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Volume 14, Issue No. 5

Tony Morris Remembered

October/November 2016 Second Class Mailing Agreement #40050183 Publisher: Dean Washington Associate Publisher: David Symons Managing Editor Jordan Allan Distribution Manager: Brenda Washington Copy Editor: Gerry Frechette Advertising Sales: Elaine Fontaine

Contributing Writers / Photographers: Jordan Allan Gerry Frechette Albert Vandervelde

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Tony Morris (left)


t’s been a tough year for the motorsport community on the West Coast, as far as losing friends, but it was made much tougher on July 14 with the passing of Tony Morris. The story of Tony Morris is a well-known one in Canadian road racing. From racing as a young man in his native Scotland, under a pseudonym so his parents wouldn’t know, to working for Dunlop tires as their racing rep, counting the likes of Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart as friends. Tony, a star driver through the years of Westwood, and a race winner in the Players/GM series, did it all in Camaros. Getting his son, known to all as Junior, into racing and the auto events business was a great source of pride, as was his dedication to sharing his tremendous skills through training many drivers to be winning racers. Tony also spent many years forging meaningful relationships with the likes of some of us here at RPM Media while managing the Porsche press fleet here in Vancouver. Beyond his absolute dedication to the brand, it was his unfailing ability to make everyone that he came in contact with feel like they truly mattered to him... and they did. Perhaps above all, it was his story telling and his genuine interest in the things that his friends were doing, along with his generosity of spirit and sense of humour that endeared him to us all. Tony was one of a kind… and will be sadly missed by many, as witnessed at his heart felt Celebration of Life gathering, held recently at the former site of countless racing glory moments on the mountain at Westwood. He is certainly missed greatly by us here at RPM Media.


















Period Correct Hot Rod

Dave Love’s 1928 Ford AR Roadster Story and photos by Cam Hutchins


s a young lad of ten years old, a friend of Dave Love’s dad, dropped off a couple of boxes of old car magazines. One look at Tom McMullen’s hot rod on the cover of the September ‘64 Popular Hot Rodding magazine was enough to hook young Love and make him decide that one day he would own a hot rod. McMullen’s car was iconic and also appeared on the cover of Hot Rod magazine and on the cover of the Surf Music compilation album called Shut Down. Love did not want to build a reproduction, but studied all sorts of rods. When he was finally able to drive, his first cars were the full gamut of muscle cars.... ‘68 Chevelle, ‘67 Mustang fastback and a ‘68 Camaro SS.


His first “hot rod” was the old Bert Straiton ’39 Willys Pickup gasser that had gone through a few owners and was in need of full restoration. The car needed to go back to the era of when Straiton sold it in the fall of ’68 so he could afford to go to barber school. This car is rumoured to have been at a muffler shop in Langley for years and pushed in and out every day for over a decade. It was in pieces when purchased from Vic House in the Summer of ‘98. The “Hairy Canary” Willys was completed in 2001. After a year of driving it, the lure of a Dick Courtney - style Model A roadster saw Love searching for a proper candidate. Searching through “Old Autos” newspaper (out of Ontario) one day, he found a ‘28 AR Roadster body that seemed perfect for $2,500. The owner would even deliver it, as he was driving his kid out to university on the West Coast. The roadster body and frame were tied to the roof of the Minivan which also contained a tired old Honda 650. After delivering the roadster and dropping off his kid and minivan at school, he drove the motorcycle home, but broke down somewhere in Montana and took the bus the rest of the way. The cost of the 1928 body’s delivery was $500.   After doing some metal work, the body was sold a year later for $4,000 USD, when the CDN dollar was super low, so he could purchase a second better body for slightly more than the first as well as a 59A flathead. Again, the body was sold in favour of a better body, but he kept the motor and pocketed a $600 profit. The motor just proves this

car is much more than the sum of it’s parts. The 276 flathead came out of a white ‘32 Vicky with a green plexiglass roof. This Vicky ran around Kamloops for years, but, before powering the Vicky, the motor had propelled a front-engine dragster at Cobble Hill Drag Strip on Vancouver Island during the ‘50s. Apparently, the dragster chassis may still be around...another story or another build may follow! The perfect AR roadster body appeared in the form of pieces, but it had been partially restored by one of the Model A clubs in Washington State and was sold by a fellow from Portland who bought it off the club. The early 1928 Model AR bodies were distinctly unique in that they had the emergency brake bolted to the frame on the left side of the driver’s seat and came up through a hole in the floor. This was Henry’s original design for Model A’s for approximately the first three months of production before switching to the more conventional E-brake placement.   Next came 1932 ASC frame rails with front/rear Model A cross members and an original 1932 “K” member and deuce pedals. A dropped ‘n drilled ‘33 front axle with split wishbones complete, was found in a barn in Chilliwack. A trip to the LA Roadsters Father’s Day swap meet produced a Halibrand quick change. The ’36 banjo was found in Richmond and has 4.11 gears, but with the quick change spur gears, it is currently approximately 4.47 to handle the 32-inch Bedford rear tires.   Another sweet find for Love was a reproduction Duke Hallock windshield. Hallock was an L.A.-based engineer in the thirties who only built six of these windshields...of which three of the originals are known


to exist today. The Steve Sellers reproduction was modelled after the legendary Dick Courtney ‘28 Model A that also sits on ‘32 rails. The front end has ‘33 Ford Houdaille shocks while the rear is traditional tube shocks. Brakes are 1939 Lincoln up front, the first year for Bendix brakes mated to “C4 Racing” backing plates. These rare backing plates were also found as “NOS” (New Old Stock) at the LA Roadster show. The rear brakes are 1940 Ford “Juice” brakes.   The engine is a highly modified 1947 Ford Flathead 59A. The mill has new French rods and Ross pistons, and is bored and stroked to 276 cu. in. from the original 239 cu. in. Other modifications to the engine include ported intake runners, relieved combustion chambers, 1.5/1.6 stainless steel valves, and an Isky camshaft among other “Hot Rodding” tricks. The intake manifold is an original Harrell tall 2X2 running original Stromberg 97s fed by an Edmunds “flying saucer” fuel regulator, while the heads are original Navarro castings. A prewar AERO Aircraft oil filter is used with a modern cartridge inside and was sourced from Cam Grant’s massive collection of cool parts.   Although the motor was bought as a runner and powered the roadster for three summers, it was in need of a rebuild. Once the decision was made, it was freshened up and finished at 3 am…four hours before heading to Deuce Days in 2013. The flathead is mated to a Ford Toploader 3-speed gearbox with a ‘39 Ford “Swan” shifter. The practice of using a 1932 grille on a Model A is well known, but this grille has a mysterious past. Dave Boyce had it hung on his shop wall for 25 years before selling it to Love. Boyce always wanted to use it on a hot rod because of its cool  PERFORMANCE PLUS MAGAZINE OCT/NOV 2016

look and thought it came from some commercial vehicle from Europe. The grille had no shiny plated pieces, and after extensive research on the internet, Love has no idea where it was originally used. Love had a plated grille manufactured locally and the shell was extended to better fit the front of his car. An original ‘32 rad was used and rebuilt by Richardson Radiators in Langley.

