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CAMPUS at GYC Europe. Sebastien Braxton and Justin Kim...


Bonders a new ministry for working-age professionals...


A newly redesigned website is up with improved...




l.e.a.d.s. conference this year discussing Glocal Leadership...


Midwest Adventist conference over Memorial day weekend...


CAMPUS at GYC Europe (July 20-24)

consecration message to commit a year to serve as missionaries in Europe.

CAMPUS, though a department of the Michigan Conference, has always worked in the spirit of a movement. In that vein, it is the birthplace and headquarters of one of the fastest growing movements in the Adventist Church: GYC. This summer, in Linz, Austria, GYC collaborated with youth from 15-20 different countries to put on a GYC event in Europe, under the sponsorship of the Austrian Union. CAMPUS was among around 30 ministries represented to help inspire, train, and equip youth in Europe to carry the work forward in their motherland. The convention drew dedicated and eager youth from across Europe and even Africa, the Middle East and Asia! In addition to booth networking, CAMPUS was involved in running the program and speaking. Justin Kim conducted seminars on the Sanctuary doctrine while Sebastien Braxton’s seminar was on the harmony between righteousness by faith and the 3rd-angel’s message of Revelation 14. Over 40 youth responded to the appeal after Sebastien’s

Bonders In May 2011, CAMPUS launched Bonders, a leadership ministry for working-age young professionals and their families. The purpose of Bonders is development. Bonders seeks to develop leaders, fresh ministry ideas, unique mission opportunities and character in the home environment. Our latest development is Team Revolution an Adventist triathlon team that swims, bikes, and runs to raise awareness and funds for missions. Check us out online:

New Website Our redesigned website is up and running featuring improved navigation, blog posts and devotionals by CAMPUS staff, and a revamped resources section. Visit us at and let us know what you think!


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CAMPUS at ASI (August 8-11) The booth at ASI afforded opportunities to meet and network with students, parents, pastors and Bible workers interested in campus ministry from all over the world. We had an opportunity to reach a larger audience when, on Sabbath afternoon, as part of the “ASI Presents” program focused on urban evangelism, Justin Kim was interviewed on behalf of CAMPUS. With many college and university campuses set in urban centers and the demographic of students either coming from cities or headed there after graduation, naturally, campus ministry is integral to a push to reach urban areas. As the world church makes a push for urban ministry, we have a significant part to play.

l.e.a.d.s. (July 11-15) This year’s l.e.a.d.s. conference combined networking for the young professionals’ ministry, l.i.n.k. and training for campus ministry student leaders. An intimate group of attendees discussed the theme – Glocal Leadership – and it’s significance in Christian leadership. While the term “glocalization” (thinking globally while acting locally) has only recently been coined, the concept is integral to effective evangelism, particularly for a global


church whose mission is the Three Angels’ Messages. One message that struck a resonating chord was shared by Kameron DeVasher where he challenged attendees to stop using “youth” as an excuse for mediocrity: “Don’t take pride in surpassing low expectations.” We will be inviting you to join us for the Fall Retreat themed “Glocal Training” on November 2-4 at Camp Au Sable in Grayling, MI.

CAMPUS at MAC (May 25-28) The Midwest Adventist Conference (MAC) gathered together at Camp Akita over Memorial Day weekend, for a time of spiritual emphasis as they studied the workings of the Holy Spirit in the church of Acts. Justin Kim, Israel Ramos, and Daniel McGrath presented morning and evening devotions with afternoon breakout sessions addressing aspects of the question “What is the church and how should the members relate to it?” At the end of the Conference attendees appreciated the opportunity to leave the busyness of the cities and the stress of their workplaces to enjoy time with God in nature. Many left the with renewed zeal and fervor as they realized the Holy Spirit can do as much for us today as He did for the disciples in the early church.


CAMPUS Summer 2012 Newsletter  

Summer 2012 Newsletter

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