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The Scent of Washington

The Scent of Washington

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GREED Loretta Sanchez took 23 taxpayer-funded trips just in the last four years. That’s more than any other California member of Congress. She traveled to every continent (including Antarctica). Activities included snorkeling in Australia.1 She took an additional 39 trips since 2000, all paid for by Special Interests.2 Loretta Voted to raise her own pay. She made an additional $255,300 as a result.3

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Loretta Sanchez and her sister, fellow Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, were both under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for using taxpayer dollars to cover up an embezzlement scheme in Loretta’s office.4

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Loretta Sanchez has a boyfriend who worked for a prominent Washington lobbying firm, until it was raided by the FBI during a corruption investigation and shut down. He now works for a company receiving government contracts through bills Loretta voted for.5

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Failure After 14 years in Congress, Loretta Sanchez has only passed 1 law. It named a Post Office. During that time,Congress passed a total of 2,634 laws. 6

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Scent of Washington  

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