brand and is era correct for the ‘40s and ‘50s Indy roadsters. The unique bullet-styled headlights are from an English firm, Edmonds and Jones (E&J), and were used on various cars in the twenties, including the 1925 Jordan Playboy, as auxiliary lights next to its massive 12-inch headlights. The taillights were NOS 1947 Kaiser taillights found on eBay NOS. Interestingly, the blue hue was picked after seeing a restored Anyone who loves hot rods probably loves louvres, so the trunk light green Model A roadster painted with “Gun Metal blue” as lid was punched by Kirk Collins. The gas filler cap is from Hali- the accent colour. The main body colour was nixed in favour of





2004 FORD GT SOLD! $836,000



9/15-10/15 $400 10/16-11/15 $600 11/16-12/15 $800 12/16-1/1 $1000 1/2-1/15 $1200 NO RESERVE ENTRIES ARE ALWAYS ZERO ENTRY FEE AND 5% COMMISSION

SOLD! $308,000

SOLD! $148,500


SOLD! $176,000



SOLD! $387,750

2003 SALEEN S7


SOLD! $168,300


SOLD! $170,500




SOLD! $242,000

SOLD! $192,500



the sweet blue and the car was sprayed in nitrocellulose lacquer by Love and his neighbour who had never painted an entire car before. Using the very traditional quick drying lacquer, the body was sprayed five coats in Love’s garage and sanded with 600 grit a week later. Then five more coats followed by 1000-grit sanding and polishing. The result was far better than expected from two very passionate newbies! The dry lakes-inspired interior is a cool collection of parts, many of them with stories of their own. The seats are NOS, were used in the B-17 Bomber starting in ‘39, and sourced from a surplus warehouse in Tennessee which, at the time, had seven pairs still in boxes for $500 a pair. They only wanted cash... no money order, Paypal or cheques. Not knowing anyone in Tennessee, Love turned to the H.A.M.B. and found a local member willing to cash his money order and finalize the deal. The 1943 USAF-issued seat belts keep driver and passenger firmly in the seats.   The car now has a 1932 Auburn dash with the gauge panel from a 1932 Lincoln running late ‘40s Stewart Warner gauges. The steering wheel is a 17-inch Bell turning a vintage Schroeder Sprint car cowl steering set-up.   This period-correct hot rod rides on Ford 18-inch Accessory wheels, AKA milk truck wheels, typically found on utility vehicles and ambulances. Love like the way they looked on Belly Tankers, on which they were run to keep the car from dragging on the Salt. The front tires are Firestone 450-18 and the rears are Bedford 750-18’s.   Love first drove the roadster in 2011 and has since been to the last two Deuce Days and many local shows, as well as the World Famous Swindler poker run out of Conway, WA. One year it arrived at Bonneville on a trailer only to find the Salt Flats was a large lake due to a sudden rainstorm. Going to the 2016 “Race of Gentlemen” at Pismo Beach will definitely complete the journey from a young child’s dream to the incredible achievement of building a Hot Rod to inspire more kids!


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Story and photos by Albert Vandervelde


here’s no doubt that modern V8 engines are producing more stock power with better mileage than only a handful of years ago. The standard in light truck V8s is 380+ horsepower these days, and that has crept up from the low 300s just a few years ago. The GM LS engines are no different and have gone through an array of generations in the basic platform that is still used in the entire GM V8 line up - Corvette, Camaro, GM trucks and SUVs. Displacements change while block size stays the same, making it easy to fit aftermarket goodies. Displacements include a 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 and a 6.2, and early engines also came in a 5.7-litre version. They all use the same basic externals, but head designs, crankshaft timing and injectors, along with truck and car intakes, cable and drive-by-wire throttles and cylinder shut-off systems, and steel and aluminum blocks, make the hunt for an engine a little more involved than – “give me that one” off the shelf. The 6.0L and 4L80E transmission going into our project came from a reputable local wrecker of pickup trucks. Actually, they had 20+ LS-based engines on the racks, along with Hemis and Ford 5.0litres to pick from. I went with a Gen III engine rather than a Gen IV version. The Gen III has lower horsepower but also does not have cylinder deactivation to deal with. It came both in a cable throttle and a drive-by-wire throttle version, and this engine is drive-by-wire – meaning the gas pedal needs to be purchased with the engine. The engine is a 2004; the Gen IIIs went from 1997 to 2007. The Gen IV overlapped in some vehicles and went to 2015, and the current engine line-up is labelled Gen V series.   The two versions in the 6.0L Gen III engines were the LQ4 and the LQ9. In the cars, they were labelled LS1 LS2, LS3 with the current LS9, packing 638-hp in factory supercharged form. Its MSRP on is $25,509US, and the 430-hp LS3 “connect and cruise” all-in package with electronics is $13,856.00. In the trucks, the LQ9 is the higher-performance version commonly found in the Cadillac trucks, though the LQ9 was found in some other truck models in later years. Both were 6.0L or 364 Heads on both are aluminum.   I’ll touch a little on the Gen IV (LS2 and up) engines as they are common swaps as well, and come with about 40 hp more than the Gen III engines. In the near future, I’ll load one onto the engine stand for a performance build to replace the Gen III engine. The power in the Gen IV motors bumped from the low 300s to the mid 300s, and they came with cylinder deactivation for better fuel economy (there is a kit to turn this portion off for retrofits) along with variable valve timing. Both steel and aluminum blocks can be found.   Keep in mind when hunting for an engine; the truck engines are far more readily available and not as sought after by the hot rod crowd as the LS-numbered Camaro and Corvette engines. If the taller intake doesn’t work for you (plus the car intakes do look better), retrofit intakes in the lower car style can easily be swapped in for better fitment. There were no issues for clearance with the truck intake in our install, so we stuck with the taller manifold.   Keep in mind, all of our mods are easily transferable between the 4.8L, the 5.3L and the 6.0L with slight changes, and all perform 20 PERFORMANCE PLUS MAGAZINE OCT/NOV 2016

It’s not hard to find an LS engine in the auto wrecker, but prices vary a lot, so it’s worth shopping around. Also, truck LS engines tend to cost far less than car LS engines. The main difference is cam profiles and the taller truck intake, which does develop better low-end torque. Our 6.0L engine fully dressed with all brackets, pump, alternator, starter, air con pump, pedal, computer etc. Was $1000.00, and a 4L80 trans to match was $800.00. well and have great longevity. Our simple mods for the 6.0L were a Comp Cams cam upgrade, the Comp Cams roller rocker fulcrum upgrade, decent flowing easy-to-fit Hooker ceramic-coated exhaust manifolds, and a Holley Terminator engine and transmission management system.   Getting a packaged engine with a documented compression and oil pressure test from a wrecker is a great way to start; just make sure you get a “dressed” engine that would be one with all brackets, accessories, starter, alternator, steering pump, exhaust manifolds, wiring harness, computer and gas pedal.  Don’t worry about what you do and don’t need; there typically is little savings getting a stripped-down version and there is nothing worse than hunting for parts. Mine even came with an air conditioning pump and engine mounts. It was $1000.00 for the engine and $800.00 for the trans with all electronics attached. I came across another wrecker with plenty of good-compression 5.3s for $800.00 dressed – also a great choice.   While the Holley computer system was a little more money than, say, an aftermarket harness and getting the computer reflashed, it gave me a lot of flexibility in engine choices, and the ability to self program as well as to laptop program, but also controlled the driveby-wire system (no extra module needed) and the cable system in one package, and transmission control with shift point management and lock-up control. With a switch of injector harnesses, the system can run any current Gen III and Gen IV engine with a reset and relearn, and can accommodate forced induction as well. Also, the engine can be run as a stand-alone with no trans control for stick shift transmission installs. That gives us a lot of options for future LS articles and engine swaps for the foreseeable future. I also ran the Terminator system in a throttle body configuration on my 5.0L Ford engine and it worked excellently, so no reason to really change up from what worked in the past.   We will also cover a few of the add-ons that were needed to get the engine into our frame of choice, and in the near future we’ll do a full programming article, cooling system and start-up article to let you know how everything turned out, and maybe a dyno run as well!   All-in cost for the engine less transmission has us under $5000.00 with mods, new water pump and oil pump and a re-gasket of the engine. Pretty good value for an expected 400-hp engine fully up and running.



