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Plutocracy in america


hodges’ Scout

A Lost Patrol of the French and Indian War

Johns Hopkins University Press

How Increasing Inequality Destroys the Middle Class and Exploits the Poor

Rumors, Legends, and Hoaxes on the Early American Frontier

Ronald P. Formisano

Gregory Evans Dowd

Len Travers

“A smart exploration of the issue of hearsay and the limitations in the evidence historians depend upon to craft their narratives.”—Colin G. Calloway, author of New Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America

A gritty look at the French and Indian War through the lens of the bloody skirmish of Hodges’ Scout, the heretofore untold story of a lost patrol.

A hard-hitting analysis of how the disparity between wealth and poverty undermines the common good.

2015 272 pp., 5 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1740-0 $22.95 hc / e-book

Early America: History, Context, Culture Joyce E. Chaplin and Philip D. Morgan, Series Editors


2015 408 pp. 2 b&w photos, 5 b&w illus., 2 maps 978-1-4214-1865-0 $34.95 hc / e-book

War/Society/Culture, Michael Fellman, Series Founder 2015 320 pp., 2 b&w illus., 6 maps 978-1-4214-1805-6 $29.95 hc / e-book


The Marine Eye for Battle in the War for Iraq John Pettegrew “Pettegrew’s compelling account draws shocking and persuasive connections between videogames, optical technologies, and institutionalized violence.”—Joseph A. November, author of Biomedical Computing: Digitizing Life in the United States

2015 240 pp. 7 b&w photos, 3 b&w illus., 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1785-1 $34.95 hc / e-book


hell Before Their very Eyes

Shays’s rebellion

Authority and Distress in Post-Revolutionary America

John C. McManus

Sean Condon

“History that demands to be published. The “The deepest account of the rebellion use of personal witness accounts is the only I have read, the book keeps a strong way to capture the essence of the traumatic narrative line and grows in drama as it experience of the American soldiers.” proceeds. Riveting.”—Barry Levy, author —Daniel D. Holt, editor of Eisenhower: of Town Born: The Political Economy of The Prewar Diaries and Selected Papers, New England from Its Founding to the 1905–1941 Revolution

Witness to History, Peter Charles Hoffer and Williamjames Hull Hoffer, Series Editors

2015 176 pp., 6 line drawings 978-1-4214-1743-1 $19.95 pb / e-book

Faye M. Kert “Privateering during the War of 1812 has long needed a modern historical perspective. Kert has done an admirable job in documenting how the United States and Britain mobilized and regulated privateering.”—William Sheldon Dudley, author of Maritime Maryland: A History

Johns Hopkins Books on the War of 1812 Donald R. Hickey, Series Editor 2015 224 pp., 3 b&w photos, 4 b&w illus., 4 line drawings, 1 map 978-1-4214-1747-9 $55.00 hc / e-book

How the Economic Boom and Bust of the 1920s Worked Phillip G. Payne “A well-organized overview of the boom-bust sequence that unfolded in the 1920s and early 30s, Crash! brings to life interesting Depression-era characters.”—Mark Hendrickson, author of American Labor and Economic Citizenship: New Capitalism from World War I to the Great Depression

How Things Worked Robin Einhorn and Richard R. John, Series Editors 2015 152 pp., 6 b&w photos, 5 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1856-8 $19.95 pb / e-book


2015 208 pp., 10 b&w photos 978-1-4214-1765-3 $19.95 pb / e-book

Witness to History, Peter Charles Hoffer and Williamjames Hull Hoffer, Series Editors

Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812


Johns Hopkins University Press

American Soldiers Liberate Concentration Camps in Germany, April 1945



weapons of Democracy

weekend Pilots

university reform

Propaganda, Progressivism, and American Public Opinion

Technology, Masculinity, and Private Aviation in Postwar America

The Founding of the American Association of University Professors

Jonathan Auerbach

Alan Meyer

Hans-Joerg Tiede

Johns Hopkins University Press

How and why did public opinion — long cherished as a foundation of democratic government — become an increasing source of concern for American Progressives?

New Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History, Jeffrey Sklansky, Series Editor 2015 232 pp., 1 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1736-3 $49.95 hc / e-book

“Well organized, eminently readable, and accessible, this book tells a fascinating story. I highly recommend Weekend Pilots.”—Amy E. Foster, author of Integrating Women into the Astronaut Corps: Politics and Logistics at NASA, 1972–2004

2015 328 pp. 5 b&w photos, 5 b&w illus., 4 charts 978-1-4214-1858-2 $44.95 hc / e-book

foreword by Michael Bérubé “This book provides insight into the tensions inherent in the American university system and inspiration for the role professors might play in successfully addressing them.”—Joan W.Scott, Institute for Advanced Study

2015 288 pp., 12 halftones 978-1-4214-1826-1 $34.95 hc / e-book

Courtrooms and Classrooms

A Legal History of College Access, 1860–1960 Scott M. Gelber “A stunningly original book. Succinct and lucid, Courtrooms and Classrooms combines legal literature and arguments with materials that bring to life the historical contexts of legal cases.”—Roger L. Geiger, author of The History of American Higher Education: Learning and Culture from the Founding to World War II


2015 264 pp. 978-1-4214-1884-1 $44.95 hc / e-book


The alien and Sedition acts of 1798

The Fate of the revolution

Invisible Sovereign

Testing the Constitution

Virginians Debate the Constitution

Imagining Public Opinion from the Revolution to Reconstruction

Terri Diane Halperin

Lorri Glover

Mark G. Schmeller

Witness to History, Peter Charles Hoffer and Williamjames Hull Hoffer, Series Editors 2016 160 pp. 2 halftones, 3 line drawings 978-1-4214-1969-5 $19.95 pb / e-book

“The best account of Virginia’s ratification now available. Glover succeeds in giving readers a tightly focused and comprehensive narrative.”—Peter S. Onuf, author of Jefferson’s Empire: The Language of American Nationhood

How has the idea of public opinion changed since the Revolutionary War—and how has it shaped the nation?

New Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History Jeffrey Sklansky, Series Editor

2015 256 pp. Witness to History, Peter Charles Hoffer and 2 b&w illus., 3 charts Williamjames Hull Hoffer, Series Editors 978-1-4214-1870-4 $49.95 hc / e-book 2016 192 pp. 5 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-2002-8 $19.95 pb / e-book

The American South and Its Global Commodities

Engineering victory How Technology Won the Civil War

Thomas F. Army, Jr. Richard Follett, Sven Beckert, Peter Coclanis, “A comprehensive, highly erudite and Barbara Hahn “These essays intelligently connect the Old South’s foremost commodities to the world market.” —John David Smith, coauthor of Soldiering for Freedom: How the Union Army Recruited, Trained, and Deployed the U.S. Colored Troops

The Marcus Cunliffe Lecture Series Richard Follett, Series Editor

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology, Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor 2016 384 pp. 18 halftones, 10 maps 978-1-4214-1937-4 $49.95 hc / e-book


2016 176 pp., 1 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1940-4 $19.95 pb / e-book

history of military engineering in the Civil War, Engineering Victory should become the standard work against which all others are measured.” —Michael C. C. Adams, author of Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War

Johns Hopkins University Press

“A valuable introduction to an important event in U.S. history, Halperin’s nuanced book fills a real niche.”—David Waldstreicher, author of In the Midst of Perpetual Fetes: The Making of American Nationalism, 1776–1820

Plantation Kingdom


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The Papers of George Catlett marshall

The Road to Jim Crow

Stealing Freedom along the mason-Dixonline

Johns Hopkins University Press

“The Man of the Age,” October 1, 1949–October 16, 1959

The African American Struggle on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, 1860–1915

Thomas McCreary, the Notorious Slave Catcher from Maryland

Volume 7

C. Christopher Brown

Milt Diggins

George Catlett Marshall edited by Mark A. Stoler and Daniel D. Holt “It is hard for people today to appreciate the unique stature Marshall achieved in his own time. If they wish to try, they could not do better than to begin with these papers.”—Journal of Military History


