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W edding Guide Josselyn Peterson Photographer

*Images by James Christianson

WHAT MAKES ME, ME Why -- The photo on the opposite page is of my husband and me on our

wedding day in the spring of 2012. The photograph was captured by the incredibly talented James Christianson, whom I was lucky enough to intern for in 2009. I spent six wonderful months working and learning from James in Colorado and honestly could not have asked for a better experience. Getting to see the ins and outs of a successful photography business on a daily basis was incredibly helpful to build my own business. Since interning I have built my business as a photographer traveling the world creating images of people, places, and the interations between the two. I have had the opportunity to photograph an intimate wedding on the cliffs overlooking the Maasai Mara in Kenya, document suprise engagements in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, a classically beautiful brunch wedding at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, and a Seattle backyard ceremony complete with freshly caught Alaskan Salmon barbecued for everyone to enjoy. All of these events were unique and brought their own excitment and learning experiences. I love what I do because it comes naturally to me. When I hold a camera it doesn’t feel like some machine I am operating, it is simply the art medium I am currently using to share my perspective of the world. I love what I do because it is personal, emotional, and it is always different. I still get pre game jitters before a wedding. I smile when a groom sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day. I still get choked up when a father dances slowly with his ‘little girl’ on the dance floor. I love how real it all is. When I get home from a wedding I am exhausted, just like any other job, but there is something inside of my that wants to relive the moments that just happened. I can’t help but scroll through the images from the day and find myself smirking as I recall the jokes that were shared and the tears that couldn’t be held back. Being able to capture once in a lifetime images drives me. Meeting new people and hearing their stories invigorates me. Creating something to help couples relive memories... that is why. |

WHAT MAKES ME, ME My Wedding -- Like I shared previously, Jason and I were married in

2012. Our wedding was held in my hometown of Redlands, California and offciated by one of our great mutual friends. We said our vows under an oak tree as our family and friends stood around us. It was exactly what I wanted, but not exactly what we had planned for. The plan was to have our ceremony in the middle of a field with the San Bernardino Mountains behind us. The weather that day had a different idea in mind. It turned out to be 95 degrees out so just a couple hours before our ceremony was schedule to start we changed our plan from the middle of a sundrenched field to the shade of large oak tree. Following our still very warm ceremony we enjoyed coffee and desserts with our guests as an informal reception. We wanted everyone who had shaped our lives to be there to celebrate with us, but also wanted a very intimate family dinner to finish off the night. After our ceremony we socialized with all our guests for an hour or two then made our grand exit in an original Mini Cooper borrowed from a family friend and drove the few miles to my parent’s home. In the backyard we had one 60-foot table set up for our extended families to enjoy one, big family style dinner together. The thought was that thiswould most likely be the one and only time all of these people would be in the same place and we wanted to soak up every minute of it. The evening was so special and to us it was perfect. I share this for a couple reasons. One, I like to share my personal experience with the people I work with. I want to connect on a personal level, not just a professional one. For couples to know that I have been through what they are going through. I want them to be comfortable with me and share in their excitement and help calm their concerns. To be there for my couples and help them however I can and give them advice based on my personal and professional experience. Second, because I think it shows my personality. I am the type of vperson who likes to have a bit of a plan, but if things change along the way I am ready for it and can adjust. On any given wedding day there will be those |

moments where something has to change. Whether it is raining and a ceremony needs to be moved or someone is running a little behind and we need to change the schedule to accomodate. I believe I have the ability to roll with what the day hands me and react to create the best outcome. Lastly, I think it shares my style. Not juse my photography style, but how that blends in with my personality. How the two are intertwined. I believe I shoot the way I do because of who I am.

*Images by James Christianson

WHAT MAKES ME, ME My Life -- Since getting married we have moved from Southern California

to beautiful Bend, Oregon where we enjoy the slower pace of life and the endless opportunity for outdoor activities. While I definitely do not claim to be any sort of outdoor enthusiast, I do like to get out, take a hike, camp by a scenic lake, or a weekend trip to the Oregon Coast or Portland. I am also completely happy to sit on the couch, snuggled in a blanket with Jason and our sweet pup Augie to watch a movie or an episode of whatever tv show we are currently obsessed with. Jason always describes us as, “We are either very active and on the go, or very lazy.� I think that pretty much sums it up. Family is a very important part of our lives. While neither of us have a ton of time off from work we do find time to see some form of family nearly every month. Getting together with our family, especially since nearly all our siblings have young children and we just added our own to the mix this year. It can get a little loud and crazy... and we love it. |