The aftermarket is ripe with LS parts, and converting your LS to a classic carburetor, or buying a truck engine and swapping to a car style intake is easy. These two examples from Holley are just a sample of what you can buy.

The Goatbuilt brackets move the alternator to the passenger side up high and the power steering pump high on the driver’s side. The air con pump stays in the stock location.



Typical configuration is the alternator up high on the driver’s side and steering pump below it. The air con pump runs off its own belt, lower passenger side. Our frame was tight with a high-mounted steering gear, so some changes were needed.

While you can use the stock mounts, we picked up a set of conversion motor mounts from Novak Conversions to fit our donor frame. The mount material is a little stiffer, so there is a chance of more engine vibration, but they also are stronger with a bolt that passes through the mount, solidly holding the engine to the frame.



As we had to move around a few accessories to fit into the frame, we turned to Goatbuilt and their anodized bracket kit.

The frame mounts for the engine were welded in place, and this particular set offsets the engine to the passenger side for better steering clearance.




The stock manifolds flow well enough, but they are pretty darn ugly and covered in heat shield. These Hooker cast manifolds package really well in tight frames and come ceramic coated in several colours to prevent rusty exhaust manifolds being part of your future.

We are working on a budget build, but adding a cam, timing set and a rocker fulcrum upgrade add a good dash of power and gives some confidence that your valve train in your donor motor is in good shape. Unlike small blocks of the past, the internals of the LS engine are pretty stout and can handle large-lift camshafts with ease.



I went a little further than needed for the cam upgrade, cleaning up the engine and checking all the electric components like the twin knock sensors under the intake manifold. Glad I did it, because it seems some little critters made a nest under the intake. Thankfully the wiring was not chewed.

One of the largest lift cams I’ve ever installed in a small block. I chose this cam after spending time with the Comp Cam techs, and they assured me this fat .610-lift intake .617-lift exhaust would be just the ticket this 6.0L needed to wake it up. Â



On inspection, the knock sensor bores had some oil seepage past the gaskets, so the valve plate was removed and cleaned, and new gaskets installed.

Nothing too exciting looking at the old cam beside the new cam, but here they are


THANK YOU! We would like to thank all of the participants, volunteers, sponsors, vendors and patrons for making the 2016 Port Coquitlam Car Show the best one yet!

2001 Camaro SS, 5.7L LS1, 4spd auto, low mile car owned by collector, t-tops, loaded, blk lthr int, new tires, $21,000 obo. Call 250-803-0516. 1986 Buick Regal T-type, rolling chassis, complete except eng, trans, hood (selling less 9� Ford & rolling stock), ultimate sm tire st G-body avail, no cage, high end hardware, 18,750 orig miles, $14,900. Call 250-738-0530. 1985 Buick Regal w/grand National ext clone, 350 cid 450 hp, stall conv, B&M shift kit, 350 turbo tranny, everything new, only take to shows, $16,500. Call 604-591-7475. 1983 Olds Cutlas Cruiser, Woody wagon, 305 4 barrel, low kms, 2nd owner, burgundy on burgundy, a/c, pwr windows, new brks/muffler/cat, all orig, collector plates, $3,500. Call 604-939-6350. 1982 Porsche 911 SC, pwr windows, sunrf, exc orig cond, recent uphol update, 165,000kms, no winters ever, 28K in receipts, 3L, 225hp, no test pilots. Call 250-368-7188

October/November 2016- Poster #5 Model: Jocelyn Photo: Location: Port Moody Auto & Air

1982 Honda Prelude conv, 1 of 100 built for Honda Dealers, very rare in



One of the strangest things was installing the cam without removing the heads and lifters. All you need to do is spin the old cam around a few times with the rockers and pushrods removed and the lifters held up in the bore, and you pull the old cam out, grease the new cam and slide it back in. It’s best to shoot a light down the cam bore to make sure all the lifters do stay up, though. It’s not unheard of to have one drop back down. Worst case, you need to pull a head off one side.

The LS comes stock with roller lifters, however they are prone to needle bearing failure.



The Comp Cams timing set is single roller but has slotted bolt holes, uses a Torrington bearing behind the upper gear, and can be adjusted both advanced and retarded a few degrees with an Allen key.

Comp Cams sells a rocker fulcrum upgrade kit with better bearings and new fulcrum shafts. The kit comes with a cool tool you use in a vice to press out the old bearings.



The timing set from Comp Cams allows for fine adjustments to timing with a small cam that can be turned with an Allen key prior to tightening the upper cam gear bolts.

The same tool with an added bearing press portion is used to press the new bearings into the rockers.




I have used Proform starters on almost every engine I’ve built and have had great success with them in performance engines. Not only are they gear-reduced for less starting effort, they can also be rotated for better fit around headers. An inexpensive insurance upgrade that also went along with a new oil pump and new water pump of OEM quality for the same reasons.

If you are using a stock-type harness and computer, you will need the TAC module to go with your drive-by-wire gas pedal. Holley’s Terminator injection system controls the pedal directly, but you need to make sure you get the right serial numbered pedal suggested by Holley.



There are many ways to get your LS engine fired up. I stepped up here and went with a Holley LS Terminator system. The computer works with all LS versions with the appropriate injector harness plug-in and will control your transmission and shift points. The kit works with both the cable and drive-by-wire system without the pedal module. The best part is, it’s self-learning as well as laptop-programmable, and is capable of managing turbos and superchargers. This makes it a very flexible set-up for future upgrades as money allows, without computer re-flash costs.

The computer doesn’t need to be installed in the cab – and on my last TBI Terminator install I installed the computer under the hood. This time, though, I’m trying to keep as many components out of sight.



The Holley system uses OEM-type plugs for all connections, for a nice factory look.


What you choose to monitor your engine is up to style. Holley has a digital dash that will plug right into the fuel injection, but for a classic look, nothing beats the flexibility of using a Dakota Digital dash. They have a wide array of styles and this is their classic all-in-one 7-inch round gauge pod.