2016 1,088 pp. 26 halftones, 3 line drawings, 3 maps 978-1-4214-1962-6 $90.00 hc

“With unflinching dedication, Chris Brown “A thorough and thoughtful study those has unearthed the secret history of researching the Underground Railroad or Maryland’s Eastern Shore. His vivid stories the growing conflict between North and make the record of cross-racial democracy South over slavery should have on their at once shameful, revealing, inspirational, bookshelves. We need more books like and all too contemporary.”—Taylor Branch, this.”—Christopher Densmore, Friends author of Parting the Waters: America in the Historical Library of Swarthmore College King Years, 1954–63

Maryland Historical Society 2016 356 pp. 978-0-9965944-1-7 $23.00 pb

Maryland Historical Society

2016 254 pp. 978-0-9965944-4-8 $19.95 pb

a woman of Two worlds Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte Alexandra Deutsch Alexandra Deutsch literally “unpacks” Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte’s personal belongings in this intuitively sophisticated material culture biography of the woman whose seductive beauty and tragic marriage repeatedly pulls us back for another look.

Maryland Historical Society 2016 272 pp. 978-0-9965944-3-1 $35.00 pb


new in Paperback Fly away

The Great African American Cultural Migrations

“As Rutkoff and Scott take the reader to Chicago’s Bud Billiken Day or Houston’s Juneteenth, August Wilson’s Pittsburgh, or Walter Mosley’s Los Angeles, ‘the flashes of the West African spirit that black rural southerners brought north’ are rendered visible.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A deeply felt and provocative history of the political uses to which pain has been put in modern America.”—Science

2014 296 pp. 11 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-1840-7 $24.95 pb / e-book

Knights of the razor Black Barbers in Slavery and Freedom

How Christianity Created Race

Eric Allen Hall

Douglas Walter Bristol, Jr.

Rebecca Anne Goetz

Tennis and Justice in the Civil Rights Era “A strong book on an outstanding topic, it serves as a reminder that Ashe’s tragic death has to some extent eclipsed his life’s work on behalf of racial equality.” —Michael O’Donnell, Wall Street Journal

2014 344 pp., 12 halftones 978-1-4214-1982-4 $29.95 pb / e-book

“This book effectively underscores the role of barbers and barbering in the African-American struggle to attain equality and respectability . . . A stimulating and informative work.” —Business History Review

2009 232 pp., 6 halftones 978-1-4214-1839-1 $24.95 pb / e-book

The Baptism of Early virginia

“In a compact 173 pages, Goetz links race and religion in colonial Virginia in ways that few other scholars have even attempted.” —Journal of American History

Early America: History, Context, Culture Joyce E. Chaplin and Philip D. Morgan, Series Editors 2012 240 pp. 1 halftone, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1981-7 $29.95 pb / e-book


2010 432 pp., 66 halftones, 9 maps 978-1-4214-1847-6 $39.95 pb

Keith Wailoo

arthur ashe

Johns Hopkins University Press

Peter M. Rutkoff and William B. Scott


A Political History


new in Paperback Cultures and Identities in Colonial British america edited by Robert Olwell and Alan Tully

Johns Hopkins University Press

“This book is . . . important, inspiring readers to think about the identity issues of late Colonial America in new and novel ways.”—Sixteenth Century Journal

The Creation of the British atlantic world

edited by Elizabeth Mancke and Carole Shammas

2005 360 pp. 978-1-4214-1846-9 $29.95 pb / e-book

The American Revolution in the Atlantic World

edited by Eliga H. Gould and Peter S. Onuf

refrigeration nation A History of Ice, Appliances, and Enterprise in America Jonathan Rees

Those Good Gertrudes

A Social History of Women Teachers in America

Geraldine J. Clifford “A solid, comprehensive account of the technological creation of cold “Those ‘Good Gertrudes’ — the chains in the United States.” women who dedicated some part —Mansel G. Blackford, author of their lives to teaching — finally of Making Seafood Sustainable: have a great historian to tell this American Experiences in Global important, missing story. This Perspective stands as a landmark work in the Studies in Industry and Society social history of education.” Philip B. Scranton, Series Editor —John R. Thelin, author of A History of American Higher 2013 248 pp., 12 b&w illus. Anglo-America in the Transatlantic World 978-1-4214-1986-2 $29.95 pb / e-book Education

