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Spiritual art

FREQUENCY PAINTINGS We love Teal Scott’s paintings of vibrations. This is a print depicting the vibration that occurs in conjunction with the activation of the Pineal Gland in the human brain.

Clothing that cares CRITICAL MASS CLOTHING

Years of research led Aus to create the ‘Upcycled Collection’, a line of clothing that defies convention by being the first to be mass-produced from production leftovers. Made in collaboration with Beximco, one of the largest textile and clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, the collection requires 70 percent less water and 64 percent less energy than its conventional counterparts.

Dear Violet Flamers,  We started our spiritual journey in 2010 and have remained focused on it ever since. After a series of dreams and guidance, we felt it was our mission to release a magazine that would help people who were going through the process of spiritual awakening to raise their conscious awareness and positivity. Violet Fame is a unique spiritual lifestyle magazine combining fashion photography, beautiful illustrations and spirital guidance. Our motive in this endeavor is to bring to light the inner strength and beauty that lies within us all. It is aimed at people at all levels of spiritual awakening, with advice and lifestyle suggestions for those who are just starting their journey, and want to explore their spirituality and self awareness. There are also in-depth articles for those further along their paths. We intend each issue to have an underlying theme - in issue one we will explore ‘Believe in what you feel’. We want to encourage people to look within themselves for the answers they seek and to find their own truth. We want to make spirituality more accessible by creating something beautiful in order to attract greater numbers of people to read a spiritual magazine and use it as a tool for soul growth. Additionally, we want to show that you can be spiritual and still live a ‘normal’ life. We have come across a lot of judgemental people in the spiritual world and want to move spirituality away from this viewpoint and create a magazine built on the foundation of love and passion. Our intention is to share knowledge and experiences to help inspire. It is important to note that contributors to our magazine are sharing their personal beliefs and methodoligy. We believe nothing is fact and there is no single way of doing things. It is down to you to tune into your higher consciousness and take from our articles what inspires and resonates within.

& S a ra h L o u is e o o. x x JJ


Denise Whichello

Laura Wilson-Brown


Denise W hichello Brown, aut hor of t he highly successful ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy’ is a pure channel for the magnificent rays of the angelic hierarchy — 144 Archangels have revealed themselves to her. Through Denise they impart their love, guidance and divine wisdom.

Master Certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She began her career as a reader in 2001 and is currently half of the Tarot Bitches radio show as well as writing for magazines including Elle.

Amber is a clair voyant colour therapist with a background as a leading Makeup Artist who believes that authentic beauty comes from wit hin. She has felt this in projects from Holly wood to Bolly woodhigh fashion to heading the makeup team for the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. Amber is Oscar nominated for her use of colour and attention to detail. 

Zara Jones

Fiona Beck

Korinne Wilson

Screen writer and film director with an interest in the metaphysical. She is a shaman and has a gift for soul reading.

Fiona is a published author, certified Theta healer and Psychic who specialises in guiding people through soul mate connections. 

Also known as Reverend Korinne, she began her service to others in 1992. She is well educated and experienced in the Psychic arts, reiki, alternative healing, tarot, psychology, symbolic interpretation, twelve step counselling, rituals, spell craft and many ancient traditions. 

Teal Scott

Ryan Boyd

Rich Harvadi

Tea l, k now n to ma ny as ‘The Spiritua l Cata lyst ’ has become a n i nter nat iona l sensation and a new voice in the increasingly popu lar f ield of metaphysics. She was born wit h a range of extrasensor yabilities, which she uses to remind people of the united energetic nature of this universe and to teach them how to find bliss in the midst of the most difficult challenges. 

Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, astral explorer, meditator and philosopher who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the astral plane. He writes for the popular online spiritual blog ‘Spirit Science’. 

R ich is t he fou nder of t he ‘raw foods company’ and ‘Nama’ raw food restaurant based in Central London. 

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Pilar Ariel Chacon (Editor) Madeline Griffiths (Illustrator) Alex Hovey (Illustrator) Louis Dyer (Digitial Artist)

Germain Artwork: Alex Hovey


“I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!” St. Germain has long been heralded as a figure of central importance to practitioners of Theosophy. He is recognized by many religions and new age teachings as the Spiritual Master most responsible for manifesting the Age of Aquarius. Throughout the years, there have been many rumors and great speculation about the origins of St. Germain. He has been called a son of Francis II Rakoczi, the Prince of Transylvania, the illegitimate son of Maria Anna of Pfalz-Neuburg, the widow of Charles II of Spain, the son of the king of Portugal and the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, hidden and given to the Bacon family to raise in secret. Popular belief is that he is actually Sir Francis Bacon. Legend has it that Sir Francis faked his own death on April 9, 1626, attended his own funeral, and travelled to Transylvania. It is believed that while in Transylvania, Sir Francis utilized alchemy to become an immortal occult master and adopted the name St. Germain. Some theosophists believe he then became a Master of Ancient Wisdom or Ascended Master, whilst others believe he is still alive today. Legend states that St. Germain was an alchemist, with the ability to turn metal into gold and create an elixir that kept people young. This alchemy is considered a symbol for true spiritual alchemy and transmutation. It is the transformation of the self. In the books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, Guy W. Ballard writes about his experiences in 1930 when he claims to have met St. Germain in northern California. He tells of personal experiences with St. Germain and reveals many of St. Germain’s teachings. These teachings include the violet f lame invocation. The violet f lame, or fire, is the essence of a spiritual light. It is a specific spiritual energy that can heal all aspects of your life such as emotional and physical issues, relationship quality, spiritual growth, or it can just create a better life. Mystics throughout time have seen and spoken of a spiritual spectrum of light that is divided into seven colours, as a rainbow is. Each of these ‘rays’ represents specific divine qualities. The violet f lame comes from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, and transmutation. The violet f lame has the power to erase or transmute (change) the cause-and-effect and even the memory of our past mistakes. It does this by changing the energetic ‘vibration’ of the event. On the atomic level, vibration is the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet f lame works by increasing light in the atom, thus, raising a persons spiritual vibration to a higher level. The violet f lame decree involves both a visualization and meditation. Visualize the violet f lame while chanting, “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!” Repeat this as many times as you would like to strengthen the power and draw down more light.    Words: Laura Smith


e v e i el l e e f u o y t a h w in


You feel it but it’s like a dream, it’s ineffable.

When you are centered in yourself then life begins to flow. Trust your intuition - it’s infallible - it’s guidance from your soul.

COLOUR OF RAYS  Violet  ESSENTIAL OIL  BASIL - Clear, sweet, fresh, clarifying. Basil awakens and revives all our senses. It both strengthens as well as clarifies. The sweet aroma of Basil opens up the third eye and the crown chakra encouraging the development of our intuition.    CRYSTAL RESONATING WITH ARCHANGEL HAZIEL  IOLITE - Iolite is a beautiful violet-blue crystal somewhat reminiscent of a blue sapphire. It has an affinity for the brow and crown chakras and has been used in Shamanic healing ceremonies to enhance the gifts of vision and prophecy. Iolite is the perfect stone for opening up the intuition.   


Lesson of Intuition Words: Denise Whichello Artwork: Joh Kennedy-Wall

Archangel Haziel carries an orb of white and violet light – this is the symbol of her intuition. Her violet rays shine down upon all humanity to awaken and strengthen their intuition. We radiate her violet light as a result of the expansion of our spiritual consciousness. 

