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Roy Ashburn Sold Out Taxpayers... “Roy Ashburn cut a back-room deal to raise taxes with the Governor. In return he received a six figure taxpayer funded job with benefits. Taxpayers can’t trust his word on the Board of Supervisors.” Grover Norquist President, Americans for Tax Reform

...for a Taxpayer Funded Job in Sacramento

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Ashburn broke his word... he raised your taxes. Roy Ashburn

Pledged to Never Vote for a Tax Increase

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Before leaving office Ashburn was the deciding vote to:

99 Raise the Car Tax 99 Raise the Income Tax 99 Raise Sales Tax

Don’t Elect Roy Ashburn to the Board of Supervisors He Broke His Promise and Raised Taxes Before. YOU Can Stop Him From Doing It Again.

Roy Ashburn For Sale  

Roy Ashburn broke his tax pledge.

Roy Ashburn For Sale  

Roy Ashburn broke his tax pledge.