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Introduction Throughout the process we have carried out in the schools as pre-service teachers, we have realized there is not an efficient process of assessment, in which teachers know how to evaluate taking into account the objectives of the syllabus, in order to assess integrally skills and sub-skills of the students using a didactic way to evaluate; as well as to teach with a clear criteria of marking, based on useful instruments as rubrics and bands. Rather, the teachers in those schools are simply assessing students using traditional methods that involve discrete tests, which have negative effects in the learners who could feel frustrated in the moment of being evaluated. Regarding to the conception about testing, evaluation, and assessment we have learnt, and everything we could realize, we want to design an integrative assessment and testing scheme which must include four important aspects: validity, reliability, practicality, and authenticity and the proper elicitation technics for the skills and sub-skills that we pretend to assess.

POPULATION AND CONTEXT The school normal superior de Ibague has four (10째 grades) divided into 10-5, 106, 10-7, 10-8. Currently, I am pre-serving teacher in 10-5, this classroom have 37 students ages ranging between 14 and 16 years. The number of girls and boys are equal because, there are 19 women and 18 men. On the other hand, analyzing the socioeconomically status of the students, I could conclude that there are few students as part of higher status, but the social standing the most of the students are middle income. Inside the classroom the environment is peaceful because, students have a good interaction among them, there is an excellent rapport between teacher-students and there is a respectful treatment when they address and they interact to the teacher. School description The school normal superior de Ibague is a public school located over ambala avenue 31 street, it is a central part in Ibague. The school counts with few resources such as 2 video beams, 2 tapes recorders, and several classrooms with video beam, and a poor bilingualism classroom, this room has 20 computers which are in disrepair, this classroom is abandoned, nobody uses it, in this school there are not English resources. On the other side, the English class in 10째 graders are few, because they only take 2 hours per week of English. So, teachers have to do the best taking into account

the time in order to develop the topics, and it is really complicated because, the students do not have the level that estandares basicos de competencias nacionales del ingles have proposed, so is difficult to teach them all the topics that present the curriculum. This is school is well-known one of the best schools in Ibague, but the status of English says the contrary, because they are located in A1 according to the marco comun europeo. Their level of English is basic cause of the few intensity time of English. In this school the English is not one main subjects in the students’ schedule.

CONTEXT AND POPULATION In the “Carlos Lleras Restrepo” school I have carried out my work as pre-service teacher with 34 tenth graders between fourteen and sixteen years old; fourteen boys and twenty girls with whom I meet every Wednesday from 2pm to 4: 30 in the afternoon and every Friday from 4:30 to 5: 30 in the afternoon, in a very nice classroom which is equipped with video-been, computer, a small screen and a good sound. Moreover this classroom was built in a triangular form which allows the teacher organizes the class in different ways, it also counts with two big windows, which provide a fresh environment; and the design helps the teacher to have a better management of the class. The institution is located in the neighborhood “Salado” in the north-west of Ibague, and the most of the students live near to school but there

are four best friends students who live in a little village fifteen minutes from the “Salado�; in general the social status of all the students is 1 y 2 which is reflected in their dialect, the way they relate and coexist in the classroom. They have respected the teacher en every class and they have expressed their like for the classes I have managed. However there are something that called my attention; the students seen to be in 1 or 2 socio-economic status but, most of them have a smartphones, and they use it in class as a tool for translating or as dictionary, which means that the use of the TIC`s is very good, and have been helpful during the process notwithstanding not always I allow them to use in class because it could interfere with the flow of the class.

Subject: English

Grade: tenth

Competences: linguistics and pragmatics

term: Second

Standards: •

Utilizo estrategias que me permitan iniciar, mantener y cerrar una conversación sencilla sobre temas de mi interés, de una forma natural.

Identifico elementos culturales presentes en textos sencillos.

Narra experiencias vividas sobre viajes y música con agrado e interés en tiempo presente perfecto y pasado simple y sus respectivas expresiones de tiempo con coherencia y cohesión.

Identifico la información clave en conversaciones breves tomadas de la vida real, si están acompañadas por imágenes.

Unit: one Topics: JOURNEYS (experiences, unusual activities, changes, adventures.) Sub topics: past perfect and past simple Skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening Sub-skills: grammar, vocabulary.

Class 1 Vacations 1. Warming up

Throughout this activity teacher is going to introduce vocabulary (verbs).  In this part we are going to play a game with my students in order to

breaking the ice.  Each student has to say the phrase: when I went to Europe and I learn to

…. Read, jump, run, etc  So, one student starts and he says the phrase and the name of any action

that he has learned in England, the next student has to say the phrase, the name of action (verb) and he has to say the verb that his or her partner said before, and go on until the sequence comes to the last student in the classroom.