USE YOUR INTUITION  The third eye is located in the centre of the forehead and the crown chakra can be found on the top of the head. It is through these higher centres that our intuition is awakened and we can tune in to our inner wisdom. Many souls do not listen to their intuition and even when they connect with it they do not trust it! I feel sure that many of you will have experienced an inner knowing when meeting certain people or in certain situations. We just feel that something is not right about a person or situation and although our intuition is telling us to keep a distance we just go ahead regardless - then later on we suffer the consequences of our actions. We often look to others to help us make our decisions but Archangel Haziel’s advice is to follow your own intuition and listen to your inner voice for the clarity you seek. This will make your life a lot easier and much happier!     FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATHWAY  Archangel Haziel is one of the primary Archangels and she can, with her orb of light, illumitate, guide and support you along your spiritual pathway. When souls work intuitively her violet light can be seen radiating from the third eye and crown chakras to help us grow and evolve spiritually. I advise you to use Archangel Haziel’s essential oil of Basil to tune into your intuition – for instance if you have a decision to make. I also suggest using Basil in a meditation - you can simply sprinkle a few drops of Basil into an oil burner and the oil will gently diffuse into the air. Alternatively blend 1 drop of Basil into 5mls (one teaspoon) of a carrier oil such as sweet almond and then gently massage a small amount onto the third eye area. I recommend blending oils since essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore should NOT usually be applied in their undiluted form to the skin.    When you are ready to connect sit down comfortably on some cushions or on a chair and wrap a blanket around your shoulders in case you become chilly. Rest your hands on your lap or lightly place your fingertips on your third eye area. Next either mentally or verbally ask Archangel Haziel a question or alternatively write your question down. Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing allowing it to deepen and ask to connect with Archangel Haziel and the Lesson of Intuition. Stay in your meditative state for as long as you wish, even if you can only spare a few minutes it is still beneficial. I recommend that you try to let your intuition decide how long to meditate for, you may wish to set an alarm if you are limited on time. At the end of the meditation slowly open your eyes and record your experiences straight away and never dismiss any guidance or impressions that you have been given even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. I can assure you that one day all will become clear as our intuition is always right!  

Soul Connections The word soulmate is possibly one of the most misused terms in the English language. The media portrays your ‘soulmate’ as someone that you are destined to spend the rest of your life with. It also suggests that you should actively seek your soul mate out and having found them hold onto them for dear life regardless of how they treat you. Dating websites portray a perfect ‘live happily ever after’ image whilst fortune tellers claim they can predict when you will meet this person and what they will look like.  **Issue 1 will contain the full article detailing Fionas viewpoint on the myths and realities of soul connections and tips on how you can navigate the soulmate experience.** 

Sunday mor nings x Words: Insert writers name here Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson

Unconditional love Intuitive counselor Laura Wilson-Brown discusses the different forms of love and the role self love plays in attracting a healthy love into your life.  Contrary to popular belief love is an energy not an emotion. There is no gauge for measuring this energy thus it is impossible to answer those who ask “How much does he/she love me?”. Love is a connection between two people and whether one party reciprocates this love or not is irrelevant - the fact that one has this energy for the other- links them. There are many forms of love, and we have all experienced most, if not all, of them at some point in our lives. The love that we feel for our family is quite different from the love we feel for our current lovers, which in turn is different from the love we feel for our children, ex-lovers, co-workers etc. In my readings, I typically separate these forms of love into three different categories: Platonic, Romantic and Familial.    The purpose of love is simple - it creates an authentic bond which implies a genuine connection. You should create ample room and support for your lover’s growth and fulfilment just as they should be helping you to support and cultivate your own. When I ‘read’ someone in a love related question I assess the energies and the colours of those energies around the people in question. During my readings, many people have heard me speak of the energies of passion, emotion, intellectual connection, affection, communication (a key issue), the mutual goals of the two people involved and also the energy of a karmic/

spiritual connection. When one of these is out of alignment this indicates where the imbalance is occurring. If all of these energies are activated to their fullest potential this indicates a very healthy and unconditional love. When two people are in perfect balance with the above mentioned energies they begin to radiate together to a higher love and one, which not only radiates between them but also spills over into the world around them. It is often very easy to notice those who have this bond. They are the couple that, no matter how irritating it may be, by simply being in their presence, you feel more hopeful and optimistic about love and life. As previously mentioned when two people are balanced that qualifies as unconditional love, which is a love that does not allow obstacles, large or small, to stand in the way (such as parents who unconditionally love their children, even when their children have disappointed them.). Unconditional love knows no bounds. It endures and persists no matter what happens. It is an ‘inspired’ love as it gives a good feeling to all parties. Unconditional love is not pain or obstacle free; and is, in fact, quite the opposite. Yet has the power and durability to withstand many obstacles and to stand the test of time. Those people with unconditional love feel the security that comes from knowing that a partner has their interests at heart all of the time and not just when it may be convenient.  Conditional love is another form of love. It is not a very balanced love as it is often created around a set of bargains. To get ‘B’ you must give ‘A’. Those involved with someone, who

Conditional love only conditionally loves them, understand that even when they give ‘A’, they very seldom get ‘B’. It is said that conditional love does not create a bond the way unconditional love does, rather it creates a pact or a contract. In a conditional love relationship the partner who fails to give the other what they want is punished and “love” is withdrawn. They will go “missing in action”, threaten to leave, throw other people in your face (does this mean attempt to make them jealous), etc. It is a love based on convenience. If it is not convenient to love you at that particular moment or if it happens to interfere with something else then that love goes ‘out of the window’.   There is a wealth of difference between conditional and unconditional love and one is clearly healthier than the other. Unconditional love does not ask for anything in return and is not filled with stipulation after stipulation. If you are involved with someone who loves with condition it does not mean you should suddenly impose conditions of your own. We are all here to be loved and each day you have to ask yourself whether you are loved and loving without condition. Are you going to accept conditional love from another or will you recognize that you deserve more? Practice forgiveness for the person who loves you with condition. When a person is spoilt by someone who loves them unconditionally and meets all their needs they can become complacent - they find little motivation to love unconditionally because they are already receiving that unconditional love without needing to be concerned how they treat their partner. You cannot change how they view things and you cannot make them love you unconditionally - all you can do is forgive them

whilst behaving in a manner that proves you deserve more respect. Many times I am asked ‘How can I change the way things are going with my relationship?’ In cases where someone loves with conditions it is important to understand that you cannot change them. There are often deep seated issues wherein they will only love as long as it is of benefit to them. It is likely that the relevant issues stretch back to their childhood or even a past life and they alone must work on coming to terms with the obstacle and until they do you cannot help them. You can however choose to love and be loved without condition. When we love ourselves fully and completely we attract more of the same. Of course by staying in a self-destructive and unhealthy relationship you are not being true to yourself but this is a path you can change if you truly want to. Remember that nothing is set in stone and you have the power to attract into your life the love that you feel you want. When you receive love that is as unconditional as the love you have given you will probably look back upon your past experiences and consider them a learning curve helping to prepare you for this fulfilment . 

Words: Laura Wilson Brown Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson


“True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.” Albert Einstein

Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson Styling Angharrad Murray Makeup: Sian Duke Hair: Matthew Curtis Model: Victoria Ribot (Uno Models)



Interview & Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson

**Issue 1 will contain an interview with Laura White about how she uses the Law of Attraction in her music career**


Guides An extensive look at Spirit Guides, Angels and invisible helpers by korrinne wilson.  Before you were born your soul formulated a life plan detailing what you wanted to achieve during your current incarnation. There are innumerable lifestyles to choose from - you may have planned a family-oriented life or chosen to incarnate for a specific soul calling (such as to heal yourself and others), or even both. Rest assured your soul will develop on a path which aligns closest with you becoming a whole spiritual being.   It is natural to question why it is that many of us did not choose to be wealthy, healthy and happy. In my personal experience, I have found that we tend to learn a great deal in times of struggle or need, and these are the common life trials which assist us greatly in becoming a complete being. Stronger, older or more evolved souls tend to take on challenging life paths as a way to further their growth throughout their lifetime. Constructing a life path may include choosing the precise time of your birth in order to create the correct astrological alignment unique to your chosen path, choosing your parents or making agreements with other souls to participate in their lives for the purpose of spiritual growth and learning.  Spirit Guides are beings or essences with whom you have a ‘soul contract’. These loving teachers and spiritual parents have chosen not to incarnate in this lifetime in order to assist you more effectively through spiritual means. Spirit Guides are multi-dimensional beings beyond time and the physical laws of our world. They are always connected to you, watching over you and doing their best to assist and protect you. Most guides give constant hints, symbols and clues to try to guide you on your path. Setting an intention to attune your awareness to them allows your guides a clearer channel of communication with you. Spiritual Guides exist on a higher dimension of reality known as the Astral Plane. As incarnated souls, we can generally only experience this plane from an enlightened or visionary state as its frequency is much higher than that of our third dimension and therefore, more difficult to perceive from any of the lower dimensions. From our human perspective, the Astral Plane is that of a dreamlike realm constantly changing in thought and expression, not unlike art.  Whilst our main guides stay with us throughout our lifetimes, there are also other types of spirits that guide us. Ancestors, angels, fairies, nature spirits, healers, joy guides, specialized teachers and a myriad of dimensional light beings can help us through certain periods. The most widely known and recognized types of communication which Spirit Guides use to assist us come in the form of synchronicity, dreams, day dreams, symbolism and alarming shouts. 

