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Jono Sandilands 74 Hall Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 5PP ď‚• 07795 417 911 ď€ƒ

I consider myself at an advanced level in Adobe Creative Suite. I’m always quick to learn about new features and ways to use tools to save time. Of course ideas are always pencil on paper in the sketchbook, and move forward using digital tools like CodePen to allow for experimenting that can save time down the line. Being able to respond to live and historical analytical data from websites and social media is key to moving forward and making future plans. In my current role we have recently been analysing data of website users and box office customers. We are able to put into action improvements for a better user experience to generate more ticket sales. Generally to get more bums on seats (be those physical seats in the venues, or make believe digital seats!)

I am a graphic designer, visual artist and printmaker originally from the Shetland Islands, now living and working in Bristol after recently completing an MA in Multidisciplinary Print Making at UWE. With over 7 years experience as a Graphic Designer, I’m at a pivotal stage in my career where I searching for the next step. I’m looking for a role that is perfectly suited to my multidisciplinary skills; print, digital, film & animation, web development, and creative coding for interactive artwork My aim as a visual artist and printmaker is to explore new technologies which enable a participatory experience for the viewer. In past projects, this has been achieved through interactivity and gameplay. I am interested in how the two worlds of virtual and physical meet, contrast and intertwine with one another questioning our current use of technology in order to create alternative methods of design and image making.

I am a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio here in Bristol, I recently completed a 3 month New Talent residency. I used my time on the residency to develop Playable Prints, which are physical printed artworks with embedded interactivity and games. I’m interested in the crossover of traditional handmade objects and digital media. One of my outcomes was a playable Connect 4 screenprint which uses conductive ink and LEDs to bring the print to life. Please see the project on my website: playable-prints/ One of the most rewarding parts of the residency was being asked to facilitate a group of Australian and UK based disabled artists, who were visiting the studio for a week. The group were interested in making a piece of artwork with conductive inks. I helped on a creative and technical level, showcasing the possibilities of conductive ink and working to develop a strong concept driven piece of contemporary art. The feedback from the group was that I communicated, presented and worked particularly well with them. Allowing the participants free reign to explore their own creativity while teaching about the subject. I have done many workshops like this and the participants always show me a new direction, regardless of how much I know about a topic.

I pride myself on producing the best possible outcome within a budget and timescale. Working remotely it has been important to have systems in place to be organised and keep an open stream of communication, working in an agile manner. I have experience implementing project management tools such as Basecamp and Teamwork. This includes file management and time tracking to help working and decision-making easier in a fast-moving environment. I tend to work cross media and always on the lookout for new ways of working and new media I can use in my work. I have a solid code base knowledge in a range of different coding platforms from HTML/PHP/CSS to C++ for Arduino and most recently Python for Raspberry Pi. As a designer it’s important to keep up to date with developments in platforms and applications. For example when the go to CMS tool is Wordpress, what else is out there that is more reliable, less bulky and generally better suited for the job? There are lots of open source options I’ve been experimenting with, such as Process Wire and Grav. I’m experienced working in a team and on my own, yet currently I’m craving to be part of a bigger team. When I am confident and well experienced working alone, working as part of a talented team to share a workload can make better work. I’m really excited about this prospect coming into a well respected company. Video production is a part of my work, artistically and it’s potential as a marketing tool online, particularly for social media. I have an understanding about the process and have produced some simple mini documentaries and music videos as part of my freelance work

CV Jono Sandilands Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, Printmaker Bristol ď‚• 07795 417 911 ď€ƒ

Residencies Watershed & Pervasive Media Studio Bristol

July - September 2016

Internships Heighway Pinball

Merthyr Tydfill, South Wales 2015

MyPinballs Leeds

Employment Experience Shetland Arts Development Agency Lerwick, Shetland Graphic Designer July 2009 - Present

Providing design services for the agency including creative solutions for print, advertising, web, promotional and other marketing materials. Implementing and bringing forward the Shetland Arts brand including the Mareel (Cinema + Music Venue), Bonhoga Gallery and Garrison Theatre venue sub-brands. Developing the use of graphic design throughout the artforms, events and festivals, working closely with development officers and events team, within agreed budgets and timescales.

