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Making the Most of the Anthropocene

The Carbon Code

The Skeleton Revealed

Facing the Future

How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero

An Illustrated Tour of the Vertebrates

Mark Denny

Brett Favaro

Steve Huskey

Humans have changed the Earth so profoundly that we’ve ushered in the first new geologic period since the ice ages. So, what are we going to do about it?

“A clearly written and motivational guide to what each of us can do to address climate change .”— David Miller, President and CEO, WWF Canada

2017 224 pp. 978-1-4214-2300-5 $24.95 hc Also available as an e-book

2017 232 pp. 978-1-4214-2253-4 $22.95 hc Also available as an e-book

2  Johns Hopkins University Press

Gorgeous high-contrast photographs reveal the eerie beauty of the vertebrate skeleton. 2017 360 pp., 192 b&w photos 978-1-4214-2148-3 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The Snake and the Salamander Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia text by Alvin R. Breisch illustrations by Matt Patterson A beautifully illustrated tour of the region’s snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, and salamanders. 2017 232 pp., 93 color illus. 978-1-4214-2157-5 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

New in Paperback The Quick Guide Alien Universe to Wild Edible Plants Extraterrestrial Life in Our Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare Lytton John Musselman and Harold J. Wiggins “Should I ever get a craving for stinging nettle omelet or black locust fritters, I will know exactly which wild edible plant book to look in.”—The Aiken Standard 2013 144 pp., 116 color photos 978-1-4214-2429-3 $14.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Minds and in the Cosmos Don Lincoln “A clear and clear-sighted look at Aliens by a man who would be delighted if one day they appeared.” —Publishers Weekly 2013 208 pp. 23 b&w photos, 13 line drawings 978-1-4214-2428-6 $19.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Popular Science

Life in the Dark

Candid Creatures

The Sting of the Wild

Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth

How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature

Justin O. Schmidt

Danté Fenolio

A riveting collection of photographs that captures wild animals in their native habitats.

Stunning, never-beforeseen photographs of creatures that live in complete darkness. “Mesmerizing.” —Publishers Weekly 2016 312 pp., 446 color photos 978-1-4214-1863-6 $39.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Roland Kays

2016 280 pp., 604 color photos, 12 color illus., 72 maps, 22 graphs 978-1-4214-1888-9 $39.95 hc Also available as an e-book

“[Schmidt’s] low-down on sting biochemistry and physiology is relentlessly zestful, even as he recounts the swelling, burning consequences of his curiosity.”—Nature 2016 280 pp., 13 color plates 978-1-4214-1928-2 $24.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The Sauropod Dinosaurs

The Annihilation of Nature

Life in the Age of Giants

Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

Mark Hallett and Mathew J. Wedel The best illustrated and most comprehensive book ever published on the largest land animals the world has ever known. 2016 336 pp., 138 color photos, 200 color illus., 14 b&w illus., 10 maps 978-1-4214-2028-8 $39.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The Science of Mom

Gerardo Ceballos, Anne H. Ehrlich, and Paul R. Ehrlich “An unabashed and heartfelt plea for going into battle on behalf of nature. No holds are barred.”—Los Angeles Review of Books 2015 208 pp., 83 color photos 978-1-4214-1718-9 $29.95 hc Also available as an e-book

A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year Alice Callahan, PhD “[Callahan’s] compassion and empathy for the difficulties of parenting shine through in every chapter, from breastfeeding to vaccines to feeding to sleeping.”—Forbes 2015 304 pp., 1 b&w photo, 1 line drawing, 7 charts 978-1-4214-1732-5 $19.95 pb Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   3

Popular Science Slap Shot Science


A Curious Fan’s Guide to Hockey

William E. Paul, MD

Alain Haché “Haché brings to this informative study the perspective of a physicist and amateur hockey player . . . making the reader feel like going to a game.” —Scientific American 2015 192 pp. 20 b&w photos, 46 line drawings 978-1-4214-1792-9 $28.95 pb Also available as an e-book

“There is no competing volume that covers such breadth of immunology at this personal level. A tour de force.”— Daniel M. Davis, author of The Compatibility Gene: How Our Bodies Fight Disease, Attract Others, and Define Our Selves 2015 280 pp. 14 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-1801-8 $29.95 hc Also available as an e-book