My Work -- Over the years I have been very lucky to work with amaz-

ing people who have helped me grow and continually be inspired. This has helped me produce work I am proud of and have to have it featured on several popular wedding blogs as well as receiving a Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire. I was also named one of the best wedding photographers in the state of Oregon in 2015 by MOD Weddings. Below is a list of some of the blogs that have featured my work: - Style Me Pretty - Grey Likes Weddings - Once Wed - Green Wedding Shoes - Inspired By This - Elizabeth Anne Designs - MOD Weddings - Le Magnifique - Apple Brides - Oh Lovely Day

Jonny and Meilani Review |

Cat and Jim Review |

Jillian Houston Re- |

PACKAGES $7000 8 hours of photography coverage Second photographer on wedding day Downloadable online proofing gallery USB drive of final image files for archival purposes 24 page 10x12 inch Bluet wedding album Box of first edition 4x6 inch prints Complimentary engagement session Personal consultation $4500 7 hours of photography coverage Downloadable online proofing gallery USB drive of final image files for archival purposes Box of first edition 4x6 inch prints Complimentary engagement session Personal consultation $3500 6 hours of photography coverage Online proofing gallery (does not include digital file rights) Box of first edition 4x6 inch prints Personal consultation A la carte $300 per additional hour of coverage $500 for an additional photographer $800 USB drive of final image files $500 for an engagement session *Please note that travel expenses are not included in package pricing |

QUESTIONS TO ASK How would you describe your photography style? photojournalistic, artistic, real I love, love. I love documenting love and enjoy the challenges it brings along with it. To capture love in its truest form you cannot direct it, force it, or expect anything. No couple is the same and in turn no wedding day is the same, and that is what make them so special. Everything from the unique details, formal photos with family, candids of the couple and their guests celebrating, and of course portraits of the newlywed bride and groom make up a wedding day. All of these elements deserve to be captured and preserved for the couple to look back and relive over and over again.

What is included with your photography packages? I have three packages, but am able to customize a package to fit my client’s wants and needs. All of my packages include at least size hours of coverage, a box of a minimum of 100 4x6 inch first edition prints, online proofing gallery, and personal consultation. For more details please refer to the previous page of this e-magazine entitled ‘PACKAGES.’

Where are you located and do you travel? I am based in Bend, Oregon, but love to travel! Whether you are getting married in your hometown in Montana or planning a destination wedding in Hawaii I would absolutely love to hear about your wedding plans. |

QUESTIONS TO ASK What is your typical editing style? I want my clients to see their natural beauty through the images I create. I do my best to capture my subjects in the best light to draw the viewer’s eye to what matters in the frame and evoke real emotion. To ensure this I do minimal editing to my images, while making sure the image looks its best.

What is your average turnaround time on images? I know that I wouldn’t want to wait months and months to see my wedding photos, so I don’t want to make my clients wait either. My average turnaround time for a wedding is six to eight weeks, depending on the time of year. For an engagement session it is closer to a two week turnaround.

What equipment do you use? I carry a Canon 5D Mark IV and a 5D Mark III as my back up camera body. I occasionally also bring along a film camera for a different perspective. I use a varity of lenses to capture my subjects, but tend to use prime lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length and usually allow for a quicker and sharper image, which I find very helpful during weddings where things can happen in the blink of an eye.

What equipment do you use? Weddings require a lot of planning. On average my clients book my services 6-12 months in advnace. To make things official my clients sign an online contract and pay a 50% retainer fee. |

Planning Process

Initial Contact Yay! You found me!


You have now read through the Wedding Guide and want to meet me in person, woohoo! This is a time for us to get to know each other. For me to answer any questions the guide didn’t review and talk more about the plan for your wedding day.

Schedule Your Engagement Session

Schedule a time and place to meet for your engagement session.

Wedding Day Timeline

About one month before your wedding put together a tentative wedding day timeline and send it my way for advice on photography time management and organization.


It’s your wedding day... the day when all this planning comes together into one emotional, crazy, and exciting day! Enjoy it!

Prints, Albums, Canvases, and MORE This is the time to go a little crazy and order all the decorative keepsake items for you and your loved ones.

Wedding Guide

Use this helpful guide to answer questions you have about your wedding and the planning process.


It’s time to lock it down! Let’s make this official by signing an online wedding photography contract and paying a retainer fee of 50% of the complete package price.

Engagement Session

Meet for your engagement session, have some fun, and get comfortable being in front of my camera.

Family Photo List

Create a family photo list to help keep the formal photos organized and less chaotic. Trust me!

