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FACADE STRUCTURE + GLAZING Transparency defines the everlasting relationship between observer and the observed, the indifference is defined by the contemporary procedure of glass, and yet the historical evolution has changed the defining facts as the use has changed from the opening, to the barrier. The curtain wall has become the permeable substance to allow for this change to occur as allowing for the manipulation of individual panels to create a wall, that therefore acts as an opening through these individual panels. While the framing of such opportunities as the focal programs of the library allows for an interaction from the outside in rather than the standard opposite. This contrasting result allows for the manipulation of the programmatic standard of the curtain walls initial design, as rather than acting as the wall, but the permeable substance the blurs the exterior and interior. FLOOR PLATES + CONNECTIONS Within a library creativity is fostered through the unprogramed discovery that is founded when design remains an ambiguous backdrop to the participants. If the library wishes to generate the production of creativity the architect must allow for the exploration into the use of unprogrammed spaces, as these will allow for the reinterpretation of the program. Movement is one of these key areas as the destination of the user can be manipulated to involve the interaction of alternating environments, in which to create a collaborative landscape that is defined by the user for the user. BUILDING CORE + MAIN STRUCTURE At the core of the philosophy of a library is to provide the instigator for the programming of further works, resulting than in the production of creative thought. Accordingly than the structural core of the library is supported on the foundations of this philosophy, as all elements are supported by this defining form. This production is then archived onto itself, acting as the skin to enable the reproduction of further works.


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