BUYERS’ GUIDE Advanced Clutch Technology FM12-HDG6 Kit

Description: ACT’s FM12-HDG6 kit features a heavy-duty pressure plate that uses an exclusive diaphragm design to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life. All diaphragms endure a heat-treating process for unparalleled performance, while the pressure plates have precision cover stampings to provide rigidity and consistency. The six-pad race disc features a spring-centre to properly damp torsional vibrations and resist failure under harsh conditions. Specifications: Disc diameter of 9.8-inches and a race-type disc. Applications: For 1965 Ford Mustangs. Website:

Centerforce Twin Disc Clutch Description: Centerforce’s DYAD DS multi-disc clutch offers smooth engagement, quiet operation, a light pedal, and high-end holding capacity for high-torque applications. It requires no complicated setup or adjustments and is a fully dampened clutch system developed for vehicles that can reach extreme power levels. Specifications: High torque capacity, up to 1,300 lb/ft at the flywheel. Applications: For 1970 Dodge Challenger. Website:

Clutch Masters FX100 Description: Clutch Masters FX100 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom heavy-duty Steel Back organic friction disc. It is ideal for heavy-duty street use and is specifically designed for extended wear and additional clamping force for the enthusiast who has added an exhaust, air intake, or other non-forced induction external bolt-ons. Specifications: All stages come with disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool. Applications: Available for a wide range of vehicles. Website:

Dinan Hi-Clamp Clutch Kit Description: Dinan’s Hi-Clamp Clutch Kit is able to strengthen the clutch clamping force by up to 25% which allows for quicker clutch engagement that limits clutch slippage and extends the overall life of the clutch. This provides precise pedal feel with no change in pedal effort. The kit is great as a replacement clutch or for cars with power outputs that exceed the clamping force of the stock clutch. Specifications: Includes pressure plate and disc. Applications: For 2000-2003 BMW E39 M5. Website:

EXEDY Hyper Single Series Clutch Description: EXEDY’s Hyper Single Series Clutch is made to optimize the performance of cars that are moderately modified but do not require the clutch capacity of a multi-plate clutch. It features a forged aluminum cover that is stiffer than a stamped cover and allows a higher level ratio to maintain the pedal efforts at a reasonable level. The pressure plate features a series of turbine-like air flow enhancing vanes that keep the clutch cooler. Specifications: All Hyper Series clutches come with a chromoly steel flywheel and are normally supplied with a 6-puck cerametallic facing and spring centre damper disc assembly. Applications: Visit website for list of applications. Website: OCT/NOV 2016 PERFORMANCE Plus MAGAZINE 29

Ford Performance Mustang Clutch Linkage Upgrade Kit Description: Ford Performance’s Mustang V8 Clutch Linkage Upgrade kit consists of a beefed-up clutch release fork and heavy-duty self-adjusting high-lubricity polymer-lined clutch cable. It can be used with an HD throwout bearing and will provide smoother operation, and lower pedal effort. Specifications: Kit comes with release fork and clutch cable. Applications: For 1979-1993 V8 Mustangs with factory self-adjusting clutch quadrant. Website:

Hays Street Clutch Kits for Buick, Chevy, Pontiac Description: Hays Street Clutch kits are ideal replacements for original equipment units and are engineered and built as a matched assembly. Each kit will provide amazing performance and durability. The pressure plate is diaphragm-style, the clutch disc is organic spring hub, and the kit comes complete with the throw-out bearing and alignment tool. Specifications: Features an organic sprung hub disc. Applications: Fits Buick, Chevy and Pontiac applications with 10.5-inch clutch and 11/8-inch 10 spline input shaft. Website:

McLeod Racing Street Extreme Description: McLeod Racing’s Street Extreme Clutch kit is ideal for both street and track applications and is recommended for use in cars up to 700 crank horsepower and torque with moderate engine mods and street tires. The kit is SFI approved and comes with a high clamp-load pressure plate with a dual-face ceramic disc for smooth engagement and awesome holding power. Specifications: Kit comes with pilot tool, throw out bearing, and pressure plate bolts. Applications: Available for Chevrolet 350 small block engines. Website:

Quarter Master Street Stock 10.4-in. Clutch Description: Quarter Master’s 10.4-inch Street Stock Clutch and flywheel package is a stock-type single-disc clutch that boasts cutting edge features that translate into the lowest possible moment of inertia and deliver a performance increase that will undoubtedly be felt. It features a strong and durable steel-faced modular iron pressure plate and lightweight steel flywheel. Specifications: 157-tooth flywheel, 1-5/32- x 26 spline clutch. Applications: Fits Ford Small Block engines with non-external balance. Website:

Spec Stage 1 Performance Clutch Description: Spec’s Stage 1 Performance Clutch features an integrally molded carbon Kevlar-based high-performance organic lining that ensures smooth engagement and excellent life. The lining has bonded steel backing for strength under high clamp loads and temperatures and the hub is double-sprung with spring cover relieves for flexibility. Specifications: Features a high torque sprung hub and disc assembly. Applications: Visit website to check applications. Website:



Russo and Steel Scottsdale Auction usso and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions have recently announced that, after 16 years, they will be moving their Scottsdale Auction from North Scottsdale to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. The event, which is set to run January 18-22, 2017, is known as one of the most exciting collector automobile auctions in the world and will feature over 800 cars on offer crossing the block. The new 140 acre site will serve as the ultimate host to the event and represents a major milestone for Russo and Steele. It is a highly centralized and easily accessible location that puts it at the epicenter of the all the action during Arizona Car Week. Bidder registration for this year’s event costs just $200 and includes admission for all five days of “Auction in the Round” action for the bidder and one lucky guest. Russo and Steele auction President and CEO Drew Alcazar was quoted as saying “The incredible amenities and the enhanced parking options provided will certainly add an additional level of excitement and sophistication to what has always been one of the highest levels of automotive events anywhere.” Visit for more information in the days and months leading up to the event.


Grand National Roadster Show and Sacramento Autorama Tradition continues as Rod Shows produces the Grand National Roadster Show and Sacramento Autorama. Each show has over 500 show vehicles that compete for awards indoors. Rain or shine, the event takes place with, Hot Rods, Kustoms, Traditional Rods and Specialties. More vehicles will park between buildings outside for the annual drive in on both Saturday and Sunday. The Grand National Roadster Show is now in its 68th year. Once known as the Oakland Roadster Show, it is the longest running indoor car show in the world and will be produced at the Fairplex in Pomona, California for the 14th consecutive year.  In 2017, The Grand 32 PERFORMANCE PLUS MAGAZINE OCT/NOV 2016

National Roadster Show runs January 27-29 and will feature the 60th Anniversary of the Tri-Five (55,56 &57 Chevy’s). Awards ceremony starts at 4:00pm on Sunday night where the 2017 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle will be crowned, along with many other awards. The Sacramento Autorama goes February 17-19 and is now in its 67th year, and boasts being home to one of the longest running indoor car shows in the world. Selected Customs compete for the Custom d’Elegance award and the Clubhouse will be in The Pavilion and host 25 clubs. Awards ceremony begins at 4:00pm on Sunday night as the  2017 Custom d’Elegance and King of Kustoms winners will Be announced and history continues with the  Big B awards; Bagdasarian, Barris, Bertolucci and Bailon.



American Muscle a Highlight of Luxury & Supercar Weekend

Story and Photos by Gerry Frechette


hile the focus of the 7th Annual Luxury & Supercar Weekend on September 10-11 in Vancouver was probably the exotics and classic cars, there was no shortage of muscle cars and other American classics at the Show.