Studio Oh! No!

Freelance Design & Printmaking 2013 - Present Upon relocating to Bristol in September 2013, I rebranded my freelance work as a platform to fit in with my studies and practice as a graphic designer, visual artist and printmaker. Design, printmaking, collaboration and experimentation encompasses each project, which so far has ranged from a screenprinted, handbound comic to a generative logo for a content marketing agency. My aims and focus is not solely on client based work but much more about developing ideas for creativity outwith the 9-5 by running fun projects, producing artworks and products.

ShetFest - Music Festival Lerwick, Shetland Organiser 2013 - 2014 Organiser of a summer music festival in Shetland with the main aim of rejuvenating the live music scene in the Isles. This includes working with many bands from outwith the islands, designing posters/marketing, arranging travel, venues and accommodation.

Tay Cad Ltd


Lerwick, Shetland Graphic Designer & Printer 2007 - 2009

Micha Weidmann Studio

Gained valuable experience of large-scale digital inkjet printers, vinyl preparation and application, dye sublimation printing and exhibition stands. Computer based design work which enhanced my knowledge about design software. This studio experience enabled me to interact with other designers and clients, including price quoting, working to deadlines and keeping within budgets.

East London 2010

CV Jono Sandilands Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, Printmaker Bristol  07795 417 911 

Education MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking

University of the West of England, Bristol 2013 - 2016

The course and facilities at UWE offer an innovative approach to printmaking, with a strong focus on making and processes as well as creative, conceptual, technical and professional skills. The course is linked closely to the Centre for Fine Print Research and has an unusual position of understanding digital and new media technologies.

BDes (First Class Hons) Graphic Design The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen 2005 - 2009

Design for print, web, and digital media exploring the techniques of typography, layout, photography and illustration. Critical Contextual Studies made me culturally aware of the design world I am working in. Consumer Behaviour and Business Start-up modules helped prepare me for the graphic design industry. The chance to work with outside clients and professionals in the industry has taught me how to work to real briefs and stick to time constraints.



• UWE Clifford Moss Memorial Prize (Makers Award) Award 2016

• New Talent Residency Showcase Watershed, Bristol 2016

• The Art of Ping Pong Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland 2012

• YCN Student Awards Commendation & Award 2009

• Contemporaries In Print 5th Base gallery, London 2016

• Tall Ships Peerie Shop Cafe, Shetland 2011

• RGU Arts & Heritage Collection Purchase & Award 2009

• Now Play This Somerset House, Strand, London 2016

• Heart Your Head Peerie Shop Cafe, Shetland 2011

• #LookingThroughTheEyesOfMachinesAsStudents Gallery CA, Baltimore, USA 2016

• Sprickle an’ Peester Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland 2010

• #LookingThroughTheEyesOfMachinesAsStudents UWE & Gallery Twenty Two Bristol 2016

• Yule North Rock Gallery, Shetland 2010

• The Annual Miniature Print Exhibition Arnolfini, Bristol 2016

• Co:Lab - Pop Up Shop Shetland 2010

• The Art of Ping Pong Loft 6D, Bristol 2015

• Finger Symbols Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland 2010

• Campanology - The ringing of bells The Control Room, Bristol 2015

• Co:Lab - Project 1 Bonhoga Gallery Cafe, Shetland 2010

• Exchange Exhibition Hong Kong Open Printshop 2015

• GMan: Contemporary Craft Shetland Museum 2009 - 2010

• Behind the Screens Old Haa Museum, Yell, Shetland 2014

• YCN ‘A’ is for Awards Show featured work, London 2009

• Mini Print Exhibition, Festival of Football Ideas Bristol 2014

• Vunk Fest Art Exhibition Pierhead, Shetland 2009

• The Art of Ping Pong Engine Shed, Bristol 2014

• OKN - talk Peacock, Aberdeen 2009

Funding • The Art of Ping Pong Visual Artist Award, Shetland Arts in Collaboration with Creative Scotland and Shetland Islands Council 2010

