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Teen Tree, Me Be What would I look like if I was a tree? Erm, are you serious? I'll never agree! If I ever transformed I'd be simply maddened! Oh wait, oh no, it can't just happened. What's that? A bird flying onto my head! Get off! Get lost! Stop making your bed! Some kind of den you've already rigged, Oh yeah - tree, nest...I hadn't quite twigged. Well at least I'm alive, and can think these remarks, And can see! I just had to open my barks. But I can't look far, as I'm a bit stuck My hopes to start jogging have met some bad luck. Do I even have feet? I'm not sure where they're found. Of course, I'm a tree now, they're deep in the ground. But I can still catch a vague glimpse of my arm, In the reflection from that stream by the farm. It looks all...branchy, straggly and strange! It's withered and brown, I want to exchange! I need to swap back, give me my body! I'm sick of this life, it's all wrong and shoddy! In the rain I get soaked and there's no way to dry I wait for the sun, but that's hard to come by. 'What do I look like?' Well does anyone care? They don't take any notice from so far down there. I can say I look sad, I look fit to cry, I've not even been hugged by some hippy guy. I want to go back to my friends, Jo and Paula. No wait! I'll stay! I just realised - I'm taller!

Teen Tree, Me Be  

For the All Poetry competition 'Tree Yourself!'

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