4  Johns Hopkins University Press

Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City

Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America revised and updated

Leslie Day

2-volume set

illustrated by Trudy Smoke photographs by Beth Bergman foreword by Don Riepe “Day’s deeply researched and richly illustrated Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City will be indispensable to locals and tourists alike.”—Sierra

A Wildlife Management Institute Book “Whether you’re a duck hunter, a decoy collector, or just enamored with the world of waterfowl, Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America is the ultimate reference.”—Garden & Gun

2015 384 pp. 354 color photos, 61 color plates 978-1-4214-1618-2 $24.95 pb Also available as an e-book

2014 1,088 pp., 144 color photos, 138 color illus., 50 maps 978-1-4214-0751-7 $69.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Guy Baldassarre

Science Unshackled How Obscure, Abstract, Seemingly Useless Scientific Research Turned Out to Be the Basis for Modern Life C. Renée James “Walks you through the amazing relationship between scientific research and producing a better world around us—it’s an inspiring, eye-opening journey.”—Astronomy 2014 216 pp. 978-1-4214-1500-0 $24.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Field Guide to the Natural World of Washington, D.C. Howard Youth illustrated by Mark A. Klingler photographs by Robert E. Mumford, Jr. foreword by Kirk Johnson A field guide to plants and animals commonly found in the nation’s capital. 2014 400 pp., 91 color photos, 13 maps, 100 color plates 978-1-4214-1204-7 $24.95 pb Also available as an e-book



Mammalogy Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology

Elements of Physical Hydrology

Matrix Computations

Evolutionary Success, Unrivaled Diversity, and World Domination

fourth edition

second edition

David B. Rivers

George A. Feldhamer, Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, and Carey Krajewski

George M. Hornberger, Patricia L. Wiberg, Jeffrey P. Raffensperger, and Paolo D’Odorico

Gene H. Golub and Charles F. Van Loan

An introduction to the intriguing world of insects, from bullet ants to butterflies. 2017 488 pp., 282 color photos, 35 color illus., 26 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-2170-4 $99.95 hc Also available as an e-book

“This attractive book will be welcome to those seeking a well-written, current text to use in their mammalogy courses.” —Journal of Mammalogy 2015 768 pp. 235 halftones, 371 line drawings 978-1-4214-1588-8 $110.00 hc Also available as an e-book

The most cogent textbook ever produced on the topic, this revised and expanded edition will be welcomed by students and professionals alike. 2014 392 pp., 156 line drawings 978-1-4214-1373-0 $74.95 hc Also available as an e-book

fourth edition

For information on examination copies, please visit Students receive a 30% discount when purchasing textbooks directly from us with code HSTU.

“Anyone whose work requires the solution to a matrix problem and an appreciation of mathematical properties will find this book to be an indispensable tool.” —MathWorks 2013 784 pp., 31 line drawings 978-1-4214-0794-4 $74.00 hc Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   5


Published in association with The Wildlife Society Becoming a Wildlife Professional edited by Scott E. Henke and Paul R. Krausman

Roads and Ecological Infrastructure

Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Wildlife in Airport Environments

Wildlife Management and Conservation

Concepts and Applications for Small Animals

Concepts, Challenges, and Solutions

Preventing Animal–Aircraft Collisions through Science-Based Management

Contemporary Principles and Practices

edited by Travis L. DeVault, Bradley F. Blackwell, and Jerrold L. Belant

edited by Paul R. Krausman and James W. Cain III

The essential guide for anyone planning a career in wildlife management and conservation.

edited by Kimberly M. Andrews, Priya Nanjappa, and Seth P. D. Riley

2017 232 pp., 58 b&w photos 978-1-4214-2306-7 $85.00 hc Also available as an e-book

A practical guide that explains how we can design roads that are compatible with populations of small wildlife. 2015 304 pp. 62 halftones, 33 line drawings 978-1-4214-1639-7 $75.00 hc Also available as an e-book

6  Johns Hopkins University Press

edited by Michael L. Morrison and Heather A. Mathewson The first rigorous attempt to standardize the conceptual definition of wildlife habitat. 2015 200 pp. 1 halftone, 11 line drawings 978-1-4214-1610-6 $75.00 hc Also available as an e-book

“The authors did an outstanding job in collecting, analyzing, and organizing current best management practices for aviation wildlife management.”—Animal Behaviour 2013 200 pp., 53 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-1082-1 $79.00 hc Also available as an e-book

