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A round the December 2012



“Honoring our Sailors’ Service & Sacrifice”

Volume 2 Issue 12

NOSC Quincy Participates in Wreath Laying

DDG 1000 Program Successfully Integrates Deckhouse, Dec. 14. X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Completes First At-Sea Tests, Dec. 18 Average BAH Rates Set to Increase by 3.8 Percent in 2013 effective Jan. 1 2013. MCPON Makes First Visit to Naval Air Station North Island, Dec. 14. Navy Training Headquarters Announces 2012 Sailor of the Year Finalists, Dec. 17. Seabees Build Patio for a Women’s Teenage Group Home, Dec. 17. Keel Laid for future USNS John Glenn, Dec. 4 NECC Signs Statement of Employer Support of the Guard, Reserve, Dec. 4 Blue Angels Deliver Toys to Superstorm Sandy Victims, Dec. 5. Unmanned Aircraft Operates from USS Klakring, Dec. 3 NEXCOM to Again Provide Free Phone Cards to Deployed Ships, Dec. 5.

NOSC Quincy provided a detail of Sailors to honor the 277th birthday of the first Vice President and second president of the United States John Adams, Nov. 17. The ceremony took place at the United First Parish Church in Quincy, Mass. It hosted a number of guest speakers including Cmdr. Brock Miller, commanding officer of NOSC Quincy, and the Mayor of Quincy Thomas Koch. Pictured with the wreaths are PS1 Lambert (left), HM2 Galvin (right) and Commander Miller entering the tomb of John Adams for a final blessing and laying of the wreath on the final resting place of John Adams. Photo Courtesy NOSC Quincy.

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NOSC Long Island Chaplain, Civilian Rabbi in NY Times STRANGE


Denver sirens are just a test, not doomsday signal officials said, Dec. 21. German scientists seek to clone perfect Christmas trees, Dec. 19. Dawn breaks on Maya ‘end of days,’ world lives on, Dec. 21.

NOSC Long Island Chaplain, Lt. David Bauman a Reservist who serves as the Rabbi of Temple Israel in Long Island, is pictured above with a 90-year-old menorah that survived superstorm Sandy. Temple Israel was devastated by the storm, but the 7-foot-tall brass menorahs survived. Photo Courtesy NY Times.

By Michael Schwirtz New York Times

A 90-year-old menorah from a temple on Long Island that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy will be displayed at a Hanukkah party hosted by President Obama as a symbol of perseverance and hope for the holidays. The brass menorah survived a 10-foot storm surge that destroyed a chapel, a library, numerous religious books and six Torah scrolls at Temple Israel in Long Beach, according to the congregation’s rabbi, David S. Bauman. Rabbi Bauman said the White House contacted him about two weeks ago seeking a menorah that survived the storm’s onslaught. He said he took a photograph of the menorah, one of two that were located on the upper floor of the temple’s sanctuary, and sent it to a White House official. “The next thing I know I’m talking to the White House curator and the Secret Service,” he said. “It’s an incredibly humbling experience.” The White House was led to Rabbi Bauman’s congregation

by the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, an organization that helped communities in New York City and on Long Island in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. The group informed the White House about the menorah at Temple Israel. Rabbi Bauman, 41, who is also a Reserve chaplain in the Navy, will travel with the menorah to Washington for the Hanukkah party, which will be held on Thursday. The White House has a tradition of selecting menorahs with some kind of meaningful history. Last year, the menorah displayed at the Hanukkah party was one built at a displaced persons camp in Europe after World War II. In 2010, officials selected a menorah salvaged from a synagogue destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. “The Hanukkah story and the story of recovery from a hurricane are not dissimilar,” said Jarrod Bernstein, the White House director for Jewish outreach and a Long Island native, who helped arrange this year’s selection. Though not entirely the same, he said, “the spirit of reconstituting and re-sanctifying is still there.”

The seven-foot menorah will honor not only the 200 or so congregates of Temple Israel, but also everyone affected by the storm, Mr. Bernstein said. The party will be a brief respite for Rabbi Bauman from the continuing cleanup work at his temple. The structure, which opened in 1923, sustained about $5 million worth of damage. He said it took 72 hours to pump out the seawater and another six weeks to clean up. There is still no power, though Rabbi Bauman has now installed generators allowing him to open the temple to congregants on Saturday mornings. After attending the White House party, Rabbi Bauman will return to continue restoring his synagogue, juggling insurance claims and seeking donations for repairs. It is a daunting task, he said, but one he said he was committed to completing. “The story of Hanukkah is about the underdog becoming victorious,” he said. “And that’s our goal. We will rebuild.”