**Issue 1 will contain full article on spirit guides**

An interview from beyond the grave korrinne wilson speaks to john Lennon about his soul mate paul mccartney and finds out what his mission was here on earth

I believe I am in contact with the energy of the one known as John Lennon. My first contact with John came in the following message that will one day be a song…“I was sitting quiet one day, and asked John Lennon what he’d like to say. He said he’s not really on this trip anymore, the game is over and we know the score. He said the best thing I left behind was a doorway inside your mind. The key is a ballad I wrote about ‘Alice’ and ‘Lucy in the Sky’ - through love we never die, it’s all seen in your eye” … I have continued the song in my own words. “ I pondered this for a while, looking for a rainbow behind his smile. This is what came to mind, so I replied to him in kind. What about Love, what about faith, what about hope here down on earth? Send me the dove, show me the way, save me from this cycle of rebirth- hmmmm.” We are still working on the end of the song.  A while later I was channelling and recording the session when John Lennon came into my conscious awareness and here is what transpired: First of all, I received a strong intuition that John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a soul contract - a pact; and, part of their mission here on earth was to ‘give the other fella hell’; a pact to go through hell together, and make each other’s life difficult by teaching each other lessons. I believe Paul’s major challenge in this scenario was to live and to let John die. Soul contracts are very profound when masters are involved.  Afterlife Interview with John Lennon:  Q: Where are you?  A: I am on a sea shore, in a condo, near an ocean in your mind. (I can hear the noise of undulating waves and envisage them morphing into each other and then separating again at in-

tervals). Your vibration hears me. I am drawn closer by your vibration. There are a lot of people calling me. The war in time is also hidden in your mind, the key of an octave grave, a frequency within the wave. There is a ‘good tone’ and a ‘bad tone’. It is that simple; that is all there is. (I see a white swan over a Buddha, over Krishna. John says his energy is closer to the Krishna vibration, though in life he identified with Jesus)  Q: What was your mission here on Earth as John Lennon?  A: I wanted all to recognize peace is something you do. You can be as jaded, or clouded (deluded) as you like - peace does not have to live within you to be created by you. Peace is an action you take, not a way you feel. I chose music as my medium because just as the speed of light, there is a ‘speed of music’. The effect music has on you is instantaneous. (I see screaming crowds of music fans). There are many forms that ideas takereligions, philosophies, mythology- all with different stories or forms. They all lead to God or ‘Wheat’ or true understanding. That is what matters. John shows me a red barn on a working farm in our histories past. Next, I see the barn, devoid of paint, dilapidated and abandoned. Through the square cut out of the back door of the barn, I see a golden light emanating from a wheat field. This vision speaks of how the barn (square=form) is an old image that once worked well but has been abandoned in the face of new ideas or progress. The glowing wheat is the result of spiritual evolution- the wheat from the chaff of old forms. It is the wheat that is most important, not the forms or religion you choose or the path to God, just that you worked towards God. Through the action of peace you can come to yield a great crop of wheat. To raise your vibration, first of all control your tone (this requires tuning in) and then speed up


Lennon the frequency. Through cultivating happiness we speed up the frequency. Do not worry about the form your joy and happiness takes, as long as it is positive. Once you have taken those first two steps you will begin to attract that which is most conducive and harmonious to your vibration. John says he used to like reading sacred texts to control his tone and raise his vibration. John’s soul understood a peace that is PURE LIGHT and he did not see such light ref lected in this world. John took his archetype from this desire and wrote his life story. John wanted to experience the union of peace on this plane of existence so badly that this desire manifested itself in some unhealthy ways during his lifetime.  Moving on…  John really wanted to appear down to earth, ‘a man of the people’. He approached his music from this philosophy and this was ref lected in his song “Working Class Hero”. He felt his wealth and fame had allowed him to become involved in politics and various altruistic movements that ordinary people did not have the time, energy or money to become involved in. He took it upon himself to educate those who did not know what was going on in a ‘System’ that was impedeing the progress towards fairness and peace. He had always yearned to study the Arts but this was not his mission and John’s intention became the desire to spread the doctrine of love, peace and equality to all mankind. What would John say to us now? I think he would say - ‘All you need is love’ because this is the universal truth.  Q: If you were to Incarnate Now- what job would you hold? A: I would be a fisherman- learn the lessons my father learned about self reliance. I was never alone. I would choose to be alone

to find oneness with myself. Q: What do you think of Modern Music?  A: They (modern musicians) are in the middle of changing their tune. This may sound a bit like an orchestra tuning up - like Jazzerratic. This may sound incongruous for a bit, but something new will be born out of it. You are only in this ‘game’ as much as you allow yourself to be. Ask yourself ‘are you projecting or interacting?’ When you are projecting you are all alone. ‘He’s a real nowhere man’. When you interact, you all act as one. ‘We all live in a yellow submarine’.  Q: What does that all mean?  A: You would get it if you were an ‘Egg Man’.  End of Interview - (Thank you John)  I would like you to consider the following:  What if the yellow (gold) submarine represented the perfect body and consciousness - a golden consciousness of an enlightened being aware of its full selfness. Further what if the Beatles are all one consciousness? In Buddhism it is common for a master to incarnate in more than one body. Once all the consciousnesses from past lives and other planes align over the head of the incarnate Beatle we get the enlightened Super Beatle - ‘ Come together Right Now Over Me’. Now that is what I call a reunion!  Note to readers: I am a channel for knowledge beyond the accepted capacity of human ability. I believe I was talking with John but you believe as you choose to. 


ucid g n i m a Dre

Ryan Boyd explores how awareness of your subconscious self can allow you to manipulate your dreams.

