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from Johns Hopkins University Press JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS publishes books in science, history, literature, health, and medicine. Founded in 1878, the Press publishes about 200 new titles each year and maintains an active backlist of more than 3,500 titles.

The Press has published the works of such distinguished authors as: Stephen E. Ambrose Max Apple Basil Bunting Frans de Waal Jacques Derrida E.L. Doctorow Dwight D. Eisenhower T. S. Eliot Rainer Werner Fassbinder Francis Fukuyama Riccardo Giacconi

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The Sauropod Dinosaurs Life in the Age of Giants

Mark Hallett and Mathew J. Wedel The best illustrated and most comprehensive book ever published on the largest land animals the world has ever known. 2016 336 pp. 138 color photos, 200 color illus., 14 b&w illus., 10 maps 978-1-4214-2028-8 $39.95 hardcover

Candid Creatures How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature

Roland Kays A riveting collection of photographs that captures wild animals in their native habitats. 2016 280 pp. 604 color photos, 12 color illus., 72 maps, 22 graphs 978-1-4214-1888-9 $39.95 hardcover

The Sting of the Wild Justin O. Schmidt The “King of Sting” describes his adventures with insects and the pain scale that’s made him an entomological celebrity. 2016 280 pp. 13 color plates 978-1-4214-1928-2

$24.95 hardcover

Diving Beetles of the World Systematics and Biology of the Dytiscidae

Kelly B. Miller and Johannes Bergsten The first comprehensive book in more than a century to reveal the diversity and natural history of diving beetles. 2016 336 pp. 300 color photos, 5 color illus., 556 line drawings 978-1-4214-2054-7 $150.00 hardcover

  Johns Hopkins University Press   1

Life in the Dark Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth

Danté Fenolio Stunning, never-before-seen photographs of creatures that live in complete darkness. “Mesmerizing.”— Publishers Weekly 2016 312 pp. 222 color photos 978-1-4214-1863-6

$39.95 hardcover

Milk The Biology of Lactation

Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin Everything you ever wanted to know about the substance that binds all mammals together. 2016 296 pp. 7 b&w photos, 14 line drawings 978-1-4214-2042-4 $70.00 hardcover

Dizziness Why You Feel Dizzy and What Will Help You Feel Better

Gregory T. Whitman, MD, and Robert W. Baloh, MD The definitive guide for people suffering from dizziness, one of the most common medical complaints. 2016 208 pp. 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-2090-5

A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

$19.95 paperback

Why Can’t I Stop? Reclaiming Your Life from a Behavioral Addiction

Jon E. Grant, JD, MD, MPH, Brian L. Odlaug, PhD, MPH, and Samuel R. Chamberlain, MD, PhD A life-changing book for anyone caught in the whirlpool of a behavioral addiction. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book 2016 232 pp. 978-1-4214-1966-4

  2  Johns Hopkins University Press

$22.95 paperback

Overcoming Destructive Anger Strategies That Work

Bernard Golden, PhD Tools for breaking free from mindless anger and the suffering it brings. 2016 224 pp. 9 line drawings 978-1-4214-1974-9

$19.95 paperback

Calming Your Anxious Child Words to Say and Things to Do

Kathleen Trainor, PsyD Practical, effective steps for parents to take as they help their child overcome anxiety. 2016 264 pp. 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-2010-3

$18.95 paperback

The Intentional Brain Motion, Emotion, and the Development of Modern Neuropsychiatry

Michael R. Trimble, MD A magnificent examination of the clinical interface between the mind and the brain. 2016 328 pp. 12 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-1949-7 $29.95 hardcover

Peripheral Neuropathy What It Is and What You Can Do to Feel Better

Janice F. Wiesman, MD Healing and symptom relief from an expert in treating this debilitating and dangerous condition. 2016 136 pp. 5 line drawings 978-1-4214-2085-1

A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

$18.95 paperback

  Johns Hopkins University Press   3

When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community Words to Say and Things to Do

Rachael Wonderlin A guide to help family and friends navigate the emotional and practical challenges they face when someone they love is living in community care. A 36-Hour Day Book 2016 224 pp. 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-2065-3

$16.95 paperback

Still Down What to Do When Antidepressants Fail

Dean F. MacKinnon, MD Expert insight and advice to help people with treatmentresistant depression feel better. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book 2016 152 pp. 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-2106-3

$18.95 paperback

Committed The Battle over Involuntary Psychiatric Care

Dinah Miller, MD, and Annette Hanson, MD foreword by Pete Earley

A compelling look at involuntary psychiatric care and psychiatry’s role in preventing violence. 2016 328 pp. 978-1-4214-2078-3

$22.95 hardcover

Living with Schizophrenia A Family Guide to Making a Difference

Jeffrey Rado, MD, and Philip G. Janicak, MD A concise, up-to-date consumer guide for people who have schizophrenia and their families. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book 2016 144 pp. 978-1-4214-2143-8