In fact, the Canadian Concours d’Elegance at the Show had several judged display classes including Studebaker Avanti 1963-64, Corvette Stingray 1963-67, American Muscle Cars 1964-70, and Ford and Mercury Convertibles 1941-48, as well


as a special tribute display honouring the 75th Anniversary of Jeep. Instead of trying to describe all the cool cars we saw there, we’d rather just show you all the photos. The winners of the above classes are listed below. Studebaker Avanti 1963-1964 Victor Marks: 1964 Avanti Corvette Stingray 1963-1967 Brent Connors: 1966 Corvette Coupe American Muscle Cars 1964-1970 Peter Chutter: 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda Ford and Mercury Convertibles 1941-1948 Dennis Groundwater 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible.





2006 – 2016


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1987 Monte Carlo SS, blk, 427 BB, & panhard bar, rear fenders molded turbo 400, new tires/whls ect, $13,000. to bdy, custom bumpers, Frenched Call 604-585-6054. head/taillights, $22,000( reduced) . Call 604-463-3039. 1978 Lincoln Continental, 3rd owner, on propane, 86,000km’s, $7,500 obo. 1938 Ford Deluxe, exc shape, orig, Call 250-245-4210. $17,900 obo. Call 250-579-8339.


1965 Comet wagon, 202 model, survivor car w/302, new carpet, new brks, runds gd, $3,000 firm. Call 604826-1216.


1979 Mercedes 500 SLC, rare collector classic, California car, red lthr int, rust free, show cond, $13,000. Call 604-671-8796.

1965 Chevy Impala SS conv, nds 2005 Motorcycles & Accessories MOTORCYCLES resto, c/w some parts, $3,800. Call 604-826-1128. 2008 Kawasaki Concours 1400, 8600 1976 Chevy Stepside side box, all orig 1935 Ford 2dr, exc shape, $22,900. low kms, 1400cc, lk new cond, wind1964 GMC school bus conversion, shield is elect adj, recent detachable GM pts, collector plate, $16,000.Call Call 250-579-8339. stove/sink/bathroom/heaters, sitting hardbags, sports touring bike, stored 604-852-1918. for years, $1,800. Call 250-927-5582. inside, $9,975. Call 604-720-1867. 2005 Performance Cars CARS PERFORMANCE 1975 Thunderbird Special Anniversary Edition, 3rd owner, 142,000mi, Mud race pkg, blown Alc champion 1964 Chevy II Nova station wagon, 1987 Honda motorcyle frame, very rare. Call 250-245-4210. “Alarming”, CXT International worlds 383, pw steer, pw brks, gd cond, straight, nds tranny & whls, $400. largest 4x4 and 40’ custom built race $3,500. Call 204-638-0135. Call 250-245-8944 1974 Cougar XR7, 2dr HT, orig owner, 400 trailer w/living quarters, 50K invested cu in auto, p/s, p/b, white ext, 72,500 orig in last 3yrs on race truck, all 3 for 1962 Chev Impala conv, silver/red int, 1981 Yamaha Exciter SR 185, only posi rearend, $3,000, will part out. Call 865 kms, recent tuneup, new oil, carb miles, $3,495. obo. Call 604-780-3814. $120,000. Call 250-299-8772. 204-638-1035. cleaned, stored inside, lk new cond, 1973 Corvette, burgundy ext w/ox- New L0206 Briggs & Stratton eng orig bill of sale, plate, books, $2,775. blood int, 454 4 spd, p/s, p/b, p/w, air, w/CRG Black Star chassis, c/w Oden- 1956 Chevy 2dr sedan, prof resto, Call 604-708-1142. tilt/tele, am/fm, #’s match, garage kept thal Billet alum mount, inferno clutch, frame off, nds little paint to finish, 4 since new, 2nd owner for 19yrs, all GM Mychron4, floating rotor & new CRG spd trans, posi trac rear, no rust, must 1978 Kawasaki Pro Street, 1325 cc doc’s, $19,900. Call 250-594-8044. pads, new exh, Kart is ready to race, sell due to health, $20,000. Call 604- big block, 6PZ tranny, J head, 33mm 490-6256. $4,700 firm. Call 780-266-9266. carbs Dyna, MRKII, airshifter new 1970CudaorigVcode,auto,LiteLimegreen, build, few passes, nice paint, $5,800 1951 Studebaker 2R10, cool street rod obo. Call 778-317-5581. Dana 60, shaker hood, build sheet, fender tag, 2005 Restoration/Project Cars RESTO / PROJECTS or fun driver, nds full resto, $2,750. Call currentlyrunning440stroker,haveorigmotor, $80,000obo. Call 604-534-8566. 1987 20th Anniversary Mercury Cou- 250-857-2819. 7.70 ET Drag bike, ex Pro mod N2O, gar, fully loaded, runs exc, $1000. Call 10” tire, turn key, $10,000. Call 7781950 Anglia, steel bdy, 1 pc fiberglass 317-5581. 1969 GT Ranchero, 351W, Hi comp 4 403-612-9367. frnt end, molds for widened/radiused barrel, drives as gd as it looks, $19,500 , eves. Call 604-885-6642. 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo, 159,000 rear fenders w/proper frame plans, Joe Rocket XL helmut, $200; Joe ICBC reg search done, can be registered Rocket lthr jacket, sz Med, $80. Call kms, $4,600. Call 780-722-7671. after safety inspection, $3,500. Call 604-298-6275. 1968 Corvette, #’s matching, 427/435 HP, Tri-pwr, 4spd, pwr tilt, Am/Fm, 1985 Monte Carlo SS, RWD, 77,000 250-213-3623. Rally whls, T-tops, removable rear km, 2dr, auto Meter gauges, alum Kawasaki Turbo N2O, Pro mod, new window, blue w/blk int, exc cond, rims, nds some wrk, $5,000. Call 1948 Plymouth P-15 Deluxe 2dr st. never ran, $11,000. Call 778-317rod, 90% done, proj started w/100% 5581. $61,500. Call 778-317-5581. 587-577-2520. rust free driving car w/less than 1967 Dodge Monaco 500, 2dr HT, 1978 Ford Fairmont Futura 5.0 C4 re- 47,000mi, new sm block Dodge 4spd, Wild Racing’s garage sale, 30yrs of $35,000 invested, asking $25,000obo, blt, many new parts, runs exc, $7,200. pwr windows, 4whl disc, open to Kawasaki drag racing, Z1, KZ, GPZ reasonable offer, $22,500. Call 403- parts, tranny’s cranks, cly heads, will trade for gd truck and $$. Call Call 604-805-1778. 651-0888. 250-753-0957. pistons & cams ect, $10 & up. Call 1976 Ranchero Squire, reblt 351C 4 778-317-5581. 1964 Chrysler Windsor 4dr HT, push barrel, lic driven in dry weather only, 1948 Chrysler Royal, straight 6 flathead (recent rebld), brks & brk lines replaced, 30yrs of Kawasaki drag racing, Z1, button auto, p/s, p/b, all orig, lowered $6,500, eves. Call 604-885-6642. re-upholstered, orig headliner, orig KZ, GPZ parts: tranny’s, cranks, cly w/15” whls & whitewalls, exc cond, $4,500obo. Call 778-927-8144. 1970 RT 440, 4spd, Dana car, $12,000; paint, $3,600. Call 780-887-8243. heads, pistions, cams, etc, $10 & Up ‘69 442, 4 spd, $4,500; ‘73 Charger, 440 call. 778-317-5581. 1963 Mercury Breezeway, all orig & auto, 4spd, sunrf, $4,000. Call 204-638- 1945 Ford F-series 1/2 ton farm truck, 289, pwr train from old Mustang, pwr 2005 stock, very clean, runs great, must see, 1035. DOMESTIC PARTS DOMESTIC PARTS steering/tilt/brks, locar shifter, lots $15,000. Call 604-786-1875. 1970 Dodge Challenger 383 2 barrel, 3 of new pts, $13,500. Call 250-857- Chrysler sm block 4 barrel cast iron 1958 Chevy Apache Pick up, very nice spd standard, p/b, p/s, new blk int, new 2819. intake manifold, $90. Call 604-671shape, 235 straight 6, four on the floor, bumpers, no motor or trans, solid bdy, 8796. 2005 Domestic Cars $21,500. Call 250-882-8459. $18,000obo. Call 604-534-8566. DOMESTIC CARS Collection of mechanical & elec 1951 Mercury 4 dr sedan, 255 cu in 1970 Olds Ralley 350, auto, yellow, 2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4, Mini gauges, oil pressure, amperes, volts, muscle car, 300hp, 50,000km, lk water temp, downsizing, must go, $25 flathead w/3spd trans, 28000 mi since $4,500. Call 204-638-0135. new, 19” rims, turbocharged, won’t takes all. Call 604-824-6560. resto, runs exc, drives gd, all orig pts, proff lowered 3”, BC registered, 1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe, no disappoint HP junkies, $16,500. Call $22,500 obo, no trades, appoint re- motor or trans, nds complete resto, 604-465-4945. K & N air filter #33-2042 fits Camaro, Firequired. Call 306-502-6671. $4,000. Call 250-653-2317. bird,S-10etc,V8,V6&4cyleng,lknew,cost 2005 PT Cruiser conv, 2.4L eng, new $85, sell for $25. Call 250-860-5995. 1942 Buick Special, mild custom, 1967 Chevy Impala SS Conv, runs well, auto 5yr warranty, paint & bdy kit, 350/350 TH, p/s, p/b, Camaro clip nds some wrk, shows well, $9,500. Call $16,800 invested, custom 1 of 1, asking Plymouth Volare bdy pts, fits ‘76-’80. $7,000. Call 604445-1596. & diff, rear coil spring susp w/4link 604-826-1128. $10 & up. Call 604-590-6594. 38 PERFORMANCE PLUS MAGAZINE OCT/NOV 2016