Final Payment

The remaining balance of your wedding photography package is due two weeks before your wedding date.

The Photos!

Six to eight weeks after your wedding day you get to relive it over and over again through the images I have created!

Engagement Session Engagement Sessions are all about getting comfortable and just having fun. The more relaxed you are the more fun you will have and in turn the more natural the photos will be. I love engagement session because they give me a chance to get to know my couples better, and for them to get used to my shooting style. It makes the wedding day much easier because they know what to expect and are ready to have some fun. I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up to an engagement session and immediately the groom or sometimes both say something like, “Oh, we are so awkward” or “I am not very photogenic.” I am not kidding... those guys usually end up being the ones throwing out suggestions for photos. Having that relationship and connection with a couple before the wedding day makes everyone feel better and the day run smoother. Plus, being engaged is such an exciting time in your life that only last a short amount of time. An engagement session is a great opportunity to capture such a unique, fun time in your life together. |

WHAT TO KNOW When do you usually plan an engagement session? Engagement sessions can be planned for any season you like. The only thing to keep in mind is when you need the finished images. Some couples use the photos for save the date cards or invitations, so it is important to plan the engagement session at least a month before you need to order the cards. This willensure you have images and will be able to select your favorites to use in your design.

What is your average turnaround time on images? For an engagement session the turnaround is approximately two weeks.

How many images should we expect from our engagement session? I give my clients all the photos I feel represent them in a flattering/beautiful way. This usually ends up being between 100-150 final images.

Will we have the rights to print the photos ourselves? Yes! All of my sessions include high resolution image files and the rights to print for any personal purpose. However, I am more than happy to send your images out to be professionally printed for you. |

HOW TO PLAN How long does an engagement session last? Plan on your engagement session taking 1-2 hours. Each couple is different, some love being in front of the camera, soaking in each minute. Others feel that one hour is tons of time to get the photos they want. Every experience is unique and tailored to the couple and their needs.

When is the best time of day for the session? It is usually best to begin an engagement session about two hours before sunset, or if you are an early bird, the first two hours of sunlight are equally beautiful. These times are known as the golden hours and make everything appear more dreamy and beautiful.

How do we decide the location of our engagement session? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Anything can be beautiful, from a grassy, sun-kissed field, to the old brick exterior of an abandoned building. Think about what type of setting seems to has sentimental value to you. Any of these would be fantastic locations to document your love. Keep in mind, the focus should be on you two as a couple rather than the location.

What should we wear? The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to wear something you feel great in, that also feels like YOU. Feel free to bring multiple outfit options, however I find that two outfits usually works out best. |

Need More Tips? - Check out my Pinterest board to get inspired and see what other people have done for their their engagement sessions! - Bring props, such as a blanket to wrap yourselve in as the sun sets, or a chalkboard to write or draw on. Or maybe even an old car! - Get your hair and makeup done professionally... maybe even your nails! This will help make you feel beautiful and more picture perfect. Plus, everyone enjoys getting pampered and this is the perfect excuse!

Wedding Day The best thing you can do for yourself on your wedding day is relax. Know that you have done the prep work, you have put in the time and effort to make this day incredible. Now is the time to enjoy every second of this wonderful day. |

WHAT TO KNOW How should we plan for photography? Here is a very general wedding day timeline for reference: 1:00 pm - Start photography/finish getting ready 2:00 pm - First look followed by couple photos and wedding party photos 3:30 pm - Ceremony site photogaphed/time to relax before the ceremony 4:00 pm - Ceremony 4:30 pm - Cocktail hour/formal portraits 5:30 pm - Grand entrance into the reception Couple photos around sunset Finish photography - dependent on reception type/grand exit I am more than happy to talk about your wedding day and figure out the perfect timeline to accomodate your photography needs.

What is your average turnaround time on images? For a wedding day the turnaround time is approximately six to eight weeks depending on the time of year.

How many images should we expect from our wedding? I give my clients all the photos I feel represent their wedding day in a flattering/beautiful way. This usually ends up being around 50-100 images for every hour I documented. |

WHAT TO KNOW Getting Ready Taking photos of you and your girls getting ready doesn’t need to mean from the moment you wake up. Everyone wants to look their best, so plan on having photography start when you are getting the finishing touches done to your hair and makeup. Allow about 30-45 minutes before you plan to step into your dress. This will leave time to capture those candid getting ready moments as well as the detail shots of your dress, shoes, etc. Also, keep in mind that clutter can be distracting in photos, so try to keep the room clean when getting ready.

