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You already have the moment?

finding it wasn’t too difficult.

leave it to you to find (in days) what countless others have spent milennia looking for.

a sliver of time from the fires of creation...

but using it...

romana, i’m not sure if i can.


By Jon Wesley Huff

of course you can, doctor. you’re the only one of us who ever could.

take it as it was given.

i’m not entirely sure how to take that.

not a compliment or a criticism... just a fact, simply stated.

always were far too honest to be a good politician, Romana.

there are some on gallifrey who would fervently disagree... well, except for the part about me not being a good politician.

i can’t help but wonder, though, if i had foughT harder to hold onto the presidency...

if i’d been there when the time war started...

could i have stopped the mad plan to awaken rassilon? there were good people on the high council. people i prouldly called friends.

would it have been different?

the thought they would go along with this insane scheme--

the end of time. there were those who opposed it...


but rassilon does not tolerate dissent gladly. in any case, as a time lord you should know better than most the dangerous futility of wondering “what if.”



the “eye of the storm,’ as it were. either way, doctor. I suppose this is goodbye.

Anyway, i’m glad you’re back in e-space. at least there’s a chance for you.

the cloister Bell!

we’re sharing the same relative spatial coordinates. the effect might be lessened here...

one guess who’s attacking

if you’re successful, the connections between the dimensions will be severed. forever. so i just wanted to say--

doctor, they’re jamming the signal --


the tharil window won’t--


! W O RA-K

crkk k a r sk


! h h aksh

r k S

i need you to patch into the gate generator.

Link severed, mistress.

k-9! k-9...

keep the frequencies varied. try to stop the time lords from blocking the signal!

the gate doesn’t need to be big... just enough that i can try to project our shielding around the doctor!

goodbye, romana.

besides, saving the doctor’s life...

Danger, mistress!

that seems a worthwhile endeavor, right?

This course of action will greatly reduce the probability of your survival.

oh, sure. but the odds weren’t that great anyway.


that’s a good boy!

! w o k Sha-

! k a k hra-


o Sha-k


grandfather! did you hear me?


susan, my dear - when you put your mind to it...

you are difficult to not hear.

well then, come on! you simply must see the sunset!

i’m sure that it’s perfectly lovey but there is no way i--

all right, child, lead the way.

sigh. oh dear. i know that look. i’m not going to win this one am i?

oh, grandfather. do you think... i mean...

isn’t it gorgeous?

Hmmmm... yes, yes. quite nice. i heard there was some volcanic activity near venture flats. it would account for the spectacular sunset.

oh, i don’t know...

gallifrey must be the most beautiful place in the universe.

i imagine the Kaldisi tribes of the crystal archipelago’s of gnasis might disagree. well they are free to. they’re not changing my mind. well i’ll tell you a secret, my dear... there are moments...

when i would have to agree with you.

i... i’m alive.


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Doctor Who: The Moment  

A Doctor Who fan comic - a short vignette that bridges the gap between the eras of the 8th Doctor and 9th Doctor... and a few more besides.....

Doctor Who: The Moment  

A Doctor Who fan comic - a short vignette that bridges the gap between the eras of the 8th Doctor and 9th Doctor... and a few more besides.....

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