“The essays in this collection are in turns stimulating, provocative, and enlightening. They represent some of the best new work on the political history of the American Revolution and highlight some promising new directions in Atlantic history.”—Journal of Anglo-America in the Transatlantic World Jack P. Greene, Series Editor Southern History

“The contributors and editors have done us a great service by bringing together in one volume some of the more creative and novel approaches to Atlantic history.”—Journal of World History Anglo-America in the Transatlantic World

Jack P. Greene, Series Editor

Empire and nation

2005 408 pp., 4 halftones 978-1-4214-1844-5 $29.95 pb / e-book

Jack P. Greene, Series Editor


2005 392 pp., 1 b&w photo 978-1-4214-1842-1 $29.95 pb / e-book

2014 496 pp. 18 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1979-4 $34.95 pb / e-book


The mediterranean world From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon

An interdisciplinary approach to the Mediterranean’s rich, multicultural history.

2016 352 pp. 26 color illus., 68 halftones, 8 maps 978-1-4214-1901-5 $34.95 pb / e-book

The Trial of Nicolas Fouquet Vincent J. Pitts

“Pitts is a natural storyteller who draws the reader into the world of nobles and financiers. At times the crafty plotting of the historical characters is reminiscent of Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies.” —Gail Bossenga, author of The Politics of Privilege: Old Regime and Revolution in Lille

Organizing Enlightenment

John hawkwood

Information Overload and the Invention of the Modern Research University

An English Mercenary in Fourteenth-Century Italy

Chad Wellmon

William Caferro

“An important story, told by Wellmon . . . His exposition is deeply grounded in intellectual, rather than social, history.” —Choice

2015 368 pp. 978-1-4214-1988-6 $34.95 pb / e-book

Winner, Otto Gründler Book Prize, The Medieval Institute “Engaging book . . . Caferro has made sense of the life of a mercenary captain, who during his career influenced diplomacy, altered finances, and changed lives in fourteenth-century Italy.”—Renaissance Quarterly

2015 480 pp., 8 halftones, 8 line drawings 978-1-4214-1841-4 $34.95 pb / e-book


2015 240 pp., 8 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1824-7 $44.95 hc / e-book

new in Paperback Johns Hopkins University Press

Monique O’Connell and Eric R Dursteler

Embezzlement and high Treason in louis XIv’s France


alfred wegener Science, Exploration, and the Theory of Continental Drift Mott T. Greene Johns Hopkins University Press

“The definitive biography of Alfred Wegener — and a great read.”—Naomi Oreskes, author of Plate Tectonics: An Insider’s History of the Modern Theory of the Earth

2015 696 pp. 28 b&w photos, 42 line drawings 978-1-4214-1712-7 $44.95 hc / e-book


William E. Paul, MD “There is no competing volume that covers such breadth of immunology at this personal level. A tour de force.”—Daniel M. Davis, author of The Compatibility Gene: How Our Bodies Fight Disease, Attract Others, and Define Our Selves

2015 280 pp. 14 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-1801-8 $29.95 hc / e-book

The Intentional Brain

Knowledge Games

Motion, Emotion, and the Development of Modern Neuropsychiatry

How Playing Games Can Solve Problems, Create Insight, and Make Change

Michael R. Trimble, MD

Karen Schrier

“Dr. Trimble has made a tremendous contribution to the history of neuropsychiatry from the ancient Greeks to the present day.”—Derick E. Vergne, MD, Tufts School of Medicine

2016 320 pp., 12 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-1949-7 $29.95 hc / e-book

“By examining the intersection of crowdsourcing and games, Schrier provides a novel perspective on the role of games in society.”—Zoë B. Corwin, coeditor of Postsecondary Play: The Role of Games and Social Media in Higher Education A Hopkins Series on Education and Technology 2016 288 pp., 18 halftones 978-1-4214-1920-6 $34.95 hc / e-book



Science and Technology in world history James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn “McClellan and Dorn’s book deserves to be brought to the attention of all professional historians — and indeed the general reading public.”—Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d’histoire

2015 552 pp. 36 b&w illus., 83 line drawings 978-1-4214-1775-2 $29.95 pb / e-book