“An excellent overview of the wildlife profession for students . . . [and] detailed enough to be of value to professionals.”—Journal of Wildlife Management 2013 360 pp., 2 color illus., 46 b&w illus., 64 line drawings 978-1-4214-0986-3 $103.50 hc Also available as an e-book




Keys for Identifying Mexican Mammals

Reproduction in Mammals

revised and updated edition

The Female Perspective

Sergio Ticul Álvarez-Castañeda, Ticul Álvarez, and Noé González-Ruiz

Virginia Hayssen and Teri Orr

A fascinating look at the diverse reproductive strateFully updated and revised, gies of numerous female this is the bestselling mammals, from hyenas to comprehensive bilingual idengoats, kangaroos to whales. tification guide to Mexico’s 2017 384 pp., 45 b&w illus. diverse mammalian fauna. 978-1-4214-2315-9 $69.95 hc 2017 528 pp. Also available as an e-book 233 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-2210-7 $44.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Lagomorphs Pikas, Rabbits, and Hares of the World edited by Andrew T. Smith, Charlotte H. Johnston, Paulo C. Alves, and Klaus Hackländer The definitive guide to all lagomorphs — pikas, rabbits, and hares. 2017 352 pp., 91 color photos, 2 line drawings, 92 maps 978-1-4214-2340-1 $120.00 hc Also available as an e-book


Wild Equids

The Biology of Lactation

Ecology, Management, and Conservation

Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin Everything you ever wanted to know about the substance that binds all mammals together. 2016 296 pp. 7 b&w photos, 14 line drawings 978-1-4214-2042-4 $70.00 hc Also available as an e-book

edited by Jason I. Ransom and Petra Kaczensky “The editors of this book have done a masterful job assembling a comprehensive review of scientific research on equid behavior.”—Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation 2016 248 pp. 31 b&w illus., 8 maps 978-1-4214-1909-1 $69.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The Mammals of Luzon Island Biogeography and Natural History of a Philippine Fauna Lawrence R. Heaney, Danilo S. Balete, and Eric A. Rickart A beautifully illustrated guide to the complete mammalian biodiversity of the Philippines’ largest island. 2016 304 pp., 36 color photos, 125 color illus., 110 maps, 33 charts 978-1-4214-1837-7 $75.00 hc Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   7


The Rise of Marine Mammals 50 Million Years of Evolution Annalisa Berta graphics editor James L. Sumich A compelling look at the evolutionary history of marine mammals over the past 50 million years. 2017 216 pp., 27 color photos, 68 color illus., 79 line drawings 978-1-4214-2325-8 $75.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Birds of Stone

The Rise of Birds

Chinese Avian Fossils from the Age of Dinosaurs

225 Million Years of Evolution

Luis M. Chiappe and Meng Qingjin Captivating photographs of the world’s most detailed bird fossils illuminate the early diversity of avifauna. 2016 304 pp., 184 color photos, 5 b&w photos, 11 line drawings 978-1-4214-2024-0 $85.00 hc Also available as an e-book

8  Johns Hopkins University Press

second edition Sankar Chatterjee A detailed, heavily illustrated, and comprehensive review of the fossil record of birds —with new information on the latest theories and evidence concerning their origins. 2015 392 pp. 1 halftone, 161 line drawings 978-1-4214-1590-1 $59.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology

Trees of Life

edited by Francisco J. Ayala and John C. Avise

Theodore W. Pietsch

A Visual History of Evolution

“With the concept of evolution now often iconified to “An excellent collection of the point of misrepresentaclassic papers that does a tion, Trees of Life reminds great job of tracing the hisus that both the idea and its tory of evolutionary biology representation were — and through the presentation of are — fluid, debated, and seminal works from their reconstructed.”—Science original sources.”—Science, 2013 376 pp. Religion and Culture 5 halftones, 226 line drawings 2014 576 pp. 978-1-4214-1185-9 $37.95 pb 9 halftones, 99 line drawings 978-1-4214-1305-1 $52.00 hc

Extinction and Radiation How the Fall of Dinosaurs Led to the Rise of Mammals J. David Archibald “An excellent compendium of the current state of paleontological knowledge about the contemporaneous histories of these two groups.”—Quarterly Review of Biology 2011 120 pp., 3 b&w photos, 6 b&w illus., 12 line drawings, 6 maps, 14 graphs 978-0-8018-9805-1 $69.00 hc