Sheet metal repair pts: ‘69-’72 Chev PU, 2-OEM style front cab mounts, 1-floor patch for ‘69-’72 Chev PU, 2-’69-’72 Blazer rocker box end caps, $100, lv msg. Call 250-951-3975.

1959 A-Merc Flathead, complete reblt w/5spd OD trans, 4 stroke,12V, Mallory ignition, dual carbs, Eldbrock heads, hi- vol oil pump, new clutch, etc, $5,500. Call 250-749-6088.

Small block V8 Chevy Ram horn exh manifolds, 4/$100; one left is angled other three straight. Call 604-3029060.

1957 Passenger car pts: Hood, $100; frnt bumper, $100; Pass/Drivers fenders, some rust holes, $100ea; Frnt splash pans, $50ea; full hub cpas, $10ea. Call 250-860-5700.

Stock Carter AFB 60cfm, Competion Series, 4 bbl carb w/recent rebld, 1956 Drivers side fender, $100; ‘56 manual choke, gd gas mileage, $100. Rad support, $100; hubcaps, $20ea. Call 604-824-6560. Call 250-860-5700. 2005 IMPORT PARTS IMPORT PARTS


1956- 57 Ford pts collection left over from 2 Fairlane resto’s, few NOS 1979 VW Vanagon/Westphalia pts: items, some new repro pts & gd used heater boxes, 225 pair Solex carbs, various trim, dashes, Selectaire a/c compoother pts, $1,234. Call 250-478-2687. nents etc, est value $4,000 selling for $1,500 firm. Call 604-850-4830. Dodge frnt end pts for Dart, $1 & up; Many used MGB pts: roll bar, set of frnt Dash for ‘70’s Dart, $100; back & side fenders, 3 hoods, tail/brk lights, rag top 1956 Chev 1/2 ton complete rear end windows for Dart, $50 ea. Call 604frame, luggage carrier, 2-1800cc mo- drum to drum, $150; 1968 Chev Malibu 467-0113. tors, too much to list, $2,000 for all or drivers door, $100; 1968 & ‘69 tailwill pt out. Call 250-797-6103. lights, $50/pr. Call 306-761-0833. Dodge motor reblt 318 & 360, $2,500. Call 604-467-0113. Mazda RX7 1st gen posi rearend 1955- 64 Chevy orig posi unit, 4:88 w/disc brk setup (rare) $550obo. Call posi, $1,100. Call 250-228-7290. Edelbrock 426 Hemi Rat Roaster, inline dual 604-379-0685. quad version, orig -NOT modif in any way, no 1955 Chev 210 seats, frnt & back, gd damagewhatsoever,willingtoshipatbuyersex2005 COLLECTOR & PERFORMANCE pense (exact cost), $750. Call 403-651-0888. COLLECTOR/PERF PARTS cond, $1,200. Call 604-574-4738. 1980- 81 Corvette front end pts, $400 1955 Olds 324ci motor, reblt in early for all. Call 306-761-0833. ‘90’s, run very little, will fit ‘49-’56 Olds, $2,500obo. Call 306-280-5943. 1979 Ford Pick Up inner grill, still in box, $80; also have one used, $20. Call 1952 Mercury 2 dr pts car: flathead 3 250-337-1827. spd OD, 3 other flathead motors, 1 auto trans. Call 250-791-5410. 1974 Nova Hatchback folding rear seat, no tares or holes, metal nds sanding & paint, 1937 & ‘40’s Chev car NOS emerg brk hinge gd, $150. Call 250-635-6128. cables, $20/pr. Call 604-854-3584. 1972 402 BBC .30 over 408ci forged steel crank balanced rotating assembly, 10 : 1 lunati cam factory hi rise, fresh rebld, all machine wrk done by Precision racing, all new pts, long block, over $3,500 invested, no trades, $3,000. Call 604-848-4814.