Competitions • Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition Special Stereohype Prize 2013

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Mareel

Mareel The UK’s most northerly creative centre operated by Shetland Arts Development Agency. As part of my work as Graphic Designer at Shetland Arts I had the opportunity to work alongside creative consultancy, Make Happy, by being part of the design team based at Micha Weidmann Studio, London. We worked closely with the team at Shetlands Arts to develop a unique and contemporary brand and identity for this major new arts venue.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Mareel

The Sketching Process Every design starts with sketching and is the most important part of the process. Here is the original page of sketches for the “Dancing Bars� idea which was developed into the final identity.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Mareel

MareeL opening season 2012

MareeL fiLM tiMes



opening season October December 2012

n The Revellers in associatio with Shetland Arts presents


Widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Miles Davis was, with his musical groups, at the forefront of several major developments in jazz music.


Join Cerys as she performs and hosts an eclectic and dynamic mix of the best music and poetry from around the world.


The Mareel brand was designed to hold information together using a grid system. These print materials for marketing events and films in the venue show how the logo doesn’t sit shyly in the corner, it is the strong, confident building block for the whole page, whilst still being adaptable for different formats, from a newspaper advert, to a quad poster or a banner stand, it is always instantly recognisable.

haLLoWeen With the reveLLers

Mirrie Dancers Light Up

Lisa Lashes

26 October 2012

4 October 2012 conceived A community based project Nayan Kulkarni in by Roxane Permar and Arts commission response to a Shetland

1 December 2012

Shetland Arts presents

choraL societ y christMas concert

the shetLanD gUitar festivaL

Klub Revolution presents


5 October 2012

Shetland Churches together

Klub Revolution presents


‘in the naMe of Love, faith@ MareeL’

7 December 2012

27 - 28 October Headliners: Stuart McCallum & Aziz Ibrahim

DF Concerts & Events in association with Shetland Arts presents

Klub Revolution presents

aiDan Moffat & BiLL WeLLs


6 October 2012

3 November 2012

Orchestra Shetland Community

presents an

8 December 2012

orchestraL concert

Shetland Arts presents


6 October 2012

n Klub Revolution in associatio with Shetland Arts presents

8 November 2012

happy MonDays

Shetland Arts presents

the WonDerfUL Shetland Jazz Club presents WorLD of cerys toMMy MattheWs sMith’s Workshop and Concert KarMa 7 October 2012

14 & 15 December 2012

Cerys Matthews presents

cerys By

11 November 2012

A regular Shetland Arts

Royal Festival Hall Friday 1 October 2010 Pocket Caravan cross continents with ease, merging soaring Baltic melodies with driving Latin rhythms and virtuosic improvisations - their dynamic.


Southbank Centre Square 1 October 2010 - Sunday 3 October 2010 From July, on the first weekend of each month, 40 selected producers from the annual Real Food Festival come to Southbank Centre, bringing Londoners the opportunity to buy quality fresh produce and ingredients.


Festival Hall Friday 1 October 2010 Booking Fee: £1.45 (Members £0.00) Explore the variety of orchestral music coming out of Paris during the 19th century and early 20th century with this concert virtuosic improvisati ons known as a member.


vic gaLLoWay presents:



Royal Festival Hall Friday 1 October 2010 Pocket Caravan cross continents with ease, merging soaring Baltic melodies with driving Latin rhythms and virtuosic improvisations - their dynamic.