2. Complete the conversations using verb “to be” Were x 5, weren`t, wasn`t,

was x 7 Then practice with a partner  a. How long _______your parents in Europe?

b. they________ there for two weeks a. ________ they in London the whole time b. no, they __________. They also went to Paris.  a. _______you in Los Angeles last week?

b. no, I _______. I ______ in San Francisco a. how ______it? b. it _____ great! But it______ foggy and cool as usual  a._________ you away last week?

b. yes, I ______ in Bogota a. really? How long ______ you there? b. for almost a week. I ______ there on business. 3. Listen the song and complete it

U2 I have _______ highest mountain I have run through the fields Only to be with you Only to be with ___ I have run I have crawled I _____ scaled these city walls These city walls Only to be with ____ But I still _______ found what I'm looking for But I still haven't ______ what I'm looking for I have _____ honey lips Felt the healing in her fingertips It burned like fire This burning ______ I have ______ with the tongue of angels I have held the hand of a devil It was warm in the _____ I was cold as a stone But I still haven't ______ what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm _______ for I believe in the ________ come Then all the colors will bleed into one Bleed into one Well yes I'm still ________ You broke the bonds and you Loosed the chains Carried the cross Of my ______ Of my shame You know I believed it But I still ________ found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm _______ for..

4. Speaking

Students are going to ask and answer question about their last vacations? Example: where were you in your last vacations? Were your parents there?

Warming up activity Bang Bang •

Teacher is going to divide the group into two teams.

Explain that they are cowboys and they are involved in a duel.

One student from each team comes to the front.

Get them to pretend to draw their pistols.

Then teacher Says "how do you say..." and he shows a picture with any action.

The first child to give the answer and then "bang bang", pretending to shoot his opponent is the winner.

He remains standing and the other one sits down. I give 1 point for the right answer.

5.  Complete using the Present Perfect Simple.


I _________________ (know) Harold since he was a little boy.


Joseph _________________ (have) that laptop for two years.


How long _________________ he _________________ (be) at university?


Our next-door neighbours _________________ 8 not live) here long.


Sophie _________________ (be) in this class since January.


My sister _________________(work) at Pizza Hut for three weeks now.


I _________________(live) here all my life.


He _________________ (not be) married for very long.

 Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.


“How long _________________ he _________________ (be) here?”

“He _________________(be) here for quite some time.” 2.








_________________ (be) together?” “We _________________(be) together for ages.” 3.

“_________________ he _________________(have) that scooter long?”

“No, he _________________(had) it since Friday.” “How much _________________ it _________________ (cost)?” “It _________________(cost) a lot of money.” 4.

“How long _________________ your parents _________________(be)

divorced?” “They _________________(not be) divorced for long.” “When _________________ they _________________ (get) divorced?” “They _________________ (get) divorced since month ago.”

 Write questions for the following.

1._____________________________________________ _________? I’ve been married for five years. 2._____________________________________________________________? They’ve had that car for six months. 3. ______________________________________________________________? She’s known him since they were kids. 4. _______________________________________________________? He’s worked here since last year. 5. ___________________________________________________________? Yes, they have lived here for a long time. 6. _____________________________________________________?

 Correct the mistakes.

1. How long do you know your best friend?

_______________________________ 2. I have this cell phone for five month.

_________________________________ 3. We live in Lisbon for ten years.

______________________________________ 4. My father works at this hospital since 2009.


5. How long you have that calculator?

___________________________________ 6. I don’t know him for very long.

________________________________________ 7. I am here since this morning.

__________________________________________ 8. I wait for this moment for a long time.

________________________________ 9. Nobody ever climbed that mountain.


INTEGRATIVE SCHEME OF ASSESSMENT AND TESTING Name ______________________________________________ Grade:____________ Date:_________________

mark _________________

Reading _______ listening________ writing __________speaking________ Test (60 minutes) READING (15 min) o- 5 points Taking the risk Look at the pictures and skim the interviews. Then write the name of the sport next to each picture. Sport world magazine recently spoke with Jenny Adams, Tom Barker, and Ray lee about risky sports

1. SW: hang gliding is a dangerous sport, Jenny what do you enjoy about it, and have you ever had an accident? Jenny: no, I’ve never been hurt. Maybe I`ve been lucky. Sometimes the wind can be too strong once, my glider turned upside down and I almost crashed, but I parachuted away just in time. Actually, I`ve always felt that hang gliding is very safe. And it`s amazing to be able to fly like a bird.