Perhaps you can recall moments when, although asleep and dreaming, you have been able to control or manipulate the dreamscape and can vividly remember the details when you awake. This is what is known as ‘lucid dreaming’, a phenomenon most notably referred to by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who stated “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream”. It is important to note that there is a difference between lucid dreaming and what is known as astral projection. A dream is the content which stems from a sub-dimension created by the mind which can exist in any dimension. Astral projection on the other hand is an extended perception and energetic expansion into an external dimension.Recently it has become apparent to me that lucid dreaming is a vital element to astral projection but I will expand further upon this in a subsequent article. For now, I wish to lay the groundwork which explains just what lucid dreaming is and how it can be achieved.  Whilst in a state of lucid dreaming we make contact with our subconscious self through the landscape of our dreams and its various projections. In many instances things that may have initially been hidden, such as repressed desires, important intuitive signals or perhaps even our true nature and selves, will reveal themselves to us. I feel that it would be beneficial if everyone could acheive a mind-set that is comfortable with lucid dreaming or at the very least explore the process. It is almost an impossible notion to imagine how we can effectively explore the external world around us when we have yet to explore the internal one!  As previously stated, lucid dreaming is the experience of being fully aware that we are dreaming simultaneously with the knowledge that we can also control the dreamscape. I also wish to point out that whilst we can harness the ability to control our dreams, the true purpose for this is not solely for pleasure but to fully recognise that dream space is the soul’s playground for experimenting and having fun. It is also the soul’s ‘training camp’ in which we are presented with the basic mechanics of astral projection in a safe environment which allows the threedimensional mind to interact fourth-dimensionally. In addition to this, it is also a vast archive of subconscious material and information which is only available to and can be accessed by YOU. Robert Waggoner, author of ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self ’, accurately describes the way we interact within a lucid dream with the following analogy: “No sailor controls the sea. Only a foolish sailor would say such a thing. Similarly, no lucid dreamer controls the dream. Like a sailor on the sea, we lucid dreamers direct our perceptual awareness within the larger state of dreaming.” This implies that the sub-dimension of our mind is but a place where we travel and explore. In the astral realm we do not have complete control although we can utilize tools which reveal to us the true nature of things. Lucid dreaming also reveals to us our inner workings through subconscious messages and helps us deal more f luidly with unresolved karmic issues. So now that we have laid the foundation for what lucid dreaming is the next logical step is to address how to accomplish it.  Whilst I can tell you how to direct your mind to activate states of lucid dreaming it is not as easy as it may sound. We all have dreams when we go to sleep and we all also have varying and unique imaginations. Some people may remember more aspects of their dreams than others and this ability can be fine-tuned through applied discipline and the development of purposeful and conscious habits.  

Lesson #1: Open the door to lucid dreaming  To get started my first suggestion would be to keep a dream journal and write down any dream activity that you may recall in as much detail as possible. This process will eventually train your mind to remember your dreams with increasing clarity. My second suggestion is to establish a ritual before you go to bed each night and state the following intention to yourself, ‘I will have a lucid dream tonight’. Repeat this phrase over and over while preparing for sleep. My third suggestion is that you focus upon specific objects, for instance your hands, whilst performing your bedtime ritual. Once you have established this object in your consciousness, you will then know that you have prepared the way for lucid dreaming. When the object reappears in your dream state, your mind will automatically make the connection to the previously set trigger - and boom! You are now aware and your ship has just hoisted its sails and you are free to explore the open seas! For those of you who have never experienced a lucid dream but wish to do so, I suggest that you practice these three suggestions regularly for the next week and try to reach that state of lucidity at least once during that period. 

Lesson #2: Moderate your emotions  Now that you have opened the door to lucid dreaming the next step is to learn how to maintain the dream. I have received a lot of feedback from those who say that they were able to achieve a lucid dream state yet also experienced that after a short while the dream became ‘fuzzy’ and eventually collapsed. This is where the importance of learning how to maintain and prolong a lucid dream comes into play. Robert Waggoner addresses this issue in his book stating, “To maintain your dream state, you must modulate your emotions”. Once a person becomes fully aware that they are dreaming, they may experience a surge of energy when certain things appear within the dream and this may give rise to feelings of excitement, anger or sadness. It is this type of emotional surge that will often cause the dream to become unstable and possibly collapse. What this esseontially means is that when in a state of lucid dreaming it is important to remain calm. That does not mean you cannot or should not feel emotion but that you must maintain the mindset that ‘it is just a dream’ - too much emotion has the tendency to cloud your perception and can ultimately alter the environment of the dream itself or end it altogether. 

Lesson #3: Focus simultaneously on both your conscious awareness and what happens in your dreams  Those who become overly focused on their dream content can find they revert to non-lucid dreaming. Conversely lucid dreamers who are inattentive to their conscious awareness risk becoming ‘lost in their dreams’. To maintain lucidity, we must ensure that we maintain a satisfactory balance between dream state and consciousness and be aware that If we become too focused on the events in the dream we are more likely to forget the majority of the content of our dream - and is it therefore no longer a lucid dream.  

Lesson #4: Concentrate on only 3 or 4 objects in your dream.  In Robert Waggoner’s book he cites the first material he read on the subject of lucid dreaming by Carlos Castenada, “Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan”. Don Juan is noted as being a native shaman who taught Castenada, an anthropology graduate student at UCLA about the therapeutic use of psychotropic

plants and their effect on lucid dreams. After reading Don Juan’s exhortation to Castaneda to try to stabilize the dream environment and, bit by bit, make it as sharply focused as the waking environment, this became Waggoner’s goal. Don Juan advised that the dreamer should concentrate on only three or four objects in the dream, saying, “When they begin to change shape you must move your sight away from them and pick something else, and then look at your hands again. It takes a long time to perfect this technique”. This last quote suggests that lucid dreaming is not something that can be mastered in a short period of time but that it is a lifelong journey into and between both the internal and external universe. In order to keep a dream stabilized, we need to continually shift our focus within the dream because the dream itself is always transforming and as this focus cannot be held in one particular moment for very long, we must learn to go with the f low whilst in that lucid dream state. The example of looking at our hands in a dream can be used to help calm us down as well as allowing an effortless shift into focus when needed. This technique will assist us in stabilizing our thoughts and emotions whilst dreaming. Once lucidity has been achieved, we can then begin to explore even deeper into the subconscious mind and work toward developing the skills required to further us along on our journey towards self-exploration and expansion - The next stop is Astral Projection!

“The s o u l wo u ld hav e n o r ainb o w had t he ey es no t ea rs.” J o hn V anc e Cheney (Augu st 18 92 )

Is being gay a choice?

A controversial topic in todays society is that of sexuality. It is often debated whether being gay or lesbian is in fact a choice. Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott shares with us her views on the spiritual side of sexuality.

Gender is an expression of source energy. Prior to being born you choose a specific gender because of the perspective and what that perspective does in terms of your expansion. This choice is especially important when different societies have varying restrictions and expectations on how each gender should behave and this will naturally inf luence why we would choose one gender experience over another.†If we can choose gender, do we also have a choice of being gay or lesbian within that gender? I believe the answer is yes. It is just like any other choice that is part of a physical manifestation (such as brown hair or green eyes). Gender does not matter beyond the physical dimension. Your source stream is not male or female so therefore your soul is neither male nor female. The source self chooses to temporarily explore the perspective of the polarity of one gender or another. Many of the most advanced beings in this universe are in fact without gender because they have transcended their own polarity meaning that balance is found within and not externally through the combination of polar energies such as male or female and yin and yang. Being gay, lesbian or transsexual today is still incredibly difficult as it is still seen by many as morally wrong or sinful. However although it carries immense challenges it can also have immense advantages.â€

The first advantage is that someone who is gay or lesbian, often has a better opportunity than most heterosexuals to examine their belief patterns about gender and who determines what is right or wrong. It is an opportunity to ‘get out of the box’, which is a significant part of opening up to a spiritual expansion. This leads on to the second advantage which is the opportunity to discover the truth that, whilst our biochemical drives may be oriented sexually towards one gender or another (most of which is determined by physical hormones), ultimately what we are falling in love with is the soul which transcends gender. Sex can be an expression of torture, as in rape, an expression of mutual masturbation as when two people engage in sex who do not love one another or an expression of true love. However love is not restricted, nor should it be, to specific gender ideals. Indeed love is not restricted anywhere other than in our own minds. Sexual expression is sexual expression regardless of what it is oriented towards. If both parties are engaging in a sexual encounter that is in alignment, gender does not matter, providing love is the vibration that is backing the sexual connection - it is in alignment and there can be no sin involved in that kind of interaction.  As far as spiritual growth is concerned being gay in today’s society is more of an opportunity than it is a detriment. The reason I say this is that anybody who faces pain has an unparalleled opportunity to grow spiritually. It matters not whether this pain is from a loss or the pain of living in a society which believes that your definition of happiness is wrong if it involves loving someone of the same gender. Pain, no matter how it presents itself, is the doorway to growth leading to freedom and alignment with our true selves providing we allow it to happen. It encourages us to seek out our own individual truths and that is the key to spiritual growth. Nothing outside the physical dimension (outside the brain) stands in judgment of you. Love is never wrong nor is the expression of love no matter whom that love is directed towards and if anyone tells you otherwise, it is only because of their own disconnection and separation from the source. This is why you can often sense the resistance and the pain present in their vibration as they tell you that your life is a sin.   It is important to identify whether your attraction (to either the same or opposite sex) comes from a place of resistance or is the result of genuinely loving the object of your affection. Some of you will be attracted to the same sex because it was a choice you made before you were born. Others experience negative interactions with the opposite sex throughout the course of their life which initiates an orientation towards the same sex. If your attraction is coming from a place of resistance I recommend that you start seriously examining the aspects of your life that may have caused you to resist your sexuality and gender orientation and allow yourself to be who you really are. You cannot be in alignment if you choose to come into this life as a lesbian or a gay and do anything other than allow yourself to gravitate towards this orientation. It requires much soul searching to discover whether or not you are in fact gay or lesbian and certainly no external judgements should have any bearing on this decision because those who condemn you for your choice are themselves disconnected. 

