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Coming in Spring 2022

Three Generations, No Imbeciles

Searching for the Family Doctor Primary Care on the Brink Timothy J. Hoff 288 pp.  978-1-4214-4300-3

Ethically Challenged $39.95 hc/eb

Private Equity Storms US Health Care Laura Katz Olson 432 pp.  978-1-4214-4285-3

Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Creating Behavioral, Environmental, and Policy Change edited by Lawrence W. Green, Andrea Carlson Gielen, Judith M. Ottoson, Darleen V. Peterson, and Marshall W. Kreuter foreword by Jonathan E. Fielding

$34.95 hc/eb

Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell updated edition Paul A. Lombardo 424 pp., 36 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4318-8

$34.95 pb/eb

Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People

Public Policy Writing That Matters

How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease Stephen G. Post with a Caregiver Resilience Program by Rev. Dr. Jade C. Angelica

second edition David Chrisinger foreword by Katherine Baicker

280 pp., 2 b&w photos, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-4250-1 $26.95 pb/eb

232 pp., 4 halftones, 36 line drawings 978-1-4214-4232-7 $26.95 pb/eb

488 pp., 53 line drawings 978-1-4214-4296-9 $74.95 pb/eb


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New in Paperback 2022

BIZARRE BIOETHICS Ghosts, Monsters, and Pilgrims

Henk A.M.J. ten Have, MD, PhD

Practitioner Research for Social Work, Nursing, and the Health Professions

Bizarre Bioethics

Payam Sheikhattari, Michael T. Wright, Gillian B. Silver, Cyrilla van der Donk, and Bas van Lanen

328 pp.  978-1-4214-4303-4

Ghosts, Monsters, and Pilgrims Henk A.M.J. ten Have, MD, PhD $34.95 pb/eb

My Quest for Health Equity Notes on Learning While Leading David Satcher, MD, PhD Health Equity in America, Daniel E. Dawes, Series Editor 240 pp.  978-1-4214-4327-0

288 pp., 22 line drawings 978-1-4214-4205-1 $44.95 pb/eb

$21.95 pb/eb

New in Paperback 2021

Lazy, Crazy, and Disgusting Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health Alexandra Brewis and Amber Wutich 288 pp., 35 halftones 978-1-4214-4325-6

$24.95 pb/eb

Quarantine! East European Jewish Immigrants and the New York City Epidemics of 1892 updated edition Howard Markel

Separated Family and Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid William D. Lopez

288 pp., 34 b&w photos, 1 b&w illus 978-1-4214-4366-9 $30.00 pb/eb

232 pp. 978-1-4214-4178-8

Misunderstanding Health

Skid Road

American Dementia

Making Sense of America’s Broken Health Care System Rohit Khanna

On the Frontier of Health and Homelessness in an American City Josephine Ensign

Brain Health in an Unhealthy Society Daniel R. George, PhD, MSc, and Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD

232 pp., 23 line drawings 978-1-4214-4209-9 $27.95 hc/eb

312 pp., 10 plates 978-1-4214-4013-2

424 pp., 29 halftones, 20 line drawings 978-1-4214-4047-7 $29.95 hc/eb



$27.95 hc/eb

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$22.95 pb/eb

Johns Hopkins Wavelengths

Is Cancer Inevitable?

Why Are Health Disparities Everyone’s Problem?

Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?

Ashani T. Weeraratna, PhD

Lisa Cooper, MD, MPH

152 pp., 1 b&w illus 978-1-4214-4274-7

264 pp., 3 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4115-3

240 pp., 3 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4112-2

$16.95 pb/eb

Can the Obesity Crisis Be Reversed? Rexford S. Ahima, MD, PhD 208 pp.  978-1-4214-4271-6

$16.95 pb/eb

Jessica Fanzo, PhD $16.95 pb/eb

$16.95 pb/eb

Preventing the Next Pandemic

The Black Butterfly

Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-science Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD

The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America Lawrence T. Brown

208 pp., 5 halftones, 3 line drawings 978-1-4214-4038-5 $27.95 hc/eb

384 pp., 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-3987-7 $29.95 hc/eb