2. SW: Tom, you`ve been mountain climbing for years now. What are some of the dangers you`ve experienced? Tom: when you are high up in a mountain, the conditions are hard in the human body. The air is thin, and get tired. I`ve lived through storms and bad weather. But like the change and I like overcoming danger. That`s why I do it.

3. SW: Ray, have you ever experience any danger while scuba diving? Ray: luckily I haven`t. But people can get the bends if they come up too quickly from deep under water. Bubbles form in the blood. The bends can be serious, and can even cause death. But the condition is rare. Diving isn`t really that dangerous. And the great thing is that it lets you explore another world.

LISTENING (15 minutes)

Write the correct number to each picture (0.5 each)

Write true (T) or false(F) 0.5 each A. Ray was bitten by a shark during a diving adventure B. Tom have live through storms and bad weather C. Jenny has been hurt D. Jenny suffered an accident when she was learning “Hang Gliding� E. Diving can cause bends if people come up quickly from deep under


Chose the correct option (0.5 each)

1. Ray like to practice a. Diving b. Hang gliding c. Climbing 2. What did Tom though about diving? a. It is very dangerous b. It lets you explore another world c. People could die if practice this sport

LISTENING (10 min) 0-5 points Listening carefully the audio twice Answer the test: Write the number in the bubble in order to organize the sequence of the 10 adventures George had on his vacations according to the audio (0.5)each According to George

SPEAKING (3min) 0-5 points

1. What did you do in your last vacations?

Take into account these questions •

What places have you visit?

Have you done something extreme?

What kind of strange food have you eaten?

Criteria to test (1 each aspect) yes


Well- paced flow Message is clear Acceptable pronunciation Effective use of grammar Effective use of vocabulary

WRITING (25 min) 0- 5 points In a paragraph write a postcard to a friend telling him/her everything you did in your last vacations. Follow this example to write about your experience. Don`t forget to take into account the correct use of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation.

Hi, Luis My Hawaiian vacation just ended, and I am very well rested! I spend my whole vacation at a spa. Every day for a week, I exercised, did yoga, meditated, and ate vegetarian food. I also went to swimming and snorkeling. I feel fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Hi_________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


In order to mark the integrative test that we have designed, we are going to use the analytical marking scale. This marking is appropriate for us, because is helpful and more effective with inexperienced teacher like us, it provides us the scales more explicit. The analytical marking scheme divides the available marks between different criteria, with weightings according to their relative importance. Each criteria is then assigned a portion of the available mark according to the standard reached on that criteria alone and the sum of all the marks gives the total mark. Analytical marking scale help us as teacher make the provision of detailed feedback for students easier as students can receive much information from their marks for each of the criteria. They can tell exactly which areas were well done and which areas need more work, without the need for specific comments from teachers. Using this marking scale is more reliable to get consistent results, because having a clear criteria we can be fair with the mark. Moreover, Analytical

marking scale can make marking easier when the work being assessed is long and involved and there are many criteria that need to be considered. WRITING BAND RUBRICS Pragmatics Fascinating read. Original and thorough development of ideas in short


texts. Balanced and clear account. Captivating and balance account. Interesting read


Main idea is clear but unbalanced text: some points are nor developed 3.0 as well as they could have been. No clear direction, collection of separate ideas: occasional cut-and- 2.0 paste feel. Text is completely unclear, cut and paste feel throughout the text.


Accuracy No grammar errors- accurate reporting


Few grammar errors-accurate reporting


A number of grammar errors- occasional inaccuracies


Regular grammar errors-occasional inaccuracies


Regular grammar errors- inaccurate reporting



Well-paced flow



Message is clear



Acceptable pronunciation



Effective use of grammar



Effective use of vocabulary




We are going to use feedback in order to recognize what errors the learner made, the purpose is giving to students’ feedback to improve. We are going to take into account the real time judgments of individual problems and student’s needs and we are going to establish a plan of support to help each student fill those needs and solve their problems within the normal instructional learning cycle. Moreover, we are going to have a clear understanding of the objectives that students have, criteria and standards of English oral school-based assessment so that we can provide to students an appropriate and clear feedback. Finally, at the end of the test we are going to give a score and some advises and we will highlight the weaknesses and strengths that the student had.

Integrative assessment a testing scheme for 10 graders  

integrative test

Integrative assessment a testing scheme for 10 graders  

integrative test