Purcell Room Monday 18 October 2010 Prices: £15 £10 Booking Fee: £1.45 (Members £0.00) Best known as a member of the trio The Be Good Tanyas. Best known as a member of the trio The Be Good Tanyas.


Royal Festival Hall Friday 1 October 2010 Pocket Caravan cross continents with ease, merging soaring Baltic melodies with driving Latin rhythms and virtuosic improvisations their dynamic and coming out of Paris during the 19th and original sound mirrorring the cultural melting pot of London.



Purcell Room Monday 18 October 2010 Prices: £15 £10 Booking Fee: £1.45 (Members £0.00) Best known as a member of the critically-acclaimed trio The Be Good Tanyas, Frazey Ford returns to tell her own story early 20th century virtuosic improvisati ons.

Southbank Centre Square 1 October 2010 - Sunday 3 October 2010 From July, on the first weekend of each month, 40 selected producers, Be Good Tanyas, Frazey Ford returns to tell her own story as a member of the criticallyacclaimed trio.



D the phantoM Ban honeyBLooD the Last

Vic Galloway Followed by DJ set by 13 October 2012

aMBition scotLanD roaDshoW 18 October 2012

20 December 2012

officiaL opening WeeKenD

Klub Revolution presents

Shetland Arts presents

LDy aBerfeBradley + support by Chris 16 November 2012

Shetland Arts presents

shetLanD Meets appaLachia 17 November 2012 common An exploration of our musical roots. & Featuring Bruce Molsky Special Shetland Guests

shetLanD Shetland Arts presents yoUng DoUgie proMoters MacLean groUp concert r 2012 Alcohol free event 19 October 2012

18 Novembe





22 December 2012

first foot soLDiers 28 December 2012

* more events may be date. announced at a later on sale * most events will be by 1 October. please For more information check or ask our staff

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Mareel

Signage Wayfinding and decorational signage designed to be as simple and efficient as possible in an already complex building.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Mareel

Mobile Cinema Listings Digital The venues web presence was made to reflect the physical venue, digitally - a hive of activity, spaces and events. The website style, content and cover image constantly changes depending what is going on each day.

This spin-off mobile website conveniently displays film information in an easy to read schedule format with direct links to book, and conveys availability information when mousing over each image to help engage interest and maximise the advertising space when embedded as a widget. View a trailer by clicking the play button on the film’s image. Suggested bus times, to help customers choose films that can tie with local transport.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Brand Identity & Web

Future Content A logo mark for Future Content which is ever-changing and regenerates so it’s never the same twice. This idea reflects the type of work Future Content are producing. Logo, website & stationary

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Brand Identities

Wool Week

Youth Theatre

Seven days dedicated to celebrating the wool of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, and Shetland’s textile industries and rural farming communities.

An ongoing workshop programme and two major productions per year as a platform for the creative skills of young people aged 12-21 resident in Shetland.

Logo design

Logo design, illustration

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: The Art of Ping Pong


games played from 14 April - 3

June 2014

Platform 14 Connecting...


@ the Engine Shed, Bristol

 See it in action!


exhibition visits 97 under 18 + 281 over 18 from 6 - 11 November 2012

@ Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland

The Art of Ping Pong The Art of Ping Pong combines sport, technology and creativity in a blend of colour and style to encourage more people to play table tennis . Player interactivity and game play create original pieces of artwork which are projected onto the table in real time. The game art work can be printed and displayed as a piece of art or kept as a visual record of a game which is otherwise unseen.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: The Art of Ping Pong

How it works

What people are saying

”Ping pong rocks!”

Sally Kindberg artist and author

 @ArtofPingPong

 The Art of Ping Pong

XBox Kinect

”Awesome! Best game of Ping Pong we’ve ever played!”

Tracks motion of the ball


Displays the artwork onto the table during gameplay

Class 3 Bell’s Brae ASN Dept

”What this work records, of

course, is not just a random pattern of shapes and colours, it is the



Tower to attach projector and tracking device at correct height above the table

Standard Table Tennis Table and equipment

points of connection between one player and another.