Viral BS

Killing Season

The Doctor Who Fooled the World

Medical Myths and Why We Fall for Them Dr. Seema Yasmin

A Paramedic’s Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic

Science, Deception, and the War on Vaccines Brian Deer

272 pp., 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-4040-8 $24.95 hc/eb

Peter Canning

408 pp.  978-1-4214-3800-9

314 pp.  978-1-4214-3985-3

$28.00 hc/eb

$27.95 hc/eb


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COVID-19 and World Order The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation edited by Hal Brands and Francis J. Gavin 472 pp.  978-1-4214-4073-6

$29.95 pb/eb

Crossing the American Health Care Chasm

Handbook for Health Care Ethics Committees, third edition

Finding the Path to Bipartisan Collaboration in National Health Care Policy Donald A. Barr, MD, PhD

Linda Farber Post and Jeffrey Blustein

272 pp., 2 halftones 978-1-4214-4133-7

An Introduction to the US Health Care Industry Balancing Care, Cost, and Access David S. Guzick, MD, PhD 584 pp., 70 line drawings 978-1-4214-3865-8 $69.95 pb/eb

Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response Ethics and Governance Guidance edited by Jeffrey P. Kahn and Johns Hopkins Project on Ethics and Governance of Digital Contact Tracing Technologies 160 pp.  978-1-4214-4061-3


$12.95 pb/eb

488 pp., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-4234-1

$64.95 pb/eb

$30.00 hc/eb

Feeding the World Well


A Framework for Ethical Food Systems edited by Alan M. Goldberg

A History of Psychiatry’s Bible Allan V. Horwitz

392 pp., 18 line drawings 978-1-4214-3934-1 $64.95 hc/eb

232 pp., 7 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4069-9

Stories Are What Save Us

Unequal Cities

A Survivor’s Guide to Writing about Trauma David Chrisinger foreword by Brian Turner, author of My Life as a Foreign Country

Structural Racism and the Death Gap in America’s Largest Cities edited by Maureen R. Benjamins and Fernando G. De Maio foreword by Julie Morita, Former Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health

afterword by Angela Ricketts, author of No Man’s War 240 pp.  978-1-4214-4080-4


press. jhu.edu

$19.95 pb/eb

$35.00 hc/eb

Health Equity in America, Daniel E. Dawes, Series Editor 336 pp., 3 halftones, 35 line drawings 978-1-4214-4099-6 $39.95 hc/eb

Corporatizing American Health Care

The Making of a Tropical Disease

LGBTQ Health Research

How We Lost Our Health Care System Robert W. Derlet, MD

A Short History of Malaria, second edition Randall M. Packard Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease Charles E. Rosenberg, Series Editor

Theory, Methods, Practice edited by Ron Stall, PhD, MPH, Brian Dodge, PhD, José A. Bauermeister, PhD, MPH, Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, and Chris Beyrer, MD, MPH

352 pp., 2 halftones, 19 line drawings 978-1-4214-4179-5 $35.00 pb/eb

312 pp., 3 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-3878-8 $49.95 pb/eb

Bodies in Doubt

Public Health Nutrition

Getting Under Our Skin

An American History of Intersex

Essentials for Practitioners edited by Jessica Jones-Smith

The Cultural and Social History of Vermin Lisa T. Sarasohn

432 pp., 10 halftones, 47 line drawings 978-1-4214-3850-4 $99.95 pb/eb

296 pp., 33 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4138-2

216 pp.  978-1-4214-3958-7

$29.95 pb/eb

second edition Elizabeth Reis 288 pp., 7 b&w photos, 10 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-4184-9 $30.00 pb/eb

$30.00 hc/eb

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Riverblindness in Africa

In Search of Sexual Health

Taming the Lion’s Stare Bruce Benton foreword by James D. Wolfensohn

Diagnosing and Treating Syphilis in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1890–1940 Elliott Bowen

328 pp., 26 b&w photos, 11 line drawings 978-1-4214-3966-2 $49.95 hc/eb

232 pp., 7 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-3856-6 $49.95 hc/eb

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