“As far as spiritual growth is concerned being gay in todays society is more of an opportunity than it is a detriment” Teal Scott

P hotography: Sarah Louise Johnson - Models: Jonathan Hall and Kael Smillie

Never judge a book by its cover! In todays society, people are often still judged by their profession. Millie talks to us about her life as a stripper on a spiritual path.

I guess stripping and spirituality are two fields most people would not consider closely linked but they are the two into which, on a daily basis, most of my energy is chanelled. Interestingly I have found that of the many spiritual women I know a good percentage have admitted that they have given my job a go at some time or another. You’d be surprised how many spiritual books I notice poking out of dancers’ bags in the changing rooms and how many girls are keen to borrow mine and also happily join me for a yoga or meditation class after work. The truth is that whilst stripping is not something I particularly enjoy, and certainly not a precursor for the shape I want my lfe to take, it allows me to make a handsome amount of money in relatively few hours of work. This in turn allows me the time and rescources to read those books, eat that raw and organic food, go to those classes and afford and enjoy those relaxing holistic treatments. Mentally I find the job incredibly challenging as it exposes me to the ugliest sides of humanity and showcases a side of men I don’t want any involvment with in my intimate life.  As a Cancerian with white, f luffy dreams of picketed fences and 2.5 children, it’s very hard to have one’s romantic fantasies swiftly crushed on a daily basis. The job has become harder since I started to work on making the rest of my life purer particularly as Kundalini yoga put me on the path to being far more authentically “myself ”. Spirituality wasn’t something that necessarily ‘found’ me - it was something that was always there but it has certainly, of late, risen up my list of priorities. Religion played a large role in my upbringing as my Grandma was, at one point in her life, a Roman Catholic nun. As a child I attended a convent school (how cliched) and was even a regular alter server and I experienced a moment of deja vu as I sat leading my first Sadhana at the Sikh Missionary Centre! No-one ever fostered or encouraged my spirituality - I was just naturally very drawn to it and intuitively found myself performing ceremonies in the moonlight in my friend backgarden and spending my school lunchbreaks researching astrology to the max. When my parents handed me a letter kicking me out of the family home my first instinct was to buy two blue crystals although I’m not sure what ever became of them!  I always knew deep down that spirituality was meant to be an integral part of my life, even before I really knew anything about it. Ironically I also knew from the age of 15, despite being at a private girl’s boarding school, that I would become a stripper. I look forward to the day when stripping is a thing of the past and my life can be entirely geared around more enjoyable work; but for now, depressing as I so often find it, it does afford me a great deal of freedom. I found spirituality intuitively and it’s helped fill a gap which my family left in my life. Regardless of what other work I do in my life, I can’t imagine who I would be without it.  

Astrology and love

Astrology and the study of the stars has been a fascination of mankind since it had the ability to look up at the stars and wonder ‘what if?’. Laura Wilson-Brown gives us an insight into the tendencies different star signs have in relation to love.  

Cave artistry shows us that ancient man was just as fascinated by the patterns in the night sky, and the impact they have upon our lives and personalities, as we are today. Whilst mainstream thinking dismisses astrology as ‘woo-woo’ there is much to be gleaned from investigating our star signs. In love and relationships an investigation and understanding of the relevance of these signs in respect of someone we are involved with can be critical By studying the charts it is possible to assess compatibility and obtain an insight into personality. This can be a significant aid to the liklehood of finding a suitable match as well as being a fun way of getting to know someone - knowing that an Aries fall in and out of love quickly can help you bring balance to the connection immediately whilst understanding that a Taurian has a tendency to withhold commitment until they have explored every possible ‘what if ’ scenario can help avoid impatience when the progression of the relationship is moving slowly. There are key undertones that exist within each sign that can help you navigate new and existing connections thus giving you an edge when tapping into those currents of personality and desire.  I have not always been a believer in the validity of astrology but further investigation in to the topic has changed my perspective and as a result of researching the interplay between signs my ability to understand personalities and relationships has significantly improved my sessions. Whilst not meant to be taken purely on face value because of the impact of other placements in a chart, such understanding can greatly assist in enhancing your romantic relationships.   Why is this so important? Biology and psychology tell us that attraction is the initial spark of romantic love. Our first impression is what draws us in and can mean the difference between creating a passionate foundation or turning someone off and sending them ‘running for the hills’. This is why I coach my clients through my readings on how to best create the foundation that the other party will empirically perceive as attractive. Once you get ‘your foot in the door’ good things can easily follow!cally is seen as attractive. Once you get your foot in THAT door it’s rather simple to do the rest. 

Fire Aries



March 21- April 19

July 23 - August 22

November 22 - December 21

Typically this sign is considered the infants of the zodiac because of their placement at the start of the line which imparts their “me first” temperament. Like the child who wakes up hungry in the middle of the night, screaming for their sleeping parents Aries people want what they want when they want it. This impatience means they typically do not waste time waiting for sex or love to come to them - they go out and get it. They fall hard but also lose interest quickly and need to have their needs met immediately - ample passion is a must. 

The mighty lions of the zodiac! Leos are engaging, gregarious and like to have a goodtime. They are prideful, egotistical and do not suffer fools gladly. They will quickly grow tired of those who are superficial, and those who agree with all that they say will quickly experience the sharp tongue that all Leos possess. They can appear intimidating and Leos do actually need a bit of friction in their lives, even if it’s to just show you who is boss. For the sake of a good conversation be sure to be honest about your thoughts and opinions.   Leo’s are fiery in and out of the bedroom. If you want to capture their interest pay attention to your looks. I’ve known Leo women who are turned off because of the type of socks their date was wearing. Women, play up your assets. Do not be afraid to embrace your sexy side and play a good old game of ‘cat and mouse’ with your Leo lover. Leos ALWAYS go for sexy, so do not head to your date with a demure blouse and loafers. Have your nails done; nothing turns a Leo male off more than rough looking hands.  

Sagittarians are the huntsmen or huntswomen of the zodiac and as such they enjoy a good challenge when it comes to love. Anyone who is too readily available to them or doesn’t make them work for their love bores them. 

Arians enjoy physical sexual intimacy so staying in shape and taking things outside the box is a necessity. They are turned off by those who only offer up ‘generic’ or ‘vanilla sex’. Stimulation on all levels is required for this sign, so be sure to brush up intellectually. Understand that Arians are likely to begin a connection in the physical realm and may then allow it to evolve to an emotional level. Only a few of their connections actually make it to the emotional realm but once there an Arian is fiercely protective of their relationship.  In love, they can be very loyal and loving but they may need some gentle reminding that YOU have needs too. To keep things spicy as the relationship evolves try out a little roleplaying. This will definitely spark an Arian’s interest but be careful to treat them and those around them with respect. Those who are sexy and a ‘turn on’ initially but are then found to be pompous and rude to others, will be an instant turn off. You will not work your way into an Arian’s bed or heart this way. So be sure to speak to the waitress or clerk at the grocery store kindly and refer to them by name whenever possible.  Great matches for an Aries are Gemini and Aquarius. 