  4  Johns Hopkins University Press

$17.95 paperback

Generic The Unbranding of Modern Medicine

Jeremy A. Greene “Greene turns the concept of generic as “ho-hum” on its head with this jam-packed survey.”— Publishers Weekly 2014 376 pp. 8 halftones, 9 line drawings 978-1-4214-2164-3 $24.95 paperback

A Short History of Medicine revised and expanded edition

Erwin H. Ackerknecht foreword and concluding essay by Charles E. Rosenberg bibliographic essay by Lisa Haushofer

A bestselling history of medicine, enriched with a new foreword, concluding essay, and bibliographic essay. 2016 272 pp. 22 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1954-1 $29.95 paperback

Drug Dealer, MD How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop

Anna Lembke, MD The disturbing connection between well-meaning physicians and the prescription drug epidemic. 2016 192 pp. 978-1-4214-2140-7

$19.95 paperback

Chickenizing Farms and Food How Industrial Meat Production Endangers Workers, Animals, and Consumers

Ellen K. Silbergeld A frightening look at the meat industry’s cost to public health, worker safety, and the future of medicine — as well as the potential for agricultural reform. 2016 336 pp. 1 line drawing, 2 maps 978-1-4214-2030-1 $26.95 hardcover

Johns Hopkins University Press   5

150 Years of ObamaCare Daniel E. Dawes foreword by David Satcher, 16th US Surgeon General

Go behind the curtain of the creation and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 2016 312 pp. 32 line drawings 978-1-4214-1963-3

$26.95 hardcover

The Branding of the American Mind How Universities Capture, Manage, and Monetize Intellectual Property and Why It Matters

Jacob H. Rooksby The first real exposĂŠ of how universities have trademarked, copyrighted, branded, and patented everything they do. 2016 392 pp. 4 graphs 978-1-4214-2080-6

$29.95 hardcover

Diploma Mills How For-Profit Colleges Stiffed Students, Taxpayers, and the American Dream

A. J. Angulo A provocative history of for-profit colleges and universities. 2016 224 pp. 1 halftone, 12 graphs 978-1-4214-2007-3

$29.95 hardcover

American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century Social, Political, and Economic Challenges fourth edition

edited by Michael N. Bastedo, Philip G. Altbach, and Patricia J. Gumport An indispensable reference that everyone concerned with the future of American colleges and universities should acquire. 2016 576 pp. 12 graphs 978-1-4214-1990-9

6  Johns Hopkins University Press

$32.95 paperback

Knowledge Games How Playing Games Can Solve Problems, Create Insight, and Make Change

Karen Schrier Are games the knowledge-producers of the future? 2016 280 pp. 18 halftones 978-1-4214-1920-6

$34.95 hardcover

Global Perspectives on Higher Education Philip G. Altbach The single best book on higher education as a global phenomenon. 2016 352 pp. 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1926-8

$34.95 paperback

Miseducation A History of Ignorance-Making in America and Abroad

edited by A. J. Angulo A provocative collection that explores how intentional ignorance seeps into formal education. 2016 384 pp. 3 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-1932-9 $32.95 paperback

Modernism and Opera edited by Richard Begam and Matthew Wilson Smith Many of the greatest works in the operatic repertoire bear the hallmarks of modernism. 2016 392 pp. 31 line drawings 978-1-4214-2062-2

$45.00 hardcover

  Johns Hopkins University Press   7

Poetic Modernism in the Culture of Mass Print Bartholomew Brinkman How scrapbooking, book collecting, and other ways of handling print media informed modernist poetry. 2016 288 pp. 13 halftones 978-1-4214-2134-6

$50.00 hardcover

Unclaimed Experience Trauma, Narrative, and History twentieth anniversary edition

Cathy Caruth The pathbreaking work that founded the field of trauma studies. 2016 208 pp. 978-1-4214-2165-0

$29.95 paperback

Of Grammatology fortieth anniversary edition

Jacques Derrida translated by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak introduction by Judith Butler

The deconstruction bombshell that rocked the Anglophone world. 2016 560 pp. 978-1-4214-1995-4

$34.95 paperback

Comic Democracies From Ancient Athens to the American Republic

Angus Fletcher The forgotten history of comedy’s contribution to world democracy. 2016 224 pp. 978-1-4214-1934-3

$49.95 hardcover

Exquisite Masochism Marriage, Sex, and the Novel Form

Claire Jarvis A groundbreaking approach to the Victorian marriage plot. 2016 224 pp. 1 halftone 978-1-4214-1993-0

  8  Johns Hopkins University Press

$49.95 hardcover

Arthur Ashe Tennis and Justice in the Civil Rights Era

Eric Allen Hall The first scholarly biography of one of the most famous athletes of our time shows how Ashe worked for civil rights while playing a country-club sport in a white man’s world. 2014 344 pp. 12 halftones 978-1-4214-1982-4

$29.95 paperback

The Mediterranean World From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon

Monique O’Connell and Eric R Dursteler An interdisciplinary approach to the Mediterranean’s rich, multicultural history. 2016 352 pp. 25 color illus., 68 halftones, 8 maps 978-1-4214-1901-5 $34.95 paperback

The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire From the First Century CE to the Third revised and updated edition