First Look The great debate of the first look: should you or shouldn’t you? There is no correct answer to this question. A first look allows you to see your fiance in an intimate, private setting before the wedding ceremony. It also make it possible to take a large portion of your portraits before the ceremony. I can tell you from personal experience, a first look does not ruin any sort of emotional walk down the aisle. I did not cry at all when my husband and I did our first look, took wedding party photos, and did some couple portraits before the ceremony. However, as soon as I saw him watching me walk towards him and saw his eye tearing up, it was all over.

Portraits Portraits take time. It is best to set aside at least an hour throughout your wedding day for portraits (wedding party, family, and couple portraits). The best time for couple photos is in the last house of daylight. |


Talking to your photographer about your wedding day schedule can relieve much of the stress about the flow of your day. Planning the timeline with photography in mind will ensure things stay on schedule while capturing everything you are wanting.

Communicate -

Do not expect your photographer to know your guests, who is important to you, or the details that have special significance to you. Tell your photographer about the aunt who is like a second mother to you, the little DIY projects you spent hours on, sentimental items handed down to you so that nothing is missed. This does not mean wait until the day of the wedding to continually point people and things out. Talk about these things beforehand so they can naturally be incorporated into the day in a special way.

Shot Lists -

Shot lists are in magazines to help you get an idea of what not to miss, but hiring a photographer you trust and love their work can make all the difference. Instead of trying to dictate photos you have seen before, give your photographer the creative license to capture your day as it deserves to be documented.

Formal Family Portraits -

This can be the most stressful part of the day. Making a detailed list of the family photos including the people in each photo can help keep things moving, as well ask making sure that no one is forgotten in the moment. It is good to estimate five minutes per grouping to allow for gather, posting, and photographing.

Light Matters -

The most important component of photography is light. It can make the difference between a fresh, gorgeous image and a dull, dark one. When planning your wedding, consider the light, the more natural light the better! |


The details of your wedding (invitations, dress, shoes, jewelry, florals, etc.) are what make your wedding unique and different. They are also the things you spend hours and hours working on, deciding on, and paying for! So make sure they are easily accessible and ready to be photographed on your wedding day.

Have Your Photographer Eat When You Do -

No one enjoys having their photo taken while eating, so by having your photographer(s) eat at the same time you do nothing will be missed or rushed.

Pinterest Is Great, But -

Everyone loves Pinterest, myself included, but keep in mind that Pinterest is a collection of the best images out there. It is not a whole wedding day collection. Go ahead, get inspiration, find ideas, but I urge people to break away from copying ideas and instead make your own come to life. Styles are ever evolving, so don’t get sucked into trying to follow the trends.

What Takes So Long -

I completely understand that everyone wants to see their wedding images as soon as possible, but please understand that a lot of work goes into your images after your wedding day. Every photo that is taken at your wedding is looked through, removing all duplicates, out of focus shots, and unflattering images. The remaining images are then individually edited to make sure the exposure and coloring of the image is correct. Once that is finished so light retouching may be done. The images are then uploaded to an online gallery for viewing, sharing, and printing purposes. This process can take between six-eight weeks to complete. I do my best to complete the editing process as quickly as possible while not losing any quality in the process. |

ALBUMS The Album-

A flush-mount album that comes with a wooden presentation box, linen cover, and features 24 lay flat pages (24 sides). Available with up to 40 pages and different cover options.

The Coffee Book -

A less traditional wedding coffee table style book with linen cover and featuring 80 heavy weight matte pages (80 sides). Available with up to 150 pages.

The Album Cover Styles 8x8 10x10 Clean $875 $1,125 Photo Window $1,165 $1,400 Embossed $1,725 $1,975 Additional Pages $20 each $25 each

The Coffee Book Cover Styles 8x10 12x12 Clean $400 $550 Additional Pages $5 each $8 each |


All prints are individually retouched, sent out to a professional lab to be printed on archival photographic paper, and sealed with a durable semi-matte spray to increase longevity.

Canvas Prints -

All canvas prints are individually retouched, sent to a professional labe to be printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame and feature a wire for hanging.

Archival Prints Size Price 4x6 inch $10 5x7 inch $15 8x10 inch $40 11x14 inch $80 16x24 inch $100 20x30 inch $150

Canvas Prints Size Price 8x8 inch $100 15x15 inch $150 16x24 inch $300 20x30 inch $400 24x36 inch $500 36x48 inch $700 *Larger and custom sizes available upon request | |

Wedding Guide  

Josselyn Peterson Photographer Wedding Guide

Wedding Guide  

Josselyn Peterson Photographer Wedding Guide