Judge: La. woman can flip finger in holidays lights. Woman made her Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger, Dec. 21. UFO lovers, light seekers and lawyers await Maya end of days, Dec. 20. French Apocalypse village looks forward to Christmas, Dec. 21. Super Mario man arrested in Times Square groping, Dec. 21. Chicago jail escapees hailed a cab to get away, Dec. 19. Sea otters victorious in decades-long struggle with U.S. government, Dec. 19. National Coal Museum installs 200 solar panels to save money, Dec. 19. Sweden finds Soviet submarine wreck in Baltic Sea, Dec. 19.

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NOSC Erie Participates in Disaster Relief Telethon

DECEMBER NAVAL HISTORY Dec. 1, 1842 Execution of three crewmembers of USS Somers for mutiny; Midshipman Philip Spencer, Boatswain Samuel Cromwell and Seaman Elisha Small. Dec. 2, 1941 First Naval Armed Guard detachment (7 men under a coxswain) of World War II reports to Liberty ship, SS Dunboyne,

NOSC Erie Sailors participated in an American Red Cross Disaster Relief Telethon to support victims of Hurricane Sandy, Dec. 12. Photo Courtesy NOSC Erie.

NOSC Eleanor Presents Mayor with ESGR Award

Dec. 4, 1944 USS Flasher (SS-249) sinks Japanese destroyer Kishinami and damages a merchant ship in South China Sea. Flasher is only U.S. submarine to sink over 100,000 tons of enemy shipping in World War II. Dec. 10 , 1979 First Poseidon submarine configured with Trident missiles, USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657) completes initial deterrent patrol.

Mayor of City of Coal Run Village, KY, C. LaVerne Dye signs an Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) “Statement of Support� during the December 2012 drill weekend at NOSC Eleanor. The Mayor was nominated by MA2 James Sexton for a Patriot Award, providing outstanding support for his career in the Naval Reserves. - Photo courtesy of HM3 Jihyun Ramsey. OHSU Bethesda Det D personnel provide an overview of the medical department at NOSC Eleanor to Mayor C. LaVerne Dye. -Photos courtesy of HM3 Jihyun Ramsey. MAC Christopher Goff provides a guided tour of his civilian workcenter adjacent to NOSC Eleanor to Mayor of City of Coal Run Village, KY C. LaVerne Dye. - Photos courtesy of HM3 Jihyun Ramsey.

Dec. 14, 1965 Navy announces completion of 1,272 ft. radio tower at North West Cape, Australia, highest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere at that time, as a link in fleet communications. Dec. 15, 1965 Launch of Gemini 6 with Captain Walter M. Schirra, Jr., USN, as Command Pilot. The mission included 16 orbits in 25 hours and 51 minutes. Recovery was by HS-11 helicopters from USS Wasp (CVS-18) Dec. 23, 1941 Gallant defenders of Wake Island (Sailors, Marines, volunteer civilian contractors, and Army Air Force radio detachment) surrender.

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NOSC NYC Attends Giants Game, Presents Colors

Sailors attached to NOSC New York City presented colors at the Giants Vs. Steelers NFL game, Nov. 4. Photo Courtesy NOSC New York City.

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Region Mid -ATLAnTic At a Glance

Ms. Outen Receives COQ Award

WHA Hosts Habitat For Humanity

Ms. Mikel outen, a supply technician attached to RMARCC, receives a civilian of the quarter award from Commanding Officer Capt. Jay Adelmann.

LS2 Carrie Stone, RMARCC’s White Hat Association (WHA) Vice President arranged to have Habitat For Humanity give their safety presentation to command members in order to participate in future volunteer events

Photo by YN2 Justin Jones

with the organization. Photo by MC2 Maddelin Angebrand

RMARCC WHA Lays ‘Wreaths Across America’ Photos by YN2 Justin Jones

Sailors from RMARCC’s White Hat Association participated in the annual Wreaths Across America (WAA) ceremony, Dec. 15. WAA is an organization dedicated to honoring all veterans and active military by placing fresh evergreen wreaths on headstones one Saturday each December.

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Around the Region Photos of the Month

(LEFT) NOSC Syracuse is pictured at a Marine Corps Junior ROTC event, Nov. 17. (MIDDLE LEFT) NOSC Long Island Sailors participated in an annual “Dropping of the Roses” ceremony, Dec. 7. (MIDDLE RIGHT) NOSC Greensboro Commanding Officer Lt. Cmdr. Eddie Rosso serves as the reviewing officer of a high school NJROTC pass and review event, Dec. 12.

(RIGHT) Sailors from

NOSC Quincy CE2 Steven Rappa’s graduations from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Academy, Dec. 18. Rappa served four years in the Navy before enduring 26 weeks of intense physical and mental training in order to become a police officer. Photo by HM3 Marchetta.

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