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Nature’s War Fair

‘Come spring flowers, grow And push through sodden earth just sewn!’ Says the gently helping rain, Taking April captive ‘Come spring rain, fall down! Soak slowly through my mudden shroud!’ Says the dormant colour, waiting to Besiege May.

Then months fade into mystery, As time somehow steals speed and stealth, And summer’s gone ‘fore winter’s set; Stuck in no-man’s-land.

See, should one day’s sun rise lone, Unblocked by winter’s old, dark tone, The wakening seedlings will, bathing bright, Prepare to fight.

Bravely does the autumn fight, But weakened by sharp freeze and fright, It forfeits spent and injured ground to frost The final blow.

Wirey arms will find strong hands And bodies swell ‘to insect stairs. Then on their well-splayed heads and hairs, Invaders land.

Cold not wanted has been beckoned By the subtle beacon of the fading light, Sky’s signal to come, end this year, And kill.

Scooping golden stores, they take, And fly away unhindered, smalling, humming Faintly through th’warm haze of pleasant June, Suddenly here.

The battle lost, but not the story. Rhymes of life live on, and wars for green glory Rage and cycle, trophies held by seasons all, passed here and there, In nature’s war, fair.

Great blooms feed feasting eyes, too. Flora’s fireworks staying glow impresses, still, Swaying little in the kind breeze Patrolling the borders.

Nature's War Fair  

by Josh Coe