1934 Chev(for 194 cui stovebolt) NOS cylinder head gasket unit & oil pan gasket unit, $20 for all. Call 604-854-3584.

1 pair Chev 041 heads w/acc holes, 1.94 intake, $700; 1-Pair bare ‘69 302/350 186 1.94 heads for rebld, Magnafluxed, no cracks, 1970- 72 Pontiac GTO non ram air $500; 1-Pair ‘68 327 1.94 fuelie heads for dual snorkel, $300; ‘68 & (2) ‘75 rebld, $375.Lv msg. Call 250-951-3975. Pontiac timing covers, $50/all; ‘81 Chev HEI w/knock sensor & computer (2) 1953-’55 Ford Pick up doors, $250. for carb, V8, rblt, $80. Call 604-531- Call 250-991-9922. 3102. 2-set of chrome Edelbrock sm blk 1970 Cuda rear seat, $800; ‘70 Cuda Chev valve covers, gd cond, $50/pr. left & right sport mirrors, $900. Call Call 250-618-8809. 204-638-1035. 2 rear fenders to fit ‘47 Ford PU. Call 1970 340 reblt heads, $1,200. Call 250-618-8809. 604-467-0113. 2-Hoods for ‘69 Beaumont, $200; 2-trunk 1969 Corvette dash pad, $75. Call lids, $50ea; ‘55 3spd stand trans, $75; 1-set 250-746-7813. of Camaro Ralley rims, $125; 1-set Chrome rims for Chev, $200; ‘69 Beaumont 10 bolt 1969- 70 Ford 351 Windsor air rear end, $250. Call 250-386-3025. cleaner, sandblasted , $250. Call 604780-3814. 6-way seat trac, $700obo. Call 204638-1035. 1968- 70 Windsor intake maif for 351, $295 obo. Call 604-780-3814. 6 front fenders for ‘29 Dodge truck, pair of splash aprons, fenders are rough but could 1961- 64Impalanewgastank,c/wstraps& use all to patch & make gd pair, or use on rat sending unit, $100. Call 604-763-5243. rod, as is $100 for all. Call 250-764-4705. 40 PERFORMANCE PLUS MAGAZINE OCT/NOV 2016


354 or 392 Hemi intake & carb, Pontiac Qjet#17080270, rblt, $100; chrome exh manif, $350 for all. Call Chev Qjet #7029207 core, $100; Carter 604-671-8796. #4028 AVS w/lh fuel inlet, rblt, $100; Carter AFB ‘66/’67 Pontiac 400/421, BB Chevy hooker headers, ceramic rblt, $200. Call 604-531-3102. coated, #2220-1HKR, new in box, $550. Call 604-763-5243. Running ‘69 Ford 427, reblt top oiler, $5,000, eves. Call 604-885-6642. BB Chev rods, $60; BB Chev Stewart Stage 2 #21103 al shoet wp, new, $180; ‘60’s Ford Rust free trunk lid for ‘70-’76 Dodge 7” dd booster modif bracket for ‘67 BB Dart, $250 ; New ider arm for A bdy Impala or ??, $220. Call 604-531-3102. Dodge from ‘67-72 and ‘73-’76, $50. Call 604-467-0113. Back spoiler for ‘76-’77 Aspen/Volare, $250; 1-new fiberglass fender, drivers SBC 350 orig from ‘72 Chevelle, upside for same Volare/Aspen, $200. Call dated w/GM NOS L ‘98 Corvette alum 604-467-0113. heads, Edelbrock Perf alum intake, new timing belt, Comp Cam lifters, push Be cool rad, 10016, new in box, $300. rods & Comp Cam 262H Xtreme cam, Call 604-763-5243. $1,900 obo. Call 403-255-5725. Set of Chev Corvette Hooker header mufflers, ceramic coated for BB Chev, never used, fits ‘63-’82 , $1,200. Call 604-796-2027. Shorty headers for am block Mopar 100, $350 ; flywhl & bellhousing, $125 ea. Call 604-764-8264. Small block Chevy Edelbrock torker intake manif, $60; Axel dual point dist, $25; Chev Bowtie valve cover, polished, tall, cast alum, $80. Call 778-227-2823.

Ford flathead eng’s & trans parts, $50 & up. Call 250-579-8339. Stewart Warner #284-AF 2” H20 used gauge, $30; SW#852 8000rpm marine Headers, LS1/LS6 Patriot tight tuck (P/N- tach used, $30; SW#82150 6000rpm new H8014-1), Ceramic coated, 1 5/8 primary, marine tach, $50. Call 604-531-3102. complt w/hardware, etc, used for mock-up, never run, $300. Call 604-420-6062. Sun 2” CP #7976 340 oil temp, 72”L mechanical gauge w/72” line, new, Holley #4781/9380 reblt 850 dp, $300; $50; Autometer 2 5/8” chrome cups, Holley #83310-1 rblt 750cfm, $160; Carter new, $20. Call 604-531-3102. #4028 AVS rblt, $100; Chev Qjet #7029207 cor, $100. Call 604-531-3102. Windshield for ‘69 Mercury, $85; Fender skirts & windshield for ‘80 or ‘81 Holley Spreadbore list #4175 GM Quadra- Pontiac, $85 ea. Call 403-272-0622. jet style, elec choke, 650 cfm, in lk new cond, spare jets, diaphragm, pwr valves, Edelbrock 2005 TIRES/WHEELS 2101 alum intake, chrome air cleaner, $500, lv msg. Call 250-951-3975. Brand new Khan 18 x 7.5 whls, bolt pattern, 4 x 114.5mm, in boxes-never Hood for ‘03 Dakota, $300. Call 604- installed, made in England not off467-0113. shore, MSRP is $600ea asking $395. Call 604-230-7136. Mopar OEM sm block 90 degree oil filter adaptors, $45ea or 2 for $75. Hundreds of older Collector hubcaps, Call 250-386-3606. $15 ea. Call 403-272-0622. Moroso #63420 Chec al/thsg ext hsg, new, Set of ‘65-’67 Ford Fairlane hubcaps, $60; Moroso#71530 new Zues 500, $30; little worn, $150. Call 250-295MSDcoil#8203&CraneGold#5001-001ign 2522. box for points, $100. Call 604-531-3102. Set of hub caps for ‘65-’67 Ford FairNew Centerforce DF161675 clutch & lane, little wear, still nice, 16”, $50, lv brng#N1716, Mopac price $545 w/o msg. Call 250-295-2522. brng, $445. Call 604-531-3102. Set of 4 Sacchi mag whls, 17 x 7 Orig Carter 625 AFB carb, Model 9635, polished 5 bolt, 5 spoke, off of 2012 elect choke, fresh kit, c/w authentic strip Chevy Cruise, will fit Kia as well, no kit, spare gaskets etc, 3 different fuel scratches, asking $450. Call 604line opts & other spare pts, $350, lv 796-2027. msg. Call 250-951-3975. 175/70R/13/82T studded winter tires, Posi trac rear end for 8 3/4 Mopar, 9” used one season, pd $750, got a new Ford or 12 bolt Chev, reblt, $750. Call car, Spruceland area, $350. Call 778204-638-1035. 349-8235.