Paleontology and Evolution

The Other Saber-tooths

The Rise of Fishes

Scimitar-tooth Cats of the Western Hemisphere

500 Million Years of Evolution

edited by Virginia L. Naples, Larry D. Martin, and John P. Babiarz “A must-read for all sabertooth researchers and educated readers interested in these awe-inspiring predators.”—Quarterly Review of Biology 2011 252 pp., 65 color illus., 65 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-0-8018-9664-4 $120.00 hc

second edition

The Evolution of Obesity Diving Beetles Michael L. Power of the World and Jay Schulkin

“Goes far beyond anything John A. Long else that is available on obe“One could almost take this sity . . . Power and Schulkin for a coffee-table book at first deserve much credit for their glance, so profusely and well bold attempt to combine is it illustrated . . . a visual evolutionary and reductionist celebration of the glories of explanations, and for their biological diversity as seen in unflinching acknowledgment the fossil record.”—Nature of complexity.”—Nature 2010 304 pp 2009 408 pp. 274 color illus., 70 line drawings 16 halftones, 46 line drawings 978-0-8018-9695-8 $67.00 hc 978-1-4214-0960-3 $31.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Systematics and Biology of the Dytiscidae Kelly B. Miller and Johannes Bergsten The first comprehensive book in more than a century to reveal the diversity and natural history of diving beetles. 2016 336 pp., 300 color photos, 5 color illus., 556 line drawings 978-1-4214-2054-7 $150.00 hc Also available as an e-book


Kingdom of Ants

Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History

José Celestino Mutis and the Dawn of Natural History in the New World

William J. Bell, Louis M. Roth, and Christine A. Nalepa foreword by Edward O. Wilson “This transformative work will be an inspiration to students of entomology.” —Choice 2007 248 pp., 76 b&w photos, 16 halftones, 71 line drawings 978-1-4214-2114-8 $89.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Edward O. Wilson and José M. Gómez Durán “A unique glance into the early world of science exploration, Kingdom of Ants is a delight to read and filled with intriguing information.”—Southeastern Naturalist 2010 120 pp. 7 color illus., 5 b&w illus. 978-0-8018-9785-6 $26.95 hc Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   9



Sharks of the Shallows

North Atlantic Right Whales

Beaked Whales

Florida Manatees

Coastal Species in Florida and the Bahamas

From Hunted Leviathan to Conservation Icon

A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Conservation

Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

Stream Fish Community Dynamics

Jeffrey C. Carrier

John E. Reynolds III

A Critical Synthesis

David W. Laist

photographs by Andy Murch, Jillian Morris, and Duncan Brake

photographs by Wayne Lynch

The fascinating story of North Atlantic right whales.

Richard Ellis and James G. Mead

William J. Matthews and Edie Marsh-Matthews

Thrilling underwater photographs enrich this unique guide to the shallow-water sharks of Florida and the Bahamas.

2017 464 pp., 76 b&w photos, 12 maps, 6 graphs, 8 color plates 978-1-4214-2098-1 $44.95 hc Also available as an e-book

2017 216 pp., 239 color plates 978-1-4214-2294-7 $34.95 hc Also available as an e-book 10  Johns Hopkins University Press

The only book dedicated to the mysterious beaked whale, this beautiful volume combines full-color illustrations with fascinating facts. 2017 208 pp. 25 color illus., 29 line drawings 978-1-4214-2182-7 $79.95 hc Also available as an e-book

A photographic journey into the secret world of Florida’s beloved manatee. 2017 160 pp., 141 color photos 978-1-4214-2191-9 $39.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The most comprehensive synthesis of stream fish community research ever produced. 2017 16 pp., 31 color photos, 17 b&w photos, 50 line drawings 978-1-4214-2202-2 $64.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Ichthyology and Herpetology

Field Guide to Coastal Fishes

Marine Fishes of Florida

Migration Ecology of Marine Fishes

From Alaska to California

David B. Snyder and George H. Burgess

David Hallock Secor

Val Kells, Luiz A. Rocha, and Larry G. Allen A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide to West Coast marine fishes. 2016 376 pp., 996 color illus. 978-1-4214-1832-2 $25.00 pb

The essential illustrated guide to Florida’s marine fishes. 2016 392 pp., 495 color photos 978-1-4214-1872-8 $39.95 pb Also available as an e-book