Want to keep your Lion? Remember thatthough their bravado and ego can make it seem as though they are ’full of themselves’. Leos actually tend to be quite insecure so ego stroking and appeasement is necessary. Be mindful that they will quickly grow bored with someone who fawns over them constantly.  Though dif f icult to sometimes f ind t he balance you will find your Leo lover has a fierce sense of loyalty once they do fall in love. They will go to the end of the earth for you and will work hard to make sure you feel special. Ideal astrological matches for Leos are Aquarians who know how to feed the Leo fire and Sagittarians who can match them toe to toe. 

Keep in mind, however, that anyone who is overtly manipulative or attempts to control them will be shown the door. Sagittarians need space. They are among the most independent of the Zodiac signs. As such they need someone who is secure and has a full life. Though they appear wildly independent this does not imply that they do not need anyone. They love the idea of having a strong and capable partner by their side but like all fire signs they are perfectionists and will not settle for the average.  Additionally they need someone who is not showy or ostentatious in their dress or behaviour. They are more inclined to notice your smile or the way your eyes sparkle in a certain light than who designed your shoes! To get their attention veer on your adventurous side. Tell them about the things you want to do, where you want to travel or where you have already been.  A ‘Saggy’ loves sex in public places or any place where there is a slight element of danger of being caught. When a Sagittarian falls in love they will get tongue tied when it comes to verbal expression of emotion. Rather than show you how they feel through words they will show you through actions. If you can jive with this you will surely enjoy the lasting love and loyalty that they can provide you.  Best matches for Sagittarians include Gemini, Aries and Leo. Gemini lovers understand the ‘sampling’ of partners that Sagittarians are known for and both Arians and Leos can understand their deep and passionate nature. 

Water Pisces



February 19 - March 20

June 21 - July 22

October 23 - November 21

Pisceans are known for their way with words, romantic gestures and a poetic view of life. They are seemingly made for love although they will often worship their lover from afar whilst keeping their infatuation secret. 

Cancerians tend to view the world through rose coloured glasses. They are considered the cosmic collectors of the Zodiac because of t heir reluctance to let go of someone who hasmanaged to crack their hard exterior and get close to their heart.

To attract a female Piscean you need to be dapper, without being gaudy and exude an air of sophistication whilst Piscean men prefer a clean and simple look. In bed you can be sure that things will be interesting! Pisceans prefer to keep their sex life secret and they are not known for divulging personal information about their partners. It is not just on principals that they do not bed hop - it has much to do with emotions because emotionless sex makes a Piscean feel like a fish out of water!  

When in love a Cancerian will lavish affection and dote on their partner but, as a warning to the highly independent, they are borderline needy and can be high maintenance. Cancerians tend to be rather easily wounded and instead of being upfront about what is bothering them they become defensive and even aggressive. If you feel that you have inadvertently hurt a Cancerian it may be best to take the initiative discussing the matter openly as they are not likely to.

Passionate, possessive and even a bit jealous Scorpions definitely present quite the bundle when it comes to love and sex. They are a lesson in contradiction and will certainly keep you guessing. For instance they seek out those who are just as confrontational as themselves. They tend to gravitate towards those who can freak out in the bedroom and then head out for dinner with the in-laws or business associates. I am sure many of you have heard the phrase ‘lady in the streets but a freak in the bed’ - well Scorpios epitomize this. 

Romance obviously counts so do not skimp on candles, romantic gestures or affection. They need to feel loved, supported and even worshiped but be sure to worship their mind and creativity just as much as you would their body. They will run for the hills if they find you superficial or f laky. Though known for their loving and compassionate nature you do not want to be on the wrong side of a Piscean. If you hurt them they will hit back fourfold - if you try to make them look foolish they will soon lose interest and you will smartly be shown that they will not stand for such treatment.  Virgos tend to be great matches for a Pisces as long as they have cultivated their spiritual side and and they will gladly take care of the day to day tasks such as paying bills and cleaning the house, tasks that Pisceans are not usually keen to perform. Both Cancerians and Scorpios understand Pisceans’ deep and emotional nature and can also relate well on this level. 

Cancerian women tend to want a man who is cultured and worldly but also simple in some respects. She enjoys a man who can wear a pair of worn in jeans but also needs him to ‘clean up nice’ in his suit and tie when the occasion calls for it. Cancerian men enjoy women who sometimes dress seductively and a low cut blouse, a short skirt or a pair of high heels will draw in his attention. Cancerian men enjoy a good challenge, although they are unlikely to admit to this, so initial connections will benefit from a bit of coyness, especially in the bedroom so do not move too fast. Whilst they enjoy a seductive woman they will only settle down and marry a woman that they can take home to their mother. Their idea l mates a re Capricorns, who add an earth element to that watery Cancerian personality, or Pisceans who will be able to match their emotional strength.

Sex is very important to our Scorpios. They will definitely make it good for you both by letting themselves go. In fact they find sex calming and it is immediately after sex that they tend to relax and open up. You should tr y and ma ke them laugh - they love to laugh yet tend to do so infrequently. Scorpios also enjoy being complimented. Bend down and whisper sweet nothings in their ear and give them a lingering, sultry kiss and they will be putty in your hands!  Scorpios can be difficult to deal with – they are likely to have a desire to be friends w it h t hose t hat t heir pa r t ner may not approve of and can often be quite jealous and possessive. They tend to fall in love easily as t hey enjoy such a relationship but this does not imply that they sett le down easily and tend to marry later in life.  The best match for Scorpios are Cancerians as they have the deep wellspring of emotions that enables them to get on to your level. Virgos have a similar work ethic and are also committed towards building on the initial connection. Piscians are also a good match but it is best to ensure that boundaries are in place as they can be quite possessive. 

Earth Taurus



April 20 - May 20

August 23 - September 22

December 22 - January 19

Taureans are known for their love of the finer things of life and it follows that they would make an art out of lovemaking. However if a Taurian thinks that you have debt or money problems they will immediately run for the hills. This doesn’t mean that you have to act parsimoniously, as a way to their hearts is by conspicuous consumption! Just be sure that this does not become the foundation of your relationship. Even if you have to take a Taurian on a budget friendly date they will be pleased to see you managing your finances wisely as they are a very practical sign. 

Everyone should experience a Virgo lover as they are fiercely loyal partners. The key, however, is to be someone that they can trust and depend on. If you are not stable mentally and physically they will not stay around for long. 

Security is paramount to a Capricorn so when you get involved do not be surprised if your financial situation becomes a regular topic of discussion. Even if they try to make it seem otherwise, a reassurance that their needs are comfortably met is paramount for all Capricorns. The Capricorn male is a provider and he loves being the major breadwinner and shows his love and affection through the desire to create of a stable and secure foundation and home.  