2-1999 Contour SVT alum whls, GT 2008 Glendale Titanium 36E41 toy style, grt shape, 4 bolt by 7, $150/PR. hauler, 10’ garage w/ramp rear dr, 12300lb dry cap, duct air, double sink, Call 604-780-3814. stove/oven/mirco, lg fridge, tri axel, slide 4- nice 15 x 7, 5 spoke mags (5 x 4 1/2) out deck w/patio dr, 7x6, 3 slides, exc inclds 4 mtd & balanced 235x75x15 cond, $32,995. Call 587-269-0409 Uniroyal Laredo tires, downsizing, MISC must go, $200. Call 604-824-6560. MISC. 5-B.F. Goodrich Radial Mud-Terrain, 33 x 9.50 15 LT, load range C, less than 600mi, mounted on alum rims, spare is on step whl, 5 bolt pattern on 5 1/2 tires, $200ea, Alum rims, $125ea, Steel rims, $35. Call 250-840-8804. 2005 Rec Vehicles/Trailers REC VEHICLES/TRAILERS 2014 Keystone Fuzion 395 toy hauler, only used few times, non smoker, no pets, tint coach windows, day/night shades, central vac, wash/dryer ready, double fridge/freezer, solar panels, 3 slides, built in 5500 generator, 12’ garage, cargo cap 3,926lbs, serious inq only, $79,995. Call 780-996-5763. 2012 Dutchman Volage V3000 toy hauler, immac cond, lux int pkg, new heavy duty tires, central vac, micro oven/oven, hi eff furnace, 2 a/c units, dual pane windows, alum ramp dr, must see to appreciate, $56,995. Call 250-833-8004. 2012 Heartland Road Warrior 30c toy hauler, 2 slides w/Master suite, 100 gallon fresh water tank, refueling station, 5000W gen, pwr jacks/awning, 3 queen beds, stainless appliances, non smoker, $49,995. Call 780-305-4426.

Assorted (5) Ferrari factory baseball caps, brand new, $20ea. Call 604-757-1742. Battery tender/charger, cost $75 sell for $35. Call 250-860-5995. Booster cables, heavy duty 6 gauge, 12’ Noma, cost $46 sell for $20. Call 250-860-5995.


HP books: how to hot rod SB & BB Chev, $15; Bellhousing for ‘70-’72 Chevy PU or howtomakeyourcarhandle,$20;HPElectrical GMC, 4spd. Call 604-385-1918. (‘86) Jim Horner, $15. Call 604-531-3102. Big block hood for ‘66 Chevelle or New Mopar T-shirts, still in bag, XLG, Beaumont. Call 250-724-3120. $20ea. Call 604-298-6275. Drag racing video’s including VHS Original large A & W neon sign, $400. tapes. Call 604-581-0903 Call 604-574-4738. El Caminos, Porsches, any year or Radio control car, import bdy type, 12” long, cond, cash buyer. Call 604-757-1742. never used, $20. Call 604-581-0903. G.M. V8, ‘96-’99, need whole eng & Rare Master Parts List book, 1928-’50 used computer or C.S.i system, if computer cond,whitepagesw/noyellowing,bookwasgiven eng needs rebuild, no problem, lv toBuickdealers,$75.Call250-585-8878. msg,. Call 604-275-1920.

Car magazines, lg collection of Hot Rod etc, ‘59-2000; show room brouchers, 2005 WANTED WANTED auto/motor posters, decals ect, $1 & up. Call 250-860-5995. 1990s Yukon 2dr or shotbox P/U 2WD, blk w/grey, cash buyer. Call 604-757-1742. CB radio, Cobra 29LDD, classic, manf April ‘07, $45. Call 604-581-0903. 1988- 94 Chev GM shortbox stepside 2WD, prefer black, cash buyer. Call 604-757-1742. Chilton American repair manuals, ‘64’79, $15 ea; Sun 2nd edition testing & 1971 Original Camaro seat belts. Call diagnosis, $20; Racing cars ‘66 Richard 604-385-1918. Hough, $20; Great Auto Races ‘75 Petol Helck, $40. Call 604-531-3102. 1962 Studebaker “Grandturismo” hawk parts car. Call 250-748-0539. Complete orig 4 ‘79 Corvette L82 & crossed flag signia, removed when car 1955 Chev 2dr sedan car pts. Call was new for customizing, $100. Call 250-386-3025. 250-724-0904. 2-14 x 6 Keystone classic & 2-14 x 6 FerrarifactoryMichaelSchumacher ltdedi- smoothie chrome rims to fit Chev 5 x tion jacket & cap, $95. Call 604-757-1742. 4.75 bolt pattern. Call 250-546-3285.



Ford F150 PU fact shop repair manual, Any old Monster truck videos or Off$20. Call 604-581-0903. Road magazines. Call 250-295-2522.

Mopar direct connection licence plates. Call 604-671-8796. New or rebuild steering valve & slave cylinder to fit ‘62 Chev Impala . Call 250-539-3404. OldHearsttorestore,fairlycomplt,runornot, early 70’s prefered. Call 780-406-0803. Project car: ‘67 Chevelle pre 96 car; also ‘58 Camaro. Call 250-386-3025. Stampted steel head gasket for ‘60’s or ‘70’s Ford 200cui eng. Call 807-467-3205. Steering whl spinners/suicide knobs, check your old cars/trucks & tractors. Call 780-977-0056.

PARTS STORE MSD Announces All-New Black Pro Billet Distributors

MSD has recently announced that it is offering its Pro-Billet line of distributors in black that must be used with MSD 6, 7, or 8series ignitions, for your Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler application. The polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by a sealed ball bearing for an ultra-smooth operation at all rpms. It boasts a maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor that creates stable trigger signals throughout the entire RPM range. Advanced weight pins are staked and tig welded to the plate, while nylon pads are utilized to ensure smooth operation of the advance weights. For more information please go to


Lokar Goolsby Edge Edition Billet Aluminum Pedal Pads Lokar’s Goolsby Edge Edition Billet Aluminum Pedal Pads have an aggressive 3D-machined surface and billet aluminum construction that comes complete with customizable inserts. They are CNC-machined from high-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum for both strength and style purposes, and the throttle pedal pad can be retrofitted to existing Lokar throttle assemblies. The brake and clutch pedal pads are made with a ½-inch -20 stud that is necessary for mounting each pad, and the pads are able to adapt to factory and aftermarket pedals. For more information please go to

Parts For Any Mopar

Everything you need... Anywhere you need it!


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Heatshield Products Introduces the Catch Can Shield Heatshield Products’ new Catch Can Shield enables the catch can to stay cool so oil vapour will fall out of the suspension faster, and helps reduce the amount of oil vapour ingested into the engine through the intake PCV system. It is designed to keep the catch can cool by preventing it from being heated by ambient engine heat and direct exposure to sunlight in applications that allow for it. The result of keeping the catch can cooler is much less carbon buildup, reduced chance of carbon hotspots, and cleaner intake valves and less fouling on spark plugs. For more information please go to

COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs COMP Cams’ new line of conical valve springs are made for both street and race applications. They utilize round wire and feature a diameter-driven and progressive pitch-driven natural frequency. The design of the valve springs increases the valve train RPM limit while also reducing resonance concerns and dynamic spring oscillations. This results in a longer spring life and gives your engine the ability to run more aggressive camshafts. The springs are available individually or in full sets of 16. For more information please go to

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Hammerhead Performance Engines Unique Hemi Heads for Fords Hammerhead Performance Engines’ new unique Hemi Heads for Fords include cast aluminum Hemi-style valve covers, a Jesel 1:7:1-ratio rocker system, and all the necessary valve and spring assemblies plus gaskets. The head kits can be installed on all small-block Fords and even 351C engine blocks with some modifications. Additionally, the heads will accept any current or existing intake manifold for the designated block, and China wall spacers and lifter valley covers are supplied as well as FelPro 1262R gaskets. The product will be available around late November of this year. For more information please go to


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