A revelatory look at the secrets of marine fish migration. 2015 304 pp., 84 line drawings 978-1-4214-1612-0 $99.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Marsupial Frogs

The Leatherback Turtle

Gastrotheca and Allied Genera

Biology and Conservation

William E. Duellman The first major synthesis of marsupial frogs, this book is the magnum opus of renowned herpetologist William E. Duellman. 2015 432 pp., 103 color photos, 80 line drawings, 57 maps 978-1-4214-1675-5 $120.00 hc Also available as an e-book

edited by James R. Spotila and Pilar Santidrián Tomillo The most comprehensive book ever written on leatherback sea turtles. 2015 246 pp., 9 b&w photos, 70 line drawings, 16 color plates 978-1-4214-1708-0 $70.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises edited by David C. Rostal, Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky The most comprehensive book ever published on North America’s native tortoises. 2014 208 pp. 19 halftones, 30 line drawings 978-1-4214-1377-8 $69.95 hc Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   11

Ichthyology and Herpetology Atlas of Crustacean Larvae edited by Joel W. Martin, Jørgen Olesen, and Jens T. Høeg “This welcome addition to the crustacean literature compiles, for the first time, descriptions and figures of larvae from all the different groups of crustaceans . . . an essential reference.” —Choice 2014 384 pp., 134 color plates 978-1-4214-1197-2 $125.00 hc Also available as an e-book



The Animal Answer Guide

The Animal Answer Guide

Gene Helfman and George H. Burgess

Aaron M. Bauer

Do sharks lay eggs or give birth to live young? Do sharks sleep? How long do they live? This book answers your questions about some of nature’s most misunderstood animals. 2014 288 pp., 34 color photos, 72 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-1309-9 $26.95 pb Also available as an e-book

12  Johns Hopkins University Press

“Anyone who owns a gecko, has seen them in the wild, or has wondered about them will appreciate this gem of a book.” — Northeastern Naturalist 2013 192 pp. 35 color photos, 94 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-0853-8 $28.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Freshwater Fishes of North America

Field Guide to Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay

Frogs of the United States and Canada,

Volume 1: Petromyzontidae to Catostomidae

Edward O. Murdy and John A. Musick

2-volume set

edited by Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and Brooks M. Burr

illustrated by Val Kells

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice Magazine

“A must have for anglers, naturalists, scientists, illustrated by outdoors people and Joseph R. Tomelleri anyone who just loves the A monumental reference Chesapeake Bay.”—Bay that provides comprehensive Weekly details on the freshwater 2013 360 pp. fishes of the United States, 251 color illus., 2 maps Canada, and Mexico. 978-1-4214-0768-5 $26.95 pb 2014 664 pp., 132 color photos, 71 color illus., 72 line drawings, 85 maps 978-1-4214-1201-6 $100.00 hc Also available as an e-book

C. Kenneth Dodd Jr.

“These very well-written, indispensable volumes are exceptionally detailed, accurate, and up-to-date . . . Essential.”—Choice 2013 1,032 pp., 387 color photos, 32 b&w illus., 109 maps 978-1-4214-0633-6 $192.00 hc Also available as an e-book


Emmy Noether’s Wonderful Theorem revised and updated edition

The Large Hadron Collider

Tensor Calculus for Physics

The Extraordinary Story of the Higgs Boson and Other Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind

A Concise Guide

The Science of Power Generation

Dwight E. Neuenschwander

Mark Denny

Mark Denny

Anyone who is interested in how energy works and how it is transformed to power our lives will get a charge out of Lights On!

Get your bearings with Mark Denny — an expert at explaining scientific concepts to the non-technical reader — in this all-encompassing look at the history and science of navigation.

Don Lincoln

Dwight E. Neuenschwander One of the most important — “Reading about the Large and beautiful — mathematical Hadron Collider . . . is like learning about what solutions ever devised, wizards do.”—Foreword Noether’s theorem touches Reviews on every aspect of physics. 2014 240 pp., 5 b&w photos, 2017 344 pp. 19 b&w illus., 25 halftones, 5 b&w photos, 15 line drawings 41 line drawings 978-1-4214-2267-1 $30.00 pb 978-1-4214-1351-8 $29.95 hc Also available as an e-book Also available as an e-book

“An introductory Tensor Calculus for Physics book is a most welcome addition . . . Professor Neuenschwander’s book fills the gap in robust fashion.”—American Journal of Physics 2014 248 pp., 8 line drawings 978-1-4214-1565-9 $45.00 pb Also available as an e-book

Lights On!

