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Final     Project   ASLT  635  

I. II.

Create a wiki, website, or blog Your virtual space must include ALL of the following: a. An about you page/section ( include a personal statement about 2lst century digital age teaching, learning, and /or leading b. Your Diigo list, LiveBinder, and/or c. Your Twitter Experience Assignment d. ISTE Standards Reflections Video e. PowerPoint Presentation (Embed using SlideShare) f. YouTube Playlist g. Links to internal Pages and Internet Resources based upon your topic and/or audience h. At least three graphics (NOT CLIPART) Be sure to select copyright free images i. Feel free to include additional items


Add a link to your virtual space to the class wiki


Be prepare to share your final project and your PowerPoint presentation on 6/30

Remember that your virtual space is your dominant physical presence on the Internet (and in fact, it is perhaps the only aspect of your cyber-identity that you can control completely). Carefully consider how you wish to appear to others, what first impression you want to convey, and how you can use good design to enhance this message.

Final Project 632  

Final Project for ASLT 632