Edward N. Luttwak A newly updated edition of this classic, hugely influential account of how the Romans defended their vast empire. 2016 296 pp. 10 line drawings, 15 maps 978-1-4214-1945-9 $29.95 paperback

The Specter of Skepticism in the Age of Enlightenment Anton M. Matytsin Enlightenment confidence in the power of human reason was earned by grappling with the challenge of philosophical skepticism. 2016 376 pp. 3 halftones 978-1-4214-2052-3

$60.00 hardcover

Johns Hopkins University Press   9

Exploration and Engineering The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Quest for Mars

Erik M. Conway Getting to Mars required engineering genius, scientific strategy, and the drive to persevere in the face of failure. 2015 416 pp. 11 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-2122-3 $32.95 paperback

FastLane Managing Science in the Internet World

Thomas J. Misa and Jeffrey R. Yost The unique history and development of FastLane, the central nervous system of the National Science Foundation. 2015 224 pp. 2 b&w photos, 2 line drawings, 2 maps, 2 charts 978-1-4214-1868-1 $34.95 hardcover

The Age of Analogy Science and Literature between the Darwins

Devin Griffiths How did nineteenth-century literary techniques advance science? 2016 352 pp. 7 halftones, 3 line drawings 978-1-4214-2076-9 $55.00 hardcover

Authoritarianism Goes Global The Challenge to Democracy

edited by Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, and Christopher Walker With democracy in decline, authoritarian governments are staging a comeback around the world. A Journal of Democracy Book 2016 256 pp. 978-1-4214-1997-8

$34.95 paperback

Righting America at the Creation Museum Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger, Jr. What does the popularity of the Creation Museum tell us about the appeal of the Christian right? 2016 344 pp. 11 halftones, 2 line drawings 978-1-4214-1951-0 $26.95 hardcover

  10  Johns Hopkins University Press

Birds of Stone Chinese Avian Fossils from the Age of Dinosaurs

Luis M. Chiappe and Meng Qingjin Captivating photographs of the world’s most detailed bird fossils illuminate the early diversity of avifauna. 2016 304 pp., 184 color photos, 5 b&w photos, 11 line drawings 978-1-4214-2024-0 $85.00 hardcover

Cockroaches Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History

William J. Bell, Louis M. Roth, and Christine A. Nalepa foreword by Edward O. Wilson

The essential volume on cockroach biology and behavior. 2007 248 pp., 76 b&w photos, 16 halftones, 71 line drawings 978-1-4214-2114-8 $89.95 paperback

Murder and the Making of English CSI Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton The engrossing account of how science-based forensics transformed the investigation of twentieth-century murders and in the process invented CSI. 2016 248 pp., 37 halftones 978-1-4214-2040-0 $24.95 hardcover

The Notorious Mrs. Clem Murder and Money in the Gilded Age

Wendy Gamber Was Nancy Clem a respectable Indianapolis housewife — or a cold-blooded double murderess? 2016 320 pp., 7 halftones, 12 line drawings 978-1-4214-2020-2 $34.95 hardcover

  Johns Hopkins University Press   11

Books Available in 2017 Living with Cancer

A Step-by-Step Guide for Coping Medically and Emotionally with a Serious Diagnosis

Vicki Jackson, MD, MPH, and David Patrick Ryan, MD, with Michelle D. Seaton Up-to-the minute information that provides physical and emotional comfort for people with cancer. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

Cerebral Palsy

A Complete Guide for Caregiving third edition

Freeman Miller, MD, Steven J. Bachrach, MD, and the Cerebral Palsy Center at Nemours / Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children World renowned experts provide the latest information for parents and grandparents caring for a child who has cerebral palsy. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

The 36-Hour Day

A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss sixth edition

Nancy L. Mace, MA, and Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH After 35 years, still the indispensable guide for countless families caring for someone with dementia. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

The Obesity Epidemic

Why Diets and Exercise Don’t Work   — and What Does

Robyn Toomath A leading obesity researcher explains why modern life makes it almost impossible for people to lose weight — and keep it off.

Reengineering the University

How to Be Mission Centered, Market Smart, and Margin Conscious

William F. Massy How can colleges and universities improve efficiency while preserving academic values?

Days of Slaughter

Inside the Fall of Freddie Mac and Why It Could Happen Again

Susan Wharton Gates The untold story of the disastrous financial and ethical unwinding of Freddie Mac.

Living in Death’s Shadow

Family Experiences of Terminal Care and Irreplaceable Loss

Emily K. Abel Challenging assumptions about caregiving for those dying of chronic illness.

Emmy Noether’s Wonderful Theorem

revised and updated edition

Dwight E. Neuenschwander “A very readable and concrete introduction to symmetry and invariance in physics with Noether’s (first) theorem providing a unifying theme.”— London Mathematical Society

  12  Johns Hopkins University Press

Coming in 2017 A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book

The 36-Hour Day Millions of Copies Sold Worldwide

6T H E D I T I O N Revised and Updated

A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss


After 35 years, still the indispensable guide for countless families caring for someone with dementia.

2715 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218 USA

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