Taureans are quick to retreat if hurt or offended. When hurt they can easily slip into depression and dwell on perceived wrongs. Be sure not to use sexual intimacy to right the situation as they will need to do their own thing in their own time and words, not actions, tend to have a greater sway.   In bed it is time to get earthy and primal! They like a playful nibble, especially on the neck which is a Taurian erogenous zone. Taurian men may want to take the lead but are quite turned on when given direct orders, so k nowing what you like and not being afraid to direct will serve you well. Taurian women want to feel protected and tend to shy away from those who are too lanky. They tend to prefer their partner to take the lead in the bedroom so being confident and assertive is a must.  Matches for a Taurian include Scorpios, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Additionally you must display a hardy temperament as Virgos need the excitement of a good argument or debate - however be sure to keep these reasonably civil and avoid any tendancy to become aggressive. Virgos, above all, are critically aware of social norms and behaviors and if you act petulantly or childishly they will quickly lose interest.  The key to a long term relationship with a Virgo is to accept that they need to be in control of the relationship dynamic and accept that they will want to make all the big decisions.    Virgos like a subtle sex appeal. They do not like show-offs or those who try too hard and for them sexiness comes from within. Those who may look good on the outside but have an overbearing personality will lose the interest of their beloved Virgo.   Female Virgos seem to be more preoccupied with the finer details of their partner - how do they dress, do they have nice hands, do they take good care of their hair? Virgo men are more concerned with being well respected and taken notice of. If you try to make a Virgo man feel stupid you will watch their passion gauge drop suddenly.  Best matches for Virgos are Pisceans who can help relax the sometimes taught Virgo. Scorpios who can ignite the latent but strong passion the virgins of the zodiac have within. 

Sexually, Capricorns can be tough nuts to crack. They can be reserved but once they feel comfortable they can appear quite imaginitative!   Capricorn females are smart with a ‘capital S’ and they are equally cunning. Once they decide to have a man in their bed they rarely have trouble completing that goal. If you want to seduce her, as stereoty pical as it may sound, assure her of the following - She comes before your friends, you understand the way the world works, you know people who can help her get ahead with her career, you have sincere feelings for her, you are not stingy and finally that you will be there for her emotionally and financially.   Capricorns above all want stability and although they may not be the most enthusiatic lovers, their more conservative and practical approach to life makes them an ideal mate for a long term connection.   Cancerians will probably prove to be your most compatible pairing even though they are your opposing sign. They can best comprehend your trait of wanting to turn things over in your mind as they have sympathetic tendancies. 

Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson Hair: Denise Davis Makeup: Dunja Ghag Model: Michalina

Air Gemini



May 21 - Jun 20

September 23 - October 22

January 20 - February 18

Those born under this sign can be difficult to deal with. They can easily separate sex, emotions and relationships and once they have it in their heads that you are merely a sexual partner then there is very little that will change their minds. Whilst very sexual they are not very sensual so long romps in the bed are not likely to be on the menu.  

Both Libran men and women are difficult nuts to crack and particularly guarded. This is due, in part, to their constant strive for security and routine as they tend to carry over issues from their past relationships. They will size you up and are not the type to jump in feet first - rather they prefer to take their time getting to know you whilst looking for proof that they can make a relationship work. I say ‘relationship’ because Librans are not fickle lovers. They tend to want a relationship or nothing at all. This is especially true of most Libran women who will not jump in the ‘sack’ just for the sake of good sex. They need to be given full attentiveness whilst being wined and dined. 

Aquarians dance to the beat of their own drum and in love they sometimes become even more erratic and unconventional. Ask an Aquarian what they are looking for and they will probably reply “I will know it when I see it”. The only consistency about their choice of partners is that they must be unique! They do not go for the ostentatious and couldn’t care less about the f launting of wealth, prefering a partner with quiet confidence and arrogance. 

There is nothing that is considered taboo or out of the question for a Gemini. Don’t be afraid to get a bit wild or talk dirty and make lots of eye contact. Being of the ‘twin sign’ Geminis can be a little selfish in bed, but with some gentle cues they will quickly get the message and tend to your needs. They like kissing so be sure that you are skilled in the art.  Keep in mind that the way to seduce Geminis is through intellectual stimulation so references to obscure movies and books will stimulate their interest - take them on a tour of a local museum or to a political rally! They are suckers for good conversation so ensuring you are up to date on current events and popular culture is a must. Those who acquiesce too often or fail to show themselves as individuals will quickly lose a Gemini’s interest.  A word of caution regarding Gemini women - they are not afraid to make a scene and have no qualms about hurling a drink in your face or raising their voice. In fact for them, the more you squirm the better! They are not afraid to let a little chaos into the mix so it’s best not to provoke them.  Librans, Aquarians and Leos all make compelling matches with a Gemini. 

This is the sign ruled by Venus and as such Libran’s pay attention to beauty, romance and the finer things in life. They are not looking for ‘high brow’ but need to be shown that they are special and enjoy a beautiful landscape. This is especially true of how you look. Do not attempt to court a Libran looking like you have just jumped out of bed. They like their women to look pretty and their males well groomed.  If you want to keep your Libran, ensure that you are financially secure and stable both mentally and emotionally. Those who are fickle or run hot and cold will quickly irritate a Libran.  Despite being your exact astrological opposite Aries has a perfect ability to even out the Venus and Mars sometimes conf licting qualities.  Aquarians will also appreciate your love of beauty, though be careful as they can, at times, be a little fickle and f lakey which can lead to an unpredictable relationship. This will not suit the more stable Librans of the world. 

Though they have incredible instincts they are actually the most naive of the signs. They distrust those who compliment them too frequently so be sure to save your praise for when it really counts. Aquarian men tend to go for a more ‘dressed down’ look. and whilst they understand the importance of appearance and can ‘scrub up’ nicely they prefer a more low key approach. Are they faithful? Only if they truly believe that they are in love and see a future with you but if this is not the case the answer is a loud, resounding ‘NO’!  If you want to seduce an Aquarian opt for bold and courageous actions. Understand however that Aquarians, more than any other sign in the zodiac, can separate love from sex. For them you do not have to win their hearts to win a spot in their bed. If you have an altruistic side you are half way to intriguing your Aquarian lover. A sure-fire way to get an Aquarian to ‘run for the hills’ is to act needy, clingy or insecure and to lack a good circle of friends.  Best matches for an Aquarian are Geminis and Librans. Geminis have an appreciation of spontaneity and can easily traverse the unpredictable nature of your sign. Librans will love your sensuality and appreciation of beauty and will understand your need for time alone. 

In Amber’s colour readings, 7 colours are chosen and an interpretation is then based on the order and juxtaposition of each colour. Before choosing her colours, Sarah was instructed to hold the question she wanted to ask firmly in her mind.  “Why do all the guys that I fall for back off and vanish without explanation?” As she consciously focused her thought (energy) on this topic, she held it’s frequency, and as she looked at the coloured bottles she naturally resonated with the colours that had the same frequency. Sarah picked the following colours:  Gold, light green, magenta, silver, turquoise, tangerine, pink.  Amber’s review of Sarah’s choice:  “Your current core colours suggest a sovereignty and a wisdom, abundance of confidence even. A sense that there are always guys around. Inward energy is about relating to new growth, a freshness to your relating to others. Green and red indicate relationship and the magenta you chose on your outward masculine side is a very red one. It carries with it a vibration of commitment, where attention to the overview is as important as the details, and whilst generally holding your aims for a relationship; you mustn’t overlook the details that occur. As this is on your outward energy, maybe guys are picking up on the commitment ‘vibe’ and are scared if their vibration doesn’t match yours. The green is almost lime. And it’s vitality in combination with magenta is almost orgasmic (energetically speaking! ) and therefore maybe very intense, which again might be scaring them off if they can’t sustain the intensity.  Recently you have been focusing on your spiritual connection; the thread that links you to source.. It’s been an introspective time but now your energy is about communication and communicating those spiritual needs. But the turquoise indicates community, so you have been expressing your needs broadly and not just to the guy. You have a creative surge coming.. It’s a light orange and so full of optimism as it includes yellow.. This also says joyful nurturing so you will feel the need to look after you instead of worrying about guys and after that the pink comes in and it’s all about unconditional love, which of course means love of self as well as others.   So in summary - stay in your power; allow the fresh openness in and trust that with the outward commitment vibe, the right guy will stick! Communicate your needs, look after yourself and fall in love with you in a way that will become irresistible to anyone who comes near!.”

For your chance to receive a free personalised colour reading with Ambernaturally please email your question (subject: Colour) to the violet flame team on violetflamemagazine@ We will select one question to feature in issue 1.