The Slain wood

The Politics of Everyday Technologies

Papermaking and Its Environmental Consequences in the American South

Paul R. Josephson

William Boyd

“Josephson draws readers into the complexities and fascinations of the study of technological history. A lively and provocative book.”—David E. Nye, author of Technology Matters: Questions to Live With

2015 224 pp., 8 b&w photos 978-1-4214-1783-7 $29.95 pb / e-book

“A sophisticated and empirically rich account of the creation and evolution of the Southern pulp and paper industry.” —Peter A. Coclanis, coeditor of A Way Forward: Building a Globally Competitive South

Studies in Industry and Society Philip B. Scranton, Series Editor 2015 376 pp. 7 b&w photos, 4 maps, 9 graphs 978-1-4214-1878-0 $55.00 hc / e-book

Junkyards, Gearheads, and rust Salvaging the Automotive Past David N. Lucsko “Addresses a topic that is utterly fresh and does so with insight, grace, and authority. Lucsko spotlights the corresponding importance of what Tom McCarthy calls ‘the automotive afterlife.’”—Robert C. Post, author of High Performance: The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing, 1950–2000

2016 280 pp., 10 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1942-8 $44.95 hc / e-book

Johns Hopkins University Press

An Introduction third edition

Fish Sticks, Sports Bras, and aluminum Cans



undisciplining Knowledge Interdisciplinarity in the Twentieth Century Harvey J. Graff Johns Hopkins University Press

“I am fascinated by Undisciplining Knowledge. The most comprehensive and complicating examination of interdisciplinary study yet undertaken. Graff pushes on the boundaries of received wisdom.”—Mike Rose, author of Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us

2015 344 pp., 2 halftones, 7 line drawings 978-1-4214-1745-5 $44.95 hc / e-book

Forging Trust Communities


How Technology Changes Politics

Managing Science in the Internet World

Irene S. Wu

Thomas J. Misa and Jeffrey R. Yost

“Accessible and engaging, Wu’s book merges the practical with the scholarly to embed the current, Internet-led information revolution’s effects on collective action and governance within a historical perspective.”—Catie Snow Bailard, author of Democracy’s DoubleEdged Sword: How Internet Use Changes Citizens’ Views of Their Government

2015 176 pp., 2 halftones, 8 line drawings 978-1-4214-1726-4 $21.95 pb / e-book

“This fundamentally important book demystifies the workings and construction of NSF’s FastLane grant application system. Misa and Yost have masterfully crafted an accessible, engaging, and frank history.”—Joseph A. November, author of Biomedical Computing: Digitizing Life in the United States

The Papers of Thomas a. Edison

New Beginnings, January 1885 – December 1887

Volume 8 edited by Paul B. Israel, Louis Carlat, Theresa M. Collins, Alexandra R. Rimer, and Daniel J. Weeks

“A mine of material . . . Scrupulously edited . . . No one could ask for more . . . A choplicking feast for future Edison Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology, biographers—well into the next century, and perhaps beyond.”—Washington Post Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor


2015 224 pp. 2 b&w photos, 2 line drawings, 2 maps, 2 charts 978-1-4214-1868-1 $34.95 hc / e-book

2015 1,032 pp. 9 halftones, 589 line drawings, 6 maps 978-1-4214-1749-3 $115.00 hc / e-book



A History of Ignorance-Making in America and Abroad edited by A. J. Angulo

2016 376 pp. 3 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-1932-9 $32.95 pb / e-book

Therapoetics after actium

Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives

Narrative, Medicine, and Authority in Augustan Epic

Vinayak K. Prasad, MD, MPH, and Adam S. Cifu, MD

Julia Nelson Hawkins

“Hawkins skillfully demonstrates “An important book that frames the profound ways in which medical reversal in a compelling medical metaphor contributes way. Readers will be drawn to to the sociopolitical message of this clearly written account.” the Augustan epic. This book will —David S. Jones, MD, author particularly appeal to specialists of Broken Hearts: The Tangled of ancient medicine.”—Gareth D. History of Cardiac Care Williams, author of The Cosmic Viewpoint: A Study of Seneca’s 2015 280 pp., 9 line drawings 978-1-4214-1772-1 $24.95 hc / e-book “Natural Questions”