What would otherwise be forgotten or barely noticed – the fleeting and intricate movement back and forth – is captured by the technology and memorialised.



Secures laptop to run the custom application

Prints game artwork on business card sized stickers includes button to reset

To play is to become enthralled by this process.” Malachy Tallack Northings

“Very interesting, extremely fun!” Class C Anderson High School ASN Dept

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: The Art of Ping Pong


Shetland Islands Council 2

Award winner 3

1. Visual Artists Award - Shetland Arts in partnership with Creative Scotland & Shetland Islands Council 2. YCN Student Awards - Commendation & Award 3. RGU Arts and Heritage Collection Purchase & Award

The Art of Ping Pong exhibitions Loft 6D, Bristol Friday 6 November 2015 Engine Shed, Bristol. Monday 14 April - Friday 6 June 2014 Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland. Wednesday 7 - Sunday 11 November 2012

Everyone enjoys a game of table tennis, or ping pong. Whether it’s a spot of fun or a sporting occasion; most people when asked if they would like to play will reply positively. After they have played they will say that playing was fun and yet most people never play regularly. What the Art of Ping Pong strives to do is to encourage people to play more table tennis. The artwork is printed by players and taken home as a souvenir - it acts as a memory of the positive experience they had when playing and reminds them why they love playing and why they should play more.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Printmaking

Pinball Pinball is a crossover of traditional printmaking and embedded digital media. The artwork consists of a four colour screenprint with a section removed, revealing a neatly concealed digital screen which loops gameplay footage from the real pinball machine.

Digital Printmaking My aim as a visual artist and printmaker is to explore new technologies which enable a participatory experience for the viewer through interactivity and gameplay.

Playable Prints Physical printed artworks with embedded interactivity and games. Developed during a New Talent Residency at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed

3D Concepts The original artwork for Pinball & Playable Prints exist as a 3D model, which is rendered to be screen printed, becoming a physical representation of the digital object.

I am interested in how the two worlds of virtual and physical meet, contrast and intertwine with one another - questioning our current use of technology in order to create alternative methods of design and image making.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Printmaking

Heart Your Head Contributing and interacting with charity, Mind Your Head, to produce a set of limited edition prints and exhibition to raise funds for the charity. The subject and content of the prints engaged with the nature of the charity and the idea of mental health. I produced prints exploring head on what is often considered a sensitive subject. From the pattern of thought in both dream state and waking life to the public perception of mental ill health and how each of us make sense of the world around us. As something that affect us all to some degree or other I believe that understanding mental health is a cause worth supporting.

Tall Ships Prints for an exhibition celebrating the Tall Ships Festival in Lerwick.

Beard Sea Woodblock relief print inspired by Shetland’s Up Helly Aa fire festival.

Printmaking & Illustration My illustration and printmaking work go hand in hand. These are usually based around a starting theme or an idea, which I research and sketch which then develops into the final piece of an artwork or product. The process always brings out new ideas and as the project goes on new ways of executing ideas are found.

Portfolio Jono Sandilands: Printmaking

Careers In Facial Hair Could you give up having a beard for your career? A set of 4 limited edition drinks coasters. Screenprinted + laser cut & engraved. Characters: Pirate, English Gentleman, Chef and Lumberjack.

Football Scout Set of 6 packaged limited edition digitally embroidered badges Physicality, determination, awareness, creativity, aggression.

"I Saw You" I saw something I shouldn't have. It hurts.

“Shuttlecock” OK here are the rules: you can draw anything you want... just don’t draw a cock.

Badges Four winning submissions to the 9th Annual Button Badge Design Competition by Stereohype. I’m now a judge for Annual Button Badge Design Competition.

“Have Your Cake” No, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you just might find. Cake.

“Meat Tin” Let’s do lunch.

Jono Sandilands Folio

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