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owner of ‘nama’ raw restaurant, Rich havardi, talks about his journey, the benefits of going raw and how to incorpate raw into your diet. What is a raw food diet?  A raw food diet is defined as one where someone derives at least half their daily intake of calories from food cooked to no higher than 40-46 °C. This preserves vital enzymes and nutrients in the food, which are then assimilated into the body.  Why did you decide to eat raw?  I reached a point where my health was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. I believed myself to have a healthy diet but my energy levels were inconsistent and I often felt unfocused and lethargic, particularly just after lunch and in the evenings. My digestion was poor and my moods were all over the place and my intuition told me that my diet had a huge part to play in the process of improving my health. I decided that something had to be done so I booked an appointment with an Ayurvedic nutritionist and from her learned that fundamental energies and elements within myself were out of balance. This was largely due to my diet, which consisted of excessive amounts of dairy and wheat products, refined sugar, meat and hot, spicy foods. On her recommendations I started cutting out these food types and almost immediately noticed an improvement in my energy levels and state of mind. I took it upon myself to start researching nutrition and the effects of certain foodstuffs. I learnt about all sorts of diets that people have subscribed to - unsurprisingly some claimed they worked whilst others claimed they did not. I began to realise that everyone has different requirements and varying body types respond differently to the same diet. What really interested me was that a growing number of people were introducing elements of raw food into their diets.  What do you enjoy about raw food?  I enjoy the fact that raw food does not consitue a diet per se and therefore does not have the same restrictiveness associated with so many other diets. For me a big part of eating is enjoyment and attributing positive memories to my dining experiences. If you were to look back on positive memories in your life I am sure a lot of them would centre around eating of and enjoyment of food. Raw food, being nutritionally dense, is both satisfying and filling and moderate portion can suffice thereby avoiding the unpleasant after-effects of overeating and the associated burden this puts on the body.  is it difficult to switch over to a diet of raw? I am not advocating that you should move to a totally raw food diet. Whilst raw food has given me enormous benefits it was not an overnight success. I suspect that for the vast majority of us our bodies have, to varying degrees, levels of toxicity accumulated over years of poor eating habits. What I would say is that it is crucial for people to consider removing heavily processed foods from their meal plans and replacing such items with raw or cooked unprocessed foods in their natural state. Before starting to supplement your diet with superfoods or eating large quantities of raw food it is important to start a process of detoxification. This can take the form of a ‘detox’ which involves cutting out certain foods for a set period and replacing them with natural healthful foods, juices, smoothies or supplements. This helps to remove accumulated toxins from the body so that it can start a miraculous journey of healing. We are all capable of this as our bodies are extremely resilient and we can naturally heal ourselves under the right conditions. In my opinion one of the most fundamental cornerstones of good health is a healthy gut. This is where digestion and most of the absorption of nutrients takes place, so a healthy gut will

A raw food diet is defined as one where someone derives at least half their daily intake of calories from food cooked to no higher than 40-46째C.

often indicate a healthy body. There are many ways to improve our gut health and one of my favourites is taking good quality probiotics (not actimel or yakult!), eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut and drinking cultured drinks such as Kefir and Kombucha. All of these will introduce beneficial bacterial cultures into the gut, which in turn will help fight off and replace unhealthy f loras such as candida, which are prevalent in so many people.    Why do you feel some people struggle with sticking to a raw diet?  I think that a significant reason some people have an adverse reaction to raw food is due to having poor gut health and an inefficient digestion. If the gut is not working efficiently it can have trouble processing nutritionally dense food and absorbing sufficient nutrients from it which can compound existing digestive problems. The best idea is to initially, whilst the process of cleansing the body of toxicity is taking place, follow a diet balanced between healthful, natural raw and cooked foods. This balance should be based on your own intuition as your body continously provides information through symptoms, feelings and sensitivities and we should take these in to account and adjust our diet accordingly.  What food do you eat?  At the moment I find a diet of about 80-85% raw food works for me. I love green leafy vegetables and herbs as they are so nutritionally dense and extremely rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants can be defined as substances that remove damaging oxidising agents from the body and are important in combating the huge number of cell damaging free radicals that we are exposed to in the modern world. These free radicals are not just in the food we eat but also in the air we breathe and the chemicals that we come into contact with.  I am a little cautious of eating large quantities of fruit due to the high levels of natural sugar present in many varieties. The human body is not well designed for assimilating high levels of sugar which can play havoc with the blood sugar levels and lead to a proliferation of unfriendly bacteria which are detrimental to overall organ functioning. If eating fruit always try to eat fruits with a low glycaemic index such as apples and most berries. I never eat fruit straight after a meal because fruit breaks down and digests quickly and ferments in a stomach full of other food. This process creates toxic gases which causes bloating and has an adverse effect on the whole digestive process. Eating fruit an hour or so before a meal on an empty stomach will ensure the fruit is broken down and digested first. Also many fruits are enzyme rich and even contain digestive enzymes which will create a favourable environment for any subsequent meal that follows.  I am also a big fan of nuts and seeds but it is always preferable to eat fat-rich foods such as these raw. The majority of oils and fats are unstable at higher temperatures and break down into toxic by-products that are not good for the body. I try to remain aware of how much fat-rich food I consume and don’t allow it to constitute too large a part of my diet.  The majority of my diet will consist of vegetables either in whole raw or juice form as they are nutrient rich, relatively high in protein and alkalise the body. Sprouted foods, such as alfalfa and mung bean sprouts, are incredibly nutritious as they are quite literally living foods. I would recommend to anyone not to take as gospel what other people tell them about nutrition, but instead make a conscious effort to learn about what you put into your body and how this has either a beneficial or detrimental impact on your overall health. 

Ingredients: 2 cups cashews, soaked 20 minutes 1 cup water 1 teaspoon probiotics Pinch ground juniper berries (or ground black pepper) 1 clove crushed garlic 3⁄4 teaspoon Himalayan or sea salt 2 teaspoons nutritional yeast 1 tsp garlic powder

Chive and juniper berry cashew cheese

Method:  Blend cashews, water & probiotics in a highspeed blender until smooth. Place the mixture in a strainer that has been lined with cheesecloth, and place a weight on top. The weight should not be so heavy that it pushes the cheese through the cloth, but heavy enough to gently start to press the liquid out. Leave to culture at room temperature for at least 24 but no longer than 48 hours. Once culturing is complete, stir or process in the fremaining ingredients. Transfer the cheese to a ring mould. At this point you can either place it in the refrigerator, still in the ring mould for 24 hours, and then remove the ring mould.Or you can place it in the freezer to set harder for 1 to 2 hours. Once removed from the ring mould as an option, roll in diced chives. Cheese will develop stronger ‘cheesy’ taste the longer it is left in the fridge. Will last for up to a month. 

Ingredients: 1 bulb fennel, sliced thinly on mandoline 2 Jerusalem artichokes, washed and scrubbed, sliced thinly on mandoline 2 blood oranges, supremed, juice reserved 4 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp extra Virgin olive oil 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar Large bunch rocket 2 tbsp parsley 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp cashew nuts ½ tsp Pink Himalayan salt Pinch black pepper Pine nuts for garnish

Fennel, blood orange & Jerusalem articoke salad

Method: Marinade fennel in ¼ tsp salt, 3 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp reserved blood orange juice, black pepper and 1 ½ tbsp olive oil. Marinade artichokes in ¼ tsp salt, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp olive oil, black pepper and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Marinade rocket with pinch of salt and drizzle of olive oil. Grind cashew nuts in a pestle and mortar or coffee grinder and mix with nutritional yeast and pinch of salt. To assemble, make a bed of rocket, then layer the fennel on top. Make a cut in Jerusalem artichokes almost to the top and then fold 3 out over the fennel (as illustrated). Add supremed blood oranges to the salad. Garnish with fresh parsley, pine nuts and sprinkling of cashew/ nutritional yeast mixture.

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