotex Chevrolet

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Financial Report OUR VISION


The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) holds itself to the highest standard of fiscal




transparency, while implementing transportation



achieve a sustainable, world class regional transportation network.

Project Name SH 550 (Direct Connector) SPI 2nd Access

$3,797,541 $337,029

Outer Parkway


Port Isabel


General Brant


West Parkway




SH 32 (East Loop)

FM 803



$112,489 $31,146,450













Assets 2014


Current Assets



Capital Assets, net















CIP & Other non-current Total assets and deferred outflows of resources


Current Liabilities Non-current Liabilities Total Liabilities & deferred inflows of resources

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Net Position 2014
















Toll Revenue



Transportation Reinvestment Zone



Other Operating Revenue















Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities



Cash and cash equivalents at the end of year





Net Investments in capital assets

Total net position

Operating Revenues

Vehicle Registration Fees


Operating Expenses

Total Operating Expenses Total Non-Operating Revenue (Expenses) Change Net Position

Statements of Cash Flow

Ending cash - Statement of Net Position




75.7% DECREASE FROM 2013





$3,668,216 INCREASE FROM 2013



phone: 956 371 1205


Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority Office: 3461 Carmen Ave., Rancho Viejo, TX 78575 Phone: (956) 372-1205 Fax: (956) 983-5099 E-mail:

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CCRMA Annual Report 2014  

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CCRMA Annual Report 2014  

Take an inside look at the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority's (CCRMA) Annual Report for the year 2014. If you would like to see m...