2016 352 pp., 2 halftones 978-1-4214-1730-1 $59.95 hc / e-book

a Short history of medicine revised and expanded edition Erwin H. Ackerknecht foreword and concluding essay by Charles E. Rosenberg bibliographic essay by Lisa Haushofer “The author has succeeded in presenting the history of medicine in a well-balanced way that makes fascinating reading. In all this is a well-rounded book which [should be] in every medical student’s hands.”—Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Susan E. Cayleff “An engaging history of naturopathy, this exhaustively researched and meticulously documented book is an invaluable contribution to nineteenth- and twentieth-century medical and social history.”—Barbara Melosh, author of The Physician’s Hand: Nurses and Nursing in the Twentieth Century

2016 416 pp. 4 halftones, 7 line drawings 978-1-4214-1903-9 $39.95 hc / e-book


2016 280 pp. 22 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1954-1 $29.95 pb / e-book

nature’s Path

A History of Naturopathic Healing in America

Johns Hopkins University Press

“Nothing could be more important than miseducation. We live in a world where myth passes for truth and vice versa, thanks partly to our failure to study how ignorance is created, propagated, and sustained. This book is a healthy and welcome tonic!”—Robert N. Proctor, Stanford University

Ending medical reversal


The Science of Conjecture Evidence and Probability before Pascal

Johns Hopkins University Press

James Franklin “A remarkable book. Mr. Franklin writes clearly and exhibits a wry wit. But he also ranges knowledgeably across many disciplines and over many centuries.” —Wall Street Journal

2015 520 pp. 978-0-8018-7109-2 $25.00 pb / e-book

new in Paperback

Chasing Sound

hotel Dreams

Technology, Culture, and the Art of Studio Recording from Edison to the LP

Luxury, Technology, and Urban Ambition in America, 1829 –1929

Susan Schmidt Horning

Winner, Sally Hacker Prize, Society for the History of Technology

“An indispensable and critical approach for historians of sound, one that is unafraid of reconfiguring the central players in a narrative as big as the history of recorded music.”—Sounding Out!

Studies in Industry and Society Philip B. Scranton, Series Editor


2013 320 pp., 16 b&w photos 978-1-4214-1848-3 $29.95 pb / e-book

Molly W. Berger

“A rigorously researched and elegantly written study of the role of the hotel in shaping and embodying ideals of progress, luxury, and technology in a consumer capitalist society.”—American Historical Review Studies in Industry and Society

Philip B. Scranton, Series Editor 2011 328 pp., 47 halftones 978-1-4214-1992-3 $34.95 pb / e-book

medicine and health Care in Early Christianity Gary B. Ferngren

“A succinct, thoughtful, well-written, and carefully argued assessment of Christian involvement with medical matters in the first five centuries of the common era.”—JAMA

2009 264 pp. 978-1-4214-2006-6 $29.95 pb / e-book


reviews in american history Thomas P. Slaughter, Editor Denise Thompson-Slaughter, Managing Editor University of Rochester

Journal of women’s history Jean H. Quataert and Elisa Camiscioli, Coeditors Tiffany Baugh-Helton and Jennifer Montgomery, Managing Editors Binghamton University, The State University of New York

Published quarterly. Volume 90 (2016). Print ISSN: 0007-5140 / E-ISSN: 1086-3176.

Journal of the history of Childhood and youth James Marten, Marquette University, Editor

Published three times annually. Volume 9 (2016). Print ISSN: 1939-6724 / E-ISSN: 1941-3599.


Published quarterly. Volume 28 (2016). Print ISSN: 1042-7961 / E-ISSN: 1527-2036.

Randall M. Packard and Mary E. Fissell, Editors Gert H. Brieger, Editor Emeritus Carolyn McLaughlin, Associate Editor Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University Press

Published quarterly. Volume 44 (2016). Print ISSN: 0048-7511 / E-ISSN: 1080-6628.

Bulletin of the history of medicine

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JHUP Books in History 2015-2016  

New and favorite books in History from Johns Hopkins University Press. Save 30% on all books!

JHUP Books in History 2015-2016  

New and favorite books in History from Johns Hopkins University Press. Save 30% on all books!