2013 264 pp. 23 halftones, 29 line drawings 978-1-4214-0996-2 $31.95 pb Also available as an e-book

The Science of Navigation

Super Structures

From Dead Reckoning to GPS

2012 272 pp. 67 halftones, 59 line drawings 978-1-4214-0512-4 $33.00 pb Also available as an e-book

The Science of Bridges, Buildings, Dams, and Other Feats of Engineering Mark Denny “Structures stand, soar and collapse based on fundamental physics principles.”—Science News 2010 280 pp. 74 halftones, 59 line drawings 978-0-8018-9437-4 $33.00 pb Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   13

Physics and Math Nucleus A Trip into the Heart of Matter

second edition Ray Mackintosh, Jim Al-Khalili, Björn Jonson, and Teresa Peña “In every lavishly illustrated page, every fascinating aside. . . the book demonstrates the central role of nuclear physics in our exploration of nature.”—Sesame 2012 144 pp. 130 color photos, 40 halftones 978-1-4214-0351-9 $38.00 hc

14  Johns Hopkins University Press

Relativity for the Questioning Mind Daniel F. Styer “Organized beautifully and written well, this is one of the clearest explanations of the traditional stumbling blocks to learning relativity.”—Don Lincoln, author of The Quantum Frontier 2011 200 pp. 1 halftone, 67 line drawings 978-0-8018-9760-3 $33.00 pb Also available as an e-book

The Science of Doctor Who

Mere Thermodynamics

Beyond the Black Box

Paul Parsons

Don S. Lemons

The Forensics of Airplane Crashes

“This exploration of the longrunning TV series delivers on its promise to answer the kinds of questions raised by the best of science fiction.”—Science News 2010 328 pp., 19 line drawings 978-0-8018-9560-9 $26.95 hc

“Mere Thermodynamics is a good learning tool for students, and it’s an interesting and thoughtprovoking book for educators and professionals.”—American Journal of Physics 2008 224 pp., 55 line drawings 978-0-8018-9015-4 $36.00 pb Also available as an e-book

George Bibel “Offering insights into how aviation accident investigations are conducted, Bibel addresses the causes of such accidents, from in-flight breakup to metal fatigue and combustion, and the lessons learned.”—Library Journal 2007 408 pp. 38 halftones, 183 line drawings 978-0-8018-8631-7 $35.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Physics and Math


From Music to Mathematics Calculus in Context Background, Basics, and Applications Alexander J. Hahn A new approach to teaching calculus that uses historical examples and draws on applications from science and engineering. 2017 712 pp., 645 line drawings 978-1-4214-2230-5 $95.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Exploring the Connections

Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing

Gareth E. Roberts

Henry Segerman

“A pleasing and well-written book that is accessible for everyone who wants to explore the connections between music and mathematics.”—Musicae Scientiae 2016 320 pp., 13 b&w photos, 1 b&w illus., 216 line drawings 978-1-4214-1918-3 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The first book to explain mathematics using 3D printed models. 2016 200 pp. 132 color illus., 18 line drawings 978-1-4214-2035-6 $70.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Constitutional Calculus

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

The Math of Justice and the Myth of Common Sense

From Rings, Numbers, Groups, and Fields to Polynomials and Galois Theory

Jeff Suzuki “A breath of fresh air. It was a reaffirmation that mathematics should be used more often to make general public policy.”—MAA Reviews 2015 296 pp. 7 line drawings, 1 map 978-1-4214-1595-6 $34.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, and Gerhard Rosenberger A new approach to abstract algebra that eases student anxieties by building on fundamentals. 2014 584 pp. 13 line drawings, 4 graphs 978-1-4214-1176-7 $99.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Mathematics in Twentieth-Century Literature and Art Content, Form, Meaning Robert Tubbs “A beautiful narration. . . Every chapter is well balanced between the mathematical side and the art side.”—Zentralblatt Math 2014 184 pp. 9 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-1380-8 $29.95 pb Also available as an e-book

  Johns Hopkins University Press   15

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16  Johns Hopkins University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press Science Catalog 2017  

New and favorite books in science, physics, and mathematics from Johns Hopkins University Press.

Johns Hopkins University Press Science Catalog 2017  

New and favorite books in science, physics, and mathematics from Johns Hopkins University Press.